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#stanford pines
fanonical · a day ago
mabel: i want to find love this summer!
dipper: i want to find the mothman!
grunkle stan: i want to find my br-
grunkle stan: i mean, giant bags of money!
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teenagedevil666 · a day ago
I love the idea of a Gravity Falls version of 'The why of Fry' episode from Futurama. Like finding out that Stan really didn't accidentally ruin Ford's project but someone else did (maybe time baby or something) so they all go back in time to confront him at the high school but he explains it's for the good of the universe *cough*destroying Bill*cough* so he says this time Stan can choose, so of course he does the right thing even knowing he'll have to ruin his own life. I need someone to write this fic like yesterday.
Time Baby: "We had no choice. You were the only one who could help us. What is one life weighed against the entire universe?"
Stan: [crying] "But it was my life."
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dokka-mokka · 2 days ago
My new sticker: Stanley
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fiddiot · 3 days ago
Ford: If there's going to be a big dramatic scene, wait until I get back.
Stan: Of course, I can't flip this table by myself.
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olliberia · a day ago
A lot of people hate Ford for not talking to Stan for ten years. But explain to me this, if you had a fight with a person (and it was the fault of this person), while not receiving any apologies, but receiving the phrase "I don't need you. I don't need anyone" (though said out of resentment and emotion) WOULD YOU BE THE FIRST TO TURN TO THIS PERSON FOR RECONCILIATION?
I don’t think so….
I would really like to see a REAL scene where Stan would call Ford to talk/ask for help. Ford has many shortcomings, but "impudence" is not among them.
That's why I'm sure Ford would have helped Stan, too, if he had asked and behaved more adequately (for God's sake, when they met, Ford suffered from Bill's possessions and slept very badly. And even so, he didn't behave as badly as a person in his condition could).
Of course, Ford said some unpleasant things to Stan (to put it mildly), and I don't condone it. But if you remember, even then Stan started the quarrel first.
Stan saw the condition of the house and Ford himself. He saw that Ford looked like a madman. Let's be honest Ford looked much worse than Stan in that scene. If I didn't know the plot and I would have been asked which of the two of them is a homeless, I would have pointed to Ford.
Stan in this scene:
Tumblr media
A normal man of strong build, shaved, with a calm confident look.
Ford in this scene:
Tumblr media
A very paranoid person who opened the door with a CROSSBOW. Disheveled hair, dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep, unshaven and unkempt. With crazy eyes in which there is obvious fear.
Yes, Ford knew that Stan was a criminal, and Stan knew that Ford was a scientist who received a grant (how they had information about each other to this day is a mystery to me) But it was at that moment that Ford looked like a man who had problems. Deadly problems.
And I don't understand why I see HUNDREDS of articles where all Ford's wrong words are examined under a microscope, but none (I'm serious! I haven't seen any) where would you notice how Stan completely shrugged off his brother's strange behavior.
Tumblr media
Yes! Ford's in trouble! Big problems and it shows. Stan saw it too, but immediately dismissed it as soon as he realized that the conversation was not going the way he wanted. Therefore, it is very strange to hear from him at the same moment that Ford is selfish.
His brother looks like a psycho who escaped from a psychiatric hospital, so why make the situation worse? Why, after Ford's words that Stan did not understand the situation, Stan immediately began to draw attention to himself instead of trying to ask what exactly the problem was?
Sorry, but did Stan really think he had the worst problems in the world? And of course, Ford was to blame for these most terrible problems. Because he "left Stan behind." Do you guys understand that this is an unhealthy codependency? Stan didn't even blame Ford for getting kicked out (I could understand that). No, precisely because the fact that Ford left him ruined his life.
Thus, Stan shifted full responsibility for his actions to another person. It's very convenient, but you can't do that even if this person is your twin. At the same time, the "unfair" Ford accused Stan only of breaking the perpetual motion machine, pushing him into the portal and taking his identity (completely spoiling it). And all these things Stan REALLY did
Yes, almost all of Stan's actions had a reason.....but so are Ford's actions. They just needed a better father who would make them talk to each other. Maybe it would help Ford understand Stan's motives (as with their father's chain)
And do you know what the most offensive thing in this situation is? That I also love Stan very much. Not just Ford. I love this particular pair of twins. But when I see things like this over and over again, my mind starts to find arguments against Stan. If everyone justified Ford exclusively and hated Stan, then the situation would be reversed. I would be Stan's lawyer, but the situation is not reversed. That's why I'm more protective of Ford. Because to say that "Ford is an asshole" is quite common for many, even if they love Ford
Let's just admit that Stan and Ford are both super awesome and both idiots equally. Not "Stan is a little better as a person," but exactly equally.
I just see that most of the fandom thinks that "Stan and Ford are both good, but of course Stan is a little better as a person. And much better as a brother".
How can you be so sure if we saw Ford as the victim most of the time? For which Stan never apologized. He didn't apologize for breaking the perpetual motion machine, didn't apologize for the portal, didn't apologize for anything! And he always pretended that he was never guilty of anything. But Ford immediately repented when Stan got burned because of him and when Stan suffered from the memory gun. Ford admits his mistakes, repents and apologizes for them....
Of course, the fact that Stan didn't apologize doesn't make him bad. And it doesn't make him worse than Ford.
It's just strange to me that Ford's haters, who criticize him because of the twins' relationship, so tactfully forget all Stan's shortcomings. Ford has no less shortcomings. I just don't see the point in writing about them, because EVERYONE writes about it.
And this article is not for expressing hatred for Stan.
This is just to balance out what people write about Ford. And to show that they are both not perfect, but wonderful ..
I suggest you love them both and enjoy a happy ending for them.
It's never too late
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stephreynaart · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
@lemonfodrizzleart our discord is stupid af
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dayamibx · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I have no idea who did the Ford cosplay but I would have done the same as all the dippers uwu 💕 (I found the picture in a FB group)
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Upon rewatching Gravity Falls,I couldn't help enjoying the scene where Ford says Stan would've seen through Bill's tricks and flattery with ease. Not only that,but I started overthinking that line.
Throughout his whole life,Stan's talents and skillset were devalued, especially when in comparison with Ford's more traditional genius. However, not only Stan made a pretty good life for himself scamming tourists and using showmanship(Mystery Shack and it's bogus supernatural/bizarre stuff),but he was also a street smart guy with a great BS detector. The whole "you wouldn't be deceived by Bill" was basically Ford complimenting Stan's brand of intelligence,at least IMO.
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athgalla-arts · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
His nap was interrupted by a question quail that decided he was worth investigating
This one’s for @unculturedmamoswine! :D
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daidz-art · 16 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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I keep seeing @lemonfodrizzleart Farm Boys and I can't believe it never occurred to ME, a literal TEXAN, to do a wild west au.
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fanonical · 18 hours ago
stanford: i'm so tired of your games...
dipper: we don't have to play monopoly if you don't want to, dude
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sharkorgans · 22 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Some portal swap designs! Stan is more pirate themed cuz I thought that was cool. I also gave Ford a different outfit :) I rlly like this au
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alfenmeri · 23 hours ago
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I bought a my hero academia manga for reference help with action posing But my attention always goes to the faces.. Ford and Stan are always cool Ford looks goofy
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"That'll be 99 cents an hour.... No, you're overpriced.... Yeah, I predicted you were gonna hang up!"
So I had the idea that when I made Caryn that I wanted her to be reading "A Tale of Two Cities" to the boys so I made my own mini copy. I think she turned out really nice and I like the way she looks with the boys.💗
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olliberia · a day ago
You know, to be honest, I really don't understand why Ford described Stan as an untidy tramp in his journal 3. After all, Stan really looked more presentable than Ford in the reunion scene.
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Tumblr media
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elishevart · a day ago
Holiday special sneak peak.
A miracle on Gopher Street.
« Stan was sleeping peacefully, snoring loudly and sprawled hazardously on his bed with his covers only resting on his ankles when something jumped on his bed and pulled him up tightly.
“Wha… What’s happening!” Stan stirred awake, his fist already up, he had been apprehended too many times when he was homeless, old habits die hard. He blinked a couple of times when he realized that the person on him wasn’t restraining him but only giving him a very strong hug.
He froze. This was definitely a person hugging him. He felt arms wrapped around him and hands clutching the back of his hands. Stan heard soft sobs coming from the person’s face, which was hidden in his chest where wet spots were forming. A soft tuft of brown hair was brushing his chin. Yes, that was a human hugging him.
That’s impossible, everything is locked. There’s only me and Ford in the house and Ford is…
Stan gulped and gently pried the person away from him to get a better look at it’s face.
“Stan… Stanford?” He whispered as he got a good look at the person in front of him.
He couldn’t believe it. He must have been dreaming.
Staring back at him was a face similar to his but with red rimmed eyes and tears and smiling broadly at him. Brown curly hair encircled his features, if it wasn’t for the fact that it was slightly longer than Stan’s at the moment, it was a perfect copy of his face. The only difference is that he had a cleft chin.
Staring back at him was his brother. His human brother.
Stanford laughed. It was deep and uncertain but it was the most beautiful sound Stan could ever hope to hear. He lunged forward and hugged his brother tightly. His twin returned the hug immediately. »
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stephreynaart · 3 months ago
Sea Grunks Intro
Good god, I have been working on this for a while. What originally started out as small storyboard pro practice, ended up becoming an actual project. There was a good amount of time when I wasn’t sure I would finish it, but here it is. I hope you enjoy it!
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