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The Olympics is a unique experience, because once every 4 years I watch sports I don’t understand and that I’ll never watch otherwise just because it’s the Olympics.
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k9effect · 15 hours ago
I love the Olympics, because there's this group of the world's best athletes competing against each other in intense sports while the rest of the world sits on our asses the whole time and judges them like we're experts on sports we know nothing about
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kazzyboy · 12 hours ago
Watching the Foxes doubt Andrew’s ability to be a good partner to Neil is so hard.. like have you seen either of them they’re so smitten it’s visible from SPACE
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peachesodell · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What once was - and still is!
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cindycross-39 · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sports bras.
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kazzyboy · 13 hours ago
Monster headcanons part I Have Problems
- Andrew hates horror games because he hates being scared by cheap jump scares, but he’s also determined to get through each one available to him. Neil thinks this is funny, and, whenever Andrew stops paying attention to the game to do something (like, scroll through his social media feed real quick) and Neil gets bored, he’ll gasp to freak Andrew out and make him pay attention again. Sometimes it works a little too well and the amount of snacks that have been thrown at him is astounding
- Aaron never takes bracelets off. He got one of the pass things because they went to the fair? It’s still on his wrist. The band he got for a fundraiser? You guessed it, still there. A friendship bracelet from the second grade? Still there. Lurking
- Andriel and shotgunning. ANDRIEL AND SHOTGUNNING-
- Andrew loves back scratches. Sometimes, on the nights when Andrew wakes from a nightmare and needs to feel Neil’s scars, needs to feel it’s Neil, Neil will drag his nails across Andrew’s shoulders, moving in such a way that Andrew can feel the scars on his arm
- Andrew gets his nails professionally done. Sometimes him and Allison run into each other, Starbucks in hand, and just exchange a single nod
- Neil is a menace. Give him a single marker (and permission) and suddenly you’ve been stuck inside a kindergarten classroom for a week. No exposed skin is safe. He’s not even really that good at it, but he’s good in a bad way (he makes a bunch of weird wood dragons out of some scribbles, once, on Andrew’s calf, and it looks like something from a mid-evil journal)
- Neil will just.. eat bread.. plain bread.. like, slices at a time..
- Aaron is the old man that turns the tv up to seventy to watch a news report
- One year Nicky convinces the monsters to dress like they’re from the purge for Halloween (I don’t care if the timeline doesn’t add up, you couldn’t pry this from my cold, dead hands)
- The upperclassmen (aside from Renee) once bet that Andrew couldn’t get Neil to laugh and literally all he did was go over, stand in front of him for a minute, and then stuck his tongue out. (Neil didn’t really do the burst-out-laughing thing, so the snicker he gave counted)
- Andrew’s sense of humor consists of those really distorted random memes and poorly taken photos of cats
- Whenever they go pro and Andreil is apart, Andrew sometimes sleeps with a body pillow (it doesn’t move and it’s not warm, so A+ on the non-threatening part, but also an F for not being Neil)
- Andrew’s favorite color is red (yes this is based on the single instance where it’s expressed that he has a red sticker on his charger)
- Renee is Neptunic. No I will not elaborate thank you and goodbye
- Andrew doesn’t really refer to people by name (usually because Neil has already said who they are talking about) but when he does have to mention a specific person he uses some obscure nickname (Neil knows he’s just doing it to be annoying, since it’s not like he can forget their names.) He once calls Matt “the truck bi”
- Nicky’s the type of person to watch scary stuff really late and only realize how late it is and that he has to sleep now after he’s finished the entire thing
- One time Allison tries to start a bet with Kevin by saying that he couldn’t go a week without exy and he flat out tells her she’s right
- Kevin and Aaron like dogs, Nicky likes both, and Andriel, of course, prefer cats
- When they get the apartment, neither Andrew or Neil wear their armbands while inside (unless they need to because they’re not doing well)
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regina-del-cielo · 22 hours ago
I've been watching a program talking about Amazing Events of Olympic Games of Old, and now I desperately want a TOG Olympics AU, as one does
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femsolid · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm fuming...
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Tumblr media
How the media has traditionally covered Asian Olympians’ bodies
At the 1984 Winter Olympics, 16-year-old skater Tiffany Chin was nicknamed “China Doll” by journalists covering the games. In 1992, a Los Angeles Times article described Olympic champion figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi as “itsy-bitsy” and “fragile.” Reporter Mike Downey wrote that Yamaguchi was “not much bigger than a Barbie doll” when she began doing foot-long leaps on the ice as a child.
Experts say that when the media focuses on Asian American Olympians’ bodies, it erases the existence and excellence of their athleticism and makes it seem like their talent is simply innate and not the result of years of training and dedication. Critics also point out that Asians, like all ethnicities, have varied body types and there is no uniform way to describe them.
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