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Things I think would have improved She ra’s finale: an essay outline

Note: this is NOT me saying She-Ra S5 was bad, I definitely enjoyed it. Just think it could be improved.

* Another season: I felt there were a lot of loose ends that needed tying after season 4 and 5. Some examples would be Micah’s story, the Heart of Etheria and the First Ones, Bow and Glimmer’s relationship, Swift Wind having a character arc, and, IMO most importantly, Adora discovering who she is without She-ra

* Catra and Glimmer spend more time on the Velvet Glove. 1: this gives Catra and Glimmer more time to actually connect. Catra is confronted by someone who was directly hurt by her actions and has no reason to like or forgive her, and Glimmer quite literally stares her mother’s death in the face. Catra resents Adora for being She-ra, Glimmer resents Adora for NOT being She-ra. Both characters are thrown out of their comfort zones and forced to deal with their repressed feelings. 2: the audience has a chance to learn more about the Horde, Horde Prime, and the rest of the universe. 3: Hordak’s backstory and past trauma are revealed more in depth as he regains his memories. The audience gets to see Prime and the clones from his point of view and how he created the Etherian Horde. He is left behind after helping Glimmer and Catra escape when Prime takes control of him.

* Scorpia, Perfuma, Frosta, Mermista, Netossa, Spinnerella, and Entrapta learn to work together. Netossa and Spinnerella get character development, Scorpia and Entrapta reconnect and try to learn how to interact with the others despite their time with the Horde, telling the other princesses how and why they felt ostracized by their people and understood in the Horde, and Perfuma, Frosta, and Mermista deal with leading the rebellion after the Best Friend Squad is broken up. Seeing these characters go through so much to finally all be on the same page makes it even more devastating when half of them are chipped.

* More space travel. We didn’t get to see nearly enough of how the universe changed while Etheria was in Despondos or anything related to Eternia

* More Entrapdak pining. I just want more. Hordak breaking free from Prime once and for all after seeing Entrapta alive and there to save him. Isn’t it Love from the SU movie plays. They convince other clones to rebel too.

* Catra gets some much needed emotional separation from Adora. She stops seeing Adora as all the good things she could have had and stops blaming Adora for “taking” those things from her by leaving. When Catra and Glimmer are rescued, instead of jumping back into being each other’s crush, they relearn how to be friends as two people who are no longer the person the other knew. Then they get to fall in love all over again.

* A post credits scene where the Sorceress on Eternia senses Adora

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ok ok controversial opinion but i do not like adora’s S5 magical girl transformation sequence. she is a STRONG LADY don’t make her all limpy swoony sailor moony


Originally posted by dashiellfaireborn

this feels all wrong… it’s too passive… where’s the power stance!!!! the swinging the sword around!!!

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anyone else thinks its weird that the star siblings were first mentioned in princess prom (when adora was learning all about it) but were officially introduced in s5 as scavengers whose homes have been wrecked by horde prime this whole time .. is that a plot hole?

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every time I hear spinnerella say beloved in

s5 i lose a brain cell

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What I say: I’m fine, don’t worry

What I think about: Catra didn’t care about, what Horde Prime was going to do with her after she saved Glimmer, because she thought that no one cared for her anymore after pushing everyone away, including Adora. She was even prepared to die, so she wanted to do “one good thing in her life”. And yet, Adora came to safe Catra, even after all the bad things she has done, because she loves her.

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Adora: *dying*

Catra: Don’t you get it? I love you, I always have. So please just this once, stay.

Adora: *rises from the death*

Adora: Wait a damn minute.

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When Catra said “Hello Adora” instead of “Hey Adora” we all knew something was veeeery wrong

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Forever bitter we never got to properly see the time Shadow Weaver and Castaspella spent in the woods.

By properly I mean them making out with each other and so on because you can not convince me that did not happen.

The gay sexual tension was high, too high!!!

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Joy: she’s mine, she gave birth to me! Plus I’ve never heard anything about more siblings… UGH BUT THAT DOESNT MATTER! Do you have a family picture I can look at? I’ll show mine, and you show yours and we’re gonna compare!

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Luna: Um… is it just me or do I have a bad feeling about this?

Serenia: Nope, I do too.

Finn: Cmon guys, Im sure it’s just a bad thought. Let’s just go to Pearl and Corals, they’re expecting us.

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And…I’m trying to find the words to describe just how much that ending meant to me? The emotions I just felt watching that? Just the idea that Catra and Adora both came to terms with their own trauma and worked through their own issues with the help of each other, to finally end up at a place where they can be happy together. The idea that staying around to figure that out is worth it.

And…this is 2021, so it’s not like I haven’t seen queer couples on TV before, but… she ra is different than most media in that the queer relationships don’t just exist for brownie points and clout. She Ra is a story of complex love between two damaged and complex people who eventually find their way back to each other… and this love is the centerpiece of the show and not an afterthought…and I just can’t deal with how lucky I am?? To not only exist in a time where this story is allowed and able to be told, but where I am able to watch and experience it??? 

Thank so you much to all the creators of She Ra for your work, it was fantastic.  

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