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imaginesandinserts · a day ago
Irreverent Masterlist
A/N: I think I’m quickly approaching a point at which Irreverent will be ending soon. There’s a rich universe I’ve created, with help from someone who has lived and breathed this story with me for the past several months now. Some of that universe might get explored later on down the road. For those of you not caught up, now might be a good time to do that. 
Tumblr media
Summary: People fall in love differently. Some fall - quickly, deeply, permanently. Others stumble into it. What matters is that they end up at the same place. (In Progress)
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Reader
AO3 Link
Part 1 - Flashback
Part 2 - SSA Hotchner
Part 3 - Round Table
Part 4 - Interview
Part 5 - Day One
Part 6 - Laughter
Part 7 - Daddy
Part 8 - Little Jack
Part 9 - Mon Cheri
Part 10 - Father Dearest
Part 11 - Lost
Part 12 - Dawson
Part 13 - Better Man
Part 14 - Superheroes
Part 15 - Foyet
Part 16 - Comfort
Part 17 - Big Brother
Part 18 - Olympus
Part 19 - Interrogation
Part 20 - Valhalla
Part 21 - Dearly Departed
Part 22 - Julian
Part 23 - Aftermath
Part 24 - Fallout
Part 25 - Judgement
Part 26 - Forgiveness
Part 27 - Loyalty
Part 28 - Defy
Part 29 - Perception
Part 30 - Natural
Part 31 - Sundress
Part 32 - The Ball
Part 33 - Trust
Part 34 - Perfect
Part 35 - The Fifth
Part 36 - Home
Part 37 - Seven Months
Part 38 - Miss Me
Part 39 - Dinner Party
Part 40 - New York
Part 41 - Promises
Part 42 - Strangers
Part 43 - Meant To Be
Part 44 - Wasteland
Part 45 - Je t’aime
Part 46 - Salve
Part 47 - Seven Devils
Part 48 - Strings that Bind
Part 49 - Fate
Part 50 - House of Cards
Part 51 - Eye of a Hurricane
Part 52 - We All Fall Down
Part 53 - In the Shadows
Part 54 - Anchor
Part 55 - Utter Fixation
Part 56 - Calm of Night
Part 57 - Begin Again
AO3 Link
Jump House. (Only read after at least part 19 of Irreverent)
A Very Derek Christmas (Only read after at least part 39 of Irreverent)
Undercover (Only read after at least part 41 of Irreverent)
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ssa-daddyhotchner · 2 days ago
The Struggle of Loving You - Chapter 18
Chapter Selection
"Did you study for the test?", I looked up at him in surprise. He turned to me scanning my face, "So that's a no." 
"It completely slipped my mind, if you haven't noticed I've been a bit busy", I gesture between the both of us. Knowing that we've been taking up each other's time constantly. He chuckled and put on his button up his shirt, "I'll give you a pass this time. Y/n you better not forget next time or there'll be consequences." 
My mind wandered along those words, trying to figure out what he meant. I knew there was a darker side to him, it was obvious. I wanted to find out how to bring it out of him. "Like what?", the smallest smirk formed on his face. 
He didn't answer, going into the bathroom to brush his teeth. I followed soon after, ready to leave. 
The past few days, I had stayed over at Aaron. Some nights he would stay over my apartment but it was easier to just be at his place. Chloe was always at home after she had woken up at the hospital. And for good reason, I'd be scared to go out too. 
I had spent some time with Jack but for the majority of the time he was with Hayley. She had run into Aaron and I while we were out at a restaurant. Why went out of our way to go 45 minutes out of town in case we ran into someone and of course it was her. 
She just stared at us, never asking us anything. 
"I wanna take you out", I held out my hand and he took it. We walked out of his house and he locked the door behind us. Going to the car we both got in, I didn't have my car because Chloe needed to borrow. "How can I say no", smiling at him as he drove out of the neighborhood. 
"Tonight", I said and a silence took over the car. Both of us just sitting, the quiet humming of the car as it went down the road was something that took my focus. 
I looked at the window and stared at the passing buildings. "How'd you do in the academy?", Aaron turned his focus to him, taking his eyes off the road. "What was that?" 
"The academy... how'd you do?", he looked back at the road and I glanced at him. "Well." 
"Well? Like how", Aaron turned into a coffee shop. "As well as you'd aspect." I rolled my eyes and he parked the car in the parking lot. "Well that doesn't help. How was it?" Aaron got out of the car and opened the passenger side door. I got out using Aaron's hand to help get out, "Why are you asking?" 
We walked into the shop and got in line for the register. "I don't know... I just want to know what to expect is all." 
"Y/n you'll be fine, it is challenging but nothing you can't handle." I was getting worried about it. Something that was always at the back of my mind. I knew there were women in the FBI obviously but I was preparing for them to reject me. 
Because I was a woman they wouldn't want me. The fact that Aaron had faith in me made it slightly easier. I nodded to his words and we stepped forwards and ordered. 
Getting our drinks we walked out and got back into the car. Heading for the campus, I still needed him to help me study. We had started a new unit and I was harder than I thought it would be, my grade going from and A to a high B. 
Most people would still be glad and hell yeah I was but I just needed the extra support. The drive to campus was filled with casual conversation, some about Jack and how he was doing. 
We stopped out of the car when he parked, going into the lecture hall. We were early giving it was about a half hour before class had even started. Going down the stairs, setting my thing at my desk and Aaron went to his desk. 
I pulled up a chair and sat next to him, "Get your things out, refresh yourself, after I'm done grading these then we can worry about you." I nodded and opened my book, going over definitions. Looking at statistics, "Okay this isn't helping." 
"If you want me to hurry up... here-", he handed me half the stack of paper that was on his desk. "There, help me grade those and I'll help you, seeing how impatient you are, better to have you do some work." Aaron wasn't completely wrong, I was impatient. "Here's the answer sheet", he placed the Answer paper in front of me and I went through all the answers. 
Most of the students were getting B's and C's. Only some of them A's, "This is kind of fun." He glanced over to me, "Maybe you can help more often." 
I wasn't going to say no to spending more time with him. I flipped to the last page and I finished my pile after Aaron. He collected the papers and pushed them to the side. He pushed my chair in front of him and pulled me closer, our knees were up against each other. 
I stared at him, waiting to test me. " What are the social forces that make up, according to Robinson?" I racked my brain thinking of the answer that was on the tip of my tongue. "Biography, organization interpersonal relationships socia structure, culture, global environment." 
He looked back at me, "Good... What is Transnational and Comparative criminology?" 
"Transitional criminology focuses principally on transitional or cross border forms of crime and endeavors on various levels to control and respond effectively to such crime—" I took a breath and I could tell by Hotch's face that he wanted me to keep going. 
"Comparative criminology addresses the nature of the crime problem and the form and character or criminal justice systems in predominantly Western countries." My heart raced from the slight pressure. He set a reassuring hand on my knee, rubbing small circles. 
"You're doing great", I could hear that he was genuine. "What is policing?" 
"The prevention, control and prosecution of crime and the maintenance of public order by professionals employed by the state in an entity known as "the police, militia—." The very last word I needed to answer the question didn't come to mind. Hotch removed his hand from my knee and crossed his arms, raising his eyebrows. 
"5...4...", he started counting, making my mind rush. "I can get it." 
"3...2...", he paused, giving me a last chance. "Gendarmerie?", it sounded like a question, I wasn't sure myself. I waited for Hotch to tell me I was wrong. "Correct." 
I let out a sigh of relief. He leaned forwards and grabbed my hand, pulling me on his lap. "You did fine, but obviously the questions on the test are going to be more detailed than that. I put my arms on his shoulders, "Sweetheart you and that beautiful mind are going to do great." 
"I hope", he kissed my temple and I stood up. Class started in five minutes and I took that time to try and calm my heart rate. I felt it beating in my ears, every once and a while Aaron would look up at me, he saw that I was stressing over it. 
The first student walked through the doors taking their seat. Soon after they started flooding inside. Letting them settle Hotch spoke, "As you know today is the test, put your things away and we'll start." 
Once everything was gone, he passed the packets out, "You have till the end of class, if you finish early you can leave." He sat down, looking in my direction. Giving me a nod, I flipped the first page and read the first question. 
Answering the last question, I went over my answers maybe three times before standing up and walking over to his desk. Handing him the papers, "You can leave." I turned around and walked through the doors. 
Chloe walked out after me, "Where were you last night." I gave her a dumb look, she raised her eyebrows, "Right. How's that going by the way." 
We made our way across the campus in the direction of our other classes, "Good." 
"No details?", I shook my head. 
"That's just for us." Chloe groaned. "You're so boring", my phone vibrated and I took it out.
Aaron - After you're done. You might want to get ready for our date. 
Y/n - Where are we going
Aaron - That's a surprise... but where a dress
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ssa-daddyhotchner · 4 days ago
The Struggle of Loving You - Chapter 17
Chapter Selection
Shifting in my sleep I could sense someone behind me. Feeling their hands around me, their body pressed with mine. My mind went to yesterday; remembering the day and seeing Aaron. The thought brought a smile to my face. I turned to my side and saw his face. 
Looking content, his face was relaxed from his stern face. I nestled into his embrace more, scooting closer. I rested my hand on his chest and placed a kiss. I went back to sleep and wanted to stay like that forever. 
Aaron woke up, it was 6:30am. He noticed me laying on him and he grinned kissing the top of my head. His internal clock woke him up so he wasn't able to fall back to sleep, me on the other hand could've stayed there for hours. 
He knew it was time to get up; slowly taking my arms away from his body he scooted out of the bed. 
He quietly got dressed, and got his keys leaving the apartment. Aaron drove over to his place and grabbed a few pairs of clothes knowing that I'd ask him to stay for the day. He grabbed a second pair of pants and a shirt. 
He changed into some sweat pants and a white t-shirt. He threw his clothes into the hamper and left going back to my apartment. 
When he left didn't lock the door and he walked back inside and locked it behind him. Taking quiet steps he came back into the bedroom and he saw I was still sleeping. Knowing I'd wake up in a bit he went back out to the kitchen and started the coffee. 
Aaron waited going into the living room and turning down the tv. He scrolled through the movies on Netflix and settled on a documentary. 
I woke up feeling the cold spot next to me. The sun was still rising, I looked around for Aaron not seeing him. I rubbed my eyes and sat up against the headboard. He wouldn't leave without saying anything. 
Getting up I walked to the bathroom brushing my teeth. Going out to the living room there he was. Laying down on the couch with a cup of coffee. Internally smiling I went over to him, he noticed me. 
"Morning", he said scooting over so I had room next to him. Not taking the spot I decided to lay on him sitting between his legs while being on his chest. He chuckled and hugged me closer to him. 
"Hey", I mumbled into his chest. 
"If you look over to your right you will see a mug... it's yours", I looked over and saw it on the table. Moving over and picking up, taking a sip and laying back down. "How you feeling", I rested my chin on his chest looking up at him. 
"Pretty damn good", a grin spread across my face. He bought his hand and cupped the side of my face, pulling my bottom lip with his thumb. "Good, also I just wanna point out that you look great from this angle." 
"Oh you like this do you." 
He hummed in response dipping his head down and capturing my lips in his. He pulled away and rested his head back on the cushion. "What're we watching?", I turned my gaze to the side looking at the tv. "A documentary really."
"There's nothing wrong with learning something new", I scoffed and laughed. "Of course you'd say that... old man." I teased. Aaron nudged my side and he pulled my in more. I yawned out and completely relaxed, 'resting my eyes'. 
I went back to sleep clinging onto Aaron. He heard the soft snores coming from me and he looked down. In my sleep I brought my legs up and moved upwards. My lower half was completely on his lap. He cursed to himself and focused on what he was watching. 
Not remembering the fact that I was pressed against him. 
I fluttered my eyes open from my nap and I was in the same position. I felt something underneath me and I knew. It was Aaron's growing bulge positioned directly under my pussy. I shifted a bit and he looked down at me. 
I glanced upwards and softly grinded on him. A groan fell from his lips, I could feel the wetness dripping on my underwear. I got into a better position, almost sitting upright. I rested my hands on his chest and sat up more. 
His hands flew to my hips, pressing me downwards onto him. I pulled down my underwear leaving me in an oversized hoodie. Moving his sweatpants down, I pulled out his hard length. Lining up and I sank down, a deep groan came from him. I moaned out feeling full.  
I went to move and he didn't let me move, scrunching up my eyebrows I looked at him, "You have now Idea how bad I wanted you, but you made me wait. So now you're going to have to wait sweetheart." I didn't know what he was talking about. 
Then I remembered the way I woke up, Smartass. I stayed there, his cock buried inside me and I wasn't allowed to move... get any relief. Aaron found some pleasure in making me wait but I just wanted to feel him. 
His hands stayed on my hip, not allowing any movement. He watched the tv and after a while he let go of my hips, trusting me. I clenched around him and his eyes snapped to mine, "Stop that." A smirk grew and I did it again. 
"Y/n'', his voice got deep and I saw his pupils expand. And again, It was the only thing I could really do. "Stop being a brat and listen to me." Those words shot right down to my core, I wanted to push some buttons... get him riled up a bit. 
It wasn't the smartest idea but I was already in a bad situation. I moved to the side getting up slightly and drinking my coffee before slamming back down onto him. A breathless gasp left my lips while I heard a stained moan come from him. "Little girl." 
We knew what was about to happen. As much as he wanted me to wait, Aaron just wanted to cum inside me. That is what we did, muttering to himself. "Fuck it", he was gonna punish me later but right now he wanted to just fuck me. 
He gripped my hips picking me up and thrusting into me, catching me off guard. My hands settled on his shoulder, getting stable. Lifting me back up, I pushed down matching his thrust. He kept his eyes on me, head resting back. Both of us, just enjoying the feeling. 
His cock stretched me out, and I loved that feeling of him inside me. My walls hugged around him and he brushed past my g spot. "God Aaron." 
"I didn't say you could speak", my stomach started doing back flips. His words were just egging me on to do more, make him angry. There was a small voice in my head that told me not to and I listened. I figured that his dominant side would come out more later and I was too busy to worry about it.
Moving one hand from my hip he wrapped his hand in my hair pulling my head back. My body arched into his pressing me to his chest. His other hand tugged off my sweatshirt, he leaned forwards and littered my neck with kisses. 
Subtly sucking on my skin and softly biting soothing it with kisses. My mouth opened and my moans filled the room. He took one of my breasts in his hand and pulled on my nipple making a wince leave my body. I felt Aaron smile into my continuing his assault on my neck. 
My body tensed up and he knew moving back to helping me up. He never let up, pounding into me while my high reached its peak and started to settle in me. Holding on knowing he wasn't going to stop until he finished. 
I captured his lips in mine, biting his lip; letting his tongue explore my mouth. Pulling away, his head was buried in my neck. I knew he was close. Craning my head down and nibbling on his earlobe. The overstimulation was becoming too much for me to handle.
I didn't want to reach it, I tightened around him and he finally released inside of me. A groan escaping from him. We stayed there for a while, settling down. I picked myself up and sat next to him, "Fuck." A laugh left my body and I kissed his cheek. 
He grabbed onto my hand and interlaced our fingers, "Come on." We got up and he walked us into my room, heading straight for the bathroom. He turned on the shower, while we waited for the water to head I used the bathroom. 
I didn't need to worry about getting a UTI. Pulling me up we stepped into the shower, cleaning off the sweat that just built up after. Massaging the shampoo into my hair and me to him. 
We finished and we changed into some clean sweatpants. Looking somewhat ready to go out, he held out his hand. "Ready", I nodded. 
We left to go get some breakfast, it was only 9:30am.
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racingairplanes · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ criminal minds icon edits -> kate callahan, ashley seaver and aaron hotchner + pride flags ✿ - ☽ credit/tag me if you use or save ☾ ☽ click for better quality ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @notsosmexy @jemilyology @luke-alvez @scandinavian-punk @suburban--gothic @moreidism @greenaway-lewis @reesey-willow-luvs-you @temily @agentshortstacc @yourfinalbow @moreidsdaughter @thejeidhater @jelle-jareau @alexandrablake @pretty-b0yy @spencers-renaissance
✿ [transcript: kate callahan + she/they bisexual flag // ashley seaver + panromantic asexual flag // aaron hotchner + trans bisexual men flag] ✿
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spencie-adams · 5 days ago
Hey y’all on apple products there’s a way you can add captions to photos on your camera roll. This is for artists who take reference photos. I recently saved a gif of @homoose and put it in the caption for a reference. Moose put in the time to edit this photo and I need to credit them when I’m done.
Tumblr media
So like do that because you need to credit gif creators because it’s so important
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ssamorganhotchner · 5 days ago
TW- assault
Can someone write a fic where y/n is assaulted on her way to the BAU and she comes in (still on time because she left early) acting differently. Morgan and Reid notice and try to comfort her and she freaks out because they’re men and she doesn’t want to be around them even tho they’re friends. Then Hotch notices and slowly comforts her? Like he’s the only man she trusts? And then she falls in love with him? Like make it angsty and then really fluffy?
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ssa-daddyhotchner · 6 days ago
The Struggle of Loving You - Chapter 16
Chapter Selection
Anthony and Andrew were over my apartment, hanging out. Chloe was with them out in the hallway while I was in my room. It had been almost a week since I had seen Aaron and I was just missing him.
"Y/n! Come here", I heard Anthony call from down the hallway.
I groaned rolling out of bed standing up. I was in shorts and a tank top, I opened the door and dragged myself down the hallway. They were all gathered on the couch with a drink in their hand. All of them holding in a laugh, "You okay?"
I sighed before sitting down with them, "Sure." Chloe Anthony leaned over and handed me a glass of wine, I grinned. "Alright tell us what's wrong." I didn't answer.
Andrew thought it was funny to poke at my leg to make me talk, "Just tell us."
"Fine", I said, swatting his hand away, a grin spread across his face. "You miss him don't you", Chloe had a smug look.
"Wai- wait... you have a 'him'-- who." Andrew said, neither him or Anthony knew that I was spending time with Aaron.
"Her boyfriend... Hotchner", Chloe teased. I took a sip of my drink and leaned on my arm. "He's not my boyfriend, we're just friends." I lied through my teeth. Anthony went on about me having sex finally. I have never told him that I was a virgin before but he knew me too well that he just knew.
"Fuck you, leave me be", they all took a drink. I swung my legs onto the couch. "Now, why would we do that. We love you too much to leave you alone." I hummed in response.
All in unison they teased, "We love you." I stayed silent, never saying that to anyone and really meaning it. It's not that I didn't but I'd never admit it to them... or really anyone.
There was a knock at the door, "Mind getting that." Chloe said, gesturing to the door. "Of course, Miss."
I got up and walked over to the door, looking through the peephole. Opening the door, I walked out and shut it behind me.
His arms were wide open and a smile spread across his face, stepping towards him and hopping into his arms. His arms went around me, supporting me while my legs hugged his torso.
My hands cupped his face and I crashed my lips to his. He warmed mine, and we moved against each other like not a day has passed. I pulled back and looked at him running my thumb across his bottom lip, "I missed you."
"I know", he leaned in and kissed me again, softly biting my bottom lip. Not being eager, just the both of us taking our time being together. What I didn't know was that all of them were crowded around the peep hole, looking at the whole interaction.  
Not weirded out, but happy for the both of us. They knew what he'd been through and knew that I wouldn't fuck with him; that we were good for each other. Anthony and Andrew continued watching us and Chloe had to drag them away from the door.
"Fucking weirdos", she said laughing. They went and sat back on the couch preparing for what they were going to say if Aaron and I walked inside.
"When did you get back?", he gently pressed me against the wall of the hallway.
"Early this morning."
"Why didn't you tell me", I brought my hand up and ran it through his hair while cupping his face. "I wanted to surprise you", there was a grin on his face. I wanted to spend time with him, to just be for a while.
"Good thing it's a Saturday, we have a few days before class", he stepped back and set me down. My feet coming in contact with the cold floor. I grabbed onto his hand, bringing him into the apartment; not caring anymore.
"Oh yeah, what did you have planned?", we walked through the door. "You'll see", I gave him a smug smile and we sat on the couch. I didn't want them to be in the apartment when we fuck. We had to wait for them to leave.
They stared at us, waiting for something. They didn't know how to act, the things they tried to prepare for weren't as easy as they thought. Never thinking they were going to hang out with a college professor, specifically mine.
Taking the hint Anthony tapped Andrew's shoulder, "Alright uh-- I think it's time for us to go." Chloe followed behind them, awkwardly walking through the door. Leaving Aaron and I alone, "If you're wondering, they're not going to say anything."
He let out a sigh of relief, "Good to know."
"But do you really talk about that", I shook my head and he grabbed my hips, positioning me on his lap. Our lips connected like magnets, we took our time. My hands going under his shirt, feeling his toned muscles along his body.
He shuttered and smiled into the kiss, taking in my quiet moans. I could feel him hardening underneath me, slowly grinding on him. I heard him groan into the kiss. Sinking to my knees in front of him, I unbuckled his belt.
He lifted his hips and I pulled off his pants. Revealing his bugle pressed against the fabric. I pulled his boxers down enough to take him out. I never really saw it before and from a different angle, I was feeling slightly intimidated because I had never done this before.
I looked up at him and he gazed down at me. He gently grabbed my hand and guided me to his cock, I pumped him and subtle moans fell from his mouth. I went closer and I swiped along his tip, he bucked his hips forwards.
I wrapped my mouth around him, tracing patterns with my tongue on his cock. His hand made its way into my hair tightening his grip. He didn't force me down but guided me. Letting me go at my own pace, I glanced up at him, his head rested against the couch but his eyes were open and he was watching me.
"You're doing so well for me", I moaned shifting and squeezing my thighs together trying to get some friction. Some satisfaction for the arousal pooling in between my legs. Bobbing my head back down I came back up and licked a stripe underneath his shaft.
I went back down flattening my tongue, I stroked what I couldn't fit. He thrusted upwards into my mouth hitting the back of my throat, I moaned around him. The vibration bringing him closer to his orgasm, I felt him tense up, "Fuck--."
I knew what was coming and I was preparing for it, bucking his hip for a last time I felt as his cum slid into my mouth and down my throat. I kept bobbing my head until he pulled me up back into his lap. Tugging my head backwards he made me look at him, "Such a good girl for me."
I waited for him to make another move, he looked like he was deciding what to do with me.
Moving my head to the side he lined kisses on my jaw and neck, slowly making his way down my body to my chest.
I moved my hands and pulled at the hem of my shirt pulling it over my head.
I was left in my bra and shorts, he undid my bra and took it off, tossing it on the couch. Going back to cupping my breast, putting one nipple into his mouth. Sucking gently and softly biting, I tossed my head back, "Fuck."
Continuing down he shifted and laid me down on my back, kissing down my stomach. My breathing hitched when he reached the waistband of my underwear. He looked up at me, "Tell me what you want."
"Please don't make me say it, you know what I want."
"I need you to tell me or I stay down here teasing you for hours'', his voice got darker. He wanted my permission, which is something I greatly appreciated. "Touch me, fuck me, I don't care at this point-- just do anything please."
He took his time taking off my underwear and sliding down my legs. He came back up and placed kisses on my inner thigh, Taking his thumb and dragging it along my stomach. He brought it to my clit. I grinded against his fingers , being eager for more.
He dipped his head down and I took in a deep breath. Aaron grabs my hips, gently kissing my clit I let out a gasp. I could feel the breath from his chuckle on my pussy. He finally connected with me, his tongue  massaging me.
I took my hand and moved it into his hair, twisting and pulling at it while he ate me out. I felt the tips of his fingers tease and entrance and I shifted my hips down trying to get him to take the hint. I knew he wanted me to wait, plunging his middle finger into me, he rubbed along my walls.
I clenched around him, arching my back I moved his hand and pressed my stomach down. I felt my high coming, my chest got tight and my breath faulted.
He pulled away and stood on his knees, I earned forwards and took off his shirt. "You've been good for me. I'm not going to fuck you here." He tugged at my hips bringing me to him and he picked me up. Carrying me to my room and tossing me onto the bed.
Pulling my feet, getting me closer to him. Aaron got on the bed and lined himself up. Wasting no time he thrusted forwards. Catching me off guard, I clung to his body. Holding his shoulder as he fucked me up the bed.
Steading himself, putting one hand behind my head and the other on my hip. I matched his thrusts, pushing my body downwards to meet him halfway. I was already close before and now it was building quickly again.
My walls pulsed around him, giving Aaron a sense of euphoria. Bending down and leaving kisses behind my ear, releasing a low groan.
"I missed the feeling of you around me so much." My hand going behind his neck, I gripped the hair and moved his head to the side.
He hissed through his teeth and let out a gasp. I littered kisses to his neck, "Fuck y/n." From just penetration alone I was already reaching my orgasm. Tightening around him, I let out a moan and whimper.
He never let up with his pace and kept going. "You can do another one for me", immediately after another one started to build. I wrapped my legs around him, he went in deeper than before. "Aaron please."
His hand traveled down my stomach and to my clit matching his pace. My edge washed over me, my entire body felt like pins and needles. "Y/n", Aaron groaned out.
I cupped his face and kissed his and I felt his body tense up, he pounded into me until he couldn't anymore. His cum spilling into me, he relaxed and laid down next to me. Both of us taking the time to calm down.
I got up and went to the bathroom. I was finished, I went back into the room and laid down. Not caring about the mess we made.
Fatigue struck me and I quietly drifted off. Aaron was still awake and when he noticed I was sleeping he smiled and stood up.
Going to the bathroom and getting a washcloth to clean between my legs. He pressed a kiss to my forehead and laid down behind me, holding me until he fell asleep too.
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spencie-adams · 8 days ago
Season two episode 10
I really love Emily in her first episode like she fits so nicely and she just immediately blends with Reid so well. I love her so much.
Also reid is very pretty during this episode.
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writingpage · 9 days ago
I think Hotch might have been abused growing up. I watching season 10 episode 5 and he talks about a “god-fearing alcoholic” and he uses the same time of voice as when he recites Bible verses. Was his father a god-fearing abusive alcoholic??
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spencie-adams · 10 days ago
Hi I love moreid as bros absolutely no hate to ones who love them as more they just bros in my mind. Moreid in any font gives me joy
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spencie-adams · 11 days ago
An Ode to Golden Ratio PJs - Spencer Reid x AFAB!Reader
Tumblr media
Gif credit @babymetaldoll
Summary: Reader makes Spencer feel better after Gorgia in more ways than one. (this fic is 18+ minors DNI)
A/N: This fic is part 2 of my Spencer Reid PJ stories and was  inspired by this post and my own life experience.(tw for self harm) When I was self harming, my friend one night helped me clean up and then bandaged my arm and doodled on the bandages. Three days later I got “it hurts because it mattered” tattooed on my arm, which is from Looking for Alaska by John Green, and have been clean since.
Also I am very aware that the AVPM and it’s sequels were not out in 2006, around the time of season 2, but I think Spencer would really like them. And fuck joann, she is not supported on this blog but the Harry Potter universe is. That simple.
Also the reader is non binary with female anatomy just because that's what I am, for those who don’t know AFAB stands for assigned female at birth.
WC: 3.9k
TW: Talk about hogwarts idk i know its a delicate topic now, no joann mentioned, mention of past self harm, talk of panic attack and ptsd from kidnapping, talk about toxic masculinity (idk if it a trigger but I want to mention it)
“Hey (y/n), can you please come in here?”
“Yeah, what’s up Charming boy?”
It had only been three days since Spencer had gotten back from Georgia. He wasn’t going back to work staying with you. You walk into the bedroom and your boyfriend is sitting on your bed with a stack of books in a different pajama set rolled up to before his elbows. The bandage on his arm was glaringly obvious.
“Can you draw on my arm?”
“What?” you knew what he was asking. You had done it for him years ago. But he never asked you, you just started doing it one night.
“Can you draw on my arm? I’m going in for my psych eval tomorrow and I don’t want boring bandages. Also, I want to snuggle.”
You're dating a puppy, with the big eyes and how he had spent the majority of the last few days encircled in your arms or a blanket. You knew this before, but after harder cases when he asked to stay at your house it was even more apparent. You go to your desk and grab some pens, markers, and a pillow, then join him in the bed where he is compacted upon himself. Crossing his ankles and tipping the book on his knees while he leaned over the text. You think back to the thousands of times he complains of his back hurting, ‘well maybe if you didn’t fold your back like a water slide it wouldn’t hurt as much baby’ he just looked at you like you had offered rocket science as the explanation.
You see that he is reading Harry Potter, the entire series. When you learned about his reading you didn’t believe it until you saw it. It still kind of fazed you when you look at the stack of the books next to him and as he flipped through the fifth book.
“Can you prop the book up so I can have your arm silly?”
“Oh, yeah sorry.” he takes the throw pillow you offer and extends his arm like a nurse would ask when drawing blood.
“How is Hogwarts?”
“I think Starkid were geniuses when they came up with this, also working as a team, there are still some inaccuracies but it is very cohesive”
“So you like the youtube videos I sent you guess.”
“Oh yeah, JJ and Derek watched it with me on the flight, you said there are two sequels?”
“Yeah, you want me to send the links to you?”
As he went back to reading, flipping through the pages you took his arm and maneuvered yourself to be sitting hip to hip on the bed with his arm parallel on his leg. You had changed it just a few hours prior after Spencer showered because he started to get intrusive thoughts of the different types of germs that were entering his body. You had assured him bad germs couldn’t enter since the seal on the bandage was still okay but he started to have a panic attack, and a shower was the best option. He explained after his shower that he had a dream about being kidnapped again, for the third day in a row, and that he could feel the barn. The chair on his back, the belt around his arm, his own handcuffs holding his hands apart and most of all, the dull hunting knife that had cut his skin.
You are so strong Spencer, you thought to yourself as you pick up a blue pen and start sketching out on the large bandage. Doodling little flowers near the top of the bandage and you feel Spencer fold into your side and drapes his leg over yours. This position made you focus on the set of pajamas, you noticed the cream colored pants were covered in little rainbow golden ratios. They were most definitely from the same company because they were just as soft and Spencer had explained on your first Christmas together not to get him clothes. You had only been together for about three months when he explained that clothes were hard for him and that he usually needed to know the company first and how the fabric felt. “It’s why I wear my mom’s old sweaters, they’re soft from years of being worn.” And you understood, so you had gotten him your favorite novel and wrapped up some of your old art textbooks, he enjoyed them very much finishing them by the next day.
“Are you going to start the next one?” You ask. He had just folded to your body and completely abandoned the last two books in the series.
“No, I want to snuggle.”
“Can I just call you puppy?”
“Why baby?” he wrinkled his nose that reminded you more of a bunny than a puppy.
“You said you wanted to ‘snuggle’ twice in ten minutes. All you want is snuggles.”
“But you are the best snuggler, also you're kinda better than books, but I never said that,” he punctuates his statement by burying his nose in your hair and starting to kiss your neck. “Is this okay?”
And oh yes it was okay. “Yes,” you whispered.  But you needed to focus or else he’d go to work with disaster on his arm. “Hey Charming boy, I would love to continue this because I love this feeling and you,” he threads his hand through your hair by your ear and leaves open-mouthed kisses as you stop speaking.
“Hmmm, you want to finish your project?”
“Yes, but when I do you can continue your project.”
“Did you really just call me giving you a hickey a project?”
“Okay, fine.”
Spencer then unfolds himself from your body and picks up Half-Blood Prince. You challenge yourself that you only have until he finishes his book for you to draw. You take his arm and place it on his leg and pick up the pen again. After a while, you watch as Spencer glances down at your work when you change to a green marker and outlining the blue pen.
“Hey, no peeking!”
“Oh come on it's on my arm,”
“Yes but no peeking please.”
“(y/n) I’ve noticed that you hide your art until you think it is perfect. You don’t have to, you are so talented. I love watching your process, um I, I love that… that you put your art on me. You don’t have to be afraid your work is breathtaking. At least it takes mine. Much like everything else you do.”
“Oh,” you look at Spencer, he’s blushing and gauging on how you want to bury underneath your blankets you assume you are as well. “Well, you are a nice canvas. Not to mention you are very forgiving.”
“Forgiving? I get to show your art to my friends and I get to have you with me.”
“Okay well you don’t get to show your friends if I don’t finish it, read your book.” you nudge Spencer’s neck with your nose, he turns his face back to his book. It takes a lot of willpower to remove your mouth from him; you kinda like the sound of his ‘project’ at the moment.
After about five minutes you lower your second marker, blue, and watch as he flips the book closed.
“Can we make out now?” he asks and takes his glasses off, which you were very used to, he usually wore them around you. The two of you discovered the first time kissing that it was hard when Spencer wore them. They didn’t fit his nose perfectly; they would slide down onto your face, so he just ended up taking them off before the kissing commenced.
“I thought you’d never ask.” You smile shifting to face him and join your mouths.
He is all warm, comfortable curly hair and soft pajamas, if you had the chance you’d spend the rest of your days wrapped up in your boyfriend’s warmth and comfort. Your heart swelled at the thought of him feeling comfortable to be with you in all his curly-haired glory. Remembering one night you decided to bring dinner over to his house unannounced. When he opened the door it was clear he wasn’t expecting to see anyone the rest of the day, you had never seen his hair without product or straightened. It didn’t matter what he wore whether it was his PJs or his cashmere sweaters he was always the softest thing you could get your hands on.
And Spencer enjoyed the constant attention. When you met he was so touch starved that he got half a drink into his system that night and was already hanging on you. And now, with him next to you it wasn’t enough. You needed him, all of his amazing body in your arms. When you straddle him he squeaks.
“ Is this okay?” He nods enthusiastically. And when you sit down on his thighs you understand his reaction. He’s starting to get hard. You hadn’t been kissing for no more than a minute and his pants were already tenting. You move your hands from his cheeks to his ribs, you make note that you’d feed him well when he officially moves in, but for now, you’re gentle as his bruises were still bright this morning.
Spencer is now brushing his tongue on your lower lip and you open your mouth to him, your mouths slide together and he threads one hand through your hair and the other goes around the small of your back. You feel this buzzing in the pit of your stomach as Spencer moves his mouth from yours to the edge of your mouth and your cheek then down your jaw. Your hand goes to his soft hair to push it out of his face. Holy shit, you think because let us be honest, you thought you were going to lose this boy when Penelope showed up at your door a week ago. But here he is underneath you and oh so warm.
“Hey(y/n) you are so hot. I, your, you are hot.”
Your giggle at how flustered sounds mumbling into your skin. The vibrations add to the buzz in your belly.
“Could I take your shirt off Spence? I mean if you’re hot.”
“Uh, yes, yes you can take my shirt off.” you immediately take one hand and nudge the buttons undone on his flannel top, it falls completely open and he detached his mouth from your neck. His big brown eyes somehow look even bigger the way he’s leaning back and open to you.
“Can I take your shirt off?”
“Yes, because I am hot,” smirking at him you reach for the hem of your shirt and lift it above your head. You had closed your eyes when you had pulled the fabric in front of your face so it takes you a minute before to take a deep breath and look back at your boyfriend.
He looks shell-shocked, to say the least. Jaw to the floor and you realized that oh yeah I don’t wear fucking bras. He is staring at your tits, at your naked upper body, which he has never seen before. You think he might’ve expected a bra. You think he may have expected a binder you had come out to him a year ago. You think why would I put a fucking binder on for a lazy day at home with the hottest man at the FBI with all your thinking you are surprised when he quickly sits straight up and shoves his shirt sleeves off, then once free, he grabs your sides and opens his mouth continuing to kiss your neck.
“Um, Spencer,” your brains all fuzzy, and you like the feeling you are currently feeling but you didn’t want Spencer to make a big decision like sex in a quick rush of hormones or the thrill being kidnapped may give a man. “Hey honey, can we stop for a second?”
“Oh shit,” he leans back, giving you your space. “Did I do something, do you,” shoves his bottom lip into his mouth to make himself stop.
“No charming boy, you did nothing wrong. What were you going to say.” you card your hand through his hair as it had fallen into his face since the kissing had begun.
“(y/n) do you not want to have sex with me?”
“No I want to, I really do, I just don’t want your and our first time rushed because of being kidnapped.”
“You think I’m a virgin, holy shit, how have we gone two years without discussing this,” his eyes are huge. He was back to looking like a puppy and all you wanted is to make that smile reappear on that man’s face. “I had a serious boyfriend for three years before you. He ended up not joining the Bureau and moved to New Orleans so we decided to end it. Two months later I met you.”
“Spencer that’s a bomb, what,” you knew your boyfriend liked boys but you weren’t aware he had been with a boy. “ how much stuff did you do?”
“Um, Ethan wasn’t that comfortable with his sexuality so we just jerked each other off a lot.” Spencer was blushing now but had reached for your hand. “I mean constantly, we were in our late teen’s early twenties, so that libido was normal, and I wanted to have sex but he never got confident enough.”
“Oh Spencer, I’m so sorry.” you weren’t really sure why you were apologizing. You could just tell he was gradually getting less into this conversation.
“Oh my god no don’t apologize, I didn’t know what I was doing either so if we had had sex it would have ended with an anxiety attack. But the point is I’m not completely inexperienced. But I guess how society defines ‘virginity’ I am a virgin.”
“Okay well, Spencer, I don’t really want to have sex right now until we talk about this more but,” you lower your hand from his ribs to the waistband of his pants. At this point, the pants were not leaving much covered, his sharp hips jutting out and a patch of wetness from his excitement. “Do you want me to help you out?”
“Uh (y/n) you don’t have to” his breath becoming more ragged as he realized the state in which he was in. Almost like he hadn’t even realized he was hard until you drew your attention to his dick. “Not if you don’t want to.”
“Oh I want to Spence, would you like me to give you a hand job?”
“Yes.” his eyes were wide when he looked back up at you. “Can I kiss you?”
“Yes.” smiling at how his hands went back into your hair and his mouth connected with yours.
You could kiss Spencer all day, his mouth was so addictive and he was probably the best kisser you’d ever kissed. While he lowered one of his hands to yours he pulled back. But you chased his mouth with yours and when your chests were flush Spencer squirmed as you leaned into his dick. Finally giving him some much-needed friction. You move your mouth from him to running open-mouthed kisses over his jaw and throat. When you make contact with the junction between his neck and collar bone your 25-year-old boyfriend whimpers. Fucking whimpers, because of your body.
“Oh my god Spencer,” you whisper into his ear, nipping the shell, “don’t you dare stop making those sounds.”
“Oh oh Jesus, (y/n) can you, you, can you,” you smile raising your face so you can see his face, all red cheeks and blown out eyes.
“What do you want, baby?”
“Can I take my pants off?”
“Well, I can’t help you if you don’t so yes, you can.”
You scramble off his lap and watch him as he shimmies off the cream and rainbow flecked pants.
Your boyfriend was hot. Derek Morgan the BAU playboy calls him ‘pretty boy’ for a reason. Before this day you were blatantly aware of how pretty your boy was but this, the panting, whimpering, and naked Spencer Reid in front of you solidified this statement. You realize you’re staring when Spencer drags you back on his lap.
“Are you okay with this?”
You nod to his question, not really sure you could speak anymore you manage to squeak out a “may I?” glancing down to his dick resting on his stomach and leaking. He nods yes, so you reach for his dick and drag pre-cum from the tip down his shaft and he hisses.
“Oh my god, holy shit,” Spencer quickly grabs for the blankets underneath him. Griping so tightly you watch his knuckles go white.
You look up to him and the sight is euphoric. Throat exposed, mouth slack and hanging open, Spencer starts rutting into your hand.
“Hey hey, Charming boy,” your free hand goes to his hip, even though you wanted to put your mouth to it more. The other on his bright flushed cock speeds up as he closes his eyes. “Stay still, I’m taking care of you, remember.”
“I can’t really remember, oh shit, yes yes yes there,” you feel his dick twitch in your hand as his words start melting into nonsense and gibberish.  And after a bit “oh (y/n) I’m going to cum, shit my god you feel so good.” and with that, he is spilling hot ribbons of cum over your knuckles.
His breathing shallow at first, you give him time to catch it. When he seems to be recovered a bit he lifts his head from the pillow, you lick his cum from your hand just to put on a show. Not the most satisfying taste but the look on his face is worth it.
“Okay, that’s it, your turn.” Spencer wraps you up in both arms and flips you around. “ I assume helping me made you a little needy, am I right?”
“You, Spencer Reid, are a genius.” you card your fingers through his hair pushing back and making him look like how he did with his last haircut.
“(y/n), can I eat your,” he pauses glancing down and his cheek becomes redder. Which you were not aware was possible. “May I eat you out?”
“And a gentleman,” you smile at him as he is respectfully leaving his hands gripped to your sides. Not moving in either direction and staring straight into your eyes. “Yes please.”
He wastes no time, immediately connecting his mouth to your neck and grinding into your cunt. You can feel him getting hard again. You can feel as pressure starts on your neck. The way his mouth is moving you are hesitant in letting it continue. But you had nowhere to be in the next few days. And you were enjoying the feeling of Spencers grinding into you and sucking a bruise that you let out a cry when his body left your own. Eyes still closed though you feel his hands encircle your tits. Your eyes shoot open when you feel his right hand leave your breast and is replaced by his mouth. His hand going to your cunt.
“Oh my god (y/n), your so fucking wet.” he rubs circles on your clit making the buzz intensified.
“Oh, my, Spencer, you're wonderful. Right there baby.”
He’s eager and just as you think you’re going to cum he stops. Spencer wiggles down the bed and wraps his body into some variation of child's pose and places your legs over his shoulders.
“(y/n) I’m going to,”
“Spencer please. Fuck me.” you cut him off, the boy stopped your orgasm. He deserves to get cut off at least.
He latched on to your clit right away and moved with your body when you arch off the bed. You suddenly realized that you were now addicted to his mouth in more ways than one. And as he sucked your clit he entered his fingers spreading your juices to make the penetration less painful. Your mind was all Spencer. His mouth on your clit, his hand on your breast teasing your nipple, his hair in between your fingers. And the dip of the bed nearer him. He was rutting his dick on the bed and trying to get himself off because seeing how turned on you spurred him on.
Suddenly there was a jolt through your body. You were so focused on him and he on you, that you hadn’t realized he had worked you to your peak.
“Spence, I’m going to cum, shit,” you felt him kick it into high gear. His hands, tongue, and body are just speeding up. You were coming in Spencer Reid’s mouth. “Oh, baby yes!”
“(y/n) you are so pretty,” he was all whiney and breathy, still between your legs but not connected to your clit anymore. But you did feel him moving the bed so you kept your hands in his hair, knowing how much he liked it. “Oh fuck me.” he yelped coming into his fist.
You gave him a minute to catch his breathing. And after a bit, you got up to go to the bathroom, you handed Spencer a washcloth.
“Do you want to go into the bathroom while I go get new blankets?”
“Ah sure,” and he sped into the bathroom quickly slamming the door shut.
After a change of sheets and blankets, the old ones in the washing machine, Spencer was tucked under your arm as you brushed through his hair with your fingers.
“I’m sorry I came twice,” he whispers.
“Whoa, what are you talking about.”
“Our first sexual experience and you came once and I came twice. Derek said that your job as a man is to always pleasure the woman more than yourself. And I know you’re not a woman but like you're my partner and we just had our first sexual experience together and I was selfish coming twice.”
“Hey, Charming, I don’t care.” you take his chin in your hand and stare into his sad brown eyes. “Okay? It felt amazing, I was thoroughly pleased. So you came twice, if it really bothers you this much then next time you can make me cum twice. And Spencer our next sexual experience does not have to be later today or even next week or anytime soon. I love you no matter what you know that right?”
“Of course I do, but Derek, when I told him about you and before you came out he said that my pleasure isn’t important.”
“Well that is a blatant lie, your pleasure and how you feel is very important. Spencer, I know you love Derek but he doesn’t know us, you know us and I know us and I just had an amazing time with you. Can I see your bandage?”
Spencer nods and you lean over to your bedside table and grab an orange sharpie. You turn back and take his arm scrawling a message on the design. Spencer watches you and when you’re finished he kisses the knuckles of your hand holding his arm. ‘I love you, but you know that baby?” was framing a breathtaking sketch of a human heart. From the openings that then connected to the rest of the body sprouted flowers and stars scattered around. A mix of Science and sketch the two of you in a drawing.
“I love you too (y/n) you know.”
“Yes, you dumb genius. I know.”
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ssa-daddyhotchner · 12 days ago
Undercover - Chapter 22
Chapter Selection
After Spencer’s realization there were no new connections, thoughts, nothing. We were all stuck on a single thought. 'I have something to do with all of this.'  
"There's another body", an officer peaked through the door and all of us gathered and left for the most recent crime scene. It was close by to the station almost like Mark knew we were catching on, he always was a cocky asshole.
It was in a cozy neighborhood, yet again the victim shared an uncanny resemblance to me. Half of us were dodging all of the CSI workers as they secured the scene to make sure it wasn't contaminated. The woman was bound to her bed, again with deep slashing running down her bad.
I subconsciously touched my scars only stopping when I felt Aarons hand go to my lower back. The blood was collecting in the wound, "Cuts were anti mortem."
"He wanted them to feel everything", Spencer spoke. There was something that didn't feel right at the moment. This kill for some reason gave me an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I rushed out the room and went outside and threw up.
I turned feeling a hand on my back, Morgan had followed me out. "You wanna talk about it."
"Not right now", there was a hint of disappointment but he wasn't going to make this about him. "Derek something some thing doesn't feel right about that." I pointed to the house.
"I know I have the same thought", he nodded and waited for me to get back together before walking back inside.  
We rejoined the group inside the house on the first floor. Something urged me to turn around and when I did I saw a note poking out of one a drawer.
I opened it and the note had my name on it:
The one was very special to me... she reminds me so much of you
In more ways than you think
Reading the note brought a bad taste to my mouth. The team noticed me at the desk and walked over, "What'd you find?" I folded the note and gave it to Aaron, "I don't know yet."
The corner took the body and we waited for the ME to look at the body and give us a report. We all returned to the station sitting in the same room. There was a darkness over every single one of us for some reason; they all could feel it.
Hours went by, we decided to call it. Heading to the hotel; until the ME got back to us we could form anymore theories to get the case closed.
I got in the car with Aaron, he took his time driving us back. I wanted to enjoy the slim time of peace that I had at the moment. Soft music playing in the background, I stared out the window looking at the passing street lamps and people walking minding their business.
We arrived at the hotel, none of us saying a word. Going to our separate rooms, There was a wrapped box at our door, addressed to me. Aaron put his around me, pulling me back and calling everyone. He wasn't taking the chance, if there was a bomb.
He had the bomb squad there in 10 minutes. They carefully unwrapped the paper and made cautious cuts at the tape on the box. Unfolding it they were met with another fucking note. What the hell is his obsession with that.
There was something else in there, it was a toy train; one a baby would play with. The bomb squad cleared it and let us near. I got my hands on the note
I'll give you a hint
It clicked in my mind, the latest victim was pregnant. The team surrounded me and stared, I never told them about that. They knew Mark wouldn't mess up like that, he planned everything out. Emily looked down, avoiding my eyes.
Not saying anything I watched as their forms disappeared from my view; they walked away to their rooms. Everything was moving in slow motion, Aaron gently gripping my wrist pulling me into the room.
I changed and got under the covers. Aaron pulled me close, keeping me warm from the winter weather.
I woke up to my phone ringing next to me. I wiggled out of Aarons grip and answered, "What Garcia."
"I figured you guys might wanna see this before I-- uh say anything to everyone else." I tapped Aaron and he stirred, finally sitting up next to me. Garcia shared her screen, "I haven't looked past the first photo, they seem-- invasive."
Our eyes opened wide, when she sent the photos, and a video to me.
They were pictures of Aaron pinning me to the wall, hovering over me laying kisses on my neck, me cuffed to the bed. The video was even worse, it showed very clearly Aaron pounding into me after I moved it. A full view of everything.
"That son of a bitch was there after you guys left." Aaron was livid, if Mark had these he could expose us to Strauss. Garcia tried to trace them but untimely came up empty. "Can you delete these."
She nodded, "I can try and with all the copies I can but I don't know if I can get all of them." We finished up and ended the conversation. I let my head fall into my hands.
"What are we going to do if Strauss finds out." He was trying to think of a way we wouldn't get transferred or fired. There was a way that I thought of, but if that was forced on me it would go well.
"If we're engaged or married, it's the same thing. I don't wanna sign a relationship form formally to HR cause they'd put us through legal hoops and I don't have the energy for that."  
Neither did I, "I don't wanna rush this, I feel that- if you're forced to marry me then you won't wanna be with me anymore. That you'll regret it at some point." He turned to me, gripping my thighs and pulling me onto his lap. He pulled my arms over his neck.
"Now why would you think that, how about I 'propose' if she finds out and later I can actually do it... formally."
I pressed my lips to his, "I'd love that. Just know I don't like huge gestures." Ruining the moment like always the phone started ringing. "Hotchner", his face went from smiling to cold then sad.
I raised his eyebrows, he put the phone on speaker. "The last victim was pregnant, y/n is there something you need to tell us?" Everything was moving fast, I was getting too much information at once.
Learning the woman was pregnant and killed because of me, the photos and video of Aaron and I, the thought of Strauss finding out about the relationship; now the team is looking for answers in my personal life.
It was like being buried alive, my chest started feeling tight and I couldn't breath. I hated panic attacks; they made me feel small and weak. It was already starting and there wasn't much to stop it. Aaron noticed and held me close to him.
Trying to stop it before it got too bad, he pushed his lips to mine; focusing my mind on one thing at a time. At the moment all I could think about was his lips against mine. I held him there for a time before pulling away.
"Baby you need to calm down, one thing at a time... okay", starting the routine all over again, we got ready for another day at the station. if we didn't get close to closing the case soon, the Bureau would call us back.
Mark was going over the next thing he was planning, he called the doctor's office to see if he could get an update on the baby. When he called he was something he didn't want to hear.
Y/n had done something that he thought she'd never do, get rid of her baby. He always thought she was perfect to carry his child, he was wrong.
"She took away my child, I'm going to take away hers", he muttered to himself; Mark was getting angrier by the second.
"Y/n...", Aaron was calling out to me and shaking my arm. When I opened my eyes Aaron was already ready for work. Another day of trying to get this bastard; he has us running in circles at least he had me running in circles.
It was like trying to catch a shadow, as so as you think you're getting close it moves with you. I dragged myself out of bed and got ready, eating leftovers and drinking yesterday's coffee.
I wasn't focused on the case, but what the team thought about the last victim. They knew she was pregnant and so far every kill had something to do with me and this was a big part of that. As Aaron and I walked through the doors all eyes were on us.
Everyone stared even the officers outside of the case; they knew something bigger was happening. The team stared as I went into the conference room, I could feel it... the tension. The desire to ask that one burning question we knew they all had.
No one spoke. Aaron sat next to me, holding my hand under the table and squeezing reassuringly. "Y/n... you're gonna have to tell us everything if we're going to have a complete profile on Mark."
Rossi broke the silence and I kept my gaze on the table. Only Aaron and Emily knew about the baby and that was... not a good time in my life considering. I pushed my urge to run out of the room deep down.
"When we were on vacation, I was walking home from the club and... Mark had followed me there. He assaulted me and I got pregnant. I didn't find out till a month later and I decided to not keep it... obviously. His goal was to get me pregnant."
I was practically numb to it at this point... I never went to a therapist like I had promised but instead talked to Aaron about it. He helped me through it the way he knew how, he didn't pretend to know what it was like; he processed everything and listened.
I scanned everyone's faces and they all looked hurt. They were all upset I didn't tell them the personal things in my life. "We could've helped you", I shook my head.
"That's not your responsibility-- we have a job to do and I didn't want all of your focus on me." If they were all worried about me they wouldn't pay attention to the next unsub.  
"Y/n, to do our job we need to make sure everyone is okay, I need to make sure everyone's okay." I let out a quiet I know. JJ was staring at me like she was trying to find a way to fix me, in a motherly way if that makes sense.
She lost a baby before; it's not the same because I chose to get rid of it but she sort of understood. Losing a baby, despite it being unwanted it still hurt in a sense.
We were in Maryland for the next three days and no new body dropped. The case went cold and we were called back to Quantico. Driving back I was with Aaron, "When's Jack coming back."
"Jessica will be there when we get home." I smiled to myself. The ride went faster than I thought. One second we were leaving the precinct and the next we were back home. I opened the door and was met with someone jumping into my arms.
Jessica was on the couch, "I'll leave you too it."
"Thank you... really", Aaron walked Jessica out and he locked the door. "Do you wanna say hi to your dad." Jack never left my arms; he clung on, Aaron walked over to me and Jack reached out into his arms.
"Hey buddy, you ready for school tomorrow." That wiped the smile off his face, "No, the teacher said we're learning something new." I walked into our bedroom, changed out of the uncomfortable work clothes and collapsed on the bed, I heard the Hotchner boys conversation faintly through the door.
Aaron was talking about school, what they did while we were gone and how he was still making friends. I don't remember when but I had fallen asleep.
"Y/n!", Aaron calling my name pulled me out of my heavy sleep, I wandered into the living room wearing one of Aaron's hoodies. He had made food and was getting ready to put jack to bed.
When dinner was finished Jack was yawning and I knew he was ready for bed. I stood from my seat and held out my hand, he grabbed onto it and I brought him down the hallway and to his bed. Aaron followed us and he watched me tuck him in the blankets.
"Can you take me to school tomorrow?", I moved his hair off his face and kissed his forehead.
"Course buddy, make sure to wake up extra early and I can also make you a special breakfast." He grinned and nodded falling asleep in time. I waited for him to be fully knocked out before leaving the room and quietly shutting the door.
When I closed the door Aaron turned me around and backed me up against the wall, "You're so good with him you know that right. You're gonna be a great mom."
I brought my hand and combed through his hair, "Well it's nice to have reassurance." He smirked and tugged on my arms bringing us down the hallway to sleep. He got undressed and got under the covers, I slipped in after him and he held me tightly.
"Forgot to ask... do I get any of this 'special breakfast'." I shrugged, pulling his arms around me tighter.
"Depends", he playfully nudged me and we drifted off.
I felt something dip into the bed and start bouncing, heard laughter and something pushing into my shoulder.
"Come on you got to wake her up", Aaron whispered to Jack. They didn't know that I was already up, I heard the breathing of Jack behind me and before he made his move I turned around and grabbed him.
I started ticking him, a playful scream filling the room with the laughter of Aaron and I. When I stopped he collected himself and sat on his knees gazing at me.
"Get ready for school and I make that breakfast." He squealed and crawled off the bed running down the hallway.
I turned my attention to Aaron who was gazing at the event that took place. "Sir, you have work to get to in an hour... you got to get ready." He leaned forwards pressing a soft kiss to my lips,
"Yes ma'am."
As the boys were getting ready for their days I walked into the kitchen and pulled out my ingredients. Grabbing the milk, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla, and bread. I set them on the counter and started the coffee.
Jack was the first to be ready and took a seat at the table. He waited patiently as he watched me make his food. Giving him two slices of French toast; he devoured it. Aaron was finally done and I served him breakfast.
He said thank you and like father like son, he also inhaled his food. I cleaned up the remains of the breakfast and got ready for work last. We got into our separate cars and I set a course for school. Seeing I had time, I decided to take the slightly longer way.
Jack was observing the outside, "Watch out!" I didn't understand what Jack was talking about until it was too late. There was a truck headed towards the car, slamming into the rear end.
Before I knew it the car was tumbling; I got knocked out and when I came too I was upside-down. My vision was fading in and out and my ears were ringing, I made out trees and wet grass.
I was able to unbuckle my seatbelt and turn around- Jack was gone and I didn't see a trace of him anywhere. No blood, clothes... just nothing. I stumbled out of the car and made my way to the road. Seeing a car drive passed, what I did get was a clear view of the driver... Mark.
I don't remember anything after that but feeling like I was underwater and falling into the grass. Faintly I heard sirens and the feeling of being dragged. I opened my eyes enough to see a paramedic, and being in a stretcher.
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spencie-adams · 13 days ago
Season one episode 18
Where did Spencer get a sweatshirt that sweater vest obsessed boy doesn’t have one in his go bag. Did he steal it from Hotch?
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spencie-adams · 13 days ago
Season one episode 17 and 18
Not to be a jeid shipper on main but I have a head cannon they dated and then determined they would be better as friends. This would explain Spencer’s hesitance in season 14 and 15. Why I believe this?
After the date jj and Reid get really close and sit with each other on they plane. In episode 17 they are sitting very close basically on top of each other.
This is also the episode they are having dinner and they sit next to each other and jj ties his chopsticks.
I think they break up so jason brings him to la the next week to focus on work instead of the break up. Like why couldn’t Derek or Hotch go?
The line “ right now I feel pretty good” is him making him make himself feel better.
Also there is significantly less jj in episode 18.
Am I reaching? Probably.
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spencie-adams · 13 days ago
Season one episode 5
I think a lot of people forget that an unsub says "autistic leanings of the very insacure dr reid"
like were they going to make reid autistic and forgot it like hotchs dad beating him up? if so thats even more fucked up.
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spencie-adams · 13 days ago
Season one episode 15
I’d like to rail Spencer Reid in his grey sweater vest, loose tie, unbuttoned collar, and solving serial killer crosswords
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spencie-adams · 13 days ago
Those greenscreen scenes in early seasons of criminal minds looks like 80s documentary and I would not be surprised if you look it up and someone worked on one
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spencie-adams · 14 days ago
Season 1 episode 6
Spencer is crying while being held and has the same big brown eyes looking like a puppy and I love this little baby with my whole heart. I know Aaron is faking the entire time but Spencer doesn’t know that. He’ll figure it out but when he doesn’t know he looks so let down I just want to snuggle
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reidemandweep · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
“i think, deep down, we're all capable of unspeakable things. where it starts or what you call it, i don't know.”— aaron hotchner
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