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#squid game x reader
sparkleswonderland · 2 days ago
hi! celestial symbolism obsessed girl over here. I wanted to request some head canons for Saebyeok and a female reader who are both in college. something along the lines of them maybe being awkward or not getting along at first, but then they have an epic ass slow burn love story from them going from strangers to friends to lovers. would love if any college themed activities are used, like parties, classes, nature trips, festivals, heading downtown -- I'm in college, so living vicariously lmao.
Tumblr media
cw — bad words sometimes !
a/n — hi celestial symbolism obsessed anon girl! thank your so much for being my first ever request. here are you headcannons that i tailored especially to you <3 i appreciate you very much and hope you like these, at least a little bit lol. (p.s, i’ve never taken Astronomy, so don’t hate me for any inaccuracies!)
synopsis — you and Kang Saebyeok were just coincidental project partners in Professor Gi-Hun’s Astronomy course… you never envisioned yourselves falling in love.
Tumblr media
— Your college life coming into collision with Kang Saebyeok’s had been arranged completely by coincidence of the cosmos.
— It’s still bewilders you to this day that you hadn’t noticed her brooding existence until second semester final projects where whirling around in your shared Astronomy class— Both of you had been attending the same midnight science studying seminar, listening to your nutty professor, Dr. Gi-Hun rant aimlessly for the entire year.
— Astronomy was your most favored course, just as Prof Gi-Hun was teacher dearest, though his antics often blurred the lines of overly-enthusiastic educator and caffeinated crazy man.
— One of his favorite activities was forcing his poor students to awkwardly and anonymously choose their project partners by a randomized number system.
— Prof Gi-Hun calls it the ‘Binary Buddy System’, as in relating to the Binary Stars System that spins in space — When two stars temporarily align, orbiting a common center of mass… The two stars being you and your project partner, the common center aligning your otherwise opposing lives being … Acquiring a decent grade in his Astronomy class.
— AKA his wacky way of pushing all his anxiety riddled, cellular screen obsessed subjects to obtain some social etiquette outside of digital media.
— The best part : your project partner was strictly non-negotiable. No matter the circumstances. No matter if you got partnered with a meteorite asshole. No matter if your final grade depended on the buddy system that binds you.
— So when your professor’s sky blue baseball cap filled with anonymous numbers doodled onto half sheets of loose leaf landed on your desk, your shut your eyes, wishing as you wiggled your palm through the pieces of paper, praying while pulling from the hat that a sufficient student was assigned to the random number,
“Number 067?” You read aloud to the class. Two polar replies submerged the taut silence of the room.
Prof Gi-Hun’s thin lips surfed out to his cheekbones, a knowing cackle spilling from his throat— Meanwhile a gravelly low groan could be detected from the rear of room.
“(Full name), Kang Sae-Byeok is your Binary Buddy. You two will be working together for the rest of the semester on the final project.” Dr.Gi-Hun announced, voice lathered in mirth.
— That’s when you saw her. Floating in the void of unfamiliar faces was the rather annoyed young woman snatching on the drawstrings of her sage green hoodie that hid her features as she sunk into the chair, slender figure sliding into her despair.
— You were utterly puzzled as to what the hell your professor thought was so amusing, and what Kang Saebyeok found to be so dreadful about being your project partner. I mean, you didn’t even know this chick!
— This effect of course, was very intentional, because Kang Saebyeok didn’t want to know you.
— From the moment she first saw you, Saebyeok knew she wanted nothing to do with you.
— You were like Neptune embodied— enchantment effusing from your presence, azure with compassion, an illusion of fantasy flooding at your feet.
— And when you began to approach her for the first time, weird feelings enfolded her, faster than anticipated and she didn’t appreciate them in the slightest.
— Hopelessly, she refuted the unrhythmic pattern of pangs heaving her chest and the solar storm surging in her stomach, navigating divergent of your glimpse, as stoic as ever.
— Her life was chaotic enough. She didn’t need the heart problems that came with being in your proximity as well.
“Umm, hi Kang Saebyeok.” You were stiff, clutching your textbook to your torso, somewhat nagged and nervous as you stood in front the stranger who already disliked you for some reason.
— A beautiful stranger, might you add— the type of beauty that could make the whole earth gyrate on it’s axis, just as it did when she peeked up at you. Your brain dizzied, sputtering and stammering.
“I-I like your name… Pretty.”
“Okay.” Her curtness almost cut you, a dry and blunt demeanor eclipsing the faint pigment rushing to hug her freckles.
You blinked, a bruised ego becoming of you. “Uh, I’m—“
“I know your name.”
“Okay… Can I sit here?” Gesturing to the seat beside her, you put on a polite smile.
Saebyeok scoffs lightly, shrugging. “It’s an empty seat, isn’t it?”
— She never meant for it to come off so cold, but you were already sending her an icy glare— From that point forward, you didn’t like Kang Saebyeok for the exact same reason she didn’t like you…
— Absolutely no real reason at all.
—You were sure this was gonna be a long semester.
— And you were right. The semester was long— It burned slowly, though not into an abyssal oblivion… More like exploded into a supernovae.
— You and Saebyeok exchanged numbers and decided on meeting up outside of class on Fridays… the day ruled by Venus.
— You insisted that you both should meet up on the rooftop of your university’s student library, amidst the dark hours of the night. It was your spot, the best place for studying stars — quiet, lowkey, and a panorama of the ethers that was to die for.
—Following that day, you began to see Saebyeok everywhere, as if the universe was propelling you into her path.
— You usually attentively watched noticed her wandering by the Art buildings (presuming that was her major), either carrying a skateboard or some boba tea drink in hand… From what you gathered, this girl was pretty strange.
— Her attire consisted of that same sage green hoodie you met her in, a beige tote bag, khaki cargo shorts or oversized grey sweats, and crocs, or her infamous ‘fuck you’ flip flops— Sometimes she sported this insanely adorable frog bucket hat, or her short mane was tied back in a bun as her bangs blew in the breeze.
— Saebyeok even texted strangely…
You : “meet me @ our spot?”
Saebyeok : *thumbs up emoji*
You : “why can’t you just text back with words? you know, like a normal person?”
Saebyeok : *middle finger emoji*
— Within a month of working together, you noted that Saebyeok wasn’t such an awful project partner. It’s true, her eyes often scorched you like the Red Planet, but that wasn’t necessarily the worse thing when her gaze was driven, ablaze with ambition.
— She was consistent— Every friday, same sage green hoodie, some new boba drink, and a skateboard. Never late, never slacking, never not oozing of snarky intellectual insight.
— Saebyeok wasn’t too shabby of a teacher either. In fact, you learned that if you ogled her boba tea long, hard, and hungrily enough, she’d groan and mumble a swift “Here.” before letting you have what was left of the drink.
— The next Friday, hours prior to your study sess, she texted you a plain boba tea emoji with a question mark— It took you a few minutes to realize she was offering to buy you a drink.
— You said yes to boba once, and she’s never forgotten to bring you one along with her own ever since, nor does she ever accept any form of payment in return.
— Still, you disliked her gorgeous guts.
— Disliked the sweltering silk sound of her voice, sultry enough to send you to space. Disliked how the wind whistled her name when she was nowhere to be found… Disliked that you didn’t dislike her at all, and your desire to know her only yearned further.
— But you weren’t indifferent. Saebyeok was frothing in loathe for you.
— You were the definition of inconsistent— She could never tell if you would be early, on time, or late, but whenever you showed up, she couldn’t help but gawk at notice the fact that it was usually fashionably and overly so.
— Your mood was a trip around the sun. Sometimes, you were this bubbly bliss of passion, eager and ready to press your pen to paper. Other times, you were just a ditzy stargazer. Head empty, only thoughts being zodiac sign horoscopes.
— Not to mention the obsidian vortex’s obvious revere for you… Oh, how it’s silvers embraced you in the night, laving you in starlight of the celestial sunset.
— Even outside of Fridays, she couldn’t escape you, oddly finding herself scrolling through threads of your talkative text messages throughout the week and… smiling at them?
—Just insufferable you were… cause you weren’t insufferable at all.
— In a few months time, Saebyeok would surrender herself to your spirit of inquiry occasionally…
“What made you interested in taking Astronomy?”
“… I like to be reminded that no matter what we do in this life, there’s always something bigger than us.”
“Wow… Me too.”
“No. I just think the moon’s pretty. But I like your answer better.”
— Sometimes, she’d even spare a chuckle for your corny jokes. You were kinda hilarious… but not because your jokes were funny, only because they were terrible, and you laughed hysterically at them, even if she didn’t.
— Though she never let the conversation spiral too far. As soon as subjects splayed to a stray, she circles back to the constellations worth analyzing…
“So you’re telling me you’re not a lesbian, Sae?”
“I’m not telling you anything— Why can’t you ever ask normal questions? Like what’s my favorite color or something?”
You gave a vacant glance, eyes fluttering between her gaze and the sage green hoodie that she literally has never taken off since she discovered the pastel shade.
“I wonder what it could be…”
— You knew nothing of her personal life.
— Until one night. The only night that Kang Saebyeok was late to your study session on the student library’s rooftop— Which  inconveniently happened to be one of your last, and most important cram sessions, as the due date for your project was on the brink.
— You were furious. This night had been discussed and planned profusely, as it was the perfect time to acquire the most accurate observations on the skyline for research— You even rented a telescope just so you can examine the stars together.
— Yet when she finally arrived, your frustration ceased at the sight of the mini-human accompanying her— A little boy hugging at the height of her hip with a matching set of stardust speckles sprinkling across his features.
“Who’s this?” You asked, staring at the coy kid.
“My little brother. Im sorry, I-I had nowhere else to bring him.” She appeared more scattered than ever, dark shadows neath her glassy eyes and lids hooded with lingering dwell. “I didn’t want you to think I bailed—“
“No, Saebyeok, It’s fine. Really.” You assured her with an allaying smile, sauntering over to the timid boy and stooping before him.
You were cautious of his boundaries, keeping a safe distance. “Hey kid, what’s your name?”
He looked up to his sister for a subtle approval, who reluctantly nodded after a few seconds. “Cheol… Kang Cheol.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m (Name). You have a powerful name, little man… Ever used a telescope before?”
— That night, there was a shift in the binary star systems. As Kang Saebyeok witnessed the gushing grin of her kid brother bloom whilst you so gently hoisted him up to peep through the telescope lens— Gasps and giggles whisking past her ears as you two carelessly called at the stars,
—She realized that the common center that brought you two together was drifting, that you were nearing the end of your forced partnership.
— And she could no longer deny what felt indisputable, as late Friday nights on the rooftop of the student library were no longer mandatory, yet she still looked forward to buying you boba tea and hanging onto every one of your unfunny jokes as you begged her to tell you the story of her first crush, or first kiss, or first significant other (all experiences you would bet your last dime entailed some gayness) .
— There was much more than a binary star system that binded you and Saebyeok now… Or a binary buddy system… Whatever Prof Gi-Hun calls it.
— ( You guys got an A+ on the final project, by the way.)
Tumblr media
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scarlet-star-witch · a day ago
Papi Pacify
The Salesman x female reader
Tumblr media
Summary: It was never just a one-night stand for him and he’s determined to keep her in his life
Word count: 2565
Warnings: SMUT! Possessive behaviour and stalking 
AN: I hate this, but enjoy xx
I’m not a slut, right?
The thought rattled around in her head as her back scraped against the stone wall behind her. But as quickly as the thought came, it was gone in an instant as the man in her arms shifted his hips, hitting her at a deeper angle.
She moaned loudly, her head falling back on her shoulders. She gripped onto him tightly, her thighs clenched around his waist, though he held her so strongly, she had no fear of falling.
She still couldn’t believe this was happening. The man in the nice suit she’d made eyes with across the bar was now fucking her with abandon in the alley behind the bar. 
It wasn’t like her to be so forward, to allow a man she barely knew to fuck her like this. But she wasn’t complaining.
The man grunted against her neck, his hot breath fanning against her skin as he thrust inside her like he only had minutes to live, like he was desperate to take whatever pleasure he could from her body.
She’d never been with someone so animalistic before. 
No, she wasn’t complaining at all.
Her mouth dropped open on a loud gasp, her eyes squeezing shut as he moved even faster, his cock hitting her in all the right places no one else had ever found before. Her hands moved to tangle in his hair and she tugged eagerly, earning a loud, shuddering moan from him.
“Oh god, please.” She breathed out, unknowing of what she was even pleading for. 
“Please what?” He panted, raising his head to stare down at her hungrily. The fire in his eyes made her shudder. “Huh, you want me to fuck you harder? Is that what you want, you dirty girl?” 
She nodded eagerly. “Yes, yes, please fuck me harder.” She babbled, pulling on his hair again.
Yeah, I’m a slut, she thought to herself. And she was totally fine with that.
His pace slowed, making her whine desperately and grind her hips against his, desperate to get him moving again. His jaw clenched and he latched onto her hips to stop her, his grip strong and sure to leave bruises.
He let her down to her feet and watched with a wide grin as she stumbled slightly, her legs weak and shaking. He swiftly turned her and pressed her chest against the wall. He hiked her skirt up higher and groaned loudly as he slid inside of her again. 
The high pitched moan she let out made pride swell within him and he resumed his brutal pace, fucking her with every ounce of strength he had. 
He panted heavily, soft groans and grunts leaving him with every strong thrust he gave. 
Her nails dragged down the brick wall she was pressed against, needing some kind of leverage, but she couldn’t find it. All she could do was stand there and take it, her body shaking with every drag of his cock inside of her. 
It didn’t take long for her to lose all control, not that she had any with him to begin with. Her lips were parted, a litany of moans and whines pouring out of her. 
He could hear her voice rise in pitch and volume and he grinned when he felt her walls clench around him and her body shake against his as she screamed out in ecstasy. 
He followed soon after, his blunt nails digging into the skin on her hips as he fucked her erratically in his final moments. He let out a deep shuddering groan as he came, the sound of his pleasure making her walls clench around him again.
He gasped at the feeling and he squeezed his eyes shut as his orgasm worked through him overwhelmingly. 
“Fuck.” She breathed out, her voice laced with pleasured exhaustion and disbelief. 
She couldn’t believe she just did that. 
The Salesman was enamoured with her the second he saw her. Her smile, though not even directed at him, captivated him easily.
He knew he needed to have her. 
Judging by the way she continued to flag down the bartender after finishing her drinks, she was blowing off steam. A stressful day at work, maybe? He didn’t know, but he wanted to find out. There was something about her that made him want to know everything about her.
When she had met his eyes and smiled at him flirtatiously, he knew that was it. He wouldn’t be satisfied until he had her.
Their moment in the alley, though not his typical MO, was mind blowing, everything he ever wanted. 
And he wanted more. 
The Salesman sat in the shadows, watching her from across the street. 
He knew she would be horrified if she ever found out just how deep he was already in, just how much he would already do for her. But he wasn’t letting her go, he couldn’t. 
So he did what he did best and remained invisible in plain sight.
As she walked down the street, further from him, he got to his feet and lingered just a few feet behind so he could hear the conversation she was having with her friend.
“Is he still texting you?”
The Salesman tensed, confusion and anger coursing through him simultaneously. He certainly wasn’t the one texting her. The thought that he was too late, the thought that she had found another man was suffocating.
“Yep. He’s persistent.” 
“And? Are you gonna give him a second chance?” 
The scoff she let out had The Salesman smirking, relief coursing through him like a great tidal wave.
“Hell no. That asshole cheated on me, he doesn’t get a second chance.” She explained and the fury The Salesman felt about this mystery man was tenfold. 
He felt protective of her and he knew he’d pull out extreme measures if he had to, if that man ever got too forward with her. He knew if she told him to, he would kill that man in an instant. 
“What about your alley man? Have you talked to him?” Her friend asked with a devilish smile and he couldn’t help the smirk that grew on his face.
She had told her friends about him. And judging by the pleased yet scandalized smile on her friend’s face, had given all the dirty details
“No, I didn’t get his number. Didn’t even know his name either.”
Her friend gasped her name in surprise, slapping her arm playfully. 
“I know, I know, I’m a slut.”
“No you’re not. You’re allowed to let off some steam, especially after the break up you went through.”
“Yeah, I guess.” She shrugged, though she didn’t look entirely convinced. 
The Salesman became worried. Did she regret what they had done? He couldn’t stop thinking about her and their dirty acts. He felt uneasy at the thought of her not having the same teenage-like excitement he was feeling after their whirlwind of a romp. 
“Maybe you just need to get laid again.” Her friend laughed. “We can head to the bar if you want, check out the talent there.”
White hot fury rushed through The Salesman at the idea of her with another man, sweating and panting and moaning together the way he had with her. His fists clenched tightly, his face growing hot as he fought to control his impulse to grab her and take her with him,  keep her far away from society where someone else could take her from him.
But thankfully, she laughed, shaking her head at the suggestion.
“Don’t think I want to become that girl.” 
“Well, from the sounds of it, your alley man satisfied you enough to last you awhile.” 
She smiled widely at the memory of that salacious night. “Yeah, he definitely knew what he was doing.”
His footsteps slowed, letting the pair of women continue to walk without his eavesdropping. He smiled to himself, pleased with what he’d heard.
He had a chance with her. That was all he needed to know.
The Salesman continued to watch from a distance, waiting for the perfect moment to show back up in her life. He didn’t want to freak her out, he didn’t need her knowing how close he really was to her throughout the day, he needed to make it as seamless as possible. 
But as he watched her through the aisles of the pharmacy he had followed her into and saw her nervous expression as she picked up a box of pregnancy tests, he knew he didn’t have time to wait. 
The next night, he stepped into the diner, thankful that the night shift she was working left the place practically empty, save for one young couple in the corner booth. 
He tried hard to contain his excited smile as he stepped in and saw her behind the counter, working on a crossword puzzle with a lazy expression that portrayed just how dreadfully bored she was. 
He ignored the fluttering inside his stomach, the excitement to start their new life together, and plastered on that casual, charming smile he knew worked wonders on her. 
She looked up at his approaching footsteps and her eyes widened comically large as she gaped at him in shock. 
“W-what are you doing here?” 
“I was in the area, working late. Thought I’d stop in for a bite. I had no idea you worked here.” A lie, but she didn’t need to know that.
She nodded slowly, her eyes raking over him. Damn, she thought to herself. She forgot how handsome he was. 
He smirked to himself, noticing her pleased gaze. But it quickly changed as her smile faltered and she bowed her head, a blush blooming on her cheeks. 
“It’s actually a good thing you found me. I -uhh, I really need to talk to you.” She stammered nervously. “I’m closing in an hour, would you mind waiting so we can talk in private?”
“Not at all.” He smiled and the mirroring smile that grew on her face sent pleasurable waves of satisfaction through him. 
He sat idly sipping his coffee and watched her finish her shift, smiling to himself at the polite smile she held for the remaining customers. She charmed them easily with her quick wit and warm gestures, just as she did to him that very first night.
By the time the final customers left, she locked the door behind them and turned to face him, her expression now a mask of extreme anxiety and nervousness.
It pained him to see her so insecure, unsure of how he would react to her news. She didn’t need to be scared. The life growing inside of her was a blessing. There was no way she could ever leave him now, there was no way she could turn her back on him.
They were meant to be and the life they created together only proved that.
“Do you need help cleaning up?”
“Oh, you don’t have to do that.”
“It’s nothing.” He said, already taking his suit jacket off and rolling up the sleeves of his white dress shirt. 
She looked back at him in surprise, not having expected his kindness. She hadn’t really had the opportunity to learn that about him when he’d been fucking her roughly in an alley. 
She stole glances at him every few minutes as they both cleaned the diner in silence. She smiled to herself as he placed the chairs up on the tables with ease. He looked over his shoulder, his gaze meeting hers and she quickly averted her eyes, biting her lip to hide a smile.
The Salesman smiled at her, pleased with his ability to make her so bashful. She was so endearing to him, he couldn’t wait to spend his life with her.
Once she was finished sweeping up, she sat herself down at the stools by the counter and motioned for him to take a seat next to her. Her heart began to race, because of the news she had to tell him, or his close proximity to her, she didn’t know.
“So, I know what we had was really casual and if you want to keep it a one-night stand that’s totally fine with me. I just feel like, no matter what you were expecting you deserve to know…”
He watched with a passive face, trained in schooling his expression to reveal nothing. He knew what she was going to tell him and he knew what he wanted for their future.
“I’m pregnant.” She said quietly, worrying her lip between her teeth roughly as she feared the slamming of the door to follow her confession. She averted her gaze to the ground, not wanting to see the inevitable fall of his expression.
But instead, she felt his thumb trace against her bottom lip, stopping the painful bite of her teeth to it and her gaze slowly rose to meet his. She found him smiling softly and she felt her heart stutter within her chest.
“It’s yours, by the way.” She added quietly and winced at herself, wishing she could be more confident. “And I’m keeping it, but you don’t need to have any responsibility to be a part of this if you don’t want to.”
He looked almost pained by her words and he shook his head, leaning in closer to her as he cradled her face in his hands. 
“I’m not letting you do this alone.”
She looked up at him, slightly stunned by his affection gesture and the genuine happiness she heard in his voice. 
“You… you want this?”
“Of course I do.”
Her brows furrowed as she looked at him, taken aback by his enthusiasm, by his lack of complete shock that she was still feeling despite knowing about the bun in her oven for days now. 
“So… you’re not freaking out?”
“Are you?” He asked her and she looked at him in confusion yet again.
“Well... yeah. I mean, we had sex in alley one time and now we’re going to be parents. I mean, I still don’t even know your name, it’s not exactly a love story you tell your kids.” She ranted frantically. 
“Gong-yoo.” He spoke calmly, smiling at her as she spiralled. She stared back at him blankly, her mind still in a whirlwind and not quite comprehending his interruption. “My name is Gong-yoo.”
Her expression morphed from one of complete terror and anxiety to calm as a slow smile began to grow. 
“Gong-yoo.” She repeated and gave him her name, unknowing that he already knew it. “So, you really think we can do this?”
“I do.” He told her with the utmost genuineness no one else ever got to see from him. “We’ll be a family.”
She sighed in relief, thankful that she didn’t have to go through this alone, thankful that the handsome stranger she’d met didn’t leave her in the dust.
He leaned forward and kissed her softly, revelling in the victorious feeling of her arms snaking over his shoulders as she kissed him back with more enthusiasm. 
It wasn’t exactly a conventional love story. It wasn’t like the rom-coms others watched on tv, where the man and woman fall in love in the most bland and predictable of ways, but she didn’t have to know that.
The only similarity between his life and the bland stories he saw on tv, was that he still got the girl. 
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shalinizhara · a day ago
Holding Onto You (Front Man/Hwang In-Ho x Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Hwang In-Ho x Wife!Reader.
You hate yourself for the scars decorated on your body; degrading yourself, but In-Ho shows the true beauty he sees.
Warnings: SMUT. Mature/explicit content 18+. Mentions of scars and abusive mother. 
A/N: Yes, Ik you hate me, I went off my plan or to-do list, but I couldn’t help myself ok? I just had to do this!!
Scars, they decorated your skin like patterns on a fabric. Sharp and old, painfully reminding of their origin. Slaps and whips that seared your once soft skin. Each held a memory, ones you desperately tried to forget. They were the toxics bites of your life, reminding of you how much your mother had put you through. You never called her mother; she was far too cruel to be crowned with such a name. She hated the very word too. Hated how it fell from your lips. Hated how she had become one. She never cared, only wanting to make a demon out of you, one she could easily abandon without being judged on by others. They were moments in life where you wished to no longer see the light, let her win the battle and have your life slowly slip away. But something within told you stay hopeful, to keep fighting. You never understood the soft wisps of hope that surrounded your aching heart. Certainly, no until you found yourself staring into deep burning rich onyx eyes. They held so much knowledge and strength, it almost burned you.
With these eyes that held such intensity, you finally understood the meaning of the wisps adorning you heart, keeping you hopeful.
In-Ho, your husband, the police detective that found you and pulled you away from the life that continually scarred every inch of your body. Discovering the abuse you went through, he made it sure your mother from ever seeing you again, let alone allow another permanent scar to mark your body. The case he has been investigating lead him to you, and you slowly started to believe it as fate. Saved from a life of abuse and torture by a handsome man? That was a dream, right? Something you had been always dreaming for, and when it finally happened you didn't know what to do. You had escaped your mother thanks to him, but you didn't know what step to take now. You were utterly lost and scared, and In-Ho slowly put himself forward, holding out a hand and never letting you. It was the assurance and encouragement you needed to confidentially walk out into the word. You didn't realise you would fall in fall with the man. But then again, how could you not? He saved you after all, continuously. And it seemed he had his own demons, but with how he was holding onto you, he was able to push past them, be in the world with you. It seemed like was he saving you, you were saving him too. But even as the years flew by, and not seeing your mother, the past life never once stopped haunting you. It was hard for you to be intimate with In-ho, afraid it would only take one glance for him to cast you aside. But In-Ho never cared, you were his one he loved, his wife, and he would always make sure you were protected. The scars never scared him away, if anything In-Ho wished he had found you sooner. The guilt plagued his mind, worse than when he was under the role the of the Front Man. He endlessly showered you with gifts and treasures, trying to prove to you that your scars weren't anything he found appalling enough to push you aside and have another at his side. He would rather take a bullet. But you were simply too insecure and afraid, many times it had frustrated him, how his words only bounced off you without affect. If he could ever let you watch yourself through his eyes, he would. Then, you would see how much you, his wife, meant to him, covered in scars or not, he loved you to no end. But you, you couldn't understand that. Every time you glanced at your scars on your wrists and back, they only disgusted you, gushing in with the horrifying memories they brought with them. You hid them carefully, afraid you put shame on In-Ho, and the new family had gained. No one wanted a scarred wife; daughter-in-law; sister-in-law. The expected a beautiful and elegant woman with high standards. You were none of that, you weren't what his mother or brother hoped for as an in-law. But you were. You simply tormented yourself with dangerous thoughts made you seem as the villain in their eyes, when you truly weren't. You sighed, softly brushing your (h/c) hair, hoping to just set aside the memories and pain that haunted you. Even after your marriage, nothing seemed to have cured you. They were memories after all, happenings of the past, you couldn't forget them no matter how much you wished. "Angel..." You heard, the deep voice of husband, jolting you out of your chaotic mind, "I didn't mean to frighten you, Y/N," In-Ho frowned, placing a hand softly on your shoulder as he witnessed you jump on your seat in front of your vanity. "I'm sorry, In-ho," You whispered, gently leaning back into your husband's warm embrace, "I didn't hear you come in..." A low hum rumbled through chest as his lips found the skin of your neck, placing the softest of kisses there. Your heart fluttered, shivers rackling your body as his beard brushed against your skin. Your eyes closed, simply enjoying the feel of his lips guide kisses across your skin. You loved the warmth that caged your body as his hand snaked around your waist. He was kneeled behind you, pulling you into his arms and adorning his lips on your body, shivering at the gentlest of touches. It wasn't until his hands slowly started untying the back of your dress did your eyes suddenly flow open, and instantly sprung away from his arms. You backed yourself against the dresser, gazing down at your husband, biting your lip. In-Ho sighed, pulling himself up to his feet, "Y/N," He whispered, his voice low and husky, letting your womanhood hum to life, even though you had pulled away. The scars... he would see your scars again. His hands had found your waist again, pulling you close again, "Those scars don't scare me away," He said, like many times before, "You're mine, with or without scars... I believe you're beautiful..." You quickly hid your face in his broad chest, "I'm ugly..." You murmured, earning yet another sigh from your husband. "That's not what I see. Let me show you what I see..." He said, almost as if he was wondering out loud. In-Ho had always been easy and calm around you, allowing him to release any tension and wonder out loud. You pondered on his words, not knowing whether to have him go through with it, but if there's anything you know, it was you trusted In-Ho fully. You stayed still, unmoving from your position. And from your silence, In-Ho had taken lead, slowly pulling on the ties of your dress again. His hands pulled the ends apart, and then let his fingertips touch the skin of your back. He traced over the healed and faded ones, hovered gently over the others, afraid he would hurt you. But even with these soft touches, you felt those crazy tremors underneath your skin. You weren't afraid, but curious and excited. In-Ho heard a light gasp escaped your lips as he kissed your bare shoulder, after pulling away your gown. You stopped breathing, then took in a light breath, In-Ho watched it all, taking in each of your responses. His arms molded around you; lifting you up and placing you gently on your dresser. When his eyes met yours, he couldn't seem to stop himself, he quickly dipped down and kissed your lips, savoring their taste. Sweet and tantalising as always. "You're an addiction, Y/N..." He whispered, once again tracing the scars you hated and were ashamed of, "A healthy drug that keeps me living," His soft whispers turning into slight grunts as the hunger, lust and love all enveloped him all at once. You're husband was never the one with words, but he knew how much you needed to hear these; he knew you needed comfort. With his lips on yours and hands roaming your body,  you could no longer hear yourself think, you were lost, simply and utterly lost in the arms of your husband. "In-Ho.." His name passed your lips, sweet as honey and it was all that took for his hunger to become simply unbearable. Holding you close to his body, he lifted you again, carrying you towards your shared bed, never once breaking the kiss. You moved freely, wrapping your arms around him, showing him, you trusted him with every ounce of your soul. Leaving hard and unfinished kissed on your lips, he slowly making his way down to your jawline. Your eyelashes fluttered as you closed your eyes, almost driving In-Ho to the point of insanity as you inhaled deeply. His kisses travelled over your neck, leaving nothing but wet marks and a burning desire behind them. In-Ho immediately hooked your legs around his hips, and with your wrapped around his torso, your fingers tightened around his hair, he wanted nothing more than to admire and love every inch of you. You had returned each kiss before, giving In-Ho just exactly what he wanted from you, your acceptance. He dominated your warm plump lips, exploring your mouth with his tongue. It was symphony of your moans that drove In-Ho completely wild, immediately scooping your into his arms; holding your close as much as possible. He pulled away, allowing to catch your breath as he placed his forehead against yours, "So irresistible..." His voice rough, and husky making your tremble underneath him with desire, "No amount of scars...can make you unwanted...know that, Y/N," His words were delivered through what sounded like a growl, deep and dangerously low as it rumpled through his chest. His burning onyx eyes gazed over you; your lips were plump red and swollen, your (e/c) eyes wide, sparkling with desire, yet somewhat unsure as the fire in your eyes were smouldering. But somehow In-Ho understood the meaning, he was slowly getting through to you. "The-" You began, only for him to place a finger on your lips. "No talking." Was all he said, and the next thing you heard was the ripping of your dress. It cut through the air, making you gasp, not only from the suddenness, but also from how fast the cold air attacked your skin. It almost seemed as In-Ho had stopped breathing for moment, simply letting his eyes wander over your body, including the scars. You were about to pull away, covering yourself immediately, but as In-Ho's lips touched the scars on your stomach, you froze; your veins stilling. You gasped as he kissed over every scar, silently counting them, "None of them repel me, angel..." His words reached your ears, deep and meaningful. He looked up, meeting your eyes, his own shining proudly with truth of his words. With shaky hands, you cupped his face, pulling him towards you, until yours lips met. You kissed him, feeling tears sting your eyes and a sob ready to break through. And as the tears fell and the sobbing cry left your lips, your husband wiped them away, gently kissing you. "Don't cry, angel," He whispered, like you were a frightened animal. "In-Ho..." Your voice was nothing above a soft whisper, it was like a melody to his ears, waking all his senses, all at once. Indescribable tingling marks left all over your skin with each kiss and touch, "In-Ho..." You tried again. "What is it, my angel?" He asked, softly caressing your hair, looking into your eyes, gazing into your soul. "Make love to me..." You whispered. "Exactly what I had been planning," He spoke, as your hand found his trousers, freeing him from them. Your straightened yourself up, reaching his chest and guiding your fingertips slowly to his stomach. And every time, you couldn't help but gasp at the softness of his skin and the hardness that were his abs. You placed a butterfly kiss on his stomach when he kneeled on the bed to fully discard of his trousers. In-Ho closed his eyes for just a moment, enjoying the feel of your lips on his skin, before he dipped down and captured your lips. He placed your back gently on the mattress, holding your chest to chest, feeling as much skin as possible. Hot. Your felt hot, but the burn...oh the burn, it was incredibly good, impatiently waiting for your husband to vanquish it. "There are so many things, I want to do to you..." He whispered, his hardness poking against the entrance between your legs. "I'm all yours, detective sir..." You said, encouraging him, your light seductive tone was enough to break all his retrains. It was all that took for In-Ho to fill you with his length, letting your feel his domination over your body. With his lips leaving slow passionate kisses on your lips, his fingers lovingly tracing your scars and his hips meeting yours at fast yet lovingly passionate way, it had put your mind into a frenzy of sparks. Your husband, In-Ho, he was your drug, your medicine that pulled you away from the memories, the origins of those scars. You were here now, with your shyly stoic, but loving husband. The scars shouldn't affect your future. What In-Ho brought you, it healed you... In-Ho worshiped your body, showing you the scars never once repelled him. He loved you... every inch of you. And you knew, because even as he released himself into you, he never pulled away, staying there, loving the feel of your wrapped around himself. He kissed a scar near your collarbone, "I do love you, Y/N," He whispered, once again tracing your scars. "I love you, too..." You replied, stroking the braids you placed on his hair, along with those precious beads. The silence wasn't overwhelming, nothing tense captured the air around you. You both just drowned in each other. Well, that was until you felt In-Ho's hardness again. You gasped lightly, "Again?" He chuckled, the sound spreading the softest, but brightest of smiles on your lips, "This shouldn't be a surprise to I said, you're irresistible, angel."
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er6nsville · 20 hours ago
saebyeok loves affection. but she refuses to admit it. and to make things worse, you think she doesn't like it; so, in an attempt at respect, you dare not touch her in certain ways, thinking that physical touch does not please her. and she hates it, but she hates showing her loving and needy side even more. so she remains silent and says nothing about wanting your affection.
until one day, she is tired in the late afternoon. (she works a lot). then she forgets all her pride and crawls over to you, rubbing herself and asking for a hug. obviously you are surprised but happy, holding her in a hug, drawing circles on her back with your fingers; as she hugs you tightly, muttering a simple thank you. you could enjoy her affectionate side all day long.
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arhcnemesis · 9 hours ago
caught in the middle
pairing: Sang-woo x reader (he/him)
author’s note: why is sang-woo so beautiful. sigh. anyways, this is basically just me wanting to write but not wanting to commit to a whole fic/snippet so.... enjoy!!!!
song i listened to while writing: save your tears by the weekend
Tumblr media
Sang-woo is very conflicted about you.
He knows he has feelings for you, he can recognize that.
But, he’s not sure how far those feelings stretch. Sometimes he is just as annoyed with you as everyone else. Sometimes, he can picture manipulating you so vividly in his head- how easy it was to gain your trust, and how easy it would be for him to break that trust.
He’s kind of honored, in a weird way, that you trust him. He tries his best to trust you too, but it’s hard to do that when his typical mindset is that others are just obstacles in his path.
He gets jealous very easily. The first time he saw you talking to someone else, he was very irritated. Sang-woo proceeded to be extremely short-tempered and blunt with you for the rest of the day. You weren’t quite sure what you did, which was what made him even more frustrated.
He struggles with guilt, more often than he likes to admit. He knows that the two of you don’t have the healthiest relationship, and he recognizes the possibility that he would leave you behind if the situation called for it. This leads him to feel a bit guilty. Maybe he shouldn’t even be entertaining the idea of a relationship with you.
On the other hand, though, he hadn’t been happier in a long time. He not only tolerated, but genuinely enjoyed your presence. He wasn’t sure he could say the same for anyone else he had ever met. 
Sang-woo didn’t realize how touch starved he was until you came up behind him one day for a hug. He stood there passively for a long time- longer than he’d like to admit. 
He’s the type of person that would act annoyed by your attempts to initiate contact, but would secretly be grateful for it. A hand on the small of his back, your head on his shoulder... He has to quell his heart rate when you do that kind of stuff. 
Sang-woo’s plans for you completely change after you get injured, however. 
He had just finished the round they were in, and was sitting with his arms over his knees. Without being too obvious, he was glancing around the room- looking for you. You weren’t anywhere to be found.
It wasn’t until about ten minutes later that you finally appeared. He locked eyes with you, and immediately his heart dropped to his stomach. 
You had your arm wrapped around one of the guards, and they were roughly leading you to the steps that Sang-woo was sitting on. Sang-woo got to his feet before he could even think about what he was doing. 
The second you were near the steps, the guard practically shoved you off of them, sending you plummeting to the ground. You caught yourself on the pavement, coughing and panting. You had your head tilted towards the ground, and Sang-woo helped you to your feet before leading you to a more secluded part of the waiting area. As he walked you over, he noticed you were favoring your left ankle. When the two of you finally reached a more isolated area, your knees buckled and you grabbed onto his shoulder in an attempt to stop yourself from falling. Sang-woo quickly caught you, leading you to a sitting position before moving to sit down next to you.
For a bit, the two of you were just quiet. Sang-woo gave you a once-over, determining that your ankle was probably broken. He squinted, biting his lip when he saw purplish-blue bruises already forming. He looked up to meet your eyes, but you were staring ahead resolutely. Your face was damp with sweat, and you had dark circles under your eyes. Sang-woo swallowed hard, looking away. Somehow, you were still just as handsome, despite suffering a rather gruesome injury and narrowly escaping death in the past round. 
Sang-woo knew that he should have dropped you as a teammate. At least, if it were anyone else that was injured. For some strange reason, though, he felt a stronger sense of protectiveness for you. He wanted to protect you.
You seemed to be expecting that too. At least, that was what he could discern from the surprised look on your face when he offered his hand to you. You took it, and he squeezed your hand reassuringly.
In terms of managing your injury, he kind of coddles you a bit a lot. He’ll drape your arm over his shoulder and help you to get places if you need to.  Sang-woo constantly offering his shoulder for you to lean on if you get fatigued, or sharing his food with you.
It’s so disgustingly cute that Gi-Hun and Ali make fun of him for it.
“What, is he your boyfriend or something?”
“When’s the wedding?”
Sang-woo doesn’t even dignify their taunts with a response, but he found himself smiling before he could help it. 
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oqulixs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
me: “excuse me? excuse me? daddy? sorry..daddy? sorry..daddy? haha sorry..daddy? sor-“
him: “you haven’t even graduated yet. work on your history grade smh😒”
me: “my fault”
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vladtoly · 13 hours ago
Telling Sangwoo You’re Pregnant
Tumblr media
Requested: Yes 
Warnings: Unedited 
-          As a starter, I feel like Sangwoo is the type of man you would feel anxious to tell anything, let alone reveal you’re pregnant
-          Not because he’s particularly threatening or scary, but just because he does have a way of hiding his emotions, leaving what he thinks up to you to decide
-          He’s just a rather closed off man; nothing wrong with it, it’s just how he is
-          But when you discover you’re pregnant?
-          Suddenly the man seems much more intimidating
-          You knew he loved you, he did marry you after all
-          You both lived in a lovely two-bedroom apartment in Seoul, you had even convinced him to let you adopt a cat a year before
-          Mitsi, the said orange tabby, stared at you with quizzical eyes at the door of the bathroom, watching you hyperventilate at the plastic stick in your hands
-          Sangwoo loved you, he would do anything for you
-          There was no question about it
-          He showed it in the best ways he could
-          But something in your head was telling you that the possibility of a baby was different
-          Sangwoo had never been too fond of kids
-          Every time you two had sat down to talk about whether you wanted them or not, he seemed so indifferent, uninterested
-          And, truth be told, you couldn’t exactly see him with children either
-          Before you had married, you always took precautions to avoid this exact situation- birth control, condoms, etc
-          But when you’d been wed, you both got lazier, caring less and less about the repercussions
-          Which led you to where you were
-          Now Sangwoo was working in the second bedroom that he had converted into an office, and you were locked in the bathroom with your cat mewing at the door to be let out
-          “Darling, are you okay? Why’s Mitsi stuck in there?”
-          Sangwoo had been worried for the better part of 20 minutes, never once hearing you leave the bathroom, only labored breaths now and then
-          He had known something was wrong the moment you arrived home with a small bag and locked yourself away
-          He was going to let you talk to him in due time, he thought, but the longer you hid away, the more worried he had gotten
-          The moment he heard Mitsi yelling for escape, he knew he had to say something
-          “I’m okay, I’ll let her out in just a second!”
-          You meant to sound confident, but your voice cracked at the end of your sentence
-          You knew it was too late
-          “Let me in, dear, I know something’s wrong.”
-          So, you stood up, opened the door, Mitsi running to find a place to hide
-          And held the positive pregnancy test out to your husband
-          He wouldn’t know what to say at first
-          Probably sit in dumbfounded silence, taking the test carefully from you
-          It was true he had never imagine having kids, too busy with work to even entertain the idea
-          But looking at the test, and looking at you, shaking like a leaf with anxiety, he started to imagine what a future could be with a child running around
-          Another human with a little bit of him and a little bit of you, his beautiful, perfect wife
-          He pulled you into a tight embrace, holding the pregnancy test in his hand for dear life
-          Feelings of being content would fill him as he’d feel you relax in his arms, holding him just as close
-          Then he would lean beside your head with a soft smile and say into your ear, “Looks like my office will have to move, hm?”
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jean00 · a day ago
May i request a Frontman x Fem!VIP!Reader, my idea was: Reader is a new VIP that took after the VIP spot when her father passed away, so she is a new VIP, the youngest of them all, the frontman caught interest in her, and so did reader too, what was hiding behind each others masks? So they began kinda sneaking to see each other in private when reader was there at the island, just hanging out, getting to know one another, but as the time grow more, romanic feelings starts bubbling up, then one night the salesman & reader sneaks into readers room, making out, then intense sex scene, can also reader be a Masochist? Gun play, degrading, praising, bondage, oral, spanking & plain sex with some bdsm in it! Hope this request doesn't make you uncomfortable or anything!<3
Yes i can! Sorry to any requests i didn’t do lately or messages i ignored. A lot has been going on in my personal life... sorry y’all! <3
(btw sorry for mistakes... english isn’t my first language :P )
Warnings: smut, fluff, handjob, unprotected sex, bdsm, oral sex, crude humor, adult language, gun play, mention of violence 
Hwang in-ho (frontman) x female reader/ new vip
It all started so innocent.
“Take a seat m’am” one of the waiters told you pointing to the black leather couch covered in expensive blankets and pillows. You nodded and sat down waiting for this “game” to beginn. 
After waiting for half an eternity, you witnessed the most horrific, yet most interesting thing you’ve ever seen. A glass bridge, 16 players, and a 100foot drop beneath them. This “game” was life or death. You found his morbid how your father came to this strange island to watch these horror games once a year. However, karma got the best of him and he was found dead in one of your families luxurious apartments. After watching these obnoxious games, you were left alone with the supposive “front man”. He was so kind and comforting about your father’s death... it really put you in a horrible spot. He was the only one you ever had. After that first real encounter with the frontman, you met up with him several times. Sitting down and talking with a good glass of whiskey. 
After weeks of these little “dates” you got feelings for the man behind the mask. “thank you sir”. “for what?” he asked. “for just... being there i guess...”  you said stuttering a bit. The two of you were sitting on his huge leather couch facing a screen showing the games the players are currently playing. The man looked at you, wondering what was behind your golden mask. “well, may i request something in return?” he stated. You nodded slightly. He moved his hands up to his mask, slowly unbuckling the buckles in the back and then proceeding to take his mask off. “i-” you said. His deep brown eyes staring at you. He was actually quite handsome... “your turn” he said smirking a bit. silence. Then you returned the favor and slowly took off your golden owl shaped mask. His eyes widened as he saw your face. “wow....” he whispered to himself. Your facial expression was a mix of confused and shocked. “what’s wrong darling?” he asked. “oh no nothing...” you said smiling. He chuckled then reached over to the bottle of whiskey on the table. He pours two glasses and hands you one of them. “enjoy the view” he said pointing at the screen. 
After taking a few sips of whiskey and watching the players getting brutally murdered, he wrapped his arm around your shoulder. The warmth was comforting. Without saying anything, he moved his hand across your back, then to your waist and finally he settled his hand on your right thigh. As a response you leaned your head on his shoulder. He proceeded to move his hand towards your crotch in a slow pace making sure you weren’t uncomfortable. “may i?” he whispered into your ear. “yes” you responded. He moved his hand up onto your belt buckle, and undone it. Then slowly pulled your pants down with one of his hands, the other holding his whiskey. You kicked your pants off and waited. You were sitting there in your blouse and underwear. He moved his hand across your underwear, then stopped at the laceband of them. After a few seconds He slipped his hand into your panties. His hand was so damn warm, it sent shivers down your spine. “hwang in-ho...” he said. You looked at him confused. 
“my name darling.... yours?” You smile. “y/n l/n....” 
He moved his index finger in you slit until he reached your most sensitive spot. Your entire body jerked at the sudden contact. “so sensitive aren’t you?” he whispered. His words hitting you like a bomb. His slow circular motions and filthy words were a perfect combination. He continued to please you watching your reactions carefully. Right before you reach your high, he stops making you whine. “i want to have some fun with you” he whispered before helping you up and leading you to his bedroom. Things progressed quickly, from intense making out, you were pinned down on the bed, both of you naked and the man licking your core. your moans were music to his ears. Slowly removing himself from you, he crawled on top of you and lining himself up with your entrance. “ready sweetheart?” he asks. “please” you whine. He grunts and your words slowly sinking into you. His deep moans were so fucking hot. His pace was slow and steady. He scatters kisses around your neck and collarbone. You wrap your legs around him allowing him to thrust deeper. Out of nowhere, he reachers into the drawer inside the nightstand next to the bed. Pulling out a pistol and pointing it at you. you smile. That confirmed that you weren’t turned off by this, so he moved it to your forehead. “t..take it or i’ll shoot” he said trying no to moan. You moved your head up a bit, before he pushed your head back down with the gun. 
“h...harder daddy” you whined. He stopped. Shocked at the name. It looked like he was thinking before speaking. “oh yeah?” he chuckled before getting up, and moving a few feet away from you. Suddently he put his hands on your hips, picked you up like you weighted nothing, and flipped you over before lifting your lower body exposing you ass directly towards him. He didn’t hesitate, and immediatley thrusts into you again. You moan at the sudden pleasure again. He moved on of his hands across your ass, and the other to gtab the gun once again. Then pressed it against your head. With his other hand, he grabbed your asscheek a few times before *spank*. You gasp. *spank*. “be quiet for me” he said before slapping your ass again whilst thrusting into you faster and harder.
The hand holding the gun, moved away from your head and he threw the gun across the room before he gripped your hair pulling your head up. His thrusts getting quicker and sloppier. You were so damn close.... “say my name” he demanded. You couldn’t.... as a response you just moaned. His grip on your hair and scalp getting stronger. “say my name whore!” “fuck” you whimper.      “i can’t hear you!” he replied kissing your neck. “!” “you’re such a little slut..... say my fucking name!” he demanded again. Your body was shaking wildly. “say it” he moanedi nto your ear. “” you said before exploding.
Your moans were so loud that the entire island could probably hear it. He chuckled whilst fucking you through your orgasm. “like that slut?” he asked.
He knew the answer, your moans gave it away. It didn’t take long before he reached his high and you felt his warm seed spill deep into you. 
“fuck... y/n....” he grunted. laying down next to you. 
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therealromewrites · a month ago
Third Time’s the Charm
Fandom: Squid Game (Netflix)
Relationship: The Salesman x Female Reader
Age: 18+ Explicit (Under 18s go away!)
Warnings: Smut, Spanking, Dominant Salesman, fingering, (Mention of slapping), fluff and fluffy aftercare, (He’s harsh, polite and fair.) rough sex in the toilets, use of mirrors, stealing, crying (From pleasure), Slight!Brat reader.
Word Count Total: 4474
Note: I LOVED Squid Game and desperately wanted fanfiction. The Salesman (Gong Yoo) just stole the show! And my heart and I wanted to share my words with the world! It took a little time and I finally did it! I hope you enjoy and please do let me know what you think! I’d love to take requests for the characters from Squid Game.
Main Masterlist
Tagged: @philomaay​
Summary: She always manages to con the salesman in the first two meetings. Their third meeting takes a different turn.
Tumblr media
This was how the night was not supposed to go. It was a simple job: sneak in, rob the 50th richest man's wife's bracelet and don't get caught. Just (Y/N) was about to slip the bracelet off the woman, she noticed that someone had seen her trying to swipe the bracelet. It was probably one of the wife's bodyguards. At that moment, (Y/N) made a show of letting the bracelet drop before loudly exclaiming to the crowd that the wife's bracelet fell.
There went (Y/N)'s pay day as she politely excused herself from the lady before brushing past people to find a way to hide in the big building. One of the bodyguards was tailing her as she began to weave through the crowd, she found a staircase. She lifted the edges of her dress and sprinted up the stairs to quickly try to avoid the guard.
(Y/N) would have loved to have spent more time in the party before trying to rob the bracelet. She was going to starve tonight as she found a door and slipped in. It was an upscale toilet as she rushed into one of the stalls whilst bending down to take off her heels. Who knew that pretending to dress up as rich would kill?
She locked the stall, putting the toilet seat down to then sit on the lid with her feet and dress up. The toilets were high class with smooth porcelain and bright peach-ish walls. A few minutes passed and she hoped that the guards didn't see her walk in. Just as (Y/N) was about to step off the toilet, the door to the toilets opened and she quickly retracted back into her original position.
The tap came on and the door opened again. A few hushed words were exchanged and she couldn't hear what was being said. The door closed and (Y/N) waited to let silence be her guide. However, someone else helped her out.
"You can come out now, they're gone."
The voice sounded so familiar as (Y/N) stepped off the toilet and came out the stall to meet with dark eyes in the toilet mirrors. The same slick combed hair and clean shaven face. Everything about the man was crisp and his lips were slightly tugged upwards into a smirk. It was him. She never knew his name but she coined him as 'Salesman'.
He offered money in exchange for a game of ddakji and (Y/N) gave him the slip, twice. She'd play the game and win both games for the first time without ever having to pay him 100,000 won or getting slapped by him. Once he'd start his go, (Y/N) would quietly slip 400,000 won from his suitcase and sneak away. She heard that he wanted to sell a sort of game but she couldn't be bothered to take him up on his offer.
Salesman looked smart in his suit, he ditched the grey for a pristine all black suit with a deep blood red tie. He was looking more scheming than usual as the Salesman grabbed the hand towel to wipe his hands dry. He still had his metal grey briefcase with him as she laid a cursory eye over him.
"Do you expect me to thank you for keeping an eye out for me?"
The Salesman smiled softly as he turned to fully face (Y/N). Letting his eyes slowly glaze over her form, while she looked beautiful in her black silk dress, he couldn't notice how heavy her eye bags were. Her arms were slimmer than the last time he saw her, she clearly should have taken him up on his offer. However, he knew she was a survivor. Using any means necessary to get money to live, he read her file from page to page.
"A thank you would suffice nicely but you're not the kind of person to rely on anyone to survive. If you'd like, I can call them back and you can try to evade them using your own tactics."
He had (Y/N) stuck as she shuffled her feet. Truth be told, she probably would have been able to avoid them a few minutes longer before they barged in and dragged her out. The Salesman helped buy her some time. She really should thank him because despite her tricking him, he's been nothing but nice and professional.
"You're right. Thank you. You kinda saved my back."
The Salesman smiled and gave a slight bow of his head before he watched (Y/N)'s eyes go towards the briefcase.
"So, are you here to sway someone into playing your little game?"
"Not the people outside this room. A little too high maintenance for my taste."
(Y/N) gave a brisk nod as she realised that this worked to the Salesman's favour. He had her trapped in the bathroom so she couldn't sneak away with the money. He was after her and in a way she felt a little flattered. Third time's the charm as she decided to play his ddakji game.
"I see, mister. Well, all you have to do is ask."
The Salesman's lips twitched slightly as he clicked his briefcase open to take out a blue and red ddakji disk. The previous time she took the red disk and won easily but this time she was going to go easy on him and take the blue one.
"Would you like to play a game of ddakji with me?"
"Yes I would."
"What colour would you like?"
(Y/N) brought her hand out to take the disk, purposely brushing her hand against his and she felt a slight shiver down her back. The Salesman reminded her of the rules which was to try to flip the opponent's card. If she did it, she would get 100,000 won, if not she would pay him 100,000 won. Otherwise, he would slap her to waive off the 100,000 won. She had nothing to worry about.
"You ready to pay up, mister?"
The man simply clasped his hands in front of his body, standing tall and attentive to watch her. (Y/N) tossed her shoes onto the sink top, before parting her legs for better balance. She brought her hand up and swung her arm down with force so the card could hit the corner of the red disk. The card didn't flip.
She was astonished as her eyes stared ahead. How? She couldn't understand how she was able to slip the card the first two times. The Salesman bent down to pick up his card as he threw his card down with great force. The red disk shot down and hit the corner of the blue which forced the disk to flip up. He did it and she had to pay.
It wasn't fair. Actually the game was fair but she needed to find a way out of this.
"Hey, I'm sure this game is rigged. The blue one is lighter than the red one."
"What do I benefit from rigging the game?"
"You get my loyalty."
"I don't need your loyalty. I want to present you with an opportunity. And besides, cheating isn't my style of persuading people."
She watched his face carefully and despite wanting to distrust him, she knew he was telling the truth. He was always straightforward with (Y/N). This is what she gets for being overconfident.
"As much as I don't want to believe it, you're telling the truth. So come on then, hit me. It's only fair."
She steps a few inches from him, bringing her face closer ready for the slap. Her eyes pinch close in anticipation of the loud cracking but instead she feels his fingers press against the sides of her jaw, lifting her chin.
"Tonight, you'll pay me back another way with your body. That is … if you consent."
The tone of his voice had dropped slightly and his words were ominous. He was a handsome man and she couldn't deny she sensed some chemistry between the two of them. She didn't know whether to be nervous or excited with his words so she maintained a neutral expression. Opening her eyes and immediately almost melting into his obsidian dark eyes.
"Say I consent. How exactly do I pay you back?"
"I'll let you know, once you've won one round."
"I consent then."
The next few minutes were spent trying to flip the other person's card. (Y/N) wasn't doing too well as she failed nearly twenty times. The Salesman was on a winning streak because he had flipped her card every single time. She owed him nearly two million. Then came the twenty first time.
Her eyes were laser focused, she didn't want to watch him. Especially now that he had shed his blazer off, looking toned under the slim fit button up. She tried to copy the way he approached the game. Bringing her card high over her head and swinging down forcefully. The card shot downwards and hit the corner of his disk, forcing it to jump up and flip on it’s other side. A wide grin grew on her face as she quietly squealed. The salesman smiled and applauded her effort.
“I guess you owe me money, mister!”
He acquiesced and reached into the briefcase to hand her money. (Y/N)’s lips curled up as she snatched the notes from his hand. She counted out the notes, the total was adding up to 500,000 won. It made no sense because the agreed amount was 100,000 won. Did he miscount? No, it’s impossible, a man like him would never make a mistake when handing out money. The toilet doors clicked with a lock as (Y/N)’s head snapped up to find him locking the door.
“This is 500,000 won.”
“I know. It’s the same amount that you took the last two times, right?”
She shouldn’t be so surprised that the Salesman knew she stole money from him but she couldn’t help the way her lips parted in surprise. He stepped closer to her, his head slightly towering over her figure and he let his eyes openly drag over her body.
“I guess that nothing gets past you, does it? Right well I assume you’d be wanting that payment back.” (Y/N) offered the money back to the Salesman. “I hope this covers at least a small portion of it.”
“I don’t need you to pay me back with money, Ms. (L/N). As I said, prior. I’ll take my payment with your body. So let me ask once again: Do I have your consent?”
If he was inferring what she was thinking of, then she most certainly consented. He was charming and tactful. Not to mention, attractive, it wasn’t an everyday thing that handsome rich men were offering themselves up on a silver platter. No doubt there was money to be earned if she used her body. All hesitations were thrown out the window as she gave a brisk nod and verbal consent.
There was a sudden shift in the atmosphere as his lips grew into a confident smirk. He brought a finger up and spun it around as a signal for (Y/N) to turn around. (Y/N)’s eyebrows raised up in surprise but she decided to make it a little harder for him. Just because she consented, didn’t mean she was going to obey him directly like a dog. She folded her arms together and stood still at her spot, making her point about refusing his orders.
“Ms. (L/N). I insist you turn around and face the mirror.”
“And if I don’t?”
“I have no qualms about calling those guards back up to let them know where their thief is.”
“Technically, I never stole anything so I’m not a thief.”
“The diamond on your finger begs to differ. While you may not have gotten the chance to take the bracelet. You used the announcement as a way to swipe Mrs. Kwon’s diamond ring.”
(Y/N) stepped back a little at the fact that he paid attention to what she was doing, clearly understanding that the diversion was a ruse to steal something almost as valuable as the bracelet. She certainly didn’t want the Salesman to call the guards up. She had no other choice but to follow through. Maybe now was not such a good time to act bratty. She exhaled slowly and followed his order, turning to the mirror to take a gander at herself.
“Hands on the countertop at all times.”
She followed his instructions again as she watched him through the mirror, trying to figure out how the gears were turning in his head. His body was a breath away from the back of hers and she felt a small tap against her ankle. She almost felt heat flood to her cheek as she slowly parted her legs slightly. He was certainly going to ruin her tonight as she flinched at his hands on the sides of her waist; pulling back slightly and almost bending her at the toilet sinks.
His facial expressions were neutral as his fingers traced down to where the slit of her dress started. The dress felt like sinking into heaven as the Salesman curled his fingers under her dress and towards Ms. (L/N)’s underwear. It wasn’t lace or silk, cotton perhaps. Her skin was warm and he could feel brief shapes of marks, most likely stretch marks, he hooked two fingers into the waistband of her underwear and pushed it down.
Watching as it dropped down her legs and pooled by her ankles and bare feet. They were cute light blue panties with pink coloured cupcakes printed on.
“Cute underwear. Did it come with the dress as well?”
“No, the underwear is mine. This dress, however, was a borrow from a friend. So I should warn you not to rip this dress.”
The salesman leaned in close, letting his mouth hover next to her ear and carefully making sure that her body wasn’t brushing against his. His eyes connected with hers in the mirror while his warm breath tickled her ear.
“I’m a man of my word, Ms (L/N).”
She felt her body lean slightly towards his body. The salesman knew how to use his sales tactics to his advantage and she was more than happy for him to keep lighting her body with fire and warmth. She felt the back of her dress shift to the side as a rush of cold air was exposed to her behind. She watched him carefully through the mirror as he smiled at her. His eyes were slowly roving over her body before reconnecting with her eyes in the mirror.
(Y/N) gasped loudly as her head snapped over her shoulder to see that his hand had swung and hit her behind’s right cheek. Warmth flooded the area as she brought her eyes up to connect with his. He still had that smile on his face, looking more annoying rather than charming as he informed her.
Finally it all made sense. He was going to spank her as a way to waive off her debt to him. She felt her core tense slightly as she pretended to frown.
"Spanking, really? Aren't I a little old to be spanked?"
He slapped the left cheek of her butt and politely grinned at her. He knew she was trying to persuade him to give up but he wouldn't. The Salesman was a man of his word.
"Not for pretty bratty girls like you. That’s two.”
(Y/N) jerked at the sudden harsh contact, she should feel appalled and ashamed that she was in the toilets getting spanked by a man she barely knew. An attractive man and she felt heat and wetness grow in her core. He gave two more slaps before she felt his palm glide across her bare behind before dragging down to stroke small circles near her inner thighs. She gasped at the soft sensations he was giving her as they stared at one another in the mirror. He knew that he was getting to her and she needed to have the other hand.
“Is that all you got? I barely felt a thing.”
He quirked an eyebrow and brought his hands up to her labia where he could feel her arousal almost dripping. His fingers were rough and slender and she whimpered at the sudden feeling of his fingers brushing against her intimate parts.
“Are you sure you barely felt a thing? This is telling me otherwise.”
“You hit like a baby.”
It wasn’t her finest insult but it seemed to work as he came around and pressed his lower half against her bare back. She could feel his length through his dark slacks and her lips parted in surprise. He was certainly well-endowed as she bowed her head at the friction between their lower regions.
She jerked and pushed her hips back against his. He swung much harder than before and she could feel the vibration spread through her whole body. A small grunt left her lips as her head dipped lower, she couldn’t bear to keep her head up as he was taking what he wanted.
“Can you look up in the mirror, please?”
He didn’t dare to. He was officially a sadist as (Y/N) lifted her head up to connect her eyes with his. He had his usual smirk on his face as he stared at her behind. Her butt was feeling warm in his hands and her arousal was beginning to drip down her thighs a little. It was getting hard to resist sinking his cock inside her but he needed to follow through with the rules of the game. He continued to spank her, getting close to fifteen and tears were streaming down her face.
Much to his surprise, she was obeying his orders very closely and enjoying herself despite the tears down her face. (Y/N) couldn’t stop the tears as she inhaled deep breaths. She was with the devil himself as she took in his coiffed hair and pristine suit. One strand of hair was drooping down his forehead and he was composed as ever. She was very much enjoying the way he was taking the payment from her body and soon came the number that was to end this.
(Y/N) choked back a gasp as he brought his eyes to connect with hers in the toilet mirror, his hands coming up to pick up a hand towel and soaking it in cool water. He brought that hand to the outside of her behind and wiped around at her butt to cool down her pain. He was taking care of her and helping her calm down and she felt her heart swell for this strange Salesman. He smiled softly at her through the mirror before he took off his blazer and folded it up as a pillow, placing it on the sink top so she could turn around and sit on the jacket.
“How do you feel, Ms. (L/N)?”
“Like I paid off all my debts.”
The salesman smiled and placed a careful hand on top of her bare knees. There was one question that was lingering in her mind.
“Would you have stopped if I said?”
“Of course. I’m not a monster.”
“And is this something you do with other people?”
“You’re the first person I've done this with.”
The Salesman understood her line of questioning, regardless of presenting herself as independent, she yearned for comfort and attention. He was more than happy to give her that attention. She was different, unique. Maybe she didn’t have to be recruited into the games. He could find a way to keep her.
“What if I wanted another form of payment?”
This piqued his interest as he dragged his tongue over his bottom lip. Somehow this game of ddakji brought them closer than ever as he gave her an inquisitive look. (Y/N) felt her slick soak her thighs and his blazer, she really wanted his dick and the only way to get it was to do it. Tossing the front part of her dress to the side so her vagina was open for the Salesman to see. She curled her hand around his wrist and dragged his fingers over to her lower lips and vagina. Her essence was leaking and who was he to refuse her request.
He brought his thumb to stroke small circles onto her clitoris, this had her mewl softly and arch her back closer to his body. The salesman had unveiled an ethereal goddess in his arms as he decided to forgo using his fingers and beginning to unbuckle and unzip his slacks. (Y/N) whined at the loss of his fingers but her eyes grew wide at the way his hands were sloppily unbuckling his belt and pushing his boxers down to reveal his long stiff erection.
He was gorgeous and he was certainly intent on destroying her. If tonight was the night she died, she’d happily accept it at the expense of him. (Y/N) planted her hands flat behind her as he curled his slender coarse fingers around her inner knee. He tugged her forward so she was half hanging off the sink and took the time to slowly sink his dick inside her silky walls. (Y/N) couldn’t hold back a moan at the girth of his thickness as her arms trembled to keep him in place.
The Salesman grunted at the tightness and forced his way to bottom out which had her moan loudly. He slowly pulled back and thrusted again harder which had (Y/N) groan again with pleasure from his roughness. Her hand curled around that back of his neck as she took what he was giving her. One hand hooked her leg around his waist as his other hand wrapped itself in her thick tresses, pulling her to press her soft lips against his.
It was the first time they kissed and neither one could let go as their tongues brushed and curled against one another and the Salesman began to pick up pace in his thrusts. (Y/N)’s hand dropped from his neck before settling against his toned back, her nails dug in tightly into his thin button shirt. A cacophony of animalist grunts, pants and moans danced in the air as the smell of sex and sweat melted in the air.
“Fuck! You’re so good! Ruin me!”
“I already am, (Y/N).”
(Y/N) whined at the sound of her name as her body began shaking and teetering on the edge of pleasure. She was close to her climax and he could sense it as he brought his hand down to rub at her clitoris. 
“You’re so tight! I need you to come for me, now!”
At the moment he ordered her to come, she shook and screeched her orgasm as her eyes lazily connected with his. She couldn’t dare to close her eyes and this made him grunt and ejaculate deep inside her. Her ears tingled at the rhythm of his grunts and groans as he exhaled her name. He brought his mouth down to press a sloppy kiss against the corner of her mouth before pressing his forehead against her.
Their hands glided over the other’s clothed bodies, feeling and soothing the twitching and suddenness of their releases. She was loving the way she managed to ruin his smart pristine presence as his hair was shaken out of place and his shirt was crinkled and sweat soaked. He was looking equally debauched as she was and he didn’t want this to be a one time thing between them. He might be able to convince the higher ups to take her on as a fellow salesman.
“Thank you.”
“I think I should thank you, (Y/N).”
Now came the end of their game. She knew he needed to make a sale of getting her to try out the game. She heard whispers that the Salesman offered people in debt a chance to play a series of games to win a long sum cash prize. While this was the first time he took payment this way, she knew he would offer her the card to go to the games.
“I guess now, you’d want me to have a chance at playing some games like this to earn money?”
His eyes slowly opened as he leaned his head back to gaze at her. It was a soft intimate look and she almost felt shy at the fact that she dared to ask him this kind of question. His hand trembled slightly as he pushed her hair back before resting on her cheek.
“This was never to get you to play the games.”
“Then what?”
“You tricked me twice. I had to get you back for that somehow.”
(Y/N) couldn’t help but giggle at his silly notion as she lowly giggled at his words. It was a fair and enjoyable way for him to get back at her. He had a warm smile on his face as she brought her lips to press against his neck.
“Besides, I might have another more suitable way for you to pay off your debt. It will involve working with me. Is that something you could look towards to?”
Her eyebrows quirked up at his words. In this short space of time, she’s felt something grow for him and she certainly didn’t want to let go of him just yet. She lifted her head up and brought a finger to stroke against his cheekbones.
“Depends. Will it involve us coming together in … intimate, possibly compromising positions?”
“An additional perk to working beside me, perhaps.”
(Y/N) hummed as she glanced down to notice a small bump in the swell of her stomach. He was still deep inside her and she tightened her core to squeeze at his length. The salesman hissed at her sudden clenching as he watched her mischievous face grin. Her teeth dug into her bottom lip as her hand sunk under his shirt to feel his taut skin.
“You might need to convince me again.”
His dick slowly began to harden as a grin took hold of his face. He carefully pulled out of her and spun her so she was facing the mirror. One of his hand rested at the base of her neck whilst the other pushed the back of her dress to the side and held her waist so her butt was pressed against his dick.
“I’d be more than happy to convince you.”
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hajoonswife · 2 months ago
22:22 ➳ hwang jun-ho
Tumblr media
wc: 0.7k, genre: smut, warnings: slight bdsm, dirty talking.
jun-ho laughed as he saw you struggling against the cuffs, it was your idea to have him cuff you to the bed and have his way with you. you loved it when he manhandled you, you enjoy having him deep inside you knowing many girls would kill to be you. you enjoyed having him all yours.
“what a dirty girl you are, letting me do all of this to you,” jun-ho chuckled deeply taking your nipple inside his mouth sucking and biting on it gently.
your hips bucked into the air desperately your mind clouded, all you could think of having him inside you already, but he was taking his sweet time with you.
“jun, please, i want you.” you whispered your voice breaking pathetically causing him to want to torture you even more.
“i don’t know baby, you don’t sound too convincing.” he tsked pushing your hair away from your face smiling at how you look even though he hasn’t done anything yet. “if you really want me... beg.”
he traced his finger against your bare womanhood planting a kiss on the inner of your thigh causing you to cry out in desperation tugging at the cuffs.
“please jun-ho, please i want you, i want you to fuck me roughly into the bed with your big cock until i can’t take it anymore, i want everyone to hear how much of a whore i am for you, i want everyone to know i’m yours, i want you to destroy my pussy. please, please, please fuck me.”
your words hit his nerves and before you could comprehend, he has already entered you his hips slapping against your bottom. the noise of his skin slapping against yours filled the room, he was rocking his hips hard wanting his cock to reach deeper into your pussy.
you were moaning loudly at how good your boyfriend was fucking you, you were on cloud nine and the pleasure was just so good that you couldn’t even do anything except for moaning.
jun-ho laughed at the sight of you like this slapping your boobs causing you to tighten around him and he smirked playing with your clit.
“hmm, does my dirty girl like this? come on you slut, i know you can be louder than this. you wanted everyone to know who owns you, so let them know.” he growled picking up his pace.
the bedpost was hitting the wall with every thrust of his hips, it added to the noise of him slipping in and out inside of you. it was sinful and beautiful at the same time.
you screamed when you felt jun-ho hitting your g-spot repeatedly, and him abusing your clit wasn’t helping your case. the pleasure was too much and you were getting intense, you cried out in ecstasy when jun-ho attacked your neck leaving kisses and love bites there.
“oh my god, baby, you’re gonna make me cum.” you whispered whining and he looked into your eyes his jaw clenched as he thrust harder and rougher into you glaring at your face.
“cum, oh god, you look so fucking pretty like this, i swear i could fuck you all day if you let me.” he groaned feeling you tighten around him. “come on baby, be a good girl and cum. cream my cock.” he encouraged and you cried out.
you were seeing stars, you felt yourself coming down from your high moaning loudly as jun-ho fucked you through your orgasm. you moaned your pussy feeling sensitive trying to push jun-ho away from you. but he growled turning you on your stomach his hand slapping your ass roughly causing you to yell out in pleasure.
“selfish slut, i have been generous to you,” he hissed grabbing you by your hair yanking you back so his chest was flushed against you as he whispered.
“i’m gonna fuck you all i want and you’re gonna take it like the little cum slut you’re. now, moan louder for me or else i’m gonna punish you.”
Tumblr media
- requests are open!
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i-cant-sing · a month ago
if you are writing for squid game… might I suggest Yandere Guards x yn.
The triangle guards getting all obsessed over poor yn. Platonic or romantic.
Okay, the 2 circle guards aka thing number 1 and 2 are like your bffs. They sneak you in vanilla puddings and your favourite snacks, maybe even do some harmless stupid things with you like hitting the triangle guards with water balloons. Partners in crime, your ride or die, mischievous little bastards. Will throw other contestants under the bus if they have to save you.
The triangle guards are more like fretting over you like a mother hen, constantly worried about you. Absolutely hate circle guards, especially thing number 1 and 2, those conniving little bastards are spoiling your pure, naive little mind. You can never do any wrong in their eyes. Also they most definitely do your hair- saying no isn't an option, they're still gonna do it.
The square guards are more like the strict parent, always making sure that you eat your vitamins and follow your schedule to a T, leaving no room for argument. Its either their way or the high way. Scold you when you get sick or your stitches open, will force those pills down your throat when you're not cooperating. They're always closely monitoring you through the cams, immediately sending the guards in to help you when someone tries to hurt you. Also usually the ones who catch you when you're trying to escape, throwing you over their shoulder as they carry you back to your bed. If you're being good, they may reward you with head pats. If not, they're gonna hold off reporting you to your brothers for as long as they can, and if they absolutely have to, they're gonna report to Jun Ho first instead if the Front Man- the latter is always the last and least favourable option.
Tumblr media
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aurasaurora · a month ago
Summary: You were the only one to beat him at his own game.
Parings: The salesman x F!reader
Word count: 3.4k
Warnings: Smut 18+, squirting, cum play, anal, penetration, fingering, oral (m receiving), degradation and all the other nasty stuff. A tiny bit of yandere behaviour if you squint.
A/N: Haven't written smut in a long time or a fanfic, but enjoy nonetheless!
The subway was empty, given the time of day this would be expected. Exactly how you liked it. You found a sense of relaxation of sitting on the subway bench alone, late at night. Sure, it was weird, but you enjoyed the silence after a chaotic day.
You sat yourself down, planning on grabbing your book out of your expensive purse, but just as you attempted to begin reading you hear a continuous round of slaps. You won’t lie, you were annoyed that someone was disturbing your peace. Then again someone was probably getting beaten around so the right thing to do would be to go and stop it. You put the book you desperately wanted to read back into your purse and began to walk towards the noise.
A man in a fine cut suit was slapping a not so well-dressed man, assumingly poor man. “Hey.” You said firmly, putting on your intimidating voice. “What the hell are you doing to him.” You stood between the two of them. Placing your hand on the man in the suit’s chest firmly. “Nothing to worry about ma’am we are just playing a game.” The man in the suit said calmly. Your face turns over to the poor man looking to see if he will reaffirm what the suit man said or give you a different response.
“Oh, don’t worry miss.” The poor man said cheerfully. “We are just playing a game of ddakji, with a twist. If I win, I get 100,000 won, If I lose, I pay him back with my body.” You furrowed your brows at the last part. The game seems quite predatory, when it’s clear that one person is clearly more skilled and better than another. The poor man’s words made you remove your hand off the man in the suit. “Give me the tile, I’ll play for you.” You said simply.
“With all due respect I don’t think you could wi-“You cut off the poor man before he could finish his sentence. “Well, it’s not like you were doing any better for yourself.” You grabbed the tile out of his hand and then turned facing back to the man in the suite. The man had the biggest cocky smile ever. You hated it.
“You sure about this? Would be a shame to slap a pretty woman such as yourself.” The man in the suite stated. You didn’t respond and just nodded. He placed his tile on the floor, and in one swift quick movement you were able to flip his right over. His smirked disappeared and a face of surprise and shocked replaced it. The poor man began jumping up and down in joy and began apologizing for underestimating your abilities to play the game.
You watched carefully as the man in the suit went over and handed the man his money. You went into your purse and pulled out 400,000 won and walked over to the poor man. “Don’t let these fools take advantage of you.” Your voice was soft but understanding. The poor man took your money in glee, and continuously thanked you before leaving. You were going to follow suite until a voice stopped you.
“Rematch.” His words echoed through the empty station.
“Really?’ You want to embarrass yourself again?” you quipped. You played up the cocky attitude in hopes to bring down his ego. Your severely disliked how he was handling the poor man. Making him play a game for money out of his own satisfaction. At least you assumed that was the case.
“Maybe I do” He stated simply.
“Well, it’s a shame, I’d love to see it. But I have better things to do then entertain you.” You turned again to head to the stairs. But his voice once again made you look back at him.
“Rematch, 3 rounds that’s all I’m asking. You win, I’ll give you 100,00 won out of my own pocket.” He was solid on getting you to play him again. Never has he got someone to beat him instantly. It was hurting his ego.
“Fine 3 rounds, and that’s it.” You walked back over to him and grabbed the tile that you used previously.
Each round that you won you could tell that he was getting pissed off. By the final third round he was fully blown mad. He didn’t show much of his frustration. He kept his composure, but his eyes gave everything away. He was fuming inside, he has never in his career as a salesman lost this badly. Ever.
The man in the suit turned to open his wallet to hand you over the money. A little smile creeped at the side of your face, as he stretched out his arm to hand over the money, you slapped it right out of his hand. “Stop taking advantage of people without money. Instead of making them play this stupid game, be a decent human being and give them the cash.”
The man in the suit’s expression changed immensely by your actions. His calm expression instantly turned to one with anger. Showing his true colours.
“Pick it up.” His voice was low, but spite rewritten all over it. Your attitude was getting him angrier, but he was also enjoying your bratty attitude. He desperately wanted to put you in your place and show him some fucking respect. He was the salesman; he wasn’t going to let some girl tear down his ego. No matter how hot he thinks you are.
“Make me.”
One swift movement and his hand harshly met with your cheek. He expected you to be trembling, in distress and shocked by his action. Instead, his eyes saw you grinning like an idiot. Any normal person would be disturbed by you finding amusement in this situation.
“Pick. Up. The. Money.” He was stern with his words, but the message was clear. You slowly picked up the money, without breaking eye contact. You fixed your clothing and posture and began to walk away from him, before you went to climb the stairs, you dumped the money into the trash can. You didn’t bother to turn back to see if the man in the suit was still there, whether he left. You didn’t care. Or at least you told yourself that.
The following day your boyfriend had texted you to come over to his place. You haven’t seen each other in over two weeks and your lust for him was getting worse and worse for every passing day that you weren’t with him. You decided to surprise him by wearing a long coat, but underneath nothing but his favourite black lace lingerie, and thigh high red bottoms heels. You grabbed your designer sunglasses and channel bag and headed out.
Your boyfriend typically finished work late. So once again you were at the station late at night. You arrive and you hear the same sound as last night. Continuous rounds of slaps.
“Again?” You muttered to yourself. You marched over to the same location as the night before.
Before you could speak. The man in the suite eyes connected with your own.
“No…no…No.” He mufle. “You aren’t ruining this for me again?” You slightly raised both of your arms in the air, mocking the symbol of defeat. “Unfortunately, I cannot ruin your game today. I have places to be.” You pulled out your purse and handed the poor person roughly 600,000 won. Then turned to walk to the train station. The man in the suit grabbed your arm tightly, making it tough for you to escape his grip.
“Strange how you always seem to be walking around with loads of cash, arriving at the right moment to ruin my job.” He whispers harshly into your ear. “I like to use cash to make my purse look fuller. And as I said, I have places to be. Let me go.”
“At this time of day?” He questioned.
“Instead of worrying about me, Maybe focus on the fact that the man you were trying to scam with your stupid game, just stole your brief case with money.” He immediately let you go and turned to see the man running away with the money.
You scoffed to yourself. “Dumbass” you muttered before walking to catch your train.
One of the things you hated about your boyfriend is that he never let you stay over at his place, ever. It was pathetic how much you tolerated from that man, all because he has a big dick. Embarrassing. You couldn’t take the train because it didn’t run at this hour of the day, so you had to walk all the way to the nearest 24/hr motel. Your hair was a mess, an indication of you being fucked out of your mind. Your coat wasn’t fully button up, so your lingerie was quite revealing. Honestly you gave less of a shit. Your pussy was filled with your boyfriends cum and was on the verge of dripping out of your lace panties with one wrong step. Clearly you stopped giving a shit with public decency years ago.
You realized a van pulled near where you were walking. Most women would freak the fuck out at a black van pulling up near them in the middle of the night, but maybe it was the euphoria from being fucked out of your mind. But you didn’t flinch once at the car essentially following you.
The window rolled down; you could tell at the corner of your eye, but you didn’t bother to look who was in the car.
It was only when your name was called that your attention was grabbed. It was the man in the suit, he gave you his iconic smile and you were this close to rolling your eyes.
You were distracted by his smile that you practically ignored what he said. Then it hit you.
“How do you know my name?” The confusion on your face made him laugh. “Get in.” he stated simply.
“How did you find me?”
“Get in the car sweetheart. Don’t make me ask again.”
You snorted lightly. “Or what? You’re going to punish me for being a bad girl?” you leaned close to the van window. Your face was close to his, he could feel the heat coming from your face.
“Get inside the car and you’ll find out.” He stated simply, yet sultry.
“I don’t think you’d want me, not while I’m still full of my boyfriend’s cum.” You teased. You didn’t know if you imagined it or what, but you swore you thought you saw his eyes twitch at your words. You put your hand underneath your jacket and into your panties, dabbing your fingers into your wetness and grabbing a slick of your boyfriends cum. You then placed your fingers in your mouth slowly sucking on them without breaking eye contact. You giggled lightly and began to walk away from the car, continuing to walk towards your destination.
“Come inside the car, and I’ll fuck you like a real man” he said once again, he hated repeating himself, but gosh darn were you stubborn.
You approached the car once again, this time he opened the van door. You grabbed his face and spoke so close to his ear. “Why would I want to fuck a failure? Couldn’t even beat me at your own game, now I’m supposed to expect you’ll be able to satisfy me? Pathetic.”
He immediately grabbed your neck, chocking the air out of you. “I’ve been far too nice towards you. You’ve disrespected me far too many times.” He pushed your body to sit on him, with your legs spread, and your back against him. He gave the driver in a pink suite a signal to drive, and so he did what he was told. Unlike you.
He unbuttoned the rest of your jacket and saw your entire outfit. Jealousy splattered all over his face, the idea of another man seeing you like this, fucking you like this was disgusting to him.
He wanted to fill you up to the brim, fucking you while you still had your lovers cum inside of you. Marking you as his then sending you off back to whoever he is. Ruining your relationship like you were ruining his job. He wants to destroy your insides as punishment for your constant disrespect towards him.
He slid his hands down your panties gripping the rim of them and tearing the expensive fabric off, revealing your oozing cunt. “That was so fucking expensive.” You croaked out.
“Like I give a shit.” He then slid his hand down to lightly pinch your clit. Earning a jolt of movement from your body. Without warning he slid two fingers inside of you earning an embarrassingly loud moan out of your mouth. His current pace was slow clear he was trying to take his time with you. He wanted to torture you, by edging you out until you couldn’t beg for his cock. You knew this game all too well, and you weren’t going to follow along. You knew what you wanted from him, and you were going to get it.
“You’re fucking me the same way you fuck your wife; it’s embarrassing.” Once those 12 words left your mouth. It’s like all hell broke loose. Immediately you were tossed over onto the other seats face directly smashed into the seat. You felt him grab both of your arms and bring them behind your back. You did not understand how he did it so fast, but within seconds you could feel the warmth of his hard cock inside of you, pushing deep once again without any warning or ability for you to adjust yourself. His pounding was rough and fast, you felt his body weight practically crushing onto you.
“How…the fuck did you know about my wife?” his hot breath was close to your ear as he continued to pound your aching cunt. You could feel your boyfriends cum dripping out of you making a mess of the van while he continued his rough thrusts.
“Lucky guess.” You responded, which was the truth you honestly had no idea whether he was married. You were moaning religiously at this point; his dick was consistently hitting your sweet point. At an angle that your boyfriend had yet to hit. You could barely focus on keeping your eyes open.
“…Bull-shit” his voice was starting to become shaky, but he still kept his pace. “Who do you work… for?” You felt your coil build up, but this time it felt different, the build-up felt way better than how it did an hour or so ago with your boyfriend. You couldn’t even focus to answer his question the wave of pleasure was just too good to focus on anything. Just when you felt like your orgasm was about to arrive, he pulled his cock out of you. The sudden disappearance of his cock made you want to scream. You didn’t want this to happen, but it looked like regardless it would.
“You think you can fuck over my work, disrespect me, and think you get a chance, an opportunity to cum on my dick? You’re such a pathetic slut if you thought so.” You were pathetic because you now had tears in your eyes over your missed orgasm. Tears. Like a fucking baby. He lifts himself off you and admired the scene below him. He sat himself properly down back in his seat. Dick still out.
You immediately turned your body to look at him. He could see the tears streaming down your eyes and he laughed. A full-on chuckle at your struggling state.
“Please, I need your dick.” Your pleads were honest. You sounded like a drug addict desperately wanting their high.
He grabbed your head and shove it into his crotch. Clearly wanting you to suck him off.
“Here it is” You grabbed a hold of his dick and placed it into your mouth, starting off slow and quickly picking up the pace, bobbing up and down. Occasionally having your tongue lick on the tip and suck on it intensely. Your pussy was dripping from watching him practically grind his hips into your face. The man in the suit quickly placed two fingers into your cunt quickly, then removed it and slide one finger in your ass hole. The sudden wave of sensation made you startled. You tried your best to continue to please him, but as his fingers went deeper and thrusted more into your ass, you started to become lazy with your bobbing. He could tell that you were letting the pleasure to consume you, as you began moaning on his dick. The vibrations were a sensation that made him throw his head back at the overwhelming pleasure.
“Look at you…tears in your eyes, shit…sucking my cock. Nothing like the woman I met before.”
He once again removed his hands out of you. Earning a low grumble from you. He smacked your ass roughly, and then again, and again. Until he felt he was close.
“I’m…oh god..Gonna cum in your mouth. Don’t…d-don’t swallow.” His chest began to rise and down, you could feel a small tremble with his legs. His head was thrown back and his volume began to rise and rise curse after curse would leave his mouth. Eventually you felt his warm load splatter inside your mouth. He wasted no time shoving his fingers inside your mouth, grabbing the cum, and then finding your cunt and shoving his cum from your mouth into your pussy.
The sensation was a bit odd, but enjoyable. He then began thrusting three fingers inside of you, mixing the old cum with his new, it was so disgusting that it aroused you even more.
“I’m gonna push my cum so deep into you, fuck.” You began to whine at the sensation. You’ve already been toyed with before, so it took no effort for you to reach your high so quickly.
“P-please” You croaked out. You didn’t know why you were asking for permission it’s not like you cared for it.
“pLeAsE, so fucking pathetic. Begging to cum, like a whore.” He snarled.
“Oppa PLEASE.” You were begging for his approval, and he was loving the control he had over you. “Oppa I can’t hold it in.” Tears remerged and you didn’t even bother waiting for his to say yes. You began to squirt all over his hands, and he pulled out quick enough for you to make a mess all over the car seats. He had a smile of shock plastered all over his face. He gave out a laugh of enthusiasm, never had this happened to him and he felt on cloud nine. You on the other hand were shocked by your own behaviour, slightly embarrassed.
The man in the suit regained his composure and tucked himself back into his pants. He grabbed you by the chin and made you kiss his lips, devouring your mouth like it’s a five-star meal.
Eventually he asked for the driver to stop driving, and they did. It didn’t even dawn on you that the driver could’ve possibly heard literally everything.
The salesman opened the car door and pushed you out of it onto a sidewalk. Throwing out your things along with it.
“Stop fucking with my work, understood? Tell whoever you work for that you’re done.” He said sternly.
“I’m not spying on you.” You retorted, completely ignoring that you were essentially naked on the streets.
“Always winning the game, always having cash, always arriving at the right time. I have my doubts.”
“Well, no worries, because I have no plans to ever see you again.” You argued back. You absolutely detested when people would accuse you of being something you weren’t. And you weren’t spying on him, so his accusations irritated you. You grabbed your coat and quickly wrapped it around you, along with picking up your purse
“Yeah.. I doubt that” he said tossing a package onto the floor in front of you. “You should get inside, it’s cold at this time of day.” His words made you aware of your surroundings, and then it hit you that he had dropped you outside of your apartment building.
“How did you-“and his van window pulled up before you could finish. As the car drove away.
You went to pick up the package, and realised it was your missing birth control pills.
Yeah, you were screwed.
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saebyeoked · 2 months ago
dating hwang junho hcs?!?? fluff????! please??!
i love junho so yes. absolutely i will do this request!! i also think someone on my old account requested some fluffy hcs about junho so hopefully these will suffice for everyone
dating hwang junho headcanons
Tumblr media
starting off junho is the best boyfriend ever. no arguments or complaints are accepted here because this is correct
junho is actually incredibly flexible in relationships. if you're uncomfortable with something he'll stop, if you like something, he'll do it more often. it's incredible how much he pays attention to you and your emotions even when you think you aren't being obvious about it
since he's a cop, he's busy a lot. he spends a lot of time doing cop things that you don't quite understand, but you know what he does in dangerous so whenever he is with you, you tend to look after him a lot
he won't ever admit it but he loves how you dote on him the way you do, it drives him crazy in the best way knowing you love him that much
whenever you get to spend time with them you make sure you get to do anything and everything together. you'll take him anywhere he wants to go and he'll usually take you out for dinner at least once a week because he wants to treat you like you deserve
junho wants to spend all of his free time with you to be honest, nothing cheers him up more than you do. if he's had a tough work week then he's go to you to make him feel better. just a simple smile his way will make his heart swell with joy
he counts himself as the 'luckiest man alive' to have gotten you to date him. he says it all the time
the two of you met through his job when you had to file a police report on a robbery you'd been a witness to. not really anything important was stolen but it still was a crime and you were a witness so junho was there
you thought he was cute so you were the one who made the first move, sliding him your number on a post it note. you saw his face flush at that and you could feel butterflies fill your stomach
he actually did end up calling you that night and you had so many different conversations it's hard for you to remember them all
he was the one who asked you out on a date first, though. he asked you casually as he spent time at your house with you on one of his off days and a few days later he showed up on your doorstep with a bouquet of your favorite flowers in his hands
he took you wherever you wanted to go, not wanting to have a place set in stone just in case you didn't like it. the two of you went to a museum together and made fun of some of the sculptures and their strange poses, and afterwards he took you out to get dinner. you insisted on fast food so he didn't have to spend that much money, and that's what he did since you wouldn't take no for an answer
he dropped you off at your home and kissed your forehead, and as he walked away you pressed your back flush against the door and slid down it, eyes closed as you clutched the flowers he'd given you before tightly in your hands
that moment was when you knew you fell in love with him
a few weeks after your first date, you couldn't take it anymore and decided to just ask him to be your boyfriend
as expected, he got incredibly flustered over it and began tripping over his words. finally he managed to get out an "i'd love to" in response and you were ecstatic
junho was the whole package and now he was all yours— and you felt like the luckiest person alive. though, as i mentioned before, he says he's the luckiest alive ever more times than you know
with his busy schedule it's hard to schedule anything while you live apart, so finally on one of the days he'd managed to get off, you asked him to move in with you
he didn't even need to think about it and he said yes within a second of hearing the end of your question
he was moved in within a few days and you felt like you were on cloud 9
he's the type of guy to wrap his arms around your waist and stand behind you while you're cooking, resting his head on your chin which definitely makes you distracted instead of focusing on the meal
he's tidy and keeps the place clean, which is great if you're a messier person
when sleeping in the same bed as him, he'll be all over you. he loves to cuddle and with every passing day it becomes more obvious
he'll insist on being the big spoon, his head buried into your neck. he'd kiss all over your neck and it'd make you laugh, so it'd be impossible to sleep whenever he does it
though when he's actually tired expect him to just hold onto you, your back against his chest and his head on your shoulder. he falls asleep pretty quickly so some nights you'd turn around and admire all of the details on his face
how long and thick his eyelashes were and counting the light freckles littering his cheeks. it was definitely your favorite passtime
when you're the big spoon, junho will actually really enjoy it
whenever he works, he's in constant danger. when he's in your arms it feels like its the one place he can really relax and feel safe in. if he ever tells you that you'd definitely want to be the big spoon more even if you don't prefer it. all you want is for him to feel as comfortable as possible
he would really like laying his head on your chest and just listening to the sounds of your heartbeat and breathing— it would ground him into reality and he would fall asleep in an instant in that position
he really loves the domestic aspects of relationships such as cooking and cleaning together. even doing laundry with you is something he enjoys for some reason
also junho is definitely a fan of pda. it doesn't have to be anything major but he's not afraid of a quick kiss to your lips or a long hug in public. if you don't like it, he's fine with it— but he will always want to at least hold your hand. it makes him feel better
since this is set in an au where the squid games never exist, inho is still around and is a big part of junho's life
when it came time for you to meet your boyfriends brother, saying you were nervous would be the understatement of the year
but to your surprise, inho actually really liked you
he likes how well you treat his brother and he immediately loves you like he would any other member of his family
if this was set in a squid game exists reality it would be much different— junho probably wouldn't even mention inho for at least a couple months into your relationship just because he doesn't like to talk about it
when he finally tells you about it, he knows you'll be supportive but would discourage him from doing anything stupid to try to find him. he was only human with one life and you didn't want to lose him anytime soon
though you weren't a cop, you'd always want to help your boyfriend with anything plaguing him so you'd offer to help him find inho because you could tell how much he meant to him
anyway off of less depressing topics
junho is so anxious to meet your family out of the fear they'll think he isn't good enough for him. you reassure him that they'll like him, and of course they do
they hear he's a cop and their opinion of him is so much higher than it would be normally because they know he could protect you if it was ever needed
though his manners also provide a good reason for them to like him— he's holding open doors and pulling out chairs for your family to try to make a good impression and it clearly works with them by the way they talk with you after your dinner together
"you better keep him, y/n!"
you would, because he was literally everything you wanted and more
every time you saw him you had hearts in your eyes and you knew that. it was hard to not fall in love with him but you were so glad that he'd fallen for you
junho is the best boyfriend ever
he's always there for you as a shoulder to cry on or as someone to listen whenever you've had a bad day. he'll always say something that'll make you feel better somehow
also he gives the greatest hugs ever. his touch is so gentle and the way he holds onto you is almost hypnotic
but anyway
he's the best boyfriend and you're lucky to call him yours
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philomaay · 2 months ago
Anything with Hwang Junho really, maybe some jealousy towards reader?
Ooooooo jealousy
Danger danger.
Character: Hwang Junho x gn!reader
Summary: Junho despises the way Sangwoo is controlling you.
Warnings: possessive Junho, making out, a little hand action(lol Idk)
A/n: this is like a small follow-up from Found you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Junho's desire to shoot someone has never been more aching than now. It felt like an itch that couldn't be scratched. A pain in your stomach that never disappeared. His gut told him 'shoot, shoot, shoot!' as if his brain cheered on him to make the shot. It was unbearable to watch you consume in player 218's ideas and Junho could do nothing to stop it.
He stood there along with the other guards, watching over the players as they listened to a speech that one of the rectangular guards gave. He didn't listen though, no, he had his eyes on number 218 and how close the player was sitting next to you.
There have been times where Junho was jealous, but he's good at hiding it. But now it flared more and more inside him.
“The next game will be revealed tomorrow.”
And with that, the guards began to leave the location, most likely to head back into their rooms to sleep. Luckily Junho will be guarding tonight, which meant that you'll have your usual meet-up in the bathroom.
He watched as you searched for him amongst the guards, but you could never tell which one he was. He gulped, and with a subtle hint, he lifted his index finger, indicating that it's him. And you caught onto it, smiling at him.
Then, all the guards left.
“W-Wait,” You breathed, trying to push Junho away but he kept you locked between the sink and his body, not giving you a chance to get fresh air as he licked, sucked, bit your neck. “Junho.”
He said nothing, not even a glance at your way as he ripped the jacket off your body and throwing it where his mask laid on the floor. His hand found its way down your pants, making you grip his wrist tightly as a sign for him to take it easy but he continued to assault your skin with roughness. The way he handled you made your mind fog into a hazy space, letting yourself be completely submitted to him.
“Tell me,” He grumbled, voice and breath hoarse. “Who is number 218?”
“Huh?” You mumbled, closing your eyes in deep pleasure while he kissed the skin below your ear. “ mean Sangwoo?”
Sangwoo. Junho will remember that name.
“Don't say his name,” He pressed a kiss on your lips, and you let out a small gasp of surprise. He rested his forehead on yours. “I don't want to hear it.”
You wanted to giggle at his obvious jealousy but you only smiled and nodded.
“I won't.”
He gave you a lopsided grin and shoved his hand inside of your underwear, making you gasp loudly.
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kxylrxn · a month ago
The Pink Guard (Triangle Guard x Reader Smut)
Summary: You and a certain triangle guard seem to always be running into each other in the bathroom.
Warnings: Unprotected sex, creampie, bathroom sex, somewhat public sex, oral(on m), kinda dom!reader, the guard from the bathroom scene in ep.3
Tumblr media
“Give me a minute!” You scream at the guard continuously knowing at the door. You stare at the cut on your stomach. It isn’t deadly but it is pretty big. You turn on the sink and continue to try to clean it as much as you can. 
Before you can even protest anymore, the door is swung open and the guard quickly looks around and spots you. You both make eye contact with each other, or what you assume is eye contact. He stares at your figure in your cheeky wet underwear. He feels himself flush under his helmet  He turns around quickly adverting your gaze, even though you can't see his face.
“What never seen a girl in underwear before?” You scoff at him and his nervous reaction. He doesn't respond and it fills you with anger. “Huh? What never seen a girl naked before?” You walk up to him and push him against the wall. “You act like such a tough guys but when you actually come in here you have nothing to say?” You roll your eyes and walk off back to the sink. You grab the cloth you have and continue to clean your wound. 
The guard turns around and walks up to you again. He grabs one of your wrists. You look in the mirror and stare at his reflection. You can’t even see his face and you can tell he's nervous.
“Watch how you talk to your superiors.” He grits against the back of your head. You smile and laugh at his reflection. 
“My superior? Get one of those square guys in here and then maybe I’ll watch my mouth.” You move your eyes from his mask back to your wound. 
“That looks bad.” The guard says. You turn your head and it is now you realize how close he is to you. 
“Oh and you freaks are all of a sudden so concerned about our health.” You smugly say. He tries to reach for it but you are quick to stop him as you grab one of his wrists and pull your knife to his neck with the other. You're now even closer as your bodies are pressed against each other. You feel something hard pressed against your leg and you look down confused. You smirk as you see what the forbidden shape is. 
“Hmm what's this?” You say moving the knife closer to his throat. “I’m turning you on?” 
“N-no.” He breathes against his mask. 
“No? So it wouldn't bother you if I just.” You grab his dick through his pants. His hips stutter, as the foreign feeling hits him. “What never had your dick touched either?” He nods his head no and you bite your lip. 
“Mhm interesting.” You say as you take your hand off of him and exit the bathroom. The guard stares at the bathroom trying to register what just happened. He shakes his head and quickly follows you out. 
“God let me go to the bathroom.” You bang against the door. The guard finally opens the door, you notice it is a triangle guard. You smirk at him and look him up and down. His whole body tenses. Before you are able to get through the door another girl rushes up.
“I have to go too.” You roll your eyes. Cockblock. The guard escorts you and the girl to the bathroom. As you enter it the other girl makes a beeline for a certain stall. She climbs up on the toilet and starts to unscrew the vent.
“Distract the guard will you? Then I’ll tell you what I see.” You smile at her request.
“Oh yeah I can totally distract him.” You open the door to the bathroom and see him standing in front of it.
“Hey triangle.” You whisper but he ignores you. “Cmon I know it’s you from the last time. I really need help with something.” He doesn't budge. You close the door to the bathroom and quickly take off your jacket and bra but leave on your shirt. You open the door once again and tap his shoulder.
“What?” He turns quickly to see why you keep bothering him. Now you are fully in front of him. You take off your shirt quickly revealing your already hard breasts to him. You see his body and member tense up from the reveal. 
“You like them?” You ask shyly even though you know he's the shy one here. He doesn't say anything but you can feel him gulp. You reach for one of his hand and place it on your breast. His hand is foreign to the pebbled skin and it feels good against his palm. You feel his hand relax against it as time moves on. You grab his other hand and place it over your other breast.
“Please.” You pout at him. You turn your head to the stall the girl is supposedly in. “I feel like she's gonna be in there for a while.” Against the guards better judgement he pushes you against one of the sinks right behind you and closes the door behind him quickly. As your ass collides with the sink you grab onto his already hard boner. You message it a few times before you are unzipping his pink pants and pulling them down the same pace you are going down on your knees. 
His dick strings out as you drop both his pants and boxers. You are pleasantly surprised at the size. You bite your lip looking up at him as you continue to pet it with your palm. The rush of adrenaline kicks in and you feel it go into your panties. This place was a hell hole where you could literally die the next day yet you're in the bathroom on your knees for one of the guards. 
“Please do something.” He grits out you start to move your hand faster. “Mhm I’m already doing something.” You pout in response.
“Please with your mouth, please put it in your mouth.” He whimpers and you feel yourself dampen your panties. You’ve never had this much control over a man and you were loving it. 
“Like this?” You asked before you dive in with your tongue on his head. The light touch causes him to jerk his hips forward. “So sensitive. Are you sure you can handle this?”
“Y-yes. Please.” At his request you fit as much of him as you can in your mouth. You start to bob your head repeatedly as you stroke the rest of his member. “I’m so close fuck.” He whimpers above you. You wanna laugh at his comment but you're too preoccupied with something else in your mouth. You pop him out of your mouth.
“Don’t you wanna feel me?” You say as you stand up and the guard shyly nods. 
“But she-.” 
“She already heard me sucking your dick, what will fucking do?” You say. You pull down your pants and underwear successfully with one fellow swoop. You move your hand down to touch your wetness and you roll your eyes at the sensation. “Fuck I'm so wet for you.” You whimper. 
The guard stands still as he watches you almost unsure of what to do. You grab his hand and guide him to the sink. You sit against it as you position him at your entrance. He lets out a moan as the tip of his dick touch your wetness and his pre cum mixes with you. 
“Hmm feels good doesn't it?” You boost to him and he nods in response, “You wanna go in?” You ask and he once against just nods in response. You place his tip at your hole and you tell him to move forward and his dick moves into you at the pace he takes steps. Once he's pressed against the sink he adjusts to your tightness and you to his size. 
“Fuck, that’s it, that’s so good.” You praise him and he starts to thrust his hips. You let out a gargle of curses and moans. The guard above you only lets out a few moans of approval as he tries his hardest not to come at once. 
“Fuck that feels so good.” You hear him whimper and its one of the first things he's said. “I’m so close.” 
“Hmm I know you are. I knew you wouldn't last long from the minute I saw you in the bathroom that say I had the wound. I knew you were a pathetic fucking virgin-” Before you can register what happened you moan as you feel his dick twitch and his come filling you up. He didn't even give you any warning before he blows his load in you. You moan as you feel yourself fill up and he pulls out. As your pussy is on display cum oozes out of it and onto the sink. 
The guard frantically puts himself together, realizing the reality of the situation. He was supposed to be in charge and guarding you not fucking you. But it was too. He quickly moves to the stall the girl is supposed to be in and your face drops. You run after him and push his shoulder so he is now focusing his attention you. 
“What the hell? You don’t just fuck a girl and come in her and leave! You’re lucky I even fucked you. I should have fucked someone higher up on the chain.”  The guard shakes his head and pushes past you. He opens the door and sees the girl sitting on the toilet. 
“Get a room next time.” The girl says as she leaves the stall for the door. You breath a sign of relief. 
“Same time tomorrow?” You smirk at the guard and walk away before leaving the bathroom.
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kdottp · a month ago
The Salesman | Squid game - Salesman (Gong Yoo) x reader
Tumblr media
Word count: 3777
Request: None lol I’m just down bad for this guy 
Summary: A handsome salesman offers the opportunity to win money by playing a simple game of ddakji with him, but when you lose your punishment turns out to be more pleasurable than you’d imagine.
Warnings: This is a NSFW (smut) fic. do not interact if you are under 18.
Read Part 2 Here!
This is the first fic I’ve written in a while. My blog was strictly DBH and I’ll still write for that game, however I have new interests *Cough* Gong Yoo *Cough* and I don’t want to make a whole new blog just to post this on. 
ALSO THIS IS THE FIRST SMUT FIC IVE EVER WRITTEN. It’s rushed and needs improvement, but I’m sure I’ll get better with practice :’)
You’re completely and utterly fucked. When you had taken out a loan you had not expected to be fired from your job. And here you were, jobless and in a shit ton of debt with the bank. Since you were fired you had done plenty of small jobs here and there to keep you on your feet, but nothing was enough to pay back the money you had borrowed, only enough to feed yourself and use public transport to get yourself home.
Just as you were getting your life together, everything seemed to fall apart right in front of you. You sold your car and many of your belongings to keep your head above water, but times were tough for you now. Usually on a Friday night like this one you were out with friends, eating at one of your favourite restaurants and drinking until you couldn’t see straight. But tonight, you said no to your friends and opted to sit outside a local convenience store you often visited and treated yourself to some cheap ramen to cheer yourself up. Never did you think you’d be this much in debt, and it was eating you alive.
You lazily poked at your ramen. Your sadness made you lose your appetite a while ago and you didn’t have the will to go home and face reality again just yet. You were so deep in thought you didn’t notice a man approach you. He cleared his throat and you jumped, startled by the unexpected company.
“I’m sorry miss, I didn’t mean to startle you” The man offered an apologetic smile. “I was wondering if this seat here isn’t taken, may I join you?” He looked out of place at this run-down convenience store. He wore what looked to be a very expensive grey tailored suit that made his figure look dreamy. His face was shaven, and he held a black briefcase in one hand, while the other held a drink he must have bought from the store. This man looked way too expensive to be from around here. From the outfit alone you guessed he was some sort of salesman.
You nod and offer a shy smile. “Of course,” Is all you say before focusing your attention back to your now lukewarm food. From the corner of your eye, you observe the mysterious man. He was a bit older than you and handsome no doubt. You couldn’t help but wonder what a man like him was doing here. Surely, he didn’t live near here.
“May I talk to you, miss?” The salesman asked you.
“Uh, yeah sure?” You slowly nodded. Small talk you assume. It wasn’t like you had anywhere else to be tonight, you figured small talk with a handsome older man would be a great little escape for now. He smiles brightly at you and places his briefcase on the small plastic table between you.
“Would you like to play a game?”
What the fuck? What was this man getting at? You looked at him confused and scoff.
“A game? If this is some weird sales pitch you’ve asked the wrong person”. His smile never left his face as he unlatched the briefcase and opened it in front if you. Inside were ddakji tiles and a fuck ton of money. Enough money to help you cover your debt. Now you were interested. “Y-you wanna play ddakji?”
The salesman nodded and picked up the tiles.
“Play a few rounds with me” he said. “Each time you win. I’ll pay you 100,000 won.”
Your mind was racing. Winning a couple rounds of ddakji wouldn’t pay off your debt but it’d sure as hell give you a head start. It would also feed you for a couple days and may even cover your bills if you won enough rounds. You eagerly nod your head which seemed to please him.
 “Great. Shall we move to the alleyway for a more privacy?” He suggested and you eagerly stand without a second thought. “I’ll take your eagerness as a yes” The handsome salesman chuckled at you, and you felt a blush form over your cheeks. Embarrassed, you moved a little slower to the alleyway next to the store and watch as he places the briefcase down with care.
“So, Red or Blue?” your eyes darted between the tiles between his fingers.
“Blue” you chose, and he handed you the blue tile. He placed his red tile on the ground and gestured for you to play first. Taking a deep breath, you concentrated on the red tile on the ground and swung your blue tile towards it. The tile hit but didn’t manage to flip it over.
Once again, he gave you that same cheery smile and stepped forward to pick up his tile. You watched as he threw his tile down with great force, flipping your tile with ease. He won. It was then you realised you hadn’t asked what happens if you lost.
“So uh, what happens when I lose?”
“You pay me the same amount”
You almost choked. 100,000 won? You didn’t have that much on you let alone in your bank account. A sheepish smile formed on your face at his words, and you watched as his smiled dropped slightly.
“Do you not have any money on you, miss?” Oh, you were embarrassed. Yet another person you were in debt to. How foolish of you to play a game and not even ask about the consequences of losing.
“I’m sorry sir. I don’t have that kind of money. I promise to pay you back when I can”. The salesman shook his head and walked towards you. You felt a warm hand cup your cheek and your heart was racing. He stood close to you, so close you could smell the cologne he was wearing. It was intoxicating, incredibly addictive. The close proximity mixed with the seductive smell of his cologne and the warm hand on your cheek was driving you crazy.
“There’s no need to apologise miss” He smiled down at you. God he was tall. “You can pay me with your body instead”
What did he say? Pay him back with your—
The hand that previously cupped your cheek suddenly slapped you, catching you off guard causing you to stumble backwards. You held your cheek, shocked at what happened. It stung like a bitch and oh, you loved it. It’d had been a while since well, you’ve had any sort of action and the slap he just gave you really did something.
“For every slap I’ll take of 100,000 won” The salesman said simply. If this is what he meant maybe tonight won’t be so bad after all. You looked up and smiled at him.
And so you played again and kept playing losing each time. And each time just like he had promised, you received a slap for each time you lost. This continued for several minutes. Throwing the ddakji tiles and watching as he once again won. With each slap you felt yourself getting more and more aroused. Suddenly it wasn’t about the money anymore, each slap brought you closer to euphoria and made you forget about the horrible situation you currently found yourself in.
It was round 16 now. You had lost 16 times and so, like every time before the salesman stepped forward and slapped your cheek. Hard. His smile had never faulted, not once during this game. That was of course until he looked into your eyes. He watched as you recouped yourself, caressing your sore cheek and bending down to reach for your tile. As you stood up though, you looked at him through your lashes. That’s when he saw, bedroom eyes. Full of lust and desire.
You were enjoying this.
No one has ever enjoyed this before, not like you were. He was used to angry reactions, people getting up to scream at his face. Others even cried, giving up before they had a chance to win. You on the other hand, were having the time of your life and that look on your face was doing things to him.
He watched as you attempted to flip his tile, but this time he noticed you didn’t put as much effort into it as you were before. When you first started playing you had put your all into it. Using as much force as you possibly could to flip his tile. Now, you half-heartedly threw your tile on the ground and smiled as you failed to flip his over. It was his turn now. He flipped your tile with ease, and you looked at him expectantly. Your lips were parted, and your eyes were blown out. The salesman watched as you breathed heavily, eager to receive your punishment.
You swear you stopped breathing. This slap was different to the last ones. This was hard, so hard in fact you felt your eyes swell up with tears and you were loving it. Suddenly, you feel his hand grab your chin. He forced you to look at him, his cheerful smile had turned into a devious smirk and his hand gripped your chin as hard as he could.
“Let’s make this a bit more interesting, shall we?” His eyes had a mischievous gleam in them, and his smirk grew wider. “If you win the next round, you get ten times what I originally offered” Your heart was racing. A million won? That was enough to cover bills and food for a while, you could use any other money you earned to pay towards your debt. It’d be huge for you!
“And if I lose?”
“I get to hit you ten times”.
You smiled. Really it was a win-win situation for you. Either you walk away with 1 million won in your pocket or you get to be slapped and humiliated by this handsome man.
“Deal” You felt his grip on your chin loosen and he stepped back to let you pick up your tile. As much as you enjoyed being slapped around, the money you could potentially win would benefit you greatly. You mustered whatever strength you had and threw your tile down, but just like every other time you failed to flip the salesman’s tile. You felt a little defeated, you really could have used that money, but the punishment isn’t the worst. You should feel ashamed for enjoying this as much as you were, but with how your life was going this was the best thing that could have happened to you. The humiliation you felt letting a stranger slap the shit out of you was thrilling and you were thriving off it. Just like before you watched as he threw his tile to the floor and flipped yours with ease. You tried to hide your grin as he stepped towards you, and you closed your eyes bracing yourself for the slaps… but they never came. You opened your eyes and met his. He no longer wore a smile on his face. He looked down at you with stern eyes and the sudden change of expression frightened you in the best way possible.
“Turn around, hands on the wall” Is all he said. Confused, you shot him a questioning look but obliged and did as he told you. You turned around and placed your hand on the brick wall behind you. The brick was rough and cold on your hands. You could feel your heartbeat in your throat as you waited in anticipation for whatever he was doing. You opened your mouth to ask him when suddenly.
His hand came down, spanking your arse. You yelped out in surprise. Somehow you had not expected him to spank you, but you weren’t going to complain.
“I said I get to hit you 10 times. I never specified where” Is all he said before his hand spanked you again. You bit your lip to stay quiet, after all, there was a convenient store right next to you. Anyone could be sitting outside hearing the commotion happening in the alleyway just next door. The thought of getting caught excited you as you felt another harsh spank to your arse.
“That’s three” he said. Before you could fully register what he was doing, he pulled your panties down to your ankles, lifted your skirt up and spanked you again. “Four”.
You were in heaven. The thrill of getting caught mixed with the sensation of his spanks and the humiliation of being ruined in such a public space was overbearing. You wanted him to ruin you here and now. You wanted more than slaps and spanks. You wanted him.
“That’s five. You’re doing so well” He spoke softly in your ear. “You can take five more, can’t you?” He didn’t give you a chance to answer as his hand met your arse once again. You bit your tongue again to keep yourself from moaning and held back tears as he continued out the rest of your punishment. By the tenth your legs were shaking, and you could feel how wet he had made you just from spanking you. You rest your head against the wall and tried to catch your breath. As you did, you felt him lift your ankles, making you step out of your panties and pocketed them in his blazer.
“Shall we play one more round?” His kind smile returned as if that had just not happened. You were so flustered you couldn’t utter a word, but you weren’t going to let this end here, so you simply nodded. “Good. If you win. I’ll give you everything in this suitcase. If I win, you can pay me back with your body”. This time was much different than the first time he said you could pay him back with your body. His eyes were now full of lust and his breathing had become much heavier. You knew what he meant by your body this time and right now, that sounded much better than the money in that briefcase.
“You go first” you say. He gives you a look but doesn’t object. Like you had suspected he flipped your tile with ease. You give him a smile and pick up your tile. This time however, when you go to hit his you threw a pathetically weak shot and completely missed the tile. Looks like you lost again. How unfortunate. You looked up at him with innocent eyes and offered a sweet smile.
“Oops” you fake pout and took a step towards him. “So how shall I pay you back?” you ask as you try your best to sound naïve, but he wasn’t falling for it. He storms towards you, pushing you against the brick wall with so much force it almost knocked the wind out of you.
“You’ll pay me back with your body” He said before smashing his lips into yours. He tasted so sweet, and you couldn’t get enough. You hungrily kissed him back, earning a sweet moan from him. Your hands snaked their way into his hair, running through it as your mouths continued to kiss. You felt a hand slide up your thigh, edging closer and closer to your pussy. His fingers drew soft circles on your inner thigh and you were desperate for his fingers to finally touch you where you so desperately wanted, but it never happened. He continued to tease you until you were at your breaking point.
“S-stop being a tease” you managed to say in between kisses. “I can’t stand it”
“Then beg”. He was going to make you beg? Was touching you out in public, not humiliating enough? That being said, you were so needy and desperate you weren’t going to argue.
“Please sir, I need you to touch me. Please touch me” You begged in a whisper. This seemed to be enough to please him as merely seconds later you felt his fingers rubbing your clit. Your head rolled back as a wave of pleasure took over your body.
“You’ll pay be back by cumming for me twice. You understand?” His voice was stern and demanding. All you could do was moan and nod in response as his fingers continued to pleasure you. “Good girl”. His fingers on your pussy stopped and you let out a whine as the sensation disappeared. You felt those same fingers reach for the hem of your skirt, pulling it down to the ground leaving you exposed to the cold air. The salesman then knelt, and you felt his tongue where his fingers once were. That wave of pleasure hit once more as he used his tongue to lick and suck your clit. God he was good, and that familiar knot in your stomach let you know you were definitely cumming soon. Just as you thought you couldn’t feel any better you felt two fingers enter your pussy and you let out a moan. You couldn’t help it; this man was making you feel pleasure like you had never felt before. Hearing you moan must have turned him on. As soon as he heard the moan escape your lips his pace quickened. His mouth and tongue moved faster, and he inserted a third finger into your pussy. You were at your breaking point.
You looked down at him and met his eyes. He was watching you, observing how you reacted to him. His pupils were big and his eyelids droopy. You thought he looked so sexy looking up at you as he pleasured you. You grabbed a fist full of his hair in your hand and held on tight.
“Sir I’m- I’m gonna cum”
“I know, you’re doing so well” he praised. His praised tipped you over the edge and you came on his face, grinding against his tongue as your rode out your orgasm. He pulled his fingers out of your pussy and stood back up. He brought his fingers, dripping in your cum up to his lips and sucked them clean all while maintaining eye contact with you.
Fucking pervert.
He didn’t give you long to recover, cause before you knew it his pants were down and he was positioning himself at your entrance. He lifted your right leg to gain easier access to your pussy and leaned closer to your face. That smirk was again back on his lips as he spoke. “You still owe me one more orgasm”. And with that he pushed his cock inside of you. He muffled your moan with his free hand and began thrusting himself into you. Your back was pushed further against the wall and his body was flush against yours. His cock stretched you out in the best possible way it was hard to stay quiet. He on the other hand had no intentions on staying quiet. His eyes were shut tight and his free arm was wrapped around your torso. He let out a load moan and it was heaven to your ears. He sounded so beautiful you’d want to hear more if it weren’t for the location you were in. The alleyway was now filled with heavy breathing and the sound of skin hitting skin. It wasn’t long until you felt that same knot in your stomach, and while you were sad you were about to cum so fast you wanted nothing more than to cum on his cock.
“Again Sir. I’m cumming again”
And with that your back arched and the pleasure of your orgasm took over. The salesman did not slow down during your orgasm, he continued to fuck you rough and hard, and you felt weak. Once you rode out your second orgasm, he pulled out of you and pushed you onto your knees. Again, without letting you catch your breath he pulled your head towards his cock, covered in your cum. Pushing the head of his cock to your lips, he commanded you to open wide and began to fuck your mouth. You could taste your cum on his cock as you pleasured him with your mouth. It was filthy and you enjoyed every second of it. You looked up at him in awe, watching him thrust into your mouth with his head thrown back and eyes shut. It was long until it was his turn to cum. He gave you no warning before you tasted his cum on your tongue.
“Don’t swallow. Open your mouth”. You did as he asked, opening your mouth and sticking out your tongue to show him the mess he had made inside your mouth. “Good girl. Now swallow it” and you did. He smiled at you as you did, he looked so proud it made your heart warm.
He helped you stand up and out your skirt back on, though he never gave you your panties back. He tucked himself into his pants and as he did, he felt the card in his pocket. The card he was supposed to give you to join the game. He felt his heart drop as he hesitated to pull the card out.
Could he really send you to your potential death after all that? The thought made him sick. It shouldn’t. This was his job after all, to recruit people, play a silly game and ask them to meet their end for the chance to earn billions. But tonight was different, far different than anything he’s done with the others. You noticed his change in demeanor and put a hand on his shoulder.
“Is everything alright sir?” You asked so kindly. He looked into your eyes and sighed. He couldn’t.
He walked towards the briefcase and handed it to you. He watched as your eyes lit up with excitement and his chest felt warm.
“Congratulations. You’ve earnt it”
You couldn’t believe your luck. You let out a quick thank you and opened the case. It was stacked with cash. Surely this would be enough to pay your debt in full. There might even be enough to cover your expenses for the next few months while you look for a new job. You were overjoyed and incredibly thankful for the handsome man who had just fucked you into heaven. You went to thank him once more, but he had left. You didn’t notice him leave the alleyway. You ran out, hoping to catch him before he could get too far but he was no where in sight.
You didn’t even get his name. How could you thank him properly? How could you see him again? Your heart sank a little, but you were still incredibly thankful for the salesman.
“I hope I find you again soon, handsome salesman”
Idk if anyone will read this but yes, I have a part 2 planned :)
Edit: Part 2 has been posted! Link is before the start of the fic <3
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We, the squid fandom be like
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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crxwleyscorner · a month ago
Money is the anthem of success
The Salesman (Squid Game) x reader
Summary:What happens when you are down on your luck and a handsome stranger decides to help you out?Well let's say it rocks your world
Rating:pure filth,just smut <33
Warnings:Public sex,choking
A/N:my first ever smut ooooo
Tumblr media
On a Friday night, you were usually out, getting drinks, having fun, yet you now find yourself sitting alone at a train station. Your life had changed so drastically in only the last month, you went from living decently to now having hardly any money in your pocket, only because your job decided to fire 80% of the workers, they screwed up the finances and now you gotta pay.
You were just out looking for jobs which is what led you to the empty train station,not only did you not find anything good but you also managed to miss your ride,great.You were so deep in your thoughts that you didn’t even notice someone sitting down next to you,not until they spoke.
“Excuse me,do you have a moment?” someone asked.Turning your head you weren’t expecting to come face to face with someone so handsome.Next to you sat a well dressed man,his suit perfectly tailored for his body,his hair perfectly made and his face,god his face,one of the prettiest faces you’ve seen in a long while.You normally wouldn’t be comfortable talking to random men but all logic flew out of the window the second you saw him.
“Yeah,anything i can do?” you responded,hoping your face wasn’t showing what you were thinking about the stranger.He smiled and pulled out a briefcase which he put in between your bodies.
“Would you like to play a game?”,this perked up your curiosity even more,what the kind of game?Were you going to be scammed?The logical part of your brain was screaming at you to just leave but one look at him sealed your fate,god you had it bad for a man you just met.
“Sure,what’s in it for me though?” you questioned,eyeing the salesman up and down,yeah you were down for playing anything with a man like him but you didn’t want to go into it fully blind,you weren’t that desperate.He then reached down and opened the briefcase and you couldn’t believe you eyes.The goddamn thing was full to the brim with money,a lot of money.
You didn’t even have to say anything for him to know you were interested,the way you were staring at the money,mouth hung open,was enough for him.”We will play a game of ddjaki” he said and got out two pieces of paper,one blue,one red.”If you manage to flip my card and win I pay you 100 000,If i win you pay the same amount.”
You thought for a moment,you didn’t have almost any money to give but the game looked pretty easy and you were already down on your luck,you weren’t going to turn down such an opportunity.You swallowed before answering,”I’m in”
The salesman grinned,”Red or blue?” he asked.
“Red” you answered,no particular reason it was just the first one your eyes were drawn to.He then explained the game one more time before it started.You were up first,you watched as the man put his card on the ground and got up.You took a deep breath and tried to focus,though that was hard because the entire time you were feeling his eyes glued on you.You raised your arm and threw the card with a lot of determination, yet that didn’t seem to matter,the card simply hit his but didn’t manage to actually flip it.
You let out an annoyed sigh and prayed the salesman would miss too,you were too broke for a different outcome.”My turn” he grinned,seeming happy that you lost.The universe really wasn’t on your side today because you watched how he,with such ease,threw the card and managed to flip yours.
“Fuck!” you couldn’t help but shout out,you were screwed.The salesman looked at you,amusement written on his feautures,”What’s the issue?”
“Well”,now you were fully fidgeting with your hands”- i happen to not have any money”.You looked up at him and your eyes were pleading,the last thing you needed was to be in somebody else’s debt.The salesman only smiled once again.
“That won’t be a problem” he said,his voice sounding oh so confident,”you can use your body to pay”.
You widened your eyes at his words,”Excuse me?” you managed to let out,your voice laced with confusion.You didn’t even have the chance to say anything more before you felt a hand hit you across your face,sending you a few steps back.Now you were fully in shock,did he just fucking slap you?When you looked back at him he had the biggest grin on his face,clearly having fun.
“What the hell was that?!” you yelled,one hand rubbing the cheek that fell victim to his hand ,which was already turned red.
“Each slap takes off 100 grand from what you need to pay” he calmly explained,his smile not once leaving his face.You really didn’t think that was what he meant when he said you could pay with your body,but alas it was better than paying actual money.
Without thinking you let the next few words roll off your tongue,”Is this some weird shit you get off on? Hitting people for money?”,you cursed yourself the second you ended the sentence,but you couldn’t help but wonder,this was a peculiar situation after all.
The salesman’s eyes widened only slightly,he was speechless for a second before he replied,”The only thing you should focus on right now is the money, don’t you think so miss?”.What a way to avoid the question you thought, though he was right.You decided you were seeing this through,you wanted to continue playing.
“Right,let’s continue” you announced and picked the red card from the floor.
Round after round your luck didn’t change and you didn’t know what hurt more,your face or your dignity,you felt like such a sore loser.After about the 10th slap you mustered up enough strength you catch his hand before it managed to hit you.”I think we should stop”
The salesman fisted the hand that you were still holding before he put it down.”Are you sure?”,his smile was finally gone.
“I can hardly feel my face anymore” you snapped,this stupid game has finally gotten on your nerves.
The man now raised his hand again,causing you to flinch,only this time he lightly cupped your cheek.“How about we change the rules?”.You looked up at him and felt your face grow red,the way he was touching you almost making you forget how he did only a few minutes ago.
“What do you mean” you wondered but the way he was caressing your face was already giving you some ideas.
He dropped his hand from your face and gestured towards the briefcase.”If you win i will up the pay 5 times”
“Oh” you replied,your interest was brought back up but even for more money you didn’t know if you could handle the pain anymore.
“You sound disappointed” the salesman voiced,”why so?”
“No it’s just,the money is good,but i don’t think i can physically handle any more hits” you replied in all honesty, a sad look on your face.
He stepped even closer to you and bent over to pick up the red card that was next to your feet.You pressed your thighs together knowing damn well he could easily see up your skirt from the position he was in.When he got up he did so with no rush,his eyes glued on your figure like a predator looking at his prey.He got to face level with you before he said anything.”You can use your body to pay” and he didn’t need to add anything more for you to know that this was different than before,you weren’t that dumb.
You thought about it for a moment,if this was any other person you would’ve been out of there the moment they even implied such a thing but you would be lying if you said you yourself didn’t have such fantasies,hell you wanted to jump on him the second you saw him sit next to you. Swallowing hard you said,”I’m in”.
But before either of you could do anything a train pulled up and about a dozen people came out of it.Both of you knew it was too risky to continue your game right there.”I think we should change locations” the salesman offered and it was an offer you couldn’t turn down.You simply nodded and followed him away from the crown.He seemed to know his way around this place extremely well because the next thing you knew you found yourself in a part of the train station you didn’t even know existed.You came around this stairway that didn’t seem to be in use anymore,darker than the rest of the train station but still squeaky clean.Looking around you saw you were completely alone,which was the plan.
“Shall we continue” The salesman’s voice broke you away from your wandering thoughts.He was staring at you again,almost looking as if he was scared you were going to run off in the last second.
You grabbed the red card from his hand,”Yes”.
The smile was finally back on his face and within a second his card was on the floor.You inhaled and picked up your card,you lifted your arm up and the salesman watched as you bit your lip, focused.You then threw the card with the most strength you had but to no avail,you pitifully watched as his card didn’t budge and you didn’t even have to look to know he successfully managed to flip yours.
You sighed and leaned against the wall behind you,but then you remembered the agreement,was he going to hit you again?You watched as he started to make his way towards you,eyeing your exposed neck and you waited in anticipation to see what he was going to do.He managed to back you even more into the wall behind you and suddenly his lips were on you neck.You gasped,you thought something like this was going to happen but fuck,you weren’t prepared.You hardly had control over your own body and the next thing you knew you were moving your head to the side, giving him more access.
He sucked on your neck in a way you were sure was going to bruise.He took his time,working all around your neck and you had to bite back the moans that were threatening to leave your body.He noticed you holding back and amped up his game,biting into your sweet spot.This finally caused you to let out a moan,your mouth hanging agape.You saw him grin against your neck and then he moved away.You were breathing heavily after his attack, hating how much power you were giving him.
“Another round?” you questioned and he nodded happily.It was no surprise to you when he won again,though this time you really didn’t mind.
Just like that he was back on you,though this time you watched as his hands moved and button by button started stripping you out of your button-up.You felt a chill run down your body,both from excitement and the coolness of his touch.When he finally had your shirt open,your chest only hidden by a bra,he attacked.His lips worked the same magic on your chest as they had on your neck and god it felt amazing.As if that wasn't enough you suddenly felt a hand make it's way up your skirt,kneading your thigh.You gasped,not believing you were doing this in public.
He quickly got bored with your thighs and made his way up to your underwear.He softly dragged his fingers across your clothed slit and you knew for a fact he could feel just how wet he's made you.He toyed with the band of your underwear before diving his hand underneath.His mouth was still on your chest but now a part of his attention was focused on playing with your clit which made you moan,loud.
He started rubbing your cunt in a way that made you know he had done it plenty of times before,his one hand working wonders.As if this wasn't enough he then shoved two fingers inside of you,making your knees start to give up underneath you.God you were being finger-fucked by a stranger.He started going faster and faster and then added a third finger to the mix,stretching you out perfectly.You were now a moaning mess against him,gripping his arms for dear life.
He on the other hand was breathing heavily against you,staring up at your face.He knew he had grown hard and wondered if you could feel his erection pressing up against your body.He wanted you to touch him desperately but he knew to control himself,it wasn't time,yet.
He worked you so good and before you knew it you felt yourself come undone,and he felt it too.He felt your warm cum drip down his fingers and slowly he took them out.You were breathing heavily,your head buried in his shoulder.After you calmed down he moved away and you watched as he took the fingers he just had inside you and put them in his mouth,licking them clean.
He let out a moan as he did that,not breaking eye contact.Fuck was he a pervert, though not like you were any different.You wondered if this was over but yet again he asked if you wanted to play another round,you of course said yes.
You've noticed the tent in his pants and didn't want to have him leave without it being taken care of,it's the least you could do after what he just did to you.This time you didn't even try flipping the card,you simply let it fall down at your feet.He smirked and then flipped yours over no issue which caused you to smile too.
"Guess we got to follow the rules" you teased,your eyes glued to his pants.He then grabbed you and turned you around,your chest against the wall.Now you could fully feel his erection pressing into you and you couldn't help but grin,excited at what's to come.You heard him undoing his belt and prayed to god no one would pass by where you two were.
You decided to help him out and started pulling your underwear down,though he stopped you midway and took them off himself.You then felt one of his hands grip your waist,holding you in place while the other was positioning his dick against your entrance and just like that you felt him sink in.
You hissed at the stretch,though it did feel good.He was halfway in before he trust up even more,burying his whole length in you.
"Dear god" you moaned and in an instant he had his hand wrapped around your neck,squeezing oh so perfectly.When he adjusted just to his liking he started moving and it didn't take long for his pace to fasten.You weren't the only one that was moaning though,he was loud too,louder than any man you've been with before,too loud for being out in public,but fuck you didn't care.His sounds were like music to your ears and turned you on even more than you already were.
"You're such a good girl" he growled,burying his dick deeper in you with every move.You couldn't even answer him,your brain way too fucked to come up with any other noise other than pitiful moans and whimpers.He released your neck only to grab you and bend you over,grabbing your hair In the process.He now had even more access to your cunt and the noises of skin slapping on skin was present.You should've felt embarrassed,dirty,but no,you were fully enjoying this,even the thought of being caught getting you off.
You knew you were getting close to a second orgasm and,before you could even try prolonging it,you burst again.This one ripped thought your body so good that you shouted and had to clamp your own hand against your mouth and that was when you felt tears falling down your face,it was all just so overwhelming.This made the salesman start fucking you even faster and harder,in and out in an animalistic way,doesn't help that he was panting like an animal too.Your whole body was shaking against him and after a few more hard thrusts he came inside of you,spilling his seed in your cunt-you were happy you were still on birth control.
After this he lazily moved against you for a few more moments before existing.You dragged your skirt down and looked around for your underwear and when you didn't find them on the floor you saw a part of them peeking out of the stranger's pocket.You didn't even bother asking for them back,you knew it would be to no avail.
"You won" the salesman broke the silence,still breathing fast.
God you had honestly forgotten about the money but then you saw him handing you the full briefcase."Take it,you played the game quite well".You looked at it and then back at him,was he honestly going to give you it all?You didn't wanna question it so you just grinned and took the brief out of his hand.
He then turned around to leave but not before handing you a card with some symbols on it,something about a job,honestly you were too exhausted to think about that for now.
"See you around miss" he said before disappearing down the hall,you didn't even manage to get his name.You looked at the card and decided if you were going to call it you were going to ask about the handsome salesman that works there.gong yoo
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yandere-berry · a month ago
Tumblr media
Ok ok imagine this:
You're a precious little thing. So excited to play these games not knowing what’s going to happen to the people who lose. The triangle guards notice you first. They think it’s cute that you’re interdicting yourself to anyone that cares to listen. Once the first game starts they just want to run up and give you a big hug when they see the tears streaming down your face.
The circle guards are the second to notice you. They do little things for you like slip in a little extra food for you because they know the proportions are small. The circles and triangles will talk about you behind the squares back, talking about the things you did that day and how well you did during the game.
Last but not least the squares. One of them heard some of the triangles and circles talking about you and was curious as to why you’re so important to them. Once the square reports to the other squares, they start paying more attention to you. The more they observe you the harder they fall. They just want to protect you from all the harm in this world!
Soon enough the squares will join in on the talk about you. The game is almost coming to an end and they need to make sure that they can keep you safe, so one of them comes up with an idea. They ask the front man if they can keep you in an empty room (it was used by one of the dead soldiers but they don’t mention that). The front man says yes as he honestly doesn’t care since you’re not going to be playing the game anymore. All of the guards are over the moon, they can barely contain their excitement.
Once nighttime comes, The guards make sure that everyone is asleep before executing their plan. Two circles grab you in your sleep and place you in your new room. Of course there’s more lavish pillows and blankets on the bed than there were before. They need to make sure that you're comfortable!!
Once you wake up don’t be alarmed!! They pulled you out of that nasty game because you’re just too preciouses to participate in it! Don’t fight them on this darling!! They can provide you with everything you can ever need. There's no need to leave!!
Tumblr media
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hotmaskedsolider · a month ago
THE GUARDS ARE SO HOT EVEN WITHOUT SEEING YOUR FACE! Then you could place a hot order, you know ... obscenity and romance with one of the reddish guards <3 Maybe a dominant square and a submissive (Female) reader! I just want to die of cuteness and also blush for the dirty talk the guard said! He left it in your hands. Remember to feed yourself please, my favorite writer must be healthy!
Don’t Talk Back
Tumblr media
Requested?: yes
Plot: see above! (I know this wouldn’t be how it would work; but, it’s fiction so let’s go with it-)
Ship: square!guard X fem!reader
Warnings: smut, choking, praising/cute nicknames, dirty talk, mask kink, little bit of thigh riding ⚠️this is all consensual!⚠️
From the moment you arrived, you caught his attention. He kept a closer eye on you than the others, making sure nothing bad happened…well, nothing worse than what was already going on around you.
It’d only been three days; but, you felt a little safer. During the honeycomb game, he stood nearby; taking a step closer when he noticed the gunshots around you making you jump. He made sure to secretly check on you after the big riot amongst all the players, it was just nice to know that somebody was looking out for you.
Not only did he make you feel safe, there was something about him that made him so…attractive even if you hadn’t seen his face. Maybe that was it, the mystery of the man behind that mask.
As the day continued, your team participated and won in tug of war; a sense of relief washing over you as your group was escorted to the brightly colored stairwells. You were in the very back of the line, trailing behind a bit as the imagines of what just happened in flashed in your head distracted you. Only a deep, almost robotic voice whispering broke you out of your trance.
“Tonight, after everyone falls asleep, come to the door and say you need to use the bathroom. Nod if you understand.”
While your head stayed looking straight, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “What? Why would I say I needed to go to-”you began in a hushed tone.
“I said, nod if you understand.”
You nodded in reply, smiling a bit to yourself before jogging to catch up with the others.
Later that night, you checked to make sure that everyone was asleep before padding over to the door. You lightly banged on it, waiting for the little, round window to open, revealing one of the guards. It was a triangle. “I need to use the bathroom.”
“No coming out after hours.”
“Please, I really need to go.”
“I can’t let you out after hours.”
“Come on.”
As he went to speak again, a certain square guard appeared in the view. “I’ll take her.” The triangle stepped back, allowing his superior to open the door. “Let’s go.” You slipped out of the door, following him down the halls.
“What’re we doing?” You asked once you arrived, walking in when he guided you inside with his hand on your lower back. Once the door closed, you gasped as he pushed you against the door; a single hand easily wrapping around both of your wrists. He gently shoved his knee between your thighs, smirking behind his mask at the view of your surprised expression.
“You’ve been driving me crazy, you know? The pretty little smile, the way your hips sway when you walk, and I can’t get that view of you all tired and panting after the tug of war game out of my head.” His free hand slowly trailed up your body, creeping onto your neck while he just barely moved his knee side to side. A quiet sound left you before you bit your lip to hold it back.
“Do that a-” The squeeze he gave to the sides of your neck cut you off, heart beating a bit quicker.
“Uh uh, don’t talk back unless I tell you to, understand?” You nodded in response, him giving your neck another squeeze in affirmation. “Such a good girl.” He knew he couldn’t waste too much time; but, he wanted to have fun with you and nobody could truly question him. “Why don’t you grind your pretty self on my thigh? Bet you need some kind of stress relief, huh?”he gave a false sense of comfort.
Thinking about it for a second, you slowly began to roll your hips to the best of your ability; the stimulation making your eyes fluttered shut. The square man bounced his leg a few times, just adding onto the pleasure. When he noticed your legs starting to wobble and your body starting to shake slightly, he dropped his leg.
You noticed immediately, eyes shooting open. “No, no, why?”
“What did I tell you? Did I say you could talk?”
You shook your head, pressing your lips together.
“Follow directions then or I’ll punish you. Got it?”
You nodded in response, cheeks heating up.
“I bet you’re wet for me, aren’t you?” He let go of your hands, laughing slightly as you had to grip onto his shoulders to hold yourself up. His fingers tugged at your waistband, snapping it against your skin. “You okay with me doing this? You can talk now, I wanna hear you say it,”he asked.
“Yes, it’s okay,”you smiled at him sweetly. You brought your hand up to trace the shape of his mask while he reached his hand in your underwear. His fingers ran through your arousal, him feeling you gush as you admired his mask more.
“What’s got you so worked up, hm?” He noticed that you were now entranced by his mask, hand reaching up to trace the shape again. “You like my mask, huh? How cute.”
Taking you by surprise, he spun you around; bending you over the sink closest to you. “I want you to keep quiet, okay? Don’t make me have to cover your mouth,”he whispered in your ear, making you shiver.
You nodded yet again. You heard his suit unzipping making you bite your lip in anticipation before he yanked your sweatpants and underwear down to your knees. The light glistened off of your slick, making the man behind you harder. “That’s such pretty fucking view,”he groaned.
He pulled down the front of his boxers just enough for his erection to pop out, hand pumping himself before he lined up with you. “We don’t have long; so, be good and we’ll both get to cum.” He squeezed your hips for a second before pushing himself into you, your hand flying to your mouth to hold back your moan as he bottomed out. “Good job, beautiful. Listening to my orders,”he complimented.
When he started to pull out, it left you feeling needy; but, the feeling was soon when he sharply thrusted back into you. His pace started slowly, almost teasingly slow; but, soon, he started to speed up. You looked back at him, face contorted in pleasure as his dick pressed up against your cervix multiple times.
“Touch yourself, I want you to cum around me,”he stifled a moan. The sound of his hips smacking against your ass with each thrust was echoing quietly off the walls and it took all of your being to not cry out when you reached your hand between your thighs. “God, I could get used to this view,”he grunted, his grip on you getting tighter.
You could feel the knot in your stomach starting to tighten, the guard behind you starting to pulse while he was still abusing your hole and you decided to help him out. With the little space you had, you pushed yourself back onto him when he shoved himself back inside you. “You gonna cum? Tell me, beautiful,”his breath was getting shaky.
“Y-yes, can I please?”you moaned.
“M-mhm, fuck, hurry.” He kept his thrusts quick as your fingers sped up. He wanted you to finish first, knowing that even if he didn’t, he could somehow find privacy to finish himself off in his room. Thankfully, he felt you spasm around him and your body shook, you circling your hips as you came. “Good girl, ah,”he soon was cumming too, somehow burying himself deeper inside you as he did.
After he helped you clean yourself up and vice versa, he zipped his suit back up; staring at you from behind his mask.
“We should do this again,”you said shyly, looking at him.
“Oh yeah?”he asked, opening the door; hand holding up near the top so you could walk out. “You had that much fun?”
“Yeah, just always keep that mask on,”you looked at your feet as you walked.
“You got yourself a deal, pretty girl,”he whispered before taking you back to the big room with the other players, the two of you acting like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
Ahhhh I’m sorry this took so long to get out! I got super busy and it seemed like as soon as I started writing I had to stop
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