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Can someone please

point me in the direction of an empty, echoey stairwell where I can sing spooky siren songs and lure people into my trap so I can give them spoopy stickers and maybe some baked goods? Someone please help, this has now become my life’s mission.


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Say you!

Yes you!

Did you need a murderous jack-o-lantern emote for discord or such not? Well it’s your lucky day!

Blown up image is HORRIBLE, because I drew it at size (128x128 px) like a mad person. This is not the way one should do, I know. But it looks fine at size!

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Not really a review cause you should know this movie by now and so many people have reviewed it buuut needless to say I freakin’ love it. Huge cast, slick cheeky humor with an innocent halloween spooky story vibe where each story has at least one hugely violent bloody scene. Maybe my favourite horror anthology ever. Maybe. Aaaanyways that’s what I watched tonight. Feeling low but the rewatch was great. On the couch with my partner in crime and in life Zar as we try some cereal from Portugal with an insane cow in the box. Movie great, cereal not so much.


Stay strong, stay spoopy, stay awesome.

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