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#spop movie

i want a movie for catradora and also a more detailed catra redemption arc and also scorfuma and also a glimbow kiss and also horde kids and also these incredible idiots travelling the galaxy and being absolutely amazing

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So did the shera movie get cancled? I have a friend who told me the rights gotten taken from the she-ra creator…

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Does anyone else stay up at night thinking about how much we need a She-ra movie? Or is that just me.

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Ok this has probably been said already but what if the she-ra movie was about Adora finding the family she was ‘stolen from’ and it turns out that they personally sent her to etheria to carry out the plans from a thousand years ago, but her brother Adam (He-Man) doesn’t agree w the rest of the first one’s actions and joins the best friends squad to destroy their hold over the universe. Him and sea-hawk become best friends. Also we are explained what Grayskull and Eternia are bc new fans (me lmaoo) probably haven’t seen/don’t remember 80’s she ra

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If the purge ever happened anyone wanna rob a bank with me and give it to dreamworks so they can make a she ra movie

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DAMMMMM!!!!!! I mean If they don’t give us a movie at this point Netflix is just being stupid!

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When they make a she ra movie, they should give adora a change of clothes every 15 minutes, to make up for the fact that she spent 5 seasons wearing the same jacket

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I gotta say this fandom is legendary!!!!!! I was surprised when we were trending the first time but I was not expecting this to be a reoccurring thing! so COME ON NETFLIX WE WANT A SHERA MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!

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I swear to god if we don’t get a she ra movie im actually gonna lose my shit cuz that’s one of the only things that is bringing me serotonin rn

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I don’t want a She Ra movie.


Originally posted by artemisbye

I want another 5 seasons following them in space on their “bring the magic back” tour.


Originally posted by icananasart

Like a gay Firefly🌈

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Just thought of the first scene in the spop movie opening with a sparring match between catra and adora where theyre presented as cocky rivals still playfully trash talking each other as a parallel to their introduction in season 1, but then adora eventually gets the upper hand and knocks catra to the ground and adora says “guess i won” and catra says “guess u did” and then they both burst into laughter and then catra kisses adora and says “still feels like a win for me” (its an ode to her redemption arc u see–) and basically theyre happy and dating and they still have their competitive streak because theyre dumb jocks but now they’re doing it for fun rather than literal survival and also this is me passing out now

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i’m reading don’t go for the 82849273949th time and


noelle i cant- please give us a movie i’m begging you

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Everyone’s talking about a She-Ra movie, so i wanted to put in my two cents on something that’d be pretty rad, in my opinion !

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Petition to make Aj Michalka’s version of “Warriors” the song on the eventual trailer for the She-Ra movie

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let’s go lesbians let’s go

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Ya’ll motherfuckers @dreamworksanimation better be listening up when I say that everyone wants that She-Ra movie.

Forgive the term “Motherfuckers”, btw. I’m just very enthusiastic about this and am unbelievably down for this. I will stream/go to the theatre so quick for that. 

I was literally one of the first people who went to Sonic, solely for the She-Ra toys. 

I went into the kids section at the bookstore, and I got that graphic novel. 

I WILL purchase the entirety of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power should it come to DVD/Blu-Ray, and I WILL be interested in that movie.

So, I’ve thrown my name into the list. Who else is down? 

Like & Reblog if you agree, add your own opinion. Whatever. 

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