autistic-robin · 2 days ago
finn and noah being stuck in their cali outfits for the entirety of the season is s4’s version of joe and maya having to wear the sailor suits the entirety of s3
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sinclairsmayfield · 2 days ago
times lucas sinclair has been wronged/gotten hurt this season:
-mike (and dustin, to a lesser extent) being an asshole to him about the basketball game for no fucking reason, telling him that the coach should just "move" the basketball game instead of them postponing the hellfire club game (WHICH ACTUALLY COULD BE POSTPONED)
-no one came to his game. literally none of his friends, nor his sister, not even his own parents from the looks of it
-and On Top Of That, the hellfire club Did Not postpone the meeting, instead playing the campaign without him and replacing him with his sister.
-is not treated like an equal in jason's crew, rather made fun of and belittled for trying to help (even though he was lying about eddie's whereabouts, which could get him seriously hurt by them)
-bikes for Eight Fucking Miles to tell dustin the basketball gang is hunting him down, just to be told that isn't the biggest problem and that max is going to die in 24 hours.
-has to deal with that and gets scared half to death when max is vecna'd
-finds out his only friend on the basketball team got brutally murdered and doesn't even have time to mourn him (and no one but max asks him if he's okay)
things lucas sinclair has done wrong this season:
-nothing. literally nothing.
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hearts4steddie · a day ago
“stop making every character gay” tell your favs to stop acting like a whole pride parade then maybe i will🤨🤨
gay people exist. your favs are gay. deal with it.
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stevesdemobat · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
matching icons for sleepy friends <3
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byersenthusiast · a day ago
mini rant
people had no problem with jonathan, steve, and hopper being in love with girls who were in relationships. so it pisses me off that the SECOND they confirm that will is in love with a boy who is in a (very rocky btw) relationship, people are treating him like a predator and saying he needs to "back off". like the hypocrisy and homophobia blows my mind.
will isn't a predator or a homewrecker. he isn't even acting on his feelings for mike. he hasn't been flirting with him or "shooting his shot." he is not doing anything to actively "steal" mike from el. if anything, he is giving mike advice on how to fix his relationship with el and he just wants mike to be his best friend again. so it just really makes me mad that people are treating him like a predator and a homewrecker but they didn't do the same with jonathan, steve, and hopper.
they are acting like will can control his feelings. that he chose to fall in love with mike. and that he is somehow dirty and gross and a predator for loving mike because mike isn't single. like?? first off, mike and him have been best friends for 10 years and mike was one of the few people who was kind to will and didn't treat him like a freak. he was one of the few people who REALLY cared about him. you cannot blame him for developing feelings for mike. and i can assure you he probably doesn't WANT to be in love with a boy at all let alone his best friend who is dating his adoptive sister. but he COULD NOT HELP IT. he just...fell in love. he shouldn't be called a predator for that
it just irks me that none of yall blamed jonathan for having feelings for nancy while she was with steve, none of yall blamed hopper for having feelings for joyce while she was with bob, none of yall blamed steve for having feelings for nancy while she was with jonathan, but you're blaming will for having feelings for mike while mike is with el. like that is some of the most hypocritical and homophobic shit i have ever seen. STOP BLAMING WILL FOR FALLING IN LOVE. STOP CALLING HIM A PREDATOR. YOU'RE HYPOCRISY AND HOMOPHOBIA IS SHOWING.
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eddieonfilm · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pov: being assigned to take pictures for the 1986 yearbook and also absolutely head over heels for the one and only eddie munson, which leaves you with loads of outtakes. but will he start to catch on to your feelings? (2/?)
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hunterwritings · 2 days ago
unexpected | part ii ⭒
summary: eddie takes the quiet girl out for lunch
pairing(s): eddie munson x quiet!shy!reader
warnings: cursing, making out(?), self-consious reader, eddie just being head-over-heels for reader
word count: 2.3k
notes: I got very carried away with this part guys fjdbsn so it's longer than most of my works but it's SO GOOD
part i | part ii | part iii (coming soon)
Tumblr media
You gently tapped your pencil against your desk as your lips pursed together tightly. You were sitting at home, finishing up some assignments on a Saturday afternoon. You sighed, quietly humming to the ambience music you had put on in the background. You were home alone since your parents had both gone to work earlier this morning.
You had almost jumped out of your seat when you heard the landline ring. Quickly, you popped up onto your feet and headed downstairs to reach the phone. You had assumed it was one of your parents at work, telling you about something they had planned for dinner or that they were working overtime tonight.
"Hello?" You started as you picked up the phone and held it to your ear.
"Good Afternoon, (L/N)!" An enthusiastic voice said on the other line.
"Eddie?" You asked curiously. "Correct-a-mundo." He smugly replied. "How—" you began. "How did you get my number?" You asked, trying to remember if you had given it to him or not. "Oh yeah, we uhh, we exchanged numbers a while ago for a project." He explained, leaning against the wall of his room as he talked on the phone. "Oh right!" You blurted out, holding a hand over your eyes in embarrassment. "I'm sorry, I forgot about that." You told him with a dumb smile on your face, you could hear him laughing on the other end of the line. "That's alright." He chuckled. "So, I was thinking—" He started, drawing out his words dramatically. "Wondering, if you'd like to go with me, out to get lunch. There's this new restaurant a couple miles away, and I was just uh, seeing if you'd like to go with me." He spoke, an anxious sigh leaving his mouth as his lips pursed tightly together.
You stood there, lips parted slightly, as your mind tried to process what he offered. Your lips moved as if you were going to say something, but you couldn't muster up any words.
"You still there?" He asked on the other line, bitting his lip in anticipation. "Yes, yeah, I'm sorry." You replied. "It's just, um—" you tried to find the words to speak to him. "Really?" You asked, wondering if all of this is some elaborate prank or something. "Yes, I really would like to." He smiles on the other line, not aware that a huge smile was also spread across your face. "Soo, what do you say?" He asks quickly and nervously.
"Um—" you sigh as you look around, wondering if it was okay to leave the house without your parents permission. Your lips were pressed together in a tight line as you shook your head. Various thoughts went through your head, wondering why Eddie Munson had taking a liking to you all of the sudden, you had the fear in the back of your head that this could all be an elaborate ruse to humiliate you somehow. It was unlikely, but it still scared you for a moment. But, you had known Eddie from the few times you talked to him and knew that he didn't hang around the popular kids, especially not someone like Jason. As a surprise to you, when you had worked with him a couple times before, he was quite nice and respectful towards you. You decided to go with your gut and trust that he was being genuine.
"Yeah, I'd love to go." You said softly as you heard a sigh of relief on the other side of the line. "Great! That— that is just great." He practically screams with joy and balling his fist with excitement. "Could you just maybe give me half an hour to get ready?" You asked politely. "Of course, of course! Take your time." He reassures you quickly. "Okay, thank you." The smile on your face had grown wider than you could even believe. "Of course, I'll see you soon." He said. "Okay." You added before hanging up the phone back on the wall. Your back pressed harshly against the wall, your heart practically beating out of chest. You quickly turned to run up the stairs and find an outfit to get ready to go out.
After about 20 minutes, you had found an outfit you were happy with and put on light makeup. You jumped slightly as you heard a knock on your door, knowing that it was Eddie. "Coming!" You yelled from upstairs as you quickly slung your tote bag over your shoulder so that the strap was secure over your chest. You quickly ran down stairs and grabbed ahold of the handle before opening it to reveal Eddie standing there, a large smile spread across his face.
"Hi." You smiled as you stepped out front and closed the door behind you. "Hi." He grinned, looking down at the ground before looking back up at you. You turned and pulled your keys out of your pocket to lock your door before turning back to face him. "You look good." He complimented you, eyeing you up and down. "Oh, thank you." You smiled as you looked down. "You too." You added before Eddie bowed dramatically while holding his hand out to face the van and moved out of your way so that you could walk to the car. You laughed at his gesture as you walked down your porch steps and up to his van. He quickly made his way in front of you and opened the door for you. "Thank you." You smiled at him as he replied, "You're welcome."
You step up and sit down in the passenger seat of his van as he closes the door. He makes his way around and opens the drivers door and sits down before closing the door. "Sorry about the mess." He says as he starts the car. "No it's fine, don't worry." You reassure him, holding your hands up for a moment to add emphasis. He nodded slightly at your reassurance. He pulls out of the driveway and begins on his way to the restaurant.
You drove in silence for a couple minutes before you tried to start a conversation. "I'm glad you called me when you did." You began, getting his attention as he turned his head to look at you for a moment. "Both of my parents are at work right now, and they never really let me go out to places or with other people." You explained with a dry smile. "Well, I am glad that you agreed to go with me." He said with a smile while moving his head with his words.
A couple minutes later, you had arrived to the small new restaurant that Eddie invited you to. He opened your door for you once again as you entered the resturant and walked in after you. The two of you had sat down at a booth across from each other towards the far right end of the resturant. Your waiter had given you menus and walked away to get your drinks.
Silence had consumed you for a couple minutes before Eddie spoke. "Thank you again, for coming out here with me." He spoke genuinely and with a small smile on his face. "Yeah, of course." You softly replied with the same smile. "I'm not trying to be rude or anything but—" you began, looking around, trying to figure out how to word this.
"Why did you ask me out here?" You asked as you looked towards him, his face covered with confusion. "It's just that, we haven't really talked a lot during the year, and, I don't know, it just seems kinda... sudden?" You explain, tightly fiddling with your fingers underneath the table in anxiety. He took a deep breath in before exhaling and looking around.
"Well, I just thought that—" He started.
"Since it's the end of the year, I'd go for it and ask out the sweetest, kindest, most attractive person in the school." He confesses with the largest grin on his face. Then, the most genuine smile spreads across your face, looking down at the table while shaking your head. "You're just saying that." You said, downplaying his confession. "No, I'm not." He said, a serious expression on his face. "I mean all those things, I'm serious." He said, tilting his head to the side with a smile creeping up on his lips. "And I'm gonna be completely honest with you, I never thought those things until we got paired for a project in class. But then, you started talking and knowing so many different things you just—" He chuckled. "You were just such a cool person." He added.
"Me? You think I'm cool?" You asked in disbelief, holding a palm to your chest. "Yeah." He replies. "I'm not cool. I don't go out to cool places and I don't wear cool things, I'm just kinda here." You said, doubting yourself. "No, you know so much about everything! About things I didn't even know existed and so many cool facts about things that I would've never guessed, that's pretty cool." He wanted you to know that this was coming from the heart and that he was being truthful. Your eyes were still glued on the surface of the table as you glance up at him, who is leaning with his forearms against the table and his head tilted slightly to the side. "Y'know, you're very different from what I thought too." You made eye contact with him as you continued. "I don't talk to a lot of people, and when I do some of them are just assholes, but when we talked for the first time you were just so, funny and kind and respectful." You explained as he was soaking up the compliments with a large smirk across his face. "And you have this confidence, that I just don't understand but completely admire." You added with a smile. "Admire? Oh, you flatter me." He said while turning away and batting his hand dramatically, causing a small laugh out of you. "Well, I'm glad you took a chance on me." He says, now holding his face up by leaning his elbow on the table and having his palm on his cheek. "Me too." You added quietly.
A few hours had passed and you both had gotten your food. The two of you talked back and forth constantly, he didn't even think you could talk that much. The whole year he saw you almost completely silent in class, now here you were, telling stories about yourself and laughing loudly at his jokes. He stared in admiration almost the whole time, wondering if someone could be so perfect.
Eddie ended up paying for the check, even though you insisted multiple times to pay but he didn't want you to. You walked out of the restaurant and stood at the entrance of the building, Eddie following shortly behind you. You turned to look at him before walking over to the van. "Thank you for all this, it was fun." You said softly, holding your hands together over your stomach. "Of course, anything for you." He added, not even realizing what he had said, causing you to look down at the ground.
"Hey, I don't want you to think that this some sick trick or that I'm lying to you, because I'm not." He took a step closer to you and held both of your hands into his. "I don't know why but I just—" He stopped and exhaled deeply. "I just think you're amazing, and I thought I'd tell you." He confessed, his voice getting gradually quieter. He looked down at you with those big brown eyes of his as you finally looked up from the ground. Your faces had been only a few inches from each other, both of your eyes on the others lips.
"Can I kiss you?" He whispers, almost inaudible but you could hear him. You took a deep breath and sighed deeply before replying a soft,
Then, Eddie had finally closed the gap between your faces and had his lips on your own. An exhale of relief had left your nostrils as your eyes closed. Your hands had let go of his and reached up to move on to the back of his head and get tangled in his long hair as his lips moved on yours. His hands then pulled you closer to him and set softly on your side. He sneaked his fingers under the hem of your shirt and laid his hands against your skin on your sides. His rings were cold, causing you to shiver and feel the smirk from him against his lips.
After a couple moments, you had pulled away from him, a small string of saliva breaking from both of your mouths. Your face was completely warm at this point and you could feel your heart beating out of you chest, there was no doubt that Eddie could feel it too. A chuckle escaped his lips as he looked at you, a small blush surrounding his cheeks. You let out a sigh as you smiled up at him before lying your head against his chest, pressing your ear up to his chest. To your surprise, you could hear his heart beating very fast, just like yours. His arms moved to wrap around you as he planted a small kiss against the top of your head. "Let's get you home, yeah?" He smiled as you pulled your head away from his chest. "Yeah." You added softly. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder as he swiftly walked you to his van and opened the door for you, before turning and getting into the driver's seat himself.
Taglist: @eddiemunsonstoes @living-bj-doll @i-dontevenknowman
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heartvouge · 2 days ago
eddie is the typa bf your parents are super couscous abt first time they see him like boohoo he has long hair and wears black! omg a lil demon on his shirt he’s so scary. but then after like 10 minutes of speaking with him they realize he’s actually really charming and super sweet! your mom laughs at literally all his poorly executed jokes. and they just grow really fond of eddie cause he’s so likeable when you get to know him
and every time you turn around your parents are asking when’s the next time he’s coming over or if you’re inviting him to the next family gathering and omg your grandparents… in love w this dofus metal head i mean
y’all could be at your grandparents house sitting on the floor listening to stories, and somehow eddie has made his way to grandma and she’s so satisfied stroking his hair lovingly while she tells a story and idk i feel like grandparents love eddie man
and he feels so loved and welcomed and happy that someone actually gave him a chance despite his appearance, instead of brushing him off as another “freak”
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i hate it when st fans try to headcanon every character as straight like not every show needs that kind of diversity
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nctzncore · a day ago
losing your virginity to eddie munson hc
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: eddie munson x afab reader
warnings: smut! 18+ minors dni
summary: you lose your virginity to eddie munson and he takes care of you for sure
whether you guys are dating or just hooking up he never pressures you
whether you guys are dating or just hooking up he never pressures you
anything you guys do he makes sure you’re comfortable with
when he found out you were a virgin he was surprised but also really wanted to make it special for you
it literally touched his heart that you trusted him enough that way
eddies a fantastic kisser and he gets you pliant in his arms
something about his mouth is magic in multiple ways
hes so good at working you up and turning you on
he takes all the time in the world
hes completely focussed on you and your pleasure
eddie is so into foreplay and he literally will not have sex ever without it
he likes working you open slowly and sweetly with his fingers
it drives him insane how wet you get for him
he makes you come multiple times before you even have sex
again he’s taking his time with you, kissing every inch of your body
slowly takes off your clothes
he LOVES eating you out
you taste amazing, feel amazing, sound amazing
he would actually be happy to die with your thighs around his head
he’s not letting you do anything to him, bc tonights about you
asks you 50 times if you’re sure you wanna do this
“say the word and i’ll stop, no questions asked.”
lays down a towel just in case you bleed
he’s not phased at all really, he just wants you to be as comfortable as possible and make sure your first time is a good experience
tells you it might hurt a little bit and says he’s gonna stay at your pace
when he lines up with your entrance he can see that you’re tense so he kisses you until you relax
he slides in painfully slow
you’re clenching around him and he can tell its not comfortable
your nose is scrunched up, fingers gripping his shoulder really tight
he grabs your hand, kisses all of your fingers while you adjust to him being inside you
he’ll reach down and rub slow circles into your clit to distract from the pain and it works
after a few minutes of kinda just laying there you ask him to start moving a little bit, slowly
ge experimentally gives a little thrust, barely pulling out of you before going back in
it still stings but there's this dull sort of pleasure, that you can almost feel but not quite
you just urge him to keep going like that for a bit
it takes time but he really doesn’t mind
he’ll be kissing your face, rubbing his hands lightly all over you when finally, finally, finally, the sting dissipates
you gasp almost when the pleasure hits you
he gets scared and literally stops dead in his tracks
“you okay babe? talk to me, what’s wrong?”
you’re blushing furiously, and yes, he’s fingered you before, he’s made you come, pleasured you
but never like this
he was literally balls deep inside of you, and the pleasure was seeping into your core like a hot stream
you smile into his shoulder
“actually feels good”
he blows air through his nose
“want me to move some more?”
he’ll increase his pace a little bit, but he’s still going slow
its sensual, the way he’s fucking into you
every thrust is thought out and calculated, trying to find what you like best
he’ll move your legs around, lift your hips, and you’re kinda just going along with it, unsure of what he’s trying to do
and then it hits you
he hits that spot
god you see stars
you moan loudly, almost a sob as he hits it repeatedly
“that‘s it, good girl.”
he loves praising you
you can't believe he’s making you feel this good
you’re cursing now, gripping any part of his body you can find
he’s pounding you harder now, deeper
there's a fire in your gut and you need it so badly
need him so badly
your hips start to stutter and eddie watches as your eyes roll back
“stay with me babe, you look so good like this.”
and you’re unraveling in his arms, licking his neck, kissing him, panting hotly into his mouth
his fingers find your clit again, rubbing so perfectly that you can barely hold back anymore
“i got you, you gonna come for me?” his voice is so sweet and hot and he’s panting too at this point
his hips are erratic and you can tell he’s holding back so you can come first
and you certainly do
you can't help but cry out, saying his name over and over again as you come
his arms are wrapped around, working you through your orgasm
he holds you close to his chest, still fucking into you as you shudder in his arms, face buried, nearly biting in the crook of his neck
the literal best orgasm you’ve ever had in your life
he comes right after you do, still in your fucked out state of bliss when he pulls out and comes on your stomach
he’s hovering over you, dopey smile on his face
“that’s my girl, you did so good.”
you didn’t think it was possible for your pussy to clench after that but it did
you’re blushing, smiling into his mouth and he won't stop asking you if you’re okay, if he did okay, if you actually enjoyed it
and you’re telling him he’s an idiot because obviously you enjoyed it
he used his discarded shirt to wipe you down, not even thinking twice about it
he lays next to you, holding you sweetly, whispering pretty words in your ear and making you laugh
you praise him for how good he made you feel
“what, little old me?”
“there's nothing little about you, munson.”
and now you have him blushing
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11byers · 3 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
#some things never change
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faunshii · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
saw this photo and knew i had to redraw it as them LMAO
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madmaxsmayfield · 2 days ago
if el and max dont dramatically run into each other’s arms in vol. 2 i don’t want it
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l44serbeam · a day ago
walk you home
Tumblr media Tumblr media
robin buckley x fem!reader summary : robin has seen y/n, around a lot recently. Now, at a party Steve dragged her to, she thought the night couldn't get any worse but right when she was about to leave, she notices her stumbling into the bathroom, way too sad for her liking. a/n : This is very directly inspired by Walk You Home by Sir Chloe cause i was listening to it and for some reason imagined Robin to it and i HAD to write it. Also lmk if y’all are interested in a part 2.
    ❀ warnings: fluff, underage drinking, cursing, mentions of vomit, nothing really inappropriate just that ‘boobs’ are mentioned and y/n mentions hooking up with a girl
Tumblr media
The blaring music and loud chatter had Robins mind running in circles. She thought that maybe with a drink or two would help ease her mind, as Steve suggested, but it made everything ten times worse.
The edge of the alcohol made the terrible music unbearable and Steve's constant hollering also didn’t aid her in any way. 
Now, sitting on a crooked couch, one of its legs missing and making it tilt and violently shake at the slightest movements, Robin sat there. Her eyes were scanning the room and bodies of people dancing, her drink held in between her knees and hands covering it. 
“ROBBYY!” Steve hollered from her right. She looked up at him, her face coated in annoyance. The man flopped onto the couch besides her, making it rock back and creak. 
“Shit.” He mumbled, abruptly throwing his torso forward and bending down to look at the missing leg of the couch. 
He was very drunk. 
“Steve, why did i let you drag me here.” Robin said, trying to raise her voice over the music. 
“Because, Robin. You!” He brought up his pointer finger to Robins face, attempting to boop her nose but missing and poking her cheek. “Are my dearest friend. Best i might even say.” 
Robin rolled her eyes and swatted his hand away. “I wanna go but i don’t want to leave you here considering you’re shit-faced. How’re you getting home?”
“WOw Buckeroo. You are a greeeeaaat friend.” He said, truly seeming to mean it. “I’m probably just gonna walk. It’s just like two blocks.” 
“Ok. I’ll call you in the morning dingus.” She said without missing a moment to get up to go. 
Robin pushed her way through the crowd of people, getting pushed around back and forth. 
As she made it through, she saw her. Y/n y/l/n.
Robin had seen her around the block, only living two houses away from each other. She was the girl Robin stared at from afar. She was the girl Robin thought of every night before going to bed and the girl she endlessly ranted to Steve about.
According to him, there was no way y/n wasn’t gay. He pointed out the doodles of boobs on her converse, the rainbow bracelet she always had on and the suspicious pins she had on her back pack.
Robin excused it, saying y/n was merely a teenage girl with a colorful style and unique taste in bands and movies.
But, there she was, in all her glory. She wore a loose black floral dress and black jean jacket on top with her doodle coated converse. Her hair was tucked behind her ears and eyes dull, staring into the shot glass in her hand as she leaned against the wall. 
Guess I’m not the only one having a shitty time. Robin thought. Robin stopped her movements, standing to the side of the crowd as she watched her from a distance, admiring her. 
Just before Robin was about to turn and leave, y/n looked up into the crowd, her eyes looking forward and catching a glimpse of something she obviously didn’t want to see. Then, she pushed herself off of the wall and bolted in the direction of the bathroom.
She was obviously upset. 
Instead of going the other way to the exit of the house, she instinctively pushed her way through the crowd once again and towards the bathroom. When she made it to the door of the bathroom, it was slightly open.
She slowly leaned in, putting her ear near the crack. 
All she heard were sniffles and quiet cries. With that, she slowly opened the door to see y/n sitting on the ground, hands on her face and makeup running down her cheeks. 
“Y/n?” Robin called gently, backing the girl look up. 
“Shit, Robin. Hey.” She said, wiping the tears off her face. 
Robin stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, this time fully. 
“Sorry i like barged in. I didn’t mean to. Well i mean, i kinda did i guess. I- i saw you run in here and you looked pretty upset and i wanted to make sure you’re ok but i shouldn’t have just walked in, sorry about that.” Robin rambled, her hands fiddling with one another. 
Y/n laughed lightly, wiping her nose. “Thanks. Im ok but could you help me up?” 
“Y-yes of course of course.” Robin said quickly, grabbing the shot glass out of her hand and placing it on the bathroom counter and then helping her up. Almost tripping as she stood up, Robin put one hand under her arm and the other on her waist.
“Thanks.” y/n said, looking up to make eye contact with the girl. 
“No problemo.” Robin said, her eyes wide as she looked back at her. She felt her heart beat grow faster at the place where her hand rested and the closeness of their faces, the smell of cheap tequila and lavender invaded her senses. Robin wanted to be bathed in the scent. 
After a moment of silence, Robin cleared her throat and brought back her hands. Y/n couldn't lie, a hint of disappointment struck in her at the retreat of Robins hands.
“Sorry about this. Just saw some shit I'd rather not have seen.” Y/n said, clearly avoiding having to explain what it was. Robin wasn’t about the pressure her so instead, she nodded understandingly. 
“Get how that feels.” She related, unknowingly comforting y/n.
Y/n turned to face the mirror and began using a wet tissue to wipe off her smeared makeup. Robin stood behind her, looking at her through the mirror.
In all honesty, she had no idea what to do. It was the first time she’d ever found the girl she secretly liked crying on the bathroom floor at a party and she really did not feel like messing this up.
What would Steve do, what would Steve do. Robin repeated to herself, racking through her brain to find some kind of guidance that would suggest what would be most appropriate to do. 
“Can i walk you home?” Robin finally asked as y/n threw away the tissue. 
Y/n turned to face her and smiled “That'd be great but i don't want to drag you away from the party just cause i'm a crybaby.”
“No no no, i was just about to leave. I swear, you could ask Steve. Plus you live like really close to me so it's not like it would be to taxing. That sounded kinda weird, that i know where you live. I'm not a stalker or anything like that it's just i've seen you leave your house a few times in the morning before school so i thought it was pretty safe to assume you live there.” Robin nervously rambled. 
It was quite cute, the way she did. At least y/n thought so. 
Y/n giggled at Robins endless loop of self incrimination then attempt at explanation, incriminating herself again in the explanation.
“Ok then, shall we, stalker girl?” Y/n said, gesturing to the bathroom door, Robin blushing hard at the name.
“Y-yeah.” She said.
⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆
“There’s no way!” Robin laughed.
“No, i'm not kidding! I swear to god he literally projectile vomited ALL over her. It was insane! I didn’t know what to do!” Y/n said, telling Robin about a party incident from a few days ago.
The night was warm, the smell of summer rising from the earth. The two walked along the side of the road, dimly illuminated by the old street lights above them. 
Robin walked with her hands stuffed in the pocket of her jacket, looking at y/n as she told the story.
Robin was happy to see there was no reminisces of sadness on her face. Only a big bright smile.
“I think i would’ve immediately run. I don't do well with vomit. Not after an incident from a while back.” Robin added, face contorting in disgust at the memory of Steve and her on the bathroom floor after escaping the Russian base, the bathroom spinning around her endlessly.
Y/n laughed at Robins expression, looking directly at her eyes. “Must’ve been truly horrid.”
Robin looked up from the ground and to y/n’s gaze, the two smiling at each other once they walked. 
Y/n thought Robin was the most beautiful girl shed laid eyes on. Cheeks so rosy and thousands of freckles. She had a smile like no other and lips so delightfully pink and kissable it should be illegal.
“I like you Buckley. Don’t know why we aren’t closer.” Y/n said, nudging her with her elbow. 
Robin blushed and looked back down at the ground. Little did y/n know just how much that made Robins heart speed. 
After a beat of silence, Robin decided to speak up.
“Trent is an asshole.” She said.
Y/n looked at her eyes wide and face slightly shocked.
Noting her confusion, Robin elaborated. “I saw you were looking at him and Kim making out before you ran away. Don’t let a dick like that make you upset. You deserve better.”
“Yeah.” Y/n smiled at Robin, but there was something behind that smile. Not sadness as one would expect, but almost a slight etch of fear. She looked to the ground and swallowed harshly.
“I’m sorry did i say something wrong.” Robin began, her own fear growing. “I’m sorry if i said something to make you upset but i can tell you are and that’s totally my fault i mean it’s just what i assumed from the sight-”
“No no no, you’re alright. It’s not that you’re wrong either. I- i am upset because of Trent but, not in the way you think.” Y/n suddenly stopped walking, a wave of nerves hitting her, making her chew on her lower lip.
“Whats up?” Robin said, also stopping and standing in front of y/n.
“You’re cool right? I mean you see so. Y-you aren’t like other people here. Total assholes.” Y/n stuttered.
Robin nodded carefully. “Id like to think so.” She chuckled, scratching the back of her neck.
“I wasn’t upset because Trent was dancing with another girl. I was upset cause the girl that broke my heart was dancing with him.” Y/n confided.
Robins eyes went wide. “What?”
“We hooked up and i caught feelings then she told me she was ‘just experimenting’. It’s not that i still want to be with her, it’s just the shots made me kinda sulky.” She shrugged, looking away from Robins face.
Robin stood quiet, eyes wide and mouth agape, her hands out of her pockets and hanging by her sides.
Steve was right. She couldn’t believe it. She knew that at the moment she should be providing comfort for the fact the girl before her was played, but she was just to happy.
“Robin?” Y/n said, worry growing in the pit of her stomach.
“Me too.” Robin blurted, y/n furrowing her eyebrows confused. “I a-also like girls. Not experimentally or anything but like really. Like i- i mean… woman, am i right? But that’s great you do too i didn’t know there were more people like me around here. I mean, woo!”
Robins rambling made y/n chuckle slightly, then making Robin also giggle.
“God, i’m so sorry i talk a- a lot. I should really stop.”
“You’re cute Buckley.” Y/n laughed, beginning to resume walking, leaving Robin standing, a blush on her face and an all consuming smile.
Turning and returning to y/n’s side, the two walked. They walked in silence.
Robin wasn’t one to like long periods of silence. Whether it was around friends, her parents, or even when she was alone. But this silence, it was like none other she’d experienced.
It was comforting. No tension in the air and the gentle bouncing of the them bumping into each other as they walked was enough to keep Robins mind grounded, an inevitable smile remaining present on her face.
After a few seconds, y/n brought her hand up to the back of Robins arm, cautious and gentle. Almost as though she were testing the waters.
When Robin separated her arm, putting her elbow out towards y/n. Taking her approval, y/n interlocked her arm with Robins and leaned her head slightly on her shoulder.
Robin felt her heart beat increase. Combating the urge to grin like a maniac.
“This is me, Buck.” Y/n said, halting and making Robin stop in the process.
“Dear god never call me that again.” Robin laughed. She stepped forward in front of y/n.
Once their laughter died down, the two just stood there, under the light above them, Robin with her hands in her pockets and y/n fiddling with hers in front of her.
“So, i wanna ask you something. You totally don’t have to say yes and just know i’m not asking this just cause you’re the only other girl around here i know that also likes other girls. Like i totally like you for you and i have for a while now so, again, don’t feel obligated but do-”
“Yes to?”
“Yes to going on a date with you.” y/n assured.
“Ok. Great! Awesome. Truly wonderful.” Robin said, slightly louder than she would’ve liked.
“Tomorrow, my place at 6. Bring movies.” Y/n said, Robin nodding.
“Sounds great.”
“I’ll see you then, Buck.” y/n said and turned around to walk up to her house, but, not before leaning forward and kissing Robins cheek.
Robin stood on the street, staring at y/n go into her house and holding back every urge to jump up and down.
Holy shit i have to go tell Steve.
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Tumblr media
shawn levy did this in 2.5 hours and yall are doubting what he can do in 4?! get a grip bylers!
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Mike Wheeler is THE fan of Will Byers
Tumblr media
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i’ve never been so terrified for a friday in my life like
Tumblr media
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mindswriters · a day ago
stuck with me - eddie munson
Tumblr media
summary: there's no way you're leaving eddie alone, not even when he's accused of murder and you're about to face monsters from another world.
pairing: eddie munson × female!reader (almost gn except for using the word girlfriend one single time)
warnings: established relationship but not public to everyone, you also didn't know about the upside down before (joined the gang when they were looking for eddie), half of it is basically a rewrite of s04e03 so yes, it has spoilers, probably typos and maybe grammar errors, suggestiveness towards the end but far from actual smut, curse words and I think that's it.
word count: 2.5k
a/n: another eddie fic because, well, i'm obsessed. wrote it last night while i should be studying for the test i'll have in a couple minutes, so please be kind and leave your note to supress my lack of intelligence and interest in physics! hope y'all like it!
“Delivery service!” opening the door, you and Dustin sing song with a smile, showing the amount of bags in your hands to a startled and breathy version of Eddie.
“Jesus H Christ, you scared the shit out of me, you pricks.” he says dropping his broken glass bottle and coming up to greet you.
“Hello for you too, my outlaw boyfriend!” you joke before giving a quick peck on his lips, hands too busy with bags to give him a proper hug.
“No funny in that but yes, hi, baby. What’s all this?” Eddie says peeking through the bags Robin and Steve had already dropped on the table.
“Junk food and beers.” Robin says in a breath, leaning against the door.
“That and a lot of unnecessary things that Y/n made us grab too.” Steve complains rolling his eyes to you, who was organizing your own things in a corner.
“Toilet paper is needed, Steve.” Max mumbles, taking a seat in an old cooler box that was around.
“Yes, it is. But mixtapes, D&D magazines, and super-secret polaroids are not.” now leaning against one of the walls, Steve keeps muttering.
“What? You brought my D&D magazines? And our super-secret polaroids?” Eddie stops his search for food around the bags to at once look at you.
“Yes, I did. God knows how much time you’re gonna be stuck here.” you smirk dropping your backpack carefully in the ground, going towards the boat to take a seat for you.
“Shit, when did you get them?” he asks excitedly, grabbing a Yoo-hoo bottle and a box of Honeycomb, before joining you in the boat.
“Probably when she made us wait a full round of 15 minutes outside her house, which wasn’t even in the same direction as the supermarket.” Dustin said arching his eyebrows in your direction, earning a roll of your eyes.
“Would you guys just stop complaining?” Max scoffs to the boys.
“Yeah, we have important stuff to talk about here.” Robin completes and you thank them with your eyes, because you knew that Eddie was about to ask why you made them stop by your house.
“Thanks, girls.” you murmur while forcing a smile to Steve and Dustin.
“Okay, hit me then, what you’ve got?” Eddie shrugs saying for them to continue.
“So, we got, uh, some good news and some bad news. How do you prefer it?” Dustin asks carefully.
“Bad news first, always.” Ed responds with his mouth full from eating desperately, making you frown to his gross attitude.
“Alright, bad news. We tapped into the Hawkins PD dispatch with our Cerebro, and they’re definitely looking for you. Also, they’re, uh, pretty convinced that you killed Chrissy.” Dustin explains, Eddie’s eyes almost popping out of his head.
“Like, 100% kind of convinced.” Max completes twitching her eyebrows.
“Which makes 0% kind of sense.” you add your own opinion, even though it’s not necessary since Eddie knows that you guys believe him.
“And the good news?” Ed asks, wondering if you could really bring something good at this point.
“Your name hasn't gone public yet. But if we found out about you, it’s only a matter of time before others do too. And once that gets out, everyone and their shadow-minded mother is gonna be gunning for you.” Robin said all at once, being the rational thinker in the situation.
“Hunt the freak, right?” Eddie says with a crack in his voice, due to his anxious trembling lips.
“Exactly.” Robin agrees but offering a concerning smile.
“Shit.” the metal head whispers, making you bring your body closer to his, arms brushing as a small signal of comfort.
“So, before that happens, we need to find Vecna, kill him, and prove your innocence.” Dustin concludes the plan, which sounded easy if told in the voice tone he used.
“That’s all, Dustin, that’s all?” Eddie rhetorically asks, kind of incredulous that the kid was being serious with him.
“Yeah, uhm, that’s pretty much it.” the younger boy confirms shaking his head, supported by Steve who also nodded positively.
“Oh, you guys are being serious. Of course, you’re being serious.” you scoff, thinking about how crazy this plan sounds to you and Eddie.
“Listen, Eddie, I know everything Dustin is saying sounds totally delusional, but we’ve actually been through this kind of thing before.” Robin calmly says, trying to put some hope into you.
“I haven’t.” you state staring between her and Eddie.
“I mean, they have a… a few times, and I… I have once. Mine was more human-flesh-based, theirs was more smoke-related, but bottom line is, collectively, I really feel like we got this.” she finishes with a positive smile. If you and Eddie were cartoon characters, you’d surely have question marks above your heads right now.
“Yes. We usually rely on this girl who has superpowers, but, uh, those went bye-bye, so…” Steve finally says, still searching words to explain what’s on his mind.
“So, we’re technically in more of the…” Robin tries to help him but is not successfully also.
“Kinda…” both of them starts to mumble random words, making it hard for you and Eddie to follow.
“Brainstorming phase.” Max interrupts, catching everyone’s attention.
“Brainstorming.” Steve repeats snaping his fingers at her when she finds the perfect word.
“There’s… there’s nothing to worry about.” Dustin splutters followed by a thumbs up from Steve, making you and Eddie exchange shocked looks. Before you could say or question anything, you were all startled by sirens wailing on the street.
“Shit.” Steve runs quickly to one of the windows.
“Tarp. Tarp. Use the tarp.” Robin says before following Steve, you make quick work in getting out from the boat and helping Eddie hide under the tarp.
You all run towards the small windows of the cabin when the sirens increase, seeing two police cars and an ambulance fast crossing the road in the direction of the woods. Thank God they wouldn’t pay any attention to Rick’s house by the lake, or you’d be screwed.
“Holy shit, what now?” you say running your hands through your hair.
“Follow them. Let’s follow them and find out what happened, it must have a clue for Vecna or something.” Robin says, Steve searching in his pocket for the car keys in the next second.
“Eddie, stay there and keep it cool. We’ll come back as soon as possible.” Dustin says when leaving the cabin with the others.
You were about to follow them when it passes through your head, what if we don’t come back? The thought alone making you stop in your tracks and look above your shoulder, seeing how Eddie tried to peek discretely from under the tarp. With everything that happened on the last two days, you couldn’t leave him alone, not again. You just left the night before because you needed to get supplements, and you wouldn’t have asked for Steve to stop by your house if you hadn’t considered the possibility of sticking with Eddie before. His D&D magazines, mixtapes and super-secret polaroids weren’t the only thing you got from your house, but also some clothes and necessary items for you, you just didn’t want to tell it to the group because you knew they would question your risky decision.
“Hey, Dustin!” you yell, running towards the boy and directly grabbing his backpack.
“Come on, Y/n, what are you waiting for?” the boy huffs wondering why you’d stop him in the middle of a hurry.
“Where are your radio-receivers? The Walkie-Talkies?” you ask searching around his things.
“Here, but why do want them now?” he answers opening another compartment and handing you one of his radio-receivers.
“Come on, Y/l/n, we don’t have the whole day!” Steve calls from the car, Max being the only one who waited for you with the door open.
“I’m sticking with him.” you confess to Dustin while closing his backpack.
“You´re what? Y/n, that’s risky, you never dealt with this before, what if-“ the boy starts rambling, but you are quick to shut him down.
“I’m here for him, it makes no sense in leaving. It’s decided, I’m staying.” you say earning a warning look from Dustin “We’ll be ok. Teams, remember? If anything, we’ll call for you.” you offer an assuring smile.
“Shit, okay. Just be careful, and don’t do anything stupid.” the boy warns with a sigh before running alone towards the car.
“Good luck.” you wave your receiver in the air when you notice the confused faces from Robin, Steve and Max.
Besides understanding your message, they still hesitated for a second before listening to Dustin and starting the car, leaving you behind. Taking a deep breath, you watched the car slowly disappear within the road, already taking backward steps to come back into the cabin. When you turned in your feet to face it, you saw the tarp in the exact same position it was when you left, saying that Eddie was still there, sighing, you closed the metal door carefully, trying to make less noise possible and not startle him.
“You can uncover now. It’s clear.” you say approaching the boat again, and Eddie was fast to get up when he heard your voice.
“Y/n? What the fuck are you still doing here?” you can feel how worried he is by the mix between his tone and face expression.
“Uh, they thought it was better for one of us to stay?” you answer but in a doubting tone, you know Eddie, he’s stubborn and overprotective when it comes to you doing things because of him.
“Don’t bullshit me, I heard Steve calling for you.” he gave you a serious stare, making your eyes involuntary switch to the ground “Come on, baby, it’s fucking dangerous for you to stay here. The police are looking for me, and soon the whole town will be doing so. I’m innocent, yeah, but it’s kinda hard for me to prove it right now, but now you? You have nothing to do with that.”
“Yes, I do.” you firmly say, forcing yourself to look at him after being caught “I’m your girlfriend, best friend, and when we established that we agreed that we were stuck with each other for life. There’s no way I’m not sticking with you.” you protest getting closer to him inside the boat.
“We said that when we weren’t dealing with murders, haunts and supernatural shit.” he scoffs rolling his eyes.
“So what? It doesn’t change anything for me. And don’t act as if you would hesitate to do the same if I was the banished one.” you accidentally let your voice sound a little too irritated, gulping as soon as noticed it.
“Baby, it’s just… I don’t want anything bad to happen with you. If what Robin said about this another world is true, I believe that what I saw happening with Chrissy is just the top of the iceberg. I don’t want you to go through this.” he says looking back at you, his hand hesitantly gripping above your knee.
“I didn’t want you to either.” you shift closer in one motion, grabbing his cold hand in your small one “It’s decided Eddie, I’m not changing my mind. If something bad happens, it’s gonna be to the both of us, but I’m sure that if we stick together, like we always did, we’ll fucking kill it and have freaking amazing stories to tell our grandchildren in the future.” you assure him with teary eyes but also the shadow of a smile.
“Fuck, I love you.” he breaths out after a moment of silence from him just staring right into your eyes “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” he whispered between soft kisses, starting by your hand and tracing all the way up your arm.
“You don’t have to do anything. We’re made for loving each other, remember?” you smile caressing his left cheek with your delicate hand “I love you too, Eddie the Banished.” you softly laugh using the new nickname he gave to himself, before kissing him romantically.
“Hm, you know what?” he murmurs against your lips as soon as the kiss starts to become more passionate.
“Uh oh, here it comes. What is it, Eds?” you asked already knowing that he had something not so usual in his mind.
“I guess I won’t need those polaroids anymore, uh? Now that I have you here with me.” he smirks, while putting a strand of hair out of your face.
“For God’s sake, Edward!” you laugh playfully shoving his shoulder and calling him by his name “You really telling me that, even in the actual scenario, the first thing that comes to your mind is our carnal deeds, Munson?” you point around the cabin and the boat you’re in, arching one of your eyebrows when staring at your boyfriend.
“Hey, don’t shame me for that, Y/l/n. Or you’re gonna tell me that you weren’t thinking about our carnal deeds when you brought the blessed polaroids to me, uh?” he said cocking his eyebrows, his tongue lightly smothering his lips when he noticed you had nothing to say against him “Ha! See, I’m right. You dirty little thing.” he claps his palms startling you, but immediately jumping in your direction to cover you in ticklish kisses.
“Okay, okay, I surrender! Maybe I was, but it was me trying to help you!” you laugh defending yourself, trying not to fall out of the boat.
“Yeah, you can help me now, you know, up close and personal…” he whispers moving his messy kisses to your neck.
“Hold on there, Casanova.” you smile carefully stopping him “I’m not sure if I feel like doing it under a tarp at Reefer Rick’s dirty cabin.” you chuckle.
“Yep, kinda nasty, I’m sorry.” He grits his teeth, kissing your hand as an apology.
“It’s okay.” you smile widely back at him “Actually, I’m kinda hungry, and I bought noodles, cheese and bacon… So, how about we get to the house, put our mixtapes for good use and cook ourselves a decent meal, huh?” you suggest grinning.
“What if someone sees or hears us?” he gives you puppy eyes.
“They won’t. We can always keep the house closed, and I’m almost sure that Reefer Rick would totally listen to the same records as us.” you say while getting up from the boat.
“Maybe you do have a point.” he shrugs, grabbing his jacket from under him.
“Plus, up there he probably has a bed, or even a couch, which is much more comfortable than a boat and a tarp.” you smirk reaching your hand out for him.
“Hell yeah, they’re definitely hearing us.” he matches your expression before grabbing your fingers and getting up to follow you.
Deep down, you know that this is short-term joy, a way you easily found to forget about all the shit that’s happening to you both right now. But that’s why you’re here, to help Eddie unwind at the same time you keep growing this everlasting love for each other, because honestly, it doesn't matter if the world is ending out there, as long as you and Eddie are together, you’ll always be happy.
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eddie’s hyper fem gf moodboard 🩰🧸
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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