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ok i’m gonna try to keep this brief so people will read it but I’m doing a project that focuses around the lack of minority rep in live theatre and I wanna know what other people think would help! any suggestions will help! I have multiple local theatres that i can get in contact with, so to all other ethnic and lgbtq+ minorities in the performing arts, please help me out! I wanna hear you!

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I’ve read the  script for Ross four times and each time it’s got better and better, especially the exchanges between Lawrence and Allenby. On first reading I compared it unfavourably to Robert Bolt’s screenplay: I thought the dream  flashback device was naff, missed having a Sherif Ali-like foil for Lawrence, and thought the entire sequence with the Turkish Governor utterly implausible and ridiculous. Not only have I changed my mind, I’ve also noticed the lovely details and nuances in Terence Rattigan’s writing. Of all the depictions of T.E. I’ve come across (whether on screen, stage, or in novels), I think Rattigan’s comes closest to the real man and is certainly the most moving and empathetic. Though I’m sure A.W. Lawrence disagreed.

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Ayukawa Taiyou always get tall long haired bishies role!! xD I’m not complaining tho! I mean, he’s tall after all and it suits him. Why is this man so beautiful

Characters (from right to left)

  • Kyosuke Kuga (Prince of Stride)
  • Mysterious Man (Tsukiuta Stage 5th act “Rabbits Kingdom”)
  • Sha Gojyo (Saiyuki)
  • Murasakibara Atsushi (Kuroko no Basuke)

And now he’s Jakurai Jinguji in Hypmic Stageplay!!

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the scene opens with a black screen. There is a flash of a crowd. Black screen. Flash of a car on fire. Black screen. Flash of people screaming and rioting. Black screen. Screen jumps into the visual of MC standing in front of the burning white house as chaos surrounds them. They smile, it slowly becomes a smirk as they turn and join in the fighting. The final cut is of the crowd screaming “FREEDOM’ before the screen goes black and displays in white lettering “the revolution will not be televised”

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