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She didn’t wanna make it messy
She really really didn’t
But the girl gone cray’
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pick a card:
< channeled messages from your FS >
- requested -
what they want to tell you/want you to know
general advice from them
+ anything they want to share about them/you
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
< choose from left to right >
-in this pac, i'm going to leave the entire space for your future spouse to come through and tell you everything they want to tell you, so everything will come from them, or their higher self for those of you who still haven't met this person. enjoy :)-
remember to only take what resonates and leave the rest <3
"hi my love. life's been tough on you hasn't it? you've been bearing all this pain by yourself and it breaks my heart to know i still can't reach out to help you lift some of its weight, even all of it. i don't like it when you cry, it shatters me completely. my baby doesn't deserve to suffer like this. you've been stressing about things that keep coming at you and i can feel you getting tired of fighting, but please hold on just a little more. you have no idea how strong and resilient you are, it makes me so proud. look at you, you thought you could've never been able to make it up to this point of your life, you've done thousands of things you always convinced yourself you would've never been able to do, you learned so many lessons and grew stronger and stronger each time. if only you could see yourself through my eyes you'd realize how truly amazing you are. there's not many like you, probably no one at all and you can't imagine how good it feels to know you're all mine. i don't want to share you with anyone else. you're my absolute dream come true and i promise you i'll never take you for granted like those people did in the past. you deserve so much love my angel, even if you still believe that you're not worthy of a single kind glance your way. i would fight each and every person that made you believe you're unworthy of everything that's not hatred. i can see how deep inside your skin their words got and how big of a scar they left. it hurts me so much. please believe me when i tell you i love you, because it's the biggest truth that will ever come out of my mouth."
"that creative project you've been so insecure about starting, baby just go for it. you're so talented and i can't wait to be your n.1 supporter. i know you're scared, because it takes great risks and effort, but trust me when i tell you i'm here to protect you, even if you can't see me. i've always been with you my angel, through it all, and i will do everything i can to make sure you don't get hurt. i know how big of a matter this seems right now, but in the future you're going to look back and think that it was the best choice you've ever made in your life. so just go for it. take all the success you deserve because you deserve it. go inspire thousands of people that are going to use your art to get through their pain. you're going to do such great things my love, you have no idea. it makes me excited to just think about the light in your eyes when you finally tell me your hard work is paying off, and trust me, it will. i can't wait to be a part of it. until i can, please focus on yourself, take care of your physical body the best you can. go for a swim or get outside in nature sometimes, i know you like it. start to make plans for your future, even if they seem unrealistic or impossible goals to realize, but trust me, just do it. and don't ever give up on your passion, it makes you so special and you're going to stand out like no one ever did."
"i know you suffer from this distance there is between us, i apologize for that. it's just that i have some more healing to do, and it requires a bit of time. i'm not as strong and cool as you are, able to get through the worst times and start again right where you left, i'm a little bit slower and stubborn too, but i'm determined to work on it to be able to give you the best version of myself. i'm well aware that we would be much stronger if we took on our struggles together, but maybe learning how to stand on our feet again after a bad fall by ourselves is a part of the process too, don't you think? we will be invincible once we come together, just think about that. we'll be so cool everyone will envy us. mostly me, because i have the most amazing, beautiful, talented and sweetest person by my side. god, i can't wait to hold you again. i don't think it's going to take that much time still, but, oh well, i won't spoil any surprises. you just take care of yourself for me, mh? i'm on my way, i promise. you'll never be alone."
( pile 1 your fs made me cry, damn. you're so lucky :(thank you for letting me read for you, take care <3 )
"okay, breathe in and breathe out. now. baby, can you slow down a bit? you're being way too harsh on yourself and i don't think that's fair at all. can't you see how much you've achieved already? why do you keep beating yourself up telling yourself that you need to do better? take your time to celebrate the little victories too. you're so good at what you do but for some reason you only focus on the things that don't work and take them as a sign that you're not good enough, well, you're wrong love. you're more than good enough, and closer to achieve your goal than you think. you've put in so much effort and i'm immensely proud of you for how far you've come, but you need to take time to relax and take care of your mental and physical health, that's more important than everything else. take a day or two for yourself, make yourself a bubble bath, your favorite food, watch your favorite movie or read your favorite book. your achievements won't disappear if you slow down the pace a little bit. i know that it's been hard in the past and you fear that if you might close your eyes for a second everything is going to go back to how it was back then, but that's not the case at all! the past will stay in the past, and focusing on it will only cause you more anxiety. so please take a break, okay? focus on your hobbies or find a new one, try to have more fun and let go of the idea that you can only be happy once you've reached all your goals. you have to be happy in the process too. you're going to be fine, i promise you."
"you know that i can see through the mask you put on in front of everyone, right? you try so hard to make it seem like you work so hard because you like it, and maybe you do, but i know that the real reason is because you're scared. you don't ever want to feel like you did in the past. that pain, that solitude, it was all too much. i know you think that it's a blessing that you made it up til here and you must stay focused in order to not let this opportunity go, but please, don't lose yourself in the process. honor your inner child as well, they're trying so hard to get your attention, can't you hear them? they're suffocating. they need love, they need to laugh and enjoy their days more. and i know right now you're rolling your eyes and saying "i don't have time for that", but you know you do if you give yourself permission. i'm just so worried about you, please don't think i'm being unfair or that i just can't understand, you know i want the best for you, and lately it just feels like you're prioritizing the wrong things. be kinder to yourself and please don't push me away like this, it hurts."
"i've been trying to reach out but you just seem so unbothered by me that i can't understand if you actually meant those words or you just got lost in the moment. if only you could open up to me, lay your cards and show me what's really going on inside your beautiful mind, maybe i could help you carry some of that weight you have on your shoulders. you know you don't have to do all of this alone, right? i'm well aware you can, but it'd be easier in two. so even if it's not me, please reach out to a friend, ask them to go out and open up even if just a little bit, i know you have so much you need to get out of you, and it's going to make you feel so much better. don't be scared of love. let it in. let me in."
( take care of yourself bb, it's important. thank you for letting me read for you <3 )
"my beautiful pile 3, what a love story we have, don't you think? it's like we have the whole world against us, and it's so unfair. i don't get why someone could be so against something as pure and innocent such as our love. if only they knew, they'd be jealous of what we have. i'm so sorry i can't offer you the freedom that we need in order to live our story to the fullest. i think we've reached a point where hiding behind corners and curtains to share a kiss is not enough and i'm scared i'm going to lose you forever. i'm so afraid. i've never been so in love with someone in my entire life, i don't want to give this up, no matter how hard it gets. you're everything to me, i can't imagine a life without you anymore, god, i don't even want to think about it. i know you're just as scared as i am, and i'm so sorry i can't protect you when it comes to this. sometimes i come to wish you never met me, so that you wouldn't have to go through this, but even if i had the chance to go back, i'd be so selfish to come up to you again and introduce myself, because this love is pretty much the only thing keeping me alive right now. so please tell me it's not over. tell me this isn't the end of us because i can't bear the mere thought of letting you go, how could i ever? you're the best thing that's ever happened to me, how can i give you up?"
"i know their opinion means a lot to you, i can understand that, but do we really have to allow them to ruin this for us? is it really worth it? please don't leave me. i know you're scared but we'll find a way. i won't let anyone hurt you, i'll protect you with my life if i have to but please don't give up on us. sometimes i get the urge to come pick you up and run away with you somewhere far, where people won't know who we are and we can be finally free, wouldn't you like that, angel? i know you would. so let's do this stupid thing. i know you'd be against it, but there's seriousness in my voice. let's run away together, we never needed them anyways. it's going to be hard at first but we can make it through it if we're together. do you trust me?"
"stop letting their words get to you, it's not fair the way they treat you. they don't even try to understand you, so please don't listen to what they say. i know your heart is looking in a completely different direction and mine is looking back. i'm hopeful we can make it, but i just need you to say yes, come with me, let's find a way out of this. it doesn't have to be like this, it's never too late to change route. if i reach out, will you take my hand?"
( whatever this means to you please put your safety first, but i do believe you know what's truly best for you. also this was shorter and a little more specific than the others woop :p take care bb <3 )
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my friend and I were saying hmm glacier or lava.. so I made it even
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Got It Made ➳ Stephen Strange (18+)
Tumblr media
➳ request: "would you like to go somewhere a little more private?"
➳ a/n: sorry it took me so long, babe! but here you go! ALSO!!!! ***if you want the BEST experience for this fic, LISTEN TO THE SONG AS YOU READ. i promise it's worth it. :)****
➳ summary: At one of Tony Stark's many parties, Stephen and you can't stop visually ripping the other's clothes off. When he suggests getting someplace else a little more private, that only leads to one destination... His car.
➳ warnings: smut; oral m!receiving(road head), unprotected sex, degradation (slightly)
➳ || Stephen Strange masterlist || main masterlist || who I write for 💓 ||
Tumblr media
The way Stephen looked at you from across the room had your heart pounding violently in your chest. The sorcerer looked delectable and quite ravishing in his well-pressed suit. The room was full of attendees of Tony Stark’s lavish party, but all you could find yourself focusing on was the beauty of Stephen. As he nursed a drink in hand, he was playing with his car keys in his pocket. Parked outside was the pretty, slick convertible that could go very fast if he needed to get you out of here.
His blue orbs rested on you, his mouth-watering. The curves in your dress had his mind running rampant, his pants tightening as he felt his member grow harder. He knew within a few more precious moments, he’d be rock solid and he hoped no one noticed. Or if anyone did, he wished for it to be you. 
A song came on the speakers as Stephen grabbed up another glass of whiskey. Striding over, you tucked your tongue into your cheek, the scent of his cologne quickly overcoming your senses. 
“I see the way those eyes beg for me,” Stephen’s cocky nature wasted no time in appearing. 
Laughing quietly, you roll your eyes at him. “Who said anyone in this room was begging for you, Doctor?” You curved your head to the side as you looked up to meet his blistering gaze. Stephen sipped from the drink, his lips forming a grin. 
“Well, when I can smell the arousal that drips from you, Darling…” He leaned his head over to whisper, warm breath fanning over your neck. A slight gasp flooded from your mouth as his tongue connected to your throat, slowly drawing a line down. Your hand was firmly pressing into his chest as you fought the urge to let your eyes roll back. “It means you’re begging for my touch,” 
Your breath caught in your throat as he slipped a hand around your waist, pulling you close. He turned you around so your back was pressed to his chest, your eyes looking out at the crowd gathered at Tony’s party. The feel of his member pressing into your bottom had your mouth watering as you licked your lips. 
“Really, now?” You whispered. 
Stephen chuckled as he finished off his drink and set the glass down on a nearby table. Using his hands, he forced your hips to move in tiny circles against his throbbing erection that was enraged by the feel of you beginning to twist around him. 
“Oh, yes,” Stephen answered, pulling you flush to him. You bit back the moan that threatened to escape, especially when he was inching to make a public display of your sex. His fingers grazed your thighs until he slipped his hand into the opened slit of your dress. He was so close to your dripping core that you threatened to buck your hips into his palm. 
His next words laced your ears like honey and revved your engine to the loudest volume. 
“Would you like to go somewhere a little more private?” He questioned, ghosting his hand over your drenched panties. 
“Please, Stephen,” You practically rolled with a moan. 
Stephen grinned and pushed his hand into the front pocket of his dress slacks. Retrieving the keys to his coupe parked outside. You felt his hand snake through yours as his fingers offered you a gentle squeeze, the two of you sneaking away from the party without anyone noticing. 
Before Stephen pushed you into the Lamborghini, he began by pressing your back to the door. Capturing your lips for a searing kiss, you hissed against his lips as he wasted no time shoving his tongue into your opened mouth. You groaned at the taste of him, your mind racing with the impurest thoughts of the man. 
“Stephen, p-please,” You said through a pant as the sorcerer worked his hands to weave through the slit of your dress once again, hands smoothing over your delicate flesh. He saw you as a sweet little petal, a petal that he could absolutely destroy and have a blubbering mess as he screwed you. He had known you for a while, and this wouldn’t be the first time you two end up in this sticky situation. 
“Such an impatient kitten,” He cooed, opening the door. You escaped into the lush interior, Stephen hopping in next to you on the driver’s side. The car rumbled to life and you were quickly watching as Tony Stark’s penthouse disappeared behind you. Your heart was pounding in your chest as Stephen routed the two of you for that someplace more private, so he could expertly bring you to your knees. 
But while he sped down the streets, curving around hills of the city, you couldn’t stop yourself. Reaching over into the driver’s seat, Stephen’s eyes glanced between your fumbling hands and the road. 
“What are you doing?” He laughed. 
You groaned.
“Need you,” You whispered, successfully unfastening his belt. He heard the whip of you jerking it out of its loops and tossing it into the small back seat, your fingers reaching to unhook your seatbelt. Once you were all the way over his console, you pressed your hand against his thigh before stroking him through his boxers. His eyes were blown wide with a high that was unexplainable. He shifted his hips slightly, giving you the ability to have him all. 
“You look so good, baby,” You whispered, dropping your head. As Stephen pushed the car, the scenery passing by in flashes, he released a kitty-throbbing moan the second your lips wrapped around his length. Using your hands to twist around his shaft as you came up and down, Stephen was cursing under his breath. 
“Shit, Kitten,” He growled, one hand leaving the steering wheel so that he could run his fingers through your hair. “You’re always such a good girl for me, aren’t you?” He groaned, the feel of your tongue licking hard stripes up the entirety of his length making him hiss. You sucked around his head lightly, the sensitive motion of you padding your tongue around his tip practically bringing Stephen to bust right then. 
You caressed and rolled his balls in your hands, his grip tightening around the wheel as he hit the next curve, full speed. You bobbed up and down, practically miking him with your mouth as you could feel the slick of him around your hands. Pulling back, Stephen nearly lost himself altogether when you spit onto his throbbing length before taking him fully into your mouth, the gruntled noises of him hitting the back of your throat making him shake. 
He was free living at this moment. Nothing in the world mattered except for the fact he had an open road, a pretty girl with her mouth on his member, and speed. Speed was all it took to press him on. You could feel him inching closer to his release as he continued to whip around the curvatures of the road, his entire body melting above you. He fisted some of your hair and pulled, bringing you to groan loudly which sent vibrations pulsating around his length.
“Yes, daddy!” You moaned aloud for him, Stephen’s length twitching repeatedly in your mouth. 
“Baby girl, you know how I get when you address me like that,” Stephen reminded you. You giggled around him and pushed yourself harder, desiring nothing more than the hot strings of his cum to hit the back of your throat. You wanted the taste of him. 
“Come, Stephen, please. Come for me,” You coaxed him as you caressed him, running your thumb over his tip. With a few more licks and a hard suck, Stephen was gone. The pedal was certainly pressed to the metal as Stephen came with a hard groan. Ropes of his cum, hot and salty, penetrated the back of your throat. You moaned and whined around him, licking him up, ensuring not to waste a single drop. Stephen was surprised he hadn’t lost himself yet entirely, thankful he could occupy his mind on the road all the while experiencing his devout pleasure. 
“Screw this, I gotta take you,” Stephen moaned as he veered off to the side of the road. You heard as the Lambo crushed limbs and other objects beneath its wheels. He had lured the two of you into an abandoned lot where he wasted no time in capturing your lips. He tasted the salty residue on your mouth, his hand wrapping around your throat as you stroked his sensitive length, feeling the warmth in your hand. 
It didn’t take long for Stephen to bounce back for the second round. Stepping out of the car just after he managed to pull his pants back up, you squeaked when he ripped you out of the car and replaced you with himself. He was hiking your dress up before he even pulled you back in, the door wide open. 
“Panties. Off. Now,” He commanded. You nodded, pushing them shakily down your legs, the excitement coursing through your veins. You had only dreamt of Stephen railing you in his Lambo. The expensive sports car oftentimes lived vicariously in your mind, beckoning you forward. You dreamt of finishing on his pristine leather seats while he coaxed you through a heavy orgasm. 
And now you were getting just what you wanted. 
Stephen’s pants were long-gone as he pulled you back in. Setting you on top of his length, your hips were raised before you slowly lowered. Stephen and you both gasped as he entered you, his warmth embedding inside of you. 
“Oh!” You groaned, hands braced upon his shoulders. His length was massive inside of you and he stretched you out beyond imagination. What felt like literal ripping soon transitioned to utter pleasure when he pulled you securely on top of him. 
“So tight for me, pretty girl,” He crooned. Your eyes squeezed shut as Stephen wrapped his hands around your hips, but he was occupied with the two clothed breasts in front of him. “Don’t give up on me now, kitten,” He whispered, kissing your chest. “Wanna feel you make a mess on me… You wanted this, right? Take it. Take my cock like the good girl I know you are,” 
His lips were fervently creating love bites on the tops of your breasts before he pulled the dress apart to reveal the spillage. Your hips started to move in wild circles as you groaned which turned into heart-stopping moans. The type of moans Stephen only heard in pornos, the pretty girl riding him was creating with her mouth alone. 
He sucked on your nipple, flicking it around in his mouth as you gripped the strands of his hair.
His hands gripped your hips, ensuring to leave the imprints of his fingernails behind. His length stretched you out as he penetrated your g-spot over and over again, bringing you to screams. 
“Stephen!” You gasped loudly as the man held you in place, swiveling your hips in circles.
“Atta girl, scream it,” He encouraged.
“S-Stephen!” You moaned.
“Louder,” He commanded. 
“STEPHEN!” You screamed. 
“Who owns you?” He asked.
“YOU!” You cried, burying your head against his shoulders. 
“Who’s my pretty little cock-drunken slut?” He asked in your ear. 
“M-Me!” You whimpered.
Your high was slowly arriving. He watched your mouth fall open to which he pressed chastised kisses to the corners. You hissed and writhed around him. He bounced you faster on top of him, the sound of your skin colliding bringing you to literal tears as you anticipated the pleasure to rock over you. 
“G-gonna come,” You stammered.
“You wanna come? Be my guest, sweetheart. Come for me,” Stephen spoke darkly.
Coming undone around him, you screamed as he slammed his hips upwards into yours, feeling your walls tighten and grip around him. Your cries were piercing the interior of the car as he held you flush to him, your lips lazily stealing kisses from his overused mouth. 
His hips slowly rocked until they stopped, your forehead pressed to his. 
Gasping for air, you tangled your arms around his neck as he smiled up at you. 
He felt the way your warmth wrapped around his length, while his release was buried deep inside of you. The feel of your mixed juices leaked down your thighs and onto his. 
Looking back at him, you cracked a smile. “I’ve always wanted to do that,” You gulped.
Stephen cocked an eyebrow. “What? Have me screw you in the car?” He laughed.
Sheepishly, you nodded. 
Stephen was amused by this. He wrapped his arms back around you and kissed you passionately. 
“All you had to do was ask, baby,” He told you, leaving kisses on your neck.
tagging: **I KNOW THIS ISN'T EVERYONE. there's one of you who asked me to be tagged, and i said i did, and i went back to look... and you werne't. so if you're supposed to be tagged in anything strange related, LET ME KNOW! 💗**
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Can I Be Close To You?
Tumblr media
@atomicjuicer requests: “Marc Spector as ur boyfriend pls I need him” & “Can u do Marc Spector and y/n having a lazy day”
Summary: One of the rare occurrences when you wake up in the morning to your boyfriend actually asleep in bed.
Pairing: Marc Spector x Reader
Word Count: 752
Song: Bloom - The Paper Kites
The sun's gentle morning rays shine through the windows of your bedroom. The bed felt more comfortable now in the early hours of the day than it had last night, when you climbed under the cold sheets alone, as you did most nights. Though the bed was intended to be shared with your boyfriend, Marc Spector, his nights were typically spent elsewhere, donning a white suit and dealing out justice to those who deserve it. When he did get to sleep, it was usually during the day. Breathing a deep sigh, you roll over to find that the bed does not currently feel more comfortable simply due to it being morning. You come face to face with Marc, his eyes closed and slow, quiet breaths leaving his nose.
When he slept was the only time you ever saw Marc looking so at peace, his forehead free of the familiar lines that came with the constant furrowing of his brow. The sun was shining on his back that made him glow in a way that was almost god-like. You wished you could freeze time in this moment, not just so you could continue admiring him, but to let him stay this peaceful forever. You lightly place your hand on his cheek, stroking his cheekbone with your thumb. Even in sleep, he sighs into your touch, and a small smile makes it's way onto your face. After a couple of minutes, Marc's eyes began to open. He immediately smiles at the sight of you laying only inches away from him.
"Mornin', baby," he mutters groggily, the huskiness of his voice sending a chill up your spine the same way it always did when you got to talk to him first thing in the morning.
"Good morning. I was so happy to see you here when I woke up. How was your night?" you ask, wondering what time he had returned home and actually got to sleep for a bit.
"Uneventful," he responds shortly, and you know that he would not indulge you with the details of what he does as Moon Knight even if it had been eventful. "I forgot how good it felt to lay in bed with you. I think I'll stay here all day!" He exclaims, wrapping his arms around your waist and rolling onto his back, pulling you on top of him. You giggle, and revel in the feeling of his hands on your hips, your bare stomachs pressed together.
"Don't you think Steven might have something to say about that? Or Jake? What if one of them had plans today?" You muse. Marc is silent for a minute.
"Actually, it's quiet. Neither of them seem to be around at the moment. Which means..." He drags his fingertips lightly over your hips, down your thigh a bit, and back up your sides. "I get you all to myself."
You lean down and press your lips to his, before quickly pushing yourself up and off the bed.
"But first, breakfast!" You laugh, heading out the door and towards the kitchen. Marc sits up, disappointed that you got out of bed so quickly, but happy enough to watch your underwear-clad backside walking away. After relaxing for a while more in bed, he too throws the blankets to the side and lets his feet hit the cool floor. He sleepily shuffles his way to the kitchen. You had already prepared coffee and pastries, wanting something quick and easy. Marc then took your hand and gently led you back to the bedroom.
"I wasn't kidding about staying here all day," he said, climbing back into the bed and gesturing for you to follow. You had no complaints, crawling right back in besides him and letting him throw an arm around you from behind. You could feel his chest rise and fall against your back, inhaling your scent and relaxing once again into the pillows. You knew that he could use the rest any chance he gets, and you certainly didn't mind spending the day in bed with him. You trace light circles on his arms and hear his breathing slow as he slips back into slumber, but not before tugging you a little bit closer.
When the evening pulls the sun down, while the rest of the world is sleeping, your world will risk his life to protect them. And while it could be hard, these rare, lazy mornings with Marc were more than enough to make up for every lonely night.
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serialkiillerx · 2 days ago
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hldailyupdate · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Harry is now the 4th most listened artist in the world on Spotify, with more than 66 MILLION monthly listeners! (21 May 2022)
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pouco-sutil · 2 days ago
Se a teoria do multiverso for real eu espero que em algum deles no final tenha a gente juntos.
- Pouco Sutil.
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frostandflamesfanfic · 17 hours ago
You Matter to Me (Strange x Reader)
You Matter to Me (Rated T)
Request?: NO
Pairing: Stephen Strange x Reader
Word Count: 1.5k+
Warnings: Self-conscious Stephen, domestic fluff, traumatic flashback
Summary: During a calming baking session within the Sanctum Sanctorum, Stephen has a tough time working through his fears. When you do your best to ease his mind, the two of you end up in a bit of trouble.
Tumblr media
One morning in the Sanctum Sanctorum, there was a sound rarely heard. Somewhere within the great hallways and magical rooms was a kitchen, with a very confused sorcerer and his baker of a significant other. The clinks and clanks of cooking utensils bounced against the walls of the mystical sanctuary, performing an unlikely melody to an otherwise quiet day.
At first, the Cloak of Levitation had been more than willing to help you. It would gather the ingredients and cooking utensils that were too far out of reach. However, when it came to the baking itself, you and Stephen were on your own. You couldn't blame the mystical artifact, though. There was only so much chaos a person could take in a kitchen. Eggshells littered the counter, flour coated your hands, and somehow oil had ended up on the ceiling.
“We only need a quarter of a cup of powdered sugar,” you instructed as you measured out a thing of cocoa powder. There was a streak of flour against your cheek that you hadn't bothered to clean up -- a battle scar from the cupcakes you had baked earlier. “Any more than that and the icing will be too sweet.”
Your boyfriend of a sorcerer grumbled to himself as he attempted to coordinate his hand movements with the package of powder. “Why do they make it so hard to open these things?” 
His frustration was evident in his tone of voice. Stephen was always self conscious of his hands, not to mention his ability to do anything with them. He hated that feeling. Before his accident, he felt like he could do anything. Now here he was, hands shaking and unable to tear a hole into a thin plastic casing. It made him feel less than enough without fail. Every single time.
“Oh, honey,” you giggled at his aggravated pout at the bag. You hated to see him like this but you had to admit it was kind of adorable. As you leaned over to pull open the plastic, you pressed a kiss to his chin. “It’s alright. They’re just tricky.”
Stephen frowned at the measuring cup in his shaking hand. “How much again?” he tried to keep his voice from cracking. He should have known there would be no hiding anything from you.
“Okay, honey,” you lifted a spatula and cocked your hip to the side as he dumped the white substance into the mixing bowl. “What’s the problem?”
“There isn’t a problem.”
“Liar.” You started to cream together the ingredients, smiling at the creamy brown concoction now forming. As you scooped the mixture into a piping bag, you couldn’t resist sneaking a glance at your boyfriend. “There’s something bothering you.”
Stephen sighed. “It’s my hands.”
The spatula you were using to scoop the frosting out of the bowl stilled in the air. Concern for him was evident on your face. “Is the pain back?” you fretted. “Did something happen?”
“No! No, no, not at all,” he assured you. “It’s just...how do you put up with me? With- with this?” He held his hands up for emphasis. The redness on the skin had gone down over the years, scars fading to become less noticeable. They still shook — something Stephen could never control, especially without the Time Stone.
“Oh, honey,” you put the spatula down to scoop his hands into yours. Your thumbs gently traced along his knuckles and you brought them up to lips to press a kiss against them. “I love everything about you. That includes your hands. You might not be able to do everything you used to, but I don’t care.”
Stephen stiffened in your hold. “It’s been seven years-“ he hesitated after you gave him a knowing look. “Fine, two years. I should be able to do more by now! But they’re just useless!”
“Stop that.” You hated using that tone with him, you really did, but you couldn’t bear to hear him like this. He had been through too much- you both had- for him to be so hard on himself. “Please. Stephen, your hands... they’re a reminder of how strong you are, of how you survived. If you didn’t have these scars, you never would have come to Kamar-Taj, become the sorcerer supreme...”
“Saved you from that idiot with a gun...”
A small smile flickered across your face as you remembered the day your paths crossed. You had been coming home after a trip to the bank. Life after being Blipped meant that you needed to get a little financial help. Unfortunately, you and thousands of other people were on the same page. If that wasn’t bad enough, some of them had the ingenious idea to take what they thought they deserved.
That’s how you found yourself staring down at a barrel of a gun.
You hadn’t even heard the gunshot, much less felt it when it went off. The authorities said it was just a trigger-happy thief, but you knew that wasn’t the case. You could see the fear in his eyes when he held the weapon, but his hand was steady. He didn’t regret what he did. What more could a man lose after coming back from the dead? It wasn’t a fatal shot, but you still lost a lot of blood. Shock had overtaken your body to the point you were frozen in the alley you had been corralled into.
Thankfully for you, as your attacker was preparing to take your latest loan, a flash of red material and orange magic came to your rescue. After Stephen apprehended the guy, he helped you with your injuries. You had been fortunate to be shot in the shoulder. If the bullet had been a few inches lower, it would have been a different story, he assured you. He had saved your life that day and to repay him, you asked if he wanted a coffee.
Both of your lives had changed that day. It was as though something was pulling the two of you closer, binding you together. A coffee date led to something much more serious. When Stephen had asked you to move in with him, it had been an adjustment, but a welcome one. The Sanctum Sanctorum hadn’t just become your home. It was your sanctuary, a place where you could feel safe and be with the love of your life. With Stephen, you felt safe and secure. But to hear him question his own usefulness when he’s already done so much for you…
“I love you,” you said simply.
If Stephen was surprised or taken aback by the confession, he didn’t show it. Instead, he merely placed his hands on your waist and stared earnestly into your eyes. “I love you, too,” he replied. “I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just....” Stephen sighed. “It’s just that sometimes it all becomes too much.”
You gave a small nod and toyed with his hands before placing them against your jaw. “I know. But you need to replace the bad memories with good ones. You need to see what I see.”
Stephen traced his thumbs against the shape of your jawline, stroking your cheek in the process. “You’re perfect,” he murmured, blue-green eyes searching yours.
“Perfect doesn’t exist, Strange.”
“I’m looking right at it.” He moved one hand away from your face, angling his body to be closer. You closed your eyes in anticipation of a kiss that you were sure would soon follow. “And it’s sweet, just like....”
He didn’t finish his statement as you felt something smear against your nose. With a yelp of surprise, you opened your eyes to see a large dollop of frosting on the tip of your nose. Somehow your boyfriend had found a way to grip onto the spatula and utilize it as a paint brush against your face.
You gaped at the sorcerer standing in front of you. “Stephen Strange, you did not!”
There was a loud period of laughter from the sorcerer. “I’m sorry, but your face!” he spoke between chortles. “It was priceless, honey.”
Without another thought, you grinned and started to roll up your sleeve. You reached over to the container of flour on the counter. Stephen’s eyes tracked you wildly as you moved the fist back to your side. “Oh, it is on, doctor,” you said as you tossed a handful of flour into his face.
It was the beginning of a very long night, which wasn’t great for the hidden kitchen. Dishes, ingredients, and towels were tossed about the room. By the time you and Stephen had finished with your childish food fight, it looked like a hurricane had infiltrated the Sanctum through the Rotunda of Gateways. The cupcakes and frosting had been long forgotten, with it being nearly two hours before you finally remembered to come back and finish your task. If there was one thing you learned about dating the great Stephen Strange was that every day was an adventure....
.....but you wouldn’t want to change it for the world.
Author's Note: Well, hello there! Yes, I am back with another Stephen fic. I'm so sorry to those who have requested fics that I haven't posted yet. I've hit a bit of a writer's slump and haven't had that right inspiration to crank out those amazing requests. This idea kinda morphed on its own accord in my brain. Who doesn't love domestic Stephen? I have an idea for a Part 2 during the clean up stages, but not sure when or if I'll ever be able to write/post it.
As usual, please don't forget to leave a like, comment, and a reblog! It really helps me out with the Tumblr algorithm and lets me know what type of fics you like reading. If you have a request, too, make sure to check out my guidelines before sending it through my asks/submissions! Until next time, loves!
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irfanmeclisii · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Üzgün ​​olsan bile gülümsemeyi asla bırakma çünkü gülüşüne kimin aşık olabileceğini asla bilemezsin.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
💭 ⊹ ( 𝓟 ) ﹏ 𝗅𝗈𝗏𝖾. 𑁯 ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏
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Tumblr media
I just like to think that they're besties
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
foto de Nataly{♡}>100 Eu @hello-kpop-shine
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Placements THEORY: E.V. Placements🦇
Tumblr media
⚠️!DISCLAIMER!: This is an opinion FROM EXPERIENCE, what I've see recur, If you disagree even when reading this then 🖕, if you have these placements it might not apply to you yet it could if so maybe Tbh utilize it for a better use maybe⚠️
Read this for some guidance incase your curious how they can act📜
🦇PROMINENCE in a vampyric placements such as BML & asteroid lameia(248) for example
🦇Sun-Lilith aspects the sun is ego Lilith is your more darker traits such as a SIN & aspecting eachother could offer a person narscistic traits often speaking of themselves which could be draining
🦇Water BML's water signs are correlated to emotions & BML can be vampiric an energy vampire goes by multiple synonyms such as an emotional vampire
🦇Moon-Pluto aspects Pluto is associated with death but also obtaining(draining) things as it rules the 8th house the moon rules emotions thus the term "emotional/social battery" being drained which is often used by others interracting with Energy vampires
🦇Sun/Saturn-Pluto Aspects These placements can be very self-loathing & think themselves "victims" if manifested badly they may also be extremely Bossy/Pushy/Control-freaks without noticing
🦇Mercury/Saturn-Pluto aspects as mentioned prior Control-feaks but energy vampiristic traits are often displayed via simply communicating with them could just be draining for somebody again they might not see it
🦇This is a theory & if these placements are involved with your chart don't be scared maybe confirm it first & if you're an e.v. maybe put it to better use, if somebody yk has these placements tell them off or take breaks from them if you're feeling drained🦇
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Düşüyordun gözümden, bir yaprak gibi soldun,
Bakamadum geriye, acılara boğuldum
Senle yaşananlari sanma sakın unuttum
Zindan ettun dünyami, bir vardın bir de yoktun
Derdumi kima desem anlamaz
Gözlerum sensuz kalur, yaş akmaz
Acilara alişti bu yüreğum
Ne yapsam yaralarum kapanmaz
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Tumblr media
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homeinthelabyrinth · 2 days ago
I honestly do not know what's going on in my life. But one thing that I am sure of is that this is not how I wanted my life to be.
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Astro observations pt.9 🌈
Tumblr media
the house in your moon may define how you express or deal with your emotions for ex:
Moon 1h: your emotions may show through your facial expressions like sometimes it’s obvious your mad or sad from your face 😭
Moon 2h: your emotions can be attached to a certain materialistic things or your own possessions
Moon 3h:Your emotions are verbalized so you talk about your emotions basically instead of holding it in
Moon 4h:your emotions are private and you keep your emotions to yourself
Moon in 5h :you express your emotions through art or self expression
The decan in your rising sign can also take an approach on your appearance or physical appearance so when u see a rising sign post read the sign your decan is too. To know your rising sign decan press
Underdeveloped Leo placements get insecure and think everything is a competition w their own friends and tend to take their own friend's personalities because they are too insecure to express their own.
omg bro Aries rising females can easily look like dudes sometimes because of their masculine features so if they wanted to act like a dude they would probably pull it off.
from what I've seen I've mainly attracted men with at least one or more cancer, Pisces, and/or libra placement to date or like.
Yk my chart still doesn't explain why when i like someone they don't like me back but when someone likes me i don't like them back like wtf
check you and your father's Lilith to see how you get along, you should also check out both of your moon houses to determine that too.
pisces moon can get really distracted when they see something they like or something interesting and completely forget about what you talked about with them 😭
yall be saying moon in 4h have very nurturing or kind mothers, like no its either that or the complete opposite...
my grandma has a cancer stellium and 10h stellium+ cancer mc and worked at a place where she helped people get jobs and was really nice, she worked there for 20 years and it pretty much makes sense why she did that. She also has Taurus in 9h and is attached to old materialistic things that's 10+ years old.
Pisces Chiron people be lost and victimized in their own mind+they can also get misunderstood when they say something or say their beliefs
Neptunee-Chiron people can take situations that are really threatening good and chill somehow...
Having Saturn in Scorpio can indicate being rlly aggressive and can face serious health issues
you may share one or more placements with your mom or dad for ex; my dad has Leo moon and Aquarius Jupiter and i do too
I'm sun dominant and my period cramps go to my back while my stomach hurts
yes, Taurus are lazy and chill sometimes but they also can have issues w anger.
Tumblr media
pisces juno people can be non-commital or when their married they might need privacy in the relationship
Bruh I fucking swear leo,5h, 8h, Scorpio placements always get critized or insulted for no reason (ik I said this in my last observation but yeah) today some girls started laughing and insulting me because I literally was playing a game (my Saturn 6h and cap mercury holded me back from beating tf outta them ) and then some 40 year old man approaching me and calling me things like bruh Wtf
Having Venus in 11h May indicate friends might catch feelings for you secretly or date ppl through mutual friends
Having Pluto in 7h can make you go through trauma or relationships Can get dark af sometimes
Having Chiron in 9h Can mean that you have trauma revolving traveling or moving a lot, not being able to call anywhere home
From what I’ve seen saturn dom/Saturn aspecting many things or people w a lot of Saturn placements can indicate having difficulties with gaining weigh and can be very slender
Mars-Jupiter placements can be aggressive or rough when it comes to advice or trying to get their point through when they don’t have the intention to😭
Yall know how this generation be smoking weird ass shit or taking random one of a kind things but also be smoking at a young age?+expierimenting with drugs. Well I think it’s the Neptune in Aquarius tbh
Having ceres in sag or Aquarius could mean your parents considered putting you up to adoption or issues with the government when it comes to childcare
scorpio 12h love mystery and “immoral” people so much i swear they would fall in love with their sleep paralysis demon
Pisces moon be getting away with anything a lot of times and people never really hold grudges on them when they do something bad or messed up
cancer mercurys tend to stutter a lot or have a soft/pleasant voice but be very good at communicating emotions
My friend is a saturn dom and he does very good in school and got a chance to be sent to a really good private school
Having a lot of 11h, Uranus, Aquarius placements Afflicted and in Chiron , Pluto, Lilith, Jupiter etc Can mean you get influenced by your friends strongly and Can most likely get in trouble by them
Having 11h in Neptune might indicate having the illusion or being blind to see that some of your friendships or what community your in is toxic and being fake towards u sometimes. You may also dream about people your close too or friends sometimes ex friends.
ok ty 🤗🤗!
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