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habaritess · 13 hours ago
Did you see Seb's interview ?, and did you see Sebastian's reaction when asked when he was going fishing with Anthony? he seemed kind of pressured or upset about having to give an answer to that, I got the impression he didn't like it because he felt pressured to have to answer. What do you think ?
So I watched the video and I can't see any upset feelings from Sebastian. It seemed to me like the guy was more resigned at the fact that he knows Anthony been asking him to come fishing and he been meaning to do so, he just hasn't gotten to planning it all yet. it felt like them asking reminded him that he needs to get his butt down to New Orleans and hang out with Anthony already.
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habaritess · 13 hours ago
Do you have a theory on why Stackie was separated for some of the Infinity War press tours? It did seem like the team was trying out different pairings, but then went back to Stackie after a while.
I don't think it was intentional. My guess is, because Sebastian and Anthony weren't ever the focus in Infinity War, they weren't going by that formula. Sebastian, Tom, and Letitia were all breakout stars in their films so putting them together to increase the viewership of those videos made sense. It also a way to advertise that Bucky, Shuri. and Loki were going to be in the movie. When you look at Winter Soldier and Civil War promos, it made sense to put Anthony and Sebastian together since they are the main characters and interacted throughout the movie.
For whatever reason we still haven't got confirmation of, Anthony and Sebastian were put together in the last minute for the Infinity War promos. My guess is, one of them or both asked to be placed together.
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happyendingsz · 13 hours ago
"A lot of that scene was improvised. I think we were filming that scene and in between takes we walked out and recorded a Valentine's day video. I said to him "Anthony, I think you and I have to go on Instagram and tell people that Valentine's day will be okay." and he was like "I'm in."
Sebastian Stan on filming the couple therapy scene
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habaritess · 13 hours ago
I don't know why people are so shocked by what Sebastian said he has attachment issues with Anthony , it can be interpreted in many ways. Even though we , Stackie fans, we know Sebastian has been in love with Mackie for many years.
It not so much as him saying it that is shocking, it more of the context around why he said it that surprising, at least for me. Him saying it actually makes sense, but I'd expect it in one of his solo interviews when they ask him about how working with Anthony is like, or something similar to that. Not out of the blue in a totally none related question with Anthony and his co-stars all there to hear.
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habaritess · 13 hours ago
Actually I think in panel when Seb said he can't trust people it strike me as him trying to show he have the same problem as Mackie😅
I dont know how explain it but I think it was an unconscious behaviour like you say my friend has trust issues but I am like that as well:))))
Anyway....he paid absolutely no attention to the question but he paud attention to Anthonys answer and the conversation between Paul and Lizzie😂
Yeah he was agreeing with Mackie when he said he couldn't trust no one. He actually did answer the question, it looks like he just wanted to direct the conversation into a more Mackie-filled direction, lol.
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andi-and-thats-all · 17 hours ago
Sam *singing and recording* be honest I'm a hetero guy but I really try to be a good ally and it ain't no secret let me tell you why, it's cause I love my wife and my wife is ✨Bi✨. *point to Bucky* Bi wife energy he has bi wife energy, bi wife energy he has bi wife enr-
Bucky*interrupting Sam* GAY HUSBAND ENERGY! HE HAS GAY HUSBAND ENERGY! GAY HUSBAND ENERGY HE HAS GAY HUSBAND ENERGY! Because he is very gay *wink and smile*
Sam*disappointed stare* Why...just tell me WHY?!
Bucky: Because it's very true. Byeee
Sam: Oh no you don't!
Bucky: What is it Sammy Sam Sam?
*End of the recording*
P.S: Gay Sam it was just my idea for the dialogue, also old idea
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wenellyb · 22 hours ago
I love seeing the difference in reaction from people who are used to being around Stackie and people who are not.
When there were panels with the cast and crew from the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the rest of the crew was just in awe and just let Sebastian and Anthony do their thing and watched them in admiration, but didn’t look surprised when Sebastian was laughing like his life depended on it they were acting like it was totally normal.
It was the same before, when Seb and Anthony were with the Russos brothers, or other cast members they’re used to hanging out with, no one was behaving like Anthony or Seb being extra about each other was a big deal.
But during that Virtual TV Fest, you could tell that the Tom, Lizzie and Paul Bet are not used to hanging around both Sebastian and Anthony at the same time because when Sebastian talked about having attachment issue...None of them understood what was going on and acted as if they had landed in a parrallel universe. 
I almost feel bad for them, they were not prepared for the Stackie Thunderforce.
It reminds me of Paul Rudd, reaction when Sebastian had started talking about the lube and Seb saying “Well I gotta get in there”.
Like come on, this isn’t even in the top 5 of the most intense stuff Seb has said about Anthony. If you can’t even handle this, what will you think when you see the rest😂😂😂??
And I absolutely loooved Anthony’s reaction. He really had the best reaction. He wasn’t embarrassed or didn’t make it weird, he just started laughing and didn’t look surprised one bit, Anthony really was like “This is a normal Thursday for me, thank you Seb”. I love how he was so casual about it.
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the-power-broker · a day ago
Seb posted it on valentines day!!
Not the one I was talking about,we both know, but its too sacred to be deleted off my inbox 😌
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the-power-broker · a day ago
I found it!! Omg they are so hilarious aww 💜💜💜
Afsgsg !! Yes, they are 😂😂 why did I found about this so late
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darksideoftheshipps · a day ago
Me and my soulmate are something like Seb and Anthony. We have really strong chemistry between us.
We have kind of ✨bromance✨ and she's Anthony to my Sebastian ❤️ she's Tom Holland to my Jake Gyllenhaal. She's Sam to my Bucky. And Venom to my Brock ✌🏻 Cuz I have her under my skin.
And I love her so much. ( Don't want to be pathetic but I really feel something for her ✨)
It's kinda funny how we met. It was in November 2017 and we both were deep in shits. Like REALLY DEEP MAN. We both went through anorexia Nervosa. So we met at the psychiatric ward in a hospital in Pilsen.
And now I can tell for both of we're out of it.
She's still struggling with a weight a little bit now but her mind is clear ✨
We are really dynamic duo. 🦾😎🔥
( yeah and I did a fanart of us cuz we ship us 😂🌈💍)
Tumblr media
Our ship name is Torrite.
I call myself Torri and she's Kate so TORRITE or KATORRI
(Tereza and Kateřina irl)
Tumblr media
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wenellyb · a day ago
The anon who wondered if Seb and Anthony are a couple isn't the only one wondering that. I was on Twitter when Seb posted his birthday message for Anthony and lot of people went "awww" while I saw many others wondering if they were dating and some asking if he just did his coming out.
Hi Anon,
Thanks for letting me know, I see absolutely no problem with people assuming they're dating, when they don't know them, that's why I told that Anon that I didn't think their question was rude. It depends on the type of friendship you are used to seeing.
I see a problem with people who know Anthony and Seb and know they're not dating but still are "pushing" the "they're secretly in a relationship" topic.
But yeah Seb will always be extra about expressing his love there's no changing that I think!
Completely off topic but since you made me think about the birthday post. Anthony doesn't use social media a lot and at the time, he hardly even used Instagram so I'm wondering if he even saw Seb's post or if Seb had to send it to him and say "look what I wrote for you"😂
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the-power-broker · a day ago
I wake up and i still remember how sebastian said he had to remind anthony that daniel is also in the scene... Like boi are you trying to show off you've got all of Anthony's attention? Lmaoooo
Lmao nia 😂😂
That interview was just awesome !! Seb was not interested in talking with anyone, but he definitely went there to show off that he is Anthony's best friend 😂😂
How I imagined the phone convo went
Seb: hey anthony, are you attending that variety tv fest meet ??
Anthony: yeah, you ??
Seb: if youre attending, them im attending too, but dont expect me to co-operate and make polite talks.
Anthony: you...dont have to ??
Seb: Nah, im gonna. You can't roast Tom alone lmao. Ill also get to show off how I can move a paper from my left hand to the right one.
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habaritess · a day ago
I keep going back going his bday message because I was watching that interview and what he said and I was thinking "light of my life, indeed" . Like certain things he say may seem like jokes but with time you figure it might not be.
After seeing how he wrote cheesy messages to his other friends in the past( tho those messages were no where near as long or as sappy love like what he wrote to Anthony), now I think it wasn't done in a semi-joking manner at all. Sebastian is just that kind of guy. Super freaking cheesy.
And it amazes me. Like none of that was a joke, he was probably 100% serious about it. Like how in the world...
And I always took the "light of my life" as him being serious. That part to me is too close to "one of the perks" to me for it not to be.
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habaritess · a day ago
it was so interesting to see their reactions to seb and mackie's relationship too 😅 Lizzie thought it was a cute big bro/lil bro situation and Tom thought it was like watching the couples therapy scene from tfatws! and seb's response to that was to just dismiss both of their analysis by inviting lizzie to an aroma cafe or something?? meanwhile anthony was just laughing thru the chaos. I swear he's secretly giddy at how much seb likes him
Well Sebastian just put his love out there to them out of the blue like that. Like how do you respond to what Sebastian said if you were in their shoes? He sorta told them they didn't matter to him and that he has attachment issues to one of their co-workers. They were put in a awkward situation and Elizabeth tried to analyze it while Tom tried to compliment them by telling them they are like their characters on the show( and my god, Tom had a point there). And what Elizabeth said wasn't correct at all to either Anthony or Sebastian and the whole taking her out as a response to what she said didn't make much sense to me(possibly an inside joke?).
Oh yeah, I definitely think Anthony loves being the center of Sebastian attentions. I do think even he gets caught off guard and laughs awkwardly when Sebastian says it in unexpected moments like what happened here tho.
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habaritess · a day ago
There are so many more layers to Stackie than I initially realised. Seb dropped that attachment bit when the topic was about rl ppl they could trust, and either Lizzie or Paul made a jab that maybe Anthony has no one he could trust irl, but they do. So, that's what prompted Seb's comment, and thinking of some reasons why he may have said that: 1. That was his roundabout way of saying Mackie has him to trust irl or 2. He was upset about their insensitivity and simply wanted to back up his buddy 3. He was upset with that comment and he wanted to let them know that he really wouldn't have even been with them on that panel if not for Anthony.
He actually deflected and managed to make Anthony look the best in that situation somehow, so kudos to him lol. I've been learning to read Seb a bit better lately, he's more about intent, the result may be a little shaky or confusing, but if you see the cause the picture becomes clearer.
So I listen to it again with your 1, 2, 3 in mind and I can't see it. He answered the question first by saying he doesn't trust anyone either, than he directed it to another direction. If I were to guess what was on Seb mind, it kinda seem to me like Seb took Paul and Elizabeth joking with Mackie as the conversation being about Mackie now, so he added his little personal tidbit to it. He didn't really care about the question, like so many of the other questions he was given in this interview. He just wanted to talk about Mackie because Mackie is one of his favorite subjects to talk about.
But it's an interesting theory. Other people might agree with you.
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habaritess · a day ago
Sebastian: "Before this Variety call, I had a conversation with Anthony where I was like “I just wanna know that you’ll be on this call." I can’t be alone. I think I have attachment issue, now, to him." I just... I wasn't expecting that admission today.
First of all, where are the people who were saying that Sebastian little Anthony-focus days were over? I gotta see sumthing.
Tumblr media
Anyways, I'm going to be nice, but now I see why they put Sebastian with Anthony all those years ago because....mmmmhhhhhhh. He said very little and what he did say didn't make much sense.
But it does make a Stackie heart flutter. This whole interview had a lot of great Stackie moments. Anthony always including Sebastian in his responses, them laughing hard at each other jokes, and their overall camaraderie.
Tho Sebastian man. That guy really takes the cake. He has no chill. When he said that thing about attachment issue, I read about it. I didn't know he said it with Mackie right there. I than saw the short clip of him saying it and I wondered what was the context surrounding that response, what in the world made him say it with a bunch of his co-workers of all people. Than I watch the whole thing and I'm kinda like, really? Everyone was having a cute little conversation about trusting people with Marvel secrets and avoiding spilling secrets, Elizabeth brings it to you and give you a chance to join in the fun, than you basically admit to everyone that you checked to see if Anthony was also joining in because otherwise, you don't think interviewing with them all would be fun at all. Maybe as he was saying it, he probably saw how that probably came across and clarified it by talking about how he might have an attachment issue to Mackie( it not you guys, it's me). It was very random. I gotta wonder what going on his mind sometimes. And I see Anthony laughing here because Seb just made things hella awkward because his remark was so out there.
Than when the interviewer does ask him direct questions, he gave the bare minimum to them, but he will turn the answers to Mackie if he could help it! Like when he interrupted Tom and asked him about whether or not he improvised so that he can make that comment about Anthony joking around with him so much that they left out Daniel Bruhl. He was quiet for most of this interview but spoke up usually when it about Mackie. Like him mentioning all the awards the movies that Anthony was in got or adding how Anthony calls Kevin every week. Dude definitely comes alive when he can talk or reference Anthony.
Attachment issue is right. The guy has no chil and we are forever loving it.
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habaritess · a day ago
Warning: One person opinion on the Marvel zoom meetup shenanigans.
Tumblr media
I’m surprised that I actually found this zoom interview interesting! A lot of them are a hit or miss for me. Watched the whole thing and it was very interesting seeing the group dynamics. If I have to based it only on there interaction in this interview and only this one, Anthony seems drawn to everyone, Sebastian is drawn to Mackie, Paul is drawn to Mackie and Elizabeth, Elizabeth is drawn to Paul and Mackie, and Tom to Paul. 
I was looking forward to seeing Elizabeth and Paul dynamic. I’ve seen only a few of their partner interviews and it usually quite friendly, but nothing that strike as super close. They didn’t interact all too much here but I definitely see the warmth. I have to say, I do enjoy Elizabeth. I love how mindful she is. She stopped Mackie from interrupting Tom and she tried to get Sebastian into the conversation when she noticed he hadn’t had a chance to respond to anything. I like how she also tries to get things going or direct the conversations when needed. It always good to have someone so clear headed and directive in the group.
Anthony definitely brings the energy and helps keeps the atmosphere so light hearted. . It a very enviable ability that he has. It funny to see how the conversations sometimes rotate around him and what he says. People just love to take the time to joke around with him. He like the persona of THE popular guy.
There a delicious amount of Stackie here. Anthony once again selling himself short and Sebastian always jumping in to try and give him his props. It pretty sad to watch, how you have Anthony with this impressive career and he still feels this way, and you know it because the industry has constantly overlooked him and he can’t help but respond to that indifferent energy that they give to him. But it warms my heart how Sebastian is once again trying to prop his best friend up. Like you can tell how much he hates how Anthony puts himself down. The dude didn’t respond to much else in this interview but he had to stick out for his friend. And the fact that he mentions the amount of awards Anthony movie have been nominated for? God, love it. I’ll respond to the other Stackie moments in another ask since this isn’t all about them.
Paul Bettany is a very entertaining guy. Like what I’ve seen some of his past interviews, he is always fun to watch and he gets a genuine laugh from everyone very easily. I can see what Anthony means now when he talks about Paul being a riot on set. Humor just comes out naturally from him. From the looks of it, Paul and Anthony are pretty close. I got the vibe from Anthony how much he enjoys Paul in his past interviews, and watching this it is very much reciprocal from Paul. He reference Anthony in his answers nearly every time, almost as much as Sebastian did. I expect it from Sebastian so seeing it with Paul is really interesting. It reminds me of Josh Brolin who couldn’t help but slip Anthony in some of his interview answers too. Anthony Mackie proves he is once again the guy people can’t help but gravitate to and love.
I got second hand embarrassment from Sebastian and his answers. Yesh. The guy says a lot of stuff that requires more information than what he gives and he never gives it. The only person who will get it is Anthony and I guess that’s the point. As long as Anthony laughs, mission accomplish huh?
Ah Tom. Whenever anyone asks a question of him, he always takes the time to really consider and answer the question thoroughly. So thoroughly that he can get really deep and goes places that people don’t expect sometimes. It never straight forward with him, which I love but I can see how some people would be like “come on, get to the point”. Don’t interrupt Tom though, that’s one of big no-nos that I can easily see being one of his pet peeves because the guy never straight forward so he is usually taking the time to get to his main point, so if you interrupt him than you stop him getting to it. Anthony interrupt him jokingly the first time, than Sebastian interrupts him later on twice. I was cringing for him. Of all the people, I got the feeling of great respect from Tom towards Paul. 
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alirhi · a day ago
Does anyone else, when they feel tired in the middle of the day, just go to youtube and watch Stackie interviews for some energy? 😂 No? Just me? Okay. 😂😂
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wenellyb · a day ago
Tumblr media
😂😂😂I didn't even watch the interview from Youtube and this is the first video Youtube suggests to me when I arrive on my homepage... Oh how Youtube knows me
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wenellyb · a day ago
I think something that isn’t talked about enough, regarding Stackie, is how much Anthony Mackie seems to appreciate Sebastian hyping him up. Anthony leads with humor, but in certain interviews he admits to being overlooked. We as fans in the past, have seen host not ask him any question about playing Sam during press or ask him to move out of the way for photos. But one think Sebastian always did was make sure Anthony was included.
Hi Anon,
I agree with you sooo much and it's so unfortunate because (some) people/Seb stans are always focusing on Seb....How Anthony praises Seb, how Anthony helps Seb. But it's amazing to see how they help each other and support each other and how their relationship really goes both ways.
When I say Sebastian is Anthony's number 1 fan I'm only half joking because he really is.
And YES Anthony does a lot of stuff for Seb, he helps him get out of his shell, he praises him and boosts his confidence too...
But Sebastian does a lot for Anthony too, he's always cheering Anthony up, and will laugh his lungs off to show his best friend how funny he is, he will make sure to bring up Anthony's talent whenever he can "he went Julliard hard on that one". He mentions Anthony went to Julliard every chance he can, he talks about how impressive his filmography is " I wonder which Anthony Mackie movie I'll watch tonight"and even yesterday when Anthony was showing signs of self-doubt, Seb was having none of that and reminding him how many Oscars nominated.
Yes, Anthony looks more confident and looks so sure of himself but he does have insecurities and has even talked about it.... As you mentionned about being overlooked when he's with his White co-stars, or about his show not being good enough and being the first Marvel project to fail ( that man has nothing to worry about btw when Thor 1 exists...Sorry Thor I love you but this is true).
And Sebastian is also there for him... I can't believe how one of the most important part of the compliment showdown was overlooked... Seb said "I will always walk in your shadow if I have to", something like that. Any chance he got in this press tour, Seb insisted that this was Anthony's time to shine, even going as far as to say that he had his "own" title movie with CATWS and that the spotlight should be on Sam Wilson now, because there are so many things to discover about the character.
And it is so important because Seb shows absolutely no jealousy, he's the co-lead in the show but also wants to insist that Anthony's character is the most important one.
And it's not only that, whenever Seb gets asked if Bucky could have had the shield... Sebastian will explain in detail to the interviewer how dumb he should feel for even asking the question. Like Bucky with the shield? What kind of nonesense is that ... Bucky has other stuff to deal with.
So, unlike Anthony's previous co-star, I think Seb is one of the only one who is actively trying to shift the dynamic where Anthony is overlooked in favor of his white co-star.
Unfortunately some of the Seb stans didn't get the memo 😂 and used to find new and innotive ways to ignore Anthony... I do believe the situation is much much better now.
And as you said Seb is always making sure to have Anthony is included.
Thank you so much for raising this point, this is a great ask! And you have great takes!
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