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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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My mind is dark, I cannot tell if my eyes are open or not. What is happening? Where am I? I feel long damp grass and branches all around my body. Why can’t I see anything? I reach up to touch my face to see what the problem is. Is this a bag? I grab the cloth that is covering my face and pull it down, I can see again, but barely. My eyes finally adjust to the dark night and I notice that I am in the woods surrounded by nothing by trees. How did I even get here? Panic kicks in while I start to tremble as I stand. Every step I take I trip over something. What is that noise? Is that…

I am paralyzed with fear, it is laughter. Loud laughing is coming from all directions surrounding me with dismay. I close my eyes and scream.

“STOP, please stop!”

The laughter stopped. When I opened my eyes again, I see a bright hypnotizing light through the trees. My body wants to do nothing but go to it. Music starts to play, and it gets louder the closer I get to the light. The music sounds familiar it is comforting. I get to the light and see an ice cream truck on a dirt road in the middle of the woods, I am calm. I open the back of the truck and see the chopped-up bodies of a family that I saw earlier today. The laughter starts again even louder than before. This time I know where the laughter is coming from, and it is coming from me.

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Today’s Follower Friday is from Tumblr, check out The City Traveler! Thank you for your support, and keep up the great content! You can be featured on Follower Friday too…ALL you gotta do is keep the 👍🏻’s, ❤️’s, and ⭐️’s coming! Have a great weekend everybody!

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Sydney’s Chippendale is named after William Chippendale who receives a land grant in this area in the colonial days. This is Chippen Street, and I’ll assume until corrected that it’s an abbreviation of his name.

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