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Hey, remember my post about an SPOP version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice? I wrote it!

Uncle Sea Hawk is back! This time he’s reading the children of the Super Pal Trio a tale of epic ROMANCE and ADVENTURE, the classic love story between Adorabeth Boomnets and Fitzmeowmoew Catsy.

Read on AO3 or

I originally wrote this for the Historical prompt for @glimbow-week-2020 and then lost the draft for months until I randomly found it again a few days ago!

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I just had a dream where my dad and I were sitting on the couch, and I turned to him and said, “What if you had a cowboy hat that, when you pushed the top, you turned into a cat cowboy,” and my dad said, “that would be cool,” and I responded with, “I would be Catra from those few episodes of She-Ra and I would impress everyone with my “Hey Adora”s” and I then proceeded to say “Hey Adora,” in the best Catra impression I could. Then I laughed and woke up. 

What the fuck does this mean???

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we got i dont love you, teenagers, vampires will never hurt you, fake your death, na na na, and to the end by mcr, choke by IDKHOW, all we know, ignorance, and all i wanted by paramore, la devotee by p!atd, satellite, lullabies, and break out! break out! by all time low, church by aly & aj, supercut and ribs by lorde, waves by chloe moriondo, and green, devil town v1, and banana bread by cavetown!

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CORRIDORS AYY! (i have an ask ab Promise coming!)

so uh this is a very catra-centirc ep so we have a lot from my catra playlist - jasey rae and kicking & screaming by all time low, helena, the ghost of you, give em hell kid, SING, and the end/dead! by mcr, manta rays and waves by chloe moriondo, devil town by cavetown (specifically v2), don’t you dare forget the sun by get scared, word ain’t enough by tessa violet and chloe moriondo, and all i wanted by paramore bc i like pain :)

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Katso BAD GUY | Cover By Blanks (Lyrics) YouTubessa

So.. Is this not the aesthetic of Entrapdak? Kinda? I’m feeling it a little. The whole singing about being a bad guy and all these other pseudo edgy statements while the music says “✨💕🌺uwu💞💓🌸✨”. I think it fits

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Spop Twitter is so aggressive and intimidating but spop tumblr is just a bunch of soft weirdos and I love you all 💖

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