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Trigger Warning: kidnapping,obsession, yandere, masturbation, stalking

Word Count: 1,093

Character: Tom Hiddleston/reader

Summary: Tom has been obsessed with you for a long time, but you don’t know it. And just when you thought your Stalker was finished, Hiddleston decides to kidnap you.



“You belong to me, do you know that?” wrote Tom, while trying to find her favorite panties in the closet. He smiled when he found them next to a map he’d made himself, her route from home to work. “Of course you do, because I love you, dear. You belong to me, and I belong to you.”

After turning off the phone for a while, Hiddleston grinned slightly and settled back on the bed, completely naked. The actor believed that if he was naked, he would be closer to his beloved. You.

I don’t need to tell you that he’s been in love with you for a long time. Although many of the factors that talked about the fact that he’s obsessed with you, he strongly denied. Thomas didn’t think that his love was evil or vicious. On the contrary, he thought she was gentle and pure.

Picking up your green panties, which he stole from your underwear drawer while you were at work, Tom began to slowly run them over his already hot and excited cock.

You didn’t know that your hotly obsessed Stalker was taking care of you. I didn’t know why, though… Sometimes, after all, you meet some nice and intelligent guy, make a date. And he’s kind of happy, but he doesn’t seem to show up for the date. And you are always in the wrong.

As extraordinary as many people thought it was, even though it was normal for Tom to do it, He took care of you. He just killed those guys or intimidated them so they wouldn’t come near you. So don’t be surprised when your new Beau is found dead in a ditch.

The actor groaned, rolling his eyes and starting to run his panties more intensely over his hard cock, imagining how you, when you are together, will masturbate him. He was sure you’d like it.

Realizing that he was about to come, Tom pressed your stolen panties to the head of your penis, and poured into them, moaning again. The man held it up to his nose. He liked the smell of his cum mixed with your own smell. It turned him on again.

Hiddleston, exhausted from the intense jerking off, fell on the bed, abruptly taking a few tired breaths. Picking up his phone, which had a picture of you changing clothes (with your Breasts exposed), he opened the messages again.


“I adore you,” he wrote.


“I hate work,” you muttered wearily, running a hand through your newly washed hair. Tossing your keys on the shelf next to the door, you took off your coat and went to the kitchen. However, there you found a ready-made dinner and roses with a small letter.

Immediately you went to the table, opening the letter and horrified at what was written there.

«Hello, dear. I hope you enjoyed my gift. To be honest, I’ve been watching you for a long time and I just can’t find words for how beautiful and incomparable you are. You’re perfect in my eyes.

However, don’t forget that you belong to me, which means that you don’t have the right to associate with other men. However, if I find out again that you have an appointment with someone, I swear I will punish you.

So, I got distracted. In General, I hope you like my gift.



You stared at the note in horror, then slowly shifted your gaze to the dinner flowers and threw them in the trash. You read the note again and, horrified, threw it in the trash.

It’s not the first time you’ve received flowers from an unknown admirer, but they haven’t reached this level. They were just flowers with a box of chocolate. You thought it was a harmless flirtation, but after a while, and especially at the moment when you started Dating guys, the letters became less harmless, and the flowers this fan stopped sending.

Shaking your head, as if dispelling these dark thoughts, you took water treatments and went to bed, not suspecting anything.

Thomas was standing under your window, holding the camera slightly in his hands. It seems that someone needs to show who is in charge of the situation here.

“Darling, you seem to have forgotten who you belong to… Never mind, I’ll teach you.”


Stretching sweetly, you sleepily rubbed your eyes, trying not to let sleep take over you again. When you opened your eyes, you realized that you were only wearing a bra and panties. Frightened yelp, you are already in a lucid state, I saw that your right hand is chained with handcuffs.

Immediately looking around the room, you were horrified. There were pictures of you on the walls. Photos from work, home, when you went to the store. Looking at the table next to the wardrobe, you saw the same panties that you thought you had lost. And it turns out that someone stole them. Most likely, the person who kidnapped you is the Stalker who wrote you letters and sent you flowers.

You looked around the room again, hoping to find some clothes, but your gaze stopped at the door, the handle of which jerked and a man entered the room. Damn. Damn, damn, damn. This is Tom Hiddleston.

“W-what?” you mumbled nervously, still staring at the familiar actor.

He smiled at you tenderly, biting his lips.

“I brought you something to eat. You must be hungry, ” he said, setting the tray on a nearby nightstand. “I’m Tom, by The way,” he sent you another smile. “Although you probably know who I am.”

You’ve been staring at Tom all this time, trying to figure out what’s going on.

“Look, I made you some spaghetti sauce and tea. For dessert, a cake with… ”

You interrupted him.

“What’s going on Mr. Hiddleston?” you tried to speak naturally, but your voice gave you away. He was trembling unnaturally. “What am I doing here?”

He sighed.

“Honey, you must remember that you must not address me as ‘Mr. Hiddleston’. Only Tom.”

While the actor was talking, he didn’t take his eyes off you. There was excitement in his eyes, tenderness in his eyes… obsession.

Is Tom Hiddleston your Stalker?

“.. And remember that you belong to me and only to me. You are mine, ” he announced with a smile as he finished his fiery speech.

“I-I don’t understand,” you mumbled again, to which Hiddleston only smiled gently and patronizingly.

“I love you, darling. I belong to you, and you belong to me.”

Notes: I hope you enjoyed it. I’m thinking about writing something else with Tom, and then I can move on to Loki… Would you like to see imagination with yandere Loki? (requests are open).

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I have this:

“I Banish You From My Life”

But other than that all i can recommend is most sites and phones have an option to block certain phone numbers and accounts from contacting you.
It’s rough though, trust me I’ve been in your spot, worst case scenario if you know who they are irl you can call the police on them and maybe get them charged for stalking and harassment (also any officer that says you cant charge somebody for harassment is lying)

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⚡I am completely electrified to be alive and back to creating! I cant stop smiling. Although the journey has been a long one and the truth was a gut check, I survived it all. Hell, yeah. It’s good to be here.
#unity #thatlife #freelance #designer #writer #memoir #redbubble #cptsd #eds #stalking #og #metalchick #heavymetal #pariah #retiredstripper #truth #keepingit100 #legit #stalkingsurvivor #poison #metal #believesurvivors #teamrealtalk (at Joshua Tree, California)

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Holy shit! It’s happening. I’m out of hiding and back to work. I survived death and I’m ready to take my identity back. After surviving stalking, violent crime, and being poisoned, I’ve got one helluva story to tell. And through my art and writing, I’ll do just that. This is the first step to reclaiming my fucking life - and not a damn thing is going to stop me now. Because there’s nothing more metal than speaking the truth and standing up for what’s right. Sometimes fun, sometimes soothing, and sometimes dark as hell - this is my safe space to vent and showcase whatever it is I’m working on. I’m looking forward to not being a ghost anymore. 

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Popular character’s Tom Hiddleston in yandere


Tom Hiddleston — protective, stalking and possessive yandere.

Tom is the one who will follow you on social media. stalking, stalking, and stealing things just because it makes him feel closer to you. If you were in danger, you could have been kidnapped.

Guess who is unlikely to get outerwear? Not to mention the fact that he will be in your presence every moment outside of work. You will most likely bathe with him, sleep with him, eat with him, do whatever he needs you to be with him. You’d better just listen and obey him and he’ll treat you like a Queen.

“I love you, darling. I belong to you, and you belong to me”.


Loki — possessive, jealous, obsessive, and stalking yandere.

Loki is the yandere type who, as soon as he saw you, knew that you belonged to him. Obsession can drive him to the point where he will lock you in his chambers with a collar and carve his name on your skin so that you will not forget who you belong to. He will not be afraid to raise his hand against you, so the punishments will be mostly physical, but no less humiliating. Just remember that he doesn’t see you as a person, but as a pet. If you try to escape, he will leave you without clothes. Just obey him.

“You will be my Queen, my pet”.


Thomas Sharpe — protective, stalking and possessive yandere.

Since Thomas grew up in the wrong family, accordingly, and will think that there is nothing unnatural in his love. It’s possible that when he saw you at a ball, he was so intrigued by you that he followed you to your house.

I don’t think a man like Thomas would kidnap you, but if he makes you an offer and you agree, be prepared to go to London with him. In Crimson Peak, you will hardly be allowed to go outside the house, but if you ever dare to go out, be prepared to be locked in a room, leaving you without any comfort. Sharpe’s punishments will not be very severe, I think, mostly it could be flogging or incarceration, under eternal supervision.

“You’re mine. I won’t let you go”.


James Conrad — protective, jealous and possessive yandere.

James will definitely be jealous of everyone. I’m sure this jealousy is not so simple and there will be something hidden behind it. At first you won’t understand why he locks you in an apartment when you want to go to a party with friends or why he’s jealous of everyone, but by the time you do, it’s too late. Conrad would have been able to kidnap you because he was sure you needed protection. I don’t think the penalties will be serious. But I’m sure he can hang them by their hands from the ceiling without access to the floor.

“I’m just protecting you.” You need protection".


Robert Laing — possessive, protective, delusional and obsessed yandere.

You’d probably be the only one who didn’t go crazy in this fucking high-rise and the only one who wanted to get out of here. And this delighted Robert. I don’t think I’d let you go. Most likely, when everyone would have gone mad or died, you went to bed thinking that tomorrow you would leave this place. However, Robert had other plans for you. Laing will find some handcuffs or a collar somewhere and put it on you, chaining you to the bed. You will definitely beg him to let you go, but all he will do is look at you seriously and intently, devising a punishment for you.

“Laing just cares about Y/N. It’s too dangerous outside. The high-rise protects Robert and Y/N. Robert will protect Y/N”.


Hank Williams — soft, jealous, possessive and protective yandere.

Hank won’t be too violent, but he won’t babysit you either. He firmly believes that you are the love of his life. Surprisingly, when he was married to Audrey, he didn’t think so.

I don’t think he’ll kidnap you, but he will. It is quite possible that you will be his little housekeeper. The punishment will not be painful. I’m sure all Hank will do to punish you is leave you without food.

“Do you want me to play it for you?” I recently wrote you a song!“


Jaguar!Tom — obsessive, aggressive, possessive, jealous, and stalking yandere.

Jaguar!Tom will probably be one of the most violent yandere. The first time he meets you in a cafe, where you went with your friend and at the same time becomes obsessed with you. He will take a picture of you, calling his subordinates to find information about you. When he finds out all about you, it will be too late to get out of his clutches. Tom is the one who will definitely kidnap you, not to protect you, but to make sure that you will always be with him, as befits his good girl. You won’t even be able to escape because you’ll be under constant surveillance. And just try to talk to him about the outside world or tell him that you don’t like something. Thomas will immediately become aggressive, assigning you the appropriate punishment for your behavior.

"You belong to me, okay?” If I hear something out of your mouth that contradicts my rules, you will walk naked around my house on all fours".


Magnus Martinsson — soft, obsessive, jealous and stalking yandere.

Magnus may be a gentle yandere, but it won’t help him not to think about you and pursue you. He is afraid that his secret will be discovered. He’s a detective, after all, and it’s a small town. If this becomes clear to the light, then the rumor will spread throughout the city.

Magnus is unlikely to be able to kidnap you, but once he gets close to you, he will definitely lock you in his apartment. But if you only try to escape, he will definitely give you a severe punishment.

“I adore you, my dear. You are my everything”.


James Nicholls — soft, proprietary and protective yandere.

James will be one of the softest yandere that exists. But that doesn’t mean that he won’t be unsure that you belong to him. Yes, he will ban you from the house, but he will not be hard and domineering. James is more likely to be gentle and kind. However, don’t try to take advantage of his kindness and run away, because he will definitely whip you with his horse stick.

“I will always protect you, honey. Just remember that”.


Caius Marcius Coriolanus — domineering, possessive, jealous, obsessive and aggressive yandere.

Coriolanus won’t stand on ceremony with you for long. If he wants you, he’ll get you. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to refuse the General of the army of Rome, and especially when he threatens your family. Reluctantly, you marry him and he practically kidnaps you, not allowing you to go out, constantly threatening. You can’t escape, don’t even try. Kai will definitely be the one who sets the rules and for any insubordination, the punishment will be tougher than the previous one. Marcius will definitely mark you as his property by carving his name on your arm and stomach.

“Your place is at my feet, woman”.


Henry V Plantagenet — protective, possessive and jealous yandere.

Hal first noticed you in a tavern where he used to drink a lot. He immediately realized that you are his soul mate, so he immediately tried to Woo you. He knew that no one could resist his appearance and was very surprised that you refused him. When he becomes king, he will order you to be found, the girl he is in love with. As soon as you are brought to him, he will immediately make you an offer. And you will not dare to refuse him, because he is the king. After marrying you, he locked you in his room, setting strict rules. You won’t think about running away, because it’s impossible. But if you break one rule, he will definitely flog you.

“I am your king, my love. And you are my wife, and you must love me”.


Jonathan Pine — possessive, obsessive and stalking yandere.

Jonathan definitely he didn’t want to lose you the same way he lost Sophie, so he will definitely kidnap you, arguing that he needs to protect you and that you might get killed. At first you will fight and fight, but then you will realize that there is no way out and you are doomed. However, you will not abandon your attempts to escape and will almost always disobey pine, which will make him very angry. The punishment will be moderately severe, but be sure you will have handcuffs.

“You are my everything and I can’t lose you”.


Adam — stalking, obsessive, jealous, and possessive yandere.

The first time Adam saw you was at a place he frequented. When he saw you, he knew that he was sick of you and that he needed you. Adam will follow you home after taking a couple of pictures of the house and memorizing the route from his house to yours. When the time comes, he will definitely kidnap you, don’t doubt it. He is sure that you belong to each other and that it is his duty to protect you from monsters. Most likely, you will try to escape during the day, but I will disappoint you, because he will turn you into a vampire at the first opportunity.

The punishments of the musician will be moderately cruel, but it is better to beware of his anger and do not make him angry.

“You’re mine.”

A/N This is the first thing I post on Tumblr and I hope you will accept me kindly. I hope you enjoyed it. If there are any errors, please excuse me, English is not exactly my native language (more precisely, my second native language). If you want to request something, I will be happy to write it.

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Dexter vs You

I tried watching You a while ago, because sometimes you just want to watch something you know will make you feel gross. And it did, but mostly it reminded me of Dexter - like a watered down version of Dexter. So maybe all that means is that my personal line is stalking innocent women you’re trying to date vs. killing murderers, but now I’m watching Dexter again for the first time in ten years and I think there’s more to it: even with the cute protective-of-the-kid stuff, Dexter is more likeable in how much more screwed up he is. He’s like a grown-up, serial killer version of Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes, with how little he understands or appreciates normal life stuff, how cathartic he is in saying what the devil on our shoulder is saying in moments when we know better. Anyone who’s ever had an awkward situation they didn’t know how to navigate and just wanted out of can identify with Dexter.

You can identify with Joe, too, in the way he judges Beck’s relationships and finds them wanting in how fair they are to her, but he has a sense of entitlement that almost cancels out any other good will towards him as a character. For good or for ill, Dexter knows himself to be a monster and makes no pretenses about it. He knows what he does is bad, he doesn’t delude himself. We follow him through what could be considered a journey of vulnerability and self doubt, of loneliness, despite his constant assertion that he can’t really feel emotions, because his default assumption is that he doesn’t deserve anything good and it’s only a matter of time before he loses all of it. Maybe it’s my screwed up Catholic upbringing, but I’m gonna sympathize with that over entitlement any day.

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