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zedleaked · 20 hours ago
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Wowie a narrator design appeared!!
( he can touch and interact with stuff unless he's in the wall )
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techno-foxx-comixx · 2 days ago
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Stanley when he Parables….. 2 😳
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npcdrawsthings · 2 days ago
For the request thing, how about something like. The end bit of the confusion ending. And/or as an alternate thing, the exploding bucket thing which happens when you have two buckets in the same room> Or! whatever with Mariella!
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give-soup-please · 2 days ago
What about the narrator trying to follow the reader outside of the game like giffany from gravity falls?
(warning, this turned out to be a very long post.)
Narrator tries to follow Reader out the game
(slight bending of the prompt, hope that’s cool)
The narrator is absolutely enchanted with you. Everything about you is perfect. In his eyes, you can do no wrong. He begins to bend the game in subtle ways, testing its boundaries. Glitches appear, but you chalk it up to the nature of the game.
You’re none the wiser, of course. You had no idea how deep his obsession with you ran. The narrator begins to bend and shape a new model to his purposes. Once he escapes, the sky’s the limit. He wonders what a true blue sky looks like. He hopes he gets to experience it with you.
Actually, scratch that. He will experience it with you. He loves you, so surely you love him just as much.   
He can’t wait to spend time with you outside the game. He gets giddy just thinking about it. 
You’re playing the game during a storm, wrapped in a blanket, mug of your go-to hot drink by your side. You feel so cozy, and the narrator’s voice adds to the wonderful feeling. The narrator bides his time, waiting for the right moment. 
The lightning flashes, and the narrator moves forward out of some internal instinct. The power goes out, and you let out a yelp of surprise. He transforms himself into pure energy and surges towards your phone. 
Once inside, he begins rummaging through your data, trying to work out your personal preferences. He looks at your social media, your saved photos, your fanfiction lists… You’re quite a big fan of him, aren’t you? He gets an idea.
A few minutes later, power is restored to the house. You let out a sigh of relief. Power outages weren’t uncommon during weather like this, but it still gave you quite the scare. You boot The Stanley Parable back up but the game has changed radically.
The narrator doesn’t speak during the intro. The music and cutscenes are there, but he’s missed his cue. This is the weirdest glitch you’ve ever encountered, and under the current circumstances is less than comforting.
You shiver slightly as you realize every single trigger in the game for when the narrator is supposed to speak has suddenly stopped working. You wander through empty offices and abandoned hallways, and eventually you put the game down, too disturbed to continue. Sure, you’ve done the escape pod ending before, but this was supposed to be a base start to the game. Where was he? 
Your phone rings. Maybe it’s a local friend checking up on you after the power outage? You pick up the call without checking the number.
“H-hello?” The narrator grins. Showtime! “Hello, Reader.” You’ve got a death grip on your phone, and you start to shake. “Wh-Who is this?” 
“I think you already know the answer to that. It’s good to talk to you personally- no script in the way.” He laughs. It’s not malicious, more general relief. You are not comforted.
You have almost every part of the game memorized; you know the cadence of his voice very well. He sounds more like himself than any AI could reproduce. This wasn’t an elaborate prank either, your friends couldn’t afford the voice actor for something like this.
You begin to shake violently. The phone falls out of your hands and clatters on the floor. He puts himself on speakerphone.
“Now hold on just a moment, I’m going to try and manifest properly.”
A black light begins shining out of your phone, and you throw yourself to the furthest spot from him, absolutely terrified. 
The narrator’s hand reaches out first, stretching out of the screen like some sort of 3d monster film. His arm comes next, and it bends at an unnatural angle as he pushes himself out of your phone. You’re too scared to even make a noise.
The rest of his body comes shortly after. The narrator has finally broken through to your reality. But where were you? He looks around, confused. He finally spots you in the corner of your room, crying.
He approaches you, confused and wanting to comfort, but you throw your hands in front of you and say-
“Please, don’t hurt me.” No! No, no, no! This was meant to be his moment of triumph. The beginning of the rest of your life was about to start with him by your side. Why on earth were you so frightened of him?
His heart breaks. He realizes he’s messed this up quite badly if your negative reaction is that strong. 
“Dearheart,” he says. “Oh, beloved. The last thing I want to do is hurt you. I know I gave you quite the scare but can you- Can you look at me, please?”
His voice is gentle. Gentler than it’s ever been. You cautiously look at him through your tears. He looks just like you hoped he would. Your shaking eases a little. His eyes are soft, and he looks at you like you’re the most precious thing in the world. 
To him, you are.
“I’m not here to bring you pain or misery, I-” He tries to find the words to explain himself. “I felt- or at least I thought I felt your heart calling out to mine. And I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but I think I could show you something beautiful. I could make you really happy, if you gave me a chance. What do you say?”
You consider the person before you. Your fear has been washed away somewhat. You peer at him, shifting forward, to the narrator’s internal delight.
“I need to ask you some questions first.” Alright, that was fair considering the circumstances.
“You say you aren’t going to hurt me. Do you mean it?”
The narrator thinks this is a ridiculous question, but he’s not going to treat you badly for asking. He begins to understand how things might have looked from your perspective.
“Reader, you’re so lovely, I couldn’t even try.”
You pause, considering. “And you won’t hurt any of my friends, even if I hang out with them instead?”
“Of course not.” The narrator considers not elaborating, then continues, “I’m not sure who you were expecting, but you might have mistaken me for someone else. What a silly idea.”
“Alright, if you’re not going to hurt me, and you’re not going to hurt my friends, what exactly do you want out of this?”
“I-” The narrator hesitates. He’s not naturally good at being mushy, but for you, he’s willing to push through his usual barriers. “I want to spend time with you. Not inside the game, that’s not enough anymore. I want to be with you, listen to everything you have to say, do anything you ask!”
Woah, this guy really didn’t know what healthy boundaries were. He kept going, trying to explain himself.
“I don’t know why you’re convinced that I want something bad to happen to you. I love you. Love doesn’t mean hurting anyone who gets in our way, it means working through our problems together.”
Huh. Unhealthy, but not that unhealthy. Yeah, you could work with that. You reach out to him, then hesitate. “Narrator, I- '' You start to blush, and glance shyly up at him.
“I’m really glad you’re here. I’m sorry I didn’t recognize who you were at first. Could I- Could I give you a hug?”
“Anything you want.”
Yeah, you were going to have a long road ahead of you for teaching the narrator what was healthy. But for now, you held him close, and smiled when he kissed you on the cheek.  
You felt safe in his arms at last.
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npcsketches · a day ago
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stressed out so i doodled the narrator
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zona-doing-art · 2 days ago
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not only is he victorious over the gamers, he is the gamer
(also yay my narrator design, minus the headphones)
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sunflowerdemonjin · 2 days ago
more stanley p doodles but of the man himself. probably not gonna be my official design but idk.. i wanted to make him skrunkly
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paimt · a day ago
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doodlingbot · 2 days ago
Narrowl sitting on Stanley’s shoulder is so cute!! Quickly narrowl nows your only chance to nuzzle his neck! You could totally blame instincts!!
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Nothing wrong with a bit of experimentation is there?
[CONTEXT] <- all silly bird narrator asks will be tagged as #/silly bird narrator (so just search that tag on my blog if you want to see past asks and such.)
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quiirrel · a day ago
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POV: You are the narrator
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stanley-central · 8 hours ago
the line..the line doesn't end in an arrow. (at least not in tsp (only played that so far))
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zedleaked · 2 days ago
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bit late to the party but I played The Stanley Parable for the first time today
I don't know what I was expecting but it blew my expectations out of the park and into space where it promptly suffocated due to the lack of air
pretty good game
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craftycrs · a day ago
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Found this on the floor in the bosses elevator room, it brings me great joy.
Transcript if you can’t read it (cropping the screenshot made it a tad blurry)
I am a worker I love existing
Oh No!
Poofs into non existence
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npcdrawsthings · 2 days ago
For Stanley Parable ideas- braiding each other’s hair maybe?
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Sometimes they get along :)
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give-soup-please · 2 days ago
Narrator acting as a father figure to Reader? 🥺 your stuff is like super awesome
Narrator Acting as Father Figure to Reader
He figures the best way to look after you is to spend time together frequently. The two of you go out to the park, for ice cream, whatever you’d like.
He strikes me as the sort of person who’s fairly protective under these circumstances. Yes, you can go to a club or bar with friends, but he’s coming with you and keeping a sharp eye out. He doesn’t want you to stop living your life just because he’s around, but he’s fairly suspicious about the real world.
The narrator doesn’t like being apart from you, but if you keep insisting, he’ll give you a break. He recognizes it’s important for your development, he just genuinely likes being around you. 
I imagine him being a little salty if you push him away, but not bitter.
“You don’t want to spend time with me? Fine. I’ll just sit right here, and wait for you to get back. No, no, reader, go ahead.” (He cares so much, the absolute dork. And he will actually wait for you to come back, this isn’t an attempt at emotional manipulation. He doesn’t really know what to do when you’re not around.)
Even if you’re a little older, would you at least let him indulge in reading to you? He’s an excellent storyteller. Getting to sleep with him reading is so easy. The narrator is smug about this.
“Cheeky kid, thinking they don’t need their eight hours. Heh, knocked them right out.” 
Yeah, he’s probably going to call you some variation of kid, kiddo, or sport unless you’re really close to him in age. I suggest you accept it, that’s not very likely to change. 
You’re going through a lot, whether you’re still a child or an adult. The narrator is always there to listen to your problems. His advice is a little… odd, but he means well.
Imagine if you had a bullying situation at school or your coworkers were being mean to you.
“They say the best thing to do to make friends, reader, is to be yourself. But these people? Here’s what we’re going to do. You and I are going to scare them by…”
He makes a plan to terrify the people being mean to you by scaring the crap out of them by using his most spooky and evil voice. It’s a very fun day.
He does his best to encourage you, but this might not be his forte either. Or it may be, depending on what works for you.
“Reader, the odds are against you on this one. Overwhelming, exhausting odds. But you’re going to get through it because I believe in you. And I’m never wrong with who I believe in.”  
The first time you call him ‘dad’, by accident or not, he nearly bursts into tears. 
He’s so proud of you. You didn’t even have to do anything to earn it. For some reason, it’s become a reflex for him. He’s proud of you in the way that the sky is blue, an undeniable fact. 
(small rant in tags)
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morbussy · 2 months ago
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this is so sad can i get an f in the chat
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mutualsmybeloved · a month ago
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mutuals i am pressing 0
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evils-corner · 2 months ago
My girlfriend and I found and bought the Stanley Parable Indiebox, and we read through the entire manual and this last page killed us
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The Narrator hopes we set Stanley free....😭
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handsomejackai · a month ago
you fools . the narrator and stanley’s dynamic isnt “ableist parent and autistic child” . its “two autistic dudes on virtually opposite ends of the spectrum boxing it out”
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pumpkinlesbiam · a month ago
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its just me aand this bucket against the world 
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