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#spop fanfic
thegreysman · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Based on the fanfic "Against the Current” by  SolCaeruleus
*canon-deviation from the season 4 finale onward* Horde Prime had no use for a defect. Why would he take one back? Preposterous. As Bow is looking for Glimmer in the Fright Zone, Entrapta goes off to find her Lab Partner and confront him. Why had he allowed her to be sent to Beast Island? Or why hadn't he come to retrieve her? She finds him, but not in any way she had been prepared for. Meanwhile Adora needs to cope with the fact that the sword is gone--She-Ra is gone--and the threat to Etheria seems greater than ever.
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prokopetz · 2 years ago
I’ve often joked that any She-Ra (2018) modern AU isn’t worthy of the name unless it retains the gag about how Adora has never seen a horse before, but the more I think about it, the more fascinating the logistics of that become. Like, has someone in her life deliberately been shielding her from knowledge of horses? Has she just coincidentally never been in the same room as a media depiction of a horse for seventeen years? Is she aware of horses in principle, but has somehow received the impression that they’re made up, like dragons and manticores? So many possibilities!
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piritos03 · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Fan fic illustration (Chapter 9) for @motherofchimeras (@momofchimeras on Twitter). Please give her all the love you have!
Read the fic here:
"Untitled Rich Catra Story"
(Please reblog coz Tumblr won't show this post in search due to the link)
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thee-gay-trash-can · 4 months ago
Imagine an animated movie with a canonically gay friends-to-enemies-to-lovers storyline with a gay kiss, along with a canonically nonbinary main character
...oh wait... you don't have to imagine, because the movie Nimona (by the creator of she-ra) is 75% complete in production. The problem? IT JUST GOT CANCELLED!
Disney shut down Blue Sky Studios, which was producing the movie, so our best hope is that it gets picked up by another production company.
To help, please sign these petitions to show that people want to see this movie:
petition 1
petition 2
Tumblr media
Reblog to spread awareness
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justshamie · a year ago
Tumblr media
So went a bit wild on stream and came up with a College AU and then decided to write a lil oneshot for it. Enjoy c:
Link to AO3 | Link to Twitch if u interested in more shenanigans c:
There was a soft knock on the door, but Adora in her hazy state barely even moved. She must have been dreaming or maybe she just imagined it. Her dream was more inviting than the prospect of someone bothering her in the middle of her afternoon nap. This was her only break before her evening classes, and she needed that dream to continue. The view of mismatched eyes, and the soft smirk on Catra’s face was imprinted in her mind. 
She could enjoy that, couldn’t she? They might not have been anything official yet, but Catra. The girl that Adora wished months ago, that she maybe liked her back. Just enough so they could at least be friends. But now, Adora knew that Catra had feelings for her, and after everything they went through, she could embrace that. Now Adora could lay in her dorm room and daydream about holding Catra and putting her face in the crook of her neck, just relaxing. So maybe she was a bit smitten. No one could blame her. They spent every moment together they could, texting during lectures and hanging out together after. She knew Catra wasn’t big on being affectionate towards others, and yet Adora was an exception. Whenever they spent time with their friends it showed, she would flinch at hugs, not expecting them. Still Catra found her ways to be close to Adora. Showing affection wasn’t maybe her strong suit, but Adora was there to meet her in the middle. Sometimes just their shoulders would touch. Sometimes Catra’s confidence showed and she would quite literally sit in Adora’s lap. Sometimes it was just her finger tucked into the back of Adora’s shirt. Out of anyone’s view. Sometimes she would hold her hand even if she was doing something else. Adora would laugh at the way Catra ate soup with her left hand if not for the warmth that spread in her chest then. If anyone would point out the affectionate gestures, she knew Catra would retreat. Last time that happened they were hanging out with their friends. They met up to play a boardgame, but Catra ended up telling them to play without her. She just sat snuggled into Adora’s side, her head tucked under Adora’s chin, while she was slowly scrolling some book on her phone. They ended up in that position after an hour of a game of pretend. Adora pretended that she wasn’t melting inside at Catra getting closer, and Catra pretended that her snuggling into Adora was just because she wanted to stretch her legs. After Adora had her arm around Catra’s waist and her fingers intertwined into hers, she was not too happy to lose that. It took all of three minutes for Bow to notice. 
“You guys are ADORABLE,” he squirmed, holding his hands to his cheeks. Everyone laughed at his comment. Adora felt a blush on her face, but that disappeared as soon as she noticed Catra freeze. Adora could feel the tension in her body right under her hold. When the goodnatured chuckling died down, Catra just excused herself to the bathroom. After coming back the weight of her back against Adora’s torso was just a memory. She ended up on the opposite side of the couch and remained there for the rest of the evening. Adora understood. Or rather she tried to understand, while letting Catra be Catra. She didn’t say anything and when they were getting back to their dorms, she found Catra’s hand in hers. Everything seemed right in the world then. They would find their place together and Adora was going to be patient about it. However, she still longed for those touches. She wasn’t innocent and she would initiate them herself, and the way Catra relaxed into her was cathartic. She would live and breathe those moments. It was like an invisible force was pushing them together. She sighed and looked at her phone. She texted Catra earlier that she was going to nap instead of getting lunch and they could get some food after classes were done. They had different schedules for the day, so Adora knew that Catra would be sitting in a lab right now, learning some photo editing software and being all grumpy about boring lecturers. Adora felt an overwhelming need to poke her in the cheek right now. Maybe she was a bit more than smitten. The knocking was back. Adora rolled over and got up, ready to tell anyone who wanted to steal her precious daydream to piss off. She grunted and opened the door, pulling the most displeased look she could.
“What’s that face for, you dork?” Catra laughed seeing Adora’s grimace. 
“Catra!” Adora’s face went on a full trip. From irritation to shock, bashfulness and into that soft smile that was saved only for Catra. She stood there wearing Adora’s soccer letterman jacket. That made the warm feeling inside her chest grow. Adora gave it to her after one of the matches, because she was cold. Now it was like Catra didn’t have anything else in her wardrobe. She never told her to keep it, but she quietly hoped Catra would never give it back. It was like a part of her was always with Catra. Before she could think about it, she had her arms around her in a hug.
“Whoa, look out dummy,” Catra pulled away, shoving a paper bag between them. Adora looked at her puzzled. “Wait, what are you doing here?” she wasn’t complaining, but a moment ago she was sure, she wasn’t going to see her for a few hours. 
“I got us lunch, duh,” she answered in that snarky way that Adora knew was just supposed to hide whatever she was actually feeling. There was a flash of uncertainty in her eyes. Adora let her inside the room with a grin. Seeing Catra in there always made her feel warm. Something about her being comfortable in a space that was just Adora’s. Catra dropped down on her bed, settling the bag next to her. 
“Couldn’t sleep?” she asked, poking the bag absently. Adora saw those little glances directed at her. 
“Couldn’t sit in a boring Photoshop class?” Adora smiled and plopped down on the bed next to her. 
“I could learn more on my own, so I decided to bail,” Catra smirked. “Wait, you remember what class I have?” 
“I sometimes listen to you, you know,” Adora pulled out her tongue. “Besides remembering your schedule is convenient. That way I can plan when I can see you.” 
“I…uh. Okay,” Catra seemed to not know what to say at that. Adora waited. “Thanks.” 
“Thanks?” she tilted her head, imitating a puppy. Maybe she wanted to tease her just a bit. 
“Ugh… You know,” Catra pushed lightly at her shoulder. “For caring.” 
Maybe she also wanted to hear that.
“Of course, I care about you,” Adora smiled. 
“Dork,” Catra shoved her in the side and fell onto her back, stretching. 
“Yeah, I am,” at this point, smitten might not have been enough to describe Adora’s feelings. Catra was just laying on her back relaxing. Adora opened the bag with food and pulled out three small trays of sushi and some miso soup. She would have laughed for Catra’s choice of eating fish, again, but then seeing her all comfortable on Adora’s bed made her heart flutter. She heard the quiet rumble coming from Catra’s chest. Catra was sunbathing in the warmth of afternoon sun. Adora set the boxes on the coffee table. That feeling of longing came to her. Adora wanted to wrap her arms around Catra and bury her nose behind her ear, in that soft puff of fur there. She touched Catra’s hand and made gentle circles with her thumb on the top of the palm of her hand. 
“I’m gonna go grab us some plates, be right back,” she placed a soft kiss to Catra’s shoulder and got up. She was being patient, there was no reason to rush. If someone saw her in the corridor when she walked over to the communal kitchen to grab the plates, she didn’t notice. Her daydream came to life and she didn’t need any more distractions. Maybe she was pacing a bit. Having Catra in her room, wearing her jacket and relaxing on her bed was making her buzz. This was something she wished for a long time. Being patient wasn’t easy sometimes, but the feeling of being with Catra like this was worth everything. She stopped in front of her door. Plates in her hands. This was alright, she could have this warmth in her life, she could want to be with someone like this. She took a deep breath. It was alright. She opened the door. Catra was still lounging on her bed. She smiled. She put the plates down and crawled on the bed. 
“Did you just come here to nap?” she teased, her head over Catra’s face, hair cascaded over her shoulder. She saw how Catra’s ear twitched when it tickled her. 
“Don’t forget lunch,” a sly smirk showed up on Catra’s face, her eyes still closed. 
“Oh? Is that so?” Adora grinned and gently slid her fingers over the side of Catra’s neck. She felt the rumble hiding in Catra’s throat. 
“Maybe,” Catra said, the tone of her voice lacked that usual snarkiness. Adora knew that tone, although it didn’t come out of Catra that often. Maybe she wasn’t the only one that felt that in her chest. 
“Comfortable there?” she smiled and started to softly scratch behind Catra’s ear with her other hand. A soft purr started to fill the space between them. 
“Yeah,” Catra sighed. “I knew trading my classes for a nap was worth it.” 
“And lunch, right?” Adora smiled. She couldn’t keep the tease in her voice either. Being like that together felt too good. 
“Duh,” now Catra was smiling, that gentle expression that was saved for Adora. Adora had it catalogued in her mind. Adora could swear every time she saw that expression her chest was bursting from everything she felt. Their mouth were inches away. She could feel Catra’s breath on her chin. 
“I was daydreaming about you earlier,” she confessed. 
“Oh…” Catra’s cheeks turned a shade darker, she opened her eyes for a second but closed them right after. She looked like she wanted to say something. Adora waited again. “I missed you, that’s why I came here.” 
“I missed you too.” Adora touched their noses together playfully. She could feel Catra’s breath on her cheek. 
“You’re such a dork,” Catra smiled and bent her arm over her to grab at Adora’s shirt collar. “Come here.” 
That was invitation enough. Adora closed the gap between them in a soft kiss. Their lips met and she could feel all that warmth flow out of her chest and fill the room. She felt every muscle in her body relax. It was gentle and exactly what her body longed for. The sound of Catra’s even purr filled her ears. Both of them weren’t going to rush anywhere, just happy to be there. Together. They pulled away, Adora put her forehead to Catra’s. Both of them sighed at the same time. 
“Such a dork,” Catra giggled. 
“Worth it,” Adora joined in a chuckle and planted a kiss on her forehead. Catra’s stomach grumbled hungrily. 
“Right. Nap and lunch, how could I forget?” 
“And you.” Catra smiled, and Adora thought she could daydream about that smile forever.
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prokopetz · a year ago
Observation: Catra’s physical strength appears to vary wildly from episode to episode, and sometimes even from scene to scene within an episode; sometimes she can casually put her hand through a three-inch steel plate or physically overpower a monster hundreds of times her size, and other times she seems to be scarcely stronger than you’d expect any reasonably athletic twentysomething woman to be.
The Likely Explanation: Catra is as strong as the plot requires her to be, so the writers didn’t keep particularly close track of whether her demonstrated physical might was consistent from scene to scene.
The Angsty Fanfic Explanation: Catra has some sort of unresolved mental block about using her full strength, probably stemming from some Terrible Childhood Trauma(tm).
The Fun Fanfic Explanation: Catra doesn’t actually know how ridiculously strong she is, because she has no standard for comparison and it’s never occurred to her to put it to an empirical test. When somebody (probably Bow) notices the inconsistency, this inevitably leads to her being challenged to perform a series of increasingly inadvisable feats, culminating in some comical disaster that frames a Very Important Lesson(tm) about why needing to prove oneself to others is an unhealthy impulse.
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lovesdevotion · 6 months ago
Catradora fics rec pt.2:
ah yes! here we go again! some more of my favorite catradora fanfics.
≫ finished fics ≪
1. All Her Broken Pieces by JustACuteWriteyLesbian • canon compliant fic that explores adora’s trauma and the different ways shadow weaver hurt both catra and adora • 8k • complete
2. the sky burns red against your skin by four alarm fire (gaymergirl) • an old guard au, basically catradora are immortals who kill each other a lot but then fall in love, i loved it • 17k • complete
3. Oh God There's Two of Them by Lycaonpictus77 • this is such a cool au, ok so post s5 catra with a baby goes back in time and meets s2 catra, read it, it’s really cute and interesting and funny • 22k • complete • part one of the for Having Wept in the Darkness series check out part two too!
4. Taking Care of Each Other by SecretEvening • the girls try to communicate and work through their trauma and adora gets hurt, catra takes care of her, very cute and sweet • 13k • complete
5. Weakness and Strength by SecretEvening • canon divergence post season one, there’s a lot of tension and angst and betrayal but there is a happy ending and i really enjoyed it • 51k • complete
6. a rumor, a legend, a mystery by nuttyshake • anastasia au, it’s incredible and you should read it! • 5k • complete
7. i shall not be left to wander by iphigenias • it’s a dragon age: inquisition au and it’s really interesting and cool!! • 6k • complete
8. We Are Made From Stardust by dannomar • what an amazing soulmates au, catradora in different lifetimes always finding each other, there’s a pirate version where catra rescues adora, there’s one where adora is sent to hunt a creature terrorizing the woods, there’s one where catra is a greaser, one where catra is a ghost and it’s sad and more!!! anyways, it’s definitely worth your time it’s amazing go read it!! • 39k • complete
9. translucence by riptheh • this is another fic about catradora kissing in the horde but shadow weaver erasing adora’s memories, it’s painful but it has a happy ending • 14k • complete
10. The Right Way Around by fictionalportal (kienava) • obligatory high school au because i love it but seriously it’s probably my favorite of all the high school aus i’ve read • 62k • complete
≫ ongoing fics ≪
check these ongoing fics out and give love(kudos,comments) to all these amazing and talented people because they deserve it
1. Wild by limey_limey • very interesting au exploring how adora met catra and how catra ended up in the fright zone • 42k • chapters 15/?
2. exile by adorn1ng (aswellingstorm) • catra is sent to beast island and there she meets micah who helps her, it’s very sweet and i love it • 69k • chapters 6/?
3. immemorial (anachronism, book two) by chellethewriter • it’s the sequel to anachronism and that’s all you need to know to read it • 9k • chapters 2/?
4. Love Conquers All by britomart • this is a fantastic fic, it’s post canon and it shows what happens with the magic being released in etheria, and there’s spinetossa teaching catradora about love and magicat lore, i love this so much, just read it seriously!! it’s super fun and sweet • 72k • chapters 16/?
5. Sick of Losing Soulmates by fruitsandpeachies • this fic, hhhh this fic, it’s amazing, it’s a college professors au where catra is a musician and she didn’t have a horrible childhood and has gone to therapy and adora has not had a great childhood and has a lot of stuff she has to work through it’s a beautiful fic so read it you won’t regret • 32k • chapters 4/?
6. don't go (where i can't follow) by raspberryswirl (pinktrixie) • 7 year old catra and adora somehow end up in the fright zone so catra decides to take them to bright moon • 20k• chapters 4/8
7. A Commander Without an Army by A_Big_Old_Skeleton • the horde decides to kill catra but she and scorpia and entrapta manages to run away and they form a group of mercenaries who fights the horde but they’re not with the rebellion and catra gets a cool robotic arm, and the horde cloned catra and adora it’s a very cool au, you should really read it imo • 128k • chapters 46/?
8. You, Me, and a Room Full of Mirrors by thestringsthatbroke • ok i’m losing my mind over this fic, it’s a ballet au and it’s probably niche content but i love it it’s also a friends to lovers to exes to enemies soo you know it’s amazing and you should read it • 14k • chapters 6/?
9. Don't Let Me in with No Intention to Keep Me by ActuallyMe • this is a really interesting au, there are faerie and vampires and adora is a vampire slayer, you should read it BECAUSE there’s a plot twist that had me gasping!! • 16k • chapters 12/?
10. You Should See Me In A Crown by JazzKat1213 • canon divergence from season 4, prime doesn’t show up immediately and adora finds catra in the fright zone at her worst moment, i love the characterization and the hurt/comfort hhhh • 77k • chapters 24/38
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ladylazuli97 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Say goodbye to the light, the darkness grows
What would have happened if Shadow Weaver had wiped Adora's mind in S1? Will our hero remember who she is or will she succumb to the darkness? Find out on my fic Despara.
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kiose · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the dialogue of this comic was writen in a lil’ post-it by my 3am self Alt title: when your scorpion gf is super supportive but also a little confused
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dirtyrottenraskel · 7 months ago
hear me out: character a & character b break up, and it’s messy as shit right
they block each other on everything but spotify
cue character a making a bunch of angry passive aggressive playlists and character b has secretly been listening to them bc they miss character a
B U T here’s the kicker
character a can see character b listening bc spotify is a snitch & will tell u what ppl u follow are listening to
and time and space from each other has only made the yearning worse
so character a starts making apology playlists and character b keeps listening to them, and makes one of their own like “missing you” or smth sappy like that
and character a makes a collaborative playlist titled “dear character b” and all the songs spell out like take me back, if you’ll have me - or smth sappy like that
and character b shows up at character a’s house with flowers with a tag that have a spotify barcode to a playlist called “come back to me, my love”
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cruciferousjex · a year ago
Negociations (an Entrapdak fluff? ficlet)
Some context: Prime has begun his invasion on Etheria. After being horribly rejected by Prime and left for dead once again, Hordak is saved by Scorpia who - unable to stand his pain - tells Hordak that Entrapta is alive on Beast Island. He ofc goes to find her. At this point the two of them are hiding out on Beast Island together, as it is ironically one of the few safe places left on the planet.
They sat huddled together near the entrance of the cave, listening to the dull roar of the nighttime wildlife. Night was was by orders of magnitude louder than day on Beast Island. Night was when the shrieking birds came out, when the carnivores screamed for mates, when the great reptile beasts roared and stomped to protect their eggs. It was an insufferably atonal symphony of horrors only broken, for Hordak anyway, by the sound of Entrapra's voice, and only then because he still could not quite believe that he was hearing it, that it really was her, here, next to him, neither having betrayed him nor having been killed.
The first fear was quickly eclipsed by the second when Scorpia told him the truth of what Catra had done. He supposed he should have killed Scorpia for this betrayal, for having kept it from him as long as she did, but in the choas of the invasion she'd slipped away. He did not give chase, Scorpia was not his priority. His sole focus became Beast Island and the recovery of Entrapta, so that they might resume their research and find a way - any way - to escape the planet. Prime could not be stopped. Their only option would be to steal a ship and escape as far from the planet as was possible in this pocket universe, and then genetate a portal - to anywhere.
But tech was not on his mind as he made his way to Beast Island, nor even escape. What was on his mind - quite primarily and to his equal fascination and dismay - was her hair. As he tossed the bodies of a pirate crew off a Horde armored transport - stolen from him and his to reclaim, after all - somewhere in the back his his mind floated her hair, the soft weight of it on his shoulder, how smooth it had felt when it once or twice touched his face. Her hands, her eyes, her ... her *voice.* It was admittedly bizarre, that in the aftermath of his every failed plan, of Prime's invasion of Etheria and complete rejection of him, that the only thing he could think of, that occupied his mind day after day like a vulture pecking and gnawing on a corpse, was the hair and hands and eyes and voice of a woman who was most likely dead.
She wasn't. Of course she wasn't. He chastised himself for ever having underestimated her. She had of course survived on Beast Island, as she was brilliant and adaptable enought to survive anything, and had in fact saved him from certain death not long after his arrival there, swiping him from being ground to death in the gullet of some giant scaled and fanged horror. She tossed him out of harm's way with her hair and put the beast down via handmade crossbows she'd built from the island's steel tensile vines, the arrows tipped with poison extracted from that same vine's flowers. She was dirty, her clothes were ripped, but this was all just one more adventure to her, another opportunity to collect data. Hordak was speechless at seeing her again. She just laughed and asked what had taken him so long.
But now here they were, together again, huddled together in the dark. It was getting cold. A fire was not an option, as it would alert every wild animal in the vicinity to their presence.
"I have an idea," she said, grabbing his arm to get at the one of the armor's control panels. She used a sharpened stick to open it. She took a moment to admire the controls "Looks good. You've maintained this very well, Hordak."
"Of course," he huffed, unconsciously touching the purple carved gem at his neck. It was the last part of you I had, he didn't say. It is my treaure, my totem.
"What are you doing?" he asked.
"Making you into a heater," she replied, and shivered. "Just reroute the temperature controls, and - there! That should work."
He gingerly touched the plate on his chest, which gradually rose in temperature. "To what degree?" he asked. "Am I to warm the whole cave?"
"I suppose I could do that but it would probably overheat and there's not a lot here to repair you with. No, this is enough to warm you, and, um ... me."
She gave him an odd look, expectant but sheepish.
He raised an eyebrow. "Yes?"
"I, um ...."
She bit her lip. Gestured to him. "Can I...?"
He opened his arms to her, and she crawled into his lap.
Everything settled within him at this contact, a calm that was utterly unfamiliar to him, but was so clearly the fulfillment of weeks of despair and fear and longing. Just this, Entrapta's arms around him, her legs around his waist, the happy sigh she gave as her head came to rest against his shoulder, the metal plates of his armor warming them both. Her hair slowly, perhaps unconsciously, wrapped around them, sealing them in an odd but effectively temperate cocoon. Hordak tilted his head, placing his face right at her hairline, and closed his eyes.
Her fingers crept up to the jewel at his neck.
"I missed you," she whispered.
"Likewise," he whispered back.
His hand rose to meet hers. Their fingers intertwined.
"This should not have happened," he said.
"What should not have happened?"
"I never should have allowed Catra to take you from me."
"You can't control everything, Hordak."
He grumbled.
"We're together now, that's all that matters," she said, and wrapped herself even tighter around him. A tendril of her hair snaked forward and tenderly stroked his face. In a swift movement, before he even knew he was doing it, he pressed the tendril to his lips and shut his eyes.
When he opened them again Entrapta looked up at him wide-eyed, fascinated by this new development. A blossom of adoration opened in his chest - god, her eyes, those sweet big eyes looking up at him as though he were the moon, it was unbearable.
He tilted her chin up towards him and kissed her, a brief soft kiss.
Oh," she said, blinking.
"Oh?" he asked, his ears lowering slightly. Had he gone too far?
"I didn't know, " she said too quickly.
"You didn't *know*?" he repeated.
"I mean I didn't think about it," she replied, also too quickly.
"You didn't think about what?"
"If you - um - if you -" she stammered, flushing. " I mean - you're - your species are clones, you reproduce by cloning, doesn't that make, um ... kissing and ...and such ... redundant?"
Hordak smirked.
"Not that I thought about kissing you," she said, quickly, definitively.
"You clearly did," he said with a soft chuckle. "You clearly put quite a bit of thought into it it."
Her eyes went wide. "I meant - you know what I meant. "
He nodded and gently stroked her face. Tucked a tendril of hair behind her ear. She shut her eyes.
No one's ever kissed me before," she whispered.
"Then shall I kiss you again?"
She nodded. This kiss lasted longer, and this time she returned it. Her hands rested at his shoulders. He moved to kiss the side of her mouth, her cheek, her temple, her neck. She sighed, relaxing into him.
"My species," he said between kisses, "are not all clones. The clones are Prime's invention, and he left us...intact, in that way."
"Oh," she breathed, tilting her neck so he could kiss the crook of her shoulder. "Why?"
"For the purposes of conquest," he said. "Sometimes such things are needed in certain kinds of ... negotiations. And for the establishment of dynasties. It serves Prime's purposes that his genetics are ... available. So to speak."
He kissed her ear and nuzzled up into her hair. Ah, her wonderful, prehensile, talented *hair.* He breathed deeply.
"So we're...negotiating," she said.
"I suppose."
"Establishing dynasties?"
He chuckled softly. "Eventually. Maybe. If that's what you want. We could establish a fine one," he said, not allowing thoughts of *if we survive, if we get off this planet, if we can construct another portal* to invade this moment.
"We don't need to get too far ahead of ourselves," she replied. "Let's just stick to, um...negotiations, for now."
He smirked. "As you wish, Princess. As you wish." He touched her face, stroked her hair. "Anything you wish, for as long as I'm alive."
She smiled, wrapped her arms around his neck, pressed herself against him. "Hordak," she whispered. He pressed his face to her hair, then looked out over the horizon, past the ocean, where there lay the dull glow of interplanetary war, going unnoticed by the noisy creatures of Beast Island. The amount of time he was alive might not be much longer, he realized - but it would have to be.
Entrapta touched the crystal at his neck, then his face, then rose slightly and kissed him - this time fully, with a softness and trust that dissolved him, that, if he could, he would write into the very sky.
It would have to be.
Tumblr media
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