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This is a rant about The Timeless Children so you’re welcome to scroll past. However, it’s not about the timeless child itself or Ruth or anything like that. It’s about the Master and the cybermen.

When The Timeless Children came out, we were all talking about the timeless child timeline and stuff because that all matters more. I am now zen with the fact that Ruth makes no sense whatsoever, but with that comes noticing other issues about the episode that I haven’t seen talked about anywhere else yet.

The Master killed every time lord on Gallifrey. He froze their corpses because he’s a hoarder and thought “hm these might come in handy someday.” They did. He used they’re regeneration energy for the new cyber army. But if the time lords were already dead,,,,, then how do they still have regeneration energy?

That’s not even the part I’m mad mad about. The Master and the Gallifreyan cybermen are invincible. That means you cannot kill them. Not in all, but in most episodes of Doctor Who, they don’t try to kill things!!! They use tricks, traps, and peace! So not only is killing the Master (and the cybermen even though they are dead) unlike the Doctor, but IT’S LITERALLY THE ONE THING THEY PHYSICALLY CANNOT DO!!!!!!! THEY’RE INVINCIBLE!!! (ALSO YOU CAN’T KILL CORPSES!!!) They’re just going to regenerate. We never see the Master or even the cybermen dead so it’s painfully obvious that they’re all still alive. Yet, the Doctor thinks the day has been saved somehow.

Literally nothing happens in The Timeless Children besides backstory. Everything contradicts itself.

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So… I hit 100 followers!🖤


Thank you so much! It honestly blows my mind that many people decided to support me and stick around to see what i post! To everyone who’s ever dropped a like, commented on my fics, reblogged my strange and unusual posts or just popped by to check out the scenery, thank you all! It means so much to see you all interacting with and showing so much love to my little corner of the sacha loving universe. I hope you’re all staying safe and i’ll hopefully have some more fics out to you very soon. Thankyou all once again! ❤-G


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@sclfmastery​ continued from here


The sight of blood wasn’t exactly uncommon in the TARDIS, she was used to it, so as she entered the room where he was, she didn’t even flinch as the sight of her pilot covered in crimson liquid.

I could always try and delete the footage from here.She proposed, at least they wouldn’t have to move, it certainly would be easy to do, it would only require a couple of seconds.

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