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#spring court

The first time when Feyre raised a shield to protect herself in the study, Tamlin went out of his mind knowing that he has been locked out. Blocked from her.


But Feyre heard him, pleading and sorry, and she dropped her shields for him to come. She was trembling from what had happened, still she heard him, understood him.

But when she was pleading to Tamlin to take her out with him, was at the verge of being out of her mind. He locked her inside.

He gods damned locked her inside without even a second thought. He didn’t listen to her. Didn’t understand her. Didn’t even try to understand what she had been going through. He kept her cooped up for HIS PEACE OF MIND BUT WHAT ABOUT HER PEACE OF MIND?

She pleaded him. She begged him to take her. And he locked her.


When he was locked out she had let him in because she understood him.

But when she was locked inside, he didn’t even turn back.

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I know that Feyre will end up with Rhysand and I thought that her relationship with Tamlin must be bad. Turns out I actually like them. They are kinda cute. (I’m currently reading acotar)

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✳︎ . ⋆ *゚ | introducing royal haishe of the spring court. they have arrived at the high court and rumor has it they are neutral to the peace treaty signed 100 years ago. they are a fifty-seven year old high faerie and you know they’re around when you get flashes of the gentle, lingering smell of jasmine flowers, a stray lock of hair escaping from carefully made braids, intricately decorated knives hidden under clothing and the drop of blood drawn by rose thorns. ₓ  ( song jiyang, genderfluid, he/they )

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hi everyone im thinkin about,,,,,, springtime

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Warnings: Tamlin is being portrayed as he is in ACOMAF and ACOWAR. Trigger warnings include fantasy violence, misogyny, swearing, and Tamlin being an uncontrollable rage beast (no domestic violence !!)

        The next two days were the most nerve-racking of his life. He had never had trouble with women, nor had he had an issue with bringing people to the Spring Court. It was just knowing that he was bringing an unknown variable into his and Feyre’s life that was making him feel as though he was going to be sick to his stomach.

        Feyre had been through so much lately. She had gone up against Amarantha, had been through hell and back, and still was finding it hard to sleep. How could he dare bring someone else into their home? Someone that could potentially ruin all that they had? He felt rather selfish. He felt as though he shouldn’t be doing any of this.

        And yet he knew it would be the biggest mistake of his life if he just let Lyriel go.

        She stood in the entryway of the palace, a bag over her shoulder and her fingers clenching and unclenching. She looked as if she would be more comfortable with a dagger in her hand. With any sort of weapon really. He briefly wondered if he should be afraid of her, but the thought nearly made him laugh.

        He was a warrior. Born and bred. A beast with no control over his temperament nor over how he was perceived by the people around him. He didn’t need to be afraid of a girl with snowy hair and a lean build. He doubted she’d even be able to scratch him.

        “Are you ready?” Lyriel looked over her shoulder at him, anxiety written in her evergreen eyes. “Or are we just going to stand here all morning?”

        Her tone was enough to drive him mad. He wondered how anyone could stand to hear that condescending voice of hers. Or was that saved for him? Surely Kallias would have said something about it by now. He wouldn’t have let it go on for this long.

        “Have you ever winnowed before?” He questioned, one eyebrow-raising as he looked down at her.

        She was not a short woman. Not by any means. He just seemed to tower over everyone he came across. Even if he hadn’t been the biggest of his brothers, he was still a tall man.

        “I haven’t had the pleasure,” she said stiffly, her fingers continuing that clenching movement. He wondered briefly if it was a nervous habit. If it was, he wanted to know where it had come from. 

        He scowled at the thought. He shouldn’t give a damn about anything that she did. He and Feyre, that was what mattered. Feyre was the only woman he needed. The only one he would ever want. He was just bringing Lyriel back in order to see what he could get out of their bond. If there was anything he could even get. 

        “Just close your eyes and it’ll be over before you know it,” he stated as he wrapped one arm around her waist. His grip was a tad bit tighter than it had to be, his fingers digging into her hip. He could feel the dagger she had strapped there. He doubted it was the only weapon on her person. She had to have multiple hidden on her. After all, she had reeked of muck and blood when they had first met.

        He could still smell the scent of blood on her. He wondered if it had just become a part of her at this point.

        Tamlin closed his eyes, picturing the gardens of Rosehall in his mind’s eye. He could smell the overwhelming scent of roses, the lilies that had just begun to bloom. He could hear the birds chirping happily and the splash of the fountains. Home. All of it was his home. The only place he had ever felt as though he didn’t have to hide who he was. Even if that had really only been a recent development.

        The pair were swept up in a wind that smelled like roses, the same scent that made him feel so at ease. 

        His eyes opened as his feet touched the sweeping grounds in front of his manor home. He quickly released Lyriel, stepping away from her and clearing his throat once.

        “Welcome to Rosehall,” he stated as he began to walk towards the door. He didn’t give himself a second to look back at her reaction to the place.

        However, that did not stop him from hearing it.

        “It’s boiling here,” she complained as she followed him into the house. “I’ve never seen so many flowers in one place either.” He had no clue if it was a complaint or something more.

        “Yes, yes, it’s a lovely place,” Tamlin spoke as he led her to the dining room. He barely gave her time to look over the large, beautiful manor. It was less extreme than the ice palace of the winter court. Yet, he was certain it was better in every single way. He doubted that anything in the world could be better than Rosehall. He doubted anything could be better than the Spring Court.

        He turned his head to speak to her, just in time to watch her strip off the fur-lined sweater that she wore. He almost gulped at the sight. However, that would have been the stupid thing to do. Instead, he just glared at her.

        "What do you think you’re doing?“

        "I’m hot,” Lyriel stated as she shoved the sweater into the bag that now rested on the floor beside her. The satchel was just worn brown leather. It could have held anything in the world. Yet, it more than likely held all her worldly possessions. He was somewhat surprised to see her lay it so carelessly on the floor. “I didn’t realize how … Warm the Spring Court was going to be.”

        He nearly laughed at that. “Did you expect it to be cold?”

        “I wasn’t sure what to expect, really,” she admitted, seeming rather unsure as she spoke. Her fingers were no longer clenching and unclenching. Instead, she had gripped the dagger that she had hidden underneath that sweater. He could now see that several weapons were lining her hips and her corset. She had also managed to strap one to each bicep. That seemed to be where the faint scent of blood was coming from.

        There was a dried spot of blood dotting her right bicep. It looked as though she had been in a rush when hiding her knives. He tried not to find it endearing.

        “We’ll have to get you appropriate clothing then,” he stated as she began to survey the room. He could see her counting the exits and seeing where she was safest. He briefly wondered if she assumed that he would just let her die in his household. He doubted that would be a good look for him after all. “I don’t think it would be appropriate for you to walk around like that.”

        Lyriel turned around in time to watch his gesture toward her clothing. The leather pants and corset weren’t exactly Spring Court fashion. The fur-lined knee-high boots did not help either. 

        Even if it did look rather fetching on her.

        “I don’t see myself staying here long,” Lyriel stated as she looked away from him. He hated that she didn’t keep looking at him. It seemed as though she found the dining table more interesting than him. “Once your blushing bride realizes who I am I doubt she’ll want me around.”

        “She’ll probably want you around to keep me from annoying her too much,” Tamlin was shocked by his own words. Feyre had never complained about how he treated her. At least not really. He just didn’t know why he had said it. Perhaps he had just wanted Lyriel to laugh. Or perhaps he was just trying to make her feel more comfortable around him.

        At least then he could get her to tell him just what he could gain from her.

        “That’s doubtful,” she stated, releasing her hold on the dagger on her hip. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, staring at him with those pine eyes. It sent a chill down his spine, making him wonder if she was someone that he should have brought into his home. “No, she’ll ask me to get out of here. Just like you will when you’re done with me.”

        Tamlin raised an eyebrow at her words, shocked that she had read him so well so soon. He worried that she had a way into his mind. The bond couldn’t let her see everything. Could it?

        “What exactly do you mean by that, Lyriel?”

        “Well, you’re clearly in love with her. I’m probably just here so you can figure out how best to ignore whatever this thing,” she waved her hand between the two of them, “is." 

        He shook his head slightly as he listened to her words. Just because they were true didn’t mean he was going to admit to it. "Right,” he said as he looked over at her. “I think you’re a little too concerned about this.”

        She rolled her eyes, looking away from him once again. He didn’t know why it hurt him so much when she did that. Was he that unlovable? The one person who was always supposed to love him seemed to want nothing more than to look away from him. To be as far from him as possible.

        His stomach clenched at the very thought. There was nothing that either of them could do about it either.

        “I think you’re not telling yourself the truth,” she stated as she took a seat that was normally Feyre’s. He wanted to snap at her to move, but he knew better. 

        For now, he was playing the role of the sweet man. The one who was a friend and an ally to her. If only so they could figure out this whole mess and he could get everything out of this. The Winter Court wouldn’t dare go against him if he had a political alliance because of a mate. It was the best of both worlds and he knew it.

        He just hoped it didn’t all blow up in his face.

        Tamlin sank into his normal seat at the head of the table, straight across from Lyriel. Although the table had been stretched out by nearly six feet, keeping her far from him. He waved his hand once and food appeared on the long table. The smells of roasted chicken and pork wafted into the hallway.

        Lyriel’s stomach gave a loud growl. Tamlin almost laughed at the sound.

        “Does Kallias not feed you?” He questioned as he began to make himself a plate. He didn’t particularly care what he grabbed. Steamed mushrooms in a dark gravy spread over his roast chicken, a small mound of mashed potatoes were seated beside a bed of leafy greens that smelled of roasted garlic and olive oil. He had ignored the pork entirely. It was only there for Lucien and they all knew it.

        “He did,” she stated as she piled her plate high. He had never seen anyone take so many rolls before. She had piled five that he could see on top of her assorted meats and other goodies. “I just didn’t get the chance to eat breakfast. And I pulled the late shift last night, so I missed dinner.”

        Tamlin’s eyebrow rose in surprise as he listened to her. Surely that should not have happened if she was someone important. Although, Lucien had missed a few meals because of sentry duty and emissary duties. All things that he could see her doing. He just had to hope he was right about this whole thing. “How often does this happen?”

        “Not often,” she said a bit too quickly. She refused to look at him, biting almost savagely into a roll that she had stuffed with chicken, pork, and the leafy greens. She let out a noise that he had only ever heard Feyre utter in the bedroom after she took her first bite. 

        Tamlin tried not to think of how she looked so happy, so pleased. Just to eat. It reminded him far too much of when Feyre had first come to Rosehall. When they had first fallen in love.

        Thankfully, he was not left alone with Lyriel. If he had been, he would have said or done something stupid in no time. Lucien strolled in, his eyes focused on the food instead of on their guest. 

        “You stayed later than I thought you would,” Lucien stated as he sank down into a chair on Tamlin’s left side. 

        “I had more business to attend to,” Tamlin nodded once towards Lyriel, Lucien’s metal eye whirled until it found her. A shocked expression came across his face upon seeing the Winter Court soldier.

        “You stole a soldier?” Lucien questioned, causing the girl to glare at him. Lyriel’s evergreen gaze was full of unbridled rage and heat. Enough that it would have scared the shit out of Tamlin had it been on her. If only he would have known that she would soon enough turn that gaze on him multiple times a day.

        “No one stole me,” she stated before taking a long sip of a dark red wine that was a specialty of the Spring Court. It tasted of berries and sunshine, magically enhanced by some of the other lords. It was Tamlin’s favorite vintage. “He asked me to come and I agreed. We have some business together. Nothing more and nothing less.”

        She was a good liar. He would have to keep that information in his back pocket.

        “I see,” Lucien’s normal eye was now locked on Lyriel while the metal one narrowed at Tamlin. The High Lord of the Spring Court was always unnerved when his friend turned his metal gaze upon him. Although he would never in his life admit to that. He didn’t want Lucien to know that anything about him was frightening. 

        Lyriel did not look away from Lucien’s stare, her eyes every bit as focused as Lucien’s. It was somewhat distracting to watch the two of them just staring each other down. Tamlin briefly wondered if he needed to clear the table. If a brawl were to break out he didn’t exactly want to have to deal with the scent of roasted pork clinging to the drapes. 

        Lyriel looked away after a moment, turning her attention to her meal instead of to either of the men sitting before her.

        “Have you seen Feyre yet?” Lucien asked Tamlin, his own attentions brought back to the food. Although Tamlin highly doubted that his truest friend would quit questioning why Lyriel was even there. Nor would he tell Lucien the truth. He wouldn’t say a word to anyone about it. They didn’t need to know. 

        Not now. Not ever.

        “I just got in,” he admitted with a shrug of his shoulders. “I was going to see her after I ate. I thought it would be for the best.”

        “Ianthe’s got her looking over wedding plans again. I think she might start to go mad if she has to look at any more though.” Lucien stated as he cut a piece of the pork with his dagger.

        “Ianthe’s more excited about this than any of us,” he pointed out with a slight smile. “It’s been far too long since we’ve had anything to celebrate." 

        Tamlin was eager to spend the rest of his life with Feyre. She was the moon and the stars. She was all that he had ever wanted, all he would ever want. He wasn’t sure how he had ever doubted Feyre. When they had first met, he had been sure that she would never in her life want anything to do with him. He had been certain that she would wind up killing him in the middle of the night. But instead she had gone out and risked her life for him. He was somewhat scared that she would wise up and leave him after she found out she could do better.

        Perhaps that was why he had decided to keep her at the Spring Court for as long as physically possible. There was too much cause for him to be rather scared that she would end up vanishing before his eyes. 

        Not only that but it was easier to keep track of her that way. He didn’t have to worry about that insane dealing she had made with Rhysand either. Lucien had been doing his best to find the answers at the Day Court, but so far they had found absolutely nothing. Rhysand hadn’t shown up either. That in itself was enough to cause Tamlin to grow concerned. Something was brewing. Something that he just didn’t quite understand.

        "And what of the Winter Court?” Lucien asked as he looked over at Lyriel. Tamlin could always count on him to attempt to be friendly. Friendly enough for both of them.

        “We’ve celebrated as much as we can considering…” She trailed off, suddenly picking at her food instead of devouring it as she had been.

        Tamlin cleared his throat once as Lucien paled slightly. “Stupid question, don’t mind him. He doesn’t think before speaking.”

        Lucien shot him a glare. “You’ll find that I’m not the only one like that in the Spring Court.”

        Lyriel almost smiled at that. He noticed the slight twitch of her lips, the way she had exhaled slightly harder than before. She was either amused or annoyed. Either way, he was going to count it as a good thing. He hoped that he could have a good thing happen at least once a day. Or a week depending on if they even saw each other that often.

        “So, I take it you two are friends,” she nodded once between the pair as she continued to casually pick at her plate. He doubted that they should have brought up celebrations within the Winter Court. Those loses had been far too great. Nearly the greatest cost in any of the Courts. Actually, it probably had been.

        “Lucien is my right hand. He helps me run the Spring Court,” he introduced the metal-eyed man.

        “Among other things,” Lucien smirked slightly before taking a sip of his rich, red wine. “I’m more curious on who you are though.”

        “Lyriel Chaeren,” she said as she looked at Lucien once more. She kept her eyes on the man, not backing down. Tamlin wondered if she backed down from anything. “And we aren’t friends. As I said before, we have business together. Hopefully, it will be dealt with by the wedding. I wouldn’t want to impose.”

        Tamlin could read between the lines. She didn’t want to stick around and see him marry someone else. He couldn’t blame her. Although, he didn’t want to deal with her disappearing from his life. It was a weird thing to be a mated man. He couldn’t deny that he wanted her to be near him. Nor could he deny that he wanted to forget that this whole thing had happened. He couldn’t hurt Feyre like that. Not when she had risked everything to be with him. Not when he had fallen so in love with her that it physically hurt him to think of her in a dangerous situation.

        He was trapped in a cycle that he had no idea how to get out of. It was almost worse than being stuck in that godsforsaken mask for all those years. At least he had known there was a way to get out of that. All he could do now was hope and pray that he could manage this without too much difficulty. 

        Lucien looked between the pair, feeling the tension between them. It was somewhat concerning to see how Lyriel was staring down at her plate as if it had insulted her family name. She looked as though she would attack it with any of the multitudes of blades strapped to her body. Tamlin didn’t dare believe that he could see all of them. She was prepared for anything. Maybe a bit too prepared.

        Yet, she was not the only one who was tense at that moment. Tamlin was gripping the arms of his chair, his claws close to the surface. He kept them in. Kept himself from going into that rage monster that he knew he was as he did not want Lucien to know that something was so wrong.

        It had absolutely nothing to do with not wanting to scare Lyriel. 

        He would go to his grave saying that he didn’t care if he scared Lyriel or not. She was nothing to him. Despite the ache in his chest to be near her. Despite the fierce need that he felt in order to protect him. He shoved those feelings as far down as he possibly could. If only to keep himself from ruining everything that he had built in this court. Lyriel was not going to ruin him. Lyriel was not going to be the downfall of the Spring Court.

        As of now, they were the most important court in all of Prythian. They were the ones responsible for ending Amarantha. Well, Feyre was responsible. But she belonged to Tamlin which meant she belonged to his court. He wouldn’t let a soldier ruin the acclaim they had so recently received.

        The door opened. With it came the scent of stars and the woods in the middle of the night. Feyre. His Feyre.

        She waltzed into the room, Tamlin’s eyes never leaving her tall, willowy frame. She stopped only feet from the table, her brow creasing slightly as she took in the Fae woman sitting in her normal spot. Feyre’s eyes traveled over Lyriel’s shoulders, her cleavage, and as far as she could see. He could tell she was counting each and every blade that Lyriel possessed.

        “Tam,” her voice was a song that had never been sung so beautifully. A song he yearned to learn to play. “Who is this?”

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I just realised that the Autumn court have no holidays. If they do then it’s not mentioned.

Winter and Night court celebrate winter solstice

Summer , day, dawn and spring court celebrate summer solstice.

But there is no such holiday for Autumn….

Also , the humans don’t have any such Holidays as Nesta said…

And the cover of a court of silver flames is most likely relatable to the Autumn court….

There is therefore a possibility of Nesta visiting the Autumn court,

A possible Eris x Nesta romantic if not, platonic relationship…

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I just realised that there are no solstice holidays in the Autumn court…just like there isn’t in the human realms as Nesta said in acofas…


The winter and the night court celebrate the winter solstice

The summer, spring day and dawn court celebrate the summer solstice

This would then mean that the Autumn court is somehow similiar to the human realms….

And the similarity might make Nesta somewhat at ease..

Because, acosf’s cover is considered to be related to the Autumn court. ( Orange colour)

So that would mean that Nesta might visit the autumn court..

Where a possible Eris x Nesta relationship might take place, Platonic or Romantic..

This might take place because ( I read somewhere ) that Eris and Nesta are almost the same!!!

Infact we would know more about them!!

Now I want an Eris x Nesta friendship. Because I know Sarah has made Nessian canon.

( not that I hate Nessian. I love Nessian!! It’s just that there is only one book of 687 Nessian pages)

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When I tell people I want to be high lady of the spring court, I don’t mean as Tamlin’s wife OH NO I mean as a usurper who gained the trust of the creatures of the land in secret and went to all the other courts proposing a better plan that would benefit not only the spring court but theirs as well so they too had my back, and who one foggy morning, marched up to the castle with my rag tag army who fights not with skill but with passion, overthrows tamlin and leaves him to face the consequences of his abusive nature, takes the thrown and abolishes the tax system, wins the support of the people through love not fear, and restores the land into a thriving, beautiful spring court that cares about fae and humans alike. Also I want a butterfly crown.

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