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perhapsdragon · 13 hours ago
That list of Spotify genres is quite literally the funniest thing to ever exist I am near tears
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cereovo · 11 hours ago
some of my fav fake spotify genre titles
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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technoblade-updates · 19 hours ago
The Technoblade Banter Podcast episode is out on Spotify!
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What if archive of our own had a Spotify wrapped where they tell us our top ships of the year, longest fics, time spent reading, top fic authors and top tags. That would be so interesting.
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bananaofswifts · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rabdoidal · 17 hours ago
OK whats everyones spotify top 5 this year AND if those songs were on a movie soundtrack, what do you think the genre/plot of the movie would be?
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fish-fucker-soot · 16 hours ago
"Go to hell" is basic. "I hope Spotify lists your favorite song as apart of the Dream Smp genre" is smart. it’s possible. it’s terrifying.
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theowritesstuff · 17 hours ago
Penelope Featherington
Tumblr media
Summary: Based on the song Penelope Featherington from the Bridgerton musical. It’s basically the reader watching Druig fall in love with Makkari
A/N: I wrote this over a couple of days, I feel like the beginning is kind of weird, but I like most of it so 🤷🏻 I tried to keep it gender neutral
Never as thin
Never as perfect
Never for him
Never deserving of the boy I love
Druig wasn’t perfect. Anyone could see that. Hell, you all had your own flaws. But to you, he was perfect. He was beautiful. He was kind. He was smart. He was charming. He was everything you had ever dreamed of.
But he belonged to someone else. His beautiful, beautiful Makkari. She was indeed beautiful. The two of them were perfect together. They both rounded out each other’s edges. They were always seen chatting and giggling with each other. Anyone could look at them and just know that they had something special.
You treasured the moments you had with him. He was your best friend. He was the one you were closest to in your group. You could always lean on him when you needed to, and the same went for him. You thought you could always count on him to be there for you.
While becoming closer to Makkari, you could feel him start to pull away. He was spending less and less time with you, and more and more time with her. How could you blame him though? They complimented each other perfectly.
Never the star
Always an asteroid
Delicate heart
Forever the last choice of the one I want
It hurt seeing him with Makkari. Seeing him love someone else felt like it broke a small piece of heart every day.
You would watch as he placed his leather jacket on her shoulders. The same one he would give to you if he thought you looked cold. She would look up at him and smile. He would look back at her and give her his signature smirk.
As much as it hurt, it didn’t surprise you that Druig had fallen for Makkari. She was literally perfect. She was constantly looking to learn new things about the world. She cared for the humans just like Druig did.
She was the center of his universe, so what did that make you? Some one he knew in passing? Someone that maybe would’ve had a chance with him if you’d spoken up sooner?
No, that’s not possible. She was his sun, and you were just a shooting star. Something fleeting. Something that only lasted a short while, before a new day came, and you were no longer on the forefront of his mind.
So I keep it all in
It’s like I’m invisible in my own skin
Of course it hurt you, but you wanted Druig to be happy. As long as he was happy, you could be happy for him.
So the only reasonable thing to do would be to further separate yourself from him. You could leave him be with Makkari, and not interfere with his relationship.
Instead of spending time with him, you would choose to spend time with Kingo or Sprite. You would join Sersi in exploring the places you visited instead of staying with Druig on the Domo.
You would keep your pain locked in a box inside your chest. Acting on your feelings, or even telling anyone, anyone at all, would be detrimental.
Separating yourself from him as soon as possible would just make things easier. At least this way you wouldn’t have to keep watching him be happy with someone that wasn’t you.
Give up on the fictional fairytale end
You’re not Cinderella
You’re just Penelope Featherington
Being around for centuries should have taught you that fairytales weren’t real. You had seen the humans do horrible things to each other. Not everyone got a happy ending.
Of course you had always dreamed that one day Druig would see you as royalty, and would sweep you off your feet.
That wasn’t really his style though, was it? He was always the kind of person to give out quiet affection. The others constantly made comments about how he hated being around other people. You knew that wasn’t true though.
He had always cared for the humans, wanting to use his abilities to give them a better life. To stop all of the fighting, and to create a utopia for them.
As for close relationships with others, he just had to be around the right person. The right person could earn that smirk that you loved. They could earn his time and attention. And unfortunately for you, that right person seemed to be Makkari.
Never as prim
Never as proper
Never a whim
Never an offer from a Bridgerton
The parties that were held after fighting the Deviants were starting to get boring without him. You could watch as he and Makkari would chat with the villagers, trying to get them to give them something that would surely be of value later.
Sersi would watch you, and decide that you needed to have some fun. She would grab your hand and pull you into the square to dance with her and the other villagers. You would laugh as she twirled you around. You’d spin and spin and spin until you were too dizzy. She’d wrap her arms around you helping you catch your balance.
“I’m alright, I’m alright.” You told her, trying to catch your breath.
The villagers would all request a dance with the two of you, hoping to have a moment with the people who had saved them. You had always hoped to one day look over to see Druig making his way to you, offering you his hand, asking you to dance with him. He never did though.
Of course the villagers were infatuated with all of you. While dancing with you they would be the ones trying to sweep you off your feet.
Could you imagine what it would be like to fall in love with a human though? Watching them grow old and pass, all while you stayed seemingly frozen in time. It’d never work.
You thought it was cruel of Arishem to create you this way. Why did you have to be Eternal? If only you were a human you could live a normal life. You wouldn’t be trapped in the fate you had. You wouldn’t have to watch the person you love be with another for eternity.
Colin will never see
Behind the yellow that covers me
Just an afterthought
Now that Druig spent all his time with Makkari, it was hard to remember when he used to spend time with you. It was for the best though.
He would occasionally sit with you if Makkari was preoccupied with something else. He would join you while you were watching Phastos create new pieces of technology for the humans.
“Hey.” He’d say. No more nicknames.
“Hi.” You’d reply, surprised to see him.
The two of you would chit chat about nothing, before he left again.
You thought the two of you were closer. Close enough that it would be weird to just up and leave the other one day. But you know you’d never have left him.
And you know he didn’t technically leave you. He was still very much present in your life, everything was just different now.
So I keep it all in
It’s like I’m invisible in my own skin
The others noticed something had been off with you. How could they not? You all had been together for centuries.
Sersi would constantly try to ask you what was wrong. You’d always respond with something along the lines of “Nothing, I’m just tired.”
Sprite would make comments about how you were special, and too good for just anyone. You’d give her a look, and she’d shrug her shoulders in response.
Kingo would offer to take you out to meet new people, but that honestly sounded like a lot of work.
You appreciated your friends, but thought that things would just take time to get better. Soon enough you’d be good as new. Druig wouldn’t be the only one occupying your mind anymore.
Give up on the fictional fairytale end
Forever in yellow
You’re just Penelope Featherington
As the matriarchal figure of the group, Ajak was the most worried about you.
One night she pulled you into her room on the Domo. She had asked what was wrong and told you she needed you to be honest with her.
You knew that anything you told Ajak would stay with her.
You told her about your feelings for Druig, and how overwhelming they were. You told her that he didn’t love you, that he was in love with someone else.
She held you close in her arms as you cried. She ran her hand through your hair.
“You are loved by so many other people. You don’t need the love of one person to go on.” She said softly.
When you pulled away, she cupped your cheeks in her hands. You took a deep breath and thanked her.
You left her room to go to your own. A good night’s sleep seemed like a good idea.
He would hold my hand
He’d be more than just a friend
If only someone else would just understand
Your dreams that night were filled with Druig.
You were both alone in a meadow. You couldn’t see the Domo anywhere near, or any of your friends. He took your chin in his fingers, making you look at him.
You swear you could look into his eyes for decades. The blue was captivating. A seemingly never-ending ocean.
“What’s wrong darling?” he asked softly.
You shook your head “Absolutely nothing.” You smiled at him.
He took your hand in his, and smiled back at you.
He pulled your body to his and held you close. You wrapped your arms around him.
“I love you.” You heard him say.
You pulled away to look back at him.
A banging on your door woke you up.
“Breakfast is ready!” Kingo shouted.
He’d be like my prince
Steal me with a kiss
But that’s not real life
Never dressed in white
It was all just a dream. Of course it was. You made your way to the main room of the Domo where the breakfast that Gilgamesh had prepared had been laid out.
You weren’t that hungry though. The anxiety from your dream wasn’t going to let you be comfortable. You picked at your plate, and felt someone kick you under the table.
You lifted your head to see Druig giving you a weird look.
“You okay?” He mouthed.
You gave him a small smile and nodded your head. He turned back to Makkari to continue chatting with her.
It was cruel for your subconscious to make you dream of him. He wasn’t yours. He wasn’t going to tell you he loved you, his heart belonged to someone else. You knew that you needed to accept that a fairytale ending with him wasn’t a part of your story.
Cause I’m never as thin
Never as perfect
Never for him
Never deserving of the boy I love
When Thena was affected by mahd w’yry you all fought for her to be able to keep her memories. Gilgamesh offered to watch over her.
You felt bad for her. Having to live constantly under the watch of someone else, making sure she didn’t try to hurt anyone.
You had all hoped that Thena was the only one that would be affected by mahd w’yry. It would be hard on everyone if someone else was affected too.
You were affected by mahd w’yry not too long after Thena. You hadn’t remembered much. You knew that the group was fighting a group of deviants, you and Sersi had taken one on together.
You must have blacked out because when you came to, you were straddling Sersi with a hand wrapped around her neck.
You pulled away from her as quickly as possible, grasping your hands against your chest.
“I-I’m so sorry- I don’t- I don’t know-” You couldn’t gather your thoughts, your mind was racing a mile a minute.
“It’s okay.” Ajak said as she took a step closer to you.
You quickly stood up, and backed away from her.
“No! Please! I don’t wanna hurt you!”
Ajak was able to get the others to leave while she talked to you alone.
“We can help you get through this.” She brushed some of the hair out of your face.
You sighed. “What if I don’t want to get through this?”
Never the star
Always an asteroid
Delicate heart
Forever the last choice of the one I want
Ajak explained to you over and over that Arishem would be able to take away your mahd w’yry, but by doing so he would also take away your memories.
Of course you would still be an Eternal, with the same abilities, but you wouldn’t know who anyone was anymore. It would be like you were a brand new person.
You thought, maybe being this person would be better. Maybe this new person wouldn’t fall for their friend.
“It’s what I want. I’m sure.”
Telling the group about your decision caused some uproar. Some started bombarding you with questions.
“Why are you doing this?”
“Don’t you know what will happen?”
“You’re just going to give up everything that you know?”
“It’s okay. I’ve thought about this, and I’m positive that this is what I want.” You told them.
Sprite and Kingo looked at you, and you could almost see it click in their heads. The group silently accepted there was nothing they could do to change your mind.
Druig couldn’t take anymore of this. He took quick strides to you and placed his hands on your shoulders.
“You can’t do this. You’ll forget about everything, about everyone. You’ll forget about us.” He looked into your eyes, but you knew the longer you looked into his the more likely it was that you would start to cry.
You wordlessly pulled away from him. The floor suddenly looked more interesting than anyone in the room.
Druig huffed. “You all can’t seriously let them do this!” He shouted to no one in particular.
No one in the group would make eye contact with Druig. No one wanted to make this any harder.
“Fine.” He seethed. “Do whatever you want.” He stormed off, further into the Domo.
Makkari gave you an apologetic look before taking off after him.
Give up on the fictional fairytale end
Forever in yellow
When the day came for you to leave the others gathered to say goodbye. Everyone except Druig.
You could feel yourself tear up at the love you felt in the room. They all gave you hugs as you went down the line.
Sprite squeezed you as tight as she could. Thena gave you a kiss on the forehead.
When Kingo let you go he said “See you in a few minutes.” You laughed.
You stepped toward Ajak and gripped her hand. You turned to take one last look at the group.
Maybe it was a good thing Druig wasn’t there. That way you wouldn’t have to say goodbye to him.
“Are you ready?” Ajak asked.
You took a deep breath. “Yeah, I think I am.”
As the two of you closed your eyes, you were teleported to Arishem, so he could start remaking you.
You’re just Penelope Featherington
You opened your eyes to see a circular room. There were blue lights all around you. A group of people were standing a few feet away, staring at you.
“Um, hello, I’m not sure, where I am, or really even who I am…” You trailed off.
One of them took a few steps forward and held out her hand to you.
“I’m Ajak. There is a lot of explaining to do, but first I think you should meet everyone else.”
The group all came forward and introduced themselves.
Ikaris, Sersi, Sprite, Kingo, Phastos, Thena, Gilgamesh, Makkari.
The last one to introduce themselves stepped forward. He held out his hand for you to shake.
“Druig.” Was all he said.
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huffylemon · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
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barthjoestar · 19 hours ago
I'm just in episode 5 but man... This scene...
For those who don't understand...
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larrylimericks · 14 hours ago
Spotify Wrapped Edition Here’s to the point-five percenters, The went-on-an-OTB-benders, The Fine Line replayers (“I swear I’m okay”-ers), And just-a-hiatus pretenders.
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daylighttarot · 19 hours ago
Pic an Random album cover and:
Hi everyone, how you guys been doing this week? In this begin of December i decided to talk about your FP, as always this person can be literally anyone, an future partner, friend and beyond. I try my best to don't use any pronoms to keep easy to you adapted with your life.
Ps: The "past story" is a period of this person life that really mark they in someway.
Remember this is for entertainment purposes only, and take what resonates, leave what doesn't.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Choose from left to right. 1, 2 or 3.)
How to choose?
take a deep breath look to the pictures carefully and choose one that calls you attention, you can also meditate a little bit and ask for your spirit guides help to choose the one that match better with you,  its totally normal feel called from more than one pile so feel free to read 2 or maybe all the piles.
PILE 1: Life is a Bi… - BIBI
Tumblr media
cards: 10 of swords + 8 of cups + the lovers + page of wands + 10 of cups reverse + king of pentacles + the moon reverse + king of wands reverse + king of pentacles + 9 of pentacles + the sun.
this person story:
This pile scream daddy/mom issues,  this is a real complicate part of your FP life, one of them parents betrayed the other, for a couple months they haved an affair,  maybe the partner refused to believe in the situation but one day this person simply leave the house, well not just the house them leave your FP, like build a new life without them in other words cut they own child of they relations.
I feel that this situation created problems in the person who continued with them, maybe worries about they lifestyle and financial stability. At same time your person was trying to adapted their mind to the new situation and they promised to themselves that when they grew up they would help the one that stay, and would be a good person that anyone could count to help.
I feel that they have a long term friendship group maybe an neighbour that help them maybe just listing. This person still being in their life.
Current life:
I need to say something about they, you know when we say that someone is too precious to this world? This is your FP like...  They simply kind. Maybe too kind to someone that don't deserve, they're a the type that just trust too much, in the future maybe they fearing but real gonna need to deal with this situation very soon. But they're now in a good state taking care of they loved ones, maybe caring of someone that is older than them, but they love to do it, and feel really grateful for the life.
When you meet them you gonna love this side i promise, they're simply lovely ❤️.
Some keys: angels, leave me alone in the car,
Run in the park,  have a lunch, light blue, writing, rose, tiger, journal, calendar, red hair (not ginger red),  1977, scorpio mars, AHS.
PILE 2 - Marina - FROOT
BIG DISCLAMER HERE: this pile have some red flags about abuses, addiction and mental health so if you don't feel confort with this topic please dont read. Your well being is the most important thing ok?.
Tumblr media
Cards: the world, knight of cups reverse, five of pentacles, five of wands, ten of swords reverse,death reverse, five of cups, the magician, six of swords, the emperor, ace of cups, tree of pentacles and six of cups reverse.
this person story:
This person is a warrior,  they came from a very difficult background they never feeld loved or supported at home, they can be from another place, city or maybe country, at past they dealt with a lot financial problems, i feel that the  primary cause of this problems is one of the parents, maybe this ¨parent¨ had some addiction and when they back home stared assauted this person in some way, physically, emocionally or verbally , this cause so much pain, insecurities to your FP, they just never understood why this happened to them, i truly believe this is a past situation, but is so hard to them to deal with this memories, they can be trying to recover and move on, they need see that this isn't they fault, most of the people dont know about this part of they past, they just talk about this with real close friends and loved ones. They  never forgive this ¨parent¨ ( I'm putting in quotation marks because they refer to this person in this way), is hard to even remember about it,  "why your acting like a victim?" can be something this person heard a lot at this time, they can felt guild in some way about the situation. At school they study so hard cause in they mind this was the chance to go out and create a new life, and they so hardworking, and they teachers  were so shocked of how your FP was persistent, they love books and this  stared at this phase as a way to get away and escape a little bit from they reality.
Current life:
RELIF, this is the word that define they actual state, your FP stared an trasition phase right now, for some of you can be displacement to a new place  for a job opportunity, they were afraid and though a lot about this offer, i believe that they have Impostor Syndrome, they keep think that don't deserve good things, but  right now they decide to go and enjoy this new chapter in life. And believe in me, this is a begin of a new life, and they work so so hard and now is time to receive. Just  one more thing, i believe that for the majority of you they are single, your FP is too focused on changing their lives, and believe that they still cant offer anything to anyone (yet), they want to give to they loved ones the world.
Some keys: Heart, 444, Gift, step father or mother, i love the chrismas lights, aquarius, virgo, studying, gemini, The Great Gatsby, wolves, spanish, wave hair,  no more drama, small hands, seeing birds.
PILE 3: All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend  - AURORA
Tumblr media
Cards: 9 of pentacles reverse + 7 of swords reverse + 4 of pentacles reverse + 8 of wands reverse + the justice + judgment reverse + 9 of cups reverse + 2 of wands + devil reverse +  world reverse + 5 of swords reverse +  7 of cups reverse + emperor.
this person story:
They really really focused in gain  money, mainly for saving lots of money, I'm not saying that is wrong be the type that saves resources for when you need, I'm saying that they're life's was just about this, when something became an obsession can be really hard to leave this mindset, they feared so much to loose everything and unfortunately that what happened, for some reason i feel that they invested a lot in something (can be money or maybe invest trust in someone) and take the risk, someone real tried to warn your FP, maybe an brother or cousin.  They're felt real angry and anxious about what happened and about what they should do about. They try to understand why this happened, "work hard for so long to simply loose? I was always so careful why with me?".
The word cure came to me, i don't know if they see like this but I'm feeling that this happened to they growl and learn to don't be to focused just in one thing. They passed through this to change the way they see the life.
Current life:
I believe that this person stated to heal about this situation now, maybe they're feeling sad, not sleeping well, but they staring to understand thw things that happened,  your SP is in a self-knowledge time, and this is staring to free them and calm they mind, but the journey is incomplete they need more time though this to clean everything.  Also i feel that they have a great family that keep trying to help your FP but probably for feel shamed for the past situation they keep refusing any hand, but they don't give up, i see they calling, visiting and trying to give help.
But everything gonna after they  forgive themselves and the other too, this chains  and  broken everything gonna stared to go to the right place. Everything is gonna be alright.
Some keys: 2008, singing Bon Jovi, 34, shame, first light of the day, short hair, 1717, feeling alone, raining at night, stone, Vivian, Jupiter, Aries moon, long road.
Well this was the reading, i hope you guys liked, feel free to comment your feedback, is extremely useful to me.
Hope you have an marvellous week and take care. See you soon. :)
Tumblr media
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