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#staircases ideas
in-tua-deep · 2 years ago
things i think the Hargreeves should do post apocalypse:
Any adult shop classes because I genuinely love mechanic!Luther and have been slipping that into like, all my aus where I can.
Goes to slam poetry nights because he genuinely enjoys poetry (hello space poetry from episode one about the comet or whatever) and maybe one day is confident enough to share his with other people
Gets some gym bros who all enthusiastically support him in a bro sort of way who are constantly getting their minds blown by how much Luther can lift and constantly going “YOOOOOO” while Luther tries to downplay things bc he’s embarrassed 
I don’t know I just want Luther to have actual friends
Probably goes to every astronomy event where people have telescopes and is known in that scene so every time there’s some event at the observatory newcomers are like “what the FUCK” when this bigass bodybuilder comes in and starts gushing about which planet is visible I don’t know
Spearheads a lot of the family’s museum (that aren’t art museum) outings, especially if they have any exhibit that even vaguely relates to outer space or planets or the moon or anything. 
Probably gets up at godawful hours on the morning to go hiking and see the sunrise because he really liked doing that on the moon and even though it isn’t quite the same he still loves to do it. (If he’s not hiking he goes up to Grace’s roof garden to watch it)
He already does his fighting at the gym which is kind of cool I’m going to gently assume that he already has gym bros and if he doesn’t then he becomes somewhat more approachable after everything
(having your mother comes down to the gym and kiss your cheek or your teenage brother hop in to drag you away or you other very flamboyant sibling dance his way into the gym to fetch you doesn’t exactly do wonders for keeping a reputation going)
I do want to think that Diego takes up like,, whittling but I think he’d have to do it away from Vanya bc,, you know,, Leonard/Harold whatever was a woodcarver or something but idk maybe Vanya is cool with it - but just the image of Diego hunching over and carving at something and Klaus leaning over and trying to enthusiastically guess what it is while getting it super super wrong because Diego is a beginner and his starting pieces are all lumpy monstrosities makes me smile
Diego taking cooking classes so that he can surprise Grace by taking over dinner sometimes and letting her relax and do what she wants
I’ve said this somewhere before but Diego spearheading picnic events and forcing the family out of the house because he thinks it’s a nice thing for Grace to see the world and on god if any of his siblings fight him about it he will stuff their asses into a picnic basket himself because they are GOING
Gets dragged by Klaus into dumb ideas to “give ourselves a CHILDHOOD diego” more than any other member of the family. Which basically means that Diego is the one Klaus grabs to surf a mattress down the staircase and other dumbass ideas
Probably ends up redecorating the mansion and completely redoing it to make it more modern and also less the horrible hellscape with taxidermied animals on the walls that it is. Her and Grace squad up to plan everything and then Allison makes everyone help when it comes to things like painting and building all the nice ikea furniture she just bought
Takes parenting classes as sort of extra credit for her custody case for Claire. I feel like eventually she and Patrick genuinely talk to each other, maybe at some kind of joint therapy, and sort of clear the air between them. They might never get back together, but they at least become sort of friends again. Mainly because I like the Patrick I’ve built up for myself in my head tbh
Occasionally attends craft classes with Klaus when she has a spare moment, because he goes to like,, all the local craft classes. She likes to spend the time with him. Is probably the only sibling who willingly attends with Klaus, but others get dragged along as well.
Probably takes up scrapbooking? She wants to have something physical to give to Claire so decides to go through like,, all the camera footage of their childhoods and pick out good images (because goodness knows they didn’t have cute family pictures) and maybe Grace uploads some of her memories to a harddrive with cute shit and they scrapbook together let me have this
on a related note buys a camera and starts trying to catch her siblings doing cute things for her scrapbook with the sort of determined energy of someone who has realized that she’s having to do her scrapbooking from security camera footage because their childhoods were fucked up
(she has a bajillion pictures of herself - thank you paparazzi - but all she has on her siblings is like... what, one of diego’s fighting posters and the two pictures of Vanya from her book and from the newspaper on the fucked up apocalypse concert??)
Genuinely goes to any and all craft classes offered at the community center and random places around town. Usually sort of a disaster, always a disaster when he drags along his siblings, and always proudly brings home his third grader worthy creations that Grace proudly puts on the shelves. He gets better at things the more he goes to them though, so there’s a progression of skill level in his crafts. Allison goes with him when she has time.
Has a knitting circle that he attends that is primarily made of little old ladies who dote on him. Five occasionally goes with but it often conflicts with Five’s other extra curricular activities.
Bakes at home a lot, with Grace’s supervision after some certain incidents that should remain unnamed. Tends to get ‘creative’ with the recipes but now that Grace is present to make sure it won’t be a disaster everyone is more willing to taste whatever comes out. Has, on at least one occasion, insisted on decorating cookies or icing cupcakes or whatever as a ‘family bonding activity.’
Goes with Ben to the movie theater frequently even to the gross horror movies that Klaus hates and Ben absolutely loves. Klaus always insists Diego come to the horror movies so that Klaus has someone physically there for him to hold onto when he’s scared. Five comes sometimes as well, but tends to critique the special effects - especially blood and blood splatter - which makes other people turn around to hush them.
I genuinely want to say he does gymnastics lessons. Mainly because I feel like he needs to do SOMETHING physical and get rid of his excess energy, and also I think it would be hilarious for him to be tumbling and teleporting and shit at the same time what a wild ride. Absolutely refuses to allow his siblings to come to any competitions or whatever, but they all end up showing up anyway.
Starts learning instruments. Asks Vanya for lessons on the violin so they can play together, it’s very cute. I also wants to say starts learning the piano because someone sent me an ask once about it and it was super valid. And Five can learn both because I say so and he doesn’t go to school he has the free time
Is on first name basis with a bunch of scientists and mathematicians online where they all yell numbers at one another. Probably in a super technical group chat with a bunch of people with actual doctorates who don’t actually know that Five doesn’t have a doctorate. 
Actually you know what just let Five start actually going to college like let him go to the local community college or start taking college classes or something. He can get his GED or whatever. Let this boy get a DEGREE
Goes to art classes, first because drawing therapy was something Klaus suggested and he wanted to get his brother off his back. Later because he enjoys it. There’s a life drawing group he frequents - he’s the youngest there and new people always do a double take when he shows up but Five is very meticulous in his art and is actually pretty good. Grace goes with him as well because I say so and they deserve bonding time together
I mean he’s kind of dead but let him do things with his siblings as well!!
Like I said earlier, a total movie buff and loves going to see things in theaters. And by movie buff I just mean he sees a lot of movies. Bizarrely into horror movies for how sensitive a kid he always was. He goes to the theater with Klaus for the most part but likes to watch movies with the family as well. Klaus makes him watch every animated movie with him in return for Ben dragging Klaus to watch horror movies.
Probably ends up with a youtube channel?? does movie reviews and game playthroughs whenever Klaus has enough energy to manifest him. Is pretty popular but half his followers are because of the bizarre shit that goes on in the backgrounds of his videos. People figure out Klaus (who is a frequent guest) is The Seance and then Five jumps in to tell them dinner is ready or something and they’re like “wait is that the Seances brother with the portal powers who vanished when he was a teen and still IS a teen” and the fact that ben probably has a username that’s some shit like “bentacles” that klaus set up for him everyone is theorizing that the channel is just. Ghost Ben and Five who are being manifested by the Seance to?? play games? 
well. they’re half right.
it certain doesn’t help the rumor mill when Ben makes sarcastic comments about dying or how he can’t get arrested because he’s legally dead and shit like that.
“Yeah sorry I didn’t post yesterday Klaus’s knitting group ended up getting arrested somehow - I was there and I’m still not sure went down - so that’s why I didn’t manifest”
I mean obviously she plays the violin that’s her job. She also teaches Five how to play the violin when he expresses an interest!! She is very touched by the gesture
Swims to keep fit and is a frequent at the pool. Klaus once bugged her to let him come, but it’s really her thing that she just does by herself when she wants to get out of her own brain. She does promise Klaus that they’ll take a family trip to a water park one day though, which he enthusiastically takes her up on.
Attends a book club that she also half-shares with Ben. Ben doesn’t come with to any of the meetings, but she always buys two copies/borrow two copies from the library so that Ben can read along with them and he and Vanya discuss the books before she even goes to any of the meetings. Probably thought there would be more discussion of the books than complaining about their general lives, but keeps going because she lowkey wants an excuse to keep frequenting the bookstore where this cute girl works.
Her and Five steadily are making their way through all the coffee shops in the city (as well as through their menus) in search of the best cup of coffee. It’s just a fun thing they do together that the other siblings occasionally go with as well whenever they have time. Both Five and Vanya have notebooks where they record their ratings based on a variety of factors. Diego calls them pretentious and Klaus always gets the ones which are barely classified as coffee when he goes with (Five steals sips and makes faces but continues to do so)
Frequents art museums and galleries! Supports a lot of beginning and local artists by buying their art and has a lot of rotating paintings and prints in the house depending on her mood. She got rid of pretty much like,, all the old painting that Reggie had up except for a few of her favs which she relocates to her new room that Diego put his foot down on giving her
Goes with Five to his art classes at first because, as a minor, he needed an adult to go with him for nudity reasons (it’s a life drawing class man). Grace didn’t expect to actually draw herself but Five insisted because he felt awkward with her just standing there. She prefers abstract styles herself (so many people at this art class have a crush on Grace you have no idea)
(actually goes with Five to most things he’s beginning for himself for at least the first lesson to sign him up as an adult because Five loathes having to ask his siblings)
Commissions someone to come and paint a portrait of the family that’s for them, where none of them are stiff and they’re all happy. She tips the artist fabulously for it and hangs the new family portrait in the place of honor above the mantle where Five’s portrait used to hang (they all destroyed it as a family bonding activity)
Keeps bees on the roof after one of the kids showed her an article about saving the bees. She can’t get stung and genuinely enjoys hanging out up there where she ALSO started a big garden because I say so and Grace deserves to be surrounded by flowers and bumblebees and happiness don’t @ me
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cruxymox · 3 years ago
a dream
I dreamt Neil Gaiman was staying at my childhood home, just before it was to be torn down. He was upstairs on a floor that did not exist. I was not quite in the room, standing on the last step leading to the small doorway.
I was always on staircases. Everything was staircases, even the sky. (M. C. Escher would have been proud.)
Just behind Mr. Gaiman was a robot, which looked like a tall cardboard box colored with a hundred crayons.
Neil said to me, "Ask it anything."
I had just thought of my question when the robot was suddenly close to me. It whispered -
"I am just a boy."
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Seabury: With all due respect, Your Majesty, I don't believe your whole 'waterslide replacing the staircase' idea is actually going to work
King George: With all due respect, Seabiscuit, I do what I want
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thisoldhouse · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Rainbow Painted Staircase Balusters
Give a traditional stair railing an unexpectedly playful sensibility by painting the balusters a rainbow of closely related bold shades. You don't even need to bust your budget on dozens of cans of paint; simply select a few strong colors, then mix them with each other or white paint until you achieve your desired hues. Apply each shade to one or two balusters so that the colors gradually intensify as you work your way up the stairs. Here, vivid lime-greens, turquoises, and teals seem to leap out from a backdrop of all-white. A polished wood handrail tempers the look, elevating it to a sophisticated take on painted trimwork.
Photograph: Chris Everard/IPC Images
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katzuyas · 2 years ago
victor, yuuri’s hot bf and next door neighbour, is a doctor. he’s a hot doctor. and he looks just too good in a white coat and a stethoscope around his neck, yuuri knows because he’s seen him at times forget to take it all off after a 15h shift and he takes full advantage of it, stripping it off him with as much admiration as victor deserves.
so when one day yuuri comes home from the rink and sees red stains on the staircase as he climbs up, he doesn’t think much of it bc it could be just some tomato sauce or jam or... or something. once he notices that the trail goes to victor’s door and that the handle is covered in whatever-this-substance-is-because-it’s-definitely-not-blood and so is the wall right next to it, literally every hair on yuuri’s body stands in fear because this could mean that 1) victor is hurt, 2) victor has hurt someone else, 3) maybe he just forgot to wash his hands before leaving work?? or tracked in some on his clothes or bag? ahaha...
yuuri chooses to believe in the last one and knocks on the door to tell victor that maybe he should clean his door, but his hot doctor boyfriend doesn’t answer. and sure, yuuri would give up normally, but the door opens before he can, so he feels justified in checking if everything is alright. he’s the boyfriend, right? if anyone should do it, it’s him.
so he walks inside and looks around, but nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, which is good. it’s great. it means it’s all just a big misunderstan--
it’s in the kitchen that he spots him: his hot doctor boyfriend, with his nose bloody and still dripping on the cream white kitchen tiles. but that isn’t what makes yuuri’s heart jump into his throat. the blood isn’t what sets his body aflame with fear. it never did, he wouldn’t be dating a doctor otherwise but that is neither here not there because yuuri’s brain can’t wrap itself around the fact that his boyfriend is--
he must make a noise because victor’s eyes snap up to him and with a slurp he pulls away the blood bag from his mouth.
"what... what are you doing here?” victor rasps, looking at yuuri like a deer caught in the headlights.
“I--” yuuri starts, swallows, and moves his trembling lips while no sound leaves them. “I--”
when victor moves, yuuri twitches, and they both stop to stare at each other with fear equally vivid in their eyes. yuuri is ready to bolt for the door, he honestly is, but he doesn’t. he’s waiting, lord knows what for, but he feels like he should. maybe to his own demise, but he wants to... he wants to hear victor out first.
so the moment victor starts to slowly lift both hands up in a peace offering gesture, yuuri fights every instinct of his body that tells him to flee and sticks around in the kitchen entryway.
“I think...” victor swallows thickly around the rasp of his voice. “I think we need to talk.”
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desicosplay · a year ago
Rowena, were the moving staircases your idea?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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artanogon · 10 days ago
we have no self control and have also been Enabled so . a very specific flavour of c!eret hcs from our fic
- since herobrine is a fucky computer virus, he’s kind of an… invasive cryptid in the fabric of the mc universe? he causes the world to glitch out, for the void to appear, can alter time and movement, and eret kinda got a very distilled version of that
- eret can, if they get mad enough (or if their powers went rogue), start to glitch out things around them— the edges of their arms turn into static, they teleport randomly, blocks disappear out of existence, and the air starts buzzing and flickering. understandably, it is rather terrifying if eret is mad at you
- he also just sometimes randomly glitches out. they have made an axe disappear into nowhere, ascended randomly in the air, and once accidentally reversed drista’s entire staircase. he has no idea he’s done any of it
- his footsteps make no noise when he walks, and he can move extremely fast and without getting tired or losing hunger, so most of the dsmp residents are used to looking up and finding eret appearing at their elbow somehow without making a sound
- he doesn’t sleep much and can go up to a month without sleep but that always results in him crashing badly and getting sick. he’ll usually sleep for weeks after that (explaining streaming gaps, anyone?)
- less in the cryptid vein but she also has chronic health issues thanks to fighting withers so much and getting poisoned repeatedly with the wither effect. that in combination with exhaustion and bad mental health means she’s not seen out a lot
- eret’s communicated with herobrine before in strange dreams but they’re always staticky and filled with old half-forgotten memories and usually pretty terrifying so he always forgets them by the time he wakes up
- the herobrine shrine was supposed to be a joke but then they actually accidentally summoned their uncle and it was a Very awkward few hours of family time
- her memory issues are caused by the blend of the gods like dreamxd and drista really not merging well with herobrine’s coding, so it all just scrambled together and then she lost all her memories
- this one was inspired by a really cool fic about eret and niki that we can’t find anymore but. eret’s eyes glow extremely brightly and they have 1. light sensitivity and 2. the ability thanks to herobrine being a “glitch” to see the technical aspects of minecraft. so basically when they have their sunglasses off it’s the equivalent of having F3 on constantly and being able to always see player stats. it gives them severe migraines so hence the glasses
- and also because she looks so human at first glance they don’t like how people react when they find out she’s not (there’s a really good post about this as well)
- it’s very common to find them, however, awake at 1 in the morning watching you from a random corner you didn’t know existed without moving a muscle. it’s terrifying. sharing a space with them leads to very weird encounters
- basically, they could probably glitch you into the void or kill you but they really are just kind of friend shaped. once you get past the murder bit. and the atrocity
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Tumblr media
Posted by
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briar-pawss · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
more haunted mansion stuff, digitalize versions of 2 of the last 1s :]. I Was gonna shade them but turns out I don't know how 2 do tht so I settled 4 these </3. the rooms in these drawings r the wdw mansions music room nd endless staircase! I have no idea if that's what they're. Actually called but I call them tht most often so whatever lol. hope u like em :)
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