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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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Hi! So after a year I finally finished this comic-

@fandoms-on-repeat made this small fic story and I liked the idea so in September 2020 I started the comic and finished it today lol

Sorry for the wait ^^’

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Felt like comparing the 7 years apart this is ohboy

Mia scolding Springtrap not to scare her big brother Jack cuz I said so

Still a work in progress -3-

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<div> —  <b>Gray! Springtrap/William Afton, to most of the reprogrammed Glamrock animatronics who were all trying to Capture both Jackrow and Luz.</b> </div><span>Hunt those children down, NOW!!! If we are to succeed in killing these nuisances, Then “I” will finally gain the promotion that I deserve!!</span>
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Me after seeing the “rate my PC set up” and the glitchy DbD logo pics, giving me hopes for a Fnaf chapter: :D

Me after seeing the “nEw GoRl” :


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Slightly disturbing Springtrap pfp below the cut!

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springtrap: i ate a cat

henry: you make me want to cry. that’s (in my opinion) kind of cruel. but even so, i do respect YOUR opinion.

springtrap: i will eat another

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Вместо дз. Впервые его рисую 🚬🗿

Недавно решила вспомнить фнаф и охренела. Я ведь ушла из фандома после 5го.

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FNAF VR is very scary will agree but listen.

Springtrap looks damn adorable. Look at those big eyes. 

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“Glitch”: Pfft, you’re pathetic like the robo-suit you’re stuck in.

Spring: But… I’m you.

“Glitch”: hahaha— YOU W E R E.

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