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#spn spoilers

I’m just pissed and I haven’t even seen the fucking finale. But I know

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Can you imagine, Supernatural writer’s licherally had two of the most well rounded and fascinating character’s ever to be written in the history of TV.

One, who was this brilliant deconstruction of toxic masculinity, and who was so complex that at one point they called him, a stand in for all of humanity, all 7+ billion of us and we accepted that, no questions asked.

The other who as it turns out was the only creature in the entire show’s universe who had true free will, so in a way he was more powerful than any other angel to have ever existed (more so than Micheal or Lucifer, even), and also, and whose unconditional love for Satan’s Biological son, was the key to defeating Thee GOD.

Then they had the literal representation of heaven and humanity fall in love, in a 12 year slow burn romance, played to perfection by Mr. Jensen Ackles and Mr.Misha Collins.

Then decided, you know what we are gonna do with all this build up, ugh, absolutely nothing. Cause fuck storytelling.

But, did you see the dog, isn’t he cute? Did you remember Jenny? That one character from S1, in our show which has 300+ episodes. Did you know, Sam got married? Do you care about who he married? Of course you don’t, why would you?

Did you see the single piece of toast Sam had for breakfast, cause he sad? Oh also, did you know Sam named his son Dean, by this huge ass “Dean” which is printed on his clothes?

Also canonically, we once told you, one version of hell(Crowley’s) is just endlessly waiting in line which leads to nowhere and the moment you reach at the front of the line, you start again from the back, and then we decided, you know Dean’s heaven should be endlessly driving and waiting for Sam, whom he does end up meeting, but we don’t see more than 2 minutes of this. And also we decided his abusive father shares his heaven. Also, screw you!

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Guys, it’s gonna be Dean Winchester’s 42nd birthday in a week but his 1st birthday in heaven. I’m- 😭😭😭

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I mean honestly I have to say that this strikes me as more of a problem with Jack and Cas than it has done with Dean because those characters are more vulnerable and seem to have less power with the people that love them AND they don’t get the validation that Dean gets in 15.18 in particular, BUT you are correct that Dean has a self-image of being a killer, a tool, only good for what he can do for other people and it’s crazy they gave us an ending where Dean STILL doesn’t really live for himself so much as live in the image of what he thinks he has to do (saving people, hunting things). If Dean Not Ultimate Killer How Come No Domestic Ending With Jack And Cas and Dean In Apron >:( stay in the kitchen, Dean

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YES we don’t talk enough about how Mr. Ben Edlund pre-emptively criticised EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID IN THE FINALE… I’m just going to copy paste the last paragraph of synopsis from the fandom wiki because it’s funny:

Everyone (minus Corbett) leaves alive the next morning, taking Ed and Harry back to the fireplace to lament over the loss of their friend in a completely exploitative way, even showing the typical reality confessional moment. They show their pilot to Sam and Dean, who warn them that revealing such ghostly secrets usually lands them in straight jackets or gets them a punch in the face or both. Sam and Dean go, but leave a bag behind; Ed pulls out a large electromagnet, which proceeds to erase all the hard drives, including the Ghostfacers pilot. Sam and Dean peel off in the Impala, confessing they didn’t think the show was half bad.

I mean. the exploitation of tragic unreciprocated gay confession death for views. the metaphorical wiping of what the show means and its history. jared padalecki driving off and saying the show was good actually

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You are not the only person and it’s like. Chuck gets to live because he’s human now I guess??? ???????? John Winchester gets Heaven but Garth is theoretically still going to Purgatory. This seems Fair! :) I mean really the fucked-up ness of the afterlife is not limited to the human/non-human divide. Let’s not forget a lot of good-hearted human people go to Hell including, for some reason, Kevin, (I mean he got sent to Heaven eventually??? We think???). Let’s discuss BELA TALBOT, literally anyone who makes a demon deal, even as a child! Let’s talk about that! Admittedly I’m not averse to the text in being a dark Bad Things Just Happen To Good People, but when you have a character that has been GOD ITSELF, you kind of don’t have that excuse anymore because you could just. Uh. Fix things. Except that he chooses to be in Every Drop of Rain instead. Like I guess is maybe they let us imply they did fix the afterlife in the last bit of the show but also not really!!! You have to STRAIN to imply that stuff like The Veil and Purgatory was fixed because as always the show is only focused on how it affects The Winchesters and not LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE. 

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One of the highlights of 2020 for me was bringing it to an end with my other boys Chris & Jeremy talking about one of our favorite things that was definitely a huge part of getting me through the last 6 yrs!!

Now that the series is over or even if you’re still watching this podcast is an awesome way to relive the good times or accompany your current SPN journey! And a lot of us have way more time on our hands so #whynot


Check it out! You won’t regret it if “goku winchester” is any indication @monsteroftheweekpodcast 💙💙😅

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My mother (watched spn until season 10, heller since I talk nonstop about Destiel) watched the purgatory scene. Even she doesn’t speak English she could hear the “I love you” (I didn’t told her to look for it, just that she should listen if she understands some kind of confession). She heard it.

And she watched the whole scene. When Dean finds Cas, he looks at him determined, and he says: “I need to tell you something.” Cas interrupts. She said Dean looks very sad, Cas looks at him like he wanted to tell him something too but then doesn’t. She said Dean looks irritated because he doesn’t get the answer he hoped for.

Mom, I love you.

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okay hold on, hold on, I need a second. you’re telling me- you’re telling me. you’re telling me it’s been over a month and the confession really is a thing. that happened. like. cas really said that. that really happened. hold on a second man hold on. you’re telling me this wasn’t a collective fever dream. you’re telling me we didn’t all hallucinate that. you’re- you’re telling me it’s like. like canon. like. like he really said the one thing I want and you’re the most loving man on earth and i love you he really said THAT. like that really happened. hold on man I need a second

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Post SPN finale intrusive thoughts be like: ‘ahh, so Garth didn’t name his kid Dean because they were saving the name for Sam’s and blurry face’ s child!’

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Do you also think about the fact that in 15x03 when Castiel said “Something went wrong. You know this, something always goes wrong” and dean answered “Yeah, why does that something always seem to be you ?” Even though Cas knew it wasn’t true, that Dean was lashing out in anger and grief and that he didn’t really mean it, he probably still blamed himself for a lot (if not all) of everything that went wrong and was put in a really bad mental place, in addition to thinking he was dead to Dean, or does your brain actually like you ?

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on one hand don’t be ridiculous on the other hand mr. winchester does have a history of being a homewrecker and honestly who wouldn’t murder husband jared and replace him with sam. ms gone girl version of genevieve cortese-padalecki-winchester I don’t blame you at all

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If I had to chose between Sam or Eileen-

I like Sam but…

I would pick Eileen.

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fuck it. spn and satire headlines finale edition

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