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What if the nurse is in on it, and they do things to reader because chisaki is too grossed out to touch, but he watches and that's how he gets his sperm. All under the guise of you being put under for a procedure????
;~; *brain rot*
Just in time for spooky season, @supervaca and I have created a cult. Happy fall 馃巸
Tumblr media
Cult of the Crow
Doctor!Overhaul x Fem reader
Categories: NSFW, 18+, dark content, smut, medical play
TW: Cult behavior, medical malpractice, non con, insemination breeding, bondage, cunt sniffing?
Tumblr media
You moved to a small town, far from the city. You tried to see your OBGYN before you moved but couldn鈥檛 get an appointment. You thought this was a good opportunity to get to know the doctors here.
You tried to call the office at the number provided on the website, but the machine said it was out of service. Maybe you could make an appointment in person instead? You followed the Map directions to a building perched up on a beautiful little hill.
You walked inside and was almost blinded by the bright spotlights and stark white walls. The strong smell of bleach stung your nose. The empty wooden chairs were spaced perfectly apart, little black tables between each one.
The clerk opened the front desk window. 鈥淗i, sweetie! You鈥檙e new here, huh?鈥
鈥淥h yes. Hi.鈥 You walked to her.
She stared silently at you for an awkwardly long time with a grin on her face.
鈥淯hm.鈥 You pulled your hair behind your ear. 鈥淚 tried to call to make an appointment, but the number wasn鈥檛 active.鈥
鈥淵ea, the only cell tower in the town is near the residences. It doesn鈥檛 reach here so we have no service. The land line is only for emergencies.鈥 She swatted at nothing, the grin still playing on her face. 鈥淲e have plenty of openings though. If you鈥檙e free now, I can tell the doctor?鈥
鈥淥h! Sure. That would be great.鈥
鈥淕ood. Fill this out for me and we will call you back in a few minutes.鈥 She handed you a clipboard.
You sat in one of the chairs and begun to fill out the paper work. After a while, the nurse called you inside. She led you to one of the rooms, instructed you to undress from the waist down and have a seat on the bed. You followed her directions and waited.
A knock was heard at the door before the door opened and the nurse walked in with the doctor. The doctor was stunningly handsome. He stood next to you and stared, making you a bit uncomfortable. You turned and looked every where in the room but at him.
鈥淪weetie, this is Doctor Chisaki.鈥 The nurse said softly.
You looked over at him. His piercing golden eyes still boring into your soul.
鈥淗i.鈥 You tried to smile, but his gaze was so intimidating. You looked away again, hoping he would too. The nurse was busy prepping the room. She then pulled out the stirrups and instructed you to lie back and put your feet up.
The doctor sat at the end of the bed and the nurse pulled your knees apart. He dipped his head down and you could feel his hair graze your leg.
鈥淲hat are you-?鈥 You went to move but the nurse grabbed your arm and smiled.
鈥淩elax, sweetie.鈥 She said calmly. 鈥淲hat do you think?鈥 She asked the doctor.
He sat up straight, his eyes meeting yours again. He nodded at the nurse and you looked up at her. She gave a warm smile and began to dance around the room, opening containers and putting on gloves. You started to feel very uncomfortable. The doctor was acting so weird and he didn鈥檛 even touch you. This should be over by now.
The front desk clerked walked in, a toothy grin on her face. 鈥淚 told you, huh?鈥
鈥淢hm鈥 the nurse hummed and stood on the other side of the bed. You began to panic. They held you down and began to strap you to the bed.
鈥淲hat is happening?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?鈥 You screamed and began thrashing around, but they succeeded in pinning you. You continued to struggle against the belts, the cloth digging into your skin.
鈥淲hat are you going to do? Please don鈥檛 hurt me.鈥 Tears welling in your eyes as you pleaded with everyone in the room. The doctor鈥檚 eyes softened, watching you squirm. Your body ran cold.
鈥淧-please don鈥檛 touch me.鈥 You begged him.
鈥淗e won鈥檛.鈥 The clerk told you as she walked around the bed to hold your head still. Your eyes pleaded with hers. She was unphased. The nurse turned on some gas and held a breather to your face. You tried to resist but the clerk held you down.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 this for?鈥 Your muffled voice came from the breather.
鈥淭o help you relax, dear.鈥 The nurse said calmly.
After a few minutes, your body began to feel heavy. A tingling sensation started at your extremities and began to run through the rest of you. Eventually, you felt numb. The nurse removed the breather.
You were oddly calm. Your body felt light, weightless even. You tried to wade through the fuzziness of your mind and focus on what was happening.
The nurse prepped her fingers and shoved them inside you and held them there.
The doctor began to breath heavy, watching.
You鈥檙e eyes grew wide. Was- was he touching himself?!
You tried to struggle against the anesthesia, against the straps that held you to the bed, but your body wouldn鈥檛 respond.
Tears fell down your face as the nurse started to pump her fingers in and out of you. You felt nothing. Not pain. Not pleasure. Just the stretching of your walls and the awful sounds that resonated around the room.
The doctor groaned, doubling over in his chair.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 enough.鈥 He ordered and the nurse pulled her fingers out if you. They were doing something you couldn鈥檛 see. Then, she stuck something inside you. Your body was numb but you could feel the warmness of whatever she was injecting you with.
Oh God.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 it dear. You did so good.鈥 She patted your head as the doctor walked out, shutting the door behind him.
You tried to scream but all you heard was the sound of your pained breathing. The fear, the situation, it was all too much and you blacked out.
You awoke in your apartment bed. Hands tracing over your stomach and legs. Maybe it was just a nightmare. The stress of the move must have gotten to your head.
You sat up. Your head started spinning, nausea building in your stomach and up your throat. Your body went cold as sticky saliva began to build in your mouth. You ran to the bathroom, clenching the toilet and vomited.
I鈥檓 just panicking you reasoned with yourself, coughing up more bile.
You were so fatigued, you could barely stand. The panic building further as you continued to dry heave into the toilet.
Tears stung your eyes as you crawled back to your nightstand, struggling to reach your cellphone. You grabbed it, smashing the emergency button. The phone rang and you slid the bar, answering it.
鈥911 what鈥檚 your-鈥
鈥淗ELP ME! HELP ME PLEASE!鈥 Your voice echoing around the empty apartment, tears cascading down your cheeks.
鈥淥k. Please slowly tell me where you are.鈥
You told the operator your location and what you think happened to you. Not too long later, first responders arrived, pried your door open, picked you up and got you into the ambulance.
You sank into the bed, relaxing at the sight of the EMT holding your arm.
You arrived at the hospital and were checked into a room. You explained the situation to the doctor.
鈥淚 see.鈥 She said, unphased. 鈥淟et鈥檚 get you tested then.鈥
You thought it was weird that she didn鈥檛 seem concerned. She had you pee into a cup and you waited anxiously.
She returned. 鈥淟ooks like the test is positive. Congratulations.鈥 She smiled at you.
鈥淲-what?鈥 Your face contorting in disgust, trying to understand the situation. 鈥淲hat do you mean? I don鈥檛 want this!鈥
鈥淲hy not, dear? Carrying Doctor Chisaki鈥檚 child is a very high honor. He only chooses the most beautiful women.鈥 She stroked your cheek and you pulled away from her, appalled.
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wake up new sticker it's a bat rat
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vanniesfroggiesa day ago
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asterkurayami2 days ago
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Well If that isn't reminiscent of a MH skullette 馃
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zeldahankins2 days ago
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It鈥檚 spoopy season. Idk if this means I return of the skeleton war 馃拃鈽狅笍馃槺馃槺馃槺
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cypric-rat-hyperfixation16 hours ago
Tim Burton-style ghost rat sticker? 馃悁馃懟
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thanos-the-dad-titana month ago
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Thursday the 12th......
Art by
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owlyjules11 months ago
Tumblr media
Wisptober Day 27 - Humming
"One head for humming lullabies; one head to keep watch. It was a well known fact no child had ever come to harm at the old manor."
Monsters who are nice to kids are some of my favourite tales.:) On a side note I feel like I have done a lot of more muted colour this last few wisptobers. hmmm We will see how colours returns in the next few ones.:)
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samdunn2 months ago
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Very polite skeleton waiting for a treat 馃ズ馃崿
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