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if cyber stalking is bad then why is it so fun

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Stalking often intersects with intimate partner violence.


When a partner tracks, monitors, follows, watches, contacts, spread rumors about, shows up, threatens and/or otherwise scares the victim, that’s domestic violence and stalking.

-SPARC Stalking Prevention, Awareness & Resource Center

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ok so

one of my ex’s friend sat down to the right of me and turned towards me and just… kind of dug into his backpack?? but everytime i moved my head in that direction he would always look up until he just stopped digging into his backpack and just sat there

and then i noticed his other friend was right behind to me and he was so close to the point of almost touching my back and he was looking on his phone and then i realized “oh shit i think i’m being surrounded”

i almost had a panic attack until my crush and his friend walked up to me and sat right in front of me and started talking to me until the bell rung

i was already feeling paranoid before then and i guess i now know why??? am i crazy or am i potentially being stalked??

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Killing Stalking Season 2/Yaoi

Killing Stalking Season 2/Yaoi


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Meet Kiara and Blake, the OC’s I created just to have faces and a story for the whump scenarios I create in my head ;)

You can find their future here

CW: stalking, kidnapping, whumper pov, noncon touching, gun and knife mention, just general creepiness, drugging mention, death threats

She was nothing like he had expected. 

The description he’d been given was fitting enough – red hair, medium height, lithe figure –, but left out all the important things. He didn’t have a clear view of her face from the rooftop of the building across her street – she really shouldn’t live next to a building that offered such a clear view of her living room and kitchen –, but he could see her

She was baking something. She had the money to hire as many chefs as she wanted to cook her anything she could ever dream of, and still, she was wearing a polka dot apron and had her hands buried deep in a bowl full of some kind of paste. He knew she had a small confectionery business, but never stopped to consider that she might be the one who actually did the baking. 

That was not what he expected from a rich girl with a bank account almost the size of his own. Not the medium-sized apartment, not the lazily tied up hair, and definitely not the simplicity she emanated. Especially because simplicity usually bored him to death, but in her it made him intrigued. Curious. Made him want to see what laid underneath that serenity she radiated even from so many meters away.

He was supposed to shoot as soon as he laid his eyes on her. That was the job: get your eyes on the girl, shoot, leave. Leave her body for her girlfriend to find. He knew what he had to do, yet he’d been watching the girl bake for at least two hours now. 

At first, he waited because he wanted to see what she was baking and if it would be any good. Now that she put it in the oven, he was waiting because he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

She was… dancing. Fluid, carefree movements, spinning around her kitchen, jumping up and down, rolling her head from side to side, front to back, like the music he couldn’t hear from there was pulling the strings and she was just letting her body go with it. 

I want to be the one pulling the strings.

The assassin shook his head at the thought. No. He was there to kill the girl. But, well, he could at least enjoy the view until the time came, right? He had the entire day to get the job done, and even though sitting on cold cement with nowhere to lean on was pretty uncomfortable, weirdly, he wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else. Apart from inside her apartment, that is.

She went on dancing, completely oblivious of the man watching her every move with hunger in his eyes. He liked it, her innocence. 

When she stopped, panting but with a smile so big he could see it from there, he was surprised to find himself upset. Firstly, because he truly liked her dancing, but mostly because he wanted to see that smile. The creases it would form near her eyes, the droplets of sweat that probably covered her face, find out if she had dimples. He wanted to see it all.

She entered a room he couldn’t see into, but before he could get too restless, she showed up again wearing denim shorts, an oversized shirt, and wet hair. Fuck, he wanted to have seen her taking that shower.

The girl bent down to take whatever it was she baked from the oven and stood up holding a tray with what was obviously a chocolate cake. The assassin wet his lips, suddenly hungry, even though he hated chocolate. 

He had been sent a few pictures of her – leaving the market, reading by her window, kissing her girlfriend. The assassin knew she was gorgeous, knew what she looked like, but suddenly he had the overwhelming need to see her. See the exact color of her eyes, uncover each little expression, find out if her voice was silvery or smoky, what it sounded like when she screamed. When she begged. What she looked like when she was in pain. Would she shut her eyes and hide away the hurt? Would she spit and thrash? Would she submit, hoping it would make it end sooner? Oh, how he wanted to find out.

The sun rose in the sky, then went down. She cooked some vegetables for lunch, read a book, watched tv, baked another cake, this one a lot bigger, clearly for a client. Ate the one she baked sooner. All the while, he watched her. His back hurt and his stomach growled, but he never moved, too fascinated to look away. 

He wanted to meet her. Talk to her. He couldn’t kill her before he had a chance to do it. The assassin had never felt like this before, so utterly captivated he couldn’t bring himself to just finish the job. 

He would do what he went there to do, probably, but after an entire day watching her, he would not kill her in such an impersonal way. If he was going to go through with it, he wanted to feel the life leaving her body, hold her while she whined and cried, whispering soothing lies till the life left her eyes. He wanted her, even if it was just for a little bit.

And he always got what he wanted. Even if he had to take it himself.


“Hey baby,” Kiara said, holding her cell phone between her shoulder and her ear while she gave the cake the finishing touches. “What time do you get here?”

“Maybe in an hour?” Amelia answered, sounding annoyed. “I can’t wait to see you, Kie, my day was terrible.

“Wait a second”, she said, letting the phone slide to her hand to put it on speaker mode. Time to put the cake in the fridge. “I’m back. What happened?”

“Well, neither my boss nor my clients got particularly happy when I quit, so I had to spend the entire day solving problems and talking to people. I’m gonna need a big, nice chocolate cake when I get there to make me feel better”

Kiara laughed while she took the dishes to the sink. “You’re a lucky girl, babe. Or maybe I’m a really good girlfriend”.

“Have I told you how much I love you today?” Amelia crooned, suddenly in a much better mood. Kiara laughed even louder. “I might be there in thirty minutes then”.

“Oh, hold on, I think I heard someone knocking on the door,” Kiara said, already cleaning her hands on the dishcloth.

“It’s okay, I have to call another client before leaving anyway”, Amy sighed. “See you in a bit, babe,” she said before ending the call. 

Kiara smiled at the phone. It was so Amelia to say goodbye and not wait for an answer. She chuckled as she strode to the door. She wasn’t waiting for anyone other than Amelia, but her downstairs neighbor had the bad habit of knocking to complain about her making too much noise even when she didn’t. She took a deep breath as she opened the door.

“Hey Mr. Williams, I – “

She halted. The person standing there was most definitely not Mr. Williams. 

A tall, handsome man smirked at her, looking her up and down in a way that made her furrow her brows and close the door a little, till all she could see was his face.

“Hi, can I help you?” 

“Hello,” he said in a husky voice that would’ve been attractive if it wasn’t accompanied by a wolfish grin. “Are you Kiara?”

“Who’s asking?”

He laughed then, and it changed his whole face. His’s angular features softened as he chuckled, his green eyes gleamed. Even his body language changed as he leaned against the doorframe. He didn’t seem that much older than her. Maybe 27, 28 years old. Silky dark hair, a gray shirt that hugged his large biceps, expansive looking trousers. Still, she kept her hand tight on the door handle, feet apart as Amelia had taught her.

“I’m Blake,” he said.

She raised an eyebrow, but he didn’t offer any more answers.

“Why are you looking for Kiara?” she knew better than to tell a stranger who she was, even if he knew that was her apartment. 

“I’m a friend of her girlfriend” Blake stated, those grass-colored eyes piercing into her uncomfortably “Amelia said I could come here if I needed something.”

“Well, Amelia never mentioned someone called Blake” she replied, narrowing her eyes. 

Blake only smiled again, triumph gleaming in his eyes. “Nice to meet you, Kiara.”

Shit. She hadn’t had the intention of admitting who she was. Kiara clenched her teeth and raised her chin higher, looking him up and down the way he did with her.

“So, why are you at my door, Blake?”

“My car broke a couple of blocks from here, and Amelia had said I could come over if I ever needed anything,” he said, biting on his lip “But I get it. She has never mentioned me, and I can see you wouldn’t be comfortable letting me in. Could you at least lend me your cell so I can call a friend to come and pick me up? My battery died.”

Kiara pursed her lips, looked at him again. She couldn’t remember Amelia mentioning someone named Blake, but she sometimes tuned out when she was baking and her girlfriend was talking. She might have mentioned him before, and Kiara just wasn’t paying attention. Besides, she was at her home and Amy would be there in a few minutes. 

Sighing, Kiara took a step back as she opened the door. “Come in, you can wait here for your friend. Amelia will be here soon.”

Not very subtle, she thought to herself, but at least he knew they wouldn’t be alone for long.

Blake’s eyes sparkled as he walked in, looking around at her apartment. If was full of plants, everything in earthy colors. She was pretty proud of it, since she had thrifted most of the furniture and painted it herself.

While he called his friend, Kiara politely turned around and placed the chocolate cake on the table, as well as two plates. Once he’d finished the call, she pointed at the cake “I baked it today. Want a bite?” 

She had never seen someone so eager to eat something she’d baked but decided to see it as a compliment instead of recognizing the hint of wariness that sparkled in her chest.

“So, where do you know Amelia from?” she asked, in between bites. 

“I work at a company in the same area as hers,” he said, leaning back on the chair “The cake is heavenly, by the way.”

“Thanks,” she said with a slight grin. “You are from a rival company then, is that what you’re saying?”

“It is” Blake smirked. “Heard she quit recently.”

“Yeah, she is planning on moving in with me and said that her job took way too much of her time.”

He raised both eyebrows but said nothing in response. Kiara cleared her throat and took the plates to the sink, desperate for something to do with her hands. Blake had this penetrating gaze that left her unnerved.

“Do you mind if I use the bathroom?” he asked suddenly.

“Not at all, It’s the door to the right.” 

As soon as he closed the door, she grabbed her phone and texted Amelia. 

hey, blake’s here. and since when do you offer my house to your friends?? jk, you can do it whenever you want. i’d just like a heads up next time

“I didn’t know you wear eyeglasses,” Blake said as he came back, holding her glasses. Kiara furrowed her brow. She must have left them in the bathroom again.

“Yeah, I’m nearsighted.” 

He hummed, staring at the object. Kiara blinked, taken aback by his behavior. Who the fuck grabbed the glasses of someone they barely knew from their bathroom and proceeded on scrutinizing them?

“Um… If you could give them back” she asked, extending her hand.

“It fits you” Blake declared, looking up at her “Wearing glasses. It fits the peaceful vibe.”

“Well, I don’t need to wear them often, so…” she babbled, taking it from his hands with a grimace. Weird man.

“I made you uncomfortable” he stated. She just stared at him. Yes, he had, be he also hadn’t apologized for it. Blake watched her just as intensely as she watched him before finally turning around and walking across the living room, examining the books she kept on the center table, her furry rug, the green couch. “When did you say Amelia was coming, again?”

“In a few minutes” she answered, baffled. He walked around as if that was his house, and it was starting to piss her off. “I’ll ask her.”

She went back to her cell, annoyed, and found that there were several messages from Amy already waiting for her.

What? Who’s Blake?

I’ve never offered your house to anyone


Kiara, please tell me you’re not talking about Blake Thorne


“Hey, I know it’s kind of a weird question, but what’s your surname?” Kiara asked, fear already clawing at her stomach. “It’s just that Amy knows more than one Blake and is asking which one you are” she finished with a weak smile she hoped he thought was just friendly.

“It’s Thorne” he crooned, smirking. 

She nodded, as innocently as she could, as she typed with slightly trembling fingers.

he said that’s his name. who’s blake thorne? you’re scaring me

The answer came immediately.

Fuck. Can you leave discreetly?

I don’t think so, Kiara typed, her heart already pounding, Amy what’s going on??

I’ll be there in 5. He’s dangerous, Kie, stay as far away from him as you can

Kiara bit her lip and took a deep breath. She didn’t know who the fuck that guy was or why he was dangerous, but now that she had confirmation, she could almost feel the wrongness emanating from him. 

“Is everything okay?” Blake asked, standing right in front of her. Kiara jumped and let out a startled shriek.

“Fuck, you scared me,” she said, taking a step back “You walk very quietly.”

“It’s a part of the job,” he shrugged, his eyes piercing into her yet again. As if he could see the fear she was trying so hard to conceal.

“Walking like a ghost is a part of working with finances?”

Blake grinned, amused. “I guess it is.”

She wanted to ask him what the hell did that mean, but it might sound too suspicious. Kiara straightened her shoulders and smiled placidly “Would you like another slice of cake?”

“Thank you, sunshine, but I’m good.”

“Sunshine?” Blake only shrugged again. She clenched her teeth and backed away till she was right next to the cutlery drawer “Well, I think I do.”

Trying to move as calmly as she could, Kiara grabbed the biggest knife she could find.

“Did Amelia recognize my last name?” he asked, a dangerous glint to his eyes.

“She did” Kiara replied, fighting to keep her voice from faltering “Said she would be here any time now, Amy can’t wait to see you.”

Her eyes met Blake’s, and in the instant they stared at each other, she saw it. He knew she was bluffing as well as she knew he wasn’t who he claimed to be. Kiara clenched the knife and lifted it between them. 

“Do you have the habit of threatening all your guests with a knife or am I just that special?” Even though his words should sound worried, he smiled, looking utterly entertained.

“Stay away from me” she hissed.

“Did your girlfriend even tell you who I am?”

“She didn’t have to tell me you’re an asshole for me to know it. You have this jerk vibe going on.”

Blake chuckled and took a step closer. Kiara stepped back, raising the knife. “I’ll stab you if I have to. Don’t come any closer.” He didn’t even blink at the threat.

“Do you even know how to use that knife, Kiara?” Blake smirked “I’m betting you’re more likely to cut yourself than me”

“We’ll find it out if you don’t stay the fuck away” she bellowed.

Amelia had taught her the basics of self-defense, but she had no doubts that the guy could take her down with a flick of his fingers. 

Kiara didn’t have time to do anything before he pounced on her. One moment he was casually walking towards her, the next he was way too close, and she felt the ground being swiped from under her feet. Her back hit the floor with a loud thud and a sharp pain, but Kiara didn’t hesitate to blindly swing the knife towards him. Blood surfaced from a cut to his bicep, and she struck again. This time, though, Blake grabbed her wrist and smashed it against the ground with all his strength. Kiara whimpered through gritted teeth but didn’t let go. 

Blake snarled, lifted her wrist, and slammed it on the floor again, then once more. And it hurt. On the fourth time, there was nothing she could do but let go. It wasn’t even a conscious choice. Her fingers simply opened against her will. 

She wasn’t completely out of weapons, though. Taking a deep breath, Kiara opened her mouth to scream as loudly as she could. However, before any sound left her throat, Blake’s other hand grabbed her cheeks and pressed with so much force she was sure it would leave bruises. Startled, she hesitated.

“Scream and I kill you right now,” he whispered. Kiara didn’t want to, but she believed him. She could see the truth of his words written in his eyes. 

She thrashed under his weight, but Blake was too big, too strong, and when she dug her fingertips into the cut she’d given him, he squeezed her injured wrist and stole all of the air from her lungs. Something wrapped around her neck and squeezed, and the world went black.

“… away from her!” someone shouted. It made her heart quicken, and a low whine escaped her lips. 

A burst of low laughter followed the voice that made her heart pound. It always did, that silky voice, but now it was strained, scared. 

“Take a step closer and I slit her throat”. That voice sent a chill down her spine, made her force her eyes open. 

“What do you want?” Amelia. That was definitely Amelia.

Kiara opened her eyes to a blurry world at first, only shapes and colors. She had to blink a few times for it to make sense. She was in her apartment. Amy was standing by the door, holding a gun. 

Holding a gun?

Kiara’s head snapped up. 

It took her a moment to remember what had happened. What was happening. Blake. Amelia. The knife. Her wrist, which she didn’t know how badly was injured, only that the adrenalin already pumping through her system numbed the pain a bit.

“Amy” she moaned, trying to get to her girlfriend. She couldn’t, though. Some kind of fabric was keeping her wrists bound together behind her back, besides the large arm wrapped around her, holding her still. Looking down, she found herself sitting on Blake’s lap. “What… let me go!”

“Hush, Kiara,” he said, tightening his hold around her “The adults are talking.”

“What do you want, Blake?” Amelia gritted through clenched teeth. She glanced at Kiara, fear badly hidden in her eyes, before returning her gaze to Blake.

“You know, your boss was not pleased when you quit,” he said. Kiara jerked in his grip, but suddenly she felt something sharp pressing against her throat and froze. “Move and I’ll slit your throat,” he hissed. “Now, back to business. Your leaving left many clients quite troubled. You should’ve known better, Amelia. You don’t just quit in our line of work”

“Why are you here?” Amy grit out angrily, but her eyes flicked to Kiara again, pleading, alarmed, as if she already knew the answer. 

“You know why. I came here to kill your girlfriend.” A frightened whimper escaped Kiara’s throat and her entire body stiffened. “They paid me a whole lot of money for it. Someone truly wants you to hurt.”

“Please” Kiara whispered, her throat touching the cold metal of the knife as the word left her trembling lips.

Blake’s chest vibrated against her back in a silent chuckle. “Say that again.” 

“Please” she repeated, straining to control her hitching breaths “Please, please, d-don’t kill me.”

The knife touched her neck again, and Kiara leaned back to get away from its sharp point, pressing her back against the man’s chest. He held her tighter but didn’t close the distance she put between her neck and the knife.

“I was going to do it” he murmured, his lips grazing her ear. “But you know, you are way too interesting for me to kill like that, little Kiara. I might just let you live.”

She shuddered, hope and dread mixing inside of her. In front of her, Amelia’s grasp on the gun tightened, but she didn’t dare to move.

“I think I’m going to keep you” Blake announced, his lips brushing her temple. A tear trailed down her cheek.

She was so terrified she could barely think, but amidst all the terror, at least she could look at Amelia. The girl who held her entire heart, who she loved so fiercely. It broke her heart, though, to see her golden skin pale and her brown eyes wide with fear. 

“Please, Blake” her girlfriend choked out, looking somewhere above Kiara’s head “I’ll do anything. Just let her go.”

“Do you know what Amelia’s line of work actually is, Kiara?” Blake asked as if she hadn’t said anything. 

She could only stare at Amelia, confused, searching for answers in eyes that wouldn’t look into hers. 

“Amy?” she called in a quivering, confused voice.

She had never seen her girlfriend like that. Amelia was always so sure of everything, so strong, even when she was sad or angry, she was never that hopeless. But this time, when their gazes met, there was only sorrow inside the eyes of the woman she loved.

“I’m so sorry, Kie” Amelia breathed “I wish I could’ve told you, but it wasn’t safe. I wanted to keep you away from… this.”

She would have shaken her head if there wasn’t a knife to her throat. “I don’t understand.”

“She kills people for a living,” Blake said, cheerfully. “That’s her actual job. Was, at least. Amelia here thought she could just quit and never look back.”

Kiara’s heart missed a beat, too stunned to do anything other than stare at Amelia with wide, baffled eyes.

Deny it, she pleaded silently, tell me he is lying. 

But she didn’t. That stunning woman who Kiara had sworn so many times to love eternally, just pursed her lips and looked away. Even Kiara’s tears dried at that. How – how could that be true? 

“I’m sorry, baby,” Amelia said, glancing at her, not nearly for enough time for Kiara to reorganize her thoughts before her girlfriend looked back at the man holding her still “I’ll pay you double whatever it is you were offered for her, and then we’ll disappear. They’ll never know you didn’t finish the job.”

He sighed, his warm breath tickling Kiara’s neck. “It’s a nice proposition. But I’ll have to pass it. I’ve found something far more precious than money I already have.” 

Kiara winced as he rubbed his chin against her hair.

“Blake –“ Amelia started, but he was already standing up, lifting Kiara along with him.

“Put the gun on the ground” he ordered, pressing the knife to Kiara’s throat till it nicked the skin and a drop of blood trailed down. Amelia stared deep into Kiara’s eyes for a moment before dropping the weapon. “Good girl”, Blake mocked.

Kiara stared at Amelia, the pain of the betrayal even bigger than the fear. She hoped she could see it in her eyes, the one thought repeating over and over inside her head. You lied to me. They were still staring at each other when something shifted behind Kiara and she felt a prick on her neck. The world swayed, someone shouted, and suddenly, there was nothing at all.

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Fantasztikusan érzem magam. Exanyós pajtásnak sincs már meg az ura, mint megtudtam. Surprise surprise, anno, mikor otthagytam őket abban a putriban, annyira ki tudtak oktatni a szerelemről, meg a párkapcsolatról két xanax tabletta között… Imádom látni, ahogy ezek a zombik a múltamból rohadnak szét és tűnnek el végleg a lefolyóban. Őket onnantól nyugodt szívvel tudom archiválni. Még maradt hátra pár ember, de türelmes vagyok. 😊

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I really hate this guy. I mentioned before that fear can feel like hate but I feel both here. He’s been stalking me online since 2014, which is when I was with my ex who was struggling with his mental health. So I sought out friendship online and talked to multiple people on MeetMe. I still have lasting friends from there, not every man assumes he can get in your pants eventually. But Patrick started trying to convince me to leave my then-boyfriend and expressed that he wanted to be with me, so I blocked him. There’s no way in hell I would want any dude that told me how to live and tried to steal me from another man.

So since then I’ve blocked him over and over and over, he contacts me every time he finds me online, either on a new profile or on a new one of mine when I join a dating site. I can’t find all of my screenshots, I’m missing the one where he threatens physical harm and calls me a C word. First screenshot is where he saw me on a FaceBook page in 2019 where I was commenting on a post. He started commenting back saying he couldn’t get me out of his head. I think we talked almost a month back in 2014 but I can’t remember. I don’t remember much about him at all except he’s a military vet. There was never anything there for me I just saw him as someone friendly to talk to so I don’t understand the obsession. He doesn’t know me. Second screenshot he finds me on Badoo last year. Then last screenshot is from POF, this month. I’ve blocked him on POF about 6 times. He sends me kiss-ass shit and then rants I’m a bitch and a c**t when I ignore him.

The ex he tried to take me from became an abuser but this dude is an abuser too. I don’t get predators. They care absolutely nothing except their own selfish delusions. They proclaim to love someone while threatening them and destroying their lives including with assault. This guy is only online but forget my tough feminist attitude, if I saw him in real life I’d be fucking terrified, just like with my ex. I fully believe he’s capable of assaulting me, following me, or worse.

I’ve dealt with dudes like this MULTIPLE TIMES:

It’s pointless to try to figure out reasoning behind predatory behavior but when it keeps happening my mind still scrambles. Is it because they got everything they wanted as a child so they feel entitled to women, just like property? Are their egos so fragile that violence is an answer to rejection? I know they’re mentally ill but I don’t get the level of demand.

Some people think that I personally look bad because I attract these fucking weirdos. My ex, I can understand, I was with him. But most of the rest, especially online, are not people I’ve ever wanted, and are at random. My shrink told me it’s because I am a young woman that appears to be alone so I am an easy target for predatory cowards. I really have nothing to add to that except it sucks when people are so unstable they have to spend their entire lives tormenting others.

I read that stalkers think the victim is into them, reading into every move they make. I don’t get that either because I literally feel physically repulsed seeing Patrick’s face and his wide creepy smile. He looks fucking deranged. Same for others that harass women. It doesn’t matter if they’re a cliche “good looking” person, the beady eyes and deranged grins would turn off any sane person. They almost all fucking look like that, I’m not sure why.

It’s like with Lisa Montgomery, the woman that they recently executed. I am so sorry she suffered horrific abuse all of her life. No doubt it fucked up her head. But at the same time, you don’t get to kill a pregnant woman no matter how sick you are. She plotted that. These people aren’t just random, they’re meditated, intent on getting what they want to appease their obsession at ANY cost. That’s what makes them dangerous.

I just want to feel safe again.

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Aged-Up!Spiderverse-Miles Morales x reader (lmao thats a long one)

tw // stalking, yandere, infatuation, breaking and entering, mentions of kidnapping, slight manipulation, mentions of stealing by different character

he’ll be 16/17 whenever i write for him cuz writing about 13 year old miles morales makes me uncomfortable lol so yeah, but anyway hope you enjoy

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that’s literally so much shit i was expecting something about him stalking people and other shit but that’s so fucking twisted i would love to see how he gets out of this one if he doesn’t just deactivate or something

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truly feels like no one cares about me except whoever’s watching me from the other side of all the invisible security cameras genuinely unironically 100% seriously 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

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MCD/ If I Never Knew You Chapter 3 Sneak Peek


February 1995

“Hello, Miss Lee.”

Tired eyes stayed on the swirls of the cold coffee.

It was a cold day, the frozen snow covered the sidewalks as winter days became shorter. It was early Friday morning, the T-Bone Diner was bustling with customers and employees trying to get a hot meal before the day started.

Customers sat in the booths and by the counter, the oldies station filled the air with bittersweet songs.

By the furthest end of the counter, a familiar small woman sat on the stool, nursing her cold coffee and scrambled eggs.

It was the first time in months she was able to go back to teaching and resuming her life as normal.

She knew deep down there was no way to go back to how life once was.

Jenny was nervous to go back to the school again, hoping she would cope going back to work. While away, the students sent her get well cards, expressing love for their teacher.

She kept quiet taking in her surroundings of busy people and loud talking. Her appitite was gone from the fear rolling in her stomach. She wasn’t able to leave Montana like she hoped, and by the looks of it she wouldn’t until the end of next year. It was the contract she signed before all the events from Christmas had taken place.

In her own world, she did not hear the chime of the diner door, the heavy footsteps of the favored state trooper who garnered several greetings from people all over. Her fingers kept stirring the spoon in the coffee, lips pursed waiting for time to move faster.

“Miss Lee, I said hello. You know, it’s the polite thing to greet a person when they speak to you.”

Her outer demeanour was calm, but her heart was running a mile a minute as his large frame came close to her.

It had been months since she last saw him, naked on his bed after he raped her all over his cabin and told her his plans of getting married. She was thankful he never got up that morning, and he never found her lying half to death in the snow.

Jenny didn’t have the courage to look at him, swallowing her breath as she watched her fingers tremble. In her perepheral vision, she saw his large hand creeping up to her, no doubt eager to touch for the the first time in months.

She wanted to move, to run away from him but knew it would be futile. Walker Hayes was bigger, stronger, and faster than she could ever dream of being.

As his bent over her, people started to stare as he kept bothering her. His voice was loud for all to hear from the other side of the diner.

Why wouldn’t she respond to him?

“Oh, Jenny. Don’t be shy. I’m only saying good mornin’ to you.” His thick finger went to graze her cheek. She shuddered from his touch. Her skin was smooth under his callous finger, supple and soft.

Members of the diner watched the interaction, eyes wary seeing the troubled gaze of the schoolteacher. None ever saw Officer Hayes so bold in his flirtations, going out of his way to bother the lonely girl.

It was clear she did not return his feelings, so why not drop it?

Dark eyes refused to look up at him, scared to see if he would reveal the devil in him, or keep up with the facade.

“Just talking doesn’t have to mean anything special. Why don’t you say hi?” He watched with cruel glee as her chest rose in fast breaths. He was getting to her and he loved it.

She looked just as beautiful from before, maybe more now with her slightly fuller cheeks and longer hair. The perpetual sadness in her onyx eyes drove him wild with hunger, wanting nothing more than to carry her back to his home and teach her a lesson for running from him.

Walker still had no clue how she managed to do it. The snowstorm was the worst thing anyone saw in years, and the fact that Jenny survived it made him hot for her.

He wanted to conquer her determination, kindle it for his use and extinguish it by the touch of his fingers

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Types of Stalkers: Typologies Based on Behavior, Relationship, and Intent

Stalking is a pattern of behavior comprised of multiple instances in which a perpetrator monitors, tracks, or harasses a specific individual. Whether or not individual incidents are criminal, the pattern is a crime.

Stalking is a pattern of behavior, rather than an isolated incident. This pattern is comprised of multiple instances in which a perpetrator monitors, tracks, or harasses a specific individual. The methods used, escalation, and relationship dynamics are key to identifying types of stalkers and assessing the level of danger a victim is in. Whether or not individual incidents are criminal, the…


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