katy-l-wood · a day ago
what do you expect tumblr to be able to do about like to reblogs ratios though... if I don't want to reblog something I'm not gonna reblog it and the posts floating around guilt tripping people into thinking likes are worth nothing and only reblogs matter make me want to neither like nor reblog from them. I don't think there's anything tumblr can do short of forcing people to interact with others' posts as the user base of this site has already said pretty explicitly we don't want an algorithm recommending us stuff
My comment about staff not understanding their userbase was specifically because of their claim that there isn't an issue, which is provably untrue if you go back and look at older posts. The ratio between likes and reblogs USED to be much more equal. This isn't just a tumblr issue, though. Interactivity has nosedived across the entire internet over the last 10-15ish years.
If you don't want to reblog something, that's fine! But reblogs are an important part of how this site works, and they're more important here than, say, a retweet on twitter, specifically because we DON'T have an algorithm. Reblogs are why not having an algorithm WORKS here. It's one of the main ways content gets spread around. We're the algorithm, honestly. Instead of some faceless programming controlling what you see, it's the people you've chosen to follow, and they're controlling it by reblogging things they find neat. If you don't like what they're reblogging, you can just unfollow or even block, which is a hell of a lot more control than you get over what you see on 99% of other sites at this point.
It's not a guilt trip to want people, especially newer users, to understand how this site works and how it differs from basically every other social media site these days. Some posts about it do get guilt trippy, which sucks, but that doesn't erase the core issue. They're just badly presented posts from frustrated people.
As to what staff can do about it, I think there's a few things, both feature wise and just general culture wise.
Feature wise, I haven't looked too deeply into the Tumblr University thing (because I have been here way too long), but it hopefully has some mentions of reblogging and outlines what I've said above about how that's what we have INSTEAD of an algorithm.
Culture wise, now that @staff has become more interactive via blogs like @wip and @changes and @art, I think they can start steering the culture towards more reblogging. Posts about why reblogging works the way it does, showing off reblog reach graphs from that one beta feature and analyzing them, featuring funny additions on reblog posts, that sort of stuff. Just really show off what reblogs are and why they're important.
And yeah, it'll never be the same as it was 10+ years ago. The internet just doesn't work that way anymore. But that doesn't mean it can't be better than it currently is.
If you like it, put a reblog on it, it really does help.
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sreegs · 5 months ago
Years ago, when Tumblr was still owned by Yahoo, Yahoo wanted Tumblr to use their video player, rather than Tumblr's own video player. This was partially to unify analytics, but mostly because Yahoo planned to put pre-roll ads on Tumblr videos. You know those unskippable Youtube ads? That's what was going to happen to Tumblr videos.
The only reason it didn't happen out is because Tumblr staff pushed back on the idea, saying it was absolutely idiotic and would anger users beyond their breaking point.
The next time you're angry at staff for fucking up something a lil bit, or trying to make money in some optional way, keep this in mind.
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otterandterrier · a month ago
Tumblr and the No Good, Very Bad Idea
So. You might have heard the news that, as of July 12, Tumblr is testing out converting GIFs into looping MP4 videos to help pages load faster:
Tumblr media
This is bad. Tumblr is the only mainstream site left where you can post GIFs and they’ll continue to be GIFs - well, sort of, as Tumblr previously tested and implemented turning GIF into GIFV with the same purpose, and it decreases the quality of the original GIF file. Turning them into MP4 videos is even worse.
GIFs are GIFs. They’re not videos. Creators spend hours making a GIF that will look good as a GIF, not as a video.
I hope I don’t need to explain to anyone why continuing to screw over creators is bad for a site like Tumblr, whose continued existence depends on creators not giving up on it, and why gif-making is important to fandom existence.
I for one will not continue to make any more gifsets if I know they’ll just be turned into MP4 files. It’s disappointing to spend my time making something and watch it become ugly once it’s uploaded - and that’s what is already happening without the MP4 conversion.
Don’t bother sending a support ticket! They will tell you to do what I’m about to tell you:
Send an ask or submission to @wip​ - the official “work in progress” blog of Tumblr where people can send in suggestions.
Their ask box is open every Monday from 6AM to 6PM EST.
Tumblr media
The conversation isn’t over, guys, but it’s important to be a part of it. If you’re a creator or support creators (and you should), then set an alarm on Monday and go send them a message.
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postplus-protest · a year ago
Despite the fancy survey, changes to the UI and TOS reveal we’re getting the service in the future whether we want it or not. Obviously, Post+ is a terrible idea that is trying to bank revenue on user content. Unlike patreon or onlyfans, tumblr’s primary focus is on FAN content. The legality of this is NOT in the users favor and as the new tumblr TOS states, said users will be entirely liable for whatever legal matters arise.
Besides filling out the survey, it’s time to show tumblr we mean business and show our displeasure by hitting them where it hurts.
Ad revenue.
We’re proposing a 24 hour log off as phase one of this protest.
August 6th 2021
12 am Eastern Time (US)
4am UTC
5am BST/London
6am Central Europe Time
7am Moscow Standard Time
9:30 Indian Standard Time
12 noon Hong Kong Time/Australian Western
1:00 pm Japan Standard Time
1:30 pm Australian Cental time
2:00 pm Australian Eastern Time
August 5th 2021
11pm Central Time (US)
10pm Mountain Time (US)
9pm Pacific Time (US)
So no posting, no queues, no likes, and no reblogs!
Like this post and share it AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE. Use the hashtags #tumblrlogoff2021 or #postplusprotest on ANY and ALL social media.
Maybe, maybe not. It’s an attempt at doing SOMETHING.
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jv · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
brb, doing some changes to the registration page
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ibroughtyoumybullets-ningy · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
tumblr on ios, 2021 colorized
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stream · 7 months ago
Our tag is somehow on the list of tumblrs banned words 😑😒
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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huffylemon · a year ago
Alright, so tumblr staff is acting like as if we tumblr users have enough money to pay other tumblr users.
tumblr forgets that their user base is basically just a bunch of alley rats huddled around a slice of cheese
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fxa · a year ago
Tumblr media
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bergaposting · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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pikaman-fan · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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feminismandmedia · a month ago
Tumblr media
I'm too old for this....
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soulswimmr · 7 months ago
Cannot WAIT for samsung’s next ad campaign being “if you download tumblr on our phones we’ll let you say #girl”
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agirlwithadiary · 8 months ago
Staff: watch your year in review uwu.
Staff: we spent a lot of time on it!
Staff: 🥺🥺🥺
Us: okay, where is it?
Tumblr media
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postplus-protest · 11 months ago
Here we are back again for a 48 hour log off protest of the current version of Post+.
October 2, 2021
12 am Eastern Daylight Time/Atlantic Standard Time
1 am Chile Standard Time/Brazil Time/Argentina Time
4 am UTC
5 am BST/London/West Africa Time/West European Summer Time
6 am Central Europe Time/Central Africa Time
7 am Moscow Standard Time/East Africa Time/Eastern European Summer Time/Arabian Standard Time
8 am Gulf Standard Time
9:30 am Indian Standard Time
11 am Indochina Time
12 pm (Noon) Hong Kong Time/Australian Western Standard Time
1 pm Japan Standard Time/Korean Standard Time
1:30 pm Australian Central Time
2 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
5 pm New Zealand Daylight Time
October 1, 2021
11 pm Central Time
10 pm Mountain Time
9 pm Pacific Time
8 Alaska Daylight Time
6 pm Hawaii Standard Time
If you don’t see your time zone, or unsure which to use, click HERE for the checker!
We’ll be running countdown posts leading up to the main event!
We’re logging off for 48 hours! So, for example, if you log out on October 2, 2021 at 1pm JST you’ll log back on October 4, 2021 at 1 pm JST!
Also! Our Australian friends, take note that daylight savings/summer time ends in certain territories on October 3rd!
Exhibits A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Tumblr recently announced a new feature called Post+ meant to help content creators make money while keeping a cut to help maintain the site. Not a bad idea, right?
The problem is that tumblr actively encouraged the use of Post+ in conjunction with fan works. Which is, despite the way they continue to side step it, highly illegal. Not enough people are aware of that fact.
Our mission is to force tumblr to either rebrand the Post+ feature as something for original content ONLY and/or offer a means to help the site survive outside of monetizing fan work. We want the see tumblr thrive but Post+ has the potential for ruining everything. Give us a better option, @staff ! In fact, HERE are some options!
Optional avatar and banner to use!
Tumblr media
[Image description : a square shaped color gradient image going from purple to blue to cyan to green. A large red prohibition sign overlaid on the words tumblr post+. /End image description]
Tumblr media
[Image Description : a tumblr header color gradient image going from purple to blue to cyan to green. On the left side is a red prohibition sign overlaid on the words tumblr Post+. Underneath is the words log off protest in bold letters. On the right side is the words I am logging off for 48 hours. /End image description]
Banner credit to @adairctedgibbgirl ! Thank you!
If the banner doesn’t size correctly, this this post HERE!
You can also spread the word on ALL social media (Twitter/TikTok/Facebook/Reddit etc) and reblog this post. You can also look at this post HERE for more ideas. Another option, if you’re using the mobile app, is to leave an honest review (be polite, be concise, don’t spam) on the App Store of your choice! The best and easiest way to protest is DON’T USE POST+!
We got tumblr to temporarily hide the original Post+ posts and possibly made wip a thing. So who knows?
Keep checking @postplus-protest for updates and further info, especially updates to this post! Thank you, all of you, for participating or boosting!
Remember to reblog, use the hashtags #postplusprotest and #tumblrlogoff2021, and SPREAD THE WORD TO OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA!
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jv · 3 months ago
If you are going to shitpost and blaze it, please enable the tips on that post. Then, if we goblins like the chaos you brought to our dashboard, we can give back some moneys so you can keep being an agent of entropy in this boiling cauldron of a site.
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wordfather · a year ago
look i know they're bots and all but. i cant help but imagine these staff bots like little maintenence men running around and checking out our posts. thanks for liking my bug post staff463411 now run along little man
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