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Odo twirl Tuesday
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computer. one blunt. pre-rolled.
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ugh. whatever.
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If I'm going to run this blog properly, I need more Star Trek on my dash, so please reblog this if you post
Any and all Star Treks
That is all. Thank you, and have a nice day.
THis is a side blog, it cannot follow people, I will follow you back on my main account - castrovulcant
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quark!!!!!!!! my friend quark star trek and his friend da yogurt cop
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i will stand by this forever
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Baby Lal my beloved.
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guys im about to print this out and put it up next to my bed so its the first thing i see everyday
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flubbed it eh 🤨🤨
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there is something wrong with him <3
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calocera · a day ago
so funny to me that geordi startrek just never realized he was gay. he didnt have internalized homophobia or anything he just never even thought about it. every geordi episode he was like “man, why can’t i find a girl i click with :(” and then he inexplicably was not interested in any of the women who liked him back. geordi you can figure it out i swear <3
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vintagegeekculture · 2 days ago
David Gerrold is the uncredited co-creator of Star Trek: the Next Generation
He should be listed as the creator of the series alongside Gene Roddenberry. The defining elements of TNG that mark it as distinct from its predecessor were, nearly, all David Gerrold’s ideas.
In very, very early publicity for the series, like Entertainment Tonight’s earliest pieces on TNG, David Gerrold is not just another guy in the writing room; he is treated as a showrunner by the publicity of the series (though that term obviously was not in widespread use in 1987). And this is not just my opinion, either: there’s actually a complaint with the Writer’s Guild that David Gerrold was essentially assigned producer duties, but was not paid as a producer – a suit that Gerrold won to the tune of six figures.
This early piece here in Starlog says that David Gerrold wrote the series Bible for TNG: 
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What’s more, many of Next Gen’s unique elements are Gerrold ideas. In David Gerrold’s World of Star Trek essays in the 1970s, which were widely reprinted, Gerrold called for the following changes to Star Trek:
The first officer should lead away missions, not the captain (Gerrold preferred the term “contact team” in the 70s, though he later used the term “away team”)
Since deep space missions are non-violent and require a great deal of time (possibly a decade or more without seeing a starbase), families should live on the ship alongside the crew.
The Klingons will, probably in the future, become allies of the Federation, and we may see a Klingon serve in Starfleet. Gerrold’s phrasing was “today’s foes are tomorrow’s allies.”
If families serve on a ship, it therefore stands to reason that mental health would be significant, and an important officer would be a ship’s therapist or counselor, who would be in on meetings and consulted. 
To be clear, Gerrold’s essays were not obscure little memos in Paramount. They were widely read in the fandom world. If you’re old like me, you probably remember reading them back in the day.
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David Gerrold had a lot of other ideas that were only partially used. For example, he believed fashion would be totally intersex (which explained why, in early TNG episodes, there were men in miniskirts), and that homosexuality would be widely accepted in the future (in fact, Gerrold wrote an AIDS-analogue episode that was rejected that may be one of the most famous unmade episodes of TNG’s first season, which would have had gays in Starfleet as early as Next Gen season one). “Blood and Fire” is to TNG what Ellison’s “Perils of the City” is to the original series, better known as a script and lore. 
Not all of these ideas were that progressive. Some were kinda…loopy.  David Gerrold also wanted dolphins and whales to be a part of the crew, used as navigators, in sections set aside as their own tanks. Like the idea that the captain would only make decisions with his therapist beside him on the bridge, talking dolphin crewmembers seems to be the idea that dates TNG most firmly to the 1980s. You can kinda tell that Gerrold lived his whole life in California. 
One character in particular was David Gerrold’s idea above all else: Lieutenant Worf. Here’s a publicity image from early TNG. Notice anyone who’s missing? Worf was not anything other than a background character, until at Gerrold’s insistence, he was elevated in the script. 
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Gene Roddenberry in particular did not like Worf as a main character (as a background bit, that’s fine), but Gerrold guided him into a main character role.
To be clear, not every TNG idea was Gerrold’s. No show is ever just the vision of one person. The holodeck was mentioned in Gene Roddenberry’s original proposal for the original series in 1964, but they only had the ability to show it come the animated series in the 70s (as all true trekkies know, the animated series, not TNG, introduced the holodeck). Gene L. Coon made many additions to Trek lore, but that one was all Roddenberry’s. Emergency Saucer Separation also was mentioned in the original series as well, as an emergency tactic. The Q were the most Gene Roddenberry idea of all: a godlike alien race that puts mankind on trial for barbarism (and to his credit, the original writing room thought he wouldn’t work). 
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Data actually came from an unaired Roddenberry pilot about a robot searching for his creator who becomes best friends with a human engineer, the Quaestor Tapes (in fact, the robot there actually says “I am fully functional” and I almost fell out of my chair). Troi and Riker are essentially reskins of Ilia and Decker from Star Trek the Motion Picture. Andrew Probert created the Ferengi, the look of the TNG Enterprise, and the idea that the bridge is more of a “hangout spot” due to automation, since the operation of the ship could be counted on to work without someone manning stations like in a submarine. Love him or hate him, the Borg were mostly producer Maurice Hurley’s idea. 
Gerrold left after the first season, but don’t feel bad about Gerrold, though. It feels like every other superhero project draws from his Man Who Folded Himself, about a guy who time travels so often that he splits the timeline over and over and interacts with endless variations of himself. His alien invasion series, War Against the Cthorr, was fascinating in that it was an alien invasion that is ecological in nature, with a hostile alien ecosystem that replaces our own. In other words, he is a great writer independent of Trek and it rubs me the wrong way people call him the “tribble guy” still. And he is still very much alive, although, tragically, he has succumbed to being extremely online. 
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marxistgnome · 2 days ago
One of my favourite types of ds9 episode is a ferengi fuck shit up episode because it always begins with quark or someone having a half baked business scheme and roping other people in and they usually ends up with one of the series most powerful or dangerous figures like the dominion 9r the prophets. Like imsgibe being an incredibly powerful being and then a bunch of weird little cunts dhow up and try to sell you something and/or kick you to death
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robotmoment · a day ago
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Those wacky space station people!!!
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sci-fi-gifs · a day ago
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STAR TREK: DISCOVERY 4.01 Kobayashi Maru (2021)
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kiriani · a day ago
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The Vulcan Pride stickers are here!!
They look great, if I dare say so myself 😅 I can't wait until Pride month to put them up so I'm just gonna do it now!
The available stickers are 1 inch wide but are different lengths.
So I've got:
Pride "Yau" 1.5"
Gay (masculine) "sa-ka-ashausu" 4.1"
Lesbian "ko-ka-ashausu" 4"
Bisexual "dah-guvik" 3"
Transgender "tuhs-guvanik" 3.6"
Pansexual "ek'guvik" 3.6"
Asexual "riguvik" 3.4"
You can grab them on my Etsy here:
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ashleywritesstuff · a day ago
Prolific doesn’t cover it when it comes to the topic of today’s Sci-Fi 5. Today is author Diane Duane’s birthday! Fun fact: if you were a kid in the 80s/90s, you probably watched or read something by her. If you’re a Star Trek fan, you’ve probably read her work too. Learn more about Diane in 5 minutes on today’s Sci-Fi 5. 
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simply obsessed with this cast aksdhaskd
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