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#spop shitpost

A sequence of events

1. Catra is smoking some of that marajamij

2. Bow comes in

3. Takes one puff


4. Passes out

5. Glimmer comes in

6. Takes a puff


7 Becomes aggressively horny and has sex with Catra

8. Adora comes in

9. She doesn’t know what it is

10. She eats the marajamij


11. She dies

12. Angela comes in


13. She takes all the weed

14. She goes back to her room and smokes it

Thank you to @bows.nudes on Insta for the amazing inspiration for whatever the fuck this is

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shoutout to adora for being basically a god and still being genuinely afraid of ghosts

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Yeah sure catra and adora kissed but my favourite moment of the last episode of shera is this frame of Rogelio and Imp

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ONE character and ONE episode per season only please :)

I’ll keep this up for about a week and then post the results.

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Entrapta is the CDC and Perfuma is the anti-vaxxer

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Someday in the future, Adora is going to get a call from Hordak. He’ll sound desperate. Panicked. Begging for help from an expert strategist.

And when Adora makes it over to Entrapta’s lab, she’ll find Hordak completely buried in all fifty yards of Entrapta’s Princess Prom invitation, utterly fried and trying to memorize the protocols for plus-ones.

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i don’t like shadow weaver but i’m inexplicably attracted to light spinner i will not be taking questions at this time

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Important News!

Lab Partner has just informed me that these two doofuses share a birthday:


Bee tee dubs, if anyone wants to draw them having a party together, you will make my spouse VERY happy 🙂

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Imagine a younger Entrapta accidentally getting wasted at a princess event by downing a few tiny drinks not knowing they were vodka shots.

“These tiny drinks taste absolutely vile, but they’re so cute! Why is the room spinning?”

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If Angella was immortal, does that mean Glimmer is going to age slowly/live an extremely long time? Will she drastically outlive Bow?

How much older than Micah was Angella? Is she technically a cougar if she was like 1500 years old?

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Young Adora: Nothing really bad can happen as long as we have each other !

Young Catra: You promise?

Young Adora: I promise


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The more I think about it the more certain I am that Etherians in general are just really durable and “war” for them is actually only about as dangerous as full-contact LARPing is for us.

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