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what if glimmer made catra dress up like this for halloween and they even changed the lighting in bright moon to match glimmer’s vision all so they could give adora a gay heart attack

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A Personal Opinion: labeling Entrapta

I am very conflicted and also quite annoyed by the way fans have mentioned in the past and present Entrapta is asexual just for the fact she doesn’t show sexual attraction nor desire like normal people do, nor she is sexualized nor romantic or even touchy with anyone around her.

I am often very tired by the labels people usually likes to give to characters that doesn’t exhibit the normalized behaviours we see in society.

The fact is that, for me, describing Entrapta as asexual is increidble simplistic and overlooks most of her complexity as a character. And also shows how most people thinks that a ‘sexual behaviour’ is sexualy connect with everyone in their surrounded, so people who doesn’t experience or doesn’t want to experience such things are just labeled as asexual, which is unhealthy and incredible ignorant about sexual physiology and psychology itself.

Surprisedly was not the same thing with her autism, I am more accepting of this fact because I have studied it and is actually well portrayed.

I have never been diagnosed though, but don’t like people, I have to admit, most of the time they don’t understand what I talk about and what subject I want to debate, they see me as this weird or even too damn monotonous-talking person who doesn’t seen to think normaly, who doesn’t see to express herself normally, and they don’t seen to know what to do with me around. I have never had a sexual partner, nor I’ve had interest in having one, UNTIL I started to connect with people in University and realized that I was in fact not asexual but my attraction is related to my connection with people.

Most of the time I feel people are too simplistic to understand what I feel or what I say, the same way Entrapta got bored by Catra when she asked for a more simple explanation of her scientific methods. Knowledge and hobbies I like to talk about goes from medicine to computer sciences and astrophysics, and also medieval history, I am a bachelor in ancient history and currenting studying anthropology/archaeology and computer programming by hobby because I enjoy it. I am not someone who is easy to be loved, nor I am someone who wants to have contact with people that I don’t feel connection with.

The way she goes BALLISTIC when she talks about First One’s tech is the same way I felt so much emotions over the possibilities of having my first Rapsberry Pi as a birthday gift, something I could even use to create robotic in the future. I know how it feels, to look at something so intrincate and precious and so damn complex and feeling is worth more time in the world than having people around you who will never understand.

The way she behaves around people makes me feel incredible related. For me showing desire or attraction or even romantical desire to people I barely meet is absurd. And to show or dress myself in a hypersexualized way or just show skin seen wrong and not my personality at all. And having a big genius or being intelligent over the average doesn’t mean you are asexual, it means everyhing gets more complicated with how you relate and feel things around you, and most people like to label you with concept, right? It makes me fucking cry every time, most people likes to label others, like me, with a simplistic category that doesn’t seen to describe the whole spectrum of things I feel about the world, just because they like to categorize humans that doesn’t experience things like normal people do, right? And I have spent so much time feeling I was broken, that I couldn’t feel anything at all, that my friends abandoned me. But then I got to the point in at 18 years old when I realized I was not broken, I feel things differently, I could feel desire, and I could feel sexual attraction, but not with the people I am usually surrounded by. I had to break my confort zone to feel it, because the group around me weren’t the people I was destined to connect with.

And that is EXACTLY what Entrapta experienced with Hordak, quite literally when she ended up in the Fright Zone.

Some people I’ve meet thinks that behaviours and clothes, fucking clothes, are what defines sexuality. I like masculine clothes and I don’t like feminine behaviour but I am not lesbian, and also I don’t go in life touching or invading people’s spaces, or trying to flirt with others because is just a waste of time, and still some people thinks that being asexual is exactly those things, or having a complete lack of sexual or romantic desires, or is equal to be celibe and frigid, when media and society usually push for women to be sexual and explicitly romantic, pretty, feminine and emotional or touchy (gross if you ask me).

Also the complete misunderstanding than the only kind of sexual connection one can have is related to body attraction and tactile stimulation is frustrating the shit out of me. I have experienced attraction and desire over a guy talking about philosophy, and not by a dude who goes to the gym who I find just blatantly brute.

Entrapta didn’t need to convince me, she became my favorite person from the beginning, her passions, her emotions, her nonstop lust for tech, her obvious desire to stay with Hordak, her entusiastic nature, all of that is so damn complex and comes with layers and layers of years of building up her complex personality in loneliness. She finally CONNECTED with someone and now she is incredible passionated about that.

The brain and its capabilities for me are sexualy attractive, the way someone can behave around, like Hordak does and how he uses complex words, commanding people, is both stoic and passionate, and has more knowledge over the universe, technology and multidimensional space IS sexualy attractive, that is the reason I stand by the fact that Entrapta is not asexual, but her sexual desires are related to other things rather than the simplistic desire of superficial attractiveness that comes with impulsivity and lack of common sense I see in most people my age.

I had no desire to experience my own sexuality with someone because I just didn’t care, and I am too beyond my 20s to even label what I feel, that is just limitating myself.

And Entrapta is such an amazing and wholesome creature, she is a genius between the whole crew, she is passionate and fierce, calling or labeling her whatever thing is to limitate her or reduce her to a word that doesn’t seen to grasp her whole complexity as an individual.

I am closer to her age and I know it it feels when you just gave up friendship. When you spend your teenager years not connecting (nor romantic or sexualy) to anyone around thinking is because you are not destined to that, and then suddenly something happens in your system when you meet the right person, and you realizes is not that you were asexual, is that the way I experience sexuality is different and more complex, it needs X and before people just gave me Y, and that is not asexuality, is an spectrum of sexuality which is different from people to people, because not everyone will experience things the same, and categorizing a whole spectrum of people in only one concept to try and explain how those people feel and why is just ridiculous.

For me Entrapta is someone who would enjoy her sexuality and intimacy in private, who uses the clothes she uses not for her sexuality but because she is like that, who desires to have a personal space, and wouldn’t share it with whatever people she meets, and who can value things like scientific knowledge the same way she values friendship and ultimately love.

Labeling her with whatever concept or category is just limiting her to a word, she is beyond that, I do not believe that a single post, nor a single planet, could contain the complexity that I have seen in her.

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Catradora Kids Headcannon (based on this)

Even when they’re fully grown, Catra insists Hope and Mara join her in group cuddle sessions like when they were kittens. They find it embarrassing, but would never admit to their mom it does feel rather instinctually comforting.

Melog, of course, joins in on the fun. This leaves a very crushed Adora to struggle from beneath three fully grown cat-people and a feline alien.

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lifa and me just got through the episode where Catra and Adora go through their childhood memories together



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