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graboidfarmer · 3 months ago
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To celebrate 18k hits on Where the Light Is, here’s a super fluffy illustration. Thank you to everyone for their ideas! I kind of smashed them all together. ❤️
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frogs-mysterysideblog · 6 months ago
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That awks moment when you find the entry your nerdy friend wrote about you in his journal… It’s probably fine, it’s not like he has a thing for you, right??? Right….
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angelbirdo · 3 months ago
Yk, you were warned in the tags of my last post that this was very inevitable--
UH, yeah! @graboidfarmer, my beloved /p, has a super bomb ass Ford/Reader fic, and today is its anniversary! Neither of us realized until like, yesterday, I think, because I mentioned it and then Grab was like "Oh okay" and then I reminded her again this morning so she had'a nyoom to make an announcement post *wheeze*
ANYWAYS YEAH, It's fluffy, it's short, it's just Ford and Mouse because I'm super nervous about trying to write multiple unfamiliar characters at a time, but! It's there nevertheless
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femboyhorror · 2 months ago
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quick peek at a little animatic thing i might be making soon <333
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majoraccoon · a year ago
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[#GravityFallsOC] Chibi: Majo Stone
Well, inspired by the lovely konsunko and her cute chibis, I decided to do the same with some of my OCs and show a bit of information for those who don't know them 😊
So here we have the first one, Majo Stone, my main OC 🌺
✧Majo Stone
✧Fandom: Gravity Falls
✧Female / Mexican-American
✧Ilustrator/ Paranormal assistant
✧Husband: Ford Pines (Gravity Falls)
✧Children: Stella, Sten (twins) and Shellie Pines
✧Favorite food: Mexican mole
✧Favorite animal: Raccoon
✧Favorite flower: 'The Fairy' roses
✧Favorite color: Lilac, pink and pastel colors
✧Symbol: Pink rose
✧Interests: Collection figures, keychains and accessories with the appearance of raccoons
✧Cheerful / Insecure / Expressive
✧Obsessive compulsive woman, who goes to Gravity Falls during a summer, getting a temporary job as Ford's assistant and becoming his couple over time.
Without more to say, I hope you like it!!! 💜
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spenglersenbypotato · a year ago
Gravity Falls One shot Challenge!
Hey there everyone! Thehetaliaotaku back at it again with an idea I had. I saw these amazing 200 dialogue prompts by @drink-it-write-it that I am using for this challenge.
What's the challenge? I've had a bunch of my close friends, family, and partners choose a number between 1 - 200. Then I will write a ficlet or One shot based on the prompt I got with the number they chose.
Characters: Ford Pines, Stan Pines, Winifred Davis, Raina Duncan
There will be situations from some of my AUs as well that you guys will get to witness!
Will probably make a master list of these once I finish posting them all!
For now here's part 1 - Loyalty
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rhodochrosite-love · 2 years ago
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self-insert, who gives a fuck
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guilty-pleasures-abound · 2 years ago
K so u did this with Stan but not Ford so I’m gonna ask it: what would Ford’s reaction be if you said “I love you” during sex??
I tend to think of Ford as the type who wouldn't be in bed with someone he didn't care about/didn't think he could fall in love with (or was already in love with.) So hearing "I love you" for the first time while having sex with a partner would absolutely make him light up. He'd love the affirmation that the feeling was mutual; he would be quick to say it back, and encourage them to say it again.
Any time after that would just put him on cloud nine; turn him into mush in their arms with contentment.
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I can resist it no longer.
I wanna do shippy stuff. I've been inspired by hntrgurl13 and her shippy stuff with her character and Ford. So now I wanna make a ship for Ford, just cause. But idk what to make them or what to name them. I also am thinking it would be during Ford's time in the portal sooo yeah.... this character would be an extraterrestrial of some sorts.
Just to clarify: I'm not looking for other people's ocs to ship with Ford.
I wanna make my OWN OC to ship with Ford. Please ONLY comment below or put an ask in my inbox if you have an idea that I can use for my own oc. Thank you. And NO not self-shipping. Oc/Fancharacter!
Any ideas? Send them in my ask box~
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goma3zz · 13 days ago
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tfw u forget to tell ur family that ur space boyfriend is living in ur basement
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schwifty-cipher · 3 months ago
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It’s scientifically proven that furry versions of yourself help you sleep at night when you refuse to sleep.
Forduary thing, Ford x Sleep, hottest ship out there man. Sorry the lines are messy, I draw with my finger on my tiny-ass phone!! Now to go attempt … me x sleep…
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graboidfarmer · 4 months ago
EFF YEAH, chapter 29 of Where the Light Is is finally up! All twelve thousand words of it! Here’s a short preview:
You hear the ocean before you see it.
The roar and crash of the waves fill your ears, and you can smell the briny sea air and feel the salt spray on your skin. When you open your eyes, though, everything is still white, and for one terrifying moment you think you might be blind. But then, gradually, vague shapes begin to resolve themselves. The first things you see are your hands in front of your face, and then Melody's figure materializes into view. She blinks rapidly as her own eyes adjust to the light, and visible relief washes over her. You've done it. You're here.
Where is here?
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frogs-mysterysideblog · 5 months ago
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The morning after Stanford came back…..
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angelbirdo · 3 months ago
Yeah, I'm contributing to the Ford/Reader genre. It's. gonna get heavy. It's mostly Ford/Me because I'm projecting so god damn hard but, I wanted to post it where people could see and enjoy it because I thrive off of approval of others, just like Ford whoops--
ALSO, It's a good title, you'll see >:)
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femboyhorror · 24 days ago
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❣❣ forehead touch ❣❣
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majoraccoon · a year ago
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Here is one of my birthday gifts 🎁
A crochet keychain of my main ship and OTP: Ford Pines, from 'Gravity Falls' with my OC, his couple, Majo Stone 🌺
I love it so much that I don't even want to open it hahaha 💖
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brightdrawings · 3 months ago
Walking on Stardust
inspired by this WONDERFUL art by @siro-cyll. So i hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed their art.
(also on ao3!)
"How did I get here?" You thought to yourself as you walked across the stars. And not in some metaphorical sense, you could feel the planet destroying heat through the sole of your sneakers. Luckily for you, this was a dimension where everything was nearly microscopic compared to where you came from.
Of course you wouldn't normally dive face first into the act of running across a smaller but no less infinite universe. You would much rather be home curled up with a good book or scrolling through your phone, maybe even learning how to play guitar. Instead the multiverse had other ideas for you. As if getting stuck in time wasn't bad enough.
Now you were, who knows how far away from home, at least you were with someone familiar. Stanford Pines. Well he wasn't the same Stanford Pines that you had gotten to know. His hair was much greyer, his skin filled with more wrinkles, his eyes were more wild, his glasses cracked. Yet his hands were just as gentle in yours. His voice still filled with excitement as he spoke to you about his adventures. His smile was just as broad when his eyes were focused on you.
It seemed that no matter where you went, there was a Ford not far behind. and while the thought was endearing you pushed it aside for now. Below you the expanse of space danced under the light of countless stars, pinks, purple, blues and greens gave it a mystifying beauty that you always admired. If given the chance you feel that you could have enjoyed sitting here with Ford for hours, counting the stars, seeing how the space dust rose and fell. Watching stars grow and collapse and enjoying the beauty in the decay of a universe that ran much faster than your own.
However wonderful that thought might have been, now was not the time to think about maybes. Now was the time to run from the inter-dimensional authorities because despite the similarities this Ford seemed to have with your own; this Ford had gotten rather busy during his travels throughout the multiverse. He did not seem disturbed by the danger this presented to him. In fact his mischievous grin only seemed to grow wider, as your heartbeat began to rise.
You wanted to convince yourself that the reason your heart was beating hard enough to be felt through your neck was because you were so close to Ford. However you knew that the truth was you were anxious already from being dimensionally displaced, having the police chasing you on top of that was not helpful.
"Don't worry, I know a shortcut." Stanford had said with a devious smile. He offered you his hand, gentle yet firm, as he always was. Ready to lead you to adventure and danger.
With little choice you took his hand and ran through a tear in space. Soon the two of you were running through the stars, it felt like a dream, the danger that was pursuing you moments ago felt lights years away. And somehow it was.
“Just stretch your legs out, and one foot in front of the other.” He said, holding each of your hands.
It took some practice to get it right, not helped by your rattled nerves. However after several attempts you found yourself keeping in step with his broad strides.
“That’s it Orion. You’re a Natural.” He smiled.
The pair of you walked through the stars together. Many colours you did not know splashed the world around you. All at once you felt larger than life as you passed planets with rings and many galaxies that could fit in the palm of your hand; and yet you felt small as can be, lost in the infinity that is the universe. Despite all of these muddled feelings, your mind was stopped from wandering as you felt six fingers holding onto your own tightly. As though you were simply a dream and would break into smoke if Ford let go of you.
You both slowed down and took a seat on an extra large galaxy that sat under a particularly inky place in space. It felt like sand against your skin, but still held the warmth of life upon it. Stanford offered you his canteen of water. You accepted the drink, grateful to hydrate your throat after the ordeal you just escaped. Stanford took the canteen after you were finished, taking a swig himself, but his lips lingered on the neck of the bottle, almost as though it wasn’t the water he was trying to taste.
"You're a victim of a rare dimensional displacement particle." Stanford said. “When two or more dimensions pass by close enough to one another, and align just correctly, some particles that hold the dimension together might fall from one dimension border and right into another.”
He spoke with the same infectious enthusiasm he had back in gravity falls. His years running from the law did not seem to dull him in the slightest. Especially as you catch a glimpse of him smiling with pride as he explained your situation to you.
“And it seems that one struck you during the crossover between your dimension and then one we just escaped from.” He pokes at a tiny burn in your shirt. You hadn't noticed it at first and thought it was a small stain. “The good news is that the connection between a border particle and the border is near indestructible. You’ll be pulled back to where you came from soon.”
“What’s the bad news?” You asked. Trying to push the vastness of space and potential of falling for eternity out of your mind.
“None.” Stanford said. “I get another brief moment with you. I could not have better news after being lost here for so many years.”
“Why are you here?” You asked.
“I’m afraid I was rather impulsive in my youth and made mistakes I grew to regret.” Stanford said forlornly. “It wasn’t because of me was it?” You asked.
“Don’t worry, I was lost in my research. You, well I better not say. We may be from different dimensions but time is ever fickle.” Stanford said. “Rest assured that I found a way to fix things. But you were in no way the cause of me being in my current predicament.”
“I’m sorry you had to go through with that.” You said after a beat.
“Don’t waste your time crying for the stupid.” Stanford sighed. “You’d be crying all day.”
“It doesn’t feel like a waste if it’s over you.”
“You are just like them. Caring to a fault.” Stanford said. He wore a forlorn smile.
“Who are they?”
“We better hurry along, don’t want you getting stuck with me in the multiverse. Your own Stanford probably misses you right now.” Stanford jumped to his feet and offered you his hand once more. “Ready?”
“As I’ll ever be.” You said, taking his six-fingered hand once more.
Once again the pair of you stepped through the stars, feeling lighter than air. The sea of stars, planets and nebulae. You’d be leaving it all behind, so you decided to take in as many of the sights around you as possible. Deep down you wished you had your phone to take pictures of this moment or perhaps even record yourself running through space like this. But you knew your own clumsiness would result in your phone falling from your grasp into the beautiful abyss below.
“We’re almost there.” Stanford whispered into your ear. He pointed at a tear that stood out from the sea of stars around it. It was a deep purple colour, separating it from the brightly coloured space dust and deep black void of space itself. “That’s your ticket home.”
“Why don’t you come with me?” You said quickly. “It’s not your home, but when I get to the future you’d be around this age won’t you? You could live in the future with me.” You said. The gravity of everything that Stanford had told you suddenly pressing down in your mind.
“I’m afraid it wouldn’t be that easy,” Stanford shook his head. “From what you’ve told me, You haven’t figured out a way back to your time yet, and being in close proximity with myself is dangerous.”
“We can keep things as safe as we can-”
“Orion, I will share with you one secret I've learnt from my travels. If two different versions of one person come in contact with one another then they will destroy the dimension they are inhabiting.” Stanford said.
“So there’s no way I can help you?”
“You’ve helped me so much already. Back in my home dimension and with this little trek.” Stanford placed a hand on your shoulder and squeezed. “You do more than you give yourself credit for.”
“Thank you.” you said in a small voice; your cheeks burning red.
“You’re welcome. Safe travels Orion, and I hope to see you again soon.” Stanford said.
And before you could reply to him, he released his grip on your hand and shoulder and took his long steps in another direction. Leaving you to continue your wide strides towards the tear in space.
“Wait Ford, where are you going?” you cried out. “I don’t know if I can do this on my own.”
“Try saying ‘hup!’ it helps!” Ford cheered as he disappeared behind a horse headed nebula.
“That isn’t helpful!” You shouted to him as you tumbled through the tear in dimensions.
You continued running as the weight beneath your feet changed from heated stars to soft grass. Unfortunately in your hurry to escape the stars you forgot how to stop and ran face first into a tree.
“I really hope no one saw that.” you muttered to yourself. Rubbing your forehead.
“Orion are you okay? I saw you run out of a strange portal and smack into that tree.” Stanford called.
You turned towards the source of the voice. A wave of relief washed over you when you saw the familiar face of Ford with hazelnut-hair. His hands still soft against your skin as he helps you stand up. You stepped closer to him and realized his glasses were still intact. You wrapped your arms around him in a warm embrace.
“Are you okay?” Stanford asked. He wrapped his own arms around you. “Nothing hurt right?”
“I’m okay, I just-just want to enjoy the time we have together.” You said, squeezing him a little tighter.
“I heard that there was a new movie coming out soon. Perhaps we can postpone today’s research and indulge in that?” Stanford offered.
“That sounds nice. Thank you.” You said in a small voice.
For the third time that day, Stanford offered his hand to you. Soon the pair of you were leaving the forest. Hand-in-hand, ready to face whatever the future had in store for you.
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daidz-art · 7 months ago
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Alas I can do an art dump. Some SPN AU, some Ford x @nelson-and-murdock OC Anna and combination and some Dark Ford meeting Anna and her Ford (which I did before in a comic). Also Stanley being a cock block.
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vulpixen · 2 months ago
Lulled to Sleep
A/N: Hey everyone! Here’s my late entry for @forduary Week One: Sleep. I’ve been busy and distracted throughout February so I may or may not finish the other weekly entries before the deadline. But anyhow, this takes place in the Lost and Gained AU where Ford is a parent and later grandparent. Hope you enjoy this ficlet! 
Ford jolted awake from his eyes growing heavy from drifting to sleep. 
Oh my. The boys need me. 
It was a dark, not so quiet night in Gravity Falls in June of 1976, little Tate and his newborn brother Shiloh were crying and needing attention within their shared nursery. Thankfully, Ford had been awake for some time in getting some writing done in his journal at his desk. He raised up from his seat and walked towards the nursery, and on the way, waved at a tired Fiddleford to let him know he had it covered and he could go back to bed. He wanted to make things easier on Fiddleford and Lucina both as he can run on little sleep.  
Ford opens the nursery door and sees little Tate holding onto the bars of his crib while standing and crying across from Shiloh who was also crying. Tate had six fingers on his left hand while Shiloh had six fingers on his right. Tate resembled much like his father Fiddleford, save for the brown hair, but it runs in his family as well as Ford’s. Meanwhile, Shiloh inherited Lucina’s black hair, darker skin tone and heterochromia eyes; Shiloh’s left eye was brown and his right eye blue. The room was spacious and colorful with painted depictions of the forest and animals and magical creatures. One day it was going to be both the boy’s room or until they choose to have their own rooms, respectively.
“It’s alright, boys, Dad is here.”
Ford scooped up Tate and Shiloh in his arms and checked if they needed to be fed, changed, etc before he got the boys to calm down. But they did when held in the arms of their father. He then takes a seat in the blue rocking chair in the room to rock the two boys to sleep after tending to their needs. He still finds himself amazed he’s doing something like this. Finding love. Including children in their active lives. And discovering new, wonderful and dangerous things in Gravity Falls; things he wants to share with his two boys when they’re old enough. And maybe they’ll share that love of adventure like he and Stan did long ago, before everything changed. 
Ford would sing the boys a song his mother sang to him and Stan when they were little. An old Jewish lullaby from what he remembers. He found it funny she taught him the song ‘just in case you wanted to sing it someday’ but he sees what she meant now. It made him feel closer to her somehow. Tate yawned and fell asleep and so did Shiloh in Ford’s arms. 
Ford would gently place the boys back in their respective cribs. 
“Goodnight, Tate. Goodnight, Shiloh.” Ford placed a gentle kiss upon their foreheads and faced the doorway where Lucina and Fiddleford had been watching him the whole time. He smiled at the two. “I thought you two were in bed.”
“We were waitin’ fer you. Couldn’t help but ta watch and listen; it's a very pretty song.”
“Thank you. It always helped me sleep when I was little. I’m actually sleepy from having sung it.”
Lucina and Fiddleford took Ford’s hand in each of theirs and led him to bed with them. 
“I thought it was lovely, too,” added Lucina. 
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goma3zz · a month ago
Tumblr media
I think anyone who's ever been in love with stanford pines deserves financial compensation
based/inspired by this
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