random-fandom-whump · 2 days ago
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Once Upon a Time S05E08 ↳ RFW's Favorite OUAT Whump Moments
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of-wounds-and-woes · 2 days ago
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Home and Away, episodes 7796 - 7797
Tane gets stabbed once again…
Last GIF is a bonus, Home and Away, the gift that just keeps on giving :)
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dinuxia-bhm · a day ago
Something I should've posted long ago...
How INFINITY WAR should've gone...
Tumblr media
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whumpyourenemy · 6 months ago
Hidden Injury dialogue that makes my heart just stop beating
'Whose blood is that?'
'Do you know how pale you look right now?'
'You're burning up'
'You're sick'
'You can barely keep your eyes open.. When was the last time you slept?'
'Take off your shirt. Don't give me that look'
'What was that? You winced.'
'You've got to do better than that if you want to fool me'
'Walk then. Come on, walk towards me. I bet you can't even take a step'
'You're hurt'
'I know you're hurt. And I'm tired of waiting for you to bring it up'
'You can trust me' (Whumpee denies it) *Caretaker gives them a pat and leaves. The first aid kit sits in their place
'I knew it, you're sick.' 'Go away'
'I'm fine'
'Don't give me that bullshit'
'We need to get you to a medic NOW'
'I just need to rest'
Caretaker desperately shaking whumpee awake, calling their name over and over
'How could you let it get this bad?'
'I'm no use to you, injured' 'You're even less use if you're dead'
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one-time-i-dreamt · 2 months ago
My stepdad accidentally stabbed me in the butt with a sewing awl. I can't remember exactly but I think I superglued the wound shut and woke up after that.
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whumpypepsigal · a month ago
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Moon Knight s01e03: “Give Them What They Deserve.”
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whumpty-dumpty · 14 days ago
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Grantchester S07E06
requested by @theofficialdramallama
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whumpapalooza · 5 days ago
(because I can never find this specific scene alone, I trimmed it myself)
(also lmao I have never watched this show, I just think Shawn Ashmore whumps so convincingly and this scene is very touching)
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sleepeven-deader · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
“It has to be you. The Eye won’t let me do it.”
I've been working on this off and on for the past few months and it's finally done! I had some trouble with this drawing, but I’m really proud of how it turned out.
(Please click for better quality and a better look!)
Under the cut are some close ups, sketches, etc.
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wonderwhump · 2 months ago
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Merlin, 3x04
Gwaine - Eoin Macken is one good looking man!
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insertsomthinawesome · 3 months ago
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Febuwhump - Alt prompt 3 - Shrapnel (Drawing No.2)
It was through this drawing that I realized that Shrapnel was something that gave me the tiniest teeniest bit of nope. xD Not enough nope to not draw it, nor to freak me out, but still, it's there! Also this marks the 100th piece of Genshin Fanart I've posted to Deviant art!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ It don’t have any other fandoms for which I have posted so much art! On Tumblr or DA. Thanks for being here for it all peeps!
miHoYo is the owner and creator of Genshin Impact
Please do not REPOST, EDIT, or USE this art without Permission.
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leoissimping · 20 days ago
I’m Fine
Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader
Warnings: Explicit discussion of stabbing, cleaning of wounds, blood, a shit ton of blood, explicit descriptions of blood, mentions of sex, cuddling, spooning, forehead/top of head kisses, NG self insert, not gendered (y/n), no use of (y/n), 
Summary: You find Matt laying on the floor in his apartment, putting pressure on a stab wound, and you help take care of him. Fluff ensues, mixed with a lot of flirting and a top of the head kiss.
Word Count: 1.2k
You found him on the floor of his apartment, gasping for breath and hand pressed against a wound, blood from it staining the hardwoods and his skin. His suit was thrown on the floor beside him, his eyes wide and wild, scanning the area he heard you in.
You rushed over, groceries you had brought discarded haphazardly on the floor as you slid beside him, immediately bringing your hands to lift his hands from his wound, pulling his shirt above the cut, now only trickling blood.
"Matt, are you able to speak."
He gasped, a soft, weak 'yes' spilling out of his lips followed by a groan.
"When did this happen?" You ask, getting up quickly to run to his bathroom, opening the cabinets under his sink to grab all of the medical supplies you could see,a bowl of water, and rag.
"About-" he gasped in pain as you press down on the wound, praying the bleeding stopped as soon as possible. "About an hour ago, across town. Mugger overwhelmed me and found a soft spot in the armor, ran away with the purse."
You cringe at the thought of him running back here on the rooftop, gritting his teeth as he fought to not collapse in pain.
"Why the fuck did you not call me, Matt."
He cringed at the visceral anger in your tone, gasping you let off pressure, pulling off the cloth, sighing in relief as you saw only coagulated blood.
"I didn't want to bother- I was fine. I am fine." You scoff, dipping the now bloody rag into the water, watching as the blood spread like food coloring in the clear. You pulled out the cloth, wringing the water out.
"How much blood did you lose? Enough to need a transfusion?" You wiped around the wound, gentle as you could be. He shook his head, eyes closed as he relaxed into your careful ministrations.
"Not enough for transfusion. I'll be fine, I told you."
You couldn't help but feel a little satisfied as he hissed soon after the idiotic statement, his knuckles blanching white as he balled his hands into fists to stop himself from writhing in pain as you wiped the quickly scabbing wound with alcohol.
"You're not fine, and you could have fucking bled out had I not came by to give you groceries. Which are still on the floor, by the way, asshole."
He went silent at your anger, barely reacting as you rubbed on antibiotic ointment, pressing a thick bandage onto the wound. You made quick work of bandaging the wound, wrapping around his torso to keep pressure on it, softly whispering for him to move his chest up as you went around his back.
You stood, cringing as the metallic smell of blood finally hit your nose. You walked to the sink, watching as the blood ran off of your hands in a river of watered down red, swirling as it drained.
You heard him moving before you saw him in your peripherals. You quickly turned, storming over as he struggled to get up.
You grabbed his arm, slinging it around your neck, walking with him over to the bar. You cringed as you felt a wet feeling soak into your side, realizing quickly it was the risidual blood on his shirt. You stopped, propping him on the counter, turning to face him.
You moved to pull his shirt over his head, careful as you grabbed the hem to avoid the dark stain of blood on his left.
"As much as I am down to, don't you think it's a little soon after I've been stabbed to start shedding clothes?"
You swat him on his arm, scoffing. "Stop trying to get into my pants, Murdock. Just trying to make sure you don't get blood all over those expensive, silky sheets in your bed, sweetheart."
You manage to finally pull it over his head, discarding it on the ground. "Oh wow, trying to get me into bed and calling me sweetheart. You really are falling hard."
You just huff a laugh, grabbing his arm once again to walk him to his room. He sits on the edge of the bed, gasping slightly as he did so in pain. "This one's gonna sting for a while, won't it."
"Most likely. Do you need your phone by the bed, in case you need any more help?"
He went silent. You watched him as he balled the covers under him into his hands. "Can-" he cursed under his breath, heaving a sigh. "Can you stay here?"
You can't help but blush at the request, turning even redder when you remember he can sense the blood rushing to your cheeks.
"You can sleep on the couch, or I can sleep on the couch, I just... in case I do need some extra help. Like with bandages." You knew subconsciously that it wasn't truly about him possibly needing his bandaging redone, but you weren't going to bring it up.
"Absolutely not," you say, crossing your arms. He seems to stiffen, expecting you to say something about how strange it would be. "I will not be sleeping on that god awful couch, and neither will you. You'll reopen your wound, and I'm not getting back pain for the next day because you want us to be in separate rooms."
He seemed to relax, letting out a soft chuckle at your snarky response.
"I have to go put your groceries up. You lay down, and don't move too much. I do not want to get blood on my hands again. Literally."
He sighed, twisting to push his feet into the bed and under the covers, flopping down as his head bounced on the pillow under him. You made quick work of putting up the food you had gotten, sighing as you threw away a carton of milk that had burst in your rush to get to the then bleeding Matt.
You made your way to the bedroom, walking over to his dresser, pulling out a pair of his gym shorts and a t-shirt that made you look two times smaller than you actually were. You pulled off your graphic tee and jeans, tugging on his clothes quickly, ignoring the attention you knew Matt was giving you.
"why does it feel like your staring at my ass right now." He was turned on his good side, head propped on his hand as eyes stared in your direction, distant as always, burning with something you couldn't, or didn't, want to place.
He shrugged, rolling back to lay on his back, staring at the ceiling. You climbed into his bed, running a hand over the expensive sheets appreciatively before slipping under the thick covers, rolling yourself in them like a burrito. You began laughing as you heard Matt's protests, rolling as he unfurled the covers around you, rolling you towards him in the process.
You found yourself with your nose brushing against his chest, his breath fanning hot against the top of your head. "Nice to see you here," you say jokingly, eyes wide as you looked up at him.
You twist around, your back to him, gasping slightly as an arms snakes around your waist. He pulls you to him, chest colliding with his back. "Is this okay," he asks softly, chin resting on the top of your head.
"Is it alright with you?" You ask softly, your fingers tracing the veins in his hand resting on your stomach.
"As long as it is with you."
"Just shut up and go to sleep, Murdock." He huffs, brushing his lips against the top of your head.
"Good night."
"Good night."
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whump-side · a month ago
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A little compilation of old drawings that fit this month's prompt "Stabbed" @whumpers-monthly
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one-time-i-dreamt · 2 months ago
I was in the Hunger Games, was stabbed, and died. When I woke up, I could still feel the pain of being stabbed for hours afterwards.
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tim-drakes-showgirl-wings · 4 months ago
Roy: Jason please go to the hospital-
Jason: I’m sorry is it our stab wound? Stay out of it.
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whumpypepsigal · 8 months ago
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Malignant (2021): George Young as Det. Kekoa Shaw
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aceofwhump · 27 days ago
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Red Dragon (2002)
by request
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whumpdaydreamerx · 2 months ago
Tactical vest visual I love:
When Whumpee is wearing a bulletproof or tactical type vest. And they either get shot, stabbed, or hurt by something that went through the vest. They go down. Either the Whumper/threat is taken care of by the rest of the team, or they get away. Caretaker notices Whumpee writhing on the ground and immediately panics. They drop whatever’s in their hands and immediately kneel down beside them.
Caretaker frantically trying to take the vest off to check what damage was done. Desperately, hastily undoing belts and straps, buckles and clips. Tugging away at it. Whumpee grimacing and groaning from being jostled, instinctually trying to push Caretaker’s hands away albeit weakly. The weak moan as the vest is pulled from their torso. Caretaker anxiously ripping clothes away and running their hand over Whumpee’s heaving chest to assess wounds.
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prodbionic · 5 days ago
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knights-in-whumperland · a month ago
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Grid: Episode 10
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