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So after watching the finale of Steven universe future and being very sad, I decided to draw this cool dude.

Honestly I never subscribed to the theory that it was corruption, I still don’t think it’s corruption. This is more like steven shapeshift like in too many birthdays and cat fingers

Anyways hope y'all like!

Please don’t repost/steal my art

Reblogs are appreciated

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а теперь можете гадать и строить теории. кто это и что происходит?\and now you can guess and build theories. who is this and what is happening?

I wait for in comments \ Жду в комментариях

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So I just watched the latest SU and I think I know why it’s been hitting so hard lately and why I like it, my hero academia, and other similar modern cartoons/anime…

I’m fucking depressed and they get it


That or I like watching shows about characters more fundamentally broken than i am to feel better about myself…

So that’s a thing maybe

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One last (lol, “last,” that’s doubtful) thought about Outlander 5.07.

I know there are much bigger things we’re all talking about, and rightfully so. but i thought the syringe getting smashed being such an underrated moment. the absolute instant despair Claire showed (kudos, cait) because he was angry at her for being caught and her calling him out and he reacted and people will likely die because of it.

i’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out going forward. brianna saw it, does she get involved? it was such a glossed-over moment, but you just know it’ll have significance going forward.

also, i’m semi-book-spoiled, it’s a long story, so i know the big plot points but this is one i don’t know and i’m anxious to see how it all goes down.

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Was trying to sleep and that bit in Peter V Brett’s Demon cycle where that one woman could not sleep with her husband anymore because he killed their son and that one king insisted they reconcile and she have sex with him otherwise he’d force them to divorce, in a culture where women owned nothing. And this is the good part of your hero.

The gross choices men writers make never cease to amaze me.

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Just noticed on one of the Art covers for Picture Perfect arc (chapter 43) Akane is trying to do a heart with Aoi and she does a peace sign instead. Oh poor Akane 😅

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A sort of analysis retracing Twice’s journey. It’s long and convoluted, but I wanted to give him a proper goodbye. 

[P.S. seeing a lot of discourse lately I want to specify that mine is not a moral analysis. I’m not interested in discussing who’s right or wrong in the conflict. I understand why other people do it, it’s just not me. Hope you enjoy.]

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