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can you guys tell how much i love jouno yet

To be fair, they likely didn’t know it was having this effect on him.

The others were fully grown and getting the same level of enhancements, so the doctors had their surgeries and maintenance down exactly right. For a kid in the midst of puberty, getting the surgery on a smaller scale, it would be tough to pinpoint perfection. Because of that… he was constantly in pain. But since he’d be going undercover soon, he couldn’t let it show. He couldn’t let anything show.

After a while… he kinda got used to it. Not to say it ever stopped hurting, but he just pushed himself through it, no matter how awful it got. And he hated it. He wanted to argue that he shouldn’t have to go through this constant pain, but then he reminded himself that, well… they didn’t know.

So he let it be. And suffered quietly.

Then, of course, Jouno noticed. The wincing, the way he walked so carefully, how he seemed to double over from ramming his hip into a corner, how he fell over when stubbing his toes.

He approached Tachihara after a training session, his lips pursed. “Tachihara-kun, are you alright?” He asked, crossing his arms.

The younger made a face before tilting his head. “Yeah, I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because to me, it sounds like you’re in too much pain. Like… all the time,” he explained, and he frowned more when Tachihara’s heart beat faster.

“Well, I can assure you, I’m fine,” he replied, grabbing his water bottle and going to leave. He wanted to get out as soon as possible, before Jouno could figure out -

“- You know you’re supposed to tell the doctors if you’re experiencing problems after the maintenance, right?” Jouno called, and Tachihara froze. Smirking, the taller uncrossed his arms and put a hand on his hip. He nailed it right on the head.

“It’s fine, Jouno-san. Just a little something unaccounted for that I can deal with,” he replied, except suddenly Jouno was right next to him and - he landed a punch in the middle of his stomach, which had Tachihara doubling over, his eyes wide as the pain courses through his entire body.

When he recovered enough, he heard Jouno talking to him.

“You’re supposed to be able to handle more than that, Tachihara-kun. I’m taking you to speak with your doctor, now,” Jouno stated firmly, handing him his shirt and pulling his own on before he started walking out. “Come on. You’re not getting out of this.”

Tachihara took deep breaths before standing upright and gripping his shirt in both hands. “It's… it’s just a chronic pain… all over. I can handle it, Jouno-san.”

“Well you shouldn’t have to, alright? Now shut up and follow me. If I hear any more protests out of you I’m going to knock you out and drag you there, got it?”

It took a moment for him to realize this was just one of Jouno’s ways of showing that he was worried, and that he cared about Tachihara. He didn’t want him to be in pain all the time.

“Okay, Jouno-san…” He paused, chewing on his lip before poking his shoulder. “Thank you.”

Jouno turned his head and reached to ruffle his hair with a shake of his head. “Don’t mention it.”

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I watched Scream for the first time last night and was severely disappointed. IDK maybe it would have been better on DVD without the commercials (I watched it on TV), maybe it’s just the Seinfeld Effect where a revolutionary piece of media gets copied a bunch and then loses what made it speculial. Regardless I thought the movie was pretty meh. Not the worst I’ve ever seen, but a definite let down. BTW spoilers up ahead, so don’t read this if you care about that kind of stuff.

My most major criticisms include:

- The boyfriend character, Billy, is the killer and I was able to predict this at the very beginning of the movie because he always acts like a fucking psychopath. Then you’re supposed to be shocked after the movie tries to pull a triple twist about this (first it looks like he’s the killer, then the cops think its the dad, then the finale reveals it actually was him). Idk maybe if this was played for dramatic irony or something this would have worked better. The same goes for his friend/accomplice.

- None of the people in this movie act like human beings. Most of the teenagers are basically psychopaths and everyone else is an idiot. There’s literally this one scene where the kids find out that their principal was murdered and then a whole bunch go off to literally play around with his dead body. I get this is a Hollywood Slasher Flick, but I can’t get invested in a movie where everyone acts like subhuman demons.

- There’s this weird romance subplot between the news caster and rookie cop that felt like a complete waste of time. Like, at first I thought she was just manipulating him in order to get her scoop, but then they start having unironic romantic scenes together. The actor who plays him is handsome, but the cop character is a complete moron, which saying something in this movie. I don’t get why she would have started falling for him unless it was just her faking it and that doesn’t seem to be the case.

- The sex scenes. I don’t want to see teenagers dry humping or groping each other. Luckily we never actually see any nudity or anything, but still. The movie didn’t need to have these scenes and if the main lead losing her virginity was that necessary to the plot they could have just cut from before to after without showing any of the creepy foreplay stuff. It just was grossly unnecessary.

- The movie keeps making references to other horror movies, but never really feels like its saying anything about the genre. Like. Characters will talk about their favorite slasher films, or try to guess at who the killer in town is as if they’re guessing a movie plot, or will make references to common horror movie tropes and cliches. Making meta references isn’t bad in of itself, but you also have to do things with those references in order to make it actually interesting to watch. Like, at first I thought they were using the meta commentary as a way to illustrate how awful it is that people speculate and sensationalize other people’s personal tragedies, such as how the cheerleader and the newsreporter treat Sydney’s life like a bad movie they can predict. But that never happens.

Things I did like:

-During the finale sequence, a tv in the background plays Halloween, which provides the soundtrack music for many parts of the finale instead of having an original score. I thought this was actually a pretty clever way of leaning on the fourth wall.

-The opening scene with the girl and her boyfriend being the first victims was actually pretty interesting. Her actions don’t seem entirely logical… like why she kept the phone considering that the killer could potentially use that to track her location, but overall it was probably the best scene in the movie.

-I liked the set designs, they looked cozy in a very late 90s, early 2000s way.

TLDR: Scream is a very self-aware movie that doesn’t say anything interesting with its meta commentary. While there are some clever moments throughout, the majority just feels like someone pointing out every cliche and trope while watching an otherwise very standard slasher flick. The movie is also not helped by the fact that other movies both before and after it have done its premise better. If you want to watch something similar to Scream, I instead would recommend Clue, Cabin in the Woods, or Heathers.

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My Top 5 Favorite Halloween Movies…


5. Scooby-Doo and the Goblin King

“Since 1969, The Scooby Gang have been solving mysteries while unmasking people wearing monster costumes. So what would a Scooby-Doo Halloween Movie be without rarely seen real monsters?”


4. Monster House

“While the animation may be a little unimpressive with the Main Characters, but it makes up for a perfect Halloween Movie for people of all ages.”


3. Casper (1995 Movie)

“Our favorite Ghost Casper has been around has been around a lot longer than the Scooby-Doo franchise. So it makes a lot of for them to make their first Live Action Casper Movie as a Halloween Movie. Especially since this movie revealed a lot about Casper’s human life! Something I’m aware that fans have been asking for decades before this.”


2. Spooky Buddies

“ Those of you that have seen the Air Bud series might remember this litter of adorable Golden Retirevier Puppies. These Puppies have had many adventures and perhaps one of the most memorable one has to be this spooky Halloween adventure.”


1. Hocus Pocus

“Now this Halloween movie is one that has truly withstood the test of time. While I was introduced to this movie just a few years ago, I really liked it, and all of it’s main characters. Besides, this Halloween Movie has it all, scares, costumes, real monsters, and a very important lesson on sibling love. As well as the unforgettable song "I’ll put a Spell on You” has certainlyput a spell all over the world. Even though this movie was released in 1993, this movie still remains as one of the most beloved Halloween Movies of all time to this day and fans are still longing for a sequel.“

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I’m not saying i ship it, but i Know The Signs. that scene in the last ep between Warren and Gordon felt very tender,,, dare i say homoerotic. like,,,

fellas,,,, is it gay to uproot your entire life and work at an illegal cryonics lab so you can take care of your new friend that’s about to be frozen again. also you said you were dating him in order to get there in the first place i am electing to ignore the fact that he didn’t really have much of a choice cuz he was threatened with murder

regardless of whether it’s romantic or platonic, those scenes are what completely sold me on the show and I’ll be very excited to see what comes next c:

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The parallels between Pai pushing Itt to study more through minor insults and a threat and Itt pushing Pai into the contest with insults and a threat is… rather nice, honestly.

I am sincerely looking forward to Pai being super open about how he doesn’t believe in love. It’s a great added dimension to all the relationships and makes more sense in the show than it does in the book.

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please stop making sex toys based on the troll horns

most of them died as kids

the only living trolls as of where i am in the comic are terezi sollux and aradia

please stop- like- why-

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