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#spoiled girlfriend
tomb-of-ligeia · a day ago
your favourite self care products?
My Blackhead Beating Cleanser and Brush.
Tumblr media
I hate getting blackheads or having obvious pores and so I found a solution that works for me. I use this cute but very powerful lip scrubber that I put on my finger and I use a 3.5% Glycolic Acid cleansing gel that I got from L’Oréal and I have no issues at all. I focus on the areas around my nose and cheeks that tend to have the most difficulties and become oily fastest. I just go in and make sure that my pores have been cleared out and scrubbed to the point where my skin feels like it’s clean. I’ve found that I no longer have obvious pores and my skin has been slowly improving to the point where it looks really nice when I have no makeup on.
My Pleasing Feet Mask.
Tumblr media
I usually wear heels and sandals so a huge part of my look is having perfectly pampered feet. I usually go for hot stone foot massages and exfoliating when I’m at my nail salon but, for the time in-between my nail salon visits, I go for using the Baby Foot Feet Masks. I usually try to do a jelly soak, brush exfoliation, a pedi egg, and deep moisturising between my podiatrist and pedicure appointments but because having beautiful feet is a non-negotiable and I’m constantly using my feet to dance and to walk, using Baby Foot masks keeps my feet nice and smooth and it helps prevents them from looking like they’ve been stomping about and tearing it up on the dance floor, it’s one of my secret weapons.
My Lash Length Serum.
Tumblr media
My entire existence is spent growing out my eyelashes because I can’t have lash extensions due to the shape of my eyes and I’ve found that Grande Lash is one of the best lash growth serums I’ve ever used. I use this serum faithfully and I’ll be able to stop using my false lashes soon because my lashes have become so nice and so voluminous that they’re good enough on their own. I use Grande Lash on both my bottom and my top lashes and they’re long, they’re thick, they’re so lush, they’ve darkened up, and they look like I have on a pair of permanent extensions. I also am a huge fan of the fact that Grande Lash is $65 and can be picked up at any Sephora or Ulta instead of needing a prescription like Latisse or some of the other expensive serums that are currently on the market, Grande has given me great results and it’s not a product that I could do without.
My Skin Firming Mask.
Tumblr media
I love masks from Dr. Jart, I feel like they’re some of the best skincare products I could possibly purchase and so I make a point to purchase different face masks frequently to keep up with my skincare routine. I go in to get hydrofacials on the weekly to clear out my pores and brighten my skin but Dr. Jart’s Cryo Rubber Face Mask with Firming Collagen is really a game changer and it makes my skin look and feel like glass. I’m a huge fan of having chilled skin and so part of my clear skin routine calls for icing my face so before I do this mask, I get an ice cube and I truly make sure that my face has been chilled before I apply the serum and the rubber mask, I feel like it makes the product sink in and it makes my skin feel like it’s been hewn from diamond.
My Destressing Drink.
Tumblr media
At first I thought that drinking magnesium was going to be a total scam but I had this blood test and I had to start taking supplements so I decided to try to start to add magnesium to my diet. Alongside Methyl-Folate and GABA, I started washing my supplements down with Magnesi-Om by Moon Juice and I’ve found that my mood has been hugely lifted and the debilitating anxiety that I used to have has been put into check due to my anti-anxiety medication, my magnesium, and my consumption of supplements and meditation. I’ve not been at peace like this off the dance floor since I can remember and I’ve found that my need for melatonin to be able to sleep has pretty much disappeared, I’m not a huge believer in supplements on their own but an upheaval of my lifestyle combined with the frequent use of all of the supplements I’m using alongside my anti-anxiety medication has definitely helped me a lot.
My hyperpigmentation preventative skin serum.
Tumblr media
I’ve been putting off getting laser hair removal for the last few months but I have an appointment set, so until I start getting my hair permanently removed, I’m using my epilator. I’m obsessed with epilating and I use the PFB Vanish ULTRA serum to prevent any marks on my legs, underarms, and bikini area and I love it. I tend to have pretty sensitive skin and taking care of it is huge for me because I need to have clear skin. Using this serum right after I epilate prevents me from getting any bumps, ingrown hairs, discoloured spots on my skin, and it prevents me from getting strawberry spots. I was sold on it after I was told about it by a friend of mine who has had laser hair removal and I’ve found that the results that I’ve had so far have been amazing.
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veryrichbitchh · 2 days ago
There’s plenty of men with established money. You do the choosing.
(Was in my Drafts from idk when)
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miss-femme-fatale · a month ago
Self Care Tips for the High Maintenance Woman 🌸
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Life is tough.... but don't let it consume you!
 Hey babes, It’s your girl Chichi! it’s no secret that living in the 21st century is tough. It seems like there are more demands on women than ever before, and the expectations for what a woman should be capable of doing at any given moment seem to increase with each passing day. The result? Stress levels through the roof, not enough time or money to do anything about it, and an emotional rollercoaster that never stops running.
Self-care is important for everyone, but it’s especially crucial for women in the age of self-doubt, social media judgment, and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
The good news is you don’t have to live this way!  Further down in this blog post, we’ll discuss 3 self-care tips for women so you can finally start taking better care of yourself without sacrificing who you are. 💅🏾
Tumblr media
So... Chichi what even is self-care?
When you care for yourself, you are taking time to recharge your batteries. Its a form of tapping into your Feminine Energy! You’re self-nurturing, taking care of your body and mind so you can be the best version of yourself. It’s not selfish or a sign that you don’t love others; it’s simply about giving yourself what you need to do all the hard work in life. If you are interested in some other tips; “On how to tap into your Feminine Energy click here!
Self-care can be as simple as taking a few minutes each day for yourself, doing something that makes you feel good inside out, surrounding yourself with self-loving people, or treating yourself to something special every once in a while..
Self care is crucial for us High Maintenance Ladies!
A lack of self-care comes from never feeling like we have enough time, money, or self-love to do the things we need. We don’t prioritize ourselves because of our own self-doubt and lack of self-worth. Keep scrolling down to find out what 3 self care tips I focus most of my attention on!
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#01 Prioritize  Sleeping Early
Want to improve your looks, memory, concentration, energy, and productivity? Want to more easily maintain a healthy weight? Want to strengthen your immune system and live happier, healthier, and longer? TRY GETTING AT LEAST 7-8 HOURS OF REST EACH NIGHT!
How you put yourself to bed and what time you turn off the lights makes a huge impact on how productive you’ll be the following morning, as well as our looks, memory, concentration, energy, and maintaining  healthy weight. I find it repulsive that western society stigmatizes sleep. Glorifying those who can push through an all-nighter and dismissing those who prioritize sleep as lazy or unmotivated.
Humans are not like the owls, or cats, or bats that sleep in the day and are awake at night. We are physiologically programmed to do the opposite. This phenomenon has been understood for thousands of years and was recently validated by modern science.
If your like me and used to be a night owl I literally had to train my brain to sleep early as 8-10pm! After a few weeks I fully became used to it and I've been doing this for the past year and a half! Here’s how I was able to do it:
 1.Avoid Large Meals Right Before Bedtime. Eat dinner at least 3 hours before sleeping
2.Start prepping yourself for bed in the Early Evening 7-8pm. Keep lights low. Limit exposure to bright light in the evenings. Relax. Worrying about a problem or a long to-do list can be a recipe for insomnia. Well before you turn in, try writing down your worries and make a list of tasks you want to remember. This “worry journal” may help move these distracting thoughts from your mind. Closer to bedtime, try com¬forting rituals that may help lull you to sleep: Listen to soft, calming music, take a warm bath, do some easy stretches or read a book or magazine by soft light.
You can practice saying this self-care affirmation right before you head to bed:
“I deserve to sleep 8 hours each night, because I am worth it!”
Tumblr media
#02 Stay Active & Keep moving!
We know that staying active is one of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy. But did you know it can also improve your overall well-being and quality of life?
Here are just a few of the ways physical activity can help you feel better, look better and live better. Because, why not?
Regular physical activity can relieve stress, anxiety, depression and anger. You know that "feel good sensation" you get after doing something physical? Think of it as a happy pill with no side effects! Most people notice they feel better over time as physical activity becomes a regular part of their lives.It keeps you physically fit and able.
Without regular activity, your body slowly loses its strength, stamina and ability to function properly. It’s like the old saying: you don’t stop moving from growing old, you grow old from stopping moving. Exercise increases muscle strength, which in turn increases your ability to do other physical activities.
I dedicate an hour a day to practicing either Yoga (for relaxation, raising my vibration, & aligning my chakra’s) & Pilates (for stretching & maintaining my figure) with my little sister.
For those who don't know what pilates is I'll give you a quick summary..
Pilates is a challenging low impact exercise method that balances strength with mobility, aligns the body, fine-tunes movement patterns, and strengthens the deeper muscles of the core. It helps strengthen your core, Posture, reduces mensural pain, eliminates stress, boosts flexibility & agility enhances body awareness.
You can practice saying this self-care affirmation when you choose exercise!
“I deserve keep my body fit, because I am worth it!”
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#03 Make a habit of eating healthy
Practicing self-care eating means making thoughtful choices about the foods that you put into your body.  
Being mindful of what your putting inside of your body is important! Think about it you were born with this body only. would you want to feed it things that would be detrimental to your health?
If you think about it..without attending to one’s own bodily, emotional, and mental needs, how can that same person attend to anything or anyone else?
The food that you choose should provide energy and the nutrition that you need to manage your weight and stay healthy for the long-term. That includes protein, vitamins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats.
To practice self-care eating, ask yourself these 6 questions when you are in the grocery store, planning your meals for the week, or sitting down to eat:
Am I eating to fuel my body? Food is energy. If you are choosing food for other reasons, try writing in a food journal to better understand those choices.
Am I including fresh fruits and vegetables? Fruits and vegetables provide important micro-nutrition as well as fibre. Good gut health will lead to a longer life! reduce risk of Colon Cancer.
Am I meeting my hydration goals? 64 oz or 2L of water, each day help you maintain regularity, lubricate joints, avoid headaches, and regulate temperature.
 Am I eating at mealtimes? An eating schedule helps you avoid mindless snacking, impulsive or emotional eating, and helps keep calorie intake in check.
Am I focused on the meal, or distracted by something else? Eat in your eating place. Avoid eating in the car, in front of the TV, or in your relaxing place.
You can practice saying this self-care affirmation when you choose nutritious meals! 
“I deserve to eat this healthy food, because I am worth it!”
Tumblr media
In Conclusion...
We all need to care for ourselves for different reasons. Whether you have a family, work full time outside of the home, or are studying to become a professional and it’s hard to balance both responsibilities with self-care.
Self-care is an essential part of living a healthy life. If you’re not taking care of yourself, you may not be able to take care of the people who matter most to you.
Taking time for yourself without feeling guilty, isn’t selfish. It’s essential. It may be difficult at first, but it’s worth the effort if you want to feel healthy and be there for the people you love the most.
If making yourself a priority isn’t coming naturally to you yet, don’t give up—it only gets easier with practice. It takes different forms depending on your needs and personality preferences. One self-care routine could involve taking walks outside or listening to music while another might mean reading a good book by candlelight.
So, find what works best and inspires you and make yourself a priority.
Have any self care tips you’d like to add? let us know in the comments! (chichi xo)
want to see more posts like these? follow @miss-femme-fatale​ for more!
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divineangelbee · 3 months ago
commanding your subconscious mind is extremely simple, easy and very effective to get your desires.
What can you manifest with this method?
you can manifest anything you want with this method. appearance changes, money, love, talent, literally anything you want!
you can even shift to your desired reality with this method.
How do I command my subconscious mind?
you just tell your subconscious mind what to do, and trust it’ll be taken care of. so for example, let’s say i want to manifest my desired appearance.
i’d tell my subconscious mind, “you’re going to get me my desired appearance. get me what i want.”
or let’s say i wanted to shift realities. i’d say, “you’re going to shift me tonight. i know when i fall asleep, you will take me to my dr.”
and when you command your subconscious, have faith it’ll work! you can literally wake up with your desire face if you believe so.
after commanding your subconscious, don’t be like “this shit doesn’t work” after 5 minutes. your subconscious mind is literally working behind the scenes to bring you your desire. who knows? your cells might be working their asses off right now to change your facial structure, or your SP might be thinking about you RIGHT now, or your small business can go viral tomorrow.
this technique literally requires you not to lift a finger, and you can still get extreme resuslts! the only thing you need is you.
What should I do after?
live your life. go outside, have fun, hang out with your friends because it is done.
feel that sense of relief. you no longer have to worry.
you don’t need to do anything. no need to affirm, visualize or do a technique. it’s been taken care of.
Why does it work?
your subconscious mind is literally your slave, your puppet, and will obey your every command.
if you tell it how miserable your life is, it’s going to bring you misery. it is your friend that blindly believes anything you tell it. so why not use it to manifest your desires?
you are the god of your reality, remember? your word is literally law.
so yeah, this is a short post because it is extremely easy.
here’s an example of someone commanding their subconscious to shift, and here’s another example of someone getting their desires this way.
all you have to do is tell your subconscious mind what to do
trust your subconscious mind
your subconscious mind is always obeying you
no technique is required
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veryrichbitchh · 2 days ago
I don’t really do money shots now but I kind of feel like doing it?💜 do y’all like it? Is it positive? :)
Anyway, this is part of my earnings from last week😊 I need to focus on escorting too since I only have one man in rotation (personal).
I hope this week is good like last week. I was busyyy honey
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dressedinchampagne · 3 months ago
the goal is to be as well-read, well-mannered and well-dressed as possible
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spoiledgfng · a month ago
gosh take care of your skin girlies. take skin vitamins, work on remove hyperpigmentation, work on cleaning dark spots, use an oil to get ur glow on, keep your lips exfoliated and plump... its your money maker, treat your face right please
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jademichelle · 3 months ago
Men who are obsessed with your existence >
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mademoisellehypergamy · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Ladies, get your notebooks out because class is back in session today and this is going to be a long one 😈
I’ve been away due to travel and exploring new business ventures, so I apologize for not uploading this sooner. Hopefully, you haven’t been waiting too long for this much needed topic!
I’ve received many questions in the past regarding the topic of “Age & Hypergamy” and I just knew this was an important lesson to cover. There’s a lot involved with this topic including:
- How your age impacts your hypergamous journey  - Advantages - Disadvantages - How to maximize your journey in relation to your age - What to focus on I could go on for days! The point is: your age does influence your journey, and today we’re going to talk about it.
Tumblr media
1. No, You Are Not “Too Old” For Hypergamy. I don’t know why y’all are still listening to these fraudulent male coaches. They are LYING. It doesn’t matter if you’re 21, 31, 41, or 51. You can be hypergamous at any age. In fact, you should be hypergamous at every age. There is no reason for you to “stop” being hypergamous because you are older. Does a dog stop being a dog because it’s older??? Do men stop chasing women when they’re old and have erectile dysfunction? NOPE. 🤦
2. Better Late Than Never. I hear this one a lot: “I’m late to the game” or “I didn’t know about hypergamy when I was younger”. LADIES. Please! It doesn’t matter if you just discovered hypergamy 5 minutes ago: Welcome. It doesn’t matter if I’m the first person to introduce you to hypergamy: Welcome.  Now is the time to learn and achieve your goals and dreams.
The end result is what matters. Some people don’t learn how to swim until adulthood, but at the end of the day at least they learned. Plenty of women were raised by hypergamous mothers but grow up to be the King of Pick Me’s. Timing doesn’t always lead to the expected results. So, better late than never.
3. It’s Not an Equal Playing Field. Your hypergamous journey will not be the same in your 30s as it was in your 20s. I’m not going to lie to you ladies and pretend like regardless of your age your journey and options will be the same. It will not. You must adjust your game according to your age to maximize your success.
This is an important element to possess in  ALL areas of your life. The ability to be flexible and fluid. If you are not adjusting yourself throughout life you will get left behind. The best example I have for this is with makeup. The makeup  I did at 14 years old vs now has evolved tremendously. I cringe at the makeup looks I used to wear in high school. But through exposure and practice, I evolved. You will evolve too, but you must be flexible and open to change.
🌻 LADIES 18-24 🌻 My lovely Debutantes! Young, eager, and optimistic. You’re a breath of fresh air to mundane adulthood, and can easily captivate a room with your dreams and aspirations.
Tumblr media
🌻 Time. Ladies, if you are in this age range, you’re in luck because you have started your journey very young and have more time to invest in yourself and social climbing. The older you get the busier life will get, so use this extra time now to be selfish.
You have time to refine yourself. You have time to make mistakes and learn from them. Use this extra time wisely. 
🌻 You Attract Easily. Society and evolution are on your side; an attractive woman in her 20s should be able to attract a broad scope of men. In our society, youth and beauty are both prized. As long as you look put together, you will find attracting men is easy -- however, this doesn’t mean that they are good men or affluent. Also, keep in mind that attracting men doesn’t mean they’ll stick around.
Use this to your advantage by having a good roster of men.
🌻 Optimistic. Those who are younger are generally more optimistic about life because life is just beginning for them. If you possess this natural trait, capitalize on it! This is a very attractive trait to possess at any age. Now, I know that nowadays it’s popular for young ladies to be “edgy” and depression is touted around like a desirable personality trait. Ladies, if you struggle with mental illness get help. Do not show it off on Tiktok like it’s a new purse. Get help.
Being an overall pleasant person to be around with makes you naturally charismatic!
🌻 Dating for Love. Movies and society sold us this fairytale about “true love” and “living happily ever after”. Well, I’m your Fairy Godsister and I’m here to tell you that if you are dating solely for love, you are dating for nonsense. Date. With. A. Purpose. Love should never be your primary focus when dating. A man should meet your requirements before you “fall in love”, not the other way around. (Honestly, “falling in love” is a scam that’ll distract you from making responsible decisions. Would you buy a house just based on pictures they show you because you “fell in love with it”? Or would you go look at the house in person first, and make sure it’s not falling apart on the inside?)
🌻 “A Good Time”. So this is the tricky part about being on the younger side of this journey. If you’re hoping to get married early to a wealthy, high value man, you will have to present yourself in a manner that doesn’t get you placed in the “fun” category. Some men see your youth as something for a good time, not a long time (marriage). So it’s easy for them to waste your time.
🌻 Naive. Ok, sis. Let’s be real. You don’t know anything at 18. You’re not as smart as you think you are at 21 either. This age group is the most vulnerable due to inexperience and the risk of being scammed/being taken advantage of. The best you can do is start learning now and get smart, quickly. Always put your wants and needs first. Don’t get played. You don’t owe anyone anything. Don’t think sex will keep a man.
🌻 Financially Insecure. Most of you in this age group are probably living with your parents or living with limited income. Nothing is wrong with this, however, be careful because some men may try to control you financially, especially if you depend on them for your bills and living expenses.
🌻 Pressure/Struggle Love. Chances are you’re surrounded with friends who are:
1. Doing struggle love/pick me’s  2. In relationships that are not hypergamous (50/50 relationships) 3. “Having fun” (hoeing around) This pressure may influence you, so you must be careful who you surround yourself with.
What to Focus On:
🌻 Your education! Your career! Make something of yourself.  🌻 Take care of your body. There is no reason you should be out of shape at this age. Being “thicc” has been misused.  🌻 Stacking cash. Trust me, you’ll thank me in the future. Stop wasting your money at Forever 21, Pink, and Bath & Body Works. Invest in quality items, while saving money 
🌻 Building connections. At this age, it’s appropriate to have “mentors”. Use this to your advantage. Reach out to those in the industry you want to work in and request an opportunity to shadow. 🌻 Yourself. Your passions. Your interests. Focus on yourself. 🌻 Discovering your ideal look. You’re growing into your body still, which is the perfect time to experiment and see which looks work for you. 🌻 Addressing your mental health. It is not normal to always be depressed or anxious. Please get your mental health in order sooner rather than later.
🌸 LADIES 25-34  🌸
My darling Mademoiselles. This age group is trouble in all the right ways. Beautiful and dangerous. Wise and vibrant. The ultimate femme fatales.
Tumblr media
🌸 Marriage Material. This age range is usually the range where most hypergamous women get married. If you don’t believe me, look at socialites (especially those who come from old money) who are married. Most of them tend to marry within this age range. 
( Note: Academics plays a large role in this; the wealthy value education. Although a high value man doesn’t care how much money you make, having an educated background is something they do value. Most women don’t finish their education until the age of  22 -- and that’s if they stop at a Bachelors. They tend to get married after this period).
🌸 Freedom.  If you want to date hypergamously, you must be ready to go out with your roster. That means dates and trips. At this age range, you tend to have a lot of freedom because you usually live alone, and have your own source of income to fall back on.
🌸 Appearance There’s a lot of conflicting opinions on when a woman hits her prime. Dusty men talk nonsense about women “hitting a wall” at 30, which is FALSE. I promise you if you maintain your appearance, you will find that you look better in your 30s than you did in your 20s. And you will have more success because you have mastered seduction techniques in addition to your appearance.
I find that this age range tends to have more power because they can combine their refined appearance with their sensuality to get the best outcome.
🌸 Family Around this age range, some of you probably have a child. Now, how does being a mother work with hypergamy?
First, I want to be very clear with you all: Having children will not stop you from being hypergamous. I know a lot of male “dating gurus” make it seem like being a single mother is a dealbreaker-- it’s not. 
However, certain  aspects of being a mother may bring disadvantages to your journey including: - Limitations; if you are a single mom that has children under the age of 13, chances are your opportunities to freestyle are limited unless you have a reliable caretaker. You cannot travel freely, or leave your child whenever you please to go out and about.  - Baby daddy drama: Some exes may stir up trouble if they discover you’re out dating. And not just dating any kind of men-- men that are better than them. - Difficulty receiving: being a single mother is hard. And naturally, you may have developed a tough exterior to protect yourself and your child. You might also struggle with accepting help from others and this may show up in your relationships. -Mothering; ladies! Mother your child(ren), NOT the men on your roster.
🌸 Pressure
This is the age range where it seems like everyone around you is settling down. You’ll see friends and acquaintances getting married, having children, establishing wonderful careers... And you may feel the pressure to “catch up” and do the same and settle.
Ladies, when I first started my journey I made the decision for myself: hypergamy, or nothing. I wasn’t going to settle in ANY area of my life, just because those around me were. You live your life on your own time and do not let this pressure influence you.
🌸 Living Life Aimlessly.
Does this sound like you: You finished high school, and then scurried off to college. Why? No clue, that’s what everyone else is doing and you were told you needed college for a decent job. Then you study something for a career that you hope you’ll enjoy. Some of you don’t even know what career you wanted, but you still go to college and get the degree. Great. Next, you have a job, and you’re out in the real world.
Now what? Maybe you want to travel. Possibly get married. Perhaps one day start a business. Maybe buy a house. Lots of ideas and hopes, but no plans. This is a common pattern that I’ve noticed in women after they finish college and start working. They have zero direction. They just live life day by day like they’re playing a game of Monopoly and hope they land on a good property and don’t end up on the “Go to Jail” space.
Tumblr media
What to Focus On:
🌸 Make. A. Plan. Just like you planned to go to college to get a degree and a job, plan the next phase of your life. You don’t have to stick to it 100%, it can change as you progress through life. But you need some sort of path that you desire. Otherwise, you’re just guessing your way through life. 🌸 Maintaining your appearance (weight, skincare, hair care, etc.). There are no excuses, ladies! Don’t let yourself go because you’re busy, or you had children. 🌸 Stability; aim for financial, emotional, and social stability. Surround yourself with like-minded friends. Ensure you are not scrambling each month to pay bills. Focus on security and stability. 🌸 Not getting distracted by “good” d*ck/being roommates with a man. Ain’t no d*ck good enough to accept a mediocre life.   🌸 Being active within your community; this is the easiest way to social climb. And at this age, you have the benefit of connecting with those younger and older than you.
🌹 LADIES 35+ 🌹 Finally, my radiant, delicate, and seductive Mademoiselles. No other group possesses the power you hold. Class, elegance, and a tantalizing aura.
Disclaimer: Now, I’ve mentioned on my blog before that I don’t speak on topics I don’t have knowledge or experience in. For any ladies reading this part, this will just be based on my observations of older women in my life who entered hypergamous relationships later in adulthood. I am not in this age range, so I cannot speak from my own experience.
Tumblr media
🌹 Boundaries & Standards: If you are afraid to establish boundaries with a man, you prize him. If you have no standards, you are low value. Chances are, men will walk all over you and try to get away with as much as possible.
Women 35+ tend to not tolerate nonsense and know exactly what they want because they have lived life. When done correctly, establishing boundaries and setting your standards can drive a man crazy about you. Men love the unattainable.
🌹 Network: Your network is one of your best weapons. Being introduced to the right person (“a friend of a friend”). Being invited to the right place/event. All these can change your life in a moment. Around this age range, you should be established in your career, with your friend group/circle, and your community. This is the time to really connect with your circles because I promise you, there will always be opportunities there.
🌹 Understanding. It has become popular for these male “dating coaches” to attack single motherhood.  Well, guess what? For every single mother, there’s a father. For every divorced woman, there’s a divorced man. This is the truth men try to erase: men have “baggage” and they are still out in the streets pining after women! They act as if these men don’t exist, and all men are virgin saints as if women reproduce on their own🙄 Ridiculous.
There are many affluent men out there who are divorced. Many have children. And they do not mind if you do. Really. They don’t. A quality man realizes that a woman who is 40 years old is most likely not some virgin nun. 
🌹Feminine Beauties. Ok, I’m gonna be straight up: the average 35+ year old woman probably looks more feminine than the average 21 year old woman currently. Don’t come at me, ladies, this is what I have noticed in women older than me.  Just look around (at least in the US). The media is brainwashing young girls and confusing hypersexuality with feminine appearance. Dresses from Fashion Nova do not give the impression of class and elegance. A lot of makeup gurus are teaching makeup looks that do not enhance beauty. 
Women who are 35+ tend to succeed more at an overall “feminine” appearance because they grew up in a different time that emphasized a more “classical” standard of beauty. They also know what suits their bodies well, and usually are more confident overall.
🌹 Roster Age. You must be more diligent regarding your roster’s age. Try to keep the men on your roster 10+ years older than you (avoid men close in age as you).
Men automatically invest more and step up when presented with challenges. Age is a challenge. Having an older roster will be very beneficial. Do not shy away from men in their 50s or 60s either.
🌹 Mindset The biggest obstacle for this age group may end up being yourself. Just from the messages I have received from you all, I can see some of you truly believe being over the age of 35/having children/being divorced will hinder you on this journey.
This is all FALSE. There are so many women that I have witnessed throughout my life marry hypergamously in their 40s AND 50s. Do you think 51 years old Lauren Sanchez thought for a moment that she wasn’t good enough for Jeff Bezos?  Stop listening to men who tell you men don’t want to be with you. Stop listening to bitter women who tell you you’re too old. Stop listening to your inner thoughts that keep tearing you down. Hypergamy doesn’t stop with your age!
🌹 Comfort Zone.  Humans are creatures of habit, and the older we get the more comfortable we will get with our lives (jobs, home, friends, routine). After all, we want security. We find comfort in what we know is safe.
Avoid this tendency. It can be hard to do, especially if you have children and a demanding job, but still try your best. Escaping this will be advantageous for your journey.
🌹 Family. See above section.
What to Focus On:  🌹 Maintaining your appearance and staying healthy/active. 🌹 Getting out of your bubble. Do not stay in your comfort zone. 🌹 Having an active roster. You can’t marry hypergamously without dating hypergamously!
Almost all of these tips can be applied at any age. Take what resonates with you, and stay focused on your journey. The biggest takeaway I hope you get from this is that regardless of your age, you can and will succeed.  ❤️
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tomb-of-ligeia · 2 days ago
Dallas Guide? 🌃
Restoration Hardware: Dallas Rooftop Restaurant.
Tumblr media
One of my favourite restaurants in Dallas and one of the best places to go to meet people. I had a lot of success when I was with Sveta on my tours because we went to Restoration Hardware, we wandered the store, we had cocktails and a lovely dinner, we met some of the players on the Dallas Stars, and we were able to make connections and get to know people in a very short amount of time. Restoration Hardware is perfect for getting to know people and for meeting high quality men in a very short amount of time, people want to be seen at RH and the crowd leans towards young and high quality, and there are lots of ways to get into the restaurant and be seated in a perfect spot.
Hotel ZaZa:Uptown Dallas.
Tumblr media
One of my favourite hotels to stay in when I go to Dallas, I’ve stayed here twice and always had really nice experiences and I’ve also met super nice people. I love the restaurant at ZaZa and I love how vivid the rooms are and how beautiful the themes are. I’m a huge fan of the pool and I love how nice the hotel is, it’s a gorgeous four star hotel and the quality of the hotel is next even better than the Ritz or the Waldorf because it’s trendy and it doesn’t try too hard to be classic, ZaZa is happy to do its own thing and it works so well.
Al Biernat’s. 
Tumblr media
Another classic Dallas steakhouse that I love, I’m a big fan of Texas steakhouses and Al’s is a classic Dallas institution. I try to not eat too much red meat and Al’s has been beyond willing to work with me to help make sure that I have a nice night and help make sure that my dietary needs are met. I love the lobster dishes that I’ve had and I’ve loved the caviar appetisers that have been made for me, I’m also a huge fan of their espresso cocktails and I love the drinks menu. Al’s can feel a little bit of fashioned but I love the vibes and I love the fact that I have literally never had to pay when I visit.
Tumblr media
Fearing’s is right in the Ritz and I love that, Fearing’s is also one of my favourite destinations for dinner dates and I love how highly class and convenient the entire restaurant is. I’m a huge fan of the Texas Caesar Salad and the foie gras, both dishes are prepared and then presented beautifully and the staff at Fearing’s has always adhered to my dietary requirements perfectly. Again, I try not to eat too much red meat but Texas is a red state so it’s hard to avoid, Fearing’s is beautiful and one of the best examples of Old Texas I can think of.
Nobu: Dallas.
Tumblr media
Wherever I go, I immediately find a Nobu just so I know I can eat the type of food I’m used to. I love the Nobu in Dallas because the setting is beautiful, the cocktail list is filled with amazing drinks, the food is familiar and I’ve never had a dish that hasn’t been totally perfect, and the atmosphere is great. I’ve met a lot of lawyers at Nobu, I feel like they flock here after hours for Happy Hour and I’m totally down with that, I’ve had a lot of nice impromptu meet and greets here and I’ve had a lot of really successful dinners with possible contacts in the city. Nobu Dallas is one of my favourites in the Nobu franchise and it’s never been a let down for me.
Highland Park, Dallas.
Tumblr media
Highland Park is my favourite neighbourhood in Dallas and Highland Park Village is one of my favourite places to do my shopping. Highland Park is the BEST place in all of Dallas to meet men, I’ve met all of my lawyers, my doctors, and my sporting men in Highland Park and it’s a known fact that Highland Park is the best place in all of Dallas to find quality men. Everyone who is anyone knows that Highland Park is the best place in Dallas and it’s one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in all of America as well. I’ve used my sorority groups to be invited to events in Highland Park and I’ve found that it’s hard, if not impossible, to go wrong when it comes to finding men in Highland and that the Park is where the money is, Highland Park is filled with convenience.
Commons Club.
Tumblr media
Commons Club is just another beautiful cocktail bar and restaurant that I love, it’s beautiful and it’s a nice vibe, the dishes are interesting and the cuisine is very different, and I love the decor of Commons Club. I’m a huge fan of going to more bars and restaurants inside of hotels because the variety of food and the variety of drinks tends to be much larger and the decor is super good for taking photos in front of. I’m a huge fan of the crispy pork belly with pear compote, the lobster crusted Wagyu strip steak is nothing to miss out on, and I’ve never been more in love with the roasted duck.
Tumblr media
I love Asian fusion restaurants and I love trying all of the cool new Japanese fusion restaurants in America. Musume is definitely different compared to Nobu and some of the other places I’ve tried in America and I love that Musume has a little bit of flair to it. I love some of the more familiar dishes like the Black Cod Misozuke, the Citrus Chili Crab, the Musume Seaweed Salad, the Citrus Seared Scallops, the Roasted Sea Bass, and the sashimi and specialty sashimi and sushi rolls. I’m also a huge fan of sake and the mixture of the Alaskan Red King Crab specialty sashimi and sake that Musume does for lunch is absolutely out of this world amazing.
Nick & Sam’s.
Tumblr media
Another classic Texas steakhouse, Nick & Sam’s is a hell of a lot nicer of a setting because of the focus on seafood alongside red meat. I’m a huge fan of the fish dishes like the tuna and I’m also a fan of the house tempura sushi dishes that are on the menu. Nick & Sam’s also has raw oysters that they should be famous for, they’re fresh, they’re cold, and they’re delicious. I’m not one to simp for a restaurant but from the tempura shrimp to the Israeli caviar, I’ve had so many amazing seafood lunches+dinners out at Nick & Sam’s.
Park House.
Tumblr media
Soho House’s latest installation in Dallas is a new favourite on my list and it’s a great place to meet the city’s movers and shakers. Park House is definitely one of the best private social clubs in Dallas to get to know the younger and established crowd. I also love the new balconies and the themed areas of Park House, the vibes are immaculate and there are so many ways to find private corners in the club and get to know new faces. Park House is great for getting to know new but established faces and I’ve never had any issues with meeting men who are in a variety of fields and who have a variety of abilities, if you want to make sure that your plans reach fruition, I’d highly recommend going to Park House and allowing the social scene to guide you and making as many connections as you can.
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