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#spop s5
avianavii · a year ago
Pretty wild how in She Ra season 5 the straight relationships are the ones that are strongly implied but never directly confirmed while the lgbt relationships get the screen time...
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5hio · a year ago
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"Behind my eyes a familiar child 
I take her hand and she finally smiles"
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femininerdy · a year ago
There’s a tiny detail in season 5 that caught my eye
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In Adora’s perfect future, Catra is wearing shoes.
It’s a small blink and you miss it detail but it stood out to me. Catra has never worn shoes (except for that one episode where she had to wear snow boots to not freeze) , and yet here she is wearing these kitten heels (lol).
Catra never wears shoes because they slow her down; she can’t run, or fight, or jump even half as well, as demonstrated by the snow boots episode.
So the fact that she is wearing them here so comfortably can only mean one thing:
Catra is done running, she is done fighting, she is perfectly at ease with her vulnerabilities.
Alright, bye gotta cry ✌🏼
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citrusoc · a year ago
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Head empty only catra speaking cat
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