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hey! horrible sad IT au here! (inspired by kill all your friends by my chemical romance)


what if the losers all re-met at a funeral. a funeral FOR one of them.

what if in between 89 and 16 one of the losers died a non-clown-related death, and while none of them remembered each other, their parents weren’t affected by the clown magic in the same way and never forgot. this means that when the family of the deceased loser sends out funeral invitations to the rest, their parents all remember and bring them to the funeral.

this also means that they don’t know who’s funeral they’re all going to until they get there. they see each other and all at once get hit with the memories like a train, and then like another fucking train, the realization that the funeral is for one of the people they loved most in the world.

obviously this is fucking heartbreaking and traumatic on its own but at the very least, now they’ve remembered each other and they’re (kinda) all gathered in one place with no imminent danger.

but then what if once they left the funeral they all forgot again, up until the next funeral, and then the next, and they never get a happy ending.

or maybe they all stay in touch afterwards and maybe even get together with each other 👀

all i’m saying is i’d love to read this fic if anyone wants to write it (because i’m an artist not a writer)

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I’ve been in bed a lot. I still have two more weeks to go until I can go back to daily activity. Bill has been the most doting husband and fetching everything I need. Even while writing his next book.

He works too hard sometimes.


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