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racingairplanes · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
✿ criminal minds icons -> derek morgan and aaron hotchner in 4x01 "mayhem" ✿ - ☽ credit/tag me if you use or save ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @notsosmexy @jemilyology @luke-alvez @scandinavian-punk @suburban--gothic @moreidism @greenaway-lewis @reesey-willow-luvs-you @temily @agentshortstacc @yourfinalbow @moreidsdaughter @thejeidhater @jelle-jareau @alexandrablake @pretty-b0yy @spencers-renaissance
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racingairplanes · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ criminal minds icon edits -> kate callahan, ashley seaver and aaron hotchner + pride flags ✿ - ☽ credit/tag me if you use or save ☾ ☽ click for better quality ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @notsosmexy @jemilyology @luke-alvez @scandinavian-punk @suburban--gothic @moreidism @greenaway-lewis @reesey-willow-luvs-you @temily @agentshortstacc @yourfinalbow @moreidsdaughter @thejeidhater @jelle-jareau @alexandrablake @pretty-b0yy @spencers-renaissance
✿ [transcript: kate callahan + she/they bisexual flag // ashley seaver + panromantic asexual flag // aaron hotchner + trans bisexual men flag] ✿
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hotchncrs · 9 days ago
can you guys please leave me hotch one-shot ideas in my ask box thingy ?? i think it allows anon now bc it didn’t for awhile for personal reasons !! i just need to get over my writers block:( ily
edit : i am a minor and i’m not so comfy writing smut. i’m sorry if that puts a damper on anyone’s ideas :(
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hotchsbabygirl · 10 days ago
Heir To The Throne
Tumblr media
Chapter 4: Two Can Keep A Secret If One Is Dead.
There comes a day where all fathers pass their business down to their children. This was no ordinary business, this was the mafia. You were the sole heir to the throne and you didn’t want it. Your father’s right hands Derek and Aaron are tasked with convincing you otherwise, the last thing you expected to do was fall in love.
Mafia AU
Aaron Hotchner x Fem!Reader, Derek Morgan x Fem!Reader
Warnings: mentions of blood, killing and death, guns and use of, injuries, swearing, alcohol and the consumption of, almost confessions of love, death of parents and sibling 
Word Count: 4.7k
Author’s Note: I'm so sorry it took so long for me to get this up lmao also this one is wild, so much happens loool 
Masterlist /// Chapter 3 /// Chapter 5
All he could think about was you. 
Aaron bolted out of the room, he didn’t give Emily a second glance on his way out of the room. 
There you stood, Matt laying on the floor in front of you, what looked like a bullet hole in his stomach, the red blood staining the marble staircase. 
You didn’t move, you stood there, frozen in time. 
Aaron stood at the bottom of the stairs, looking back at the window behind him which was directly across from where you were standing. 
“Y/n, what happened?” he asked, you didn’t shift an inch nor did you answer him. 
Aaron walked up the stairs, the sound of people running down the hallway filled the foyer. Aaron grabbed your hands, your entire body had spatters of red, on your arms, on your face, on your dress. You looked at him, but your eyes shifted back to Matt. Luke had come out with Penelope, Spencer and Tara. Aaron looked back at Luke, there was a nonverbal exchange between them, Luke immediately made his way over to Matt as did Spencer. 
“What happened?” Aaron asked you again, your focus was anywhere but on him at the moment. Dave and Derek walked through the foyer, looking briefly at the scene unfolding on the stairs, Derek’s glance caught yours as they passed by. 
“What the hell happened?!” Aaron shook you, finally you looked at him. 
“Uh- I came out to go see Spencer, Matt was on the stairs. I went to apologize and then he got shot. I don't know what happened, Aaron I didn-” 
“Okay, shut up. He’ll be fine. You need to get somewhere safe.” 
“What ? No! I need to find out what's happening” 
You pushed past Aaron, running down the stairs as you followed the steps your father took moments ago, out the doors and into the yard. Aaron ran down the stairs after you, his hand being grabbed stopped him momentarily. 
“What’s going on?” Emily asked him, JJ was beside her. 
“I don't know, I’m trying to find out” Aaron pulled his hand from hers and headed out the door as well.
Outside stood your father along with 20 other men you had never met in your life. You pushed your way through the men, they all had guns out and pointed at whatever was in front of them and that’s exactly where you were trying to get too. Derek stood across from your father, a blond woman was in front of him. His arm around her neck, holding her in place with a gun pressed to the side of her head. She looked oddly familiar, like you had seen her somewhere before but you couldn't put your finger on in. 
“Who are you?” Dave asked, stepping towards the woman. “Wouldn't you like to know?” she spat at him, she noticed you standing a few feet behind your father. A chuckle left her mouth, “I thought I'd never see you again” she breathed, looking directly at you. Derek pulled her towards him, tightening his grip on her, the shoulder of her shirt moving in the process. 
A little red J beside a large rose tattooed on her right shoulder. 
Your father looked back at you, “you know her?” he waited for an answer. You swore to James that you’d never tell.
 It takes two to keep a secret and it only stays a secret if one is dead. 
“Y/n. Do you know her?” Dave asked you rather harshly, you shook your head. “No idea who she is.” turning on your heels, you walked back into the house leaving your father, Derek, Abigail and all the men in the courtyard.
Aaron watched as you walked into the house, he wanted to stop you, to talk to you and make sure you were alright but Emily was right beside him and he wasn't in the mood for a fight with her, there were more pressing matters at hand. 
The blood had dripped down the stairs, pooling by the bottom of the staircase. Your mind flickering back to Matt but you pushed the thought aside and ran up the stairs. Abigail didn’t show up unexpectedly, you knew about her and knew this day would come eventually. She was James’s summer love from Paris. He met her when the two of you took the trip for your 16th birthday. Flipping through the closet for something that isn't blood cover, you recalled the first time James told you about her.  
James snuck into the room around 4am. Your nails tapped against the glass in your hand and his footsteps paused. The click echoed through the room and then the lights turned on, you were staring down the barrel of James’s gun. 
“Fuck,” he let out a sigh “what the hell are you doing in the dark? ” he lowered his hand, the gun re-tucked into the waist of his pants. 
“Where were you ?” 
“Out” the one word answer made you want to throw the glass at his head. The top few buttons to his shirt were undone and there was bright red lipstick on his shoulder. The undone button revealed his shoulder when he moved, a plastic like thing wrapped on his shoulder. “What’s that ?” you stand and pull his collar to the side. James swats your hand away, “stop that, you're acting like mom, darling.” his voice taunting you,  he knew you hated being compared to her because you were nothing like her. 
“Who else is gonna take care of your dumbass if she’s not here?” you ask him, your question making him roll his eyes. 
The shoulder of the shirt was now pulled down revealing a large red rose on his shoulder. 
“You got a tattoo ?” “yeah, do you like it?” you hum, returning to your spot on the couch. “I’m gonna go change. Maybe we can watch a movie or go see anywhere is open for breakfast ?” he kisses your head and goes to his room. A few minutes pass when there’s a knock on the door. 
“J?” you call, opening the door to a stranger at 4am wasn't the smartest thing to  do but James wasn't answering. “James?” you shout and then you hear the shower running. Standing in front of the door, you wait to hear if you hear anyone. Finally opening the door, a woman with blond hair stood in front of you. On her shoulder was a red rose with a J, identical to the one James had. 
“Who are you ?” 
“Could ask you the same thing” she smiles at you, your brother returns to see you at the door with the woman. 
“Abby, what are you doing here?” he asks her, stepping in front of you. 
“I came to see you sweetheart” 
“You need to go. I’ll come see you another time, okay ?” James leans towards her, giving her a kiss and then shuts the door in her face before she could protest. He turns, now facing you. 
“Is that Abby as in Abigail ? As in Vincent’s daughter ?” 
“Before you say anything-” “Are you fucking crazy ?!” you give your brother a shove. “Hey! Stop that! She wants nothing to do with that life. She barely talks to her father.” he tells you, as if that makes a difference. 
“She’s his only child, James. You know how these things go. This won't end well- you’d be lucky if Vincent finds out first and kills you before dad gets the chance” 
You walk away from your brother, leaving him in the hallway of your suite. Not a few seconds past before you hear him shouting for you, his hand on your shoulder stopping you in your place. Turning towards him, he reaches for your hands. 
“Y/n, promise me you won’t tell. You said it yourself, dad will kill me” his eyes find yours, the fear evident in his expression. 
James didn’t fear anything- anything except your father. 
A moment passed, you knew your father all too well- you knew what he was capable of. He wouldn't hesitate to get rid of James for lesser things but sleeping with the enemy’s daughter ? That would be it for him. He’d kill him without a blink of an eye.
“Okay.” you nod, “your secret is safe with me” James pulled you in for a hug, he whispers a thank you before letting you go. 
This was a secret that would go to the grave with you. 
Your father walked into your room. “Who is she?!” he shouted, you turned to face him. “Ever heard of knocking ? I was about to change.” you roll your eyes. 
“Answer my question. Who is she?” he shouts again 
“Vincent’s daughter.” 
“How do you know her?” 
“She was in Paris at the same time James and I went. I didn’t know she was his daughter until after we had dinner with her.” 
“Do you tell her about-” “No, never. James didn’t either.” 
And with that, he left you in your room. You changed and headed back down the stairs. The red blood had stained the stairs, dripping down the stairs and dried the way it fell. Derek was in the foyer by the door, you made your way over to him. “Where is she ?” you ask him, he nods towards the basement. You gave him a smile and went towards the stairs, Derek grabbed your arm. 
“You don’t want to go down there.” 
“Derek, let go of me.” 
“At least let me go with you” he pleads
“No thanks,” you rest for his waist, pulling his gun from his pants and tucking it into the waistband of your pants. “Got everything I need right here” you smile at him and head down the stairs, you can hear Derek chuckling as you go down. Your father stood outside of a room, the door locked but the groaning and hitting loud enough to be heard through the door. 
“What’s happening ?” looking at him, he sighs. “She says she's pregnant.. James’s” 
“What ? No, that’s not-” “That’s what I thought too.”  
“Is she actually, you know, pregnant ?” you turn to the door, he hums “No, Penelope checked the medical records.” 
Dave turns back towards the door, his hand on the handle. Your hands rests on his, “I'll go.” he lets go, letting you step in instead. Abigail sat strapped to a chair, her body blooded and bruised. The two men that were in there, looked to the door expecting your father but were met with you instead.
“Go, I'll deal with it.” stepping further into the room, the men looked confused. “We should stay-” “get out!” 
Abigail looked up at you, a disgustingly wicked smile on her face. She was proud of the chaos she caused. You internally groaned, holding back the urge to slap her. 
“What do you want ?” you spat, words laced with anger. You weren't in the mood for her bullshit.
“Surprised you’re still around” 
“I live here dumbass. Why are you here? James is dead.” 
“I’m pregnant” 
“It sure as hell ain’t James’s kid” 
“It is.” 
“Mkay, say it is James’s. What do you want from us?”
She was really starting to get on your nerves, James was dead and there was no way that baby was his. You indulged her, she had always been a little bit on the crazy side. “For my baby, to have its rightful place here.” 
“Why not with your father ? Why us ?” 
“Because James was your brother. This baby is his, he belongs here.” 
“It’s a boy?” you ask, her statement pulling on your heartstrings. James had always wanted to be a father, especially to a little boy. You couldn’t help but imagine for a moment what it would have been like if he was still here, with a baby on the way. That was just a dream, the reality was sitting right in front of you. 
“Yeah, I was thinking James jr” she says proudly. You let out a cackle, “that’s a fucking ugly name. Anyways, you’re not pregnant and it’s not my brother’s.” 
The door creaked as it was pushed open, Luke standing by the door, his shirt stained red from the blood- Matt’s blood. He nodded towards the hallway, you stepped out and Luke shut the door again, 
“What ?” you look at him, your eyes fixed on his shirt. 
“Abigail- Krystall’s daughter.” he tells you, noticing your gaze on his shirt. 
“What ? Who the fuck is Krystall- Oh my god. As in dad’s Krystall ?” looking up at Luke, he hums. “Yeah” 
“How’d you-” “Penelope.” 
You had no choice but to believe him, Penelope always had accurate information and Luke wouldn't lie to you, he knew better than that. Your eyes were still glued to his shirt, the red was shockingly bright against the white of his shirt. 
“I meant to change” he says, barely above a whisper. You just hum, turning to head back into the room. Luke’s hand wraps around your wrist, looking back at him, “He’s okay,” you let out a sigh, part of you was at ease now, “I’ll take you to see him after” Luke lets go of your wrist, you smile at him before stepping back in. The moment you reenter the room, the smile drops from your face. 
Abigail had passed out in her chair, she seemed peaceful for once. There was another chair in the corner of the room, you dragged it towards her. The sound of the legs dragging across the floor woke her, she groaned when she saw you. 
You sat on the chair, legs crossed as the heel touching the ground clicked against the concrete with each tap. The gun pulled from your waistband, now resting on your lap. 
“Okay, let’s try this again. Why are you here?” the click let her know the safety was released, your finger on the trigger awaiting her answer. 
“I’m pregnant” bang, one shot to her left foot. 
She screamed, the shot was a through and through- some of your finest work if you do say so yourself. 
“Medical records say otherwise, sweets. What do you want ?” 
“For the baby to have its rightful spot as heir.” Bang, the bullet grazed her right arm this time and hit the wall.
“Next one goes between your eyes, and I have excellent aim” smiling sweetly, you looked at her, the fear painted on her face. She swallowed, her face back to normal- no fear, no happiness, nothing. “Try me.” she says, challenging you. 
“Mkay, is it money you want ? Did daddy spend it all on his whores ?” 
“You don’t know anything about my father.” she spat, you watched her face drop when you mentioned him. 
“Awh, did daddy toss you aside for his new girl ? Is that why you ran away to Paris ? Is that why your mother ended up here ?” you obviously hit a nerve, she was furious. 
“Shut up bitch,” she spat again, “What happened between my parents and I, is none of your fucking business.” 
You laughed- a full belly, hunched over laugh. You couldn't believe this girl, you never understood what James saw in her. She wasn't smart, she obviously didn’t take over for her father and clearly, she wasn’t good at lying so what could she really do ? 
Getting up, you walked towards her. your hand gripping her face hard- hard enough to leave a bruise. “You're right, what happens in your family is your business but when you drag my brother into it, it becomes my business. So tell me what you fucking want or I swear to god, I'll fucking kill you, you stupid bi-” the gun was pressed against the side of her head when the door swung open. The force of it alone was enough to get your attention. 
Your father stood there, Aaron beside him. “Let her go,” he looks at you before looking at Aaron. “What ? What the hell do you mean let her go ?” your brows furrowed, the gun still against her head. Aaron walked over, his face calm with no expression per usual and he simply untied her. 
“What the fuck is going on?” turning to your father, he doesn't say anything, instead he steps aside, letting Abigail go. David turned and followed her down the hallway, you were beyond pissed. You were mumbling, pacing the room when Aaron’s hand reached for yours, breaking your thoughts. 
“He knows” was all he said. 
“Now is really not the time to be cryptic, who knows what ?” you looked up at the man in front of you. 
“David knows Abigail is Krystall’s daughter, that’s why he let her go” 
“Are you fucking-” cutting your sentence short, you push past Aaron and he followed you into the hallway, running after you as you ran down the hallway and up the stairs. “Y/n! Don’t!” Aaron shouted as he ran after you. 
“You fucking asshole!” you screamed, the statement was directed towards your father as you had a few choice words for him right about now. He was used to your ‘nonsense’ as he put it so he kept walking. You knew he wouldn’t stop to listen to you. You looked around the entryway, it was mostly empty- a few on the men and your father. Derek was off to a side with Emily and JJ by his side. You seem Krystall hugging Abigail and the sight of them alone made your blood boil. 
The sound of the bullet hitting the chandelier and it falling to the ground was the reason they stopped, your father turning to look at you. “What the hell are you doing?!” he shouted at you, looking between you and the shattered chandelier. That was the last thing your mother had decided on before passing, hence why it was in the middle of the villa for everyone to see. 
“I cannot fucking believe you.” you scoff, shaking your head. “Watch how you talk to me.” your father says causing you to roll your eyes. 
“I can believe that you’d pick them over your own. I’m your own flesh and blood-your fucking child and you overstep me for her? The bitch that you’ve known for all of 2 seconds and her slut of a daughter ?” you huff a laugh. Your father just stood there, not a word or a sound left his mouth- he just listened. 
“You know, I'm not surprised. You never cared. All you cared about was your stupid legacy and making sure you had someone to carry it on. That’s why you never cared about James, not until he was old enough and you never cared about me until James died- until you needed someone to fill his place. You’re a heartless son of a bitch and I swear to you, I'm done. I’m leaving and I'm never fucking coming back.” 
“Y/n, don’t make a stupid decision. What are you going to do ? Run off with Matt ? He doesn’t love you.” your father says plainly. 
“Fuck you.” 
Little did you know, those were the last words you’d ever say to your father. 
Stepping over the chandelier, the glass shattering under your heel as you went, you walked up the stairs, the conversation between your father and Krystall fading as you went up the stairs. Luke was sitting outside of Matt’s room, his head tilted back against the wall and his hand behind his head. 
“Hey,” you whisper, your hand on his shoulder. Your touch startled him, his hand twisting your hand and pulling your down towards his lap so he could see who was touching him. He let go once he saw it was just you. “Sorry” he mumbled, looking at you. 
“Jesus Al” rubbing at your wrist when he let go. 
Luke gives you an apologetic look as you walk into Matt’s room. 
“Hey you” you smiled at him, he was awake and laying on his bed. His shirt was gone but a giant gauze covered a large portion of his abdomen. 
“Hey” he whispers, going to sit up but your hand rests on his chest and you shake your head. 
“Stay still before you hurt yourself again.” Taking a seat on his bed facing him. He looks over at you, a small smile on his face. You return the smile, “how are you? I mean I know you got shot so that’s a stupid question but like, you know what I mean” you ramble out into one sentence. 
Matt chuckles and winces, “don’t make me laugh- I'm fine. I’ve gotten worse ones than this.” His hand finding its way to yours, fingers interlocking. “How are you ?” he looks at you, studying your face. “I heard about the situation down there” 
“Fine considering I cussed out my father and almost killed his whore’s child.” 
“So a typical Saturday for you?” Matt joked, you rolled your eyes. “Ha ha, very funny Matthew” his face scrunching up when you call him Matthew.  The conversation drops, the two of you sitting there in comfortable silence. Your thumb rubbing against his hand, you look up at him- eyes locking. 
“Matt, I lo-” the door opens, causing both of you to turn your attention towards that. A woman walks in, tall with red hair, a beautiful smile and glass in hand. 
“Oh, I'm sorry. Am I interrupting?” she asks, stepping back towards the door. 
You get up off the bed, your hand untangling from Matt's, “No, it’s fine. You are?” you smile at her, 
“I’m Kristy” she looks at Matt, he pipes up. “yeah, uh she’s uh- she’s my-” “his girlfriend” she finishes for him. You hum, looking back at Matt and then at Kristy. 
It made sense, you could see them together as a couple- a normal couple. Matt deserved to be happy, to settle down and have a family. Those were all things you couldn't and wouldn't be able to give him. 
He deserved it, all of it even, if it wasn't with you but nonetheless, you were happy for him. 
“You’re new here, aren't you ? I've seen you around with JJ” you ask, she nods before telling you that she just started her a few weeks ago.  
“You are?”  she repeats your question, looking to you for an answer. 
“Y/n, Rossi’s daughter.” you smile 
“Oh- oh my god, I’m sorry. If you want I can come back if you guys were busy.” she now realized who you were.
“Kristy, it’s fine. I was just coming by to see how he was.” glancing over your shoulder at Matt, you give him one last smile. You head towards the door, stopping beside Kristy, a hand now resting on her shoulder. 
“Take care of him, he’s a special one.” you give her a smile which she returned. Stepping out, shutting the door behind you. 
Luke looks over at you from his chair. “You okay?” he asks, his brows furrowed. 
“I could really use a drink” sighing, you go towards the stairs, you can hear the footsteps beside you, Luke now to your left. Just as the two of you reach the bottom of the staircase, a sound rang through the villa. 
Your head whipped towards the door, the noise coming from outside. You ran towards the door and straight out, Luke right behind you. Your father on the floor, a pool of blood coming from him. Derek and Aaron both had guns out, pointed at Abigail and her mother. Abigail had a gun in her hand, she let it drop to the ground as she let out a sigh. 
You were frozen in place. 
Everything running through your mind. 
Your father was going to die and you couldn't do anything. Your last words to him was ‘fuck you’ and you blamed him for everything that went wrong. Abigail killed your father and she was going to live? No way in hell was that going to happen, over your dead body. 
Without hesitation, the gun was pulled from your side. 2 more shots rang through the deafening silence. Krystall’s body hit the floor with a thud, Abigail looking over at her mother, a blood shattering shriek leaving her lips. She dropped down to her knees, her arms wrapped around Krystall’s lifeless body, you made your way over to her. 
Derek’s hand wrapped around your wrist, holding you back. “No,” you give him a look, your eyes for pleading him to let go as you pull away from him. He didn’t stop you- he knew it was best to let you go. 
Crouching beside Abigail, she looked at you. Her face covered in tears and her body soaked in blood. You sighed deeply, “see, it didn’t have to end this way.”you hum, the gun tilting her chin towards you. 
“You think I don’t know that your father was the one that killed James because he was seeing you?” you tell her, her face drops. 
No one knew that, no one except Abigail, James and her father knew about the threat or so they thought. They hadn't known that you were there that night, in the suite in Paris, just a room over when you heard Abigail’s father, Vincent threaten to kill James if he didn’t stop seeing her. James wanted out of the life so badly that death seemed like a better choice. 
“I- I loved him” she whimpers. 
“Yeah, well so did I. Life isn't fair sweetheart, tough luck ain’t it ? See, here’s the thing. Your father killed my brother and you killed my father. It was only fair that your mother died too, huh ? An eye for an eye, what do you say ?” Abigail looked at you like you were an absolute mad person. You hummed, she didn’t say anything.
The gun pressed to the side of her head and before she could even say anything, your finger squeezed the trigger. The blood spattered across your face and your top. You groaned, looking at your shirt, “there goes another one.” getting up, you see Abigail hunched over her mother. 
Dave was still on the ground, Aaron sat beside him with his hands covered in blood. He looked up at you, “I tried, I did” he whispers, you nod, your hand coming down to his shoulder. 
“I know.” you look up at the men by the door - two more of the men that worked for your father- “Take him inside” you sigh, watching as they pick him up, taking him inside until you could figure out what to do. 
The high heels that adorned your feel clicked against the concrete outside and against the tiles as you entered the villa. Stepping over the chandelier, you make your way into the dining room. The room is empty and quiet, you begin whistling before pouring yourself a drink. 
The chair at the end of the table was empty, your father’s chair, the boss’s chair- a chair that now belonged to you whether you liked it or not. 
Taking a seat in it, you leant back, your feet propped up on the mahogany table. You sigh, taking a sip of your whiskey and picking up the tune when you dropped it. 
It felt good to be king. 
taglist:  @sunshinepower17 @Emilysbau @obsssedwithjustaboutanything @lexieshuntingsstuff @Archiveofadragon @mac99martin  @aaron-hotchner187 @fanofalltheficsx @luke-alvez @iconicc @lieberhers @pumpkin-reads  @ssa-volturi @marshmallows2345 @katexrichardson @sluttytears @thelukealvez @scandinavian-punk @pagetsimp @morcias @shotarosleftpinky @mrs-dr-reid @hqtchner @averyhotchner @willlemonheadsupremacy​ @mggsprettygirl​ @simxican​ 
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altsvu · 23 days ago
y’all i forgot to post the text message aspects of a bit jealous, i suppose 😭
Tumblr media
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ssa-hotchners-wife · 25 days ago
Since I'm heading off to bed, comment your theories on Miss Teacher Part 6.1 and let me know what you think is going to happen! Also, shoot me a message if you want to be added to the tag list.
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ssa-hotchners-wife · 25 days ago
Miss Teacher Part 6 (Section 1)
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Fem!Reader
Warnings: suggestive wording, fluff, BAU team 
Word Count: 2.6k
A/N: Hello! So...I have an idea forming, but I wanted to do this right. Part 6 will be in 2 sections, and section 2 will have the dirty times. However, I’m exploring kink!writing and I know that not everyone has the same kinks. With that being said, if you choose to read this one and not the next- you wont miss anything important. Section 2 will simply contain the “dirty” portion of the evening and then part 7 will continue on like nothing was split at all. This part is not looked over, so, as always, all mistakes are my own! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All of the kids were bouncing in place as Bethany began the tour, taking it extra slow as she explained each part of the walk and answering questions along the way. The museum was large enough that there were multiple different walks in each area of the building and so each class that came on the field trip began in a different area. Your class began in the part of the building with a tour set up that began in the beginning of American history and went through the early 2000’s. Spencer and JJ walked near the front of the class, listening intently to the guide as she talked. Emily and David walked on one side of the group and Derek and Penelope walked on the other side to keep the children together. You and Aaron brought up the rear of the group so you could make sure that no sets of buddies wandered off anywhere that they were not supposed to. 
“This was really nice of you to set up.” Aaron whispered to you as you walked, subtly grabbing your pinky and wrapping it around his own to essentially hold your hand. 
“Thank you, I just really wanted them to explore something new that they might otherwise not be able to. These types of field trips were always my favorite as a child and I was hoping the others would like it, too.” You whispered back, smiling at his “hand holding” but letting it continue either way. 
“They seem to really be enjoying it. And I know Jack is loving this time with his family.” He pointed towards the front of the group where he was walking with his buddy and talking quietly to Spencer who was filling him in on everything that the tour guide might have missed. 
“I think it’s cute that Spencer can share facts, too. Especially about specific things that the guide might not know about.” you replied with a smile but looked at Aaron curiously when you saw that he was frowning to himself. 
“What’s wrong?” You ask, nudging him gently with your hip.
“S’not cute, I’M cute.” he grumbled, fake pouting to make you laugh. 
“Very cute.” You agreed, laughing quietly to not disturb the rest of the group. 
He was grinning at you and ducked his head when he saw no one watching to press a kiss to your temple. He wouldn't tell you right now, but he was really enjoying this work date. The kiss had you grinning up at him, but you quickly changed focus when the tour guide stopped in front of the first diorama of the ships from the time of Christopher Columbus. 
“Can anyone tell me what this picture is?” Bethany asks, waiting for any of the kids to answer and you pipe up first, essentially showing the kids that it was okay to answer questions- even if you get it wrong every once in a while. 
“The three ships that brought Columbus to America?” You say and Bethany nods, further explaining to the children what they were seeing and you saw that your answer had spurred the other kids to begin asking their own questions. 
The tour began again and the adults started asking questions, too- getting in on the fun and being genuinely curious about certain things. Your favorite portion was the walk-through of the Industrial Revolution because the emerging use of mechanics had always fascinated you. Aaron remained vigilant during the whole walk, keeping his eye on exits and people that passed by your group as you walked and you saw that he had signaled to the rest of his team to do the same. It made you warm inside- seeing him taking such good care of you and your students. It showed you both his fatherly side and his official agent side and they both did something special to your heart. 
“You’re really good with children.” You told him as you rounded the corner into the first section of the 1950’s. 
“I was about to say the same thing to you.” Aaron replied, shooting you a smile that you knew all too well. 
“What’s that look, Mr. Hotchner?” You lower your voice, noticing that his team all had an ear turned in your direction to eavesdrop. 
“That’s me picturing you bent over my couch while I fuck you into the cushions.” He whispers right against your ear, pretending to pick a piece of fuzz off of your jacket to make it seem like a casual comment. 
“Mr. Hotchner....” You can feel your stomach clench at his words but you would be lying if you said that his words didn’t make you feel a certain type of way. 
“Careful, sweetheart.” He warns, changing his demeanor when he saw Jack turn around to smile big and wave at him from the front of the group. 
“I’m always careful.” You wink at him, changing your focus once again as the first tour ended soon after and it was time to switch areas in the building. 
You try to shake off the feeling of Aaron watching you as you talked with the next tour guide, seeing her help figure out which area to go to next. Ryder picked the area with the pirates, saying he wanted to learn more about the ships and the gold that Bethany had shown them earlier. That was the one he had been hoping to go to, so he was happy to see that the kid had picked it. Aaron had thought that the group would be keeping the same tour guide for the entire time, but it made sense to change guides for specific parts of the trip since each person knew more about one area than the other. 
“Off we go!” This tour guide, Amy, brought Ryder and his travel buddy up to the front so that they could get a closer look at the pirate ships and be able to ask any questions that they might have come up with. 
You joined Aaron back at the back of the group once more, hooking your pinkies together like the last leg of the tour. He stuck close to you during the entire walk, trying very hard to keep his comments and PDA to himself so that the two of you could remain professional. It was hard; the two of you were still in the “honeymoon” phase of your relationship and he really enjoyed seeing your eyes roll to the back of your head when his head was between your legs. Truth be told, he snuck a couple of kisses when there were corners to be walked around and the kids and adults both couldn't see you for a couple of brief seconds. 
Lunch rolled around fairly quickly and this museum had a courtyard that was specifically set up to look like an old Victorian courtyard in England that the children had learned about an hour prior. The money from the parents went to the catering that the museum had set up for the day, and each child got a specific box that they had ordered beforehand. There was a half-sandwich, a bag of chips or crackers, a juice box, a bottle of water, and a small dessert and each one was tailored to the needs of the child. You had put aside extra money though, for the kids whose parents were able to send extra money so that each one had a box with their name on it and everyone could eat. You had been that kid growing up, and wanted better for your students. 
There were plenty of benches and tables for places to sit and you made sure that the kids sat in the middle of the courtyard, which let the volunteers and yourself sit around the edges of the circle so you could all talk. Aaron sat to your left- as always- and Penelope sat to your right and everyone else took their seats accordingly. During lunch, you became fast friends with the girls and realized that all of the men on the team were very funny and kept you laughing for the entire time. During this break, however, you realized that the rumbling in your stomach had come back so you made sure to take it easy with your lunch and only eat what you knew wouldn't upset it any further. Aaron saw the change in your demeanor though, and checked in on you to make sure that you were okay. 
“I’m fine, just been feeling a little funky lately.” You told him, promising that you were okay when he shot you a concerned look.
“You do look a little toasty, sweetheart.” He acknowledged, brushing his thumb over the knuckles of the hand he was holding under the table. 
“I’m always toasty.” You laughed softly, knowing full-well that you ran warm more often than not. 
He nodded in agreement, but still made sure that you drank your water and stayed away from anything acidic, just in case. The rest of lunch went by quickly, and then you were on the final tour that went through the different areas of work in the industrial areas versus the rural areas of America. The volunteers changed places and Penelope and Derek stayed near the front of the class while JJ and Spencer took their places to the left of the group. You were more quiet during this leg of the trip, trying to focus on what the tour guide was saying and answering any questions that the students asked you instead of the guide. 
“Alright, it’s time to head back to school. Everyone thank the nice guides for talking with us today!” You announced once the final walk-through was over and all of the classes were back in the front of the building. 
The kids all shouted their appreciation and gave high-fives to them as they made their way back to their prospective buses for the journey back to school. You could see the sleepiness setting in on their faces and you predicted that the ride back to school would be a quiet one, and you ended up being correct. Many of the kids fell asleep within the first ten minutes and it let the adults talk once more, without being interrupted. You settled into Aaron’s side, talking happily with David about his new book that was in the works while Aaron chatted with Derek about a case that was making it up the chain and would soon be landing on JJ’s desk to pitch to the team. You were bummed that Aaron would be leaving again soon, but you were happy to know that he was saving and protecting people like he was meant to do. 
The bus pulled back into the school parking lot about ten minutes later and you did your best to wake up your students that had fallen asleep so that they could get up and walk back to class. It was easier than you expected and your volunteers helped corral them back into the school building and eventually your classroom, helping you get everyone situated and putting the movie back on from this morning. Your students knew that this is the one time you wouldn't mind if they fell asleep so many of them bundled up their jackets to use as pillows and proceeded to fall asleep at their seats. 
The team had to leave soon after getting back to school, saying that there was paperwork waiting for them back at work and thanking you for letting them come along on your field trip. You had gotten everyone's phone number, in case you couldn't get a hold of Hotch for any reason while they were out in the field. That small gesture made you extremely happy and you thanked them for helping today, giving out hugs when they realized that you were a hugger instead of one for handshakes. The only one you didn't hug was Spencer; instead, you gave him a wave and a warm smile. It wasn't hard to notice that he didn't quite like physical touch from anyone he wasn't extremely close with and so you did your best to accommodate it without bringing it up. You could see that he appreciated it and gave you a big smile in return as everyone departed from your classroom and back to their cars. Aaron was the last to leave, letting the team disappear from sight before he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into his chest. 
“I can finally hug you without wandering eyes.” You heard him say before he pressed a kiss to the top of your head. 
“Like you haven't been doing that the entire day.” You teased, but you wrapped your arms around his shoulders either way and squeezed him close. 
“Not properly.” He retorted, dark eyes looking at you as you pulled away. You were still in the hallway of your school and you didn't need a “talking to” from your principal. 
“That's for tonight.” You quipped, licking your lips and batting your eyelashes innocently at him. 
“As promised.” He nodded, eyes darting down to your dark pink lips and then just a tad further south to the opening of your shirt where he could barely catch a glimpse of his favorite bra. 
“I’ll see you tonight, Mr. Hotchner.” You grinned, catching his wandering eyes and flaunting it just a moment more before pulling away completely. 
“Yes, you will. Be safe, sweetheart.” He pressed one more kiss to my lips and then one to my forehead before turning on his heel and walking towards the cars, just like his team had five minutes prior. 
You watched him the entire way before sighing and walking back into your classroom to see half of your students asleep and the other half invested into the last half of Finding Nemo. The clock above the projector screen read 2:15pm and so you let them continue with disruption while you snuck back to your desk to finish any work left for the day. Jess was able to pick Jack up at 3pm today, which helped because of the meeting you had with the other teachers after class. You weren't looking forward to it, noting the headache that was forming behind your eyes and the blooming pain in your muscles. They were still faint and you took some Tylenol and a big gulp of water, hoping to ward them off entirely. 
The movie ended right as the bell rang and so did your work, which made you very happy. Your bag was already packed to go and your meeting binder was on your desk with a pen, so you can take it with you when you dropped off your students at their appropriate places. It was a little bit difficult to get the sleepy children into their jackets and backpacks, but everyone was soon ready to walk out in the line by the door. Elliot was the line-leader this time and led the class to the bus rider’s area first to drop off those students and then to the car rider’s area for the rest of the class. Once everyone was where they needed to be, you made your way to the conference room where the other kindergarten teachers were sitting at the round table.
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altsvu · 26 days ago
dress shirt
Tumblr media
pairing: aaron hotchner x bau!female!reader
wc: 1.05k
summary: you spend the night at Hotch’s house and when you wake up the next morning you don’t have anything to wear so you he offers you one of his button downs. When you get to the BAU, the team finds out about your secret relationship.
tw: mentions of sex but no smut, fluff, some swearing
a/n: something about wearing one of hotch’s dress shirts just... gets to me lmaooo. also i did not plan for this to be 1k words... i wanted this to be a little drabble but here we are now. enjoy!!
criminal minds masterlist! ✯ taglist!
Last night with Aaron was practically magical. Being intimate was something the two of you weren’t able to do a lot because of all these cases the BAU had to handle. But on those lucky days, you felt like you were in your own world.
You woke up on top of Aaron’s naked body, your bare legs intertwined with his strong, hair-ridden ones. Trying not to wake him up, you shifted your arms slightly so that it wasn’t around his neck and you pulled up the thick blanket up to your chin. You peered over to check the time. 6:30am.
“Good morning baby,” Aaron murmured, his eyes fluttering open. “You look so cozy.”
“Knowing that I had an amazing night with my boyfriend and slept well, I sure do.”
Aaron sat up and cradled your head. “I want to have another amazing night with you.” He then got on top of you and kissed your lips. To his pleasure, he moved from your lips to your neck, then to your chest and breasts.
“Aaron...” you moaned. “We have work, a duty to uphold.”
“What’s an extra 15 minutes in bed gonna do to us?” He hummed, kissing and biting at your inner thigh.
7:00am. After another round of steamy sex, you rolled out of Hotch’s arms and out of bed, snagging his robe and tiptoeing to the bathroom.
The marks on your neck and chest were the first thing you noticed when you approached the mirror. The last time he did that, Rossi had caught on quickly, making a little joke about it.
“Ohhh, looks like someone may ask you questions about those.” Aaron whispered, coming up behind you.
“Then I’ll tell Rossi you gave them to me.”
Aaron laughed, resting his chin on your shoulder. “You wouldn’t dare.”
Your phone in the bedroom rang and going to answer it, you saw that it was Penelope.
“Y/N, baby, we’re about to start briefing. Where are you?”
Shit. You couldn’t just tell her you were at Aaron’s, word would spread quickly.
“I was just about to get in the shower.” That technically wasn’t a lie. Aaron came out of the bathroom and you motioned him to be quiet so Penelope didn’t hear him.
“Well you better make it fast, it’s a bad one.”
You groaned. “I’ll be there in 20.”
“Good. Have you heard from Hotch? I was gonna call him after you but he didn’t pick up his phone an hour ago.”
Turning to look at Aaron, you held in your laughter. Next you knew, he was by your side, kissing you.
“Uh, no,” you replied, trying to get Aaron off of you.
“Are those... kisses I hear? Y/N!”
“Uhhh, Penelope I’ll call you later.” you stammered, quickly hanging up the phone.
Aaron chuckled. “Well, that was fun.”
“You are so damn annoying, Aaron.” you laughed. “Get ready, Penelope’s gonna call or text you any minute now. And we have about 20 minutes to get there.”
He nodded in agreement, then you and him hopped in the shower for what felt like the shortest amount of time.
You didn’t have much with you, usually when you would stay over at Aaron’s house you would bring an extra set of clothes but this time you didn’t. Rummaging around in your bag, all you could find were the pants you were wearing the other day and a white ribbed tank top.
“Aaron, I don’t have any more shirts to wear.”
“You know you’re always welcome to wear one of mine.” He smiled as he was getting dressed himself.
You squealed and ran up to him, kissing his lips. “Thank you.”
You looked through his closet looking for a dress shirt that resembled one of the ones you had a home. You came across a deep green dress shirt.
“That would look amazing on you.” Aaron commented.
You swiveled around. “You think so?”
“You practically look good in everything of mine.”
You smiled and put it on, admiring how good it looked, and how much it smelled like Aaron.
Within 5 minutes you were able to finish dressing, and you and Aaron were out the door.
When you finally got up to the floor and into the briefing room, you could already tell you were being looked at differently. Could they see the hickeys? Could they notice that you were wearing Aaron’s shirt?
“Y/N, you look like you had an eventful night last night.” Derek teased after the briefing was over.
Yeah, and this morning.
“Is it that obvious?” You grumbled.
“Very.” Emily added, pointing out the hickeys poking out of the collar. She then whispered, “Also I think I saw Hotch with that same shirt the other day.”
“Spill! I gotta know who was kissing you on the phone!” Penelope exclaimed, moving closer to where you were standing.
You looked over to Aaron slightly, and the rest of the team already caught on.
“Wait-“ Derek started.
“Hotch marked you up?”
JJ whistled and exchanged looks with Reid and Rossi.
You didn’t know what to do, but you were surprised about what happened next.
“Yes. We’ve been dating for a while now.” Aaron said bravely, coming up to you and pulling you into a kiss.
A collection of cheers and whistles erupted in the room.
“Well, it was about time you two showed how much you loved each other.” Rossi commented, which made some of the others laugh and put in their own two cents.
After all the congratulating from the rest of the team, it was just the two of you in the room.
“You amazing man.” you grinned.
“Didn’t think I was gonna do that, huh?”
Aaron took your face in his hands. “I love you so much Y/N, and it was about time that others knew that. And plus I was tired of hearing the whispers.”
“But now they know that you’re rough in bed.”
“Who cares? If it means that I can finally walk around holding your hand, showing people that you’re mine... then that’s something I’m willing to let out in the open.” Aaron said sincerely.
Another smile was creeping on your face, and you leaned in to kiss his soft lips.
“I love you, baby.”
taglist: @averyhotchner , @storiesofsvu , @ssaic-jareau, @blackbeautifulqueen , @dr-omalley , @mstrinnyb
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Miss Teacher Part 5
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Fluff, brief mention of Aaron’s “package”, nothing major
Word Count: 3k
A/N: I’m sorry it’s taken me longer than expected to get this finished! I had started a Derek Morgan one-shot, but I didn't like how it turned out so I’m re-writing it. Either way, I hope you like it! It’s shorter than I wanted but I have plans for the next part, and this was the best place for me to end this one. It’s not looked over, so, as always, all mistakes are my own! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
   The next couple of weeks went by in a blur of dates and sleepovers and school work and conferences and a very interesting visit to the history museum. You were lucky enough for it to fall on a day that the entire BAU was home, so you had gotten Aaron as a volunteer but you also got the rest of his team, too. 
   “I hope that’s okay, they wanted to meet you and they all fought over time with Jack.” Aaron told you one night at dinner, the two of you having stayed in for the night and making something together. 
   “I don’t mind, I can definitely use all of the help I can get.” You replied, offering him a piece of garlic toast that was fresh and warm from the oven. 
   “That way I can spend my volunteer hours with you.” he winked, taking the bread and “toasting” it against your own slice. 
   “It can be like a work date.” you chuckled, taking a bite of your own bread after having dipped it into your spaghetti sauce.  
   That day came sooner than you would have expected, but you were happy about it either way. Aaron had to go into work early to finish paperwork but he and the team would be at the school at nine in the morning when you were set to leave. He left you a ten dollar bill to get a coffee on your morning commute, which made you smile but you never spent any money that he left for you. You didn't tell him that- of course- but you also never spent a dime. Instead, you had an envelope tucked into your nightstand where you stashed the money and you were going to use it for special occasions. You really hoped he would be okay with it, but that was something you weren't going to worry about right now. 
   Your alarm was set to go off at 630am, but your stomach had you up and in the bathroom by 615am. It was something that had just started a couple of days ago, but you told yourself that if it continued for another week, you would go to the doctor and get it checked out. That was your rule of thumb- you wait one seven to ten days to see if new symptoms come up or if everything goes away on its own. This was something you tried to put on the backburner in your mind and chose to take a quick shower and start getting ready instead. 
   You tied your hair up and covered it under a cap, trusting that it wouldn't come off as you exfoliated and washed your body and did quick swipes of your razor under your arms and around your ankles since you would be wearing sandals for the trip. There was music playing through the speakers you had one of your friends wire into your home, and there was a small control panel in each room so that you could change the songs whenever you liked. 
This system was on an independent wiring panel so it would be almost impossible to hack, even from the best hackers in the world. You had met Garcia first and asked her to try getting into the system, and, after twenty minutes, she was frowning and muttering to herself as she finally conceded and said that she could not get in. This knowledge made Aaron happy, but he was keeping his commentary to himself. 
You were talking to yourself as you showered, mentally going over everything you would need for the field trip today for yourself and your twenty students. Aaron offered to carry a backpack of supplies, and both Derek and JJ offered after Aaron asked them before their last case. You knew, from hearing about them from Aaron and Penelope, that Derek was the “good guy” and JJ was the “mother” of the team so it only made sense that the three of them would offer first. You weren't planning on carrying your whole classroom of supplies with you, but you didn't want a single backpack being weighed down so you planned specifically for three bags to make it even. A list of your supplies was on the kitchen counter, written in Aaron’s handwriting since it was what the two of you had talked about last night. 
First Aid Kit
Wristbands for students, sunscreen
Brochures for the kids, but simplified
Money from the parents for lunch, money for water bottles
You were soon done with your shower, and a quick couple of minutes in front of your mirror meant your makeup was finished, too. You checked your clock to see that it was 645am and you had about thirty minutes before you had to be in your car and on the road to school. You got dressed next in your fitted but comfortable black jeans, an eggshell blue button-up, and a light black cardigan to match. You matched it with a long black necklace, a leather bracelet that would match your lace-up sandals, and a black, oversized hat and your usual aviator sunglasses. Once you were dressed, you took off your shower cap and shook out your curls so that laid nice against your shoulders and finished off your look. 
“I hope Aaron likes it.” You sighed as you looked in the mirror and then laughed a moment later, full-well knowing he had seen you in oversized sweatpants and a stained AC/DC shirt not even a full twenty-four hours ago. 
Your lunch was already packed and so was your work bag, so you just had to do a quick walkthrough to make sure everything you had used was turned off or unplugged- out of safety- and then grabbed your keys to head out to your car. You turned around to lock your front door and then made the short journey to your car and climbed in, getting everything set up in your passenger seat before backing out onto the road and beginning the familiar trek to work. 
You swung by Starbucks for a coffee and a blueberry scone, noting with a smile that it would have been covered by the money Aaron had left you this morning. You pulled into your parking spot at work at 730am on the dot, and sat in your car for a couple minutes to eat your breakfast and browse through your social media to catch up on news from your family and friends. After hearing a certain story from Aaron, you made sure that your various profiles were set to private and you took down all identifying info of where you were from and your birth date. 
A knock on your car window brought you out of the rabbit hole you fell into on Facebook, and it was one of your teacher friends smiling at your confused face. She ushered you out of your car so that you could walk in together and talk about your weekend, sharing that her boyfriend of three years had proposed and she was now a bride-to-be. 
“Congratulations! That’s amazing! How did he do it?” You ask, invested as she recounted the day leading up to the proposal. 
He had talked her sister into whisking her out of their shared house for the day, giving her money to get a dual mani/pedi and then go to lunch at her favorite restaurant. Once they had finished eating, she had taken her to get milkshakes from Willow Rock (the same place Aaron had taken you). After the milkshakes and the walk by the river, she had gotten a message with a secret word that was code for the two of them to come home. When they arrived, she looked from her sister to the walkway up to the door to see it lined with flowers and pictures of the time that her and her now-fiancé had been together. 
“That’s when the tears started.” She told me, and then proceeded to finish the story by saying that all of her family and friends were in the backyard waiting for them to arrive. They were all holding pictures and flowers- much like the ones in the front of the house- and there was a professional photographer to capture this important moment. Her man was in the middle of the yard, under a giant canopy of lights, with a bouquet of her favorite flowers in hand and a giant, nervous smile on his face. 
“That sounds like it was so romantic, babe. You really did pick a great one.” You gave her a hug and told her you couldn't wait to get the invite in the mail, promising to be there on their special day. She finally showed you the ring as you got into the school building, the main lights catching the shine of the intricate emerald work and the silver band that he had chosen. 
She saw you off to your classroom since yours came up first, wishing you good luck on your field trip and saying that she would catch you to talk about wedding details when you got back at the end of the day. You nodded and promised to talk all about it, waving her goodbye as you unlocked your classroom door and began the small setup that you had for today. 
800am came around soon after and kids began filtering in, hanging up their backpacks and taking their seats for the morning roll call and announcements about the upcoming trip. They kept their jackets with them and talked excitedly between themselves as you finished your work and made sure your bag had everything that you would be needing for the day. By 815, the official day had started and the principal came over the intercom to do the daily  announcements before wishing everyone a good day. 
“Alright, who’s excited for the field trip?” You announced, smiling and clapping when all of your students erupted in happy chatter and began bouncing in their seats with a new sense of both energy and urgency. 
“Good! Now, I’m going to put on a movie while we wait for our time to go and our volunteers to show up. Are there any requests for what to watch?” Your students began hollering answers, but they finally decided on Finding Nemo and you put it on over the projector after having logged into Netflix. 
They were still talking amongst themselves but it was quiet enough that you didn't mind. Aaron had sent you a text message saying that he and the team were on their way and would be there by the time you set. You sent one back, saying that they had to check in with the front office but that they could slip into the classroom once they had nametags and were cleared by the office secretary. He sent back his acknowledgement with a smiley face that had you smiling, too. 
“Miss (Y/L/N)?” One of your students calls out and you look up from your phone to see that Laci had her hand up to ask you a question.
“Yes, dear?” You reply, tucking your phone into your pocket and giving her your full attention.
“Can fish really talk?” She asked, expecting a legitimate answer from you. 
“You know, I am not 100% sure. But there is nothing in science saying that they can’t NOT talk, so I imagine that they can. At the very least, they should be able to talk to each other.” She nodded, accepting that answer, before turning her attention back to the screen to continue watching the movie. 
Thinking about her question, you had gotten sucked into the movie and was watching it from your desk and your focus was entirely on the screen that you didn't see the BAU team slide into the classroom and fall against the wall. Aaron had made his way to your desk and was smart enough to announce his presence so he wouldn't scare you. 
“Hi, sweetheart.” He smiled at you, waving his hand to catch your gaze.
“Oh! Hi, Aaron.” You smiled back, standing up from your seat to greet him with a small hug. 
“Hey, guys! Our wonderful volunteers are here, so I need to pause the movie but I promise that we can finish it tomorrow. Guys, why don't you introduce yourselves?” You called out, pausing the movie on your computer before flipping the lights on and calling your students’ attention to the people who had joined you. 
“Sure! Hi, my name is Penelope!” Garcia introduced herself first, waving excitedly at everyone. 
“I’m Derek!” The man next to her introduced himself and was then followed by Emily, Jennifer, Spencer, David, and then Aaron was last since the students already knew him from being Jack’s dad. 
“Who’s ready to go?” You say next, and everyone stands up and finds their travel buddy for the day. This was something you had set up the previous day, telling them that they had to stick with their buddy for the entire day. You promised that the volunteers would also have travel buddies when Jack had asked once everyone had their buddies figured out. Derek and Penelope were buddies, Emily and David were buddies, Jennifer and Spencer were buddies, and that left Aaron to be your buddy. 
Every kindergarten class was going on this field trip but your class was the first to board the first bus in the line of three buses that was waiting outside. As you walked everyone outside, the members of the team you hadn't met introduced themselves to you and each had a positive comment of the impact you made in Aaron’s life. It made you feel all warm inside and getting to sit next to Aaron himself made it even better. The two of you sat up front with Emily and David while the other sets of buddies sat in the last seats between your class and the next one that boarded. As soon as the entire bus was situated, you stood up from your seat and used your initial roll call to check attendance one last time before the next teacher stood up and began her own check. 
“I don't know why but seeing you be a teacher is really attractive.” Aaron whispered to you, subtly grabbing your hand and holding it in his lap as the bus began its journey out of the lot and onto the main road. 
“I think it’s because it gives me a sense of authority you don't normally see from me.” You replied back, just as quietly, as you smirked suggestively. 
“Maybe it’s because I want to see you be like this next time we’re alone. I want to see how long the authoritative personality lasts while I’ve got my dick inside you.” He replies easily, his face void of any emotion but humor was in his eyes as he looked at you. 
“I think that sounds like a good idea.” 
The bus ride was about twenty minutes and it was filled with conversations between your students and the volunteers, letting you get a chance to be quiet and see them interact with the other adults. Many of them had questions about their work, and they were all curious if they were like Aaron or if they had different jobs. 
“Mr. Hotchner is the boss, while I work with computers.” Penelope told them, looking at Derek who spoke next. 
“I’m the one who talks to families and does a lot of the chases and driving.” He commented, smiling as he transferred the conversation to Spencer.
“I’m the guy with the big brain and I do a lot of the history work. What about you, Emily?” Spence said, looking at the brunette next to Rossi. 
“I’m the one who knows all of the languages so I talk to suspects. JJ?” Emily explained, passing the torch to the other woman. 
“I talk to the media so I am on tv the most. Rossi?” She passed the conversation to the last volunteer who was smiling fondly at the rest of his team.
“I’m the one who writes the book and has the most experience, besides Aaron, of course.” He nodded to Aaron who finished the team’s explanation.
“You guys know me already, but I’m the boss. And Jack’s dad.” You could see Jack beaming from his seat as he listened to his aunts and uncles talk to his friends. 
You arrived at the museum soon after so the conversation was cut short, but the team promised that they would talk more on the ride back. The bus stopped at the roundabout in front of the large building and you stood up first, talking to your class about what was expected of them once they were off the bus. They were to stay with their buddies and each of them had a volunteer that they had to stay near for the entire time, in case anything was wrong. You made sure that each adult had your phone number and that JJ and Derek had their backpacks with everything that they might need for the duration of the field trip. 
“Ready?” You ask and everyone nods, filing off of the bus like you practiced with them the night before. 
You and Aaron were the last ones off out of your class and both you and Aaron walked in front so that you could check them in with the front desk of the museum, Emily and David bringing up the rear as they followed behind the kids. As you checked in with your tour guide, the team helped distribute and put on the wristbands that you had brought with you. The kids were looking around the massive entryway of the building, pointing out cool statues and displays that they wanted to see before they left today. 
“Who’s ready to go?” The tour guide called out, having introduced herself as Bethany, and wearing a big, friendly smile on her face.
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lemon--squeezy · 26 days ago
𝐁𝐚𝐝 𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝 | 𝐎𝐍𝐄
Tumblr media
Summary: 𝐀𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐧 𝐇𝐨𝐭𝐜𝐡𝐧𝐞𝐫 found love during his teen years and ended up married to his heart school sweetheart with an adorable child. However, he hadn’t been prepared for the effects caused on him by a younger Agent and coworker, so he concluded as it being nothing but annoyance. Could he be mistaken?
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Original Female Character
Warnings: Mentions of/implied attemped rape, sexual scenes, adult language, angst, boss/employee relationship, cheating, age difference and  canon-typical violence.
A/N: Before we start I just wanted to warn you that English is not my first language so you might see some grammar and spelling errors, if you spot any just let me know please. I hope you can bear with me! This story in also available on Wattpad 
“You made a really deep cut and baby, now we’ve got bad blood…” — Taylor Swift
Rays of a morning sun shine through the many windows, bringing a needy warmth to the cold bullpen of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. As soon as one enters the room, the bitter but invitingly warm scent of black coffee would invade their nostrils; a much needed drink to endure the consuming aspects of working for the FBI. Hushed footsteps, discussions of rapports, chairs moving around and whispers of good mornings are the prominent sounds filling the environment. 
At the center of the room, three distinct agents are discussing among themselves about gossips of the office. A strong, shaved headed man, with dark skin and a smirk plastered on his face. By his side, half sitting on his desk is a woman with fluffy bright blonde hair, thick black glasses supported by her delicate nose and wearing colorful clothes, making her stick out in an ocean of grey suits and blazers. Standing in front of them is a raven-headed woman, with pale skin and dressing a dark outfit like no one else could do. 
While grabbing his mug and sipping his morning coffee, the man looks at his wristwatch, slightly shaking his head in a mocking disapproval and declares, “It’s officially five minutes since our work time started and Agent Davis hasn’t arrived,” he flashes a smirk to the black headed female who had being part of the team for barely a month and continues, “I hope you’re ready to witness your first breakfast time quarrel between the bossman and Amy.” 
Emily, the sophisticated gothic woman, stares confusedly at her teammate and says, “Okay, I’m gonna take the bait. What are you talking about, Morgan?” 
He flashes a mischievous smile, “Do you want to explain it to the newbie, baby girl?” Morgan asks the blonde and eager female to tell the new girl about the most volatile - and funny to watch - dynamic of the team. “I’m pretty sure you’ve already noted that my lovely girl Amelia Davis and our stiff yet good-looking Superior don’t tolerate each other,” Penelope happily blabbers. “Since today is Monday and Amy loooves partying hard on the weekends, she’s already late. Something that displeases the bossman who is constantly waiting to scold Amy because of her little mistakes.” 
“That is intriguing. Are you sure it isn’t all about sexual tension? That would explain their behavior.” Agent Emily Prentiss questions inducing a gasp from Penelope and a laugh from Derek. 
“We’ve all considered it at some point,” the man affirms. “Just don’t say that to Davis or she will lecture you about how terrible it is that two people of the opposite sex aren’t allowed to sincerely and deeply hate one another,” he concludes and looks in the direction of his Superior individual office through the open blinds. “Hotch seems to be especially annoyed today so I bet he won’t even wait for Davis to reach her table before he calls her attention.” Morgan deduces and the elevator cheeps in sync announcing new arrivals, making the three agents stare in its direction. They see a couple of interns hurrying to the coffee marker and the next person to come out is the disheveled figure of Agent Davis. Her crystal blue eyes are hidden by black sunglasses, the woman’s usually perfect long brunette hair is currently disheveled, her button up white shirt is supporting some wrinkles while her dark grey blazer is in her left hand along with her bag. She connects the fingers of her right hand with her temple massaging it in a foolish attempt to ease the headache obviously caused by a hangover. 
Amelia tries to walk discreetly in the direction of her desk, hoping she would pass unnoticed by her boss, but she isn’t successful. Seeing her state, Derek whistles and loudly states, “I think someone had a wild night,” he laughs with Prentiss and Penelope. His booming voice affects the balance of Davis, making her stumble over her own feet and before she gets a hold of her chair and tells the man to be quiet, the harsh sound of a door opening echoes through the entire space of the bullpen. 
“Agent Davis. My office. Now,” the chief unit’s demand rings like thunder, giving chills to the ones around.  
“Fuck,” Amy murmurs while taking off her sunglasses  and dropping her belongings on her desk. 
The brunette drags her legs, taking her time along the short way to her boss’s office. 
Amelia feels like she’s in high school and the principal is calling to lecture her, but that’s something she never experienced during her school years since her teachers adored her effort to have the best grades and eagerness to learn. Besides, she could always blast a polite amiable smile to make people bend at her will. It came easily to Amy, being friendly and kind towards others, virtues that paid off and made everyone like her. Well, everyone but him. 
The door to the room is already opened and to Amy, it resembles the entrance of a
scary and dark cave. After she’s inside, she makes sure to close it to shield herself from the curious ears of her coworkers. She goes straight to one of the chairs across from the stoic man, a journey she’s so used to, considering that Hotchner’s constantly expressing his discontent with her whether it was about being a few minutes late, or about a typo in a rapport, or even choosing to use a grey folder instead of the yellow ones. Everything would lead to criticism and by now she would just take it with humor. She mumbles a good morning but Aaron simply ignores it.
“Tell me, Agent, what’s your excuse for today? Two weeks ago there was something wrong with your car, four weeks ago it was a problem with shower. I can’t wait to hear about another one of your misfortunes,” there’s venom watering each word, his eyes colder than a winter day and his entire posture screams irritation.  
Amy thinks how he’s ever so ridge when she’s around. Every time she enters the same room as him, the jet black haired man would instantly go ridge like her mere presence was a heinous crime. She’s used to it and more than happy to demonstrate that she is also offended by his existence.  
“Would you believe me if I told you that my nanny died?” Davis playfully replies and grins, which boils Aaron’s anger further. 
“Do you think this is some sort of joke?” he snaps, standing from his chair and positioning his hands on the desk that separated them. “I can’t have people in this unit that don’t take their job seriously and I don’t have time to endure irresponsibility and lack of respect.” 
I bet you would have a lot of free time if you just left me the fuck alone, dude - Amelia thinks while maintaining eye contact with the man. 
“One more day of tardiness and you will have to suffer consequences. Is that clear enough for you, agent?” he fumes. 
She bites her lips and swallows a bitter response. Not afraid of the outcome, just too tired to deal with her boss’s intensity so early in the day. “Yes, boss.”
“You can leave now,” he grunts and sits back in his chair. Starting to reach for one of the files on his desk; at the same time, Amelia makes a quick way out of the room. Once she gets to her chair, she releases a loud sigh, longing for the day to be over already. 
“That seemed intense.” Emily comments. She and Morgan are in their respectives chairs and Penelope has made her way to her own office - after the end of the show, of course.  
“You have no idea,” Amy answers while starting her work. 
 “If you don’t mind me asking, what happened between the two of you?” Prentiss carefully asks, genuinely curious.
“He’s the one who decided to hate me since my first day, I’m just returning the sentiment,” Davis explains, unbothered by the question, being a curious person herself she knows how it is once interest sparks. That’s when Dr. Reid and Agent Jareau arrive, talking to themselves. Spencer is carrying a notebook with a sketch of a boy’s face in it, moving around the room frantically and picking a telephone. 
“What’s wrong?” Amelia worriedly questions. 
“Need to get that to everyone as soon as possible,” Reid hurriedly explains while making a call. “Detective Barnes, this is Special Agent Doctor Spencer Reid of the Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico,” he clarifies to the person on the other side of the phone and continues rapidly, “Have you had recent murders involving prostitutes? They would’ve been stabbed to death and their hair would’ve been cut off by the killer,” that causes the other Agents to exchange confused glances, intrigued by the sudden event. 
“When was the last recent victim?” the Doctor inquires to the Detective on the line. 
Seems like we have a case, Amy processes. 
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Illicit Affairs - Aaron Hotchner x Fem!Reader
pls like & reblog & pls send me asks (i’ve turned anon on now) about how you feel ily <3
note: this is not a soulmate au, but there's soulmate energy happening so it moves fast-ish? also lmk if you wanted to be added to the tag list.
previous chapters
Chapter three: I’ll be awake and I’ll be with you.
Tumblr media
THROUGHOUT THE LAST MONTH OR SO You and Aaron had exchanged flirtatious letters between each other. They were filled with admirations and stories. Aaron wrote about how badly he craved to hold you - to touch you in every way imaginable. He told you stories about when he thinks of your beauty and your laugh while working a case. 
You wrote how this was exhilarating. Leaving the letters where Haley could possibly notice was thrilling to you. It was fun now. You were seeing them everyday now. You wrote too Aaron in one letter that you needed to be alone with him. You wanted to see that rare smile you and Jack cause up close and personal. You told him that you needed to hear the words he wrote whispered in her ear. 
They got the letters every night when you would leave. You would leave Aaron’s in his coat pocket when hugging them goodbye, in their mail addressed to Aaron only, or in his office on the desk. Aaron had the easy way out. He put the one he wrote to you in with your nightly pay. This had been your only way to be romantic with each other. The only way to flirt. Of course you texted with each other. Aaron wasn’t big on texting though and Haley knew that. And he knew Haley better than anyone, Aaron knew she would be suspicious if he suddenly was glued to his phone. Plus, you told him to not worry about texting you at night when it was time for him to be with Jack. 
You did talk on the phone a lot. Almost every night around eleven or twelve. Even when Aaron had been away on a case, he would still call.  One night about four days ago, one of Aaron’s agents heard him telling you that he missed you so much and how he couldn’t wait to see you. You laughed when hearing the panic in his voice when they heard the agent tease him for flirting with his wife. Only if they knew who he was really talking to.
You were finishing up writing your letter for tonight while watching the news on the tv. A big storm was hitting and it did not look pretty. You hated storms much like Jack who was sitting a distance away from the window but still watching the harsh rain fall and the big gusts of wind blow trash cans around and branches off trees. It was to get worse. Thunder clapped loudly in the sky and that’s when Jack ran over to you and cuddled into your side. You could see the bright lightning bolts in the sky light up what usually is a pretty sunny street.
“Hey, Jack,” you rubbed his back to comfort him. He cried into you and broke your heart. “Can I tell you a secret?”
“What secret?” He peeked his head out of your side with tear stained eyes. You frowned and wiped the tears away from the boy's eyes and dried his cheeks.
You picked Jack up into your lap and faced the window while sitting on the couch. “I’m also afraid of storms. When I was about your age though, My Papa told me that when it would thunder it meant all the Angels in heaven were bowling. And when it’s really loud and there’s a bolt of lightning that means they got a strike! It helped me to not be so scared of storms.” you explained the old tale parents would tell their children to not be scared anymore. you watched as Jack relaxed. He didn’t seem so afraid anymore.
Jack turned to you and pointed out of the window, “Can we watch them play?”
“We sure can! We just have to stay here and not go close to the window, okay?” Jack nodded and laid against you. They stayed like that for a few hours while Jack told  stories about random things he’s either made up or stories about his dad. He loved that man so much and it warmed your heart. Maybe one day you could love Aaron just as much. Jack was dozing off in your lap and to be quite honest, you too was dozing off. Watching the rainfall for so long felt so relaxing. Right before you were about to fall into a slumber, the front door opened with a huff and puff of someone who could only be Aaron. Like always, he put his keys down, his briefcase, and his coat away.
“Hey there sleepy heads,” you smiled lazily and Jack waved at his father who was approaching jack and you. Everything in Aaron wanted to lay down with you and just fall asleep, but he couldn’t. Something within him was so happy at the sight of you and Jack cuddled together. “Hey buddy, go to your room, okay? I’ll be up soon.” Aaron shook Jack and he listened. Jack ran right up the stairs.
you sat up and smiled at Aaron while yawning and stretching your arms a bit. “Sorry for nodding off a bit. I know I’m supposed to have all eyes on him. We were watching the rain- I told him the old angels tale. It’s 8:30, you’re home late.”you realized the time when looking at the tv box in front of them. “I literally thought Jack and I were sitting there for like twenty minutes.” you laughed to herself.
“Don’t worry about nodding off. You looked tired this morning,”  you were exhausted. Lately, you’ve been tossing and turning and only getting a few hours of sleep every night. It was probably from stress and your mind constantly spinning with thoughts. “Haley should be home in a few. She was about ten minutes from here when she called me right before I walked in.”
“Okay. Jack already ate. He’s all set for bed. Just needs to brush his teeth and- Ah!” You were cut off by yourself when you screamed at the world's loudest thunderclap. It sounded as if every house around them fell down. Covering your mouth from pure shock and embarrassment, you looked up at Aaron who was laughing at you. “It’s not funny!”
He finished up laughing and dragged his hand down his face that rested on his chin, “Yes, it is. It’s okay, we’re all afraid of something. Now just listen to those angels bowl while I go get Jack ready for bed.”
Aaron went upstairs and maybe two minutes later Haley walked in absolutely drenched in rain. You had gotten up and collected your things when Haley stopped you. “Honey, I can’t let you drive in that. My car was slipping all over the road. I couldn’t see through my windshield even with my wipers on. It’s bad out there. We have a guest room, please stay here tonight. It’s bad out there. Aaron won’t care if you stay.” No, Haley, he most certainly will not care.
You looked out the window to see how bad it actually was outside. It was bad and it was only getting worse. looking at Haley who was awaiting for your answer and took a deep breath. “That would be nice, Haley, thank you.”
“Awesome. I’ll go set up the guest room.” Haley was off to the room down the hall near Aaron’s office. you put your bag back down and keys beside it. She hung her coat and left her shoes by the door where they had been all day long. Aaron had come down the stairs dressed in black joggers, a plain t-shirt and some socks. It made you smile to see him dressed so casually. His hair even looked a bit messy.
“Hey,” you crossed your arms and stood in front of him. “I’m spending the night. Haley didn’t want me to drive in the storm.” you explained the situation to Aaron who smirked. You knew what he was thinking -- you were thinking it too. “I’m grateful. I hate driving in storms.”
Aaron walked past you, following him to the little cart they had with all kinds of alcohol displayed on it. He poured himself a glass of something. It looked like scotch or bourbon but to you they were the same drink. “Sounds nice. We are very glad to have you.” For a minute there you thought he was mad. “Would you like a drink?”
“I shouldn’t. I’m at my workplace.” you chuckled softly. Aaron loved that sound.
“Nonsense. You’re off now, Y/N! Have a drink,” Haley spoke as she rounded the corner. It was like she was listening in on the conversation. She leaned into Aaron and held onto his arm as if she was marking her territory. She kissed his arm lightly and smiled. “You’re our guest, let us treat you.”
“I’ll have a glass of wine, please. Red,” Aaron took out two bottles of wine to have you pick which one you wanted. “Thanks.” Aaron went to go open the bottle and left you and Haley alone together. It felt awkward to just to stand there looking at each other and not talking. And that’s when it dawned on you, youhad the perfect thing to say.
“Haley, do you have any tampons?” Really, Y/N, that’s your best ice breaker? You did need one though. you grinned awkwardly and Haley just laughed and took your hand, leading you to the half bath.
“You look petrified to ask! They’re under the sink in a basket. There are also some pads if you like those. Usually I keep them in here and in the bathroom in Aaron and my bedroom. Don’t be afraid to go in there if you need to.” Haley nodded and let you do what you needed. Did you really look scared? It was probably because you felt so weird knowing you and Aaron were going to have their little chat later in his house with his wife around. When you were done, you walked out of the bathroom to see them sitting in the living room. Aaron looked half dead and Haley did too.
Aaron smiled at her and handed her the glass. “Hey, Y/N, i’m wiped out. I’m going to get some sleep. All three of us sleep like rocks so make yourself at home. Goodnight.”
You nodded at Haley’s announcement, “Alright, get some rest. Goodnight!” And then there were two. Hotch looked at you when he heard the bedroom door shut upstairs and smiled. God, his smile was so nice. He didn’t look like the intimidating FBI agent anymore. He looked relaxed and happy. You were drowning in his eyes. They were so pretty--sometimes they looked green and sometimes brown but never a mixture of the two.
“Penny for your thoughts?” He asked in a low voice while you toyed around with the glass in hand. you stayed silent for a second and looked off to the picture of the family that was placed on the mantle next to the tv. “Hey, talk to me.”
You shook your head and sipped the wine you had left. “Not while she’s still awake okay? This is risky right now because all I want to do is kiss you and run my fingers through your hair. I can’t do that out in the open where she can walk out any second.” You explained and he understood completely. You were right, it was risky. All he wanted to do was lift you into his lap and kiss you all over.
“You’re right. Okay, come to my office in like an hour. Go rest and clear that pretty head of yours.”
“Sounds good to me.”
About an hour or so later you knocked on the door and the knock was so gentle he could have sworn and it was jack. “Come in.”
“Hey,” you stood in the room and closed the door behind you. hour body language was awkward and uncomfortable, not your usual confidant stance. “I uh.. Can I sit?”
“Please, yes, of course.” Aaron motioned towards the chairs in front of his desk. He closed the file he was working on and slipped some papers into the manila folder that had the bureau logo on it.
“Our letters seem so confident and bold and now i can’t even figure out if it’s appropriate to ask you how you are.” Aaron laughed because he felt the same way you did. It was new territory for the both of you. All of this was so new and so wrong.
Aaron didn’t waste a single second before asking the one thing they were both thinking. “Y/N... I- what is this? Obviously there's feelings here. And I mean real feelings.”
You shook your head and looked around the office. “I have no idea, Aaron. I’ve never even felt you. I haven't hugged you, shaken your hand, even brushed my fingers over yours. We’ve never even kissed. How could you ask me what this is when we’ve never even touched. I feel so helpless, she is always around.” You had a frustrated tone in your voice. You wasn’t angry or upset, just confused. You thought Aaron thought you were insane.
“Come here.”
“Come here, Y/N.”
you got up, confused, and walked around to Aaron. He turned in his office chair to face you. You were just standing in front of him awkwardly. Taking him all in. You smiled at his casual wear. You wore something similar. To her babysitting duties they have no dress code for you, but to just dress appropriate. You dressed pretty nice for Aaron to notice, but this morning you got your period and threw on leggings, a white tank top that was tight to your skin that was slightly cropped. He took your hands in his and smiled. You could have melted to the ground right then and there. “That's how my hands feel,” he whispered to her.
He let go of your hands and started to feel your body. Starting with your arms, his fingers lightly traveled the soft skin, giving you goosebumps all over. His hands swiftly moved to your torso. He ran them over your back and then to the front again. He felt the skin exposed from your short shirt, and even went riskier and moved his hands under the thin fabric. He didn’t do it in a way that he was going to feel your breasts, he was craving to feel you just as much as you were craving to feel him. He took you by the hips and brought you to sit in his lap.
“And this is what my lips feel like,” he whispered to you as he brought his hands to your cheeks and cupped them. When your lips touched, you could have sworn you felt real sparks. It was the best kiss either of you have ever had in your lives. His lips were rough but tender. Yours were plump and soft against his. Your hand came up and held his wrist, your other hand held your balance on his shoulder. Soon, it started getting heated. He swiped his tongue at your bottom lip for entrance. It was pure bliss for you both to be doing this. his lips found your neck and left wet sloppy kisses down it and onto your collarbones. You were also grinding on each other a bit which earned whimpers and groans from both of you.
“Wait, wait, let’s stop here for now. I can’t-” You fixed your posture while still sitting in his lap. You were catching your when you put her hands on Aaron’s chest and like instinct, he held them.
“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have been so forward like that. Did this make you uncomfortable?” You loved seeing the caring side of Aaron. He was so gentle.
“No, Aaron. That was amazing. I can’t go any further because I have my period and your wife is upstairs. I can’t have sex with you if she could pop in any minute.”
“So, you do want to have sex eventually?” he smirked and leaned his head on the back of the chair while he held your hands on his chest.
“Well… yes.” You blushed.
You teasingly rolled your eyes, “Shut up! Kiss me again, please.” Their lips met again but this time a lot more softer. One of Aaron’s hands held your thigh and rubbed gentle circles into it with his thumb while his other hand played with your hair. You had your arms wrapped around his neck while your hands played with his hair. Your lips danced together so perfectly. It was as if their only purpose in life was to kiss one another. And in these small romantic moments, all of the stress and anxiety from Haley washed away. It wasn’t even a thought in mind while you held each other close and made out.
“You are a very good kisser, Aaron Hotchner.” you said while breaking the kiss again. you sunk down on him a bit and took his arms to wrap around your waist. You leaned your head on his shoulder and squeezed him tight. He held you tighter in his arms and rubbed your back so softly you almost didn’t feel it. He leaned his head against yours and breathed in your scent. You smelled like vanilla and lavender. “I don’t want to let go.”
“You don’t have to sweet girl,” He whispered to you and left a kiss on the top of your head. “But I can make this a lot more comfortable,” He said as you felt his hands at the bottom of your thighs pick you up and walk over to the small couch he had against the office wall. He laid down with you still in his arms. Finally, you stretched your legs out and fixed your position to be more comfortable. Your head was leant against his chest where you could hear his rapid heartbeat. “This better?”
“A lot better,” He let his hand play with your hair as you held onto his free one. you didn’t want to let go of him but eventually you knew you were going to have to. It felt unfair, but truly it was unfair to Haley. This was happening right under her bedroom and she had no idea. “We have to talk about this.”
“I know.” Aaron sighed and looked down at the girl he held. It felt so nice to be falling for someone again. It had been years and years since his heart raced like this. Since genuine excitement and nervousness arose inside of him because of another person. It had been so long since since he’d actually kissed someone with passion and even longer since he held a person who wasn’t his son close to him like this. He missed having small intimate moments with another person.
Truth be told, him and Haley weren’t as perfect as they made it seem. They had Jack because they both wanted kids but Aaron had fallen out of love with her long before Jack came along four years ago. They, in his opinion, lost their spark. He loved her as a friend, not a forever partner. He once did though. He had no idea where it went and he tried to get it back, but nothing saved his marriage for him. He didn’t have the heart to tell Haley because he knew she still felt the spark-- the love he lost. He knew this didn’t make it any better. Cheating made the heartbreak she’ll feel worse, but when he first saw you, he felt that spark again. He couldn’t waste a minute on it either. You noticed he was in a bit of a daze, so you began laying small kisses on his neck. He giggled softly.
“What are we doing?” You asked. you had a serious tone. “Aaron, you’re married. This is wrong--so wrong. You make me feel different and it scares me. LIke, I don’t even know your exact age by the way. There is so much to talk about here.”
“I’m forty-one. Forty-two in November. And I really want to take you on a few dates and hopefully become your… unfortunately married boyfriend.” Aaron laughed and you rolled your eyes at him.
you sat up but stayed on his lap, your hands cupped his cheeks. He looked so good it was hard to be annoyed with him. “It’s not funny, Aaron.”
“I’m serious. Soon enough I’ll be asking for a divorce. I just need to get certain things squared away and figured out, okay? I want to do this with you, Y/N.” He meant that and you could tell. You hated all of this so much. It wasn’t like you to do something so stupid.
You nodded your head to what he was saying. “Fine. That doesn’t mean I like doing this. Haley is kind and she deserves a lot better.”
“I agree.”
“You really want to try dating? We barely know each other. We call and write notes and sometimes text, I know. But what do we really know?” You questioned.
“Isn’t that the whole point of dating, to get to know each other? And then when you finally are comfortable enough to admit you know each other that's when you establish you’re boyfriend and girlfriend and in a relationship?” He did make fair points.
“That’s true. Okay, we’re dating? Or going to start to? When do either of us even have time for dates?” You stressed. To calm you down Aaron took your hands, kissed both and held them in his own. “Aaron.”
“Friday you’re not working. Haley has the day off. I’ll take you to lunch, okay? Lunch date good for you?” You nodded and kissed him.
“We’re so wrong for this.” you sighed.
“It’ll be okay, sweet girl, I promise. Now let me read that letter you shoved into your pants when I walked into the house earlier.” Damnit, he saw that? You reached into the waistband of your leggings and pulled out the folded sheet of paper. You sat up on top of him again and covered your face with your hands as he read over the words.
   Lately, you’re all I think about before I sleep. Your smile, your eyes that are so easy to drown in, your voice. The way you look at Jack when he runs into your arms after a long day. You infiltrated my head, Mr. Hotchner. And I’m so very okay with it. I hope to get you up close and personal soon and to talk all of this over like you’ve been promising. You’ve got me helpless here.
“You’re very cute, angel. Seems to me you got what you hoped for too.” Aaron smiled at the letter before putting it on the table next to the couch. “You’re all I think about too. I know I say it often but you are so special.” He took you in for a hug and you basically melted into each other.
“You are too, Aaron.”
Some time went by of you just talking about random things and taking breaks to make out and feel each other. When it got later, you began to fall asleep in Aaron’s arms and it killed him to disrupt your relaxation.
“Hey, let me take you to bed, okay?” you whimpered what sounded like no, no. Which made Aaron kiss your head. He moved around a bit and pick you up bridal style. “I know, sweet girl. I don’t want to let you go either. You need sleep.” He spoke as he walked quietly to your room. He gently laid you down into the guest bed. He undid the made bed and let you cuddle into it. You looked so beautiful when relaxed. Aaron bent down and gave you one last kiss before going to his own bed. “Goodnight.”
“Goodnight, Aaron.”
That morning, you woke up to the smell of coffee being brewed. You almost forgot where you were for a moment. Looking out the window next to you, you saw how the storm had finally cleared. Breathing in, you got out of the much too comfortable bed and made your way to the kitchen. Aaron and Haley were standing there drinking coffee. You looked at the clock on your phone and it was only 7:05am. Aaron was reading a file and Haley was doing something on her phone.
“Good morning,” You broke the silence and the couple looked up from what they were doing. Aaron and her were both dressed for their jobs already and damn did he look good. “Thank you for letting me sleep here last night.”
“That’s no problem, sweetheart. Anytime. Coffee?” Haley said with that same gorgeous smile plastered on her face. You just wanted to rip it off. Not because you had something against Haley, no. You liked her. You were just not a morning person.
“I’m okay, thank you. I’m more of an iced coffee with lots of hazelnut creamer and sugar type of person,” Haley giggled. “Is it okay if i just run back to my apartment and freshen up? I live like a 15 minute drive away, I’ll be quick and be back in time before you guys leave.” you asked nicely. you really wanted to shower and change your clothes and brush your teeth and hair. You could only imagine how insane you must look right now. You weren’t the calmest sleeper.
Aaron looked at you and smiled. Looking into his eyes felt different since last night. It felt better than before actually. you almost wanted to run into his arms and give him a big ol’ kiss and tell him to have a great day at work. You couldn’t do that for obvious reasons.
Haley sawolled her coffee and began speaking, “Actually, we decided we’d relieve you for the day. Since you’ve spent every day here for the last month and because you had to sleep here. My sister is on her way. I hope that’s okay! We thought you deserved a break.” Haley explained nervously. You smiled at her kindly.
“That’s very kind of you guys, thank you. I appreciate it a lot. Tell Jack I'll be back to bug him tomorrow! And again, Thank you for everything.” Both Haley and Aaron said you’re welcome and all three said goodbye. You were just about to open the door when you felt a hand on your shoulder.
“Your pay, sweet girl,” He whispered that last part. “Have a nice day.” “You too.”
you got into the car and opened the envelope of money for your note immediately:
     I’m writing to you from this morning. I scraped my last letter because now I have better things to say. I miss your lips already. And that soft skin. Holding you made me feel the same happiness I feel whenever I hear Jack’s laugh or see him smile. I can’t wait to kiss those pretty lips again, sweet girl. I promise this will all work out and we will be happy, okay? Now, whenever you read this, please text me your favorite type of food so I can figure something out for friday.
you kissed the paper and drove home with a smile on your face with the memories of last night playing over and over in your head.
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dottiejohnson · 29 days ago
Hey so I was wondering if the Criminal Minds fandom has a faceclaim for grownup Jack??
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todoroki-reid · a month ago
his fighter [a.h x y/n]
summary: you covered your history with tattoos, you thought that would make you stop having to struggle with trying to forget your past. You've been dating your unit chief, Aaron Hotchner for not that long, and the thought of having to open up to him scared you.
tw: mentioning on relapsing, mental health struggles, self harm, depression, and self harm scars
wc: 1937
Tumblr media
You hated when people asked about you. You've always felt like everybody was secretly judging you with the way you acted towards certain things or even with the things you wore. You've been hiding your tattoo covered battle wounds for the longest.
Granted you've only been working at the BAU for a good six months, but luckily nobody has asked.
You've always wanted to open up about your battles, you're proud of yourself but you have your days and unfortunately this was one of them. You were supposed to go on your fourth date with your unit chief Aaron Hotchner.
You had just gotten out of the shower when your hand grazed over the bumpy scarred ink, when it hit you that potentially one day you were going to have to open up to him. You really like him though, since day one you've had a mild crush on him, but who wouldn't?
He's so caring and overprotective with every little thing. You were the one who asked because you learned that you only live once so live it while you can. You had heard from Emily that his divorce was final, and as soon as you heard those words you ran.
It was cute though, it wasn't rushed. You've heard the rumors about him not smiling or being soft, but you unlocked that. You couldn't stop smiling after it all happened. You knew that one day you were going to have to but it's always been hard for you to open up. It was also hard for you to trust people, everytime you would let out something you thought was great, people who you thought were going to be there for you for the rest of your life turned against you.
But today was not the day for your past to haunt you. With every feather-like touch against your beautiful flower tattoos unleashed a memory. You had gotten the black flowered tattoos as a reminder of your struggles and to breathe a little because of what you've been through. You had three of them, all ranging in size.
Your favorite one went from the side of your upper hip to mid-thigh. Every detail had a different story, and with each story was a reminder of how hard you fought. You also had one on your wrist, you would hide it as much as you could by wearing long sleeves.
But sometimes it was hard getting through with the thought of it. You shook off the thought of calling it off, but you felt insecure now.
You picked up your phone searching for his contact, trying to think of a good enough excuse.
'Just tell him y/n..he'll understand..'
You said to yourself as you paced around the living room. Your hair was still drenched, and your hand was the only thing that was keeping your towel up;
Aaron: "Hey?"
You: " have to cancel.." You said softly hoping your emotions wouldn't take over.
Aaron: "What happened? You okay?" He said in a worried tone as you sarcastically chuckled quietly,
You: "Yeah..I'm just.." You took a deep breath, "I'm not feeling well..that's all.." You rolled your eyes, mentally cursing yourself out knowing you could have made a better excuse.
Aaron: "Oh..Well i'm sorry to hear that..I hope you feel better soon, call me if you need anything?" You could hear the sadness that left you just caused.
You: "I'm sorry-"
Aaron: "-No..don't be sorry, there's always another day." You nodded softly feeling the tears starting to form
You: "Yeah, you're right.."
After a short conversation after your embarrassing excuse, you both said your goodbyes. You threw your phone on the couch as you walked towards your bedroom to your closet. You picked out some comfy clothes because of how you were feeling, which was the classic oversized shirt with pajama shorts.
Whenever you had these days where you felt like you wanted nothing to do in the world but cry, you would lay on the couch and watch a comfort movie. You loved watching comfort movies, they made you feel good again. You dreadfully walked over to your couch, grabbing an extra cozy blanket, wrapping it around yourself as you curled up in the corner.
You turned on the tv, not even thinking about what just happened. You felt stupid, you just lied to a profiler. You groaned throwing your head back, you started staring at the ceiling, hearing the tv in the background.
You let your body loose, lifting your head back up. Your thoughts were getting to you again, you couldn't stop thinking about your past. As much as you wanted to move on from it, sometimes the past hits you more than anything.
'Breathe y/n got this.'
You felt like the world was weighing in on you. Your chest felt heavy, you felt the urge of relapsing. You leaned forward, your fingers brushing through your hair, watching the tears fall down to your knees. You've been clean for about a year now, and every now and then you would have these urges but back down because you know how strong you were.
You could feel your body tensing up for this sudden urge to do something. You stood up walking around to try to distract yourself, you started focusing on each step you took. With each step you took, you took a deep breath.
You repeat that to yourself trying to distract yourself, but nothing was working. You gave up on trying to fight. You walked towards the bathroom, when everything got interrupted by a couple harsh knocks on the door.
You looked in the mirror, taking a deep breath, mentally thanking whoever just knocked. You start slowly walking towards the door when you hear something calling out your name, "Y-Y/N..I know you're in there, please open."
You can recognize that voice from anywhere, it was Aaron. You walked a little faster to the door, opening it to see a worried expression on his face, "A-Are you okay?" You nodded softly, "Yeah, I am." You lied. You really weren't okay, and you were hoping he wouldn't believe you.
"You were crying." He said concernedly. You shook your head, "I was just watching a sad movie.." You lied again. You glanced up to see he was actually worried about you, he cared. You stepped out of the way, letting him in. You closed the door, "I-I'm not okay." You started sobbing softly as you hugged your body. He walked over, pulling you in for a hug. You didn't even hug him back, you just stood there sobbing into his chest as his arms wrapped around your emotionally damaged body.
"It's the tattoos isn't it?" You didn't even care how he found out, it didn't matter. You coughed up a sob feeling a sense of relief that he knows what you're going through, and that you didn't have to tell him.
You wrapped your arms around him, hugging him tight as he kissed the top of your head, "It's okay to not be okay." He said it softly as his hand traveled up and down your back. "Let's go and lay down okay?" You nodded as you felt his warm hands on your cheeks lightly forcing you to look up, his thumb gently grazing under your eyes, wiping your tears.
It was that moment of bliss, where you felt like for the first time you weren't a burden, a waste of time, space, or even air.
The tears wouldn't stop though, it was a mix of happiness that he came in time, and sadness from everything. He started walking leading you, "Bedroom or couch?" He said with his hand gently pressed against your back, "B-Bedroom please." You tried to say without your voice breaking, but there was nothing at this point that could make you stop crying.
You hugged your body dreadfully walking to your bedroom. He moved away from you, pulling off the covers, laying down first, holding out his arm, gesturing you to lay down next to him. You stopped caring if he were to see the tattoos, you watched his eyes travel down to your thighs, "I-I know..they're ugly.." You said in between soft sobs as you moved closer to him. He placed his hand on your cheek, as his thumb tried to wipe away the tears.
"They're actually beautiful y/n.." You tried to open your mouth, "Let me finish please.." He said gently as his thumb caressed your cheek, "Scars..scars are a reminder of your history; your story." As he's saying that, his eyes started to water. "Those tattoos show that you wanted something beautiful to come out of your past and you shouldn't be ashamed of it. You're a fighter y/n and words can't describe how proud I am of you."
You placed your hand on his wrist, caressing lightly, you cleared your throat, "For the longest, I've been struggling with..with depression." You moved his hand off of your face, as your hand traveled towards the hem of your shirt, lifting it lightly, "And I decided to cover up the thing that defines me..a-and who I am today."
His hands traveled to your thigh, he hesitated at first, "It's're right, I shouldn't be ashamed of them..They're beautiful.." He gently placed his hand on the scarred ink that just triggered you. Chills were sent down your spine, you shivered at his touch, "They're beautiful y/n..just like you."
You leaned in placing your hand on his cheek, kissing him softly, "Thank you" You said softly with a smile on your face, "For what?" You moved, placing your head on his chest, wrapping your arms around his body, hugging him tight, "I was struggling today..I-I almost relapsed, and you saved me from doing it."
He started scratching your back softly, "I'm glad I got here in time..and I'm proud that you didn't." One more question came to mind, "Can I ask you something?" He hummed softly, "Why me?"
You heard his heart beating faster, "What do you mean?" He questioned as he kissed the top on your head, you quietly sighed, "Why me out of every girl in the world?"
He chuckled, "It's always been you y/n. The way your smile makes every room you walk into brighter, drives me crazy in the best possible way. I haven't been this happy since who knows how long." You wrapped your leg around his body, sinking deeper into his body, "I love everything about you, y-you're perfect."
You fell asleep wondering why out of every girl in the world, he chose you. You decided to take into consideration that he was right about not being ashamed of your battle scars, because they're not. They're a story you shouldn't be scared to tell.
Because of him, you learned that you're a fighter;
his fighter.
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dottiejohnson · a month ago
So I had been wondering why Hotch looked ao familiar. My family sits down to watch a family favorite movie and I spit my drink out. I have watched this movie since I was born so I know it very well.
Aaron Hotchner - Criminal Minds
Tumblr media
James Percy - The Inheritance (based on Louisa May Alcott’s first book)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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atlaslbooth · a month ago
Don't I Bleed?
CW: Implied Violence, Blood, Pain
Summary: What happened to Hotch in the days when he got home after Foyets attack?
Coming home was necessary. Coming home didn't feel like home. Not anymore. There was no false feeling of peace, no blanketed safety.
Every stitch was pulling tight through his tension. It felt like each of the 9 stab wounds wanted to tell him that they were borne here. But what else could he do?
Jessica had taken Jack until Hotch was healed. He was in no shape to care for anyone right now. He should have been moved to a rehabilitation ward for the week, but he refused and signed himself out, of course.
He thought he would be able to handle it. When he came back, the carpet was already replaced, the bullet hold was fixed. He hated it.
He refused to take his pain meds. He had to be alert. And he was. At every sound and perceived movement in his periphery.
He went to bed exhausted due to the stress on his body that night and nearly pulled a stitch due to nightmares.
Daily, he would try to go back to normal. He would try to distract himself. He would run through so many dressings that he had to have spares delivered. He refused to call a soul. He ate toast and sometimes a bit more.
And then one day, he woke up. He walked to the shower and broke all the knuckles of his right hand on the tiles lining the shower wall. He didn't care about the cracked tiles, the blood seeping from his hand or that his body was now running only on adrenaline and zero else.
Nothing felt right. The blood on the carpet should have been there. He nearly died there. He was somebody. He wasn't a ghost. He wasn't a figment. He hurt and he bled and it should have been there.
The bullet hole should have been there. It was real too. It all happened. It couldn't be fixed that easily. He couldn't be fixed that easily. He wanted it to be as painfully difficult to righten his surroundings like he himself was.
It wasn't fair. He wasn't weak. He wasn't broken on purpose. Nothing should just be fine.
Perhaps it was that reason he took his gun and emptied his clip in the very same wall the first bullet went through.
And perhaps, perhaps that was the reason he finally took one of his kitchen knives and carved out a stretch of the new carpet. He pulled and ripped the carpet fibres, and his own stitches, until he was left with only cement. The only part of flooring still original to that night.
The cement that still had some of his blood visibly seeped into it. He stared at it until it didn't feel like a repressed nightmare anymore. He stared at it until every moment was relived. He stared at it. And he wept.
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ssa-hotchners-wife · a month ago
Miss Teacher Part 4
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner x Fem!Reader
Warnings: SMUT (finally), oral (male receiving), fingering (female receiving), unprotected p in v (wrap it before you tap it!), over-stimulation, very slight degradation, cursing, praise kink, authority kink 
Word Count: 5.3k
A/N: Hello! Good lord, this one really did get away from me. I don't really know how big this series will get as I tend to get bogged down with different activities and then my writing gets pushed to the back-burner. However, I have not decided on anything yet so I guess I hope you stick along for the ride :) As always, all mistakes are my own! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There's millions of fairies' lights hanging along the walkways, giving the muted overhead lights a softer glow as the two of you strolled along. He continued holding your hand as you walked, enjoying the sounds of the nightlife as you drank your hot cocoa in comfortable silence. Your path seemed random but it seems he was leading you towards a small courtyard that had soft jazz playing in the background. There were couples scattered around, some dancing and some resting together on picnic blankets. 
"Dance with me?" Aaron asks you, almost a whisper in your ear so you wouldn't disturb the other people around you. 
"Always." You replied, the smile you've worn all evening never leaving your face. 
The two of you trashed your cups in the recycle bin before finding an open space in the middle of the courtyard. One of his hands moved to your hip and the other took hold of your free hand. Your hand rested on his shoulder and you looked at him to start leading. He did, moving and twirling you in time to the music while never letting you go more than a foot away. 
"I've had a wonderful time tonight." Aaron eventually says, eyes on yours while he continues to dance you around the courtyard. 
"I have, too. I'm really glad you asked me out, Aaron." You replied, eyes fluttering as your butterflies came back once more. 
"I'd like to ask you out again, if you'll have me." He looked hopeful, but he patiently waited for your response. 
"I'd love to. Just name the time and place." This time he couldn't help but grin wide as he stopped dancing and cupped your cheeks between his large hands, tipping your face up so he could press the sweetest kiss to your lips.
The atmosphere, the music, the lights, and the man in front of you made this the best night of your life, without a doubt. The only thing that made it better was how well he knocked the breath out of you with his kisses and his touch. 
"I want you, if you'll have me." You confessed, gripping the side of his jacket and pulling him closer against his chest. 
"I want all of you, baby." He growled, his kiss turning rough as his fingers moved into your curls. They curled and tugged ever so subtly as he took over the kiss, just as he whisked you away from the eyes of everyone around you.
You ended up pressed against the base of a giant tree with Aaron crowding into all of your senses. You were slated together from shoulders to hips and it still wasn't close enough for you. The music fell into the background as you made out, fingers desperately clawing at each other. The sweet and soothing atmosphere that was created between the two of you turned into something darker, with a primal edge cutting into it. It wasn't hard to see that Aaron was an alpha male in every sense of the word, and you were pleased to see it carried over into the bedroom as well. 
"Take me home, Mr. Hotchner." You whined, fingers sliding under his jacket and clawing at his back. 
Solid muscle met your fingertips and it made you crazy with the need to have him on top of you, inside you, all around you. 
"Yes, ma'am." He pulled away from your kiss- much to your dismay- and started pulling you towards the SUV. 
You kept up with him as much as you could in heels, desperate to get back in his arms as soon as you could. He opened the door for you, but didn't let you get in quite yet. He lifted you up to sit on the seat and he slotted himself between your thighs, fingers going back to your hair as he started kissing sloppily along your neck and sucking kisses to your jaw. It wasn't hard for him to find your sweetest spot, and he made sure to pay extra attention. You became putty in an instant, desperate to touch him and have him touch you everywhere. 
"A-aaron." You groaned low, your ankles digging into the base of his spine to pull him ever closer. You could climb inside each other and it still wouldn't be close enough. 
"I know, sweetheart. I know. Let me get you home so I can take care of you." With one more fire-igniting kiss, he pulls away and closes your door to rush to his side and climb in. 
The drive home was quick (he definitely broke some speed limits) and fifteen minutes later he threw the SUV in park and climbed out, barely catching the handle of your door as you unbuckled and hauled yourself out of the seat. Your bag was hanging off of your shoulder, keys already in your hand to unlock the front door, but he wouldn't let you walk. Aaron's strength never ceased to amaze you as he lifted you back into his arms, never breaking a sweat as he carried you to the front door. He pressed you against the door (pinned you was a better word) and attached his lips to your skin once more. You fumbled to unlock the door without looking at it, but soon enough it was open and he was carrying you over the threshold. 
He kicked the door shut behind him and let you lock it before tossing you onto the nearest couch. You dropped your bag and kicked off your heels, eyes never leaving Aaron's gaze as he took in the sight before him. Your blown pupils, messy hair, ragged breathing, kiss-swollen lips. He wanted to commit this moment to memory so he could revisit it when he was away on a case, desperate for you when he was alone in his hotel room. You would be lying if you said you weren't doing the same thing with him. You broke the silence first. 
"Are you going to stay over there the whole time or are you going to get me naked?" You quipped, arms sliding out of your jacket and brushing your hair off of your shoulders so he could see your ink once more. 
"I'm taking a moment to memorize how absolutely stunning you look before I see how many times I can make you cum." He retorted, full-well knowing what his words did to you. 
"I'm betting three." You were breathless when you said it, low-balling him to see what happens. 
"I'm betting ten." He replied effortlessly, sliding off his own jacket and setting it on the counter of your bar and kicking off his own shoes. 
Your heart catches on a beat and he uses that moment to jump, getting across the room in two strides and pinning you to the cushions. His knees are holding your hips still and he's bent over you, fingers wrapping around your wrists and keeping them above your head. He's not bothering to hold any weight off of you, confident that you wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.
"Prove it, Mr. Hotchner. I'd like to see you make it past five." Your voice dropped in pitch, the huskiness coating Aaron in head-to-toe desire. 
"Is that a taunt, sweetheart?" He growled out, teeth clenched as he fought to be gentle with you. 
"It's me seeing if you can prove me wrong." You replied simply, hips rolling up to create any ounce of friction you could get. 
Your panties were absolutely soaked in arousal, proof that the simplest words he uttered would have you on your knees in an instant. He took it as a bet that he intended to win, even if he had to play dirty. Of course, dirty came naturally to him. 
"Oh, sweet girl. You have no idea."   There were no more words exchanged, instead he took both of your hands in between one of his own and used his free hand to push your shirt up to your chest. He knew that it wouldn't come off until you sat up, but he liked the dirty picture it painted for him. Your black, lace bra was strapless and on full display and he could see the hem of your matching panties peeking out from the top of your jeans. 
You were sucking on your bottom lip in anticipation, lust-blown eyes taking in every movement that he made. With a cheeky smirk, Aaron pulled down one of the cups of your bra so that the wire that rested underneath your breast pushed it up invitingly. With a deep groan of approval, his head bent down and latched onto your nipple and he s u c k e d like his life depended on it. The hot, wet heat of his mouth had you crying out in pleasure and your back arched to push more of your breast into his mouth. He took that as an invitation, teeth biting down gently as he sucked and he tweaked it without ever letting go. 
You were whining- sounding completely pathetic- as he sucked on your nipple. You begged him to let go of your hands, promising that you would keep them above your head. You wanted him to pay the same attention to your other breast and would get it however you could. He obliged and you gripped the arm rest, using it to keep you grounded as his now free hand went to your still-covered breast. He did the same to it as he did the first, using the wire from your bra to push up your breast so that they were both on display for him. 
"Such pretty tits, baby. So fucking soft." His voice sounded like he swallowed gravel, all dark and deep and husky. He switched to the now-free nipple, sucking and licking and biting as he did to the first, but his fingers went to pluck at the first one to keep it hard and stimulated. You were going crazy, incoherent, and speechless at the same time. 
“N-need you, A-aaron.” You were able to get out only three words but it was enough for him to understand what you meant. 
Without pulling away from sucking on your breast, he blindly finds the button to your jeans and undoes them with skillful precision. You're wiggling your hips, trying to help him get your jeans off so he can touch you where you want him to. However, he has different plans and pulls away all together so he can stare at you once your jeans are off. His chest is heaving as he aims to catch his breath and come back to Earth; he completely lost his mind as he buried himself in your tits and your touch. 
“Not yet, sweetheart. Want you to do something for me first.” Aaron says, eyes racking down your body with no shame. 
The sight before him is something he would never get enough of. Your hair was wild, chest covered in hickies and wet with saliva, tits pushed up as if they were a present to him. He groans at the sight of the black lace on your thong and how high it sits on your hips. Your red lipstick is still as dark as ever, and it’s begging him to ruin it. To be honest, he can't wait to see what it looks like with your lips wrapped around his cock. 
“Anything.” You uttered, eager to please him as much as you can. 
“Get on your knees and open your mouth, tongue out.” all of his blood rushed to his growing cock as he saw how fast you were to drop from the couch to the floor. 
You followed his orders to the T, taking off your bra in the process and throwing it haphazardly behind you. Your thong stayed on, but it was the only article of clothing you wore. Aaron kept his eyes trained on you as he took his time taking off his jacket and then his shirt. He tongue poked out from behind his teeth as he grinned wickedly, going extra slow as he slid off his socks and unbuttoned his slacks. He didn't pull them down; instead, he walks over so he's standing in front of you and puts his index finger under your jaw and tips it up so you're looking at him. Your mouth was open- just as he requested- and he slid his thumb inside your mouth to suck on, and, oh boy, do you suck on it. Your lips close around the single digit and your eyes flutter closed, moaning low as a tease for him and running your tongue along the length of it. 
“Oh, pretty girl, you do that so well.” He pulls his thumb from your mouth slowly, savoring the sight of your lips wrapped around the tip of his finger. 
“I’d do a lot better if I had something bigger to suck on.” You sighed, desperate for his touch and needy to cum. 
You knew better than to move though, not wanting to push his buttons too early on. You wanted to save that card for a rainy day when you both had enough time to play it out and see what came of it. 
“Then why don't you get to work, huh?” he taunted, giving you the go-ahead to slide down both his slacks and boxers to his feet. 
You did so without another word, whining low in your throat as you saw his hard, leaking cock catch on the binding of his boxers and slap gently on his lower stomach once it was freed. You were never one to be picky on size, but it was safe to say that Aaron would be ruining you for anyone else and he definitely knew it. You looked up at him as your right hand moved up to wrap around the base of his cock and smiled wide as he sucked his bottom lip between his teeth. 
“Are you okay, sir?” you asked innocently, moving your wrist as you began stroking him from base to tip. 
“I’m absolutely perfect, sweetheart.” He looked like he meant it but the catch of his breath on the last word told you otherwise. 
You took your time now, teasing him just as he teased you. On every upstroke, you thumb brushed across the top of his cockhead and underneath it to catch every sensitive nerve of his. He looked like he was doing his best not to show how much you were getting to him, but his hips rocking into your hand told you that you were slowly driving him crazy. On a whim, you moved your hand to the base of his cock and took him in your mouth all the way to the back of your throat in one go. 
As you breathed through your nose, you moved your tongue along the underside of his length and sucked at the tip like a lollipop just to see him squirm above you. It was obvious that he liked long sucks and slow drags of your lips so that's what you did, taking your time as you blew him. Minutes passed by but it only felt like seconds as his fingers tangled into your curls and he gathered them into a make-shift ponytail to keep your hair from your face. It gave him something to hold and he used it to guide your mouth over his skin that made him so warm it felt like he was burning from the inside out with pleasure. 
“Come here.” He pulled your head away from his cock and dropped your hair before helping you to your feet, stepping out of the pile of his boxers and pants before putting an arm under your knees and around your shoulders to sweep you off of your feet. 
“We’re going to do this right. I'm not going to be buried inside you anywhere else but your bed.” He told you, using your brief directions to your bedroom to find his way as you started sucking along his collarbone up to his jaw. 
Aaron tossed you onto the bed a minute later, shutting the door behind him and locking it before turning his attention back to you. You had situated yourself in the middle of the bed, hair spread out across the pillows and blankets pushed to the end of the bed like he had pictured ever since the two of you met. You were twirling your panties on your finger, a sweet smile on your face. 
"You're so beautiful." He praised, climbing onto the bed and situating himself above you. 
"You're quite handsome, yourself." You replied, tossing the sodden fabric to the floor before wrapping your arms around his shoulders and spreading your legs extra wide so he can fit comfortably between them. 
"You think you can take me, honey?" He whispers as he leans forward, pressing extra soft kisses up your neck and behind your ear. 
"I can, Aaron, I promise I can. Please, baby, want to feel you." You begged- almost sobbing- as your fingers dug into the skin of his shoulders. Your back was arching as you repeated the same words, completely disheveled and not caring a single bit. 
"I don't want to hurt you." He murmured into your skin, resting most of his weight on his left arm and sliding his right one down your stomach and to your dripping wet pussy. 
Your hips canted forward at the contact, a loud whine leaving your lips and you were prepared to beg again when his thumb started rubbing long, languid circles into your clit. His lazy actions had every word stuck in your throat and all you could do was cling to him, following his touch to fall off of the cliff's edge of your orgasm. You would have blushed, would have been embarrassed at how quickly you came from so little of a touch but he slid his middle finger inside your dripping cunt and it made your first orgasm explode into your second one not even two minutes later. 
"That’s two." Aaron boasted, letting your clit have a much-needed break as he slid his index finger in next to his middle finger and managed to pull a third orgasm out of you with ease. 
"Three." You panted, your skin sweaty and curls clinging to your forehead. 
There was a faint pink tinge to your skin and your legs shook if you moved them too far from one position to the next. You could feel bruises blossoming along your collarbone and knew with certainty that your whole body would be sore tomorrow but this experience with Aaron made it 100% perfect. 
"I want you to use me to get your fourth. I want you to ride me, baby." He uttered these words against your lips, pulling his fingers from between your legs and grabbing your hips to roll over and put you on top. 
"Yes, sir." You took a deep breath and fixed your knees so you were resting on each side of his. 
He helped keep you steady as you took a hold of his red, thick, leaking cock and positioned right below your wet hole. His eyes never strayed from your tits, licking his lips as he saw your nipples harden under his gaze and rock with the deep breaths you took. However, his gaze shot your face as you began sinking down on him slowly- taking extra time and extra care as the head of his cock slipped inside your tight heat. He noted how your jaw fell, how your eyes fluttered closed at the first real contact between the two of you. Your hair had fallen somewhat in your face, but you didn't seem to care as you began taking more of him inside you. 
"Doing so good, baby." He praised, liking the soft smile that turned your lips. 
"Your-you're so fuckin' big, Aaron." It was his turn to groan loud, this being the first time you had cursed in front of him. This moment became ten times better, seeing as it was the first time he had anything bad fall from your mouth. 
"Bet you can take every inch." Aaron praised more, his hands were rubbing circles into your thighs and he could feel how taunt your muscles were as you basked in the delicious stretch he caused between your legs. 
"Oh, I will." You promised, shuddering as he bottomed out inside you for the first time. 
"You feel so much fuckin' better than I imagined." Aaron growled out, head falling back against the pillows as you started rocking your hips back and forth and in small circles as you got used to the sense of fullness he made you feel. 
You'd never felt like this with anyone else; none of your previous partners ever got this deep inside of you. You were curious as to how deep he was and you lightly ran your fingers over your lower stomach, pussy clenching as you felt a small bulge where he was pressed up against your cervix. His hips jerked involuntarily at your movement, eyes glazed over as he watched your face. 
Man's got big dick energy AND a big dick to match. 
He didn't rush you, just as he promised, but his hands never left your thighs. He rubbed his thumbs against your knees and finger-tips between your inner thighs where you were connected as one. With a deep breath, you started to move with more intent. Aaron noticed the change when he felt your thigh muscles tense as you started to rise off of him for the first time. 
"J-jesus." His words caught in his throat as the slow drag of your wet cunt stroked every single one of his nerves in the best way. 
"Not quite." You teased, grinning with your tongue pressed behind your teeth just like he would do to you. 
"Fuck, baby." He amended, meaning them entirely when you had gotten to where just the tip of him was inside you and then slid all the way back down to the base in one go. 
"That's more like it." You couldn't help but laugh as you kept the same pace for a couple moments, reveling in his harsh sounds of pleasure at each down stroke. 
"Such a cheeky little slut, aren't you?" He knew he was taking a risk with the degrading pet name but the way your pussy clenched told him you liked it. 
"Maybe just a little." You panted, putting your hands on his chest and leaning forward as you started bouncing your hips with more speed. 
He held your hands to keep you steady as you used him to get off, alternating between bouncing your hips up and down and rocking in loose figure 8’s. Your hair had fallen into your face, but you didn't have enough of a willpower to try and move it to your back so it would be out of the way. Aaron, however, had other plans and expertly maneuvered you so you were underneath him on all fours while he was on his knees behind you. He only had to pull out for a couple moments so he wouldn't hurt you, but it was long enough for you to whine at the loss of contact and rub your ass against his cock to tease him back inside you. 
“So needy for it, huh? Can't stand for one minute to be left empty.” He taunted you, resituating you so you were able to bend over further without being hurt and he pulled you to the edge of the bed so he could stand up and have a better grip on your hips. 
“I can't stand thirty seconds without having you stuffing my pussy full.” You corrected, crossing your arms and resting your forehead against them as you felt his hands smack against each ass cheek before grabbing a handful and spreading them so he could rub himself against your warm skin.  
“Well, you're going to have to be patient.” his voice was strained, showing how much this new position and the view was affecting him.  
“Or I could just use my own fingers.” You snarked back, moving one of your hands between your legs to start rubbing quick circles into your wet, sensitive clit. 
“You know what, dirty girl? Do it. Get your fifth orgasm with just your fingers while I rub my cock against your wet pussy.” He snarled, wanting to put you in your place and show you who runs the show. 
There were no words spoken for the next couple of minutes, but that was okay with you. Your hips were shaking and your legs were threatening to close as you built up to your next orgasm with ease. Aaron was massaging your ass cheeks and his thumb was continuously brushing against your stretched hole as a tease, but also to aid in your orgasm. You couldn't see it, but he was devising a plan that he would put into action the moment you fell off of the edge of your climax. However, he didn't have to wait long as he saw your muscles tensing in preparation and your hand was moving faster between your thighs. 
“Are you gonna cum, sweetheart?” His voice was still strained but he wanted to hear the affirmation that he was already witnessing. 
“Yes, sir.” You nodded your head rapidly, back arching as you came around nothing but air. 
He used this time to spread your cheeks and slam into your wet cunt mid-orgasm all the way to the hilt. He didn't give you a chance to wait or a chance to breathe; instead, he held onto your hips with a bruising grip and started pounding into you with vigor while your fifth orgasm crashed into your sixth with barely any time to catch a break.  
“If you're going to cum, it’s going to be on my cock and nothing else. I am the only one who can make you feel like this, do you hear me? This pretty little pussy is mine.” He punctuated each word with a particularly hard thrust of his hips, using one hand to press down on the base of your spine to make your back arch more and so he could deeper inside you. 
“Yours, it’s all yours.” You babbled over and over, almost sobbing with ecstasy as over-sensitivity began to set in and absolutely wrecking your body. 
“You're damn right it is.” his phone began to go off right then, and you thought it meant that you would be getting a break but he only pulled out for a moment to grab it before sliding right back inside you and picking up where he left off. 
“This is Aaron Hotchner.” His voice sounded official, and you would think it was just another day but your whining and high-pitched moans said otherwise. 
His grip on your hip tightened in warning to be quiet and you buried your face in a pillow to stifle your noises so he wouldn't get caught. You could hear faint “new case” and “bright and early” and “are you okay?” and the final “you sound like you're at the gym.” 
“I’m fine, just a little busy.” Aaron replied in a gruff voice, continuing to speak to whoever is on the other end as his hand moved to your clit to start rubbing it in lazy circles as he continued to fuck into you from behind. 
“My date went wonderful and I plan on seeing her again.” He was smiling as he looked at you, cataloging every face you made as he helped you chase your orgasm for the seventh time. 
Part of you knew that he was talking on the phone while thrusting into you as a way to prove some sort of point, but the rest of your brain was buried in hormones and drugged with pleasure. 
“Alright, I’ll be there at seven. Bye.” He hit the ‘end’ button and tossed his phone to the side of the bed before getting back into his normal rhythm. 
“Seven is early.” Those were the most coherent words you had uttered for the last half hour, but you were proud of them either way. 
“Then I guess we better get a move on.” He teased, but you could hear in his voice that he was close to climaxing. 
“I’ve been on the move for the last twenty minutes.” Your voice was hoarse but you were happy that you haven't lost enough function to speak. 
“Where do you want me to cum?” Aaron chose to ignore your statement, instead focusing on his impending climax and needing to know sooner rather than later where to finish. 
“Anywhere, I’m on the pill.” The thought of having him finish inside you spurred on your seventh orgasm of the night, and so you fell into the climax one more time. Not that you had a choice, of course. 
He could feel your pussy clenching him as you climaxed and the sudden wetness that followed cued his own orgasm ten seconds later, and he made one final harsh thrust into you before holding himself there as he came. You continued to squeeze him as he pulsed inside you, and it drug out his orgasm just like he had been doing to you. 
“Careful, sweetheart.” he sighed, stomach clenching as he, too, became over-stimulated. 
“I'm always careful.” You replied softly, legs collapsing beneath you as you finally wore out and couldn't use your muscles anymore. 
“It’s not ten, but seven is still pretty big.” He was proud of himself, even though it wasn't ten orgasms like he was hoping for. 
He didn't want to crush you with his weight, so he moved himself to your right side as your legs gave out but he pulled you close to his chest a second later. You let him maneuver you wherever he wanted and cuddled close once he was situated. He tucked your head under his chin and was rubbing patterns into your shoulders as you both caught your breath and came down from the sexual high he created. 
“Give me a couple minutes to get my bearings and I’ll grab a towel to clean you up, okay?” Aaron promised, pressing a kiss to your forehead and settling into the pillows behind him. 
“Sounds good.” You nodded, already half asleep and content to just be laying in his arms. 
That's where you stayed for the rest of the night- curled up together in your bed for the best night of sleep either of you have ever had. He was true to his word and got up ten minutes later, finding a hand towel under your bathroom sink and wetting it with warm water so he could clean you up properly. He also went to find you some Tylenol and some water for you to drink because he was almost certain that you would have a headache and your body would be more sore than you were anticipating in the morning. After he cleaned himself up, he walked back into your bedroom and simply stood in the doorway for a couple minutes as he watched you sleep. 
Your hair was a bit messy as it laid behind you and there were definite bruises on your shoulders and chest, but there was still a smile on your face as you snored quietly. There were faint red marks on your back and ten finger-sized bruises on your hips from where he gripped you too hard but you didn't seem to mind. 
You were the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on and he was over the moon that you wanted to be with him, too. 
“Come to bed, Mr. Hotchner.” You mumbled, a pleased smile on your face as you patted the bed next to you and opened your arms for him. 
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altsvu · a month ago
for your protection
Tumblr media
pairing: aaron hotchner x gn!reader
requested by anonymous: For the prompts: angst #24 and #25 maybe with Aaron Hotchner?
wc: 567
tw: angst
a/n: all i can really say is that this was a bit emotional to write, sad hotch hurts 🥺
criminal minds masterlist!
Aaron was very protective of you, and it made him realize how much he actually loved you. Little did he know that you loved him just as much.
When you first started dating him, he wanted the best for you. He wanted to treat you like a princess, someone he wanted to spoil, but also someone you could go to, his shoulder there for you to cry on.
You had been going strong for almost a year, and everyone from the BAU team, to your family supported you along the way. Nothing came in the way of your budding relationship.
Until Aaron was being targeted.
You didn’t know much of it but you worried for him and his son Jack. After Foyet years ago, you’d think he would’ve had a break from everything, just for a bit. But that’s what being an FBI agent consisted of.
You were a bit upset that Aaron didn’t tell you anything about it, but it all eased when he finally sat you down in the living room of his house and talked to you about what was going on.
“I’ve been targeted by a criminal in the past that I put away.”
“Is it bad?”
Aaron nodded disapprovingly. “It’s really bad.”
You sighed in response, already knowing what it would mean. Protective detail at every perimeter of Aaron’s house, as well as yours. Not being able to stay out as late to avoid being caught in the crossfire.
“I know, Y/N, and I’m sorry. I really am.”
He then took your hands and held them, rubbing his thumbs against your knuckles. “There’s something I need to tell you. And you’re not gonna like it, you’re probably gonna try to protest it, but there’s not much I can do.”
“What is it?” you asked.
“I don’t want to put you through so much trouble. I don’t want you to be caught up in the middle of everything. But you deserve better.”
“Aaron, what are you saying?”
“We can’t be together if I’m being targeted like this.” He said finally.
You weren’t sure if you heard that correctly.
Was Aaron... breaking up with you?
“What?” you whispered, already feeling hot tears forming.
“Y/N, it’s not safe for you to be with me while all of this is going on. Lord knows what can happen. God forbid you get hurt because of my job.”
The tears were falling down. Heavy at that. You didn’t want to leave him. You kept each other safe, and things like this didn’t change anything. Aaron was crying too, he loved you so much and he hated that he had to do this.
“Aaron, what if you get hurt?” you sniffled. “I... I wouldn’t know and it would pain me forever.”
“Come here,” he gestured. You crawled into his arms, inhaling the lingering scent of clean soap from his skin. “I work with the most amazing team in the FBI. They will do everything in their power to make sure I don’t get hurt.”
Aaron wiped off some of the tears from your face and you did the same to him.
“Hey,” he whispered, lifting your chin. “Y/N, I love you so much. Don’t ever forget that. No matter what, we will get through all of this. I promise.”
“I love you too, Aaron. I’m gonna miss you so much.”
Aaron kissed your lips. “Me too.”
taglist: @averyhotchner @storiesofsvu @ssaic-jareau @blackbeautifulqueen @dr-omalley @mstrinnyb
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ssa-hotchners-wife · a month ago
I know it's taking me a hot minute to finish Part 4 of Miss Teacher, so here's a little blurb to tide you over :)
"Are you going to stay over there the whole time or are you going to get me naked?" You quipped, arms sliding out of your jacket and brushing your hair off of your shoulders so he could see your ink once more. 
   "I'm taking a moment to memorize how absolutely stunning you look before I see how many times I can make you cum." He retorted, full-well knowing what his words did to you. 
   "I'm betting three." You were breathless when you said it, low-balling him to see what happens. 
   "I'm betting ten." He replied effortlessly, sliding off his own jacket and setting it on the counter of your bar and kicking off his own shoes. 
Tumblr media
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dottiejohnson · a month ago
So I’ve had a couple of Spencer fic ideas, would anyone be interested??
Tumblr media
☝︎︎☝︎︎𝚖𝚎 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚗𝚘 𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚜𝚎𝚎𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜
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