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dingodoodles · 11 days ago
I'm gonna be a voice in a video game >:O!! Get Solasta for 50% off here:
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virtchandmoir · 13 days ago
tessavirtue17: ‘Tis the season for holiday parties! 🎁🎄🦌⛄🔔💃🏻 Using my @batistecanada XXL Volume Dry Shampoo (and every excuse I can) to glam up this season. Bring on the festivities!! #BatisteDryShampoo #BatisteHairHacks #ad
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invoke-parlay · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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We'll be embarking on our next big journey camping across the country in May, and there's still a ton of stuff big and small we need for our adventures!
We'll be traveling, camping and car camping, exploring new cities, playing tons of music and of course, as always, magick and divination will be huge parts of our quest!
There are a lot of things we'll be needing for our adventure, and we'll be buying the bulk of them, but it never hurts to get a head start.
If anyone is interested in sponsoring our journey by helping us with gear we need, please check out the list below!
We'll be documenting our journey on this page but also on @twostrangersinastrangeland which is our travel exclusive page.
We'll also be active on twitch and tiktok when we get going, I'll link those soon!!
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petalier · a month ago
Hello everyone!
I'm having financial problems and I'm willing to do a commission like promoting your business, your blog, your products, and the like.
Currently, I have 85.6k followers if that make sense.
You can reach out to me here via ask box or e-mail me:
I would really do appreciate any reblog. Thank you.
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elladastinkardiamou · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Olympian weight-lifter Thodoris Iakovidis shocked the public and exposed the Greek state when he burst into tears on a live interview and announced that he ends his career as he cannot continue with the multiple financial difficulties he faces.
Speaking to state broadcaster ERT, the 30-year-old athlete said he cannot compete with his rivals, who train professionally, have a livelihood and a secure job.
“I’m not crying because I did not have a good performance,” He said after competing in Tokyo Olympic Games. “I’m sorry if anyone thinks I’m running away. I’m tired of this situation. It is really saddening to be ashamed to go to the physiotherapist, because he won’t ask you for money knowing your situation. I can not stand this anymore. I want to stop, I want to calm down and I want to return to my family and friends and thank them for being my motivation all these years.”
He revealed that he receives 200 euros per month by the Greek Federation for his competing preparation.
His message to the Federation and the state was crystal clear. Iakovidis is not the only Greek Olympian athlete who complains about the lack of support by the Greek sports, state and political world as funding sports is after all a political decision.
A day earlier, the mother of rower Stefanos Ntouskos who won Olympic Gold on Friday. said that there was no help by the state neither by some local businesses that did not sponsor him. Sponsors were his parents and some money by one foundation that gives scholarships to champions and with this he could make it while he was in training camps.
The athlete who has halted his medicine studies for the Olympic training said that he wants the state to support Olympic Games winners. “It’s not easy, you devote your whole life. Think that I’m 330 days per year in Schoinias training center, I don’t see my family, my friends, from morning till the evening just training and sleep. I would like that the state supports me with a job when I finish with sports.”
In April 2021, it was the Lord of the Rings, Lefteris Petrounias, who said that he and his co-athletes have been not paid for seven months. Petrounias made the statement the day he won another Gold for Greece at the European Championship in Switzerland.
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symmetricalart · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Ashley thinking: “he’s a fool.” Talesin thinking: “Not again! This madman!” Marisha so proud of Sam’s insanity.
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literalgerm · a year ago
I decided to end some of my pointless memberships on websites, and use that money to sponsor an 11 year old girl in Kosovo named Alba. As soon as the email comes through that a child has been sponsored, the child is told by the non-profit volunteer workers in their community the next day.
I chose Alba, because she has been waiting on sponsorship for over a year, and her birthday is tomorrow. When she wakes up in the morning, she will be informed that her family has finally been sponsored, and that she will be recieving a birthday gift from me, as well. I can't remember the last time I felt that I was this whole as an individual. The sensation of helping another, especially a child in need will always be so beautiful. I know this is far from the content that I normally post, but goodness guys, I am so happy that I made this choice. I just want the world to shout happy birthday to this little girl who has probably never even unwrapped a present.
She turned 12 a few hours ago, and soon she along with her 2 brothers + 3 sisters will be waking up for school. She loves to paint, and play football. Her parents are young and unemployed due previous war affecting their economy, and pollution ruining the majority of the community's farmlands. They are still supporting 6 young children, and now I get to help their family and town.
After a few months, I am going to print a cropped photo of this post with the photo below and the total notes it receives, and mail it to her explaining that number is how many people across the world hoped she had a lovely birthday.
Tumblr media
Reblog to say Happy Birthday to Alba!
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junkie-sweetheart · 8 months ago
I need my sponsor to know/wish I could say:
I do not want you to feel bad for not noticing that I was getting high. You only sponsored me a month before I started getting high. You didn’t know me while I was clean long enough to know the difference.
Please know I love you and I appreciate everything you do. You may not feel it’s enough or that you fit my needs, but know that if I felt that way, I’d change sponsors. And the little things you do like invite me out to eat, or simply tell me to call you after a meeting, make me feel loved.
Just please do not give up on me. I need someone to believe in me until I can believe in myself. My fear of abandonment and rejection runs so deep that any time you’re getting frustrated with me can make me feel like I am running another person that I love off. And that is one of my biggest fears that I am still working on.
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peekbackstage · 11 months ago
What are your takes on brand deals and their role in the industry? I get that they are big money but it just seems so counterintuitive these singers/dancers/actors are evaluated by their ability or potential to sell yogurt and soap?
Disclaimer: The following post is informed by my own work experience in the music industry.
Hi Anon,
Sorry it took me so long to get to this ask - there has been a lot going on! 
You might be surprised to hear this, but, some of the biggest artists in the world actually never have a single major branded ad campaign. This is especially true if the artist is in rock or alternative music. 
In the United States, brand deals that come along with major ad campaigns tend to be exclusively reserved for artists who make it onto the Billboard 100. The same is true in Asia, where brands usually seek out idols and pop stars to star in their ad campaigns. Rock bands who sell out stadiums might never actually land an ad campaign, despite drawing massive audiences that can easily compete with any idol’s.
So while brand deals are considered incredibly lucrative and are very much sought after, they aren’t always a must-have for many types of artists around the world. (Sponsorship deals, however, are a little different. Pretty much, all major artists around the world enjoy sponsorship dollars as a line of income - but they don’t always participate in ad campaigns for said sponsor.)
I’m guessing since you’re here though, you’re more curious about brand deals and their importance specifically in the Asian music industry when it comes to idols in particular. 
In Asia, brand deals are extremely important to the idols for a number of reasons:
Brand deals always come along with a massive paycheck for the artist. (Which means a massive paycheck for their company.)  
The money a brand spends on an ad campaign is money a label doesn’t have to pay to promote their artist. Instead, a label not only collects on the brand money, but also on the opportunity value of the campaign which helps to increase exposure for their artist. 
Increased exposure generated by brand deals means increased opportunities for the artist to gain more fans. More fans means more sales of music, merch, and tickets to shows; it also means more people will watch TV shows their artist appears on. Increased viewership of TV shows which means more bookings for various TV appearances. If the idol is an actor as well, this may potentially mean more acting projects. As the artist’s fanbase grows, the artist in turns helps the brand gain exposure to all of their fans. If an artist has 10 million fans, that is now 10 million potential new customers for a brand.  In China, fans not only support their idol by buying music, attending their concerts, and watching their shows, but also by actually buying the products of any brand that their favorite artist endorses. The more fans the artist has, the more product sales an artist can drive, which pretty much translates to an artist’s economic power. This economic power is something that brands actively seek out as it leads to massive boosts in product sales, which in turn affects a company’s bottom lines.
All of the above ends up creating an ecosystem whereby each new brand deal leads to more fans, which leads to more tv viewership, which leads to more music/merch/ticket sales, and more product sales, which culminates in more demand for the artist, which then leads to more brand deals, more money, and more opportunities as a whole. 
Hope I’ve helped to clarify how all of this works! 
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goodjohnjr · 2 months ago
The Young Turks (TYT) Investigation & A Celebrity House Or Timeshare
The Young Turks (TYT) Investigation & A Celebrity House Or Timeshare
File:Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur hosting The Young Turks (26942061744).jpg In this dream, I was in my parent’s yard with some of my family, and a line of taxis & first responders drove through as part of a funeral and / or party group; and a man is behind / over whatever event they are going to. Later in the dream, I was with The Young Turks (TYT) news show team (including Ana Kasparian & Cenk…
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mufflingtime · 16 days ago
Does anyone wanna help me?
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racingnews · a month ago
Tumblr media
Rick Hendrick supports Liberty University as school faces sexual assault lawsuit
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figureskatingconfessions · 12 months ago
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“I’ve read in lots of places that ‘Nike’ pressures their female athletes to be skinny. I’m praying for Evgenia and Anna—not only do they have Eteri on their backs, they also have a major corporation that could be (probably are) pressuring them.”
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The blog is brought to you by the letter Æ and the number π
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maxfrances · 6 months ago
Pro Test
Pro Test – why are some protests allowed in professional football and others not? #Football #Pogba #Rashford #PremierLeague #Palestine
After yesterday’s match against Fulham, Paul Pogba and Amad Diallo unfurled a Palestinian flag and paraded it around Old Trafford. I thought political statements were banned in football? So sensitive about this were FIFA that the home nations were once punished for displaying a remembrance poppy, which is arguably not a political symbol at all. The same authorities more recently opened the…
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redheadsrbetter · 8 months ago
Thank you support and entertainment. Enthusiast's, tippers, donations, photography, sponsors. .
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