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Man, I hope nothing spooky happens at this very normal, cool, and chill diner

ID: A cool gray tone drawing of an empty diner, with a neon teal sign on top of the building that says ‘CITY DINER’. The parking lot is empty save for some puddles, and the diner is surrounded my a desolate forest. Neon light reflects off the building, telephone lines, and parking lot.

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Halloween make up I guess I mean if it were up to me I’d do it this way always


I know it’s late.

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“Bloody hell…”

I might’ve actually gotten this one done and dusted before Halloween if I had played a little less and painted a little more. In my defense though, it was my first Scream Fortress and I really wanted that Camper Van Helsing set…

Tools: iPad Pro10.5″, Gen 1 Pencil, Procreate, Wacom One, Adobe Photoshop.
Sniper / Team Fortress 2 are owned by Valve.

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