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I find myself in tumultuous times, where things appear so uncertain. This has been a crazy few weeks with the protests and some people at work leaving and being laid off. I find myself again starting to worry about the state of the world and my future.

I contemplate these things now surprisingly at peace with myself. There is a new baby squirrel in our backyard reminding me of the cycle of life, but also not to take things too seriously. Sitting quietly in my backyard I connect to a peacefulness, an energy that is familiar from maybe my childhood. I recognize this energy as it feels like home, basking in the sun I just sit and revel in it for as long as I can.

I take a breath and remind myself that I create my world through my perception of it. i prune my perceptions like a tree until I’m satisfied with where I’ll be.

To a future filled with love and peace for all on Earth.


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The squirrels in Toronto are overly friendly, coming right up to the camera sometimes to investigate.  Almost certainly they are looking for food, with only a fractional number of peanut-sharing visitors to city parks


This is the first in a series of photos shot with Minolta mount vintage lenses (fitted to the G85).  Observations will be provided with each one.

EQUIPMENT: Lens: Minolta 55m f1.7.  Camera: Panasonic G85.  Adapter: Fotodiox Minolta MD, MC, Rokkor Lens to Micro 4/3

OBSERVATIONS: Even at  f5.6 (arguably the sharpest setting for this lens), the squirrel separates quite nicely from the background.

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Even in the rain they come and eat, love seeing them everyday! 😀 #eternalpupil #nourishyourmind #instadaily #goodvibes #instagood #squirrels #squirrelsofinstagram #squirrel #naturephotography #yard #birds_of_ig #nature_perfection #naturelovers #naturevideo #habitat #backyard #jw_photographers #spiritualman #lawofthemind #jwphotography #jehovahscreation #videocreator #videomaker #videos #videooftheday #videoedits #birdsofinstagram #birdwatching #birding #birdstagram (at Gulfport, Florida)

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