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Dick: *sleeps with one of his team members*
Dick: I just did a bad thing! I regret the thing I did!
Dick: You're wondering what it is, I'll tell you what I did.
Dick: I just did a bad thing.
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Well, since everyone chooses to forget them despite being the main characters, I've decided to ask: what kind of headcanons do you have regarding the main Pac-Pack (Pacster, Spiral, and Cyli)? Any little details really, idk.

Sure, why not! (Hm, wonder why the heroes of the show aren’t more popular…… *shrugs* Eh, probably has nothing to do with a certain fire ghost in any way….)


- He’s a total history buff, and the ghost war was one of his favorite topics to read about before he actually met real ghosts……

-Pac was home-schooled for a time before he started Maze high, so as you can imagine, it was difficult for him to get used to real school…..

-He doesn’t have a favorite restaurant(all food is delicious to him, how can he choose just one?), but he really likes the burgers from Pac-it in-Burger

-He’s also watched a lot of Pac-Pong with his Aunt Spheria in the past(their favorite players are Thunder and Lightning, a famous Pac-pong duo)

- (a random one) Back when he first started going to Maze High, he was basically “that weird kid with the freaky food powers”, so he didn’t make a lot of friends during the first few weeks of school.(He tried to not show how bothered he was by that)


-He’s part of the school basketball team due to his height(he plays center)

-He and Pac watch a lot of bad horror films together, mainly because the crazy special effects and terrible dialogue are awesome(the best ones they’ve seen is The Murderous Skeleton of Doom and People vs Colossal Bunnies, which is pretty self explanatory)

-He’s got a low jerk tolerance, and if someone hurts one of his friends, he won’t hesitate to protect his friends

-Took karate classes for a few years before they ended up clashing with basketball practice(he got up to a green belt)

-(random one) He was actually one of the first people who made an effort to talk to Pac at school, mainly because he was sick of the way everyone else teased Pac. Pac wasn’t sure why one Spyral was talking to him at first, but they eventually became friends


-Her middle name is Stardrop, and it’s the only hippieish part about her

-She listens to a lot of punk bands and feminist rock (Hey Violet, My chemical romance), but she’s also a huge Beatles fan

-Occasionally she’ll drop a phrase like “groovy”(out of habit), but wave it off

-The reason for the whole goth look? She wasn’t comfortable as a “flower child”, but she feels more in her own skin as a goth(she’s on a spiritual journey, as her grandma would say)

-She had a crush on Spheria Supreima when she was twelve(and she still knid of does…..)

(That’s all I’ve got for now, hope ya like them!)


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