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ayy @panicatbeeboo and i are making a discord server for IT!!! it’s an rp server and honestly we’re just trying to keep the fandom alive, plus we’re trying to get some good people who aren’t toxic in there, so if you’re interested don’t be afraid to hmu for more details!! :)

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Things My Friends Have Said as Incorrect IT Quotes (part ??)

Ben: Does it look like I care?
The answer is yes, what’s your pick?
Stan: Y’ever wanna cry
Yea- Wait are you ok?
Bev: You don’t sound fine 
Stan: I am, I’m just playing animal crossing and in an immense amount of pain 
Bev: Oh… I hope your pain goes away soon.
Stan: It won’t.
Both, bursting out laughing:

Richie, taking a buzzfeed quiz to figure out what his blood type is:

Mike, who knows his own blood type, taking the buzzfeed quiz to see if it’s accurate:



Stan: Hoya

Bev: That was a weak ass HOYAAA


Bev: I SAID that was a WEAK as HOYAAAA

Stan: Hoya

Bev: Stan, you’re weak. Do you even know how to HOYAAA?

Stan: hhhhhhoYA


Eddie: I’m making a brand new first aid kit with this new bag I got and I just learned how to tie a tourniquet in 16 seconds flat. PLEASE ask me about my first aid kit can i PLEASE show someone my first AID KIT


Eddie: My mom told me these rashes were normal and I should just use neosporin. My doctor said the exact same thing. I called Harvard and they told me I would probably be okay and also to stop calling them. HOWEVER. I googled it and I think I have cold urticaria which is typically caused by underlying health conditions for example blood diseases. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have leukemia. I’m gonna start making my will out tomorrow.

Bill: Can’t you just… use lotion.


Bill: Jesus fuck I’m sorry I asked.

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IT Theatre Kid Headcanons

Because I’m a theatre kid and miss it :,(

  • Richie wants to do SOMETHING with his voices in high school and decides to audition for the school play
  • He plays the witty side character, of course
  • He also starts dragging the losers to rehearsal with them when they’re hanging out afterwards to the point where all of the losers just morph into part of the show
  • Bev, of course, would be the costume designer
  • Ben would be the set designer
  • And if Derry High School is anything like Bangor High School, then that school is very lucky to have them because they are lacking in creativity and functionality in their sets and costumes
  • And they also put so much thought into the sets and props so nothing ever breaks and no costumes look ugly on people
  • Stan would just kind of sit in the audience and watch rehearsals, not wanting to talk to anyone, and he just absorbs everything that happens
  • One day, someone forgets a line and he just yells it from the audience and the director is like “you. I want you”
  • So he becomes the director’s assistant and keeps track of where all the actors are supposed to be and what they’re supposed to be doing
  • Eddie kind of does that offstage. He hangs out with Richie in between scenes backstage and starts organizing the props and commenting on how a set piece isn’t where it’s supposed to be onstage and then Richie yells at the director that Eddie should be stage manager
  • So he is! And he keeps track of all of the tech cues and him and Stan go back and forth on their headsets to keep everything and everyone in check
  • And he also yells at the actors whenever they touch a prop and they are all so scared of him
  • I feel like Mike would kind of just fill in for whatever needs to be done. He stays late painting sets with Ben, stands in for actors on stage, does snack runs for people, makes sure everyone is hydrated, and reminds Stan and Eddie to breathe
  • Bill would just sit in the audience in the beginning and try to get his homework done while the others worked until they needed someone to fill in for the leading man for blocking and they asked Bill to do it
  • And he did the entire scene without stuttering once and all of the losers are so proud of him and he does so well that he gets asked to be the understudy! (But he also is coming back to audition for the next show)
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oh my god they make me lose my MIND

so stozier is my ship. its my favorite. it just.. encapsulates what i love in ships! theyre childhood best friends and theyre kinda opposites but not really, but like you see them and youre kinda like “wait . those two are friends??” but they love each other so much!! god i could go on and on about why i love stozier (and i have lol)

and BICHIE!!!! the dumbass energy is off the charts.. its essentially the backbone of the book and of ch1 and its just one of the strongest bonds out of the losers. they know how to have fun and do some dumb shit!!! but like also in the book… there are so many moments that just make me go crazy. the scene where richie physically comforts bill despite being terrified of being seen as gay… the ritual of chud where they save each other.. the fact that bill was there when richie first saw It ….. god…

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i ship you with Stanley Uris!


Originally posted by stanzier

Stan would totally understand why you did the things you did. He might not know the details but knowing how past events can change people he was real sympathetic. You probably caught Stan’s eye when he saw how passionate you were about understanding people on a psychological level and noticed just how smart you are. He really worked earn your trust because he too isn’t too keen on trusting just anyone! Once you both are comfortable with each other you get to see just how fun he is and he really enjoys just being able to be himself freely. He really admires just how sweet you are and might even tell you as much! Stanley will for sure eat with you and talk to you before bed because he doesn’t always find it easy to fall into those tasks on his own but wants you to take care of yourself and so he makes sure you know how much he cares about you

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Pennywise’s voicemail: This message last two minutes…

The Losers’ Club: This is for Pennywise, you big, white, nasty smelling clown BITCH! Why you going round killing little kids with your trifling, racist, homophobic ass, you big clown ass bitch! Ronald McDonald looking ass bitch! We’re coming down there and we’re gonna beat the fuck outta you BITCH!!

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•Chapter 5•

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(Summary:Richie is determined to help Eddie overcome his greatest fear as he knows his past is catching up to him. Then Richie and Eddie finally have t h e talk…)

Also shout out to @ambitiousskychild on tumblr for being my beta!


Another week had passed and Richie had found his place in The Losers Club. He was the trade mark comedic relief character, who also annoyed the shit out of everyone. But they loved him nonetheless.

As much as Eddie loved how he didn’t have to hide Richie from his friends anymore, he also loved the days where it was just the two of them. That day was exceptionally hot outside which meant the boys slept with no covers on and cuddled for only a little while as it was way too hot to handle the body heat of even their significant other. So they just opted to hold hands.

At lunch Richie declared he had something special planned for today. He advised Eddie to put on shorts and a tank top and meet him on the patio in 5. Eddie was confused, but complied. He changed and met up with Richie.

The sun beat down on them overhead. The immediate shift from the cool air conditioned house to the blistering heat made Eddie want to go hide in the freezer.

“Close your eyes and don’t freak out,” Richie instructed.

“Uh, okay,” Eddie reluctantly closed his eyes.

“Now this is where the ‘don’t freak out’ part comes into play,” Richie explained before swooping Eddie off his feet and holding him bridal style.

Immediately, Eddie’s arms wrapped around Richie’s neck and he huddled close to his boyfriend. Richie proceeded to walk somewhere, since Eddie’s eyes were closed, so he didn’t know where they were going. So he simply laid his head on Richie’s shoulder and steadied his breathing.

“We’re here,” Richie whispered.

Eddie’s eyes fluttered open and what he saw filled him with dread. He gripped onto Richie, heart racing. “What the fuck is this?” Eddie gasped as he looked around. Richie was standing in about a foot of water, not even going up to his knees. He’d brought Eddie out into the open water of the ocean.

“Eddie- relax. I told you I was gonna help you with this, so here we are.” Richie tried his best to sound calm even though the feeling of his boyfriend shivering in his grasp was breaking his heart. “Please… Eddie we don’t have to go out far, we’re literally in a foot of water. Please, for me?”

Eddie’s not sure how he did it but somehow he let Richie convince him to put him down. The cool water went half way up his shins, lapping against his skin, sending shivers down his spine.

Richie stood behind Edide, letting his arms fall over Eddie’s shoulders as he pulled him so his chest was against Eddie’s back. He rested his chin on Eddie’s head and whispered, “See? You’re okay.”

The words didn’t phase Eddie. He looked out into the great unknown of the ocean, realizing there was no end. When he looked out, all he saw was water. Suddenly it became too much, the salt in the air was overwhelming, the sound of the waves was deafening and the cold water on his skin was lethal. He needed to get out, he wanted to be anywhere else, and he needed it now.

Eddie threw Richie’s arms off him and stormed off the beach, his hands shook as his chest tightened. He was able to run back to the house and into his room, he slammed the door behind him and locked it. He couldn’t hold it back anymore, his knees gave out underneath him and the tears began to flow.

Richie called out to Eddie. He took a step forward to go after him, but his balance was off, something was off. Richie fell front-first into the shallow water. Shit, he cursed, watching Eddie stomp back into the house. Richie let out a stressed sigh before he turned to look at what had caused the fall.

He was not happy with what he saw. The faint patch of tough scales that began around his ankle had spread, now covering the top of his foot and had almost halfway up his shins. Now that it was in water, the skin had turned a darker shade of blue, the scales more visible.


Richie struggled to pull himself to his feet. His legs felt like jelly in the water. Richie tugged himself out of the water and onto the sand. When he was finally on dry sand he let out a frustrated sigh. Finally I find someone but we can’t fucking be together cause I’m part fucking fish. His blood boiled as the anger began to overflow. With the power that was building up inside of his chest, Richie shot his hand out towards the water, releasing the fist he had been holding, sending a massive wave going out into the ocean. Which was then followed by various curses and swears.

“HEY!” Of course some dude on the beach would attract some attention.

Richie’s head snapped toward the voice and caught a glimpse of someone in the distance. It was one of the houses beside Eddie’s, even though that house had a fence around its property, there was a gate that was occupied by a body.

“Are you okay?” The person shouted out to Richie as they left their spot at the gate. As they approached Richie, the mer blinked a couple times before they came into focus.

“Richie?” The female voice asked. Now that she was only a couple feet away, he recognized that it was Beverly.

“Hey, Marsh,” Richie looked up at her and grimaced at the light that shined in his eyes.

“Why’re you cursing out the gods? Jesus, I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually heard you.” She smirked at the comment. “Why are you on the ground?” She asked, reaching out a hand.

Richie hesitantly took it and was surprised and relieved that he was able to stand up with the state he was in only minutes before. Deep down Richie knew that the water was affecting him, causing those scales.

Richie recalled the story Eddie had made up for him to tell people if he was ever caught in a situation where he couldn’t walk or anything of the sorts. “It’s my uh- physical condition,” Richie recalled the title Eddie gave it.

She looked taken aback, “Shit, sorry Rich I totally forgot. Are you okay?” She put a reassuring hand on his shoulder and studied his facial features.

“I don’t know… I really fucked up with Eddie. I-uh, tried to get Eddie to come in the water with me-”

“You what?” She snapped, eyes wide, she retracted her hand.

Richie held his hands up in defense, “He’s the one who said he wanted to try, I was just trying to give him a little push-”

“Eddie doesn’t take lightly to a little push. He needs to do things, especially this, on his own time. His mom totally micromanaged his entire life, and his dad was pretty damn good, so suddenly just losing them really fucked him up. So go in there and apologies to him!” Bev demanded, pointing to the house.

Richie flinched at the demand.

Her expression softened a little as she continued. “He really cares about you, okay? He seems so much happier now. Rich, you’re really good for him,” her lips curved into a small smile.

Richie let out a small sigh. “Thanks Bev,” he turned to look at the house. “I guess I better go,” he concluded.

Richie’s feet felt heavy as he went up the stairs. The vibe was off since most of the time when he went up or down the stairs, Eddie was with him.

Just as Richie’s hand hovered over the door in preparation to knock, the door swung open, revealing a puffy-eyed Eddie on the other side.

The two stared blankly at each other before Richie broke the silence, requesting to come in. Eddie didn’t respond, he simply stepped aside and allowed Richie in. Richie stood awkwardly in the middle of the room as Eddie crawled onto his bed and pulled his knees up to his chest, then rested his chin on them.

Richie looked around the room before his eyes fell on Eddie. “Eddie… I’m sorry,” he apologised, taking a seat on the corner of the bed. “I can’t even begin to understand how you feel. I-I just wanted to help,” Richie confessed while he scanned Eddie’s face for any shift in emotions.

Eddie inhaled shakily, “Richie, I-I wanna learn,” he croaked, his breath hitching as he continued. “I wanna be able to go swim, and-and be with you. It’s j-just… hard,” Eddie didn’t look at Richie, well it didn’t look like he was looking at anything at all, his eyes were glazed over and unfocused.

“I get that Eds, so I-I’ll be here, whenever you need it, and whenever you’re ready to try, I’ll still be here.” Eddie’s head jerked upwards, eyes now focused and welling up.

“But you won’t be!” He snapped, his voice going up in volume. He let his knees go down as he sat cross legged. Richie tensed at the sudden change of tone. “Richie, you’re a fucking merman, you can’t. Stay. Here.” Eddie pronounced each word individually as he waved his hands around, trying to get his point across.

Richie looked taken aback, the whole “going back” subject was sort of a forbidden zone that neither the fish nor the human ever dared to enter. They’d been avoiding it for too long, the inevitable had finally arrived.

Richie exploded. “You think I don’t know that?! Eddie, every day I’m here I am scared shitless because I know one day I’ll have to leave- leave you, that’s why I wanted to help you because I don’t know how long I’ll be here.” Now it was Richie’s turn to tear up. “I wanna make every moment count,” he told Eddie.

Eddie sighed in frustration. “What’s the point Trashmouth? You’re just gonna have to go back to your fish friends and leave me here, alone, again,” Eddie spat.

“Eddie, how aren’t you getting this?” Richie pulled at his hair. “I don’t want to leave you, I don’t wanna have to leave you because I have nothing out there, I never did!” He took a moment to think over his next words. “I don’t wanna leave you because I love you.” His voice was small and vulnerable.

Eddie was in the middle of wiping the tears on his cheeks with the back of his hand when his entire body tensed up. “You what?” His voice almost came out as a gasp, he was sure that his head was just playing tricks on him.

Richie’s stomach twisted, sure that he said the wrong thing. “I love you Eddie,” he repeated.

Eddie’s eyes grew wide with realization as his face softened. “Oh… I love you too, ‘Chee.” Eddie’s feelings began to bubble up inside of him. Unable to take it anymore, Eddie leaped up and tackled Richie back onto his bed. Richie burst out into laughter as Eddie wrapped his arms and legs around the mer like a koala bear.

“I love you so much Eds,” Richie whispered as he kissed the shorter boy’s forehead.

“That’s not my name,” Eddie groaned, stretching out the A. “I love you too,” Eddie leaned forward then placed his hand under Richie head to pull him closer before kissing him.


Three days later Richie woke up to the sound of a door creaking open. He kept his eyes closed until he heard a familar voice quiely cursing.

He lifted his head slightly to glance around the room, that didn’t do much as he only saw a weird blob since he didn’t have his glasses on. “Eddie?” He croaked, his voice raw.

“Rise and shine fishboy!” Eddie called out, his tone demanding, serious even.

“What’s going on,” Richie slid his glasses on and watched as Eddie pulled a pair of swim trunks on.

Eddie pulled his shirt off then reached down, grabbed a piece of clothing and tossed it at Richie. “Come on”.

“What are you on about Spaghedds?” Richie grabbed Eddie’s wrist before he could leave his range.

Eddie turned around, a smirk on his face. “Let’s go fucking swimming,” he said, a devlish smirk plasterd on his face.

Richie’s jaw dropped. “Let’s what?” He asked as he let go of his hand and jumped to get out of his pyjamas.

Eddie was bouncing on the balls of his feet. “Well, I was thinking about what you said the other night and I thought I should give it another try. But god help me if you let me drown I’m gonna haunt you for the rest of my dead life.” Eddie tried to keep a serious tone, but failed.

Richie grinned, now in his swim trunks. He leaned down and kissed Eddie. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

“Let’s go do this,” Eddie declared. He grabbed Richie’s hand and pulled him out of his room.


“I CAN’T DO THIS!” Eddie shrieked. He stood before his pool, where Richie stood on the first step going into the water. The pool water reflected up onto Eddie’s face as he stood a foot away from the clear water.

Richie rolled his eyes. “Eddie, you aren’t even in the pool yet,” he deadpanned. “Come on,” Richie begged as he reached out to his boyfriend and made the little grabbing motion with his hands, something Eddie had grown fond of. “Have I ever let you down?” He raised his eyebrows in an almost challenging manner.

Eddie hesitated momentarily before he lifted his hand to rest in Richie’s. He let the mer lead him to the edge, then he took his first step into the pool. There was a moment where Eddie didn’t feel anything aside from the cool feeling that filled his body when he stepped into the water. Before he could talk himself out of this, he stepped down onto the second level and the water rose to his thighs.

“Woah, take it easy,” Richie advised as he held Eddie’s hands in his. Richie backed down off the stairs, now in the shallow end of the pool.

“N-No I’m okay. I’m okay,” Eddie repeated, as if the more times he said it, the more real it would become. Eddie tried to relax but he soon felt the same feeling he had before begin to seep in.

Richie noticed and took a step backwards, tempted to get Eddie out just a little bit more before he backed out. He could tell Eddie wanted to do more but he knew the shorter male couldn’t figure out how to ask for it.

“Wanna float?” Richie wiggled his eyebrows.

Eddie felt uncomfortable all of a sudden. “Don’t say it like that,” he groaned.

Richie cracked a smile. “Fine,” he said in a fake pouty voice. “Just turn around and lean backwards,” he instructed, releasing Eddie’s hands.

“A-Are you sure?” Eddie questioned, the waves from the distant ocean suddenly seemed so much louder than previously.

Richie stepped closer to his boyfriend. “Yes, Eddie I’m sure.” He placed his hands on the human’s hips and turned him around. When Eddie’s back was to him, Richie placed a hand on his back and told him to slowly start leaning backwards. Richie held his hand on Eddie’s back as he concentrated on controlling the water around Eddie’s body. Determined to calm the small waves that lapped against the male’s body as he slowly lowered himself down into the water. When Eddie finally began to float on the water, his body was as stiff as a board. Normally this would cause one to sink, but Richie made sure to keep him up with his hand and a little bit of magic.

“Eddie, you can relax a little,” Richie advised as he looked into Eddie’s stone cold eyes.

Eddie snapped his eyes shut, worried that any sudden movement would send him sinking to the depths of his pool. “O-Okay,” he stuttered as he unwillingly let his arms drift away from his side, uncurling his fists and relaxing his shoulders.

The way the water silenced everything else around him was something he once found overwhelming, had slowly turned peaceful, as if for just a couple moments, he was finally able to escape reality, stop swimming against the current and just float.

“You’re floating,” Richie whispered, almost in amazement.

Eddie moved his head in a nodding motion as he relaxed his back, but he noticed how he couldn’t feel Richie’s hand in the middle of his back anymore. “Richie!” he gasped. Suddenly his lungs felt empty as he jackknifed. His legs kicked back as they tried to find the pool’s floor and his arms thrashed above the surface.

Richie jumped into action, sweeping Eddie into his arms and holding him bridal style above the water’s reach. “Hey I’ve got you! You’re okay, you’re okay,” he assured his boyfriend as he calmed the water around them. Eddie’s sopping wet hair made it easy for Richie to magically push the wet curls out of the other’s face as Eddie’s eyes opened.

Holy shit!” He exclaimed, “I’m alive!” His shocked expression shifted to something more happy.

“Of course! Eddie I wouldn’t ever let anything happen to you,” Richie smiled down at him.

“I can’t believe it Rich- you’ve done the impossible,” Eddie smiled, because it was true. For the past year, Eddie’s fear of the water, his fear of truly living has defined his entire life. Maybe he’s not 100% over his fear of the water, but he sure as hell is better than he was before.

Word Count: 2911

Guys I don’t think you’re ready for the next chapter….

*Nervous Laughter* Some shit is about to go down. But hey! Enough about the next chapter, I hope that y'all enjoyed this chapter, comment down below what was your favourite part and what you’re most excited for! Sadly there are only 2 chapters left but they’re the best ones! Get ready and grab you kleenex boxes (;

Until next time,

So Long and Goodnight.



@richietoaster @s-onora @that-weird-girl-blog @beproudtozier @ghostnebula @bellarosewrites @s-s-georgie @lermanslogan @iamcupcakefrosting @madidraw @gazebobullshit @thoughtfullyyoungduck @aangzukos @ambitiousskychild @reddieonwheels @breadheadscorpius @opinions-you-didnt-ask-for @faz-se

Let me know if you wanna be added to the tag list!

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So I recently found out that the actress and actor who played Beverly Marsh (Emily Perkins) and Stanley Uris (Ben Heller) from the 90s IT miniseries and I all share the same birthday…May 4th…y'all probably don’t care, but I’m pretty fucking lit about that 😂😂😂

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