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So first off, the current quest info… Thing, is from octane. Octane, as usual, is being his wild-ass self.

So according to revenant, a little birdie told him. Wraith apparently knows all about little birdies. While this might point towards bloodhound, it still doesn’t make sense to me that it’d be Bloodhound - in fact, his comment that wraith knows only makes me think it’s Mirage even more.

Shadow-Revenant apparently declared war on the Syndicate and orchestrated a coup, which is interesting.

I can’t deny it’s very fun watching Revenant fucking with Loba. He doesn’t want to kill her, though. Instead, he’s entertained by their attempts to go behind his back.

He doesn’t care about the other him, though - where he rules like a god over everyone. He’s more interested in this world.


So Bangalore was off with Bloodhound and Gibby, ready for something like this to happen.

Bangalore seems awfully defensive about someone not being a spy, but as crypto says, that’s something a spy would say. Does this implicate Bangalore? Possibly. We know she doesn’t like Loba, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t hate her enough to put everyone at risk with revenant.

Señor Loincloth is fucking amazing. Octane, you’re amazing.

It seems like Bangalore isn’t exactly on Loba’s side, though - since she wants information from Yoko to take down Loba.


Octane being kinda jealous of Revenant’s ability to do whatever he wants is… Dangerous.

Octane… Just decided to charge headfirst into the shadow dimension. Because of course he did. Damnit.

It makes sense that the next mission is called ‘High Octane’ though.

That being said? I’ve noticed something interesting. Something that adds even more fuel to my theory.

Mirage isn’t around. The last time we saw mirage it was during the previous quest, when he was out in the shadow dimension, but from the moment he says that Wattson is down, he’s gone. Even when everyone else is present.

Bangalore. Wattson. Caustic. Pathfinder. Lifeline. Gibraltar. Bloodhound. Wraith. Crypto. Loba. Revenant. Octane.

Everyone but him. And who else would want to avoid seeing Natalie and subsequently Revenant, than the person leaking the information? Someone who feels guilty about letting Wattson get hurt?

I’m more certain than ever that Mirage is the leak.

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Hey Raquel! I went ahead and just updated this one from when I made it for you the last time if thats ok!! I kept it to specifically the “rain” rather than including the river. You’re MORE than welcome and I’m in love with this description of Michael and max (and presumably Isobel idk??)

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the way she’s clearly scared here that eve will walk away


and then she turns around with that smug face like she was so cool about the whole thing


I hate her

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Nothing but eternal whining in this post.

Before anything, this is NOT Belphie hate, but I don’t like whats going on right now.

I’m playing grudgy bastard and rping as my miss trust issues MC is realy hard, given that game just forces me to be kind to Belphie and serve as bridge between him and brothers. I mean, there is a crack between demons after everything that happend, but shouldn’t it be a freaking whole abyss between Belphie and MC? He lied to her twice,  victimblamed her (don’t blame me for tricking you, blame yourself for being stupid -_-), murdered her and then tried to murder her again. Projecting Lilith onto her changed him and nothing else. So I belive I have all rights to be cold to him and not wanting to do anything with him. I’m not the neutral party that can fix their relationships, given that our own relationships is ruined, my heart does not lies with him, so it’s really hard to play right now.
Game gave me two apportunities to state my feelings about Belphie (shoo him in chat in first message and choose “I still didn’t forgave you” in dialogue with him). But afterwards… nothing happens? Like it didn’t even matter, he still demands in chat for me to come to his room and tell him my boring stories to lull him to sleep as if I wont tell him to go fuck himself in response. =_= We are not pals and he have no shame.
Don’t get me wrong, I was so looking foward for their (Belphie and my MC) dynamic, it felt like a good apportunity for slow (slowest!) burn, but ignoring the big issue that won’t resolve by itself will just make my MC distance herself from Belphie more and more. And I will be pissed if game just forces MC to forget what he did and act like nothing happened, he didn’t even apologised.
I’m in the middle of lesson 17 and I hope game gives me a chance to remind him where our relationships are right now.
My english is bad, but I hope you know what I mean.    

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I’m on my second playthrough of Fallout and currently inside the Institute, in the SBR wing. And in one terminal there’s a voice called [list of informants].

If you access it, you see all the informants the Institute has spread across the Commonwealth.

It’s written in an entry: “these persons in exchange for caps have provided information on escaped synths sightings and suspected railroad activities”.

I didn’t recognize all of them but there’s among them TRASHCAN CARLA, the first caravanner you met in game and always travelling at Sanctuary (so she must see and provide info on you also) and DOC WEATHERS (isn’t he also at Bunker Hill maybe? I remember seeing him somewhere there).

There are others but I wasn’t really expecting to find trashcan Carla among them!

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I haven’t talked about the fire force manga for a while, so here I go.

I think that Shinra’s ‘other personality’ was his doppelgänger from Adolla. Who for some reason, has a dislike of Amaterasu, hence why Shinra attacked Sister Iris.

The Sister has also awakened her powers (YAY) but they’re still weak.

I think that, as these pillars continue to erupt around the empire, Iris’s powers will only grow, until they match that of Amaterasu. Then this will link somehow to the beginning of the cataclysm.

As for why Shinra suddenly changed personalities, what happened to Inca, and what the world they saw was, I’m still uncertain, but I’m looking forward to where the story is going to go.

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