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#spop au
allthingsadora · 2 hours ago
The How To Train Your Dragon / Catradora au that no one asked for but would not leave me alone until I’d written it
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truckeecheeze · 7 hours ago
ive seen so many different au ideas for shera in the past week and im absolutely LIVING for it. may i offer Vampire Academy for a catradora au👀
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mimdecisive · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i now have all of the power
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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motherofchimeras · 9 hours ago
Eye of Etheria - Ch. 4 - The Fright Zone
Welcome to Chapter 4 of Eye of Etheria, the reality tv competition show AU you didn't know you could love. This chapter features our new HOH's deliberations, have-nots, nominations, and the winner of your Etheria Vote (and what the winner is thinking about doing with it... dun dun dunnn) Enjoy! It's a fun time. The next vote will likely come to play in Chapter 5 as I do believe that will take us through to the next eviction and HOH.
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mimdecisive · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i spent way too long on this. is this content?
Tumblr media
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mimdecisive · 22 hours ago
for the last couple days I've been thinking about an AU of the castaspellma AU where Glimmer, having troubles with her truth spell and SW unable to cast one, call in Castaspella to help with the interrogation.
And she doesn't know anything about this 'prisoner', but she comes, because her niece asked her to. And then, she sees them...
...and suddenly, she has to have a Very Long conversation about her long-lost child who was kidnapped by the Horde.
Needless to say, Glimmer and Castaspella are both very hesitant to interrogate them, and instead agree that DT can be transferred to Mystacor for the time being.
Tumblr media
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mimdecisive · 23 hours ago
somehow I'm nearing 200 followers and maybe by the time that happens, I'll have written my SPOP rewrite.
But, until then, here's some of the changes I'll be implementing in my rewrite.
Tumblr media
Sea Hawk has two dads, and they're much more interesting than Bow's. No, really, these ones are rebooted characters from the original, Falcon and Swen. Sea Hawk's dad in the original and his ship's first mate, I believe, who also served under Sea Hawk's dad.
Sea Hawk gets development, and isn't a complete running gag. (He still does act the way he does in canon, there's just a reason for it.)
Sweet Bee is also a prince, like Peekablue, because the mlm representation in SPOP is lacking.
There's far more mlm representation than that. Bokyle, for one, because their relationship has way more potential than any other ship for either character.
gl*mb*w and se*m*sta aren't canon, because they're forced and the latter is really gross. Aren't we above Pepé Le Pew?
Castaspella is stronger than Micah. If you've seen literally any of my posts, you probably saw this coming. I'm a feminist.
Castaspella isn't knocked unconscious by SW in her debut episode, and instead helps Adora fights SW, mostly by keeping Mystacor's shields up. It's not really fair to Casta that everyone else gets to help save their own kingdom in their debut episodes and she doesn't.
Castaspella has development, and her strained relationship with Angella has reasoning. Basically some of my HCs.
Implied but not confirmed Castaspellma because I don't think that would have happened in the show, I don't think there would have been a good time. I think that type of thing is more of a sequel/spin-off book.
Frosta retains her S1 personality.
Wrong Hordak is fused with Prince Zed, Horde Prime's son from the original. Their stories are pretty similar, I think.
Swift Wind may retain his original coat + hair and eye colour when he gets his wings. I haven't decided yet, but the fact they gave him a beige coat and brown hair + eyes just to change it??
The star siblings' story is very different from canon, much more developed.
Double Trouble will actually show up in S5 for more than one episode.
Glimmer is a better friend. Her whole arc in the show should actually revolve around that, I think, because it's one of her flaws is that she wasn't always a great friend. Not to Bow in Princess Prom, and not to Frosta in The Frozen Forest. Glimmer also gets wings.
Adora isn't the only one who gets a magic animal companion. Mermista and Frosta get one, too.
We get some answers on Adora's family.
Adora is half-etherian and half-eternian. This is based on the fact that, while not half-etherian, she was only half-eternian in the original series. This is the zuko 'good and evil' thing.
There is a lot of romantic relationships, but only some of them will be canon by the end of the fic.
Kyle defects from the Horde. Lonnie, much later, also defects from the Horde.
We get to see more of Salineas. (sort of)
We find out how Spinnerella and Netossa met, and why Spinnerella doesn't have a kingdom. (I'm still trying to put this idea into words, so it's going to take a minute.)
Peekablue also gets development, as do the rest of the Princesses. They all have stories, though some of them will only get so much.
Adora gets some self-reflection, something she is lacking in canon. She gets development.
C/A but modified. Pining and romance, because there's so much potential there. I really don't think there's anything "sisterly" about their relationship I have to worry about changing, as someone with multiple siblings, I can confirm that I don't flirt with my siblings. I'm not country.
musical episode, musical episode!
no mentions of the Star Sisters, because that just seems like poor planning. They're no longer in the mural.
'Reunion' is no longer a bad metaphor for coming out, and maybe I'll give Bow's dads a personality that isn't just a recycled version of his.
Bow has more personality. I just need to figure out what makes Bow into Bow.
Perfuma + The Other Princesses might have more power than discussed in canon. It felt like in the last season, they made Glimmer more powerful than all of them rather than equal. I'm here to even it out.
I never bought the '3 years pass over the course of the show' thing, so the show will take place over the course of one year instead.
Sea Hawk is actually younger than he looks, and he and Mermista are the same age as the Best Friends Squad.
A lot of the characters that were chipped in S5 just simply aren't anymore. Namely, Scorpia and Mermista.
SW lives, but not because I like her, just because I think it fits better.
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grandthedaughter · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Made a quick little sketch of 12-year-old P-M from “Extended family”, little space explorer <3
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The Art of Love: Chapter 14
Fandom: She Ra (2018)
Ship: Glimadora
Summary: It’s a date! Sort of... 
Warnings (for this chapter): None (please tell me if anything needs to be added)
Genre: High School AU, Angst with a Happy Ending, Rivals/Enemies to Lovers, Eventual Fluff
A/N: Hey everyone!! I hope you enjoy this long-overdue update! Once I have some chapters done and ready to go, I’m going to begin uploading far more regularly. Thank you for sticking with me and as always, love you all 🖤✨
Ao3    The Art of Love Masterpost    Fic Masterpost    Fic Request Info
Glimmer woke up feeling rested for the first time in possibly months. She felt like maybe— just maybe— things weren’t as bad as she had thought. After all, the project was going well and her grade might go up, she and her mom had spent some nice time together, Bow was sending her weird memes, and— last but not least— she and Adora were friends. Was “friends” the right word? They were more than friends? less than friends? They were Friends*
(*Stipulations May Apply).
Glimmer stretched her arms over her head, smiling as sunlight streamed through her window and splashed across her face. It was warm and golden and seemed sweet somehow— much like a certain jock she knew. Or maybe she was just projecting her crush onto the entire world, even the very sunlight.
The day passed mostly uneventfully. Well, apparently a big fight broke out during one of the passing periods and the whole school was talking about it but Glimmer had been on the opposite side of the campus at the time of the event and frankly didn’t care.
She managed to make it to Chemistry early which seemed to be a surreal experience for both her and Weaver. She tried not to pay attention to the stunned look of incredulity Weaver gave her as she walked by.
Glimmer nearly sat down at her desk before deciding that— just this once— maybe taking a risk would be alright. She made her way to the counter on the side of the classroom. More specifically, the counter where Adora and Cat usually stood before class started. She lifted herself up and sat on the edge of the cool, black plastic of the slab. Now all that was left to do was wait.
Cat and Adora stalked in a few minutes later; and stalk was the correct description— their legs, obviously powerful from the years of soccer, beneath the matching running shorts they wore. Glimmer swallowed and and it seemed it stick in her throat. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.
The only thing less noticeable than Cat’s bright red crop top was the glower painted across her face, “Hi, Glimmer. Can I ask you what you’re doing over here?”
“Oh uh—“ Glimmer could feel a blush rising to match the colour of Cat’s shirt.
Before she had a chance to finish, Adora lunged forward and tackled her in a hug. Even without the shock, the force of it nearly knocked her over onto her back.
“Hey Glimmer!!” Adora was beaming and Glimmer couldn’t help but return the smile.
“Hi Adora?” She didn’t mean it to sound like a question but maybe it was appropriate seeing she sure as hell didn’t know what was going on. How did Adora always manage to freeze her brain??
For once Glimmer was grateful to hear Weaver’s voice as the teacher began snapping at everyone to go to their seats.
“Oh! Bye then! See you in a few minutes!” Adora waved brightly and turned to practically jog across the room.
Glimmer slipped off of the countertop still feeling dazed. But the fog in her brain felt different than usual, like it was lighter somehow. By the time she sat down, she realized she had been smiling since Adora had hugged her.
Ms Weaver’s voice echoed meaninglessly in Glimmer’s mind. She didn’t care about the pedantic nonsense the teacher was complaining about or whatever useless information she was yelling. All Glimmer cared about was the way Adora’s arms felt wrapped around her and how happy she seemed to see Glimmer. Glimmer’s head may have been empty but her chest felt warm and filled to the brim.
Weaver clapped her hands and the sound startled Glimmer from warmth within her. Chairs began scraping against the dirty linoleum floor and students moved to work with their partners so she could do the same. Glimmer stood up, about to join the shuffling tangle of students. She was surprised that Weaver was giving them so much time in class to work on the project but if it meant more time she got to spend with Adora... well, she wasn’t complaining.
In the time it took Glimmer to stand and reach for her bag, Adora had already slipped into the desk next to her.
“Oh!” Glimmer stood still, feeling dumb as she blinked down at Adora, “I was going to walk over to you but—“
“Beat ya to it,” Adora cut her off with a wink.
Glimmer tried for a smile, “Yeah I guess so.”
It felt like her insides were clenching together in a fist. Stop making yourself look like an idiot, why do you have to be so awkward? You’re going to make her think you don’t like her. Again.
When she sat down slowly, her knees were stiff, like she had aged several decades just from the stress of trying to talk to Adora the past few days.
Adora smiled at her. Glimmer tried to smile back but she could tell she wasn’t quite accomplishing her goal. Despite the noise of chatter and crafting and the various sounds of high school students getting off track, the silence between them was glaring, nearly painfully so.
Say something, anything. Glimmer couldn’t, she didn’t know what to say, how to say it. Adora was just a girl, just a normal girl; why was she so damn hard to talk to? You’re lying to yourself. She’s not some normal girl. She’s so much more than that. You wanted this, you wanted to feel this way. Now handle it.
“Your hair looks really nice today!”
At the sound of Adora’s voice, she realized her eyes had glazed over and she tried to focus on Adora’s face.
“—Not that your hair doesn’t normally look nice I just meant that, you know, I noticed it today and—“
“Oh,” Glimmer’s face was burning. A thousand thoughts sped through her head too fast for her to make sense of any of them. One suggested that Adora could like her as more than a friend, another shot it down quickly, one was just happy that Adora had noticed her at all, a final thought suggested that her face was burning hot enough to fry an egg, “Thank you, um, yeah, thanks. Thanks so much.”
Adora’s smile widened, “You’re welcome!”
Silence spread through the space between them again. Glimmer wished she knew what to say. But what could she say? That she had never seen someone so pretty in her life? That she wanted to spend every day she had left on this planet learning every freckle on Adora’s face and every fleck of gray in her eyes? That she couldn’t stop thinking about her laugh and her voice and the dumb jokes she made. No, there was nothing Glimmer could say. She could feel Adora’s gaze on her, soft but inquisitive, looking for something or trying to memorize something she had already found. If Glimmer hadn’t been blushing already, the intensity of those eyes would have done it.
“So...” Glimmer tried to look anywhere but at Adora. She wished they were far, far apart so she could think clearly but she also wished they were so much closer. Glimmer didn’t know what she wanted, “We should probably get to work, shouldn’t we?”
“Yeah, of course. You’re right.”
Adora turned to face the desk and began gathering the materials she needed. Glimmer squirmed when Adora was looking at her but somehow not having her attention was worse. Glimmer wished she could just make up her damn mind.
“So it looks like all we need to get done is the presentation slides and then figure out who is saying what.”
Just as quickly as the blush had risen, Glimmer felt the blood drain from her face, “Wait, why does anyone need to say anything?”
“We have to present our projects, remember?” Adora was smiling at her kindly.
“Um, no, I guess—“ Glimmer looked down, the words sticking heavily in her throat, “I guess I forgot. Sorry.”
“Hey, it’s alright! No big deal!”
Glimmer’s hands came to life, fidgeting sporadically as she clutched them in her lap, “No, it’s not that. I’m just really bad at school presentations.”
She felt stupid but it was the truth; she liked making things and showing them to others... just from a distance. When she had to present it, had to tie herself to it, she felt like everyone was analyzing and critiquing her; not whatever she had made. It made her freeze and choke up and forget everything she had planned on saying. She didn’t want to let Adora down, didn’t want to show her how useless she could really be.
Adora had part of her mouth quirked to the side, comically deep in thought, “Would it help if we practiced presenting it a few times before hand? Just the two of us?”
“I don’t know... maybe?” It would be even worse if she didn’t try at all, right? If she just gave up and let Adora do all the work on her own? Right? For once her mind left her without its input. Great, the one time I could actually use it and now is when you decide to shut up. I’m disappointed in you, brain, disappointed but not surprised.
“It’s worth a try!” Adora scrolled through the slides she had made, obviously trying to make a decision about something, “I don’t think I’m going to be able to finish these by the end of the period; do you think we could hang out together after school today and finish it?”
“Yes!” The word was out of her mouth before Glimmer had the chance to think about it.
Adora looked happily surprised, “Ok, great! Meeting me at the soccer field at 4:00?”
Glimmer was still in stunned disbelief at what she had said, “Yeah, yeah sure. Sounds good.”
“It’s a date!” Adora face turned pink as Glimmer’s shock shifted onto her, “I— oh. I meant like, you know, a date. Not a date, just a date.”
Glimmer couldn’t help but laugh. Her head was light, like somebody had taken out her brain and replaced it with cotton candy. A date? She didn’t mean it like that, of course she didn’t. She couldn’t. She’s perfect and I’m just... me. You’re getting ahead of yourself and you’re getting hopes up far too high. When those hopes are proven wrong— and they will be proven wrong— you’re going to have a long way to fall. Don’t let yourself get hurt like this.
She took a deep breath, hoping to settle all of the ideas and questions and that word from rattling around in her head. Her anxiety was right, she was getting way too ahead of herself.
Glimmer cut in through Adora’s rambling, smiling sadly. Adora was, well, adorable when she got all awkward and lost her usual composure; but it hurt knowing that Glimmer could never get what she wanted, settling on looking from afar. A date, “Yeah, I know what you mean.”
“Right, right of course you did, sorry,” Adora still seemed sheepish which puzzled Glimmer.
She wanted to ask why Adora was acting so weird, but she was arguably the far weirder one of them so maybe it was best to just leave good enough alone, “I guess we should probably get back to work then?”
The rest of the period went by quickly, Adora diligently gathering and typing information and Glimmer doing her best to be helpful, placing the text onto the slides.
Adora seemed caught up in her work and Glimmer didn’t want to bother her. But with her eyes focused and face grimacing, Glimmer just wanted to make her laugh or at least relax a little bit.
Glimmer tried to focus but there really wasn’t much for her to do. Besides, she couldn’t stop thinking about how close she and Adora were sitting, nearly bumping shoulders. It would be so easy to just lean over and kiss her cheek. Shut up. It’s never going to happen. Stop letting these feelings get so strong. But how could she not feel this way? She almost felt bad for not being more productive.
The bell rang and the classroom once again erupted into noise as students raced to leave Weaver’s domain.
Adora stood up and grabbed her bag in one swift movement, “4:00 at the soccer fields! Don’t forget me.”
Glimmer watched her jog out the door, melting into her seat. She couldn’t forget her if she tried.
If you would like to be added to The Art of Love taglist, please just send an ask or reply to this post!! 
~ @lunacy13 @shlikensfurlyf ~
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mimdecisive · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they learnt it from casta
fun fact that is probably very noticeable: baby DT's outfit is inspired by baby Castaspella's outfit from the LS episode. we don't see a lot of mystacor fashion so I don't have much to work with.
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dragon-in-black · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Could be out of character, but I think Xena!Catra would enjoy drying under the sun after when she absolutely had to take a bath when the dirt became too much.
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the-heart-stone · 2 days ago
Where’s your steed?
This blog getting pretty dark. Have a lil Swift Wind and Adora being insufferable best friends to lighten the mood. (*through gritted teeth* Yes I forgot to post this here.)
Tumblr media
Love the cursed knight and his GNC horse
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historianadora · 2 days ago
ive been trying to nap for the last 20 minutes but the only thing in my brain is a ghost adora au,,,
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motherofchimeras · 2 days ago
Finished - The World Forgetting, by the World Forgot (Catradora Eternal Sunshine AU)
I finished up the last chapter of my Eternal Sunshine AU today. This is a really interesting piece -- lots of ups and downs, laughs, confusion, plot twists, and all. It starts out very influenced by the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but takes some new routes and explores different aspects of the idea. It is an Angst with a Happy Ending kind of piece. Story Summary: (Rating: Explicit, some mild NSFW woven in, but definitely not at all the point of the story) When Catra and Adora first met, they believed they were soul mates. After an awful fight, Adora is forced to reckon with the idea that the love of her life chose to literally delete her from her memories. What was Adora to do but the exact same thing? Prime Enterprises offered the perfect treatment to heal her pain and let her start life anew. Only, it didn't go exactly as planned, and nothing is as it seems. This an AU that combines She-Ra with the film: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. However, it is not a total copy of the movie. It is a borrowing of the core idea and theme. You can erase someone from your mind. Erasing them from your heart is another story.
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alittlemorecreative · 2 days ago
Saw this on twt and immediately thought of Catra oof
Tumblr media
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avatar-lili · 2 days ago
spop head cannon??? idfk
i read a forgiveness fic about forgiveness with micah and catra and it was beautiful and super good so i believe that micah would be one of catras surrogate parents (keyword one) also read a fic about catra meeting bows dads and since she’d obviously would be a secret history nerd add george and lance to her surrogate parents list and obviously spinnerella and netossa because come on they’re awesome and they’re 100% moms to catra AND adora (plus basically everyone else) yeah idk i just wanted to rant a little… EDIT: I FORGOT I READ A FIC WHERE CASTA BONDED WITH CATRA AND IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL AND ADORABLE I JUST CANT REMEMBER THE NAME 😫
shout out to AvatarMeka2000 on ao3 one of the good writers on there hah
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sunsetaurora · 3 days ago
Over the years, Catra had only seen Adora cry a handful of times. Even when they were kids, and she was sick or hurt, Adora never shed a tear. Unsure of what to do, Catra wiped her hands on her jeans and took a big breath to calm herself. She watched as the tears freely flowed down Adora’s pink cheeks and how she angrily wiped at her eyes with the back of her good hand.
“Sorry,” she said, voice shaking. “I didn’t mean – I got carried away. Sometimes I want” – her blue eyes flicked towards Catra and away again – “things I can’t have. It’s stupid of me.”
Catra’s heart was beating so intensely that it echoed in her head. She thought back to the song and how Adora had looked at her in a way she had only ever dreamed of.
So soft and hopeful and wanting.
With wide, unblinking eyes, Catra asked, “What… things?”
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