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#spop season 5
nonbinarychaoticstupid · 3 hours ago
thinking about frosta's character development and how she goes from having to be the leader of the kingdom of snows and constantly on guard all the time to,,, getting to be a kid again,,, ;;w;;
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i-am-shitpost · 8 hours ago
I feel like now is a good time to tell you guys that when I watched this scene:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I read it not as Sea Hawk apologizing for knocking her out and distracting her, but apologizing for confessing to her right then-like that.
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adoralupin · 9 hours ago
Catra: You know, not every problem can be solved with a sword.
Adora: That's why I carry two swords.
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like-wuatafauq · a day ago
Me: *closes eyes* ah yes finally sleep..
Me: (👁👄👁)
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savethecatraaa · 2 days ago
A lil catradora comic hehe! I love this scene so much omg and tbh just really wanted to draw cranky Catra lmao 😍😂
I sketched this like last year and then this year went oop I wanna finish that so here we are ✿
Tumblr media
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i-am-shitpost · 2 days ago
After the war, the princesses and honorary princesses have a sleepover at Brightmoon. The thing is, they’re all plagued by nightmares. So one by one they all wake up through the night either from their own nightmares or their partner having them; they all end up just staying up, chatting, and comforting each other.
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melodianaartist · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I am crying why does the mv to kiss the go-goat by ghost look like hordak going through a phase ™️
#hordak#spop#seriously this looks so realistic when it’s from a far#entrapta was listening to some documentary about like scene fashion or something/sees someone walk on the street that is dressed goth and#comments on how they look cool or something and the next day hordak shows up like this#best case scenario this is still in the akward pining phase after the war and he has to explain to her why he did this but also he is#embarassed because gdjahsmsnsn that would mean he admitted he wants her to lIKE him!!#and that is scary#so the beans are having a fluff#while the princesses just about loose it. they see him running around bright moon like this and call an emergency meeting#glimmer is disturbed and just muttering “what the fuck over and over again#perfuma tries to ignore it but she is having chills#the wtf happned kind of chills#adora is not able to process the person she thought was the one who orchastrated everything’s ne had expectations for her for a solid half#of the war and still kinda has this air of authority LOOKING like this. it’s like seeing your principal after school but way worse#mermista is absolutely on board with it surprisingly she likes the goth aesthetic as seen in season 5. upon noticing that sea hawk copies#hordaks style and things escalate because now it’s a trend and Hordak is suddenly a fashion icon#Scorpia also finds it cool#frosta too she also tries to copy it. same with swift wind and double trouble#bow is genuinely exited that Hordak is having genuine interests#Catra finds this low-key hilarious#and all of this started because Hordak wanted to impress Entrapta#don’t worry entrapta is there to reassure him she likes him for him later#entrapdak#tagging this as this because it kinda turned into a mini fic#the things I find on YouTube at 2AM#is the song like lowkey satanistic?? I guess I came here from an Animatic help#EDIT: it is not satanistic and they were nominated for a Grammy
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nonickslander · 4 days ago
if y’all r into she ra I make fanedits on my insta: pew_pew_shera
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bestfriendsquad · 5 days ago
if anyone has any long she-ra fic recs (especially including: aus, good characterization, fun dialogue/banter, and/or with emphasis or at least a lot of screen-time with platonic relationships) pls hmu!! <3 
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rb/like if you’re a lesbian/sapphic who doesn’t support catradora 
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thecatdemon · 6 days ago
(spop spoilers)
you know that moment in spop season 5? 
No, not the kiss scene.
The scene where Adora called Catra out on her bs. Where Adora actually told Catra how she had hurt people, and that was the start of Catra’s redemption.
I really want that for Sophie and Keefe. Now, Keefe’s actions aren’t “as bad” as Catra’s, but the way Sophie constantly keeps forgiving him is getting kind of unhealthy. (Forgiveness can be good, but the person needs to try and change.)
I want Sophie to tell Keefe what he’s done, and I don’t want him to loop his character all over again and run away. I think that could be a really good moment for him, especially because the series is getting closer to the end. 
I don’t know how many more books there would be, but for the sake of this, assume there would be 3. 
9- Sophie starts to move on from Keefe and reckognizes how she can’t always forgive him
10- Sophie still cares about Keefe, and once he comes back, gives him an ultimatum of some sort. They begin to rebuild their relationship.
11- Sophie and Keefe are friends again, and some sort of actual romance builds.
Idk. I’m not the biggest fan of Sophie and Keefe’s relationship at the moment, but if Shannon included some sort of arc like this, I’d probably be more chill with it.
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adoralupin · 7 days ago
Non-friendly reminder that they’re lesbians. They’re not straights, bi or pan they’re LESBIANS
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bitchslappedd · 7 days ago
So for those who don’t know (everyone) my girlfriend and I are long distant so time zones are a bitch.
Buuuut we still find time to talk and stuff
As I said before I’ve been working on tracing and redrawing us in Catradora fanart
<also as I said before I dont post without permission and giving credit to the creator>
I’ve been tracing and stuff for a bit because there are a lot that I want to do
The best part is that it’s a way to be like “hey, look at her, you’re girlfriend, you lucky bitch”
Both of our lives aren’t the best (as is anyone’s) buuuut we have each other are we remember that when we feel down
We tell each other our feeling and love when the other is happy
As I said before out relationship is similar to Catradora in terms of personality and the way we talk to each other sometimes
Sooooo that means (when she is comfortable) after we meet a possible cosplay
I’m excited to cosplay Catra (even tho I’m the Adora of the relationship)
I just wanted to rant about my girlfriend
Anyway here’s another Catradora gif
Tumblr media
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