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#spn 15x20

I hate how there’s absolutely no way you can summarize supernatural in a quick normal way because it just sounds like “man wants to find missing dad, ends up fighting God”.

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i made a whole Recording on my Instagram when I was moving right after November 5, talking about pretty much exactly this (all while i was sobbing so hard) And how jensen wouldn’t let something happen to Dean that he didn’t feel is right! but then I think about all the stories that he has told about learning the ending of the show, and being told to suck it up… And he really didn’t have the power that I wish he would’ve been able to have… And I think that hurts to know that jensen didn’t want this fate for Dean, or cas to be honest, and I think that’s why he essentially has been a finale denialist, because that ending didn’t do his best friend justice… 

and i agree, I just really appreciate him putting that dedication into his character, and we would not have Dean Winchester, not the Dean Winchester that was brought to life by Jensen, if he was not the actor… The show would be completely different if played by anyone else, and I think that’s incredibly special

and im now crying again thinking about it…about how much jensen loves dean :( 

(sorry im in my jensen headspace, ill go into misha later maybe, but he was amazing and he fought so hard for cas and he has my utmost respect for that)

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mystery spot is just a display of deaths that would’ve been better than dean’s 15×20 one

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is anyone going to talk about how spn went on to bring back jenny who was in one episode of season one that barely anyone really recalls but then misha/cas isnt important enough for the finale? then this getting pinned on covid? as if covid is what made them not even invite people like samantha ferris who they claimed we’re supposed to be in the finale despite none of the actors being told [even pre-covid]

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how is the “ever since the mark made cas go crazy, ever since I had to bury him in a ma'lak box” somehow better than the actual ending

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i mean i would say jack could heal him but it seems like ghe writers wouldnt have done that bc theyre messy so yeah. nyoom nyoom dean, kinda want to draw that so lmk if you’d like that added to my to draw.

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I’m having a crisis of faith.

I just realised I like Endverse better than the actual canon ending.

Was Chuck right all along? Was his vision of an epic brother showdown apocalypse always going to be better than the “Free Will Ending” we and the characters wanted?

Guys I can’t function

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I’m thinking how they could make Dean’s death look better, not that I think he should die on contrary Dean should live a long life, but if the producers thought for some reason that Dean’s death was good, then

(I can’t do “more under the cut” so I put tl;dr at the end)

Cas comes back to the bunker in the first 5 minutes of the finale episode. He meets Dean and Sam and tells them Jack saved him, and he put the empty to sleep.

Sam leaves Dean and Cas alone. Dean tells Cas he loves him too. They hug and kiss.

We also have either Sam and Eileen together, or Sam mentions her, saying she’s safe.

Cas goes to heaven to help Jack rebuilds heaven, but he promises Dean he’ll be back soon.

After the reunions we have 5-10 years time jump, where we see Dean as either car mechanic or he owns a bar. Basically show us he has a normal life. If Misha and Shoshannah could be in the last episode that’s great, if not then I’m sure writers could work around it. Tell us or/and show us that Eileen is with Sam, and Cas is with Dean. Cas is human. His grace is stored safely in the bunker.

One day Sam tells Dean he’s going on a case and Dean asks Sam if he can join him. Sam responds, “Come on, Dean, you haven’t been on a case from months” but Dean convinces Sam, so they go on a case.

The case is the old school supernatural case. It can be still be a vampire case, but it is NOT John’s unfinished case. This case has nothing to do with John.

Now onto Dean’s death. I would have his death similar to what we had in the last episode. Yes, I know, but I wouldn’t have Dean sacrificing his life for Sam. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but I just don’t want Dean give up on his life even for his brother. So, Dean actually lets Sam call the ambulance, and he says something along those lines, “I don’t want to die, Sammy. I finally got my life together…” Sam: “You won’t.” Dean: “But if I will…” and they have their heart-to heart goodbye.

Dean gets to heaven and he meets Bobby there. They have similar conversation as they had in the last episode. But Dean already knows Cas helped, so Bobby just explains to Dean how this new heaven is like. After their conversation, Cas shows up (After Dean’s death, Cas became an angel again, so he could meet Dean in heaven). Or it is Cas who meets Dean in heaven and explain to him the new heaven.

Dean asks Cas if there’s any chance he could bring him back to life. Shows us that Dean wants to live. Unfortunately, Cas says to Dean that he wish he could but he can’t, because, e.g, as Jack told before he won’t interfe and that’s include humans’ deaths and he doesn’t want anyone else to interfe. (or have Jack show up and talk to Dean).

Cas says to Dean that if he really wants to go then he could interfe and bring Dean back to life, but he warns him along those lines, “As you’re already dead, bringing you back will threw things out of balance. It may not cause a huge damage, but we never know. Jack told me that yours and Sam’s next death will be final, I just thought it will much later for you. I thought we could spend more time on Earth together”.

Dean ponders for a while, and then asks Cas, “Will you stay here with me?”

Cas responds, “Of course. And not just me. Mary, Ellen, Jo, Charlie, Kevin…”

“Kevin is here?”

“Yes. So, Dean, will you stay here?”

Dean says how he wishes he wouldn’t die, but he knows his resurrection could be like butterfly effect. And who knows, Dean still could die another case or even under different circumstances that has nothing to do with supernatural. So Dean says he will stay in heaven and make the best of it.

We have montage/scenes with Sam and his son (and Eileen, if they could get Shoshannah back), and Dean with Cas in heaven, and if producers could get more actors/actresses then Dean with other characters.

Sam dies the old age (no bad wig) and he meets Dean at the bridge. Same like in the actual episode.

I know it still not perfect, and it definitely has flaws. It was hard to come up with a way that shows that Dean wants to live but in the end he decides to stay in heaven.

Honestly, I would have Dean live. He should live.

Tldr: Cas comes back from empty and reunites with Dean. Dean confesses to Cas. Sam is with Eileen. 5-10 years of time jump. Dean leads a normal life, but occasionally goes on hunting cases, but not as much often as he used to. One day he goes with Sam on a case (nothing to do with John) where he dies, but he actually let Sam calls ambulance and he clearly says he doesn’t want to die. Dean meets Cas in heaven and ask him if he could bring him back, but Cas tells him it may not be a good idea, but he leaves the choice to Dean. Dean decides to stay in heaven. Cas says Kevin is in heaven. Sam dies old age and reunites with Dean in heaven.

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Peace When You Are Done

Created for @spndarkbingo

Square filled: dementophobia

Pairing: no pairing, Sam centric

Word count: 500+

Summary: Sam knows he’s going crazy and nothing scares him more

Warnings: spn 15x20, ANGST, sleep deprivation, hallucinations, dementophobia, suicide, read at your own risk

A/N: This is unlike anything I’ve ever written before and I even made myself cry while I was writing, I’m so sorry for this.

A/N #2: the timing wasn’t planned but happy 2 month anniversary since the finale aired…

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Originally posted by themegacoven67

All alone in the bunker, Sam still hears his voice. Every corner he turns, he sees the shadow of his brother. Sam chases after him, screaming his name, begging him to come back. He ends up alone every time. Dean is gone.

Sam still makes breakfast for the both of them at first, believing that somehow and someway Dean will join him. It’s his way of coping, but it does nothing to help. The endless silence is soul crushing. Sam’s all alone.

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i cannot PHYSICALLY or MENTALLY process that they had Dean say “Always Keep Fighting” as he DIED ON A RUSTY NAIL sjdjdhshs

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Ok, so what exactly does Jared’s Variety interview tell us? I mean excluding his very bad takes.

He said that Eileen was not Sam’s wife in any version of script he’s read. What might be possible explanation for that? I mean if we, again, rule out the possibility of it being just bad and inconsistant writing, give them the benefit of a doubt. Heads up, none of those theories are of a “positive” kind. I just don’t find a logical good explanation for what they did

What’s the implication of her not being in the picture? Was she even brought back to life by Jack? If no then was anyone from alternative universes brought back?

Did Sam not contact her? Or maybe “I don’t know what’s real” and “we are” stuff a lie and it in fact was not real, but just Chuck’s writing? Or maybe Sam’s ending was indeed Chuck’s ending?

But if we take at face value Jared’s interpretation that he had a wife not connected to hunting there are loose endings surrounding that too. Did Sam not tell her about 40 years of his life? Was he lying to her the whole time? Did he tell her about Dean at all, or was he like “we call our child like that, end of story”? Did he tell about hunting his son but NOT his wife? Makes me extremal mad

Of course there’s an option that they were catering to very specific group - Jared’s fans that would not be content with any partner that’s got any chemistry with Sam. Ironically they don’t have to be bothered with removing Walker’s wife from the pic as she is canonically dead from the start.

Saw people making apologetic tweets - Seileen and Destiel would be an ending done thousand times, reinforcing hetero normative roles. And I had to lie down because of that bad take. Destiel was so not in a picture they’d have to work really hard to enforce heteronormativity on them. But Seileen? She was a badass. An independant badass. Equal to Sam, and maybe, that’s what they had problem with. Blurry wife no the other hand? No backstory, no build up, she’s just Sam’s wife. How’s that not enforcing heteronormativity huh?

I come to one conclusion though. But that’s something that majority did agree on a long time ago. Misogyny is in the core of that show. They could’ve acknowledge their wrongs in the finale yet they continued with that shitty treatment of female representation.

So yeah, anyway, still mad about it

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I have recently been thinking about how Supernatural SHOULD have ended. The scenarios keep running through my head and so I began to kind of write things down the other day, taking 15x18 as my jumping off point. 

Since I only watched it once, and really only remembered the scene with Cas and Dean, I attempted a re-watch of 15x18 the other night. I also re-watched 13x01 because I wanted to remind myself of Dean’s previous reactions to losing Cas. 

Besides being shocked all over again at how uninspired and ugly these episodes were (although 13x01 was better, the shot of Dean punching the building and the shots of dead Cas and his pyre, very pretty, much better than anything in season 15) I was also frustrated in my desire to rewrite the ending because they just really hammered home the wreck that has been made of Dean’s character. They had made him this unhinged rage-a-holic that’s addicted to violence, and I’m just like….guys…..did you watch the first 5 seasons of the show??????

Much of the time I just don’t focus on those scenes, I don’t really think about them, but as I’m considering what the ending SHOULD have looked like I find the damage to Dean’s character troubling. After the re-watch I would say that Cas’ emotional confession before The Empty takes him also reads a lot more like redemption FOR Dean. It reads like a moment for Dean to stop being a rage-a-holic murder bot and FINALLY be a good boy superhero, and less like a love confession (with the one caveat that for this to work in the moment we must accept some kind of STRONG emotional bond between Cas and Dean). BUT I find that completely infuriating because Dean was ALWAYS the nice boy superhero, and honestly it’s Sam who could use some empathy classes, but some days I feel pretty alone in that reading, not least because after season 7 or so they really leaned hard on Sam being the nice, woke brother with acceptable opinions on everything and Dean being a raging murder bot. There is no consistency here though of course. I mean, soulless!Sam was basically a heartless murder bot, while Demon Dean just wanted to get drunk and sleep with everyone. (Also, he couldn’t even do demon stuff right, he killed the guy trying to make a demon deal b/c he was an ass who wanted to kill his wife, I mean. *frustrated noises*).

Also, I guess we shouldn’t have been so shocked by Dean’s death in 15x20, since Dabb has had a boner for murdering Dean for quite some time it would seem. Cue drunk angel in 13x01 calling Dean Becky and saying “Becky has to die.” Her speech at Dean was very similar to Billie’s speech at Dean in 15x18, all about how messy he is, and he doesn’t play by any of the rules, just takes things (Cas?) and breaks them. I really get the feeling Dabb was never a Dean!girl. 

At least we’ll always have those shot’s of Dean standing in the golden light at the crossroads in 2x08 to remind us of how good the show used to be……

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Feaver dream moment alignment chart

Made an alignment chart for all the craziest moments from feaver dream started by finale premiere 2 months ago (again, time feels weird, like it was last week, but also 20 years ago). Have fun recalling that, or reflect how broken fandom became after the finale.


(Click on the pic for better quality, u know the drill)

If you wanna go through everything that did happen since 5th of November I’ve got pretty detailed and long chronicle pinned to that blog

Please note that this was made just because. Not to hate on anyone. So please refrain from sending hate ok?

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I think way too much about alternate endings for the show, about how 15x20 could be fixed, about how the characters could still get their happy ending. Our happy ending. So, what if…

After Dean got stabbed by that piece of rebar and gave his heartful speech to Sam, he actually slipped into a coma. Everything that follows is just a dream world his mind created. Bobby, Sam’s blurry wife, Dean Jr… nothing is real, because in reality Dean is fighting for his life in a hospital bed. You know him, he always keeps fighting. He’ll keep grinding until he’s got nothing left.

Sam stands by his side day and night, he barely sleeps anymore, and Eileen takes care of him as best as she can, reminding him to eat and drink, because she knows how hard it is for him to see his brother like that.

Then, one morning, one dull cold morning, Cas arrives. Jack pulled him out of the Empty, he tells Sam, who’s looking at him dumbfounded. He’s full power again now. Wings, grace, everything.

Jack is hands-off. He loves Dean, but he can’t meddle in the Winchesters’ lives anymore. Castiel on the other hand… he can’t stand it. He can’t stand there and watch as life slowly leaves the man he loves. So he heals Dean. It’s an act of free will, because with Jack in charge everyone is free, and to him, liberty looks like green eyes and freckles.

It takes him a lot of energy, but in the end Dean opens his eyes with a gasp. He’s alive, he’s awake, the doctors call it a miracle.

Castiel is nowhere to be seen. Dean looks around, asks Sam what happened. Is he in Heaven?

No, Sam says, you’re alive, you’re breathing, this is real.

Dean narrows his eyes suspiciously. Did you make a deal, he asks, because that’s how things go between them. But Sam just laughs and shakes his head. Dean is confused, still a bit dizzy.

Was it Jack, he asks. Sam smiles affectionately.

Maybe, he answers. But, well, Cas helped.

And Dean feels like he’s emerging from the surface of an ocean in which he was drowning, finally taking the first real breath of fresh air.

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yeah i think we all can agree jensen ross ackles deserved a better ending for a character he had played for 15 years, he deserved better for all his time and devotion.

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choose your fighter

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We need to talk about 15x20.

It stunk. And not in a “that was bad TV” kinda way (or, not just that kinda way), but in a “smells like rotten trout” kind of way. It smells fishy. Because not only was it a disappointment to the fans, a betrayal of the characters, and a complete departure from the narrative that had been built up all season, it was also just plain weird. It felt entirely disconnected from reality.

Maybe that’s because it was.

There’s been a lot of talk in the fandom about the finale being Chuck’s ending, or a dream, or otherwise fake. I think this is partly people trying to find a way to justify or accept it, partly just clowning for clown’s sake. But there’s honestly so much goddamn evidence of fuckery that I’m inclined to think we might be onto something. At the very least, I wouldn’t put it past Dabb to sprinkle in enough hints at it being fake to leave room for a potential do-over later on.

So, let’s really dig into this. I wanna compile every single piece of evidence that points to the finale not being what it seems. Sources will be linked/credited where possible, but honestly most of this is a haphazard combination of POLOL clowning, fandom osmosis, and my own personal obsession/descent into madness, so most of it will be unsourced. At this point it’s all just spaghetti clinging desperately to a wall; I can’t remember who threw what.

Unsurprisingly, there’s way too much to cover in a single post, so each topic/theme/theory/whatever will get its own. In this one, we’re gonna look at Chuck’s Ending/Finale Foreshadowing. After the cut, I’m gonna go over every single piece of finale foreshadowing throughout all of S15. There’s a lot, folks. Like, seriously, get yourself a drink and a snack cause this is gonna take a while.

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