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#spring bonnie
william, why did you draw yourself as a buff two legged rabbit person?
that's my fursona
your fucking WHAT.
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Li Zhen and Victorino (Pit Springbon)

Rei’s adoptive parents. They are total himbo’s who are in love with each other and fully support their son. However, they also trend to act immature at times which often makes it difficult to tell who’s taking care of who.

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i sure hope the water doesn’t make the springlocks go-

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Some Fnaf doodles I did days ago without ref., but worked on again today


Just did them for a bit o’ fun, practice, and to see what I can remember/do. i still suck at hair. XD

yes. Will is in a dress. I needed it in my life while i work on the other drawing of him in one.


Fnaf: Scott Cawthon

Ruby Aria (that’s her name for now at least) is a Fnaf OC by: Me (Corrupted Nightshade)

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  1. Hello! I’m simply a Fnaf addict, I roleplay, I draw And I most importantly sleep. I have several AUs, And still finding more theories. I mostly focus on the Aftons, but It’s never wrong to focus on the animatronics.
  2. My favorite Afton personally must be William Afton: For alot of reasons
  3. My favorite animatronic must be, woops I love them all.
  4. I follow the lore, but adding my little touches to finish an AU is a hobby.
  5. I’m gonna make alot of Fnaf fanart, I hope they turn out well.
  6. If you have any suggestion on what to draw or A theory, an AU you want to share with me, I’d love to know.
  7. Last but not least, If you have any question, Don’t hesitate to ask me.
  • For people who don’t know what’s an AU. AU= Alternate Universe.
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Fredbear and Bonbon concept for promotional material belonging to Fredbear’s Family Diner

©1977 Amelia Afton. Characters are property of Fazbear Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

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has the strength to kill the fright guard with his bare hands after rotting away in the safe room for 30 years
also springtrap
can't break out of said safe room boarded up with 30 year old wooden boards
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So, here to explain why the fic wasn’t updated. Multiple reasons! I’m hoping to have it up tomorrow.

Firstly, the chapter is too short and lacks description, so I’m going to go over it. I just wasn’t satisfied with it.

Second, look at these two who arrived today =:3


I even got to play a few hours alongside my wife @katvara​. Wife played FNAF 1, I played FNAF 3. In response to us playing, my wife drew these little shorts of us [well, the things we said when we played..):


My wife was not amused with how long Chica stood outside the door.


Let’s just say Springtrap is an aggressive bro on console for some reason and I wasn’t having it.

Edit: I did some warm ups to get some comic pages done before my big week and I sort of did a redraw of my scene in them. Also, just generally a lot of Spring Bonnie cuz I enjoy drawing him. The hanged one is from Into the Pit.


So, of course, we wanted to stream the games for our best friend Desty, but… Guess who decided to get the White Light of Death, after only a measely five years:


RIP PS4 Slim. I can’t afford to fix you. Yet.

So I’m taking on an art job that can pay for the repairs, but… it’s going to use up all my time this week, so I may not get to update. I will resume the schedule on the 25th pending any more issues with the job. 

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William: Henry there are children here

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ITP: Happy Ending AU !!

ik the ending in ITP is already a happy ending but y'all know i love Spring Bonnie so <3 i made it even happier

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always remember kids! don’t fucking trust the man in the yellow rabbit costume.

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