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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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The cold seeps in through the window
And you let it
To feel a little different
To clear your head
Of the cobwebs gathering there

It looks like rain again
But not yet
The clouds are amassing
Waiting for something

You cannot find the sun again
And the wind feels a little colder
The world a little darker
When did you last see its rays?
Feel its warmth on your skin?
You cannot remember

But as it has been every year so far
You know it will come back
And you just need to hang on
Through the cold and the dark
Frost biting on your clenched hands

Just hang on
And do not let go
Because Spring is coming
And she will bring the Sun

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Early Spring at Black Falls Creek - March 2006

This creek is downstream of Black Falls in northeastern Iowa. You can get to the falls by walking up this creek from a nearby bridge on the roadway. My intent was to get an early Spring image of the falls themselves, but the walk up the creek was just as beautiful.


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