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apendice-chileno · a month ago
I knew horikoshi wouldn't give us star + deku content so I did it myself
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inkyblinkyarts · 2 months ago
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BNHA doodles
I've realized the secret way to trick my brain into getting into the groove of using references is to make them characters you like lmao 
Eri gets taller than shinsou and eventually aizawa- I will die on this hill she will become a mf giant
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homochako · 2 months ago
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pikahlua · 3 months ago
Oh hi Star
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In the past, I was saved by an exchange student from Japan. I was on the way to the Santa Monica Pier with my family. A fleeing robber came and attacked our car. I thought, 'At least let my sister---' as I was prepared to die, and at that moment
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There she is! There she is! Movie 1! Movie 1!
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hexagonsgalore · 3 months ago
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[sobs incoherently]
wow this week has been a treat so far
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minisheku · 3 months ago
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Hold me tenderly, please.
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chibikhoai · 3 months ago
Shigaraki to everyone:
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ananayellow · 2 months ago
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Horikoshi victims
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fungusfangs · 2 months ago
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Y'all get these vibes?
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villainsandvictimsalliance · 2 months ago
Imaging going through the worst beating of your life while also being possessed by your greatest abuser and thinking about if there's a possibility of reanimating your dog.
Tomura, you're crazy for that.
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codenamesazanka · 3 months ago
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30-something years ago, a young All Might saved Star and her family from a Villain.
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pinotorto · 3 months ago
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As a girI with glasses, I love how Star and Stripe squints her eyes when she looks at something afar like every short-sighted person out there
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calicoyo · 3 months ago
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i have discovered my type. strong and chivalrous 💪 ✨ 
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fatenayuta · 3 months ago
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Star and stripe is All might’s another disciple? oh...
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iheartbookbran · 4 months ago
USA’s no. 1 hero is a woman!!!
me @ Horikoshi:
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flowersxiu · 3 months ago
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I just think she’s very neat ❤️🤍💙
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psychomurderz · 2 months ago
Because of the spoilers in chapter 332, I have a feeling that Horikoshi will (if not already) be accused of sexism, chauvinism, misogyny and other sins again.
But! Please note that the chapter ends with Cliffhanger very, very beautiful. It's as if the Villain has won, but it's not certain yet.
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Star smiles sadly here, her gaze full of defeat and resignation to her fate. She is, however, proud! And most likely Afomura will be left with nothing. Yes, he has already defeated America's Number One Hero, but... will he get her quirk?
I think not. Most likely Star has been informed that Shigaraki Tomura can steal quirks now too, so... she's probably trapped herself.
In this chapter, we were shown flashbacks to when she and her brothers were at the military academy. And it was as if she was considered weak because of a quirk, it's not like she's all-powerful! Of course, she had her suspicions that it could also have been gender stereotypes, but her bros didn't talk about it. They had become a real family, and would go into fire and into water together. So it was natural for Star to sacrifice herself for her brothers.
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But. And one wants to defeat the Villain, right?
I don't think Star as a human being is going to die. And as a Hero - she'll be alive, too, because there are those who think she's a hero. But as America's current Number One Hero, she will die. Because she won't have a quirk. She may very well destroy her quirk: “if anyone touches me, my quirk disappears.” The last rule - but a very strong rule - that will rub Afomura's nose in it.
I think Cassie will live, maybe even see Agbar and Toshinori, her idol. And her brothers will survive, too - they will be rescued by the heroes of Japan who rush to the rescue.
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fayday · 2 months ago
Lets actually see how Horikoshi treats his female characters
People have been talking about the way Horikoshi treats female characters because of the newest chapter so I wanted to compare them to the male characters.
In this list you can see every character that has either died or gotten a really bad injury (If they recovered from it I won't count them), gotten their quirk stolen, etc... No characters from vigilantes, movies and filler.
The list is going to go from most to least importance so you can count out characters you don't think matter (I'm not counting Nomus or random thugs tho).
Every female character that has died
Star and stripe (At least physically idk what is going on in the vestige world)
Nana Shimura
Nao Shimura (Shiggys Mom)
Hana Shimura (Shiggys Sister)
Kotas Mom
Shiggys grandma
Heavily injured (Ever lasting injuries) or smth else:
Mirko (Arm and chunk of stomach i think)
Lady Nagant (Kaboom)
Ragdoll (Quirk stolen)
Every male character that has died
Sir Nighteye
Kotaro Shimura (Shiggys Dad)
Kotas Dad
Shirakumo?? (I don't know if I should count him since he died in vigilante but he is in the main series)
Lariat (OFA)
En (OFA)
Hikage Shinomori (OFA)
Eel Boy
Gyges and Briareos (Tartarus guards)
Shiggys grandpa
Heavily injured (Ever lasting injuries) or smth else
Aizawa (Eye and leg)
Shigaraki (Half of hand destroyed, hasn't regenerated yet)
Gran Torino (Hole in stomach)
Mr compress (Chunks of his body)
Overhaul (Arms)
Redestro (Legs)
Ingenium (Paraplegic)
All might (I'll count him because he is now unable to fight)
Edit: The people asked for percentages so here it is, keep in mind that the numbers might be off by like 3 digits or so and that I'm only including characters from the main manga
Also remember that the percentages don't take into consideration the importance of the characters themselves, you can do it yourself, I'm not getting paid to do this shit
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So less female characters die and get injured but there are less of them
I should be doing my homework
You can make your own conclusions, I just wanted to compare them because every time smth happens to a female character I see people talking about this.
Obviously this is not the same thing as the writting of female characters as that is a much more subjective topic (but I do admit male characters get more attention in the story).
If I missed someone just tell me lol I just made this for fun.
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perplexedhare · 2 months ago
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First time AFO stopped smiling, it's tasty.
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dekuskacchan · 2 months ago
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i hate it here
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