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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#squirrel illustration

From “Illustrated Natural History of the Animal Kingdom, Being a Systematic and Popular Description of the Habits, Structure, and Classification of Animals from the Highest to the Lowest Forms, with Their Relations to Agriculture, Commerce, Manufactures, and the Arts, Volume 1,” 1861

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Once they’re at Champagne, the Count is working on a new project and invites Spirou and Fantasio in the lab to show them. Intrigued Zanatafio follows them but was stopped by Spirou and redirected to help Seccotine with the bags.

This image is later on.

Zanatifo once again tries to get into the lab but Spip stops his plane by jumping on him the minute he opened the door.

Spirou informs Zantafio that he’s forbidden to go near the lab (knowing Zantafio nature all too well) he’ll accept that Zantafio and Seccotine are in a relationship however that doesn’t mean he trusts him.

So he had Zanatafio promise not to go near the lab as long as they’re here.

That was alot but necessary this gives more stuff for me to work with for the story so now on top of Zantafio and Seccotine having a relationship or we think it is, Spirou and Fantasio are trying to figure out the real reason behind why Seccottine is making this decision, and now Zantafio is curious of what the Count is working on. And possibly try to steal it. Or will he ignore it and focus on his relationship with Seccotine?

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Be Like the Squirrel, there is a great White Stripes song that tells us to be like the squirrel and take our problems one at a time like the squirrel gathers acorns. Good advice for a week like this.

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