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lunchboxpoems · 2 months ago
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dangerousdaydreaming · 4 months ago
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- Trilliums, Mary Oliver.
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arithehotty · 5 months ago
Kiss me in the spring, so i know why it feels like to come alive like a season
-N.R Hart
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xoxojoka · 3 months ago
"My true love has never been given away as much as I could and as I desire,"
— Desanka Maksimović, "Spring Poem"
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wayward-birdie · 4 months ago
springtime acrostic
soft sunlight streams upon fresh blooms  peaceful birdsongs fill the air rain falls gently to the ground inspiring  new growth as nature makes itself known; groggy from their winter rest the trees take up budding green tresses in turn the birds create new nests moving back north as winter comes to an end eternally the pattern goes as spring rounds the bend
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deadpoetsfool · 3 months ago
Down By the Pond-A Sestina
~Footsteps after snow trail a path to the pond
No sounds of bird twitters or a hint of a song
Brushing brambles and branches from snowflaked hair,
Curling for warmth on the blanketed banks...
A forest embalmed in cold icy haze
Illumining with bright sunset these frosted winter days.
Splashing in miry puddles on cool misty days 
Feral celebration, every rivulet a pond!
Heavy clouds weighed by raindrops shower the air with haze
Shrill cries of hyper birds awaken the world with song
Dancing on sloshy slippery mud-streaked banks
With sky-drenched sopping hair...
Fronds of willows dance as a great queen’s crown of hair
Burst with chaotic life, these pink-tinted sun-kissed days
Iris, crocus, daffodil bedazzle the jewelled banks,
Lush fox and dainty cubs hunt goslings skittering across the pond
Every nest and rabbit hole resounding with thankful song!
In praise of spring’s new hope that fills forest bogs like haze
Oppressive sticky summer clogs with muggy haze
Groggy sunny weather on frazzled tired hair
Flowers drench the air with drowsy siren song,
Living every second like the final tragic day
Shimmering reflection of galaxies deep in the pond...
Singing old melodies down by the banks
Whispers of autumn breeze as we sit at the banks
Mystery and magic swirl like fairies in October haze
Red and orange maples float past in the pond
Sleeping in our lives, nestling our hair
Ballads of caravans and long-lost lovers drift through the autumn days
Drunk on the death of the world and the birth of our song...
Each perfect snowflake is nature’s unlikely song
Look up, close your eyes, and smile at the snow on the banks,
Recounting the seasons and the endless passing of days
What is lost and gained through a teary misty haze...
Snow angels and recycled memories crystalize the hair
Weaving our months renewed in the forest ‘round the pond
Our song mediates the twisted, forgotten haze
As on the banks of the river desperate sinners wash their hair
The cycle of days complete renews the pond again~
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the-shooting-star · 2 months ago
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Robert Frost, Mending Wall
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the-hearth-and-the-wild · 3 months ago
On a balcony of the tower
I play my flute and watch
The Spring rain.
I wonder
If I ever
Will go home and see
The tide bore
In Chekiang River again.
Straw sandals, an old
Begging bowl, nobody
Knows me. On how many
Bridges have I trampled
The fallen cherry blossoms?
Su Man Chu, “Exile in Japan”
(Translated from the Chinese by Kenneth Rexroth)
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eldritchbathtub · 4 months ago
Between Suspension and Bloom
Frost clings to dandelion manes,
Winter’s cold hands,
Wrapped around spring’s radiance
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bloodintoink-blog · 4 months ago
His pink melts me into water
His green burns me into ashes
His black rots me into rubbish
His red slits me into pieces
yellow shines, grey dulls
The spring never ends
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karbonklorida · 6 months ago
Last Petals
I thought i could pull myself Out of this dark place It really just got darker than pitch black If, just if I was given the chance to choose Would it possible to never be me? You said you're setting me free I thought, you're just giving up on me Is there any difference? Everyone kept saying that there would be a rainbow after the storm When in fact i got unending hurricane What was the color of a rainbow? Did it really exist? Between the lie and the truth I watch the last petals Dried and crumble Like every memories of us I think i fooled myself Didn't even know from the look on your face The time has come to untie the lace If, just if I was given the chance to choose Would it possible to switch place? You said you're setting me free I thought, you're just giving up on me Am i out of my senses? And i go back to that day in February When all the lines start getting blurry In the last drop of my 22s I think i'll set you free I'm setting you free I said, "I'm setting you free" I'll grow older, welcome my 23s But i bet you have me in the back of your mind Oh, you're setting me free I'm setting you free Here's our pristine feelings We both win the games But, if we really are the winner why we lost things?
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xayaat · 19 days ago
remember me this way
w/generous sunshine on my cheeks
&water droplets on grapes
i've spent my whole life being afraid of change
but now i just observe as the events pass me by
so remember me like this
as you take photos of me on the grass
&i endorse ultraviolence by making daisy chains
decorating my nafs
i can't believe you love me so remember me this way
w/roses in my hijab
spring causing me to sneeze cute sneezes
candy painted nails
&victorian sculptures
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autumncottageattic · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
walk with me to the apple trees
when the clouds turn pink and peach.
when skylarks soar across the fields
and time slips out of reach.
We'll sit a while under the boughs
and whisper all that we should say
till our heartbeats are no longer ours
like wings on a summer's days.
- by Ellis Nightingale
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kiramalibu · a year ago
he says that i must change with the season
or i’ll drown in the depression and
stop looking for a reason
to seek help or stay alive
but tonight i begged him to let me sit with
the weather that winter brings
because when the world shifts to spring
will i still enjoy this?
can i love myself enough to free myself
from the layers that i use as shelter?
what’s the point of change if it doesn’t
make me feel better?
kira malibu
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bardic-soul · a year ago
Flowers Bloom Anew
Snow gives way to songbird calls Sunshine warms as the world thaws Animals out of burrows are drawn And flowers bloom anew Please do not reblog to NSFW/18+ blogs
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thanatophobia-thoughts · 9 months ago
Fair daffodils, we weep to see You haste away so soon; As yet the early-rising sun Has not attain'd his noon. Stay, stay Until the hasting day Has run But to the evensong; And having pray'd together, we Will go with you along. We have short time to stay, as you, We have as short a spring; As quick a growth to meet decay, As you, or anything. We die As your hours do, and dry Away Like to the summer's rain; Or as the pearls of morning's dew, Ne'er to be found again.
Robert Herrick
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deadpoetlynn · a year ago
A Gift
A raindrop strikes the ground Every drop a kiss The dirt softens to mud Our garden accepts the sky’s gift  When the sun returns She will offer a gift of her own The most beautiful blooms of her most precious fruits A gorgeous sight And a lovely gift Made even more beautiful by the gentle touch of morning light
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