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#spn fanart

I’m struggling to art today because I have a migraine. So here is a messy concept sketch. It’s going to be called ‘Angel of Tears and Solitude’ but I will have to wait to finish it whenever this migraine eases up.

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I miss my favorite comfort character… 💜💜💜


The ending never actually happened my heart and soul just know.

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Gods Righteous Man


Sorry for the lack of art lately! Finals kicked my butt. However I’m done with high school now so I’ll be having a lot more time to draw.

I recently got my first art tablet, so I went ahead and drew some good ol’ Dean Winchester.

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Is there a tarot card design out there of Dean Winchester as the righteous man? Like the traditional tarot card design and Dean looking an absolute ✨dream✨ and badass all in one? If so, please let a girl know

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I am in love with the idea of John being in Heaven and being with his family. He couldve get that in earth if Mary wouldnt steal that from him.

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Week 008: Stacy and Max

Next characters are Stacy and Max. I thought they were super cute together and was sad their friendship didn’t last with Jack.

Show some love for our two sweet girls!

Don’t forget our basic rules:

► For one week we’re celebrating those two characters.

► create anything you want about those two. Drawings / Fics / Gifs / Poems

► No hate towards any actor/actress or character

► Use the #spnappreciationweeks and I will reblog all your creations!

► My SPN Artbook Pages go online on sunday and they’ll show the end of the week for those two.

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Round-Up of my Sam art from this week


Prints available on RedBubble and Commissions are open.

So since this last week was a Sam week and the one before was a Dean week, it’s going to be a Cas week next 😄

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I need to draw Clair more. I want more  wayward sisters content…

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good god when the dean winchester/mother mother amv in my head hits……

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