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Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Mmmm this book started really well and then… Well. XD

The pros:
The writing was fantastic in the sense that it’s very poetical, very unique. The author definitely has their own style and that’s always a plus.
There’s an enchanted forest that might or might not be evil and I just love that, okay?
It’s really immersive, I think. It gives an almost claustrophobic feeling at times (or maybe it’s lockdown making me feel that way.

the cons:
There were soooo many repetitions. (view spoiler)[ I mean now that we know Nora’s power is bending time I guess that makes sense in a stylistic way, maybe it’s even a conscious choice but while I was reading, I noted them several times and it annoyed me a little (hide spoiler)]
Nothing much actually happens? It’s certainly not action packed. It has its charm and it works well with the setting of woods in winter but it’s probably not what you want to read if you’re looking for something a little more punchy.
I liked Nora well enough but she came out as so stupid at times for not figuring some stuff out? (view spoiler)[ I mean, I get she was supposed to be the outsider but honestly she could have figured out the whole Max/Oliver story sooner (hide spoiler)] And some of her reactions left me entirely clueless. (view spoiler)[ She discovers Oliver is dead and she flinches away and she’s blaming him like it’s his fault he’s dead? GIRL, you can kiss him, you can touch him… I mean… Pretty sweet deal for a lost loved one, get a grip. I don’t know I really didn’t like that part. (hide spoiler)]

Overall it was a good read but when I started I had this feeling this was going to be sooooo great because I fell in love at first sight with the writing style and yet… The story slowly but surely let me down little by little. It wasn’t bad by any mean, I enjoyed it but… It wasn’t the great love I wanted to feel for it I guess. I will definitely check the Wicked Deep though.

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Is it just me, or did they entirely say “Fuck it” and morph Dean into a one track mind, bigger picture over family, “I’m only a dick because I’m RIGHT” character in season 15?


This is definitely not Dean. And now they’ve wubbied Sam so much so that he can be the “Reasonable” shmoopykins that wants to save everyone forever.

How do y'all take the very last season and say

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