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schmergo · a day ago
(Watching Midnight Mass on Netflix. A character hears something outside and the camera abruptly cuts to the window, as a sudden sting of cello music plays in a fake-out jumpscare.)
Boyfriend: OH NO! There’s a cellist outside!
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c0smicluna · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧・。⁺⋆ 🌜🌞🌛 ⋆⁺。・✧
“always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck, and fall in love whenever you can”
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“Oh yes, that’s what I want to hear, baby…moan my fucking name…you can act like you don’t enjoy this but I know you do…”
He says, as he starts pumping his fingers in and out of you at an unforgiving pace. The squelching noises that were coming from you were deplorable, and your face began to heat with embarrassment. How had it come to this? Why are you allowing this killer to arouse you? After all this time, you thought you knew the person beneath the mask, but he’d been keeping a dark, twisted secret from you. How did he go from star Wide Receiver and brilliant college student to a ruthless killer? You’ve been crushing on him for the longest, watching from the side lines in your cheer uniform and envying ever man who has ever had the chance to kiss his full lips.
Now, he’s entrusting you with his alter ego? Will you keep a lock and key on his secret and take it to your grave?
Tumblr media
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forever-rogue · a month ago
👻🎃🧟‍♂️Spooky Szn Asks🧟‍♂️🎃👻
Aliens - Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?
Afterlife - Do you believe in life after death?
Bat - What’s your favorite creature associated with Halloween?
Banshee - Have you ever had a paranormal encounter? If so, do tell!
Bloody - Have you ever played Bloody Mary?
Cemetery - Have you ever gone ghosthunting? If not, would you?
Cobweb - Are you afraid of spiders?
Classic  - What’s your favorite classic spooky movie?
Death - Are you afraid of death?
Dreadful - What’s your deepest fear?
Eerie - Imagine your worst nightmare scenario. What is it?
Enchant - Do you believe in magic?
Favorite - What’s your favorite Halloween episode of a television show?
Fantasy -  What’s your favorite mythical character?
Frighten - What was the most scared you’ve ever been?
Ghoul - What’s your favorite horror/Halloween song?
Gory - Do you like horror?
Gothic - Who’s your favorite macabre figure from history?
Haunted House - Yay or nay?
History - Are you familiar with the origins of Halloween?
Hocus Pocus - What’s your favorite spooky season movie?
King - What’s your favorite Halloween tradition?
Jack-O-Lantern - Do you carve pumpkins for Halloween?
Lantern - Would you ever go through a haunted house with no light source?
Macabre - What’s your favorite part of spooky season?
Mysterious - What’s your favorite unsolved mystery?
Night - Do you like the dark or fear it?
Nerve - Do you get scared easily?
Owl - What creature would you have as a familiar?
Ouija - Have you ever use a Ouija board?
Party  - Do you go to Halloween parties, or keep it more lowkey?
Poltergeist - Do you believe in ghosts?
Queen - What’s your all time favorite costume?
RIP - What would your tombstone say?
Salem - Do you like black cats?
Skeleton - What never fails to send a shiver down your spine?
Spell - What kind of magical power would you like to have?
Spooks - What’s your favorite scary movie franchise?
Superstitious - Are you superstitious (or perhaps just a little stitious)?
Treats - What’s your favorite Halloween treat?
Tricks - Do you like to go trick-or-treating?
Unnerving - What’s a sound that’s off-putting to you?
Vampire - Fact or fiction?
Wand - What kind of wand would you have?
Werewolves - Fact or fiction?
Yearn - What’s something you’re looking forward to this spooky season?
Zombie - How long do you think you’d survive if a zombie apocalypse happened?
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catplates · a month ago
Tumblr media
Snacc time
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