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[ for : mingi ]  When we laugh and giggle at home , eating chips together in bed and cuddle . When I run to you from the kitchen and bury myself in your chest , knocking you backwards slightly  and out my mouth comes a muffled “I love you” while you chuckle an “i love you too” . When we fight and you run a hand through your hair and I stop to realise this isn’t worth it . When I’m sleeping and the thoughts of you leaving pops in my head so my fingers reach out for your warmth . When you hug me and hold me tight and tell me not to worry . That’s when I realise you aren’t any guy . You’re my soulmate.

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yunho, walking into audition: hi-

hongjoong, not supposed to be there but exists anyways: yES!

KQ: i didn’t- say anything-

hongjoong, inches away from his boss’ face, fuming: i fUCKING SAID Y E S™

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As you can see I gave up on the dinosaur because A) I can’t draw animals aside from rabbits and ducks B) I thought it would be hiliarous. Its a reference to their vlive with the loser team having to wear that dinosaur suit. 


(it might have eng subs)

I don’t post often over here, sorry about that, follow me in Instagram or Twitter I go by SubjectRK800 and Im more active over there.

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Originally posted by shuuvee

  • tell him he is very talented and that he is well loved
  • make sure he is eating well because my baby better be well fed periodt
  • kith him on his mfn forehead bc he’s too damn cute
  • touch his face. u see those cheekbones? yawtfgo.
  • try to make him laugh or smth idk im not funny but i would TRY
  • have a meaningful, in-depth conversation where we talk about our different perspectives on life
  • exorcise the demon that lives within him, i know y’all see those wonderland performances
  • teach him how to braid hair bc i can imagine him braiding the other members’ hair and it makes me feel deeply satisfied
  • do facial masks with him and relax bc i just want him to feel well rested like tht
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Originally posted by ericnams-moved

[a/n: ya girl is back at it again with a new series]




Pairing : Kim Hongjoong / [fem] Reader

Genre : Angst, Violence, Language, Fluff, Smut, Pirate! AU

Words : 2.6k

Pt 1. Pt 2.

≫ ──── ≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫ ──── ≪

-Y/N’s  P.O.V-

I grinned as I raced down the narrow alleys of the small town, hearing the shouts of the merchant behind me. I knew he wouldn’t follow me for long, they always gave up within a few seconds, worried about leaving their merchandise unattended for too long. I mean, I’d pick losing one piece of jewelry over the whole damn cart. He was smart to not follow me for long, but not smart enough because I did steal from him pretty easily. I chuckled at the thought, slowing down to a jog then to a walk. 

I looked down at the gold plated bracelet in my hand, throwing it up in the air before catching it, my eyes shining brightly at the thought of the money I could get for this. I’d be able to buy Yuki a present for her birthday. Oh! And Alex can get some new shoes, God knows he needs them. And I can buy Dom a new hat and Yuri a- my thoughts were cut short as I bumped into a sturdy back, the person I walked into cutting their own conversation off.

“Watch it.” The man spat out, turning on his heel to face me, a sheer mask covering his mouth and nose.

I scoffed softly to myself, uttering a half hearted apology under my breath. I gave him a once over, smirking to myself at the idea I just had. I walked around him, careful to keep my head down as I swiped him of the pocket watch he had. I mean he was practically begging for me to take it, the chain was hanging precariously out of his pocket, I’d be a fool not to take it. I was admiring the watch as I made my way back home when that same man suddenly appeared in front of me, this time pointing a gun to my head.

“Don’t think I’m stupid enough not to know when I’ve been pick pocketed.” He snarled, looking angrier than I’ve ever seen anyone look, “Give me back my damn pocket watch and I’ll let you go without a scratch.”

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