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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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Disturbing bb has a name now. It’s Kyan.

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“Oh sweet living girl why do you run to death’s embrace?”

idk I haven’t drawn them in awhile 🤷‍♂️

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How to Unspook thyself after Spooking oneself: tell self that you are in fact the scariest goblin in the house and have authority and order that you are no longer allowed to be spooked, make goblin noises until you reign supreme

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Amateur conservationist here (he/him, 18) passionate and fascinated by the natural world, especially the delicate connections between all living things. Especially fond of fungi, earthworms, and creeping crawling things with too many / not enough legs.

Also very into creative stuff, mainly writing weird fiction that aims to unsettle and inspire (and always connected to nature in some way). I occasionally do art too, the images in my header and avatar are my own work.

Here to find cool stuff, meet new people, and make miserable attempts at being funny. Maybe, once in a blue moon, I might actually share snippets of writing and art too. Maybe.

For now I’ll leave you with this lovely fellow. I know he looks mean but he’s really nice. Honestly. Just don’t let him get his spores on you.

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Spooky times at a haunted doll museum, ft. my own spooky doll, Persephone. August 2019


💀 Baby the Stars Shine Bright, bunny ears bolero

💀 creepy doll cutsew of unknown origins

💀 Bodyline, princess skirt

💀 Angelic Pretty, Wonder Toy OTKs

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nobody: …

me: I wanna get married in a cemetery. On Halloween. And I want us to say ‘I do’ at 3:33AM 

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Eyes for you

I ended up doing several eyes paintings over the year, all are available on my redbubble.

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Are you sad that spoopy season is gone, and won’t be back for another 7 months? Are you craving more monster loving works? Well, do we have the event for you! Welcome to March of the Monsters, a month long monster themed event during the month of March.

Please stay tuned and follow us for more information. A FAQ will be up shortly.

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Hades has been such an amazing experience. The entire game was a work of art. Every character is gorgeous and full of personality. I just can’t say enough about it. Best game of 2020 by far!

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