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I started watching She-Ra after s5 came out and I kept my friends updated as I went, so here’s a master post of my notes bc I wanted to have them all in one place somewhere

halfway through s1:

  • I would hang out with Adora all day long
  • Glimmer must be protected at all costs
  • I stg it’s like Bow was created specifically for me
  • Shadow Weaver needs to stop being so mean to Catra yesterday
  • the only cadet whose name I know is Kyle? why
  • Madame Razz is so great
  • Perfuma is immediately gay for She-Ra and that’s great
  • Mermista is immediately gay for She-Ra and Seahawk has no idea
  • I need more Scorpia in my life
  • Entrapta is such a nerd and I don’t care that she can’t be trusted

end of s1:

  • Shadow Weaver’s mind games were too much dude 😥
  • stuff I already knew about Princess Prom (Catra’s dope outfit, Noelle & Molly’s cameos) only made me love it more
  • even though I knew something was up my knee-jerk response was indeed “oh shit they cooked Entrapta”
  • I remember what it was like to be a kid w/ rough parental relationships but damn Glimmer talk to your mom already
  • the holodeck is NOT messing around
  • Entrapta truly is Chaotic Neutral huh
  • Netossa and Spinnerella didn’t get their own intro episode like the other princesses because why?
  • Scorpia continues to be wonderful

end of s2:

  • Frosta as a reflection of s1 Glimmer is great
  • Swift Wind sings and I can’t get enough
  • when She-Ra looks into the robot and says “hey Catra” I practically had chills
  • all of the ghost stories Adora heard in the Horde were princess-themed, which is so funny
  • I LOVE Glimmer’s edgy anime/noir take on the fort battle plan AND Bow’s 80s-inspired version
  • I learned the names of the other cadets and IMMEDIATELY forgot
  • Scorpia really loves Catra, and I almost wish Catadora wasn’t endgame??
  • young Glimmer’s dad is voiced by Ezra Bridger
  • I love Bow’s dads (and what a bad actor Adora is lol)

end of s3:

  • the whole castle only having one spare room is funnier to me than the castle not having a dungeon
  • Adora sees Huntara’s muscles and is very gay
  • the cropped jacket Catra took really completes her look and I love it
  • the jacket with the sleeves ripped off really completes Scorpia’s look and I love it
  • everything in the back half of the season is SO intense 😱
  • oh shit, do I ship Entrapta and Hordak?
  • I never knew how much I needed a buddy cop adventure with Adora and Scorpia
  • Angella saying goodbye to Micah was heartbreaking

halfway through s4:

  • did they just not have a funeral for Angella before Glimmer’s coronation? no wonder it was so hard for her
  • having the shapeshifter character be agender is a master stroke
  • did Double Trouble just make up Flutterina? if so, how did they infiltrate the party without the whole town going “umm, we don’t know who this is?”
  • why is no one vetting what plants Shadow Weaver can and can’t grow?
  • lbr we should have had a bottle episode with the cadets in s1 or 2
  • Scorpia’s episode broke my heart

end of s4:

  • Mermista playing detective was a lot of fun
  • Bow, Swift Wind, and Seahawk on their own is a perfect recipe for disaster and I want more
  • I feel terrible for poor Razz 😢
  • Scorpia feeling accepted in Bright Moon even as a prisoner literally made me cry there I said it
  • Light Hope and HAL 9000 would be such a power couple
  • do Netossa and Spinnerella just not matter? there are only 5 princesses connected to the weapon
  • holy Shards of Narsil!!!

halfway through s5:

  • Horde Prime’s broadcast across Etheria gave me some Battle of Hogwarts Voldemort vibes (bc art does not exist in a vacuum which is fine)
  • seeing the supporting cast on a mission of their own was SO GREAT (loving Mermista’s leadership and how Scorpia is just part of the team now)
  • Corridors was SO GOOD
  • holy crap Ahsoka Tano and Amy Santiago are in She-Ra
  • Save the Cat was SO GOOD and made me VERY EMOTIONAL
  • I love Swift Wind’s song on the way to Elberon and OH NO SPINNERELLA

end of s5:

  • everyone’s outfits for the Prince Peekablue mission were great (also HOLY SHIT that shot of Scorpia’s back 🤯 )
  • Melog really took one look at Catra and went "yup I’m a cat forever now”
  • Wrong Hordak learning how to wink is so pure
  • I legitimately gasped when Netossa cut Bow’s bowstring 😅
  • Adora’s immediate snark when Catra jumped through fire to save her 😂😂😂
  • BBEG getting bested by the power of love usually feels tired & lame but holy balls She-Ra fucking earned it, Catadora is SO GOOD

TL;DR I had a really good time marathoning the show, Noelle really made something magical, and I can officially add it to the list of things I wish I could have experienced in real-time

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Part 4 of the highschool au

Scorpia gets new arms, Hordak is touch-starved, and Glimmer makes a new friend.


“Alright. Just hold still, and… there you go!” Hordak twisted the prosthetic into place. He had asked Scorpia to meet him in the gym after school to do this; he couldn’t very well invite him over to his house while his dad was home.

Scorpia looked down at her new arms, which Hordak had made in shades of red. She’d told him it was her favorite color. “They’re perfect, Hordak. Thank you.” She smiled, pulling him into a hug.

The feeling of her arms around him was… strange. He hadn’t been hugged like this in years… not since his mother died.

That thought brought tears to his eyes, and even though Scorpia had already seen him at his lowest, had already seen him weak and in pain and unable to get out of bed, the thought of her seeing him cry was unbearable. So he took off, running much faster than someone in heels should be able to. He ran until he got to his corner of the library, where he collapsed onto his favorite beanbag chair, drawing his knees up to his chest and letting the tears flow.

“Hey… are you alright?”

He looked up to see a slightly chubby girl with short pink hair, and he quickly wiped his tears away, taking some of his eyeliner with them. He really needed to get some waterproof makeup. “Go away.”

Much like Entrapta, the girl didn’t seem to understand the meaning of those words. She sat down beside him, smiling kindly. “Hi. I’m Glimmer.”

“…Hordak. Please… go. I don’t want you seeing me like this.”

“It’s okay to cry, you know. There’s… there’s nothing shameful about it.”

“That’s not what my dad says,” he admitted.

“Well, then your dad is wrong.”

“Yeah… I’m starting to think he’s wrong about a lot of things.”

“…I like your dress.”

He smiled weakly. “Thanks. I… I like your hair.”

“Thanks.” She smiled. “So, um… do you wanna tell me what’s wrong? Sometimes talking about it helps.”

“I… it’s my mom. She died a few years ago, and… I recently met someone who reminds me of her. I guess I just… realized I wasn’t as over it as I thought I was.”

Glimmer nodded. “I know what you mean. My dad disappeared when I was a kid, and sometimes it just hits me all over again that he’s gone, you know?” She sighed. “Must be even harder for you, though. At least the one parent I’ve got left is a good one. Your dad sounds like a real nasty piece of work.”

“He is… although… I deserve it, you know?”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because I’m defective. And weak.”

She looked up at him. “You’re not defective, Hordak. You just have… different strengths. Entrapta talks about you all the time. She says you’re kind and funny and smart. And she told me what you were doing for Scorpia… you sound like a really great guy. Just because you might be weak physically, doesn’t mean you’re not strong.” She smiled kindly. “Your dad has no idea how amazing you are.”

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I have some unfinished concept art of baby DT as an amphibian in my sketch book. They look like an axolotl - webbed fingers, webbed feet, cute little feelers all around their face. Maybe I’ll finish those up

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I picture insects as a staple of the Crimson Waste diet, even for the non-lizard folk. When every living creature is trying to kill and eat you, something relatively slow, benign, and plentiful makes an appealing source of protein. The bigger beetles can feed a family, and some of them have mild venoms that just give the dish a nice spiciness when it’s cooked~

But of course that’s not the case for most of Etheria. DT is well-traveled and knows this, so they don’t talk about the bug diet… but their instincts sometimes raise some eyebrows when they get all wide-eyed and big-pupiled at a big beetle in the corner. Occasionally they snatch a bug out of the air without thinking and barely stop themself from monching lol

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me, watching the whole series again with the context of catra and adora loving each other the entire time whilst screeching violently at every physical contact they make:


my family:


my neighbor who is also a catradora stan:

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