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#spop spoilers




I was melting the entire time.

Just boatloads if Catra angst that became this:

«Me? All I do is hurt people. There’s no one left in the entire universe who cares about me. »



And then I squealed.

And then…I’m not gonna get this one exactly. But I do remember…

«You will never get your hands on Adora. »

This may be my favorite episode yet.

But seriously, Catra is now in DEEP danger and in SERIOUS need of some saving right about now.

(Adora I’m looking at you).

Imagine if they did that. My lesbian heart…that would just be amazing.

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“May I hold you, as you fall to sleep?”♡


Honestly when I hear “May I” by Trading Yesterday I just can think of Glimbow and how they (in my head) used to sleep together all the time and stoped when Adora came and after Horde Prime they start doing it again and ugh cute. 🥺💓

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The ending to she ra was so much better than I expected. I cant fully articulate my feelings properly right now, but for the pivotal moment, the ultimate saving action to be someone vulnerable and begging the one they love to stay, and to have that answered with a resounding “yes, of course”, means so much to me.

Person after person has left me, from drifting due to me no longer willing to start every conversation, to cruel abandonment and malicious cutting off. Asking, begging people to stay is unthinkable. It’s so often an action committed by the crazy, desperate character. And maybe catra is that, but she’s also a hero. Her vulnerability is rewarded I’ve never seen and I am so thankful for this.

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wherever is your heart 

(spoilers for she ra season 5) 

in which catra learns that it’s okay to be vulnerable, and that leaning on people isn’t the worst thing in the world - 7k

part 1 - tumblr ao3 


Sometimes, the fact that Catra was doing so much better made bad days all the worse.

Because she was doing better. She’d made progress, everyone agreed. She’d been working through her anger issues, was starting to talk more openly about her past, and was getting closer with everyone in the castle.

But some days … some days were bad. And the fact that she didn’t know when they were coming made that panicked anger bubble in her chest anew. It didn’t feel fair that she was trying so hard, that she could be putting in so much effort, and still, some days she’d snap and curse and yell like nothing had changed, some days she would cry and cry because of all that had changed, and some days … some days she was just quiet.

Today was a quiet day.

She wasn’t quiet because she had nothing to say. On the contrary, there was too much. There were too many words swimming in her head, too many memories that begged for attention, coming to her in these horrible flashes she couldn’t control. One day, maybe, she would know how to single them out, say I’m going to focus on this one today, and she’d be able to talk about them, work through them, one by one, until it was over. Until, maybe, finally, she’d have peace. But she had a long way to go. Too much had happened to her. So, the memories came like laser beams and impacted her chest all the same, and Catra held her tongue behind her teeth and stewed in them.

Catra was sitting on their bed, sitting criss-crossed with a book open on the covers in front of her. She wasn’t reading it, but it gave her an excuse not to say anything. 

“I won’t be gone that long,” Adora was saying, pulling her hair back into a ponytail. She bent towards the mirror, checking her poof.

“Mm,” Catra responded.

read on ao3 

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I did. I finished it last week. I was very happy with the way they handled Catra’s redemption. Also the gay. But then, I do tend to fall for the bad girls who are emotionally tormented, so I was rooting for Catra even when she was at her worst.  

I’m afraid I have now fallen down the catradora rabbit hole. 

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Okay but Bow deserves an actual apology from the best friend squad

He carries all the friendship in season 4

My poor baby singing “we are best friends, we are, we are”? Hurt me so much

Adora and Glimmer did him so wrong

Also I’m talking about season 4

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okay so i’ve been tagged by so many people for this (thank you @royalsnek @theatergirl06 @ascendant-queen and @six-fragile-dreams)!

Top 3 ships: Parrlyn (Six), Catradora (She-Ra), Aramour (Six)

Last song: Six (from Six)

Last movie: um I haven’t watched a proper movie in a while

Current Book: We Unleash the Merciless Storm

What I’m craving: More chocolate chip cookies :)

not going to tag anyone but if you want to do it you can and just say i tagged you!

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This will be a very long read as Catra’s (WARNING:  VERY very very long read)

Alright now we will start from her as a child.  

As i mentioned before Adora was very “the more friends the merrier” type of person but she also had an obedient solider personaly or as i like to called it robotic like. Why exactly robotic? well she wasn’t as exactly allowed to show weakness or non obedience infront of others ( even Catra). Adora see’s herself as somebody who needs to fix things so that she is useful, as long she is useful to others her life has a meaning. It is like you are living your life on a repeat. Shadow weaver saw her in same eyes as she seen Micah a shortcut to gain more power or even higher status. For her even if Adora became Hordak second in command (which was her rank in begging of the season 1 mind you) it wouldn’t matter. Adora wouldn’t fight back, as sad as it sounds, Adora’s destiny in the Horde would be same as it was in Light’s hope eyes to become a living “weapon”. Of course me saying that she has those tropes of a obedience, dosen’t exactly mean that she was non emotionless person, she allowed herself to be happy whenever she was with Catra and she wanted Catra to be happy but of course she was aware how SW treated her but as a child she couldn’t do as much. While i do think Adora wanted SW approval as much as Catra did it was because as a mentioned her entire life was based on how much she was worth to somebody else (and of course thanks to SW parenting we seen how worse it get’s each other season). I do want to say that Adora wasn’t exactly in “love” with Catra as a child, if i were to quess i think it would have been where Catra decided not to go with her, then is when she became stressed of the thought that she lost her friendshop with Catra which was so precious to her.

That was more of a insight which would help us get some light in Adora’s mind and her character now onto the seasons.

Season 1

We see Adora genuinely  into believing Horde’s cause and making sure that she takes her training as serious she can. No short cuts, pure timing and traning till she thinks she is ready for the real thing. She is seen in people’s eyes as a leader and somebody who is worth to be a force capitan, however in her eyes she see’s a sea of tasks which uphold on her future. She get’s ready for the traning but notices that Catra’s late which does alarm her but she see’s it as usual thing when she just roll’s her eyes and just goes on the mission with her team. Since Adora is the leader, she manages to fight off and coordinate her team (oof for baby kyle). When they managed to defead the robot, in confusion she forget’s that she is on a red field and almost fall’s down in which Catra comes and she saves her with some of teasing. Then we see how their relationship really is but we also seen the cracks in it as soon as SW entres the door. SW is more like a monitor dog for Adora, as soon as she get’s soften with somebody and especially Catra since SW see’s it as a distraction to her plans. Sw takes Adora on walk and tell’s how “proud” she is on her while Adora does seem soften by those words and takes pride when she get’s her force captian rank and badge but Adora get’s greatly concered with the fact that Catra won’t be with her when she goes into the fields. After the talk Adora get’s fresh air to think about her thoughts and future in which Catra comes and teases her. Of course Adora just goes with it but we notices those cracks which SW put on both of them. While Adora wants to prosude her rank and go to the fields so that she can prove herself useful she still is sad that Catra can’t come but it feel’s as if Catra is not proud of how far she is come, while Catra does seem to have some jealousy of the Adora’s success (however as mentioned she is this way because she wants to be with Adora and she wants recognition from Adora and SW) but Catra is still genuinely happy even tho she tries to hide her emotions from Adora. Adora does notice it so she offers to go on a joy ride with Catra so that they can take a fresh air and get away from their own thoughts and from that moment (which in eyes can seem like a small one, joy ride but that decision what Adora’s own and from that moment the catradora’s story truly start’s). Over fast speed, Adpra get’s knocked down by a tree and she get’s thrown out the flying vehicle, she notices that she is alone so she tries to survive and get’s some clues where she is but then she notices some flashes and wakes up back at horde. Adora being confused and dazzeled yet curious what was meaning of it sneaks back to go there but this time Catra notices it and tries to stop her but Adora tires to reason with Catra to give her some time to figure out what’s going on telling her “ i will be back just cover for me please” and Catra seem’s resistant but trust Adora that she will come back and accept her words.

Adora sneak’s out with the hope to at least try to understand what has been calling her. When she finds the sword is is confused but she probably thinks that she can use this sword to have a higher chances to win the war between horde and rebellion, when she touches the sword Bow and Glimmer find her (they started to scream) but honestly i love the fact how she was silent and as soon as they started to scream she went to grab the sword. Of course fight happeneds and they all don’t trust each other (of course) but she dosen’t exactly go to far as to hurt them, she starts being silent until she notices the the ruins and something is familiar yet wrong.

When she starts to feel a bit of warmth being in the village and kind of childish curiosity which show’s that she never had a chance living her childhood as a child, only as a solider. After some time trying to adjust to Bow’s and Glimmer’s company horde attacks the village. Of course Adora seeing this shocks her because by her own understanding the village shouldn’t be the target of the attack. When Catra show up to save her, Adora dosen’t want to go saying that it is no right and that horde is attack innocent people, of course Catra goes like “duh you just noticed that now’”. Now i understand that people will think that Adora was dumb or too innocent but that isn’t exactly the case, Adora is aware of the war, the reason why she believed horde needed to win is because they fought for justice, horde was military force in her eyes but she saw horde as a justful cause because keep in mind people who are with horde are also etherians also the fact that she is aware that people who are there are also children with no parents like her so she believed that rebellion was a reason why this all happened so i understood why she was a bit confused because she said herself “but place supposed to have a peaceful reputation with horde”, Adora wasn’t dumb nor innocent she saw it though solider eyes that is why she wanted to fight. Of course her choice put’s rift between her and Catra but gives her another cause. 


At rebellion she is scared what people will think of her but also accepting that it won’t be easy for her to be part of it.  When she is hidden from others she can’t exactly stand still so she goes to train outside to be she-ra but it isn’t working. When she transforms horse into an unicorn she is honestly scared of the fact she changed a horse into something else (honestly i believed she thought that she just forcefuly made a horse into something else) and by doing it so she trips and her horde mark is left exposed which makes guards to attack her and she run’s away. She find’s madam Razz whom she founds that she knows much more about her then she know’s herself so she follows her, managed to defeat a horde camp and return’s to rebellion castle as she-ra. She bow’s down before queen Angela and even tho she wan’t to help her cause she can’t hand from the fact that she was with the horde, even tho people are scared that they saviour was a horde solider she get’s a vouche from Glimmer that she can be trusted.

However Adora still struggles that maybe people see her as a weapon then a person but she still decides to help them even if it is so.

Princess prom was probably the epizode which i believe that Adora’s feelings for catra started to shown even tho she was angry at catra she still didn’t want to hurt her but now that catra stolen her friends she had no choice but to save them as fast as possible.  

When she goes there she does get caught but ask’s for glimmer to be free and her to be caught instead, SW being being melicious wants to wipe out Adora’s mind and still have Glimmer as a prisoner (which show’s how desperate SW is to have adora to her side).

When “promise” epizode happeneds (just a quick eyesight for Adora) it is shown that she was very protective over catra but she couldn’t do much when it came for SW since yes she wanted to impress her but she known that she couldn’t stand up to her but at least she could make sure that had a company and a friend with her. Adora isn’t exactly aware or dosen’t see anything wrong with her being overprotective because she really wants catra not to suffer anymore in life but she is confused to fact that catra dosen’t want to choose to come with her.

When catra “cuts ties” with her she in desperate plea beg’s catra to help her but when she notices that catra isn’t comming back she accept the fact that past is past and chooses to let go.

Upon the final fight when she get’s pressure of not being able to save the day so upon accepting that she can’t do this alone, the princesses team up and save the day and it end’s in adora and catra staring at each other being aware that it is end of their friendship.


Season 2

(season 2 and 3 will be short, and season 4 and 5 maybe a little bit longer since season 1 kind of set’s up the story already actually)

In season 2 we can slowly see’s the martyr complex which Adora is carrying upon her shoulders. It show’s just how much she is insecure and confused about who she is and she also stops worrying from her own being. Her mind see’s she-ra as another person and herself as somebody who is just a need in order to transform to she-ra and it dosen’t help that Light hope persuades that way of thinking into her just as SW did.  In the dnd epizode (imma call it that uwu) it is shown just how much adora start’s to lose herself and being sucked into the mindset that every single detail, every mishap on her belhaf can cost her death and other people’s lifes and the thing when she says that “when catra kills me” which she actually believes that catra hates her so much and that there is a possibility of her death by persom who she loves is so heartbreaking to watch.

While season 2 was a bit lighthearted on Adora’s part it more of a foreshadowing how she really thinks and how insecure she is but there is one thing which i will mention in season 4 or 5 and i will point it out.


Season 3

Season 3 was actually interesting take on Adora, when she went to look for Mara’s message and when she was on the ship, does anybody remember her reaction when she notices that ship is not responding to her?. Adora has a mental breakdown which is almost chilling. She goes start’s to laugh almost chilling as when she tried to kill catra ( in berserk mode) but this time was actually in fit of rage. She start’s talking to herselfs ( which scares bow, glimmer and suprises catra) because this is first time they seen adora not being control of her own emotions. Adora start’s to rant on how hard she is working to be better she-ra, how she tries so hard to better her skills and even understaning who she is as a first one and yet all she get’s is another dead end. When she slams her hand onto the message, it shown’s that key is weapon and that the message was to keep away the sword from the portal or else everybody will be in the danger. Catra show’s up and well everybody know’s what happeneds next.

At portal scenario adora has another sleep fight then she get’s awoken by catra to celebrate her victory, which confuses her but she goes along with it since she can’t remember what is going on yet pieces by pieces it is shown what is going on. Adora even tho she keeps remembering is clearly overwhelmed and her emotions are pushing and pulling her all over the place. When she figures out what’s going on her reactions is to keep catra’s safe and tries to pull her away from the place by the force and she manages but then they have a fight. Of course adora dosen’t want to fight her, she just tries to explain herself to catra, while catra being aware what’s going on refuses to go then tries to fight adora again in rage but this time the reality is collapsing and catra chooses to let go instead of taking adora’s hand which scars adora. After she watches bow and glimmer disappear, She faces off corrupcted catra but when she startes to taunt her off it is her fault that the world is falling apart and that she made her this way, it is then where adora pushes her and stand’s up for herself. She tell’s her how it was not her fault that she did all this and to one of my favorite scenes punshes catra and tell’s her “ you made your choices” now live with it. She is still sad about her choices but she accepts that it must be done enough is enough. When she is faced with her choice to close the portal this is just one of the many things when her brain thinks that her sacriface will be worth but this time queen Angela takes the burden and tell’s her to take care of each other. At end of epizode where catra stares down at adora excpeting another sad look what we get is just a silent and chill look on her face which horrifies catra. This time adora cut’s her off from her life.  (i just love the moment where it show’s anger in adora’s eyes and fear in catra’s)


Season 4

Season 4 is really where adora is losing her trust in herself as a person and her conflict with glimmer makes her believe that she is nothing but a weapon to rebellion but she again accepts it. With SW being in her life again and the abuser who marked insecurity and started conflict between her and catra is back in her life but also now getting close to glimmer is making her even more angry and of course with right reason. When glimmer start’s to use her as a bait with out telling her the plan, when she start’s to let her out of her life and shift into somebody similar to catra and adora confused why it is happening to their friendship just stand’s still and watches until glimmer says that it was her fault that she lost her mother. Of course glimmer rejects her words but at this point adora understood that glimmer seen her as a weapon (she-ra) not a person.

When she goes to find out the message from Mara yet again she again find’s out that person who was supposed to teach her about balacning the power wants to use it to kill every being in the universe with the fact that she already was aware that she lied to her but this time it was more shocking because she was the weapon not the sword itself. When she tell’s the message to others at her own shock most of people choose SW idea, the idea of light hope not her own. Adora seeing just how much glimmer trust SW over her was so gut wrenching yet she with bow decides that it is time for them to do it but this time with out her.

When it get’s activated Adora in fear rushes to light hope in order to stop this genocide from happening and chooses to the ultimatum, with strength of she-ra she shatters the sword and put’s light hope to rest which sadness her but now with realization that it costed her she-ra as well.

Season 4 ending with adora looking to save glimmer with determination.


Season 5

On the point which i wanted to mention before

The thing about catra and adora is the fact that most of people would say no it’s catra’s feeligs who are more exposed then adora’s and i actually have to say that it is opposite. Upon watching the show you can recall just how many times catra changed her expression in anger, sadness or fear while adora tried shut down those feelings in order to be she-ra. She never allowed herself to shown her feeling of weakness to others, every single doubt in her mind was manifesting itself for all those years.

Season 5 show’s that and it is amazing.

She start’s off as herself, no more she-ra no more super powers.

While she is aware of that, she is still missing that power because it made her weak, it made herself again which she hated because now she was more desperate to have it because the consequences of her actions are costing the victoy of the war.


She dosen’t sleep, she get’s dream’s about she-ra which she tries so desperatly to reach for but it dosen’t work. She is rushing in fight not because she isn’t aware that she isn’t she-ra anymore just because she wants to get advantage of the war as fast she can.

When they are flying to save glimmer she does try to stay positive but it still bothers her but she accepts that she has no choice, she needs to save her with our with out she-ra. When she get’s a call from catra, she is confused and dosen’t understand what exactly is catra doing. She can barely speak when catra said that she will send glimmer to her and then apologizes to her which makes adora shocked that she beg’s her not to go.

When they catch glimmer, bow is being protective but also dosen’t forgive her on the spot while adora does look a bit awkward and uncomfortable but she does forgive her on the spot and hug’s her.  

After finding a crystal for ship, she talks to glimmer and tell’s her that she is aware what catra has done but she still dosen’t want to give up on her and says desperately “i have to try”.

When she went to save catra, she was clam and she tried to buy time for others but horde prime knew what would happen and told her that she is very predictible person. In her utter horror he show’s catra but this time she is chipped and has no awarness what she is doing. Adora trying not to harm her and even tries to protect her from harming herself. Adora does manage to break the chip in which catra comes back for seconds in which adora show’s affections to catra but then horde prime regain’s the control and just before catra could reach adora’s hand, he forces her to fell down ( it was mentioned that she died) but that angers adora and she transform’s to she-ra, she-ra who is more in control then everbefore. On the ship, she dosen’t let go off her and manages to bring her back to life with tears on her eyes and hug’s her with warmth.


After adora gives catra time to sleep and rest, it still is shown just how much worried she is and decides to check upon her multiple times. When she goes again to talk with her the distance again start’s to shift which angers adora because she finally thought that catra will at least try to change but instead she is acting like she did before. When they fingure out how they are getting detected so she get’s a fit that yet again catra is affecting their life’s. She bring’s entrapta and takes her to catra but this time she is going on the point. We will take out the chip then after that you will never have to see me again, adora still regrets that she has to say those words but if catra dislikes to be with her so much and she dosen’t want to be in her life, she dosen’t have to afterall in life you can just give people so many chances. On her suprise, catra hold’s her hand in desperation and beg’s her to stay.

In later epizode it is shown that adora is getting those warm feelings which she used to have when she was with catra, she is smiling and she is proud that catra finally took step in right direction.

When they meet SW the martyr complex kicks again but this time it is more serious. Adora hides from others that she is losing she-ra, she is getting again more desperate and when SW tell’s her face to face that she as herself can’t do anything only “she-ra” can. As much as adora is trying to fight off SW words she deep down accepts them, she is aware how weak she is and she know’s that she can’t win the war as herself. When SW tell’s her that through her sacriface the would win with adora or she-ra this actually gives her hope even if it is sad to hear. The relization and other voices in background trying to call SW a monster who is trying to take advantage of her, arguring over it and adora’s mind starting to race and she just yell’s “enough” and silently says “that she will do it” to catra’s horrifying look. I do want to point of how the scene where catra is telling her not to do it and adora looks at her and stepping inside is exactly same where in season 1 adora is looking at catra and calling her to come back to her while catra is giving her shocking look and running away from her. When adora see’s that her friends and catra are getting hurt she fight’s off the pain and transforms into she-ra and saves them in nick of the time while that angers catra because how little adora values her own life.


When adora notices that catra is running away she tries to stop her, even if she manages she is so tired that it always end up on them getting seperated. When catra call’s her out on what she wants in life, adora is actually confused and ignores the question by answering that she need’s to do it, there is no other choice and that answer drives catra away.

Last 2 epizodes were amazing

Adora seeing that after she lost catra, she is losing she-ra

She wants to end it fast, end it quickly because she know’s that she can’t last for too long as she-ra. Her transformation is flicking just how her mind is torn apart from fear and sadness but she needs to it. When bow and glimmer see her, they want to go with her because the see that something is wrong. When adora notices that first one ruin is affecting her memories it just show’s how much she misses catra yet she wants to ignore those memories, seeing them as distractions not desperation for catra to come to her side. When the place show’s up the sword that is when adora has a horrifying realization that in the end, she has no choice. She is afraid and scared, she is losing she-ra and now she can’t hold onto it as much as she hoped in her eyes there was no future for her only through her sacrifice everybody will be happy, she see’s being she-ra dynasty as torches lend through sacrifaces.  

Then we get the be beautiful scene between mara and adora talking to each other and mara telling her that she deserves happines too which are the words which adora so desperately wanted to hear for so many years, that she has a choice and that her destiny isn’t chosen. Then horde prime enter’s she scenatio and taunts her.


Catra comes to her, saves her and tell’s the to go ahead.

SW notices that adora won’t go unless catra is safe so she decides to sacriface herself in order for adora to go to the heart. SW sacriface as confusing as it was for catra. Why is woman who abused them their whole years telling them that their lifes just started? why is she for first time in her life choosing them over herself?. Adora dosen’t even utter a single word, she is confused and sad but i also think angry because for once in her life she finally recognized how much catra ment for her and finally accepted them both as people. I do want to mention that well it is also the fact that she died infront of them, death can be heavy for children’s eyes, they probably didn’t even understand why they were crying but still their mother figure is gone and they need to move on in their lifes as she said so.

In the heart adora accepts her fate and is ready to die but the virus is drowing her life away slowly in which she has a dream about future. Notice how she is silent? how she dosen’t speak because she is confused and afraid? She knows that she is dying but now she is at the place where she wants to be? With her friends and catra by her side as her parnter?. In this scene it felt as if adora was paralyzed with fear until she noticed that catra is reaching her hand so she smiles and as soon as she were to touch it, horde prime show’s up and tell’s her that this is the end of her beautiful wish. Locking down adora in her own mind while her life force is slowly disappearing.


Catra being scared that adora is dying her arm’s (which is parallel to catra dying in adora arms) is now trying to tell adora to fight back in which adora hesitates to take her arm and still tries to accept her death but upon catra’s confession she decided that she can be a bit selfish to want happiness in her life so she embraces catra’s love and they kiss.


And the kiss saves the universe and in the end they are finally happy.

Phew this took a lot to right

i’ll add some pics later and maybe correct some words it is really 4:30 am ooof what am i doing lmao but still thank you for reading this <3

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