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#spop fanfic

when you arrived on this planet, you thought it would be best to clear out the caves, empty out the beasts within.

now you know better.

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Always A Heartbeat From Me

“Go away,” Catra muttered, curling up tighter and trying to disappear into the corner. Adora didn’t move.

“Are… you mad at me?” Her voice was small and uncertain. Catra’s ears flattened against her head; she closed her eyes. “I… I’m sorry if I made you feel bad, I didn’t mean to—”

“Just leave me alone!” Catra huffed. “Go play with your new friend Lonnie.”

“Are you mad about Lonnie?” Adora was so stupid sometimes. “She’s just like Entrapta and Scorpia—”

“No she’s not! She’s normal, you can be human with her!” Tears pressed against her eyelids, threatening to escape. There was a sudden shuffle of feet; Catra thought Adora was running away, but then a heavy body dropped on top of her, hugging her curled up form as tight as possible.

“I don’t want to be human with her,” Adora said stubbornly. “I’d rather be a wolf with you. You’re my best friend.”

Catra face was pressed into her knees, muffling her voice as she mumbled, “You promise?”

“I promise,” Adora replied without hesitation.

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I’ve been helping run @spop-palentines all month and I wrote SO MUCH. Most of it is collected into this fic but a few are either standalones or part of other fics so I thought it would be helpful to make a master list of all of them.

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Helpful - radio_antlers - She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
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I'll be brave, and I'll be kind - Chapter 27 - mandaree1 - She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
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i was rewatching spop and somebody has probably mentioned this before but look how cute they are together I SHIP IT

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“i love you,” [they] mumble. “i love you. and you don’t have to say it back. i don’t need you to say it back. i just… i wanted you to know that. especially after today.”

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The next chapter of Skeletor is being written, very slowly.

It’s got some jokes.

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Early Shift - radio_antlers - She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
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I wrote more things!

And need a new pinned post accordingly.

New (relatively speaking) from the land of She-Ra:

  • Twist aka “She-Ra gave us a sorcerer character with weaving/spinning themed names and Casta knits so OBVIOUSLY yarnwork is a sorcerer thing now let me write Best Friends Squad character studies on that basis.” 
  • Only Constant aka a small fluffy snippet of Adora not proposing marriage to Catra

Other things! Entirely because I up and did the chocobox fic exchange:

  • four bosoms and one troth (rated M) aka tasteful Shakespearean orgies ft the four lovers from Midsummer Night’s Dream. I am excessively proud of this and love it dearly, tbh. Kind of Twist but if it were shorter, about Shakespeare characters, and replaced fiber art with sex.
  • how soon unaccountable aka I wrote destiel and I have no regrets

I continue to have a whole lot of spop/catradora drafts because I have no self control, my faves being:

  • Another entry in The Squad Goes Intergalactic for the She-Ra big bang this spring. (!!!!!)
  • That one collab with @fuhadeza about catradora wedding things. Which is very much still on, albeit slow.

As a reference note, my writing tag on my tumblr is still #forsythiarising, because it me and also it sufficiently specific

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11- ok, so I have this really cool idea for an Infinity Train AU, where Adora is a passenger, Catra is a denizen, and the Apex is the Horde. But for one reason or another I haven’t gotten to it. Probably because it’s just an idea right now, no actual plot.

12- Okay, so I said previously that action is my weak spot, but I’m also terrible at romance. I have no experience with and i don’t really understand it, so it’s pretty difficult sometimes. Relationships in general are hard for me to write. I don’t get them.

13- My favorite is Catra, because she just has such great chemistry with literally everyone she’s in a scene with. It makes dialogue super easy and always entertaining and dialogue is my favorite thing to write. She’s also one of my fav characters, so that helps)

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Spop Palentine’s prompt day 23 - Opposites

Here is She-Ra and Sea-Ra (aka Adora and Mermista) getting lost in a maze lol. @spop-palentines

Read on AO3

“Oh my god, I’m literally coming, okay?”

Adora bit her lip as she waited for Mermista to catch up yet again. She trudged along the path reluctantly, managing to give her a lazy smile.

Their team had gone away from Brightmoon for the week, and had ended up at this maze event. Anyone who got to the centre would get a special prize (they didn’t know what this so called prize was, but hey). Adora had paired up with Mermista thinking that it would be a fun way to hang out with her - after all, it had been a while since they’d gotten to do that and she wasn’t exactly known for her amazing sense of direction - but it seemed today was just one of those days when Mermista didn’t have the energy for anything.

Adora, on the other hand, was determined to win that prize. She crouched down on the sandy dirt, scratching out a map of the turns they had already taken. “Okay. We should be close, we’ve been walking for around 20 minutes now and the notice said it take most people around 25, so as long as we keep making progress, we’ll succeed!” she thrust her hand in the air in celebration, then looked to Mermista expectantly.

“Yay, I guess.” Mermista yawned. Adora chuckled at her friend. She used to find her unenthusiasm irritating, but now it was simply endearing (or maybe Sea Hawk was rubbing off on her). She slung her arm around Mermista shoulders, grinning, and the familiar smirk she got in return was totally worth it.

“I hope the prize is like a spa day or something. I’m gonna need it after all this exercise.”

“Oh, I hope not. The last spa day I had… did not go well for anyone.”

“"Whatever. I think you just need to learn to chill.”

“Sure thing, Sea-Ra.”

Mermista gasped. “Sarcasm and calling me Sea-Ra? I’m in love with you.”

They both laughed out loud at that and continued navigating the maze. They never quite made it to the middle - they both shared a lack of direction apparently - and the rest of their friends found them an hour later, still trudging around the maze exchanging quips as if they hadn’t realised how much time had passed.

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