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Fun Fact

The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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‘One heart, two souls’ 🐑💛🌿✨

[Image Description: a digital pencil drawing of two smiling lambs, conjoined at the chest, with a big heart between them. Surrounding the lambs are long, thick, black lines going in a pattern around them. The background is a burnt orange color with a transparent, canvas-like texture over it. End description.]

🌿Instagram/TikTok: ghiblifriend🍄

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ghost hunter: Can you say something?
ghost hunting gadget: beep boop rrrrrr ssss zrgrblprrrrrrrt
ghost hunter: So, you're telling us your name is Mary, you grew up on a ranch in southern Michigan, had five sisters, three brothers, and seven children, your unfaithful fourth husband left you for a young seamstress, and you died in a house fire in 1842?
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They live in the mountains of Shiverburn Galaxy

They do nothing but stare as you pass through

They do not recall where they came from nor do they have history


Hell Valley Sky Trees

(It’s spooky month my dudes and this is the only thing I could get done. Hope you all like it)

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Quarentine blog day 218

The Unseelie court

Dark is the night when the moon hides

Darker still when the faint star light

Is obscured by the trees overhead

On such a night as this

Strange shapes move amongst the foliage

Though hard to make out, their outlines

Look fearsome and frightening

To most eyes.

The shadows meet and congregate

In the deepest part of the wood

Black is the air

And black are the hearts

Gathered there.

Otherworldly voices

Some high and piercing

Others low and guttural

Recite strange incantations

Which bring forth

Dread and fear.

Soon the court disbands

Scattering in all directions

Looking, seeking unfortunate passers by

Who fall victim to to the antics of those

Who haunt this world

On the darkest of days.

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