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fictionkinfessions · 8 months ago
Not only did they kill me via tetanus but they also killed me in freaking Ohio. I already live there in this life. Isn't that punishment enough?
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aesthekinseries · 5 years ago
Tumblr media
→  Dean Winchester - Supernatural | Fictionkin Aesthetic
“ Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.”
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fictionkinfessions · a day ago
am i dean winchester? yes. am i sleeping with a lamp on bc i watched a scary ghost hunting video at 3am and then a noise in the kitchen freaked me out? no haha i don't get scared of ghosts wdym 👀 #🥃👻
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fictionkinfessions · 2 days ago
its so weird being in a joint shift for dean winchester and peter parker bc while the two characters do have like. a FEW things in common theyre complete polar opposites in personality and its like i keep flipping a switch between the two shifts so one minute im like. hypervigilant adhd bi pissed off man in his 30s who fights monsters and the next im naive adhd bi teenager whos nerding out over iron man im gonna give the ppl around me whiplash its so weird #🥃👻
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Another Another New Discord Server
Ah shoot! I did it again!
This time it's a Supernatural Kin Server.
Code name: Pie Day Kin Server.
1) Must be 13+ to join.
2) Must be 18+ for NSFW role.
3) No antikins.
4) No TERFs, Truscum, Pedos/MAPS/NOMAPS, Radfems, racists, sexists, antiLGBT folk, etc.
5) No hating on other members.
6) Keep things in respected channels.
7) Be mindful and respectful of triggers.
8) Don't block the Owner or admins/mods.
9) Must be Supernatural kin or have a fictive or copinglink (questioing is okay too).
Doubles Friendly Server
Again, no application, just let me know you wanna join!
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fictionkinfessions · 5 days ago
watching me hit on every woman i made eye contact with in early seasons supernatural is so uncomfortable haha i fuckin hate that i was like that #🥃👻
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scoutshonor · 3 years ago
Did you know if you say Dean Winchesters name three times into a mirror that Castiel will appear?
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fictionkinfessions · 3 days ago
i miss his blue eyes and his dark hair and his dumb trench coat and the way he'd tilt his head to the side when he was confused and how he wasnt a morning person and how good he was at making coffee and how he always smelled like storms and something Other even after he fell i miss how he could look at me and see past all the bullshit walls i put up i miss him and i know im never gonna see him again and thats good for him bc im still broken and he doesnt deserve that but it sucks for me #🥃👻
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amorphousalien · 4 years ago
It's weird seeing other Deans looking for their Sams. I want to know he's safe, but I don't want to talk to him. My whole life was spent watching him, protecting him, keeping him safe, and it never worked, there was always some new danger. In this life I don't have to worry about demons and monsters lurking his bedside and that's good enough for me. Don't look for me Sam. Live the life you were supposed to live. Get a hot girlfriend, wife her, go to school, get your white picket fence and yorkie.
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heller-in-a-trenchcoat · 8 months ago
Rewatching the lamp scene pretending that lamp was meeeee,,,
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supernatural18kin · 2 years ago
Supernatural 2018 Kincord Unite
Since there's apparently a good handful of us out there... I decided to go ahead and make a Discord for us! So if you wanna connect with other people who kinfirmed Supernatural in 2018, this is the place for you! (Honestly, I'm not gonna be picky, you're free to join if you kinfirmed before 2018, but this was inspired by and meant for the ones who kinfirmed this year.)
- You have to be cool with doubles. I'm not gonna host any drama here. Calling someone else a fake, whether they're in this group or not, is grounds for a ban.
- You have to be cool with talking to people 18+. This is not an 18+ server, but given that Mod Sam is 22...
- Keep it PG-13. If we need it, I'll add a 18+ channel for those of us who are 18+.
- Keep discussions in the appropriate channel. Just to keep things neat and stuff. One (1) entry is allowed in the canon channel so people can easily scroll through everyone's.
- Respect each other! I'm gonna organize a big list of triggers so you know what to avoid out of respect to each other. Mocking someone's triggers or intentionally triggering them is grounds for a ban. Three strikes for unintentional triggers, since if you do it three times you probably didn't care to read the list.
- Mod Sam does not want to use the banhammer, but they are not afraid to use it if need be.
- Be cool please.
Interested? I'm in Mobile Tumblr Hell, so I can't get asks working on this blog, so shoot a message to this blog, ask at my main @lapisbuchananlazuli (no clue why I can't tag myself), or ask at my Samblog @avpdsamwinchester to join!
I think that's it? I'll answer questions and stuff if you have any! Feel free to get in touch, alright?
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heller-in-a-trenchcoat · 8 months ago
Me 🤝 My one canon compliant Castiel timeline:
Falling in love with my best friend who doesn’t reciprocate the feelings and completely ignores and never talks about my confession. We stay best friends but clearly he doesn’t care about me as much as I do him, leading me to have an internal hatred for him but also being in love with him, so I want to leave and not have to deal with these feelings but I also love them, but I know he’ll never love me...
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fictionkinfessions · 6 days ago
sorry for the spam today party cat i promise i will give u head scritches for putting up w me but ANYWAYS i know back then i wanted a stable home but honestly i miss being on the road and i would give anything to be on like. a perpetual road trip just for a few years but i am broke and you could drive the entire length of my little plague island in less than a day i hate it here #🥃👻
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I have a dean fictive and a Castiel fictive an together they parent the shit out of me an Sansa. Which I for one think is very cash money of them
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awbrainno · a year ago
Me, Dean Winchester, experiencing symptoms of PTSD, having endless nightmares in which everyone survives this "apocalypse" except for the people I love? Me, Dean Winchester, terrified to show affection while there is a pandemic because last time everyone I cared about in the whole world died one after another until I was all alone? Me, Dean Fucking Winchester, desperately craving an unreasonable amount of whiskey?
It's... Probably exactly as likely as you think.
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fictionkinfessions · 25 days ago
every FUCKING TIME im out of the dean shift supernatural is back on the trending page and my clown wig is back on how do i unkin dean i am so sick of this /hj #👻🥃
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