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magsdomino · an hour ago
Remembered just now that Eclipse Butterfly is the goth mommy monsterfucker I aim to be.
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fereality-indy · 3 hours ago
Eclipsa: What doesn’t kill you makes you adopt a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms and a dark sense of humor!
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jess-the-vampire · 7 hours ago
Sky And The Forces Of The Multiverse, Chapter 47
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"So what do you think angel?".
Sky motioned to the platters of food that were nearly finished, having prepped the chefs and even helped out with, lexi adding final touches wherever she wanted, much to the chef's dismay. Angel of course seemed super tired and still stressed, as if thinking any small thing could ruin the whole entire night and mess things up with the king of spider monsters.
His dad wasn't cruel, he was no toffee or shastacan.
But the disappointment was enough to scare him.
He never used to care about this before, but was always on his mind, taking over it. He nervously looked over what they had prepared, his father was coming in a few minutes, he wasn't dressed because they had been occupied with getting the dining hall ready and checking and changing the dinner options...5 times, they had wasted so much time and angel still wasn't sure they got things right.
"I...I'm not sure...maybe-".
"Angel...we don't have much time left, we spent hours getting stuff ready...we gotta get you changed...we're going to have to go with this...", she wasn't saying it to be mean, but angel didn't have time to be picky right now, especially if he wanted to have anything ready at all for his father. She patted his back to reassure him and ask if there was anything else he wanted to add to the meal his father would like.
But he only shook his head, disappointed but knowing she was right and they had to get moving.
"Let's go get changed...", his voice sounded defeated as he waved to marco before heading his way out, followed by sky who also waved to the demon queen, "Just don't be long, we'll be calling everyone to dinner very soon, remember he's not the only new guest we have here tonight". They gave her a knowing look and sky felt a fit in her stomach at remembering her grandma was finally coming over.
"I'm surprised you're so calm", he mumbled to the butterfly princess.
Angel turned to face her, "Your grandma is coming over and you're acting like it's not a big deal at all, you're not panicking over food, what you're going to're the complete opposite of me...". Sky was actually nervous even if he didn't think she looked it, but at the same time this event wasn't exactly about impressing her or proving anything to her so she had little reason to much.
There were other reasons to worry about her grandma that involved stuff outside of sky herself.
Whatever was really happening was more between her grandma...and her mom, less so about sky, her own mom had way more of a reason to be packing just as bad as angel was at the moment. Her grandma could be soft and sweet but also strict and scary if she wanted to be, not to mention pretty overbearing, she seemed to think at times she knew better then others.
Which of course, did not work for the current queen at all.
She had been trying to keep her mom out of her work for as long as she could, and now she was coming and there was nothing more she could do to convince the former queen to turn back to her retirement. She was coming and it would take more then usual to get her to turn back and away from the mess she had come to help try and fix where her daughter had failed.
Moon had gotten involved with sky being queen...a little, but her main focus was usually on her own daughter, after all...her daughter was meant to be the one teaching sky in the first place. So if she had to butt in and do star's job for her that wasn't good on star herself, though sky would argue this made moon look just as bad when it came to teaching star in the first place.
Anyways, she hated to even be involved during their bickering with stuff like this, she was lucky so far her life involved a lot less of it then she could've had. Being involved in the drama of two adults is a lot like being involved in the drama of two annoying teenagers, and sky had the urge to ask landon to borrow some of his headphones just to be safe.
"Well...guess i don't stress as much about making a good impression...most of the time, even when people were treating me like garbage i never really put on a fake persona and look to impress them so i guess it's just something i don't do", sky shrugged and tugged the prince along further, "But i mean, you got it way worse then me right now so that also probably makes a difference...".
"This feels like something a child would do after breaking one of their parent's things...doesn't it?".
"I guess you can say that yeah".
He hid his face within his hands, red, "You must think i seem like a real fool right now, you keep trying to reassure me and i keep freaking out about it and i just can't help it..." and that's when sky held out her hand, him taking it...still embarrassed. "It's fine, i'm not making fun of you for it...i get it, this whole thing is kinda important to're going to be ok".
"I need to breathe more often...".
"It's still a learning process, you'll get used to it...hopefully, c'mon let's just get you dressed before you melt into the floor", she tugged him along as they made it to her room, which of course, was very much guarded still, angel awkwardly sat on the bed as sky headed inside her own wardrobe. "I'm assuming you're personally not into dresses so we'll rule that out for now, besides, i don't think any of my dresses will work with your back legs anyway".
Angel touched one of them in response.
"Good call".
"Now what i DO have is some stuff i was going to give to judas for his coronation, i started working on clothes ideas and these are mostly scrapped...i haven't had a ton of time to work on them exactly...but i nearly forgot i had been working on a few things for maybe you can wear one...if you want to that is...if not i got other stuff in here...".
"Such as?".
She walked out holding a leather jacket and jeans.
"I mean, look, i dunno what exactly is your style outside of fancy stuff...but you could try...?", angel stared at the clothing with uncertainty, he still clearly didn't know what he wanted to do with his appearance and he had little time to think about it. Sky placed the clothes on the bed, " can do whatever you wanna do...just make sure it's something you want to do...".
He took a minute to really think about it, nodding his head as he softly spoke.
"Well...leather might not really be any sweaters in there? That might be more my speed...but...i'll wear a shirt under it and um...I'm ok wearing one of jude's jackets...", something about how he said it made sky smile, he seemed actually happy with his own choice. A choice made by him for him and not to please his father or anyone in particular.
"Sounds good, i can find that for you, you can shower real quick and we'll be good to go".
"What about you?".
She turned to face him, "I'll be fine as is...promise, you just need to worry about yourself and what you wanna say when your dad finally arrives, that's WAY more of a concern. You can think about it more in the shower and everything...". Angel glanced at the clothes and drawings sky and sunny had been working on earlier, clearly being reminded of the upcoming plans.
But he didn't say anything, instead sky fetched what he needed and he was quickly shoved into the closest nearby royal bathroom. What emerged soon later as a fresher smelling prince of the Arachmen, wearing a collared shift with a sweater and jacket overtop, he still had some nice shows and pants on but he seemed quite comfortable, his hair tired back behind him but a lot looser then it used to.
"How do i look?", he held out his arms and spun around to show the princess all of his angels, just to make sure he wasn't missing anything.
"Like a goober".
"You look great, trust me, but tell me how you feel about it?".
He looked down at himself, adjusting his sweater, "Well...i feel...warm...and...comfortable".
"You really seem to care liking this stuff...don't you?", she shrugged as she brushed his sweater to make sure there weren't any loose hairs on him, "Well i mean, as someone who got annoyed at my parents telling me not to wear my hat for fun events, i'm not the person that's gonna force you one way or another...i just want you to comfortable being yourself...and being that way to other people".
He softened at that as they made their way to the dining hall, to meet up with everyone. Most of everyone did seem to be there, though the most notable absent ones were judas, landon, celeste, her other mom, and...mason? She saw Queen Lucitor dressed up nearby in a rather radiant looking dress before approaching, still tugging angel along, guess angel wasn't the only one who decided to dress up real quick before dinner.
"Judas? Off taking some time for himself still...hopefully he'll rejoin us soon, he's being kept company by katrina right now actually, she called in a bit ago. As for mason, he's still with fae and janna, they'll be a little late to eat, and well...landon and celeste are apparently visiting luna right i'm not sure how long they'll be there but sadly we don't have time to retrieve them all...we'll just have to check in on them at dinner".
"Wait...visiting luna? Why in the heck would either of those grumps even want to be in the same room as her right now?", but she didn't have the time to question it, as here came her mom, in a rather nice golden dress and fixing her crown as she ran past her own daughter and into the dining room, the heavily armed guards quick to get out of her way.
"Guess Grandma's here...".
And sure enough, as sky turned around, followed by a few more guards came a new flowing figure with silvery hair tied back in a braid, wearing a blue gown with a cape, and with diamond marks that matched her heavy makeup. Angel was stuck in place, unable to move, and sky followed, stiff as a board upon her arrival, now wishing she had changed her clothing.
"Hello Skyler".
And before sky could say more she noticed another figure approaching and if the situation didn't make it obvious enough, the spider legs did. King Amir ArachFord striding his way next to the former queen, standing in place, looking rather nice all things considered, guards nearby holding gifts for most likely his wife as he looked at the group who had been waiting for their arrival.
Angel looked like he might actually have fainted.
"Hello Angelus.".
This was going to one hell of an awkward evening.
"We outta do this with fae more often...", janna smirked, way too pleased with herself as the mole man trembled in his seat just looking at fae. Ever since the girl had come into the room everything had gone from bad to worse, the lights broke, his chair broke, a rock fell from the ceiling and hit him on the head, he fell over a dozen times, it was eerie to say the least.
Something about the little girl was off, and yet somehow, the other small demon in the room seemed so unfazed, sitting and cheering her on.
In fact everyone was unfazed but him.
The downside to working with her was well, she was a wild card, there was a high chance something bad to could happen to any of them, though the difference was he was alone, they were not. Fae didn't want to accidentally hurt mason but she wanted his companionship in this situation, she would've felt way more uncomfortable without a face she was used to helping her out.
She had never considered her cruse to be much more then an annoyance at least, burden at worst, being asked to put it to use had been an...interesting idea she never considered before. Though she did feel a little uneasy interrogating anyone, she wasn't exactly sure about this guy much and even with her abilities and protection...who knows what her powers might do.
Might make things worse.
But janna seemed confident, jackie writing in her notepad as janna lured around their prisoner.
"You really voluntarily decided to work for a criminal? I mean i get the appeal and everything but you made a bad choice in working with the one who nearly hurt my kid", nearby jackie sighed and shook her head, janna never changed did she? "I mean, sure she's super scary and everything, but you didn't even think to turn her into us? Woulda saved us a lot of work".
"Look, i had no idea she was a criminal, i told you, our kingdom barely knew about all of this...ok? She showed up, needed a place to stay, i had that old chamber and she stayed...that was it".
"You knew she was doing bad stuff though", Jackie added, "Otherwise you wouldn't have reacted the way you did in the bar when the queens and king confronted you, you keep denying you knew the full extent but you clearly knew something more you haven't told us about...there's no way you didn't know something, she had a child locked up down there for hours...and you ran from us when we tried to arrest you...".
"Well i-".
"If you are as innocent as you claim you're certainly not making yourself out to look that way to any extent, you're better off confessing the truth then risk us going any further to scare it out of you...there's no point in defending this person so much". She sent him a cold glare that challenged those of even moon's as the man shook a little as a result.
" You have no idea how scared i much she made me fear for my life, that she would never leave me be and would destroy me if i said or did anything, i meant no harm to anyone, but i had to worry for my own safety lest it have happened to anyone else i had known in my home". Jackie kept writing in her pad, "Sir, we are not trying to pretend you weren't afraid...but you could leave, you should've told someone".
"And what? Risk being killed? Even now if i say anything more i risk them bursting in here and destroying me, you lot can't protect me, you couldn't even protect your own castle. I'm better off shutting my trap and keeping quiet about what's going on then risking my own life. Even have dangerous children around to scare info out of least dying to her might be...less painful then whatever that magical horror might do", she didn't seem as sure on that last part but he shut his mouth tight.
Janna didn't seem to enjoy that, she didn't felt they were getting rather close on the whole matter, they'd been in here for hours at this point and had only gotten just a little of what they were looking for, and they needed so much more. They could already feel themselves getting hungry and they couldn't stay much longer, but they didn't want to leave like this, without what she had been looking for since the moment she entered this room.
He had to know something more that he wasn't sharing, he couldn't be this out of the dark like angel was.
Janna stood in front of him now, face in his face, she was good at scaring people in her kingdom but he wasn't from her it was unlikely he knew who he was messing with. She couldn't exactly hurt him, jackie was in the room after all and so were two kids, but she had a thing for mindgames and of course...hypnotism. So maybe she needed to try something else to get it out of him.
"I don't like that look on your face, i know what it means", and indeed jackie had remembered it since they were really young kids, it was the kinda face that told her to be very mindful of janna's next few actions, otherwise she might get into a mess herself. It was also the face she tended to make before marco got themselves in a whole heck of trouble from her.
"What does it mean?", the man asked, a slight tinge of nervousness in his voice.
This of course, immediately made janna very happy, she might of finally had something.
"Oh well, you won't have to worry about that, not unless you talk to us", she drummed her fingernails on the table between them, "I mean, you don't wanna ask questions you don't want the answers to after all". He didn't want to show he was worried, but janna could sense it on him, so distracted he didn't notice fae's bad luck triggering a glass of water nearby to shatter, scaring jackie and the kids.
"You're bluffing".
"I'm one of the queens of mewni, if i want to make a threat, don't assume it always means i'm just bluffing, you'd be surprised the kinda people i've been able to crack...much tougher then you".
He appeared as if he wanted to say something in response to that but chose to keep his mouth shut instead. Janna seemed pleased at that response, though maybe she would've liked for him to challenge her, would be a perfect way to start scaring him. Jackie tugged on janna's shoulder, pulling her back, "Trust me when i say, she doesn't really tend to bluff...but she is also might be better off admitting what you have on you...".
"I...I stated my reasons...i can't".
"Sir, this is to help protect tons of people, if you tell us what you know many people can rest well at night, we understand you are fearful, so are we...but this is important and you need to be brave for them", he paused a moment, thinking on her words, but he still shook his head. "Sorry, no can do...if i have to live in this prison for the rest of my life, i'll take that over meeting a gruesome fate".
He just wasn't going to budge, and they were just going to have to change tactics.
Janna looked to Jackie, still grinning and clearly asking permission for her to go wild on the man before them, and reluctant as she was...knew she just wasn't going to be winning this one.
"Look, i'm not ok with you doing stuff like that, but as long as not actual physical harm comes to him, then it's worth a shot i guess...but i am taking the kids outside, they really should eat something and i don't think they should be apart of this if we're about to make things get a whole lot worse, and i definitely don't want whatever you do affecting". Her reply seemed to make janna even more excited, and the man more confused, clearly expecting violence to have been what janna was talking about.
"We're leaving?", mason asked, stretching his wings.
"Yeah, we're not going to stick around for this mess, trust me, you don't want to...", she left her notepad out for janna, her look stern. "Write anything of importance, don't lose it, and don't go too far...i mean, i know you won't make any promises for sure but i still at the very least want to make sure i say that.". She moved fae away from the scene, and gathered her sword nearby.
"So did i do a good job with this or-?".
"Fae, you did well, but you're still a kid, you need a break...time to let janna take over for a bit ok?", she headed them out of the heavily guarded and locked door as janna rubbed her hands together, mason spotted the man sweating as the door shut behind them. "Is janna gonna do what the crazy mask person did to Loki? take over his mind and make him speak?", it was odd for him to come out with it like that but he wasn't stupid.
"Kinda...yeah, but not exactly, she's not using magic".
"It's a lot like magic though, magic for the mind".
"I guess if you really think about it, it is a little like magic for the mind, but just remember not to mess with the minds of others for bad purposes, janna is doing it to help us out, and no damage should come to the man...but never use it to harm anyone ok?", sheesh, jackie didn't have any kids and yet she was, patting the two on the shoulder as they nodded.
"Miss Jackie?".
"Are you upset about...miss luna?".
This seemed to make her stop in her tracks, blinking at mason curiously, "Well um...i can't say i'm not, i mean she was my top student and imagining her as being an enemy this entire time is well...not quite...what i wanted to happen. Putting your trust in someone only for them to be arrested rarely leaves you with any sort of good feeling, but why are you asking?".
"Cause everyone seems to be really upset about luna, including both my brothers...", his wings feel to the floor, "Judas was pretty close to her and landon...well actually landon kinda doesn't like her but having her here still makes him upset...and you were one of the people who hadn't said much about her since she got wanted to know".
"I guess considering she was my student...i probably should've had more to say about all of this...truth be told, i just decided maybe i should stay out of it. It seems like whatever is happening, it's something that more involves the queen and you kids then me, so i just do my job and keep to that, i don't add my own thoughts unless i'm usually asked when it comes to this".
"Why not?".
"Because usually it's not my place, some things you gotta stay out of, i'll be here to help you all whenever you need me, but i won't intrude on your personal feelings and drama like that...not unless you want me too, you guys are going through enough to also include me within all of that. You don't have to worry about me with all of this, ok? Worry about you".
"But i want to, besides, i don't want you to feel upset and left out too~".
She affectionately pet his head, fixing up his hat, "Thanks mason, it's nice of you to care about me, it is genuinely sweet of you." She fixed herself up and took fae's hand, "Hopefully whatever is going on with luna gets sorted out, i'm sure i'll be updated on her as time goes on...since her parents seem to be...unavailable, I'll kinda have to be in charge of her throughout this".
"'re kinda gonna be treated like her mom?".
If only she knew.
"Anyways, we'll come back for janna, after you both eat and get whatever else you need, you're been in there long enough anyways".
"Oh yeah, it's dinner time isn't it?", he'd been in there so long he hadn't been keeping track of the time at all, no wonder he was getting so hungry, his family had to have been already eating by this point. "Yeah, though just be careful when we get there, we have guests tonight, we don't want to be impolite or anything...after we eat i'll personally drop fae back to her home...honestly i'm surprised your parents are so...lenient".
"if it makes money, they don't care if i have to do out for a bit", she shrugged and said nothing more.
"You know, you might be unlucky, but people should treat you a little better...being unlucky isn't your fault", she didn't respond again to what she said but jackie swore she at least saw her eye move to look at her a bit, "You're more then just your luck, you're a very charming girl from what i can tell, you're honest, you're helpful, and you clearly care about your family to be trying to help them".
"It's fine, i don't mind being alone and everything, more time to...think and everything", mason stuck his head out to look at her but she still didn't look at either of them, "Mason's my only real friend, everyone is always turned away. Bad Luck, either i lose to them to it or they decided they no longer want to deal with it, it's something i'm just used to".
"Well that doesn't seem fair, friends should stick by through all the trouble you go through, you clearly mean no harm to any of them".
"But i can't blame them either, even now i have to warn people when i first meet them to stay away from me, just in case they might get hurt, mason only hangs with me because he's...not scared of me, he doesn't care...but other people do...i mean, i told him to stay away the first time i met him because i didn't want to be in trouble if he got hurt hanging around me".
"You really feel like this all the time?", now the woman looked extremely concerned, more like a mom then she had expected to be over this small child. "That sounds really awful fae, i'm so sorry you have to go through that at your shouldn't have to be scared about hurting your friends at your age, you should be making friends and spending time with them whenever you can".
"Easier said then done", she mumbled.
"Well, now that i'm here in mewni, i'll see if i can help you make some friends, i train all kinds of knights of many different ages here, they're unafraid of any danger and maybe they're a good fit for you! They probably won't mind your bad luck at all". She seemed rather doubtful of any of that but it was the nicest thing anyone had said to her in a good while that didn't come from mason.
"If you say so".
It probably wasn't the exact answer jackie wanted to hear, but not the worst kind either, at least fae seemed midely interested. "Hey, if anything, back there was a pretty good audition for you, you know how to be intimidating and you're already good with horses, i'd say it might be a match made for you, but don't pressure yourself, it's ok if you don't want to".
Fae nodded.
"You don't have to invite me to all your royal meals or whatever, i'm not exactly royalty...", but she quickly felt mason's wing pull her into a side hug, "Doesn't mean we can't invite you, you're friends of royalty, so that's just as cool and just as much of a reason for you to eat with us". She let out a smile, not a big smile, but a genuine smile that only made mason more happy.
"Just make sure to be on your best behavior, with moon there and king arachford, we're in for one heck of a night", she informed as they made their way to the door, being let in by guards to see everyone else already seated. Mason already noticing his missing brothers right away, but not saying anything in case that might of been out of line, though star was quick to notice her wife's absense.
"Is janna still working?".
"Yeah, she had a few other methods she wanted to try out, she should be here soon, i took the kids though", mason and fae heading to open seats for them, the woman looking between everyone. "I really hope i didn't walk in on anything, i know we're rather late but things took a lot longer then we were expecting and he was rather hard to break somehow".
"Even with fae AND Janna?".
"Well considering we just now got here, what else do you think happened? If it had been that easy we would've been done hours ago, but while fae did scare him, he apparently is way more scared of...Her, threats against his life it seems, and as far as i can tell he's never seen their face, so janna's going to try a new tactic and you'll have to meet up with her after dinner depending how it goes".
Star wasn't used to Janna not being able to scare the living daylights out of anyone before, she just hoped her mom nearby wasn't taking it as another sign of imcompintence on her or janna's part. Jackie took her seat after saying hello to the former queen and helped herself as more food was being set out, mason looking over to sky as if asking why his brothers weren't here.
She mouthed to him from across the table that it was a long story.
She really wanted to go find judas, he had to be hungry as well at this point, but she knew he needed his space right now either, it just was on her mind right now. She was worried in what state she might find him in the next time she saw him, sure he'd dealt with a lot before but this whole thing broke down most of his world, there was no coming back from that easily.
She just didn't want him to be alone through it either.
But she had to just wait it out, through dinner, and well...there was plenty to distract her if she wanted to be distracted. Her grandmother had wasted no time in getting into her reasons for being here, as anyone would expect of her. Star of course being incredibly nervous the entire time, worried just what her mother might point out and fuss over and make things worse.
Star loved her mom, she was helpful and not always such a pain.
But she could feel the disappointment in her voice. She had never had so much trouble with anything in a long time, she could usually handle threats like this and yet this one seemed to doop her at every level, it didn't look good on any queen but especially not her. Moon couldn't complain too badly, she herself had been involved with scary threats and hadn't always known what to do.
But that didn't mean she didn't need help.
It became very clear she needed to get involved, whether star liked it or not, maybe having her there might ponder different results. She was already talking about their plan and discussing what she did and didn't like, clearly the idea of using a royal celebration as a trap was not exactly her favorite idea in the world, even if it had a decent chance of actually working.
But that didn't surprise Star, at all.
Of course Star wasn't the only one at the table with parental issues that were on the rise, Angel and his father had been silent all dinner so far, most of the conversation being had by the two butterflies. They both had mostly just sat and ate, though Sky swore the king had been eyeing her a few times, probably wondering exactly how their friendship had been progressing considering sky was indeed sitting next to angel.
Nora however, was trying to be as cheery as possible, even though she also seemed worried for judas. She clearly sensed the tension in the room and was trying to be as cheery as sunny was, but even sunny was talking more to galexia and was staying out of the argument. Marco and Tom were keeping to themsleves as well, it seemed moon brought a new atmosphere then it was before now.
One that kept everyone quiet.
Sky wanted angel to just talk to his dad but that wasn't something she could just make him do, it was one of those things that had to naturally happen and right now was far from natural, as sad as it was. She did feel they wanted to talk though, but maybe more in private, where there weren't so many people around to listen in or make things more uncomfortable then they already were.
They just kept...looking at each other.
She could only imagine what was going through their heads, the king had barely left his kingdom in what must've felt like forever for him and now he was dropped in the middle of his wife being revived, his son dealing with his issues, and moon overall. This could've been a happier meeting if things were just a little less tense right now for him and everyone else.
"It's good to see you sir".
That's when the king turned to Sunny, who was waving to him, he waved back smally.
Remembering the small girl who had spent time with his wife in what felt like so long ago, he didn't seem to know what he wanted to say though, but he coughed into his hand to not be impolite. "Well, i appreciate being invited, having globgor take over the kingdom for a's nice, i was really happy to come over and...not have to deal with too much at the moment".
Angel sunk more into his seat.
"Well we're happy to see you too ! It's nice having new people come over for dinner! You look good!",
Leave it to sunny to know how to talk to people and make them feel super welcome, even in the most awkward of circumstances. He looked over his old suit and nodded, "Thank you, it belonged to my father, i wanted to look my best...for Arana, i didn't want her to wake and see me look like such a mess, though...i'm sure i will when she wakes up...i ugly cry".
"She's going to be so happy to see you and angel!".
"Yes...", he glanced over to his son, who wasn't making eye contact with him still, "I'm sure she will. though she has so much to catch up on, being in this state for so long...and she might not even completely be herself after she wakes...her mind...damaged, there's going to be so much work to do...but we'll try and manage the best we can...hopefully".
"I semi met her mind", sky mumbled, "I mean i wasn't intended to do that, mom just wasn't good at making a barrier around her to warn me before i got sucked in, she seems...well...she seems like she's still really lovely, i know i never was close with her throughout everything, but...i hope when she gets up to get to know her a bit better".
He was smiling, feeling more comfortable among everyone in the room, even if the queens weren't paying attention, even tom and marco looked pretty happy.
Angel was still quiet though.
He was having a hard time breaking his silence to just talk and speak up, even though he had to, he needed to. But sky put a hand on his shoulder, "Hey, if you want to talk to him after's ok, like don't force it or anything...or you might say something you might regret. No one is judging if you don't want to get into it at the table with a bunch of weirdos...".
He nodded, appreciative.
"You cooked a wonderful meal for my arrival, i really do appreciate the effort, though you didn't have to make any of my favorite dishes", and that resulted in sunny glancing to angel himself, smiling, "Hey, if it wasn't for your son, we might of had a harder time preparing for you, he knows what you like and what would mean a lot to you, he really valued making this dinner".
Angel blushed deeply at the comment, he shouldn't be so embarrassed about that, it just felt weird still to be...complimented...and to his father too.
His father seemed really touched at the thought, and that only made angel more flustered, this whole thing was going better then he expected.
"I'm sad to see young prince lucitor isn't here, i would've liked to see him again after the last time at the trial, but i assume with everything going on he probably has other responsibilities at hand", tom and marco looked at each other and sky readjusted herself in her seat, "Well uh...something like that, you're not completely wrong, you might see him later though".
"I also have no idea if i've said this before, but i want to thank you too princess", sky froze in her seat, the man folding his arms on the table. "You put yourself on the line for my son and you did help him get free of all of this...that was not something you had to do for him or my family, especially considering everything you had been put through, i really can't thank you enough".
"I mean, i mostly just winged it, i barely knew what i was doing but...thank you, you're super welcome", He then turned to angel, and nodded, "I must admit...i missed having you home, it's been a lot lonelier then before, you look...good. It's really nice to see you with good friends and having a good time, i wouldn't want you to be dealing with...our kingdom".
"How bad is it?", nora meekly asked.
"Let's just say going out right now is not a great option, not to say our people had no reason to be mad, but i feel they have gone too far. I think they really feared four our livelihoods after that trail, not just with the butterfly family, but if the person angel had betrayed would come back and kill us all as some form of retribution. I think you can say for sure angel isn't...popular there".
Angel was about to sink even further in his seat as his father talked more.
"However, they seem to have a soft spot for what sky, nora, and judas did...they've never seen our kingdom be so...defended before like that, the spiderbites especially. So perhaps something about your friendships do regress some of the anger." Nora blushed red as she instinctively grabbed her hair, "It's no problem at all, i just wanted to help...her and...".
He smiled gently at her, "Not once in our kingdom have we gotten so close with the others like that, i think while the people are mad they can't deny they really are impressed angel somehow managed to get the spiderbites to be on decent terms with us". Angel felt an ease of tension and anxiety, sitting a bit more up back in his seat, did he actually do something...right? And people liked it?
Sensing angel feeling a little better at the words sky interjected.
"Yeah, angel's been doing pretty great recently, i mean, don't get me wrong, he's pushed my buttons quite a few times and everything, but he's been pretty helpful and making a lot of progress. Like i really appreciated his help when i went through the castle to save one of my friends, he had my back the entire time...even though he didn't have to".
Angel was definitely less anxious, but now he and nora both were blushing at being praised so much.
"Angel was really involved during the underworld castle incident?", guess the man wasn't aware of his son being involved in it at all, and sky patted the spider next to her on the back. "Oh yeah he was, i mean at first i came in to save him, but then he stuck with me the entire time even though he was scared, it was honestly pretty cool of him to do".
Angel's father actually seemed to be rather impressed, not expecting these kinds of actions from his son before this point, angel had done very irrational things before this point but nothing noble and brave like this. Though the man did seem still upset about what happened before he did seem impressed about what he was seeing now, and angel felt he could breathe again.
"It's ok angelus, we'll talk more about everything later...we have a lot of catching up to do".
Angel nodded in agreement, and the table felt slightly more at ease, not that the argument up front had stopped anytime soon. The women hadn't been paying any attention to the nice moment at all, star was still debating her mom on all her ideas and moon was very much still telling star off for not getting her involved sooner to clean up this mess.
This was the kinda thing that made sky hate family reunions, did all famlies have to fight like a bunch of idiots when eating dinner together?, Cause even judas's family did that at times and he got annoyed about it.
The sooner they got out of here the better.
Even the Lucitors were getting tired of it, Marco quickly standing up, actually starling the butterflies from their talk. They looked over to their husband and sighed, "I'm going to look for landon and celeste, maybe judas...if they don't want dinner we can bring it to them later. But we'll be having dessert soon and they still haven't shown up, so i'm going to check on them".
In the back of sky's mind though, she was sure it was half actually that, and half not wanting to be here and hear the adults argue.
But Tom stood up to, "Actually i'd like to join you, we might be able to save time by spreading out, they're my kids too.". Tom taking their partner's hand and kissing their cheek as they headed out with a wave to the kids in the room. They were smart on finding a way out of this situation, that was for sure, even angel and his father were looking for an excuse out but that wouldn't do.
They needed some permission, especially since this wasn't their castle and they were here as star's guests basically.
"-I'm just saying star, you should've taken these precautions after what happened with toffee, i know you're struggling hard here but this is all too much and it's gone on for too long and has gone too far. It's time you let someone else take the reigns, i have more military experience, so i should be able to help with some of my ideas, then we might be able to work further on this".
"Mom, we have a plan!".
"Star, plans aren't 100% You know that. There's so much you might have not even considered, and even if it did work, things can go wrong, what if they escape?", of course moon probably didn't know it but her words were beating sky down just a little. It had been her plan for the most part and she knew it wasn't even a great plan but gee, thanks grandma.
But she had a point, this was a serious situation, they couldn't afford to have a plan with possible holes or cracks in it either. Ddi they want to capture the criminal or lose another time? Sky felt herself mindlessly start playing with her food, her mind wandering during their argument. Angel mumbling under his breath, "i mean, i thought it was a pretty smart idea".
If judas couldn't be here, she was glad angel and nora were.
"Well then we'll make it work! It's a good idea mom, we need to lure them, that's the only way we're going to get anywhere!", star was determined on this one, she had to fight her mom on it, otherwise they might not get another chance. Not to say her mom's plans couldn't work, but the sooner they did this the better and who knew if they'd get as good an opportunity later.
"Star, i understand, but it's dangerous, imagine how many people will be there, in the line of fire too! Safety is important here, and if things go poorly we have a high chance someone won't make it", even though his name hadn't been mentioned at all, angel knew she was talking specifically about him. His heard his father grunt across from him, before finally getting the ladies's attention.
"I do have to agree about safety, this is a young prince's coronation after all, you are inviting an enemy onto troubled grounds. Luring them is a smart move but perhaps moon needs to modify the plan however she can", the thing was, they all agreed the plan would need to be worked on anyway, they knew it, but obviously star didn't want moon to be the person in charge of it either.
"Look, i know you don't want me here but i promise star, this won't be as bad as you think, the more minds the better to work on this. Soon enough we'll be able to breathe again and i can go back to resting, we're just going to have to work together and no amount of yelling at me is going to be making me go back into retirement", the queen sat back in her chair and star let out a huff of defeat.
"Since meteora is back i'll be talking to her later, i want to catch up on anything i've missed recently, because judging by all the faces at this table, i have missed quite a few details it seems", she glanced at sunny and galeixa, then to fae. Guess when it came down to it, they probably would be minor details to any average mewman hearing about all the crazy stuff going on with the criminal.
She smiled at the spider king, fixing her dress, "Sorry, i know we were talking awhile over there, nearly forgot we had a guest over your highness, as soon as we finish eating we'll take you to visit your darling arana, she should still be resting right star?". Star still looked rather mad as she leaned against her seat, but she complied to her mom's question, "Well yeah...but promises what'll happen when she wakes...the spiderbites are sure she'll have memory issues no matter what".
"She will", nora mumbled, "Memories can be healed but...having us heal all of them...was unlikely with how quickly we figured out what was happening...but...maybe over time, things might the very least...she's not near death now...", it was a plus, they could give her that. She wouldn't be the same as she was but she wouldn't be too gone either.
"You...think...she'll remember me?", the king muttered softly, a hint of sadness in his voice.
"I'm sure she will, her family seems to mean everything for her", she didn't honestly know at the end of the day, but she had to hope at least, she had been in her mind,
The door opened, and three figures entered, tom and marco back surprisingly quickly, but with a guest at hand. Judas was standing behind them, he didn't look great but he didn't look awful either. He must've been hungry though, as he didn't even look at anyone as he sat down to eat in silence. Even the spider king didn't get a look, the man shocked at the teen's demeanor.
He had never seen prince judas so...rough before.
Judas was usually a happy individual, making jokes and helping everyone around him. Now he looked to be too inside his mind to really focus on anyone in particular, he just wanted to get something in his stomach and head out to be back in isolation as soon as possible. Angel and Nora also looked deeply troubled, both wanting to reach out to the boy who was ignoring them.
Tom and Marco whispered to sky as they passed by, "We found him in a hallway nearby, he just wants to eat, give him his space...landon and celeste are still with luna". That didn't make sky feel any better though, judas seemed to have silenced everyone, even queen moon seemed a little stunned. She wasn't around that much but she knew enough to know this didn't sit right with her.
This was the prince who was supposed to be king soon, and not only that, but whose coronation was the center of their plan.
And here he was, looking like a depressed mess.
How were they supposed to casually have a conversation with judas like this?
Well to put it lightly, they didn't, the room was silent until judas finished eating and excused himself to go and sleep. His parents didn't even protest it at all, letting him leave the room before standing up a few moments later to drag landon and celeste over here. Both of them clearly having waited till they knew judas was a little whiles away before heading out as to not bother him.
It felt like without judas some soul had been ripped from everyone.
Even Sunny.
It said a lot when even she said nothing to him.
Judas came over to get some food and left without so much as a word, not to his friends, his family, anyone, it was the worst anyone had even seen him in a good while and it left everyone with a sense of dread and sadness.
It took a minute for anyone to even talk at dessert, and the one to actually break wasn't the person anyone had been expecting to speak first at all. A small cough coming from next to mason, Fae shoving chocolate cake into her mouth as she spoke. "Y'know, mason is super happy and everything and everyone talks about how cute he is, but honestly judging by how you all are, it seems judas is the one that usually makes everyone super happy when he enters the offense mase".
"It's ok, i'm not mad".
No one argued against that, judas was pretty much a friend to anyone.
He really knew how to make everyone feel better about themselves, and be someone's shoulder to lean on, and stand up for everyone if he could. In some ways he was the life of the group, he kept everyone going even when they were breaking down. Sky bit at her lip, "I know we got stuff to do chance we get...after he has some time...we should all be there for something nice".
"I agree", they all looked to King Amir, who eyes his son, "He's a good kid, and he's done a lot for us as well, i would be happy to contribute if you wish to have my help. I would love to pay you all back as much as i can after everything you've done". Even though neither of them were in the room, tom and marco would be extremely grateful for the kindness once they heard about this.
Everyone cleaned up quick, most of them heading out to their room to sleep protected, though the spider monsters parted off to speak, moon and star were off to deal with their issues with janna included, and sky almost was out herself when marco quickly came running back. They seemed relieved to see her, panting, they looked a little panicked and that immediately didn't sit well with sky.
"Landon and celeste...they're not with luna?".
"They aren't?".
"And luna isn't in her room either!".
"Dad...there's a lot i want to say".
"I know, it's been on my mind since the trial, a lot has been on my mind, it's...really had me thinking", they closed the door behind them, angel taking a seat in the vacant room as guards blocked the door for them. "Don't assume i'm not mad, i am...even if i understand why, but i also could tell you were terrified...and...i can't be mad at you for something like that either", he paused for a moment, his ears twitching.
"I...haven't...been a great dad...have i?".
Angel didn't answer, but that was all he needed.
"Angelus, you disobeyed me horribly and put everyone at risk...but it's not just your's mine, i'm your father...i should've been keeping a better eye on you, should've been helping you deal with these issues and feelings and stopped comparing you to judas and sky's clear i did hurt you. If i had done something sooner maybe i could've prevented something bad from happening, prevented you or anyone from getting hurt...i never really thought as hard as i should about the things you were going through...i expected you to this or that, and all that seemed to do was turn you against me".
"But i didn't listen to know that, i constantly skipped lessons and went out when you didn't want me too and even got myself hurt multiple times as a result...i would've protested anyway", he still felt guilty, if he had listened none of this would've happened in the first place. But his father went on, "Maybe, but that didn't mean i shouldn't have tried harder...i've been so overcome with grief...i've neglected you a lot. Ever since you stayed here i've had so much time to think to myself and...i screwed up, i know i did.".
Angel wanted to protest but he actually couldn't deny any of the words his father had been saying, his throat tightening. "Arana never would've wanted me to neglect you that way, not even for her...this entire situation was just as hard for you and...i didn't handle it in the ways i should have. No way that a dad should have, and i feel i should apologize to you directly, for any hurt i may of caused, we should've been dealing with this situation together...not apart...and i'm sorry".
Angel felt tears starting to wallop, as much ashe tried to hold them back, he then laughed a little in pain.
"I...Is it bad if i say i didn't expect you to come here and tell me you're sorry?", his voice felt cracky and he quickly cleared his throat, "I expected you to be upset with me...not want me to come back home, i was preparing to hear bad news even if sky was sure things might be different". His father didn't seem surprised by his words, he had probably been just as prepared for angel to lash out at him for leaving him.
And he wouldn't have been mad at him at all.
"I...reconsidered a lot, while we were separated...i'm not shocked at all you feel that probably felt...i didn't care about you...thought of you as just an heir...and not my son, and...that was wrong of me to do...".
"And the people?".
"I want you back home angel, whether they do or not, you're still my only son, and you should still be allowed to come home and make a name for yourself, have a fresh start".
He stretched out his legs, all of them, his mind still processing his father's words. "How can i be sure things will be different? I don't want to go back there and have everything be the same, go back to being hated or alone...i'm worried things won't change for sure...i know i have changed, but that doesn't mean everyone else feels the same way".
"I know. i won't force it if you want to stay, i know you like it here".
Those words made angel feel more comforted, his father really was hearing him out, it was baffling. "Yeah, well, here is where my friends are and everything, i mean the citizens don't like me either least i have friends". He tapped his fingers, his eyes closing, "But that doesn't mean i don't want to go back, if i could...i want both...i do want to be home...but i think this is also my home...".
"I understand, and i won't keep you from it...but if you want to go home, i think we can manage something...eventually", he paused, taking a seat next to his son and wrapping his cape around them both. "I think for now you will have to stay here, if even just to keep an eye on your mother, and until things are fully good back home...but I'll make sure to send you anything you want from home to make you more comfortable here...".
"I hope when i go back home, things will be a lot easier...i want to make things help, the kingdom, it deserves so much that i haven't given it", the king nodding, "I think you'll do great things...someday, we both have some learning to kings and leaders. We...made a lot of mistakes...and it's going to take time to heal from them, but...i think we can".
"I...was willing to accept you didn't believe in me but...i like hearing it anyway", and angel shifted as his father hugged him, patting his bad and it seemed the man was even crying into his son's shoulder. "I...missed much, more then i ever thought i was alone without either of you...i want both of you back. I want something with you...i just...".
Angel's arms wrapping around him, enjoying the hug back.
"Thanks dad".
The noise made angel's stomach drop.
Their nice moment interrupted by more noise coming from outside, angel getting up to check out the windows right away. The room they were in had a nice view of the courtyard of the castle and there he finally got view of what made the noise that drove him to panic. It seems somehow luna had gotten herself out of her room, and she was just...standing there...she wasn't trying to escape or fight or anything, but celeste was screaming at her, storm clouds starting to appear close by.
The booming of their thunder so loud it was impossible to miss.
Angel seemed really puzzled, what had been going on that he wasn't aware of this time?
But on closer inspection he could see sky down there, with judas's parents, trying to resolve the scene at hand before things go so much worse. Amir stood up to see what his son was looking at and then angel remembered his father didn't know about the uh...multiverse situation and seeing celeste accidentally perform magic was bound to be a bad idea, the boy quickly pushing his father away much top his confusion, "Incident in the courtyard...we outta get going".
Amir seemed skeptical that his son wasn't hiding something from him but followed angel regardless, just in case it was too dangerous for him to look.
And by the time they headed lower they found tom taking luna away back to her room and celeste and landon in marco's grasp, a tired sky nearby and nodding to angel, a sign they needed to talk later so she could explain further. "Sorry sir, seems we had a situation, er...the prisoner broke out and these two were um...handling it, you might of heard my son landon using magic a bit...i promise no one is hurt".
"Your fire powers can be that loud?", the king turned to the demon, who didn't respond, his face embarrassed and mad, but at least the king seemed to be buying the excuse.
"You'd be surprised", marco said with a cheeky smile, "We're one scary dimension for a reason after all".
"Well in that case, i'm glad you handled it, i got worried for a moment, the noise startled me and i thought something bad had happened".
"No no sir, it's alright, promise, landon will just be more careful next time".
It was a smart cover up, even if the idea of fire sounding a lot like thunder was a bit odd. The king just shrugged, and noticed the young prince and princess looking at each other, coughing to excuse himself. "Well angelus, i'm going to see your can come and join me later...alright?". Angel smiled back, "Thanks, i'll see you later", before his father left with guards right behind him.
Marco nodding their head to head to the nearby closet, the kids still in his clutches.
"What happeend?".
Sky snorted, "Celeste tried to challenge luna to a duel, that's what, not that it worked, luna didn't even fight, she just...stood there". Celeste grumbling under her breath, "I wanted her to face me for betraying us how she did...that's it...she said yes, we were only supposed to be out for a few minutes, but then she didn' anything, she stood there...she made me feel like a fool".
"She stood there?".
Landon shrugged, "I guess she changed her mind about the duel...", though it seemed there was more to it and under his mom's watchful eye he confessed. "I'm sorry i was hoping they'd reconcile or something, i wasn't trying to get anyone to start a fight or anything, i couldn't even convince her not to, she and luna pushed me back from it all...ok?".
At first marco wasn't sure whether to believe that but celeste added on.
"He's right...he...wanted me to go and get along and i just...look...i'm just angry ok? I just want her to apologize or something or just feel bad...i hate her stupid smug looking face and how she is to everyone...i'm so sick of it". She looked like she might break into tears, "I didn't mean to worry anyone or anything i just...i'm so tired of being walked over...".
"'s ok", Marco sighed, "Look, i know i'm not really your parent here but...maybe you need to talk to some adults about...your tom...if it's really taking over your life like this you need to seek some help". She sniffled and they pet her hair, "You should not have done any of that, ok? But it's ok, we'll deal with it from there...and get this sorted out".
"Did luna say much about what went on down there?".
Marco shook their head, "We'll talk about it later, i'll take landon and celeste with both are expected to go see arana so you should head there, guarded of course, perhaps you can sort some stuff out on the way in terms of our next steps...but for now i'll see you both later...and take good care of each other. Oh, and make it back to sleep soon, ok?".
They both nodded, heading on their way to see arana, watching celeste and landon be wandered off like naughty children.
"Those two...every time"., sky shook her head, "Celeste needs help, i just hope she can get some...this all hasn't been much better on her". Angel's ears twitching, "We're losing people...aren't we? Judas, luna, celeste...we're falling apart a little...and right before we're supposed to react a plan too, what happens if we can't get everything ready or fall apart before this?".
"I don't know.".
That was the honest truth, she didn't know, it was all out of her control, but if things didn't get better there was no way they'd get this plan to even work. They'd be doomed before the plan even started. How much longer before she and angel cracked? Nora? Even sunny or lexi? She felt a bit of unease, she was now the leader or this group and said group was now falling apart.
"I'm going to keep up together...we have some healing to do...but i think we can do it...but...first...we should go see your mother, we can deal with it later...when it's a good time to do so", angel nodded to her, "Judas...helped me, a lot, and i want to return the favor to him. I...I don't know how exactly i can do that for what's going on but...i'm willing to try".
"You don't have to y'know?".
"He's my friend, and so are you".
She appreciated that, "It's not going to be simple sadly, the arm thing has been apart of his life for years, he's not going to be over it so quickly. It's kinda a lot to process...i mean, he had so many nightmares as a kid because of it, it ruined his life...he might feel's all his fault for what happened and not...y'know, that it isn't his fault that no one knew".
"Yeah...i'm sure it will be".
They were contemplating what they could do and what might help as they made to what was now arana's own private room near the wing, upon special request by her husband to keep any onlookers from bothering her. Honestly, sky was happy not to have to keep going into that wing, some privacy was nice, the door opened for them and the guards standing outside.
"You're here!", the king was delighted to see them, still holding his wife's hand, "I wasn't sure how long it might take for you to join me, but i'm happy you're here, come, sit with me...she's moving...". He nodded to seats nearby, the teens making themselves comfortable. "When i see the Spiderbites i'm going to owe them so much for this, i never thought i'd even see her so...lively again".
"Well they're stuck here with us. so you'll get a chance i'm sure".
He was still occupied with his wife though, "I...have so much i want to tell her, but...i can't, not right away anyways...she's going to need time when she wakes up, her mind was so...damaged...but i promise once i can i'll make sure she knows everything she can and i'll make sure we celebrate her recovery. I could not have asked for a more...wonderful gift".
"In all was partially dumb luck".
"You call it dumb luck, i call it fate", he pet the queen's hair gently, "You will always be welcome in my kingdom, princess".
"Well right now i can't even go within a few feet of your kingdom but thanks a lot, maybe we'll get to hang out...after everything rests." Her attention drawn to angel, "Besides, he still owes me a hangout to make up for the mess he put me through, so we'll try and get that done first before we make too many promises right now". she bumped angel next to her, who coughed.
"Oh yeah, right...thanks for reminding me again, all of this distracted me a bit".
"Whatever, as long as it's nothing crazy...the party is gonna be crazy as is...", she grumbled, her voice filled with dread.
"Perhaps you can accompany my son for jude's coronation...", the king piped up, looking between the two, "i assume you were planning to do that anyway, but I think he could use the company...he hasn't been allowed to really go to a party like this in years, and it might help to have someone around to over him and get him back into the swing of things".
Sky never considered this was angel's first party in a long time, maybe that's another reason he was nervous.
"Yeah sure...of long as he doesn't go wild", she was joking of course but who could say for sure angel wasn't secretly a party animal now for all she knew. Angel laughed and in the moment things seemed easygoing and rather nice for all the stress of earlier, it had been such a long time since the entire arachford family had even been in the same room together.
Much less happy together.
Angel felt finally as if the butterflies had left his stomach fully, his stress about his dad gone.
But then a noise caught the attention of the group, interrupting the moment for them. Their first instinct was to turn to look at the queen, and sure enough, the noises were coming from her directly, she was stirring and it no one has seen her making noises like this in a while, especially with how silent these days she had been. It was a small breathe, then a whimper, then it almost sounded as if she was trying to speak some words, not that they could tell what the words actually were.
Then movement, the queen was stirring even more, startling everyone in the room further, the grip on the king's hand tightening. His mood was shifted, as if worried something was wrong for a moment, only for her legs to start moving as well. Her eyes started shifting around the room, her ears wiggling before she turned her head to face the group.
This was the most movement she had done in awhile and it had caught them entirely off guard.
She jolted again, her face shifting a bit more as she looked over the faces of her guests with a softness they hadn't seen in a long time.
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Happy Earth Day!
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"Eclipsa always was one of the few Mewmans I could tolerate. Even if she used magic, a lot, and always longing to get better with it, she never used it to harm me. That never explained why she made the spell though... ahwell... I hope you had a wonderful Hatching--... birthday."
Wholesome content. WHOLESOME CONTENT! It was a friend of mine's birthday yesterday, I finished her gift late. She is an Eclipsa muse.
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Context. Originally Toffee was trying to get her with the cake, but see, Toff, you've never beat magic yet~♡
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it just looked so cute so i might of caved.....i couldn’t pick one so i did several XDD
and yes, i made tomstar/tomco/and two stomco versions for ya’ll !!
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- *Más, más ,fotos q Moon coloca en su diario*
-*More and more photos that Moon put in her diary*
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Prince of Wishful Thinking: A Tom Lucitor Retrospective: Booth Buddies
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Hello all you happy people and welcome back to Prince of WIshful Thinking, my look back at the life and times of one Tom Lucitor. And for today’s instalment i’d like to lead in with a little story. See I schedule my reviews usually weeks or a month in advance. I have since December to keep things going at a better clip and keep me focused. But unless I need to get a review out on a specific day for an anniversary or something, the specific order and day dosen’t really matter, and with my short term memory being pretty turd sandwitch to begin with, I have to remind myself sometimes what exact review is on tap next... and this is my honest to Odd reaction to realizing what today’s review was. 
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I’ve been dreading this one. It’s a .. hard one to unpack, with some really good acting.. saddled with a heap of unforunate implications, the worst guest character in the shows history played by one of the best guest voices in the shows history, and some rather stupid reactions from the more rabid starcos I have to tear the fuck apart. And while i’m proud to , I won’t deny my anxiety is rising a bit knowing i’m going straight into a hornets nest with an air horn with this one.... knowing this could lead to god knows what. And i’m probably reacting to nothing, no one will probably care what I have to say here. But as long as at least one person likes and enjoys this... it’s worth the risk and it’s worth pushing through the blanket of anxiety and making something great out of this mound of bad implications and poor planning. So join me under the cut as I enter the thunder dome and hopefully just get beyond it. And as always i’d like to thank my good pal @jess-the-vampire​ whose my go to star vs expert and sounding board for these reviews. 
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We open with the wedding of Ruberiot and Fool Duke
Tumblr media
Tha’ts not even entirely a joke: I was genuinely thrown off when watching the episode. Granted part of this was i’d been spoiled on the ending and was desperate to watch it to judge for myself, more on that later. But opening with this, with two side characters who hadn’t shown up in a while was genuinely disorenting. And I watched every episode as it came out. So I knew I hadn’t missed any this was just happening now. I can’t imagine the confusion some poor kids probably had thinking they missed one somehow. And that’s as someone who prior to streaming making it easy to watch episodes via cable, missed SEVERAL episodes of shows before. I remember missing the season 3 premire of generator rex and thus being HORRIBLY confused when suddenly our heroes weren’t working for providence, and providence had been instead taken over by a character I never met who was clearly the bad guy.. or woman in this case, and who had Rex’s brother on her side. This is how I felt watching this intro: it felt like i’d missed an episode despite knowing damn well I hadn’t and It threw me off for the first couple of minutes. This just.. isn’t good storytelling. I get they were going for a joke, the last time we saw them they hated each other and now their marrying, but it’s not a weird enough combo to really make the joke work and the fact the two weren’t telegraphed as old enough to get married just made it all the more confusing. Unless your doing an episode purposfully designed to fuck with your audiences head a bit like “Mad Mod” from teen titans or “Gwen 10″ from Ben 10, to play with expectations and what not, this just dosen’t work. It’s the least of the episodes problems.. but that says a lot in of itself dosen’t it?
We do get a great gag with the mime officating, the animation on her is pitch perfect, and the one benefit of having to rewatch this episode is due to said confusion I was too thrown off to really notice the gag the first time around. So that’s it. 
But yes our heroes are at the wedding: Star brought Tom, of course, and Marco brought Kelly, further supporting my ship... but also making him out ot be kind of an ass... i’ll get into why later. For now let’s take a look at their Wedding Outfittttsssss.... 000
Tumblr media
Star’s is far and away my faviorite. I honestly didn’t notice it on first watch because well... we’ll get to that, but on this watch I noticed it’s an adorable little brontosaurs dress. Seriously it’s got the little guy, gal or nonbinary bronto on the skirt, with a little bone up top. So fucking precious. it’s an element I honestly forget abotu the show but really appriciate: While Star has her standard oufit, and uses tha tone the most the show wasn’t afraid to give her a nice range of outfits all of them pretty damn spectacular. It fits her personality and is just nice to get something diffrnet to look at. 
Next we have my boy Tom’s suit which is... 1950′s formal. It’s less Dad suit and more the kind of suit a dracula or a sweaty southener looking to forclose on the ormpahange or a wreslting manager for some 80′s combo of beef and shouting that’s taking on hulk hogan. And yet despite looking like a Country Fried Dracula.. it works on him. Maybe it’s demony apperance , maybe Tom just rocks every outfit he wears, maybe he has some dracula in his blood. I mean i’ve sene a wolfman and a vampire produce a witch biologically. Whose saying he dosen’t have some vampire dna? It’d probably be the least weird thing about his family. His mom is the size of a sentienel and somehow got enough stuff out of his dad to produce a child, and her own dad fits conviently in a cubby whole. I dn’t want to know the sexual gymnatistcs necessary for any of this.. okay yes yes I do but i’m very weird and very lonely. I’m not a normal gage for what’s acceptable
Onto Marco. Marco’s suit is so dad....
Tumblr media
But it works for him. Dad Suit fits him. 
Finally we have my girl Kelly, whose friggin adorable in that yellow summer dress. Granted part of that is I really like the color yellow, but it fits her perfectly. 
All in all these designs are just great and speak to how great the show was at them and it was nice to see them cut loose. 
I will admit to something before we go on you could probably tell: I love me a good wedding episode/issue/what have you. No really a good wedding is just fun: lots of drama, lots of humor, lots of good stuff to pack in. Tv’s had a LOT of good wedding episodes. Just to name a few of my favorites: “Apple Wedding” from Adventure Time, “Last Weeks Fights, This Weeks Tights” and “Wedding Bell Blues” from Gilmore Girls, “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts” and “Wedding Videography” from Community, the above referenced “We Don’t Fight at Weddings” from Letterkenny, “I Don’t” from Daria, “Reunited: from Steven Universe,  “Jake and Amy” from Brooklyn Nine Nine, and “April and Andy’s Fancy Party’ and “Ben and Leslie” from Parks and Recreation. 
With such a long list, all from shows I dearly love, you can tell I love this kind of episode and it’s really dispaointing the one from this series instead a clusterfuck. And that clusterfuck starts when Star spots the photo booth. And we get a bit with Tom that wasn’t that sad at the time but in light of Star’s repeadted shitty behavior.. it’s pretty devistating. It’s not intentionally so, it’s supposed to be a gag, Tom just getting bored with this and going off to get pie. But the fact is when Star once again picks something else over him, and this time not something important like Eclipsa or peace between mewmans and monsters but a gooddamn photo booth.. he just resigns himself to it. He’s just accepted at this point he’s not a priorty to her. He’s numb to it.. and that just breaks my heart. That’s.. not how a supportive relationship works. Sure you can’t be the focus of your partners world and vice versa all the time, that’s too much to ask.. but being downright used to them putting anything and everything above you is just tearjerkingly unhealthy. I mean that I teared up a bit the more I thought about this. 
Tumblr media
Just in case you thought I was exagerating. It hurts to see a character just.. resiginedly accept how bad their relationship has gotten, that a shiny new toy that he dosen’t know the signifgance of, and if he did it’d be even worse because it’s a her and Marco thing, is more important than he is. He deserves better.. he... is not going to get that. It’s only going to get worse and end pretty heartbreakingly similar to this.. this is really getting to me.. I need to break out my emergency suply of Keith David
Thank you Keith. Your doing god’s work you finely aged stallion. Okay i’m ready to move on. 
So we run into another problem for this episode, this one I didn’t notice the first go round because I hadn’t realized just how horrible a problem it was but Star.. is horribly selfish, forcing Marco to go into the Photo Booth with her despite him clearly just wanting to go feed his Dragoncycle, and leaving the keys with Kelly who’s defeintly gonna do a joy ride. Odd bless you you precious bundle of hair and impending doom. 
Star just steamrolls Marco into taking a photo, forces him to pay for it and then gets mad when he’s not into it despite clearly not having wanted to in the first place. She dosen’t respect his feelings. And while yes the episode does explain this as her being worried about their friendship changing... it’s mostly played off as a joke. Her forcing him to stay when he clearly dosen’t want to and stealing 600 dollars from him, as that’s what Marco keeps on him and she uses ALL the money he has over the course of the episode so yeah, is  just played off as goofy behavior. And look this kind of joke can work, and has in other shows and has been done in smaller way sin the series. 
It dosen’t work here though for one simple, damming reason, an underlying problem that becomes one of the series biggest and just grows worse and worse with time: Star.. is inherently selfish. This was always a thing: it was the plot of a few season 1 episodes how she tended to act without thinking of others and had to learn empathize more. But as the series went on... they stopped calling her on it. She confesses how she feels about Marco in FRONT of Jackie, Marco’s GIRLFRIEND and her FRIEND, and a good friend too... and we never deal with that. She never returns to earth to apolgoize and never even says anything about it when Jackie does return next season. She just casually ignores devestating someone close to her because she just dosen’t care. 
Star.. just stops carring about what other people want. While Marco coming to mewni unanounced was a dick move she didn’t explain this to marco. She just shoved him off to the first place she could because she didn’t want to deal with HER feelings or what she’d said now she had a new relationship. It’s only here and there this season, little rumblings of how selfish she truly is.. but it’s with this episode it REALLY comes into play just how little she cares for what anyone else wants or needs. She ignored tom and forced Marco into an activity because it’s what SHE wanted without carring what either of them needed. Tom needed his girlfriend after having trouble spending time with her because she was understandably busy with bigger issues, and Marco just needed to go home and rest. This only gets worse at it goes: Star just cares about what she wants to do and fuck everyone else and while she’ll get called out on it ONCE.. she never learns. She just goes back to it. Neve rlearning from it, never caring about the consequences all the way up to the finale. 
Tumblr media
It’s a lesson I had to learn. It’s one I still grapple with and it’s one star NEVER fucking learns and it’s soul crushing to have to witness it going back to these episodes. 
So after forcing Marco through 80 dozen photos despite him doing poses and all that now, eventually the booth starts blinking read and traps them to his horror, especially since Kelly just..takes off with Nachos. So yeah Marco is upset because his sorta girlfriend took off with his sentient bike and could get said sentient bike hurt. Look Marco was pretty bad this season and will do something pretty odious later this episode.. but I feel so bad for him here. It’s then we meet... Ben Fotino
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now a few months back when I was reviewing Legend of the Three Caballeros,  I admitted to liking Goblins. I stand by that fact, they often have intresting designs, can be adorable, stabby, both, and are more often than not used as points of sympathy when a story gets into fantastic racisim. Goblins fucking rule. 
But not all Goblins are awesome, some goblins are creepy peeping toms who ruin handlebar mustaches for other goblins. Why ben? That Mustache is majestic, why do you have to use it to be a borderline sex offender? There are certain mustaches for that you unbearable creep. Old timey mustaches are for wresling tag teams, mad scientests and this majestic beast. 
Tumblr media
They are not for you. And if your wondering why I hate this greasy buttcrack pooflap so much, you clearly have not seen the episode. See the idea of a goblin that’s living in Ponyhead’s photo booth (This is the same one from the Bounce Lounge she salvaged at the end of that episode) whose kind of a weirdo  but repairs it is not bad. We even get a really good exchange out of it. 
“Does Ponyhead know your living in here?” “Does a Hot Dog have bones in it?” 
Just the way he delivers it you can’t be sure what the answer is. And they did get one hell of a guest start to voice this mistake: Alex Hirsch, of Gravity Falls and now , if just in a voice acting capacity there, Owl House fame. He uses a modified version of his McGucket voice and it is perfect. And also really sad.. not sad enough to get me to ear up again but still sad that they got a talented voce actor and modern Disney Legend.... and waste him on a really terrible, really horrifying charcter. It’d be like instead of getting him to voice Fenton, the crew of Ducktales instaed had him voice Creeepy, Donald’s stalker who goes the houseboat at night and licks his underwear. 
But the good will is all squandered on the twist at the end. The charcter is fine.. but that one big moment we’ll be getting to takes him from quirky but hilaroius to 
Tumblr media
We.. will get to that. And then i’m going to need like 10 showers. But already he’s sketchy as he kidnaps our heroes to Marco’s distress. Ben ends up claiming the booth is magic, to Marco’s annoyance and Star’s delight. For all this episodes faults.. I will say it reminded me how fluid and smooth the animation is. Seriously it was really top notch, goregous to look at, full of fun expresions, fluid as hydro man.. everything a good cartoon can and should be. It’s just a shame the episode it’s in is this one. 
But the Booth apparently won’t let them out as it senses tension in the mound of Photos Star made with Stolen Money. And no i’m not letting that go: while i’m sure Moon gives her an allowance and she probably blows through that quickly, Star is still rich and still has NEVER seemed to have any trouble with money. SHe’s outright stealing from him and it’s not as funny as the series thinks it is, like 3/4 of Janna’s Harassment. Annnnmd I just realized the show has an usettling habit of having women, aka Star and Janna, casually abuse men and it being treated for laughs. Just when I think i’ve found all the problems with this series another strikes up and bites me in the face.. like that Cobra what lives in the trash can under my desk. 
So the two are forced to talk out their issues and Star is understandably upset Marco dosen’t seem to want to adventure with her. Gee i’ts almost like you literally dragged him into this one. And look I don’t blame her for not understanding why he’s suddenly pulling away or for being concerned.. I blame her for steamrolling him into it with tons of photos and never being called out on it. Instead of just talking to him she tried forcing things back to the way they were. And what makes it not work is that, much like most of the shitty things she does she’s NEVER called out on it. Again it’s not the biggest problem this season, just an ocasional one in the first three seasons as a whole.. but it’s what ultimately sinks the ending and leads to our crappily ever after. The show dosen’t care what Star does because she’s the hero and that’s when a show starts to loose me: When it stops carring what a protagnist has done at all. Forgetting one or to things? Sure it sucks but no work is perfect. But when you just.. ignore how they treat others like trubbish, you make them inhernetly insufferable. You stop caring because if they never struggle when they do something wrong, never question hurting others and act like a selfish, entitled brat constantly, then how are they really a hero anymore?
While you ponder that, let’s get back to the story. The following scene is fantastic: Marco finally admits why he’s been like this... because he hasn’t been the same since Star told him about her crush at the end of season 1. And since he became aware of it in “Lava Lake Beach” (Not that he brings up that’s when, but it’s clearly shown he didn’t realize he had feelings for star until Tad spelled it out for him), it’s been harder and harder being close to her FEELINGS like this. It’s some of Adam’s best work and Eden is no slouch either, with Star being utterly shocked. But what’s nice is she’s comforting.. she gets he’s not trying to get with her or anything, he just needed this off his chest and having been in his position she understands. Had this just been it... this episode might’ve been okay and Marco might’ve made it out of this one usncathed.
But sadly maybe can be a zero sum game. So we get to the infamous part of the episode.. or famous for some but we’ll get to that shortly. Marco says he wants to try one more thing.. and as they use his last 5 dollars.. he kisses star.. and she reciprocates. And at the time I defended him: He felt guilt about it right? So what did it matter if he started it. At the time.. I was a moron. To reiterate...
Tumblr media
Just because Marco feels BAD about kissing Star in the heat moment, just because she kissed back, just because of.. other circumstances we’ll get to shortly, does NOT mean it was okay. I was wrong then and it’s wrong now. Marco did something UTTERLY horrible to Tom and it’s really hard to forgive.  I only do.. because the finale will make up for it and will put this to good use. More on that in a second. The point is Marco was horribly in the wrong here but the series does use it well enough to justify having him do something this bad.. and given how piss poorly he was written for a good chunk of the season, it’s a miracle we got even that. 
More on this for a second for now we get WHY I consider Ben a pedophile, a sex offender and just plain creepy. And i’m not being cute. For one thing you saw me up there I look like a hairy egg leaking battery fluid. For another.. he is. Because we find out Ben was faking the whole thing because he thought they needed to make out. So yeah the big kiss for Starco that many fans waited three seasons four.. was cheating caused by a pedophilc goblin who was watching them the whole time hoping they’d make out. And while i’ll often “I love a job that gets me to type a sentence like that” for once I HATE that my job gave me a sentence like that. I hate everything about this: it’s creepy, Ben never suffers any karma for it and he disappears for the rest of the series. Which i’d say was good but they why have him here? Why do this? Why ANY of this? 
It’d be like if someone wrote a weblena fanfic where they watched them make out from the bushes. These. Are. MINORS. Watching a possible couple in the hopes they make out is objecitvely creepy.. but it’s NIGHTMARISH when the pair in question are teenagers! For fucks sake, did no one think this through? It’s things like this why I can be hard on Disney: They thought THIS was a-okay, having what’s clearly a grown man try and force two teens to make out for his amusment, with no consequences just being called a creep, but they have to be fucking DRAGGED into having any gay content! Dana Terrance had to fight hard to get Lumity into the show, Alex Hirsch, whose vocing this abomination, couldn’t have queer symbols along with the ones for male and female, and had to fight to get the tiniest bit of gay content and Matt and Frank over at Ducktales couldn’t make Penumbra out and out say she’s gay and likely had to hide Weblena for similar reasons. Time and time and time again they’ve either barely paid lipservice to gay content or tried to prevent it .. .yet an episode with a fucking creepy asshole watching two teenagers make out and essentially engenering a situation for them to cheat, with again NO CONSEQUENCES, was okay. 
Tumblr media
This is entirely not okay. It’s creepy, it’s wrong and they did not think this through. It’s one of the worst creative decisions the show ever made, and only isn’t the worst because the finale exists. This is just.. loathsome, wrong and terrible and not good for children let alone the adults also watching this like you surely. Fuck this episode, fuck this idea and fuck disney for letting it get a pass. You turn down shit for dumb reasons or kids not getting it but you think it is okay? Fuck man.. what else is there to say. 
Well a bit... the scene after is some of if not the best acting from Adam and Eden series wise. not kidding, not overhyping it: The sheer devistation, the blank looks the animation gives them, and the voices... Star is utterly shell shocked while Marco is panicking reailizing JUST what he’s done and how utterly awful it was. It’s damn good acting and shows that the cheating part.. wasn’t forgotten. They weren’t glossing over it or anything: This is how the audeince is supposed to feeL :it was fine for a second, then I had to throw up because of the whole goblin mess, and now .. it feels wrong. Because they betrayed tom, because star is NOT in an open relationship. And neither knows what to do both going off seperatly, looking uttelry dead inside, with Tom oblivious to the betrayl he just faced as he talkss about falling in love with pie tha tloveable scamp. Yeah while he didn’t play the biggest role in the episodes the events of this will color everything here on out for better.. and for much much worse. See the series accepts this incident as as bad as it is for now... but it’ll forget soon enough. Just brush over it, never give STar consequences. And while we’ll certainly get into that.... for now i’ts just sad knowing all this great acting all this effort was wasted on a bad episode with HORRIBLE implications and episodes after that wouldn’t care to really explore the consequences. “Sigh”
Before we get into my final thoughts on the episode ... at the time this episode was released most off the friends I had, some I still do, on the star vs sever I was on were horrified about this. They were horrified by the implications, Tom’s treatment, the big moment being cheating.. there were a lot of debates about the semantics of it but we could all agree this sucked.
Problem was.. a LOT of the fandom disagreed. No really when I wne tinto spoiler tags desperate for info the night it came out before I could get the episode I saw TONS of cheers and celebrations and support. And that sort of shit hasn’t gone away. People who are just so fanatically into the ship they ignore the CHEATING, and Star’s terrible behavior and Tom’s broken heart all because “Well our ship got done did who cares?”
Simple: I do. I shipped Starco once, I genuinely carred, I wanted to see it happen.. but not like this. Not cheating, not at tom’s expsnese, and not HORRIFIED AT WHAT THEY DID. The episode clearly framed it as wrong, but the fans just ignored it because fuck it we got what we wanted. Fuck that tom guy amirite? But your wrong.. i’ts okay to ship something with your heart and soul but you have to know when to jump overboard. And I could’ve not talked about this.. but given a large swath of the fandom thinks the finale’s okay, that Star and Marco ending up together despite how it went down and the timing of everything... it’s clear this sentiment nearly went away.. and that.. that.. that will always dispaointment me. More than the kiss, i’m disapointed we as a fandom, young and old, me being the old, can’t be better. 
Oh and Marco’s cheeks show up for a second. That was an animatoin error , but I question why they were there in the first place, thank jess for noticing that nad findig out why for me, and wonder why even consider it or have him have cheekmarks.. if you had no plans for them. It’s clear from this a LOT of the plot was writing by the seat of their pants with no clear plans for the future and it bit them on the ass harddddd. 
Final Thoughts:
This episode has some REALLY strong performances.. but as i’ve made clear it’s a trainwreck. Ben is utterly loathsome, the kiss is a mess. and the episode as a whole is just.. not good. From Jarring opening to weird cheekmark ending this episode ids a good idea for a painful bit of cheating executed very poorly and with a goblin who needs to go on to catch a goblin predator yesterday. Get Chris Hansen I don’t think he’s doing anything. Is he doing anything. Point is this episode sucks. 
Next Time on Star: Eclpisa and Moon team up again.. but this time. it don’t go so well. 
Next on this Blog: Scott PIlgrim’s triumphant return! It’s summertime and the living isn’t even as Scott tries to find a job, battles a lesbian half ninja, and runs from a leather jacketed samurai on top of that. 
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Star butterfly and meteora butterfly at the beach 🏖️ 🌴
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Uhmm, Let's Order Pizza
Marco: So what’s for dinner? Star: *staring at the food she just burnt* Regret
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